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June 1st, 2008, 9:52 AM
I always had this idea in the back of my mind, but I think now I'll finally get it started.

The year is 30XX A.D. Human society has spiraled to near nothingness since the Maverick Reploid, Flare Hades, eradicated several major cities in the second Elf War. The remaining human populace consists of a Resistance dedicated to the death of all reploids.

A mysterious blue reploid appeared a few months after the attack by Flare Hades. Along with him, a reploid of equally strange origins calling himself "Fortissimo" has revealed himself and attacked the human resistance. Both are extremely powerful, have unstable systems, and seem to be locked in a desperate power struggle which has left several battlefields in far worse condition than before.

Recently, ancient technology known as 'Biometal' has resurfaced 600 years after the Ouroboros incident. The humans' resistance and the Maverick armies have both realized the potential of the artifacts, and have gone to work studying Biometal's history, their bases' history, and anything that may point to where the ancient weapons are stored. Only a handful have surfaced, and those few are meticulously analyzed day and night to find what secrets they may hold about their siblings or about themselves.

And your role? You are one of the few warriors of the resistance or one of the Maverick warriors of the 3 Olympian armies, equipped with weapons, ranging from simple blasters and arm cannons to laser-oriented bows & arrows, swords, and the like. Your mission, along with your fellow warriors, is to recover as many Biometals as you can and use them to combat any threat that comes your way. Time is running out, and patience is running thin. The final battle may soon be at hand, and a single Biometal may tip the scales.

The Resistance:
The humans' resistance is led by Master Mikhail, the only remaining member of the original Sage Trinity of Neo Arcadia. He is a wise leader, and will stop at nothing to protect his people from the Mavericks which constantly attack their crumbling metropolis.

Despite being isolated from any other remaining humans, the resistance has managed to build a large city and keep it defended from the Mavericks' forces. They have also managed to develop enough technology to remain a threat to the Mavericks, including the Biomatch Glitch, a small electrical current which destroys the Biometal's ability to discern its chosen one.

Olympus Mavericks:
Since the year 25XX, these robots have been built and hidden in the shadows due to their extremely high powered abilities and corruption from the Sigma Virus's remnants. Flare Hades was the first to be activated, and instantly went berserk due to faulty programming and the Sigma Virus's effects.

Flare Hades - The most aggressive and well-known of the Olympus Mavericks, Flare Hades uses the shadows as his best weapon. His Helmet of Invisibility gives him an edge over most modern equipment's tracking devices, and the ability to unleash unnaturally hot fires makes him all the more of a threat.

Crystal Poseidon - One of the most amazing reploids ever built, Crystal Poseidon uses the sea as his ally. His ability to command the sea is backed with his mastery over geological crystals. His most devastating attack is Crystal Wave, in which he creates a massive Tsunami and feeds it with razor-sharp crystals.

Aeros Zeus - The most powerful of the Olympian Mavericks, and for a good reason. He holds control over lightning and energy itself. His titanic build gives him a menacing image in addition to already godly prowess over electricity and sky. Unlike the other Olympus Mavericks, Aeros Zeus doesn't seek destruction so much as personal power. Already he believes himself to be the true Zeus and aims to prove that title by invoking fear into an already dying world.

The World:
The Olympus Mavericks' armies are built from corners an equilateral triangle surrounding the Resistance's remaining territory, the once glorious country of Neo Arcadia. Anything outside of this triangle is theirs, though they seldom do anything about any humans that are lucky enough to escape there. The only real point of interest is that only one Biometal has been rediscovered in Neo Arcadia, Biometal Model A, and it has proven impossible to manipulate through the Biomatch Glitch. The world itself is mostly desert, but a few places still have foliage at this time.

The Second Elf War:
About 50 years ago, Cyber Elves came into use again, but now modified to aid humans as well. This time, Mother Elf, the most powerful of them all, capable of rewriting programming to cure any virus, even the Sigma Virus, was destroyed by Flare Hades. The loss of the original cure meant that Mother Elf could not be replicated, and that a new cure for the Sigma Virus would have to be found. Researchers of the Resistance desperately attempted to find the cure, but no surefire way has truly surfaced for them. It was about 40 years into the war that Flare Hades began to massacre the remaining populace.

Sign up sheet:
Name(Mavericks, you can choose a codename related to Greek Mythology, but try to keep it related to your job or weapon):
Weaponry(can include fighting style):
Affiliation(Resistance or Mavericks; the Hunters are long dead and gone):
Abilities/Special skills:
Description(Feel free to give a picture, but remember that we need a textual description too):

June 22nd, 2008, 10:06 AM
Name: Arai Koruma
Weaponry: A flaming Broadsword - Despite using this as her weapon, she uses it with as much grace and fluidity as one would a smaller weapon. She also carries a pair of arm braces that seem to do nothing but release smoke from the three vents on each, their purpose is unkown, even to her.

Backstory: Arai was born only a few years ago (she's 18 by our count) and grew up not knowing who her parents are long dead and she was given this name by the members of the resistance. Extremely caring twords the other humans, she is very ferocious in battle, and wishes only for this fighting to stop. Although her name is Arai Koruma(apparently meaning "Warrior of Mystery" in some ancient dialect) she was found with a small parchment that simply stated "Anything is possible, for a Possible." What this statement means is unknown to all, As the resistance have never had a member of their ranks with that name.

Affiliation: Resistance
Abilities/Special skills: Extremely agile and acrobatic, she can do things that would make others cringe in pain without getting hurt. She also has knowlage of many martial arts and other fighting styles due to her time with the resistance.(her entire life)

Description: Arai stands about 5' even and has a slim, yet muscular build, but not overly so. Her head is topped by flowing red hair that hangs down to her waist and parts to show her brilliant green eyes. An armored short-sleeve shirt covers her chest, the armoring on the front a bright red in color, with black unerneith and avoce, while the sleeves are a dark grey, a small yellow spot shines slightly in the upper-black section. She also wears an armored skirt that has three tassles in the front, and is also a bright red in color, while the shorts she wears underneith are black and skin-tight. A belt with two buckles rests on her hips over the skirt, just to look 'cool.' She wears black-to-red thigh armor, along with black-and-red shin armor that has a red spike jutting from the upper black section. Rather than wearing boots however, she wears black and red flats, that can easily it seems, be converted to high-heeled shoes with a dangerous point. (stilettos xD) The gauntles she wears have three small black pipes jutting from the red metal and smoke continuously, despite there being no flame underneith them. The hilt of her flame-blade rests gently behind her, hooked onto her belt.

mind if I make a second? xD