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June 6th, 2008, 3:40 PM
FT Mcdonalds Pikachu and other events


NOW I ONLY NEED events which i listed ON THIS THREAD.
Please DO NOT offer and post other event (list) which I don’t need.

Please post on my thread about yours dates,natures and personalities by usuing these:

<you can offer>
[date]/ [nature]/ [personalitiy]/ [got yourself/ trading/ others]

[your FC]

<you need >
[event/pokemon]/ [date] /[nature/personailty]

i need:

my Pokemon Ranch/US Pikachu
my Pokemon Ranch/US Phione
my Pokemon Ranch/US Mew

NOK Rayquaza

I can offer these [ALL UT]:

*got myself

< mcdonalds Pikachu events in a part of Tokyo: Setagaya > (30.May '08 - ) NEW
5/30 Capable of taking hits
5/30 Likes to relax
5/30 Often dozes off
5/31 Loves to eat
6/1 Quick to flee
6/2 Likes to thrash about NEW
6/2 Likes to relax NEW
6/3 Scatters things often NEW
6/4 A little quick tempered NEW
6/4 Quick tempered NEW
6/5 Often lost in thought NEW

< Pokemon Ranch Event > NEW
Goruko Octillery [all dates]*some dates
Yukari Mew
Yukari Phione*

<Pokemon Ranger Batonage Event 2008> NEW
Pokemon Ranger Batonage アルミア ARUMIA Darkrai
4/26 Adamant, Quick tempered*
4/26 Hardy, Likes to thrash about HP135 NEW
4/26 Bold, Capable of taking hits NEW
4/26 Quirky, Likes to thrash about HP139 NEW
4/27 Sassy, Proud of its power
4/28 Impish, Quick to flee
4/30 Hasty, Often scatters things
5/1 Adamant, Love to eat
5/2 Relaxed, Like to thrash about
5/3 Strong willed NEW

Pokemon Ranger Batonage カイト KAITO Riolu
Serious natures
4/24 Proud of its power*
4/27 Often lost in thought
5/1 Often dozes off
5/2 Capable of taking hits

Saikyous [all dates]*almost
Goruko Octillery '07 [all dates]*almost
movie Darkrai
10th Deoxys
Tokyo B-dy '08

and others

Thanks for your looking.

June 10th, 2008, 2:50 AM
now im looking for my Pokemon Ranch/US.