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Fire Eagle
June 10th, 2008, 4:37 PM

Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as pokemon trainers who control them in battle. You are one of these pokemon trainers With your new starting partner at your side and your fellow pokemon trainer companions, each having their own unique pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Kanto, collecting gym badges from the various cities as you strive for one goal and that's to be the pokemon master. You are a resident of Pallet Town and have decided to finally begin your pokemon journey. With the help of myself, the local pokemon expert who provdes you with your first pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Kanto. Your job will be to catch wild pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not. Beware though because an evil organization of pokemon thieves is on the loose throughout the region. They are known as Team Rocket, and they will do anything to steal rare and powerful pokemon. It may be up to you to stop them and their evil plans. You can collect items and secret pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all eight Kanto gym badges and face off against the elite four to prove that you are indeed the true pokemon champion.There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best pokemon trainer of all time.

The Character Sheet
Character Name: What is your characters name.
Gender: What is your characters gender.
Age: How old is your character. I prefer the ages of 10 between 15.
Birth Date: When is your characters birthday.
Apperance: What does your character look like.
Personality: What is your characters personality.
History: What is your character's history.
Pokemon Starter: What is your starter pokemon. The choices are limited. If another person picked that pokemon, please choose another one. These are the choices.

NAME: Bulbasaur
NATURE: Adamant
ATTACKS: Tackle and Growl

NAME: Charmander
ATTACKS: Scratch and Growl

NAME: Squirtle
NATURE: Adamant
ATTACKS: Tackle and Tail Whip

June 11th, 2008, 2:15 AM
Character Name: Luke
Age: 15
Birth Date: 29 June 1992
Apperance: I have spiked black hair.
Black long pants.
Dark Blue shirt and White and black shoes
Im 6ft 3.
85Kg and i have a Dark blue hat.
Personality: I'm very quite and i preffer to be left alone.
I dont have many friends as i dont want any.
I like to battle and i am very kind to pokemon.

History: I have been learning about pokemon all of my life.
I want to be a pokemon master.
I have been dreaming to get my first pokemon,i love grass type pokemon they look awesome and they are realy strong.
I also want to be a grass gym leader once i get to the sinnoh region.
My dad train's his grass pokemon every day i have always watched him.
I know every trick up his sleave.
Pokemon Starter: Bulbasuar

June 11th, 2008, 1:24 PM
Character Name: Ryota
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: July 23rd 1991

Appearance: Ryota is almost an average kid. He stands at 5 foot 4 inches, at 120 pounds. The thing that sets him apart from others is mainly his flaming scarlet red hair, which is about shoulder length, yet spiked to one side. He wears a plain black undershirt, tucked into long straight black pants. He wears white shoes as well. Over top of his black undershirt he wears a bright red sleeveless mini-vest. He wears, at all times, a black bandana wrapped around his forehead. Tied at the back of his head, twin black headband tails flow outward and ride the wind.

Personality: Ryota is a bright kid and very easy to get along with. He is always cracking jokes and making others laugh. Almost every other word that comes out of his mouth is some form of sarcasm, so try not to take him too seriously. Although, Ryota knows when to shut his mouth and get serious. If the time comes for Ryota to defend himself or others he gets focused. Ryota is very loyal and trusting, and just about anyone can count on him. Ryota can make friends easily, due to his belief that if you're cool with him, he'll be cool with you. Ryota enjoys running and swimming and dreams of creating a team of trusted pokemon friends to travel the region with.

History: Ryota has lived a practically normal life until now, with his mother, father and younger sister (by 2 years) in Saffron City. His father taught Ryota mixed martial arts with the base style of Tang So Do at the Fighters Gym. He has been training for nine years in order to ready his body physically for this journey he is about to embark on. Ryota is currently a Second Degree Black Belt with no intentions of stopping his training now. He also has been studying and working rigorously in order to save up enough money and provisions for this adventure. Ryota has dreamed of the moment he leaves his house on his own journey to find himself and new friends. Ryota left his home about two weeks ago, as he headed out towards Pallet Town, home of the famous Dr. Oak and to meet his new friend, Squirtle. Ryota is ready for this.

Starter Pokemon:

Adamant Nature
Tackle and Tail Whip

Fire Eagle
June 11th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Lucario: You are ACCEPTED but you have to add more to your appearence, personality, and history.
Ninja: You are ACCEPTED.

To All: Make sure you create a trainer card at www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/

June 11th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Character name : Sakura Ishizu
Age: 10
Birthday: September 15th 1998

Apprearence: Sakura has a very playful outfit. A white bandana with a pokeball shape on it, white shirt with a dark blue vest and basically a white mini-skirt because and white boots with dark blue socks because basically she loves the color white ;D He has short brown hair and blue eyes. She can often be seen whering a necklace that takes the for of a mew because mew is her favorite legendary. She ways about 79 pounds and stands about 4"1" her skin tone is rather white but not pale even though she was homelesss for a period of time.

Personality: Sakura is playful and outgoing. ALways the first one to rush into a situation and try to solve it. She loves going on adventures so naturally she would want to go on a poekmon adventure! She is also very kind and compassionate and she has her "moments" where she can give out good pieces of wisdom and not be playful at all, but msot the tiem she can be found having fun somewhere either in a tree or on a playground somewhere. She can also be somewhat of a prankster and annoy people around her but what can she say. Its in her personality! And she also has a very good sense of humour, which annoys people even more. She very rarely gets angry or sad , so she's perky all the time. Sakura trys to cheer people up if they are sad and wants to give them helpful advice, and you can always see a smile on her face.

History: Sakuras life hasn't been easy. Her family was greatly poor but Sakura always made the best of things. She stayed on the positive side of things but 3 years after the became homeless which was when Sakura was 4 her mother passed on and 1 year later he dad passed on., yet Sakura still stays cheerful because she knows its what her parents want her to be. She soon came to live with her Grandmother in Pallet Town and didn't make any friends but kept her cheerfullness and laughter bt one day she wanted to get her own pokemon to honor her parents wishes. Sakura's life was always about happiness and joy. She'd admire various things but never buy them even if she wanted them more then anything else. She saved her money eventually to buy her supplies for Pokemon Trainer equipment. Although Sakura doesn't know it..do to her being homeless for that short anount of time she is slowly going blind in her right eye. (Dun dun dun~) Sakura would love to have her own pokemon and start her own journey and become the bets she an be. To make her parents proud and keep their souls at peace.

RP Example: (this is from my role-play Pokemon Mystery dungeon: escaping the dark)

Tiffany say against a tree when the sensors on her cheeks twitched a bit and so did Hydros. "A fight?" they both said in unison. Torrent was to busy to notice anything because we was off trying to get more supplies then hydro to impress Tiffany.

"Hydro do you think that there is a fight going on in the guild...?" Tiffany mumbled.

"I believe so..and they both seem aggressive toward each other. Its Totodile and a Chimchar.." Hydro said to Tiffany.

"Marc..amd Leon?" Tiffay yelped in surprise. She thought Marc and Leon were friends! Tiffany couldn't believe this.

"Hydro..Leons a fire type..Marcs a water type..and RADIAN!" Tiffany yelped and her thoughtsd were now focused on Radian.

"That eevee girl?" Hydro said looknig at her.

"Yes! We have to help her! She's my friend she.." Tiffany could fill tears well up in her eyes.

"Calm down..Crying won't solve anything..Action will." Hydro said calmly to her as if he had done this a million times.

"R-right.." Tiffany sniffled through her hiccups.

"Its okay..we'll help the two of them.." Hydro said to her taking his fin and wiping her tears. Tiffany slightly blushed and nodded.

"Ok lets go!" Tiffany shouted getting her confidence back. Hydro and Tiffany dashed into the guild for some reason it had turned Misty.

"Damn it this isn't good.." Hydro said to her guiding her through the fog.

"Your right..This mist lowers visibilaty." Tiffany said to Hydro getting scared.

"I have a move to remove the mist but it won't do any good right now because we don't know if theyre fighting.." Hydro said to Tiffany. Tiffany had never seen Hydro so serious before..She wondered..was Hydro on a exploration team as well?

"Right I'll go find Radian.." Tiffany yelled running off into the fog and leaving hydro to stop the incoming fight.

(end rp example)

NAME: Charmander
ATTACKS: Scratch and Growl

June 11th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Character Name: Jacob Lawkin.
Gender: Male.
Age: 15
Birth Date: August 13th.

Apperance: Jacob has a very typical appearance about himself, nothing too crazy that makes him stand out, and he is very happy with the way he looks. His light blonde hair is the first thing that everyone notices, the fact that its shines like the sun compared to the rest of his outfit, and is always spiked up so that it is out of his way. It is kept slightly short, just long enough to spike it up, and the tips are dyed about 1/2 in black. His eyes are the second thing most people notice, when not hidden behind his trademark black sunglasses, due to the fact they are an amazingly icy blue. Of course, always being a modest person, Jacob tries to say they are just eyes and they aren't special, but deep down he knows he likes the attention sometimes. Continuing downwards we move to Jacob's upper body, this consisting of two clothing items and a necklace. The first clothing item is just a simple plain red t-shirt, nothing fancy at all about it, that was picked up at a cheap store because he didn't have a lot of money to spend. Getting slightly expensive, but not going overboard, we come to his black hoodless jacket that he takes with him everywhere. We finish up his upper region with a necklace that was especially made to hold a single pokeball, and within this pokeball is his very first pokemon and long time friend. Not being the rebelling type, Jacob wears a pair of beige kahki's to go along with the rest of his outfit, again not trying to show off in any particular way. And finally he wears a pair of black sneakers with matching black laces, occassionally they are seen with dust on them from his traveling. This outfit fits perfectly with his 5'5 height and 127lb weight, which he hopes is mostly muscle and not fat. His pokeballs are scattered across his belt like a typical pokemon trainer, him not fancying any different techinque for their travel. Lastly, a simple backpack with his spare clothes, food for both him and his pokemon, water, and of course his sketch book where he draws all the pokemon he encounters and befriends.

Personality: Jacob is a very quiet person, usually keeping to himself when around other people for fear of becoming too attached. And in replacement of human friends, Jacob becomes a very outgoing person with his and wild pokemon, always stopping to help wounded or sick pokemon, and helping in anyway possible. When it comes down to it though, human and pokemon alike, Jacob is always in a helping and caring mood and if he feels something deserves his attention he focus' all of his enery into it. The other thing about Jacob is that he is always one for training, feeling that everyone must be brought to the best of their ability while keeping themselves happy. He can be seen training constantly with his pokemon, but always taking multiple breaks and treating their wounds from the practices.

History: Brought into this world by his mother, Jacob was born on Mandarin Island, one of the various Orange Islands, and was raised in a place surrounded by multiple species of Pokemon. Unfortunately, his father was never in the picture as he had been a grunt for Team Rocket and took the oppurtunity to leave, coincidentaly after finding out Jacob's mother was pregnant with him. Jacob's mother, Tiffany, raised him up until the age of 10, but was forced to send him to the Pokemon Center after she became extremely ill. A few months later she passed away, and Jacob spent the next year with Nurse Joy and Chansey, them teaching him the ways to treat and love every pokemon he encountered. Once turning 11, he made his way on his own pokemon journey to explore the world and meet new friends.

Pokemon Starter: Well if your only selecting three people, I hope my application beats Lucario and you let me have Bulbasaur. Or if your accepting two of each pokemon, I'd like Charmander aswell.

NAME: Bulbasaur
NATURE: Adamant
ATTACKS: Tackle and Growl


NAME: Charmander
ATTACKS: Scratch and Growl

Fire Eagle
June 11th, 2008, 7:15 PM
Ghost: You are ACCEPTED.
Chabz: If Lucario edits his appearence, personality, and history, which he will do, you can be a mysterious rival he later on, but Private Message me on the two pokemon you will be traveling with.

EDIT: Hey Ghost Princess, sorry to say this but when I read your history, it made me cry.

June 12th, 2008, 4:37 AM
Character Name: Luke
Age: 15
Birth Date: 29 June 1992
Apperance: I have spiked black hair.
Black long pants.
Dark Blue shirt and White and black shoes
Im 6ft 3.
85Kg and i have a Dark blue hat.
Personality: I'm very quite and i preffer to be left alone.
I dont have many friends as i dont want any.
I like to battle and i am very kind to pokemon.

History: I have been learning about pokemon all of my life.
I want to be a pokemon master.
I have been dreaming to get my first pokemon,i love grass type pokemon they look awesome and they are realy strong.
I also want to be a grass gym leader once i get to the sinnoh region.
My dad train's his grass pokemon every day i have always watched him.
I know every trick up his sleave.
Pokemon Starter: Bulbasuar
Ok I have edited the post.
How is it?
Does it need to be edited again?

Fire Eagle
June 12th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Lucario: This sounds great enough. You don't need any editing to do.

June 12th, 2008, 2:35 PM
Squitle Rival Sign up:

Character Name: Tobias 'Toby' Engima
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Date: 15/11
Apperance: See trainer card.
Personality: Toby is generally a light-hearted guy, but he has a short fuse. He is a couragous fighter, but knows his, and his pokemon's, limits.
History:(May change. Leet ninja's approvale needed) Toby grew up in Saffron alongside Hyota. He was always competing with him, but was always weaker.His father was a great trainer, who travelled the world. He has his own style of Battling, and is a determined to one day defeat Hyota.
Pokemon Starter: Pikachu(Thomas) and Pidgey (Littlewing or Penolopie)


RP Sample (PMD:Escaping the Dark):
Toby quietly listened to them speak. He wondered what there planets were like. He had been born into the future, into this world. He'd never experinced the things they had. He'd been born, no..created, from the darkness. He had been created alone, and lived alone. He couldn't bond as quickly as others. He had only been able to trust Celebi, His Creator. He had nothing before this world, and when things were restored, would he go back? To the Darkness? Everything would be normal, Would others return to their worlds? And would he return to the Darkness...No, he wouldn't return, He'd rather die, than return to the Darkness...Memories were starting to unearth themselves, and flash before his eyes. He would dream of a Lord of Darkness, with his Generals at his side. One of them was familiar..But the memories would fade before he could get a good look at the pokemon. Then there was the other dream. It was a nightmare. This was similar, it was in the future. He was chained to the pole in this one. He had been captured, and so had others. Then, he would be mecilessly attack by others, until, he was dead. This one scared him, as it was so vivid. He would wake before the scene would finish. He thought about these, but decided against it. He listened on intently.

Fire Eagle
June 12th, 2008, 3:00 PM

1. You can start out writing about your character waking up and changing.
2. You have to include them walking downstairs and saying something about their leaving for a pokemon adventure.
3. When you write about when your character is inside Professor Oak's laboratory, write something about your character starting off with choosing their starter pokemon and Professor Oak giving the five empty pokeballs and the pokedex, if you want a pokedex.


June 12th, 2008, 3:13 PM
Toby rubbed his eyes as his alarm buzzed in the background. The realization struck him like a bullet. Today was his first day as a trainer. Today, he would get his first pokemon. He quickly jumped from his bed and donned his normal clothes. He walked down the stairs, to see that his mum had already gone to work. She had left a note. It read:
Dear Son,
I Had to rush off this morning, an emergency at work. I know todays your first day as a trainer, so come see me before you leave. I've got something I want you to have.
Love From Mum.

PS. I washed your shoes, they're by the door.

Toby read the note, and wondered what she had. He grabbed some food for his trip, then walked out the door. It was a 5 minute walk to Prof Oak's Lab, but time flew past Toby. He entered Pallet Town, and walked up to the Lab. There were about 5 trainers here already. Toby walked up to one. "Hey, I'm Toby."

Aaron Johnson
June 12th, 2008, 3:37 PM
Character Name: Aaron Johnson.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Birth Date: January 1st, 1991.
Apperance: He has black hair. He has blue eyes. He has a back and white mask around his face. He wears a black necklace. He wears a white shirt with a black flannel shirt over it. He wears black pants. He wears white shoes. He also wears black sleeveless gloves on his hands.
Personality: He is kind to people he knows. He is mean to people he don't know. He loves to train his pokemon. He loves to draw pokemon on his notebook.
History: He lived in Viridian City but he moved to Virmilion City. He has quiet and strong pokemon traveling with him. He is seen rarely at times. This is where you can see him at: WHEN YOU PICK YOUR STARTER POKEMON. WHEN YOU ARE IN A POKECENTER. WHEN YOU ARE IN A GYM.

Pokemon With Him Are In My Signature.

June 12th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Character Name: Micheal Luca
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: 5/8

Appearance: See trainer card.

Personality: Micheal is very quiet and focused. He is not the type to go up to someone and start talking. He's kind but he has to warm up to a person before he can trust them due to his past. Micheal is very focused and determined to be a master and crush all of his opponents. Because of this, Micheal's battle strateges are phenomenal and fierce.

History: Micheal was born to a happy mother and father in Saffron. His father as acmeek scientist who worked at Silph Corporation for many years. But then everything changed. Silph Co. was invaded by Team Rocket. After few months, Micheal's father was killed. Micheal and his mother, Mary, then moved to Pallet Town as a place of hiding. Now, Micheal has decided to run from his home and fulfill his dream of being a Pokemon Master. But this will not be easy, as Team Rocket is hunting him as we speak.....

Pokemon Starter:
Big (Horsea) Lvl 8: First and favorite pokemon.
Attacks: Tackle, Smokescreen, Bubble

Lori (Butterfree) Lvl 9: First pokemon captured as a Caterpie, evolved into Butterfree.
Attacks: Stun Spore, Tackle, Confusion


Aaron Johnson
June 12th, 2008, 3:51 PM
Aaron woke up at 5:00 in the morning. He got dressed in his ying yang clothes and went downstairs. He saw that his mom and dad were already at work so he went outside of the house. When he was outside, he walked to Professor Oak's laboratory. Inside Professor Oak's laboratory, he saw Professor Oak with other pokemon trainers so he told one of his assistance to get his starter pokemon for him.

Aaron got his starter pokemon and left the pokemon laboratory. He saw Route One to start his pokemon journey but he waited for the other pokemon trainers to come out of the pokemon laboratory so he can get a head start.

June 12th, 2008, 6:16 PM
OOC: guys.. make your posts seriously longer! I've told you like a thousand times Eletj -_- Aaron I know you've just tarted posting on here so before you go posting read the rules cause if your posts are to short the role-play could get closed. You may follow my post as an example of what a good long psot should be like.

Proffesser Oaks lab:A journey begins!

Sakura's eyes shut open and she jumped out of bed with a smile. "Alright todays the day I get my first pokemon!" Sakura yelled and ran into the bathroom and began brushing her hair. As she wrapped the bandana around her head she began to laugh because she had tied it wrong. "Ok you go like this..the like..that..and 1,2,3!" All tied and ready to go! As she burshed her teeth she could imagine getting her first pokemon..She wondered what it would be like..How they would work together.. AAfter she had finish brushing her teeth she ran back into her room and looked through her closet.

"Okay..what to wear..what the wear... Nah...to dark..Nah to decoritive..Oh here!" She laughed as she pulled out a white shirt with a teal vest and a white mini-skirt. "Now..socks..and..shoes..socks..and shoes.." She muttered to herself. Sakura managed to find a pair of white boots and teal socks.

"Okay! Ready to go!" She smiled as she ran down stairs to greet her grandmother.

"Morning Grandma!" She smiled at a elderly person who was making her breakfast.

"Good Morning munchkin!" Her grandma told her with a smile.

"Grandma I;m not a munchkin.>! I'm getting my first pokemon today!" Sakura mumbled embrassed.

"Thats right and I'm sure your parents would be proud."

"Yeah!" Sakura said wolfing down her breakfast.

"Don't choke yourself Sakura.." Her grandmother said with a sweatdrop.

"...Munch.Dun worry grandmother I got it all undercontrol!" Sakura giggled barely able to swallowher food.

"I pakced your supplies Sakura..for your journey. We have 5 pokeballs 5 potions a pair of extra clothes water and some food." her grandmother said.

"Right! Thanks grandma!" Sakura said hugging her happily and then running out of the house carrying 2 pictures of her mother and father. She felt that if she kept their pictures with her they could see how well she was doing.

"Ok..so now I go to Proffesser Oaks lab.." Sakura mumbled as a small Mew necklace dangled on her neck.

"Oh there it is!" Sakura replied and jumped up and down and quickly ran inside.

"Proffesser Oak Proffesser Oak!" Sakura yelled as she ran inside the lab tripping over somethings but managed to keep her balance.

"Oh you must be Sakura Ishizu yes?" Proffeser oak replied setting out 3 pokeballs.

"Yup!" Sakura saluted him and then laughed.

"Well my you see quite excited to go on your journey." Oak said sweatdropping little bit.

"Yes I am Proffesser! I wanan make my mom and dad AND my grandma proud!" Sakura smiled as she looked through the pokeballs

"Yes..well...In any casde we have Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle." Oak said to her.

"Well..I think I'll go with Charmander!" Sakura laughed as she picked up the pokeball with a fire sticker on it.

"Good choice. Now you need a pokedex and heres 5 extra pokeballs..assuming you don't already have any." Oak said smiling.

"Thanks proffesser!" Sakura said with a smile and grabbed them both and examined them for a couple moments.

"Just you wait Proffesser before you know it I willbe the very best I can be!" Sakura said as she zoomed out of the lab to Route 1 looking for any pokemon and a new adventure that she could find

June 12th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Guyssss. I'm sorry. But i fear that I have to back out of this RP. Some things came up...and I'm not going to be able to RP at all.


My position is now open.
:/ sorry guys...

June 12th, 2008, 8:40 PM
this is my first RP so if i'm not good at it Pm me.
*Eyes Open*
"Yay today is the day i get my first pokemon
I better make sure that my bag is packed.
->Checks if bag is ready<-
Alright lets go
->Goes downstairs<-

"Hi mum. How are you?" Said Luke

"I'm good,sweetie. How are you?" Said Mum

"Im good.I better go i dont wanna be late." Said Luke

"Good bye." Said Mum

"Bye." Said Luke

->Runs to Proffesor Oaks lab<-

"Proffesor Oak,where are you?"Said Luke running around the lab.

"Oh hello,let me guess.You are Luke Walter?" Said Proffesor Oak.

"Yes i am proffesor" Said Luke Exictedly.

"I have 3 pokeballs here for you.Charmander,Bulbasaur and Squirtle.Now please choose one!" Said proffesor Oak.

"Ok proffesor.I choose Bulbasuar."Said Luke.

"Great choice. I have 5 pokeballs and a pokedex. I'm assuming you dont have any of those."
Said Proffesor Oak.

"Awesome thank you proffesor" Said Luke as he took the pokeballs and pokedex.

"Good bye Luke" Said proffesor.

"Cya later Proffesor,thank you." Said Luke as he was running to route 1.

I'm gonna be the best pokemon trainer ever.
I'm gonna go to route 1 as soon as i can.
Here it is,ok wild pokemon im here and ready to battle.

"Come on out Bulbasaur!" Said Luke as he is throwing Bulbasaur's pokeball.

"Use Tackle!"

June 12th, 2008, 8:41 PM
OOC: uh.. lUcario master thoise are half paragraphs..READ TEH RULES >_< SOrry to say but your posts kinda lame :x follow my example of how your supposed to post :x

Edit: no thats not role-playing those are half paragraphs >_< you doni;t do it like this :

Hello how are you?
Fine just thank you

NO DX its annoying and its against the rules :< Loki can shut the role-play down for this :< :< :< as I said before ..DO US A FAVOR AND READ THE RULES DX

and you don't put your actions in these ** <- you do

(insert name here) opens his eyes and yawns, he slwoly gets ready for the day to come and brushes his hairs , teeth and puts on a someone neat outfit.

June 12th, 2008, 8:49 PM
What about now?
Do you want me to do the conversations like you did?

Fire Eagle
June 13th, 2008, 10:39 AM
TO EVERYBODY: Sorry guys but I got to tell you this. Aaron and I have decided to collide our pokemon roleplay's together and start off fresh since everybody is a little off the charts.

June 13th, 2008, 10:55 AM
Okay well since i'm a rival, and because I'm good friend with ghost, my two pokemon are Squirtle and Pidgey. See me post above for all my other information.

EDIT: Actually..just let me know whats going on with this RP since its changing.

Aaron Johnson
June 13th, 2008, 11:36 AM
Alright. Well Fire Eagle and I made a new pokemon roleplay thread and we are waiting for Loki to accept it. On this roleplay you guys can choose one out of the twelve pokemon starters.