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June 11th, 2008, 3:51 PM
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Note From Host:

This is my very first role play for this site. I have written others for other sites, but they didn't turn out to well. Of course this was when I wasn't that great of a roleplayer, so I feel confidently that this Roleplay will go much better. If you have any questions, please keep your eye out for the OCC chat or PM me.

The Plot:

Everyone knows how the Pokemon world is run. Young trainers start their journeys around the ages of 10 and 11, they recieve their starter pokemon, and travel the four regions battling other trainers, gym leaders and wild pokemon. Unfortunately, in this world there are evil corporations, out to defy the basic life of a pokemon trainer, to catch pokemon for their own selfish greed.

The pokemon who these organizations go after are usually rare, such as the Legendary pokemon. Throughout history, the majoirty of the Legendary pokemon have/almost have been captured. The corporations I am talking about are Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma and Team Galatic. In the end however, they all failed as a result of interferring trainers who vowed to protect the Legendary pokemon.

Now this was all in the past. All of the above listed teams have been defeated or disbanded, the trainers older or deceased, and the Legendary pokemon off running around as they always have been known best for. With time though, there comes new events and a new wave of trainers. The newest team, so far, is Team Plasmas and, like the other teams, they have an ultimate goal their team wishes to achieve. Rid the world of all the Professors so that they can stop the next generation from becoming trainers.

Why would they do this? Simple. Without new trainers, the world will begin to fall apart and Team Plasmas will be the only group to still continue on Pokemon training. And this is where YOU come in.

Your job is to protect the professors of the world, and help to continue the tradition of Pokemon training.

Sorry about the short intro, but I don't want to have a story line written in stone. I want to leave this as open as possible for anyone who wishes to join. We'll start once we get all the Plasmas members, and atleast 4 trainers. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! No reservations!

List Of Professors and Regions: (PM if you wish to be a Professor, if not they're NPC)

Professor Oak - Kanto Region
Professor Ivy - Orange Islands
Professor Elm - Johto Region
Professor Birch - Hoenn Region
Professor Rowan - Sinnoh Region

Team Plasmas: (1 Leader, 2 1 Co Head Trainers) [1 0 guy, 2 1 girls]

Ash Zetlin - Pika_Master14
Steven Falkner - Stevey Poo
??? - ???

Trainers: (3 2 1 0 advanced, 3 2 average, 3 beginner) [5 4 3 guys, 4 3 girls]

Tricia Asterton - Chabz
James Wilson - Zore
Bobby Baker - Zimvee

Cyan (No Last Name) - Cyan Goggles
Hiram Terran Rhymes - Hiram
??? - ???

??? - ???
??? - ???
??? - ???

The RP Rules:

1. Follow the rules in the link at the top of this post.
2. No one line posting, paragraphs only.
3. If you plan on leaving, PM me so I can remove you.
4. Only two of the same pokemon (i.e. 2 charmanders, 2 kakunas, etc)
5. HAVE FUN!!!

Sign Up: (Fill It Out And Post IN THE OCC CHAT!!!!!!!!! - Use mine as an example)



Age: (10+)

Physical Description: (1+ Paragraphs)

Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Region From:

Region Currently In:

History: (2+ Paragraphs)

Main Pokemon:

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Description and Personality: (1+ Paragraphs)

Extra Pokemon: (Include gender, nicknames, etc)

My Character Post:

Name: Tricia Ebony Asterton

Gender: Female

Age: 20 years old

Physical Description: Tricia's appearance starts off atop her head, with light golden-blonde hair flowing downwards to her shoulders. Very rarely is her hair seen down, the only times being when she's angry and thankfully there have been few of those instances, and is usually kept up in two pony tails on both sides, but more so towards the back. Her skin has a light tan to it, not too dark and not too pale, and from a short distance can be seen as soft, as if rubbing silk through your fingers. Her eyes are what most people fancy, the piercing icy blue showing both beauty and power, and she does not hesitate you use them to manipulate things to her advantage.

Continuing downward, we come to Tricia's upper body where she takes great pride and dressing herself. Her top is a simple pink tanktop, cutting off just above the navel, as is allows her arms and shoulders to be free to move in the midst of conflict. Covering her shoulders and arms is a black jacket, mimicing the tanktop and cutting off just above the navel. Most of the time she is seen in her jacket, but when the times comes for a battle it is tossed aside like a cheap rag doll. Hanging from her neck is necklace with a pokeball attached to it, containing Tricia's very first pokemon that travels with her everywhere. Finishing up the upper body, Tricia has her finger nails painted a simple pink, to match her tanktop, and a white dotted design to show her creativity.

Moving down again, arriving at the lower extremities of Tricia, a pair of blue jeans, snuggly fit to her small frame, is what she wears. When walking, Tricia usually places her hands in the tight pockets out of sheer boredom. Finishing up her outfit are black sneakers, giving her the ability to run if needed, with matching black laces.

Tricia had always learned that one must be agile, as well as strong, in order to survive. And with that knowledge she picked out this specific outfit, to roam the regions in, knowing full well it would benefit all the traits necessary of a good trainer.

Personality: Dedicated, Quiet and Shy. This was usually what one would see if they were to ever encounter Tricia. She keeps to herself mostly, never learning to connect with humans too well, and usually only makes conversations with her pokemon. When she does talk with other people, it is very rare and only for a few short moments. Below that quiet exterior though, is a loving and nurturing interior waiting and growing larger with every passing moment. Always taught to care for those around her, Tricia is one of those people that puts others over themselves no matter who the person was, stranger or friend. Now while she has made many friends through pokemon, Tricia still feels the pain of lonliness because she doesn't make many people friends. And with this comes a burden, of not knowing who to trust and if it were to happen, could she trust them forever. With that though, she learned to become stronger that she needed to train. So her and all of her Pokemon put all effort possible into training, and make the best of it.

Region From: Tricia was born in Enterna City of the Sinnoh Region, just down the street from the Enterna Gym where she won her first Gym badge.

Region Currently In: Just arrived in Oreburg City the day before, now making her way home to Enterna City to rest before heading to the Kanto Region.

History: Starting her pokemon journey at the age of eleven, Tricia had been traveling throughout the regions for nine long years. And within those nine years, she made her way through the Sinnoh, Johto and Hoenn regions; the Hoenn region being her latest accomplishment. Before getting ahead of ourselves, we should go back to how Tricia came into the world.

Born through two loving parents, Jasmine and Jacob Asterton, Tricia was raised to be kind hearted, righteous and a hard worker. And it was after she turned one, that her parents knew she would grow up to be a great pokemon trainer. Showing early signs by commanding the family persian to attack wild Pidgey, or atleast thats what they thought their beloved daughter was babbling about. It was around Tricia's fifth birthday that she recieved her very own pokemon, a Shinx, which she has grown to love and been on all her adventures with. Continuing on in life, Tricia had been enrolled early in trainer school to learn the basics before going on her own pokemon adventure. School started when she was seven, and lasted for four years when she graduated, third in her class, and made her way on her pokemon journey with Rezz, her shinx.

Usually, most trainers from Enterna City thought they could easily beat the gym leader the day they started their journey. Tricia was not most trainers, whom usually ended up with defeat for their arrogance, and immediately began training in the Enterna Forest. It was for the first few weeks of her journey that Tricia trained, and where she encountered a Budew wondering around. Deciding that she must capture such a magnificent creature, she walked towards the small pokemon and told it she wanted to capture it. The pokemon gave a slightly confused look, having not encountered many humans, and then jumped into a defensive position a few fet away. Tricia called out Rezz and the battle commenced right away. Around thirty or so minutes later, Tricia stood triumphet with her first caught pokemon in hand.

Tricia wanted to help her new Budew to evolve into a Roselia, so for the next two weeks they trained hard to reach their goal. Budew trained against rocks, trees, water and even Rezz herself to gain strength and experience to become an Roselia. Unfortunately, all the hard work from those two weeks seemed to have failed, and Budew never evolved. Feeling weak, Tricia was sadened that she couldn't help her newest pokemon companion. After a couple of days, they made their way back to Eterna City to challenge the gym leader.

The battle began, Tricia using her Budew and the gym leader using a Turtwig. For awhile, the Turtwig and Tricia's Budew held their own against each other but thankfully Budew was victorious. Next, the gym leader called out her Bayleef. Deciding that Budew needed to rest, Tricia recalled her and sent out Rezz. After another long set of clashes, it seemed that Tricia might gain her victory but it was not to be. After dodging an attacked from Rezz, Bayleef surprised both Rezz and Tricia with a hyper beam that blasted Rezz into the wall. Not wanting her long time friend to get hurt, Tricia recalled her and removed her from the remaining battle.

It was up to Budew to help Tricia win her battle, and she quickly sent her out, exhaustion clearly present on her face. The battle began, attack after attack being thrown at them both, never coming close to an ending. Suddenly, after being hit with a Razor Leaf attack, Budew began evolving, finally, into a Roselia. Unfortunately, the evolution was not enough, and Bayleef again finished the match with a hyper beam attack. This was a loss for Tricia, but it was a win for Budew as she finally had evolved and that was enough for Tricia to be happy.

Many encounters like this one continued through Tricia's journey, some glorious victories and some painful losses, but she never gave up hope that she could always win. Everytime she felt defeat, she went and trained harder and returned to reach her goal of victory. And it was just a few weeks ago, after making a brief visit to the Orange Islands, that Tricia had felt victory. She had come across a Lapras with, what appeared to be, an attitude problem. The female Lapras was challenging humans to capture it, but up until then all had failed. Tricia stepped up to plate, never willing to back down from any possibility of a new pokemon, and started the battle with her Glameow. The battle didn't last very long, the Lapras proving to be more powerful than Tricia could have anticipated. After suffering defeat, Tricia asked the Lapras if she could have another shot the next day and the Lapras agreed. So off to train Tricia did, and the next day she returned, again choosing her Glameow to battle. The battle lasted much longer than before, surprising the Lapras, and this time after a very lucky combination, Tricia won.

It was now that Tricia was on her way home, arriving in Oreburg City yesterday, to Eterna City to rest for a few days before heading off to the Kanto Region, to continue her Pokemon journey.

Pokemon: Luxray, Roserade, Glameow, Rapidash, Tropius and Lapras.

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Rezz
Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Rezz has the appearance of an ordinary Luxray, nothing specific standing out to make her different by her looks. Her personality is that of loyality. Always willing to defend Tricia's honor, she gives every battle, simple or advanced, her full attention and effort. And it is because of this loyality and dedication that Rezz is the pokemon to hang from Tricia's necklace.

Rezz and Tricia crossed paths back when she was just a Shinx, Tricia's father had gone to the Pokemon center and adopted her for Tricia's fifth birthday. Ever since then, they traveled throughout the Sinnoh, Johto and Hoenn regions. And of those regions, Johto had always been Rezz's favorite. The pokemon there were just always friendly, and she remembered battling a wild Donphan their to test her abilities. It was after this battle that Rezz evolved from a Shinx to a Luxio, the second of three stages she would achieve.

Then, when in the Hoenn region, Rezz evolved from Luxio to Luxray after training for three weeks with Tricia as she prepared to face Flannery, the fire type gym leader. After all their hard work, Rezz achieved her ultimate goal and evolved, and then went on to help Tricia gain her fourth gym badge of the Hoenn region.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Roserade doesn't not have the typical appearance of a Roserade. Instead of white hair, she has red hair, and instead of a green body she has and orange one. Also, instead of the normal red and blue flowers for hands, she has two purple ones. This has always made Roserade feel good about herself, not being just your everyday Roserade, and allowing her to be unique. Her personality is shy, she always hides behind Tricia or Tricia's other pokemon when just hanging around. When it comes to battling though, she gets a boost of confidence and doesn't know when to quit, and has on some occassions been seriously hurt for ignoring Tricia's plea's to stop.

Roserade started out as a Budew captured by Tricia in the Sinnoh Region, somewhere around the Eterna Forest. It was after training for weeks, and after a long battle with the Eterna Gym leader, that Budew evolved into a Roselia. It was later during Tricia's travels in the Johto region that she evolved into a Roserade. It was after a long battle against Tricia's Glameow, who then had been wild and decided to battle Tricia to show its dominance as a pokemon. Roserade was as happy as could be after finally finishing evolving, and everyone celebrated, including Tricia's new Glameow, by Roserade showing off her new found abilities.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Glameow
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Nothing spectacular about Glameows appearance, she does however have a black spot on the center of each of her paws. Other than that, she has the typical appearance of a Glameow. Glameow likes to think that she is better than all ofthe other pokemon around her, constantly asking Tricia to use her to battle against wild pokemon, gym leaders and even Tricia's other pokemon. Even when Tricia doesn't referee the battle, Glameow cons the other pokemon into little skirmishes, and tries to show off all her fancy moves. Glameows favorite attack is shadow claw, and she is constantly seen attacking trees and bushes trying to perfect it even further.

Glameow was captured after a battle with Tricia's Roserade, who had been a Roselia at the time. The Glameow had been sitting in a tree when Tricia walked by, her Roselia walking next to her, and Glameow decided she wanted to battle and show off her skills. So she lept from the tree and landed a few feet in front of Tricia. Roselia had immediately gone into a defensive stance, ready to attack at the slightest command from Tricia. Tricia admired Glameows courage to step up immediately to challenge her, and she accepted the battle. And as you know, she was defeaten and captured.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Rapidash
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Rapidash's appearance is essentially the same thing as any rapish, minus the red and yellow spirals that cover small portions of her body. The reason for this is because she was originally from the Orange Islands, and every pokemon appearance changes slightly by living on them, its a form of adaptability for the islands. Her personality however is pure dedication, devoting every second out of her pokeball to training and to becoming stronger. With this, Rapidash lacks social skills with other pokemon, she's not cruel to other pokemon she just says something very minimal and moves on.

Rapidash and Tricia crossed paths when she made her trip out to the Orange Islands, picking up a couple of wins and losses along the way. The Rapidash had been roaming around, occassionally training against some trees or rocks, when Tricia saw her. Tricia watched the horse pokemon as she constantly did battle with herself, and it was then that Tricia knew her dedication would come in handy for her journeys. So Tricia approached the pokemon, and Rapidash made a move to run off. Tricia of course yell to her, and then convinced her into a battle. Rezz was used for this, knowing fully well that if she wanted to prove her ownself to Rapidash she would need her strongest companions help. And so the battle ensued, and in the end Tricia was not happy. Rapidash won, and it seemed as if all hope to gain this pokemon was lost. Rapidash knew that Tricia had put in all her effort, just like her own personality, and agreed to come along for Tricia's journey.

Name/Nickname: N/A.
Species: Tropius
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Trophius, what to say about Tricia's Trophius. Well her appearance is that of a normal Trophius, the green leaves, the fruit growing from her neck, nothing makes this Trophius stand out appearance wise. That of course doesn't make Trophius anyless of a pokemon, her uniqueness just lives in her personality and skills. Speaking of personality, we should move into how Trophius, while large in size, is the biggest of cowards. She's afraid of even her own shadow, and only feel comfortable when around Tricia. She hates having to battle against Glameow, always being terrorized for being ever more of a scaredy cat than the actual cat. With this fear comes power though, that beings because Trophius always feels her life is at risk and it allows her to use a lot more combinations of powerful attacks. During regular battling, she is fine for the most part with the smaller pokemon like Pichu's or Chimchars. After that, all hell breaks loose and she starts ignoring Tricia's commands and attacks wildly.

Trophius is the baby of all of Tricia's pokemon, being born from an egg that Tricia had found on one of her return visits to Eterna City. That only being a year ago, Trophius is still trying to get used to that fact there there are many scary things out there, but so far the scariest of them all is Glameow. Tricia was such a loving and carrying trainer that she was the only thing that Trophius was not afraid of, well atleast for the time being. So far Tricia has never had to be angry with Trophius, but it's most likely that her fear with cause problems for Tricia and allowing her temper to release.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Lapras
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Not your normal everyday looking Lapras, this one is especially unique to the fact that she is red NOT blue. And with this rarity, was the reason that Lapras was challenging trainers back when living in the orange islands. Her personality, when Tricia first met her was that of an arrogant pokemon who thought she was the best, basically the attitude that accompanies Glameow everywhere. But after Tricia came back after defeat and was victorious of her, Lapras changed her attitude towards Tricia and her other pokemon. Of course, her attitude didn't change completely, and when going up against wild pokemon or a gym leader/trainers, her arrogance that she was better reared it ugly head.

As stated before, Lapras was caught by Tricia from the orange islands after Tricia saw her challenging humans to capture her for her amazing rarity of being a red Lapras. This was the last pokemon that Tricia had ever caught, and even decided to ride her back to Sinnoh as she made her way home to rest before making way to the Kanto region. With all of these pokemon, Tricia wished to finally win a League championship seeing as she only made it to the top 16 of both the Hoenn and Johto Leagues, and the top 8 of the Sinnoh League.

Extra Pokemon:[Up to 10] Nidoqueen (Female), Persian(Female), Dewgong(Female), Teddiursa (Female)

June 13th, 2008, 7:36 PM
I'll be the Plasma leader If you don't mind

Name- Ash Zetlin
Age- 25
Physical Description- Ash had always been a tall, slender lady. She has cold, gray eyes that frightens anyone who looks into them and shiny black hair with red highlights in it. She is never seen without her team leader uniform on which makes her look and seem more scary and official.
Personality- Ash is very cold-blooded, battling her opponents without mercy. She'll put anyone in danger if she finds it nesessary and never cares about anyones safety but her own. She is the type that the only very brave cross paths with for if you do, you will be punished severly. The leader may be young, but her cold heart can keep anyone in order.
Region From- Hoenn
Region Currently in- Kanto
History- Ash was born to a poor family in the outskirts of Hoenn. But the problem was that her being born was a mistake, and her family preferred to have another son in the family than a daughter. So as she grew up she was constantly teased by her older brother and her parents treated like a slave, always using cold words and never treating her like she was their daughter.
When Ash was ten, she ran away from her family carrying only a single pokeball and a loaf of bread. Using the pokeball, she caught her first pokemon, a Bagon.
But Ash had developed a horrible attitude from her parents, making her disliked by everyone she met. Her cold heart made it where she could never become a registered pokemon trainer. So she made her life by stealing and trickery. She stole a cyndaquil from Professor Elm's lab and raised it. She then managed to steal enough money to start her own evil team, Team Plasmas, to get revenge on the world that hated her. Many people joined for a bit of power.

Pokemon (none of Ash's pokemon have nicknames)
Species- Salamence
Gender- Male
Description and Personality- Ash caught Salamence when it was just a Bagon a long time ago. She taught it how to use raw power and and destroy everything in its path. It displays its trainer very well by showing her same personality.

Species- Typlosion
Gender- Female
Description and Personalilty- Typolosion was meant to be a beginner pokemon for a trainer, but Ash stole her before she got the chance. She is a very stubborn pokemon, often following her own rules but then being whipped back into shape by her master. Although she displays this behavior frequently, she is an extremely powerful fire Pokemon

Species- Tyranitar
Gender- Male
Description and Personality- Tyranitar was a cold-hearted pokemon before it met Ash because of a previous trainer it had. When the two met, Tyranitar immediatly went with Ash because it liked her personality. Tyranitar has always been Ash's most loyal pokemon.

Species- Raichu
Gender- Female
Description and Personality- Raichu lived in the Viridian Forest before Ash caught her. She is actually a good Pokemon and is always trying to bring out the good in her trainer, but is always put down by her trainer. She works hard to bring good in her team.

Species- Gengar
Gender- Male
Description and Personality- When Genger was a Gastly, its main goal was to scare everyone that entered the Haunted Tower. But it soon met trouble when a young girl around the age of sixteen entered. Gastly tried to perform its normal task, but this trainer just stared at this pokemon with her evil eyes and then caught it. This pokemon still performs its evil tricks in battle.

Species- Blastoise
Gender- Male
Description and Personality- Blastoise was originally part of the Squirtle Squad, but then was abandoned one day because he lacked the skills needed. Ash then met this Squirtle and he instantly felt like he belonged somewhere, the side of evil. Squirtle battles as hard as he can to make his trainer proud.

Okay, my team is all set!

June 13th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Name: James Wilson

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical Description: James is an imposing figure, standing six feet, six inches tall and weighing in at over two hundred pounds he is built like a basketball player. His hair is long and shaggy, a rather unremarkable brown color. His eyes are a light blue, giving the world a cold and icy reflection. He is well tanned and fit, not overly muscular, a result of spending years traveling in harsh conditions. He bears several scars, reminders of the very real dangers he has had to face over the years. His face is almost always set in an impassive mask, seemingly carved of stone.

His wears an old and beat up fishing hat, green with a magikarp graphic. His eyes are covered with orange-lensed sunglasses, or goggles depending on the terrain. His other clothes are slightly loose-fitting and tend to be dark, reds and browns make up the majority, but in cold weather he wears an enormous orange Trench coat. He also wears gloves, thick and protective, at all times.

Personality: Extremely reserved and taciturn, he very much dislikes crowds and cities. He is extremely trustworthy, if you can gain his trust. Highly dedicated to Pokemon training he spends very little time with others and therefore has little patience for social niceties. Most people consider him rude, he simply does not feel the need to waste time. He is tactless and blunt when asked for an opinion and has a lot of trouble relating to other people.

On the other hand, James is preternaturally adept at empathizing and understanding Pokemon. He feels much freer around them than anyone of his own species and loves to sit and watch or converse with his Pokemon for hours. He absolutely reviles Pokemon abuse in all forms and will often become violent if he discovers someone abusing their Pokemon

Region From: Kanto

Region Currently In: Jhoto

History: James did not have the easies time growing up in Viridian City, his almost total lack of social skills and large size made him an outcast among his peers. He spent much of his childhood wandering the forest, watching and learning about the Pokemon therein. On his tenth birthday he was given a starter Pokemon, a charmander he named Coal. On his way through Kanto he was notoriously bad at catching Pokemon, managing only to obtain a Magikarp and an Eevee. James didn't care, showering his three Pokemon with attention and training them until he had a formidable team of Gyarados, Charizard, and Espeon.

James' first attempt to conquer the Pokemon league was a failure, and he resolved to travel far and wide to be more successful. He soon traveled to Sinnoh, capturing a Murkrow and Rotom for his team. His bid to become Champion was once more a failure and he left Sinnoh at the age of fifteen to travel to Jhoto and train at Mt. Silver. He soon captured a Larvitar to finally round out his team. After an exhausting two years he blitzed through the Jhoto Gyms and is currently resting in Goldenrod City awaiting the train to travel back to Kanto and wait for his next chance to challenge the Pokemon League.

Main Pokemon:

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Coal
Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: By nature a serious and driven Pokemon, Coal strives to train and and be productive in all things. He takes it upon his shoulders to be the leader and driving force behind James' team. He does not respond well to practical jokes and horseplay, something that has caused some friction between him and Geist. Overall a very noble and self-sacrificing Pokemon who tends to take everything a bit too seriously.

Name/Nickname: Lily
Species: Gyarados
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Lily is... odd for a Gyarados. Because James spent so much time caring and paying attention to her as a Magikarp, she is very affectionate and happy. Unfortunately this is a weakness in a fight, she is unable to summon the extraordinary strength and drive of other Gyarados, gained their constant rage. Lily has extreme difficultly battling in a traditional Gyarados way, relying more on strategy and vigorous training than blind strength and rage. She serves as the peacemaker when members of the group get angry at each other.

Name/Nickname: Duke
Species: Espeon
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Duke evolved from Eevee very quickly. He served as a translator for James as James sought to better understand his Pokemon and develop deeper bonds with them due to his Psychic abilities. He is intelligent and witty, a bonding force that helped James' team come together as a team. Always up for competition he and Coal regularly spar for practice, currently setting the record at one hundred wins each.

Name/Nickname: Jinx
Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: The first Pokemon James caught in Sinnoh and the strangest of his team. Shade is a loner, much like James, and prefers to spend much of his time when out of the Pokeball alone or hunting for shiny things. The only reason James managed to catch him at all was because Shade dug into his pack and found a Pokeball that he managed to catch himself in. Despite his loner nature, Shade appreciates being one of the team and feels a kinship with James as a result of years of discussion and companionship.

Name/Nickname: Geist
Species: Rotom
Gender: None, but prefers the pronoun He
Description and Personality: Geist loves jokes, tricks and fun more than anything in the world. He is a free spirit who thinks nothing of playing practical jokes all day. This has caused friction with Coal as they operate on completely different world-views. Regardless, Geist is technically the first Pokemon James actually caught himself, the others either given to him, bought, and one managed to catch himself.

Name/Nickname: Rex
Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Rex fills out the last slot in James team, caught as a baby Larvitar. Over the years James spent around Mt. Silver the other Pokemon each took an interest in teaching and training her, as a result she alone is the glue that truly bonded the team together. Now fully grown she is anxious to prove herself, to prove she no longer needs the protection of her big brothers and sister, and is sometimes reckless in this attempt.

Extra Pokemon: None

Applying for advanced trainer.

June 14th, 2008, 5:42 AM
Pika_Master14: You of course can choose as many pokemon as you wish, but normally one would expect an advanced trainer, seeing as that what you would be being a Team Leader, would have a total of six. As I said, the choice is up to you.

Excellent pokemon choices, fitting with her dark personality that you had described.

Zore: I was very impressed with your application overall, having lots of detail to create a vivid image in my head about your trainer and pokemon. The only thing I'm having an issue with is Rotom, while it technically isn't a Legendary pokemon it kind of is, atleast in my mind.

This of course can be discussed, you explainng exactly why you feel you should be able to use Rotam.

With that being said, both are ACCEPTED!

EDIT: I recieved your PM Zore, and I've made my decision. You can use the pokemon on one condition, you use him in the Roleplay sparingly during battles, meaning not so much and only if needed. Other than that, feel free to let the Pokemon do whatever it wants. I just don't want him to be used EVERY single time in a battle. Ok? Ok!

Cyan Goggles
June 16th, 2008, 3:22 PM
Name: Cyan

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Physical Description: Cyan is extremely thin and lacking any kind of developed cleavage due to an anorexia problem she developed back in her orphanage. She weighs in at only 88 pounds, and is 5'6''. Though extremely light and slender, she is not frail, and not afraid of getting hurt. Her brown bangs are parted, as not to get in her face (even though they occasionally do). Long by certain standards, Cyan's hair goes down to the middle of her back. If it goes past there, she tends to cut it herself. The strange name she was dubbed at her orphanage comes from the fact that her eyes are a strange mix between blue and green.

A pair of teal tinted goggles sit on top of her head, the uses for these ranging from swimming to crossing deserts. For the cold nights, and even when it's not cold, a dark red scarf is always draped around her neck. The scarf is the first thing she ever bought with her own money, won collectively from her first pokemon battles. She wears a long sleeved shirt. Its material is light and color is the teal of her goggles. Dark blue, denim jeans hang loosely at her hips, and cover the back of her violet sneakers.

Personality: Cyan doesn't tend to interact with people. This is due to previous low self confidence in herself, instilled in her at her orphanage by the other children. She's friendly enough to people when they actually get her attention, but she always has this little voice in the back of her head telling her that she's screwing up, or not being nice enough. Most of the time, she'll end up shutting her mouth and letting the other person talk. There have been a few people who have gotten close her, and their description of her is that she is very maternal and knows how to take care of business. However, they say that she hardly every talks, letting her actions speak for themselves. Because of that, nobody knows much about her, accept her pokemon, whom she talks to, and bonds more to, than any human.

When one knows Cyan for more than five minutes, one will get the notion that she is not afraid of death, or anything happening to her. It's true, she's not. When she does get hurt, she tells herself she deserved it for being stupid, or too slow, or whatever her excuse is. Will more often than not help complete strangers, for the sole reason of finding something to do. Likes to do dangerous things, like breaking into multiple team bases. Because, if she gets caught, hey, who cares? Nobody would miss her.

On that note, she's not depressed, and doesn't view herself as such. She just sees the world as it is, and while it seems very cynical from the outside looking in, she sees it as the truth. A habit of, when she knows somebody, to be able to see a fault of theirs, or pointing out how she thinks they really are. She never says this to their face, though.

Region From: Kanto

Region Currently In: Kanto

History: Place of birth unknown, Cyan was dropped off at the Lavender Town orphanage at approximately eight months of age, and raised there until age 10, when she decided she wanted to get as far away from the place as possible. It was a poor orphanage, but the adults were nice and friendly enough. Not abusive or mean at all. So where did the horrible self confidence come from? The other children. All the other children has first and last names, because they were all dropped off my parents who did the paper work and such. But Cyan, was not. The orphanage's nurse found found her, abandoned near the pokemon tower. She named the baby based on it's eye color, and the dingy blanket it was wrapped it. Cyan. With no clue as to what her surname might be, they just left her name like that. Too girly for the guys, and too boyish for the girls, and a favorite of the staff, she was rejected, ridiculed, and put down by every one of her peers.

Cyan was around four when she was confused enough to run away from it all. Her brain wasn't letting her understand why none of the other kids would talk to her, or play with her. She ran so far that she came across and clan of Ninetales and Vulpix. They took care of her for a week, until the search parties found her. The pack let her go, but one little vulpix who had taken a liking to her went back with her. The other children got jealous, but, Cyan didn't care anymore. She wasn't alone now, that's what was important.

When she turned ten, she made the decision to leave to become a pokemon trainer. The staff let her, but on the one condition that she had to get to Pallet Town to get her first pokemon on her own. With the pride of success after she received Sal from Professor Oak, and two new pokemon under her care, she set off to see the region, and the rest of the world.

As mentioned before, she likes to break into team's bases, just to see if she can. Because of this, and the practice it takes to do it, she would make a good thief if she was desperate enough to need to be. She stole technology from Team Magma, before they disbanded. Just one, little, round, palm sized device that does everything. Poke'dex (though she hardly uses it), a map, a small version of the computer storage system, and a little radio. Quite handy. Cyan thought so too, apparently.

Cyan currently, has returned to kanto, to see what has changed, and to heal old wounds.

Main Pokemon:
Note: All Cyan's pokemon look just like the regular of their species, the just wear certain items to tell themselves apart.

Name/Nickname: Chase
Species: Ninetales
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Cyan's first pokemon and friend, Chase has been with her ever sense he was a Vulpix. She had run away from her orphanage, and stumbled upon a whole pack of Ninetales and Vulpix. When she came away from the experience, and was forced to go back, Chase stayed with her. He evolved the day Cyan decided to go explore the world, when she turned 10.

He is very calm, and used to Cyan's ways. The ninetales has seen her mature into someone he loves with all his heart, and is very loyal and extremely protective of her. Chase is what you would call a "one person pokemon". He's not particularly friendly to other people or pokemon, unless he takes a liking to them, and has absolutely no patients. In which, he simply does not deal with Jiro. His team is beginning to grow on them, even though he butts heads with all of them. (Jiro is oblivious to their head-butting.) He's of the opinion that Cyan only attracts pokemon with some kind of issue. Because their bond is so strong, and Cyan has been with Chase for so long, they can communicate through telepathy, and most of the time do.
He wears a pair of green goggles around his neck, as if to match Cyan's teal pair.

Name/Nickname: Jiro
Species: Pikachu
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Jiro is Cyan's first "official" pokemon, caught in the Viridian Forest, with some trouble. Chase was at a high level, and knocking out any pokemon Cyan wanted to catch before she could throw the pokeball. Jiro stood up against Chase, and was caught. The less worry-some of the team, he is very carefree and adventurous, often getting Cyan into some trouble. His state of mind tends to go with the flow. Being the smallest, Cyan has to keep and extra watch on him because he often sneaks off to go find trouble. One day, she decided to just not worry, and discovered that Jiro would always come back. Cyan teasingly says it's only because she feeds him. She's had him a little over three years now. Chase considers Jiro, and his logic, to be the bane of his existence.
He wears a red baseball cap, backwards most of the time.

Name/Nickname: Sal
Species: Wartortle
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Sal is the official starter pokemon Cyan received from Prof. Oak as a Squirtle, once she finally made her way to Pallet Town. Sal didn't like her that much, but once he saw how Cyan took care of him and her other two pokemon, decided she was worth fighting for. Cyan, because she's so light, often rides on Sal standing up while he's using his Ice Beam. Like ice surfing. Sal actually doesn't mind, quite the opposite. He likes it and finds it really fun. He has a strong personality, more of a leader than a follower. He will, however, follow Cyan's orders and plans. He's stubborn, but kind. He often gets into fights with Todd, but lets them go faster than the Leafeon does.
He has two,black sweat-bands around his wrists.

Name/Nickname: Todd
Species: Leafeon
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:As the problem child, Todd is arrogant and rash. He never wanted to be involved in this team in the first place, but owes his life to Cyan for saving him from a research facility of team Galactic. So he's loyal to her, and has been gradually warming up to her. The other pokemon... not so much. He still doesn't always follow her orders, and hasn't had a whole lot of time to get used to her. Only Cyan's pokemon for a month now, she's been giving him out of pokeball time, where he can travel with her freely. Todd hates being wrong, is stubborn, and thinks he can kick anyone's butt at anything even though, in reality, he is currently the weakest in Cyan's lineup.
His item is a Teal Beret, which leads Cyan to think that maybe he was used as a soldier in some kind of army before she got to him.

Edit- Right! -ahem- Applying for average trainer, please.

June 16th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Very good, Cyan Goggles. Imagery floated through my head while reading your application. Accepted!

Cyan Goggles
June 16th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Yay! Thank you!
Can't wait to start.

June 16th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Can't wait to start.

Me too Cyan, me too. I hate the sign up portion of RPs, i just like RPing haha

Stevey Poo
June 17th, 2008, 8:14 PM
Name: Steven Falkner

Team Plasmas

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Description: Steven is about 6 foot tall, with long brown hair, wavy covering half of his face, wears tight jeans and tight white oxford shirt with tie. Thin, but not weak, has spent most of his time training his body.

Personality: Steven, is a young man, who has always had a bad attitude toward things. He had always gotten in trouble, and hung out with Team Rocket. Steven believes that Team Plasma will prevail over everyone, and they will finally rule the lands. He hangs out with team plasma wherever he goes, and loves to get in trouble and ruin lives of other people.

Region From: Johto

Region Currently In: Kanto

History: Steven, son of Falkner, flying type gym leader in johto, he has never had a good relationship with his father, being the fact that Steven always got in trouble, and disobeyed his father from day one. Steven disliked flying pokemon, and failed to take after his father, becoming the violet city gym leader. Now that his father has died, Steven finally took it upon himself, to go to Team Plasmas, and has moved his way up the system, becoming an executive along with Ash. Though he sometimes gets hit with flashes of his father, he shuts them out and continues to wreck havic with Team Plasma

Now that he is on the top of Team Plasma, he knows he is the right place. He Team Plasma are getting bigger and bigger, and soon they will be unstoppable. Though Steven gets nightmares on an armageddon that might happen if the world continues to be how it is, and gets visions of his father, and his family back when he was a child. Can these dreams affect his life with Team plasma?

Main Pokemon:

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Was given to him as a child, and he has charish Houndoom, as his own forever, never leaving Steven's side, Houndoom is his best and most experience pokemon whom he uses with everything he does.

Name/Nickname: Absol
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Was given to him by the leader of Team plasma as a token for joining the team as a grunt. Absol as then grown into a powerhouse in Steven's arsenal whom he used in many important battles.

Name/Nickname: Crobat
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Caught as a zubat while, hanging out with Jesse and James as a child, It has since been with Steven growing into a Golbat then into a Crobat not too long ago, and is now in training with Steven to get stronger, and stronger.

Name/Nickname: Scizor
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: He stole from the bug catching contest in Johto, when he was 13, Scizor was his first stolen pokemon, whom at the beginning they had a rough relationship, but as years gone on, they have grown well together and Scizor has grown very strong.

Name/Nickname: Slowking
Species: Male
Description and Personality: During the Slowpoke tail incident in Azalea Town, when Steven was a kid, he was with Team Rocket, and When Ash rescued all the slowpoke, A slowking was given to Steven, by Giovanni For doing a good work as a lookout, right before everyone scrammed. He was orginally a slowbro with a kings rock and has since evolved and is a very lazy but powerful pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Urasering
Species: Male
Description and Personality: Was just caught, while hanging out with his Team Plasma Crew, and has not used it in a battle, but was a hard time catching it, showing how strong it was

June 17th, 2008, 8:28 PM
i would like to be an advanced trainer please!

Name: Bobby Baker

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Physical Description: Bobby has short black hair, that is a mess of curls. You can never see it though as he always wears a flaming red bandanna tied around his head just so he dosen't have to comb it. His skin has a tan tone to it as he was born along the coast. His eyes are like a deep dark chocolate pool that you want to swim in.

Bobby's body is quite thin to the point where you can count his ribs. He is usually seen wearing a black shirt with a pirate skull on it, but this is usually covered by a brown unzipped jacket. The jacket is old and ragged, but Bobby keeps it around as a memory of his father. His arms have look like they have no muscle on them, which Bobby explains they are just bones with sleeves.

Bobby wears jeans that are a little big for him, so he is constantly pulling them up. The jeans are worn and faded, but still don't fit Bobby. He also wears black shoes, with gold lines in an looping pattern. Being skinny his legs look like a chickens legs, but they are actually quite fast as Bobby has learned that being faster than the opponent is better than being stronger.

Personality: If one were to meet Bobby for the first time, you would think he was lax, cold, and loud. Once you get to know him though you find out he's open, exspressive, and lax. While he can be shy around new people, he is actually very happy and open to all of his friends. Bobby loves to have Pokemon Battles, however when he isn't battling he is known to be either eating or sleeping. Generaly calm, he is known to have bursts of anger if someone has wronged him, his pokemon, or his friends. He will restlessly try to avenge the person that was wronged.

Region From: Bobby was born in Olivine City of the Johto Region, growing up with the gym leader jasmine.

Region Currently In: Currently journeying around the Kanto Region, around Vermillion City.

History: Bobby was born in Olivine City of the Johto Region. Born to a very poor family, Bobby had a hard time growing up. Recieving mostly hand-me downs from his father, where he got his jacket from, Bobby had no friends. Walking down the beach of Olivine, Bobby became trapped under a rock slide. He was six years old at the time so he started to cry at the time. Suddenly a Onix lifted the boulders up and Bobby found himself into, from his perspective, an angle. The angle's name was Jasmine and she had been training to become a gym leader. Lending Bobby her Magnimite, Jasmine soon taught him the ways of battle.

Bobby became hooked after that, going out and trying to catch the local pokemon. However since his family was poor, he never had enough money for one Pokeball. Soon his parents passed on from being deathly ill, and Bobby was adopted into Jasmine's family. He was in a deep deppression for a few years, until Jasmine slapped him across the face and told him that Bobby should move on, for thats what his parents would want.

A few more years passed and on the day Bobby turned 14, Jasmine became the Gym Leader of Olivine. Happy for his friend, Bobby knew it was time to move on, and went to Prof. Elm's lab to recieve a starter pokemon so that he could start to make a name for himself, so that he wouldn't need to rely on Jasmine for confidence.

Main Pokemon:

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Feraligatr is Bobby's oldest pokemon. He was givin to Bobby by Prof. Elm, and at first the two didn't hit it off. Constantly fighting, they hardly won any battles. However this turned around when Bobby defended the young Totodile, against a team of poachers. Feeling like his trainer cared about him, the big jaw pokemon finally started listening to Bobby. The strongest on the team, Feraligatr is also the calmest and is the unoffical leader.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Flygon
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Bobby found Flygon as a young Trapinch struggling in the desert. Taking pity on her Bobby added her to his team. Has a crush on Bobby, Flygon defends him with her life. Firery and headstrong, she often rushes into battles. She is also Bobby's made mode of transportation.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Bobby found Roserade as a Budew in a forest fire. Throwing out his Croconaw to put out the flames, Bobby scooped up the bud and protected it from further harm. Roserade has a very egostical and cocky personality, believing himself to be leader. This has caused Bobby many headaches during battles when Roserade thought he had won.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Snorlax was found eating the food out of Bobby's backpack as a Munchlax. He thought a Pokeball was a nut and tried cracking it open, which resulted in him being captured. Bobby found it was worth keeping after seeing his strength and the fact both have similer personalitys. Snorlax sleeps most of the time and is quite lazy. He also has a fear of Rat like Pokemon so he is quite timid.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Combusken
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Combusken was abandend as a Torchic, so he has trouble trusting others. Bobby has fought a long hard battle to win his trust, and it was well worth it as Combusken knows some very powerful moves. Very calm and quiet he is the peace keeper of the team.
Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Lucario was hatched from a Riolu egg and as such is very naive about the world. Trusts too easily so has lost many battles because of this. However he is one of the strongest on the team and has won battles by using his fancy footwork.

June 18th, 2008, 6:34 AM
Zimvee and Stevey Poo, both Accepted!

EDIT: We have six people, do you guys want to start? Or wait for more? Its up to you guys, because I know I hate waiting.

Stevey Poo
June 18th, 2008, 7:23 AM
i think we shuld start? everyone agree?

Cyan Goggles
June 18th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Sure, starting sounds good to me!

June 18th, 2008, 7:45 AM
Sure, let's go for it. Six people should be enough.

June 18th, 2008, 7:56 AM
sounds good lets start! i hate waiting

June 18th, 2008, 8:04 AM
okay, lets go! im am really impatient

Cyan Goggles
June 18th, 2008, 8:05 AM
Ha-ha, seems as though everyone agrees.

Chabz, are you planing on starting, or would you like someone else to?

Stevey Poo
June 18th, 2008, 8:21 AM
I'd perfer the organizer start it off, only seems right?

June 18th, 2008, 8:39 AM
The wind was blowing, a nice gentle breeze, as the Trophius made its way through the air, her trainer resting comfortablely on its back. Their destination was the trainers home town, Eterna City, where they could all rest before her next pokemon journey. Just returning from a small trip to the Orange Islands, the flying pokemon was high above Oreburg City and making good time towards Eterna. The air had been warm, but was cooling down as the sun began to set in the distance. The view was great, one of the many reasons that the trainer enjoyed flying pokemon. Blonde hair, flowing in the small gusts of wind, and blue eyes, sparkling in the now fading sun.

Such beauty, and it never ceases to amaze me how magnificent such natural things can be. A beeping sound interrupted Tricia's train of thought, and she reached down and picked up her Pokecom, a device she had invested a lot of money in that enabled her a mobile phone plus some other things, and attached it to her right ear. Quickly pressing the small button, she had picked up the phone call. "Hello," said Tricia in a mature, yet young, voice.

"Am I speaking to one, Tricia Ebony Asterton?" asked a somewhat dark tone of voice.

"Yes this is her, who is this may I ask?"

"Right now that is not of your concern, but you have a choice to make."

"Excuse me?" said Tricia now getting annoyed at this suspicious voice.

"The proffesors of the four regions, including Professor Ivy of the Orange Islands, are going to be kidnapped and murdered. The organization that I work for is going to be responsible for this, and now its time to make that choice I told you about."

"And what would that be" Tricia asked worried about what exactly was going to happen.

"You either, being on of the few remaining Advanced Trainers in the world, join my organization and help take out the proffesors. Or, you can choose to stand against us, and be killed just like the proffesors and all the other Advanced Trainers who chose this choice."

Fear filled Tricia's body, she didn't know what was going on and why she was being brought into this. And one of the few remaining Advanced Trainers? There were tons of them, or was this person telling the truth and this "Organization" killed them all. Tricia's best bet was to go along with their plan, and hopefully take it out from the inside.

"Fine," said Tricia nervously, "i'll join your organization. Where am I going?"

"Fly to Saffron City in the Kanto Region. Once there, we'll contact you." And with that, the person hung up the phone.

What the hell is going on!? This is so crazy. Tricia whispered to her Trophius, and she began flying off to Saffron City instead of home.

Somewhere unknown, the same mysterious man was calling the two other Advanced Trainers left in the world. Also, he was planning to call the Proffessors of their impending doom, knowing a chase to hunt them down would be much better.

(OOC: Okay so advance trainers, you get your phone calls. Average trainers, do what you want, you guys are automatically against Team Plasmas. Team Plasmas people, do what you want. The mysterious voice was just a grunt. You guys control your own phone call. Have fun!)

Stevey Poo
June 18th, 2008, 9:41 AM
"Call him now!" Steven Screamed. John, a Team Plasmas grunt was nervous to call the advance trainer, Bobby Baker.

"But, what if he does not pick up?" John said in a nervous voice towards to Steven.

"Then leave a damn message, God John, you have been a grunt for 2 years, and you are still scared on the simplest missions!" Steven responded.

Steven was sent by, Plasmas leader, Ash to keep on track of the grunts who were calling the advance trainers and professors.
"One down, only a 'bagilleon' to go," Steven said to himself.

"Uh, sir, bagilleon isn't a word," The grunt said in a snickering matter. The two decided to give up on calling Bobby, and walked back to camp.

"Ash is not going to be pleased with, you John. You better find it in yourself to be a man" Steven said in a dark voice.

"FINE! I will call him now"

{PHONE CONVERSATION, going to be written by BOBBY BAKER}

The day had gone to dusk, and the two, decided to go back to camp where, the rest of the crew was located. Along side Steven, was his trusty Houndoom, walking like he owned the place.
(crackling of leaves behind the bushes)

"Who are you?" Declared Steven. No answer. "Give us your name!" Steven again yelled. No answer. "Suit yourself, Houndoom, Flamethrower!"
Houndoom blasted a large blaze of fire into the bushes.

"AHHHHH!" a loud screech came from behind the bushes. A team Plasmas grunt jumped out of the bushes with a leaf stuck in his butt, ablaze. Galloping around, finally putting it out.

"What did you do that for?" The grunt yelped. "I was taking a crap."

"You should, have answered me." Steven responded, while chuckling.

Steven arrived at camp, only to see Ash the Team Plasmas Leader, staring at him in a dark fashion, with a phone in her hand.

Why is Ash looking at him in a bad way?
Why does she have a phone in her hand?

June 18th, 2008, 9:55 AM



June 18th, 2008, 10:12 AM
i will post tonight. i have to leave right now but i'll be back later

Cyan Goggles
June 18th, 2008, 10:44 AM

"If you even can call it that."

A young girl walked down one of the two paths that lead to the town. The town of old ghosts and forgotten memories. The town called Lavender.

With the girl walked a Ninetales, green goggles dangling from it's neck. The pokemon was trying to convince his trainer, and just about life-long friend, that returning to the town might be a bad idea. It didn't have the best memories for the girl, and there was really no point in going.

"The tower," The response to the fox's protests came, " we should pay our respects, Chase."

They had not stopped walking, and Chase up at the child briefly.

"If you say so, Cyan." He gave up, knowing that there was probably only one thing that would change her mind.

Well, three things.

Well, three things and a scyther.

Cyan, as she was called, and her pokemon had just come back via boat, from Shinnoh. She had heard something about another evil team,in Shinnoh, who thought they could rule the world or something. In short, base sneaking is fun. She actually managed to come away from it all with a new pokemon, though he hardly liked the situation. With all the traveling and new things she seen, Cyan thought maybe it would be refreshing to get back to her roots.

June 18th, 2008, 1:01 PM
James Wilson stepped off the Magnet train and onto the soil of his native Kanto for the first time in six years. He smiled a bit wryly as he kept walking, his muscles were sore from the long train ride. The city of Saffron sprawled before him, a breathtaking and beautiful metropolis. James kept walking through the city, admiring this sight of home.

James failed to notice, however, two shady looking men who quietly detached themselves from the side of a building as he past it. As James wandered further into Saffron and away from the downtown, the crowds grew thinner and thinner until the area was deserted.

"James Wilson?" A rough voice called out. James whipped around, finally taking note of his surroundings. His gaze locked onto the two non-discript men, each of which were holding a Pokeball.

"Wha... Who are you?" He sputtered as he desperatly reached for his own own Pokeman.

"We are envoys of Team Plasmas and we have a little proposition for you." The other man spoke this time, his voice fuller and richer. "Would you like to hear us out?"

"Why?" James countered as he watched the two men slowly edge away from each other, attempting to flank him.

"Oh, come now," The first man said, "You are a very special person you know. An advanced trainer, one of the last of a dying breed. Our organization is very interested in recruiting you."

James stared at the two men, at their Pokeballs, and replaced his own to his belt. "Where do we need to go?"

"Not far, our base is here in Saffron. We'd be.. delighted to escort you." The men smiled as they too holstered their Pokemon.

"Lead the way..." Said James.

June 18th, 2008, 1:46 PM
"Feraligatr, use Aqua Tail!" cried a teenage boy. The Feraligatr's tail bacame covered in water. He whipped it around and sent the Nidoking flying.

"My Nidoking!" a young boy wearing a yellow cap cried. He rushed over to make sure his pokemon was okay.

"Good job Feraligatr! Return." Bobby said, giving his old friend a rest.

"Thanks for the battle!" the boy said. "As soon as my Nidorino evolved, I quickly evolved him into Nidoking."

"Train up your Nidoking cause I want to battle you again." Bobby said with a smile. As the boy ran back into Vermillion City, Bobby's phone started to ring. "Hello?" Bobby answered.

"Am I speaking to a Bobby Baker?" a dark though slightly nervous voice asked.

"Yeah that would be me. Can I help you?" Bobby asked, confused as he had never heard this voice before.

"You have a choice to make." the voice said eeirly. "The profesors of the four regions, including Professor Ivy of the Orange Islands, are going to be kidnapped and murdered. The organization that I work for is going to be responsible for this, and now its time to make that choice I told you about."

"What is the choice?" Bobby asked, a frown on his face.

"You either, being on of the few remaining Advanced Trainers in the world, join my organization and help take out the profesors. Or, you can choose to stand against us, and be killed just like the proffesors and all the other Advanced Trainers who chose this choice." the voice said with sneer.

Bobby quickly thought over what the voice said. In his head he thought "I don't know what their objective is, so i'll play along for now..." "Well I don't want to die, so I'm in."

"Wise decison. Go to Saffron City. Once you are there we will contact you." the Voice suddenly ended, and Bobby was left listening to static.

"Guess I'm off to Saffron." Bobby said, dissapointed that his planned tour of Kanto was cut short. He started making his way north, towards Saffron.

June 18th, 2008, 5:32 PM
"Call him now!" Steven Screamed. John, a Team Plasmas grunt was nervous to call the advance trainer, Bobby Baker.

"But, what if he does not pick up?" John said in a nervous voice towards to Steven.

"Then leave a damn message, God John, you have been a grunt for 2 years, and you are still scared on the simplest missions!" Steven responded.

Steven was sent by, Plasmas leader, Ash to keep on track of the grunts who were calling the advance trainers and professors.
"One down, only a 'bagilleon' to go," Steven said to himself.

"Uh, sir, bagilleon isn't a word," The grunt said in a snickering matter. The two decided to give up on calling Bobby, and walked back to camp.

"Ash is not going to be pleased with, you John. You better find it in yourself to be a man" Steven said in a dark voice.

"FINE! I will call him now"

{PHONE CONVERSATION, going to be written by BOBBY BAKER}

The day had gone to dusk, and the two, decided to go back to camp where, the rest of the crew was located. Along side Steven, was his trusty Houndoom, walking like he owned the place.
(crackling of leaves behind the bushes)

"Who are you?" Declared Steven. No answer. "Give us your name!" Steven again yelled. No answer. "Suit yourself, Houndoom, Flamethrower!"
Houndoom blasted a large blaze of fire into the bushes.

"AHHHHH!" a loud screech came from behind the bushes. A team Plasmas grunt jumped out of the bushes with a leaf stuck in his butt, ablaze. Galloping around, finally putting it out.

"What did you do that for?" The grunt yelped. "I was taking a crap."

"You should, have answered me." Steven responded, while chuckling.

Steven arrived at camp, only to see Ash the Team Plasmas Leader, staring at him in a dark fashion, with a phone in her hand.

Why is Ash looking at him in a bad way?
Why does she have a phone in her hand?

Ash looked at the grunts cluttered around in the camp. How was she stuck with these fools. Most of them lacked the potential she expected. Most of them were nothing more than sniveling wimps that should be at school getting shoved in a locker but were here wearing a Team Plasmas uniform.

To top it all off, Ash just received a phone call from one of the admirals on her team to give her grave news. Advanced trainers were gathering up, and new trainers were pouring into Professor Oak's Lab. She was afraid that they were gathering to put a stop to Team Plasmas.

Ash was already angry about the phone call, but even more angry than some of her minions hadn't returned yet.

How long can a damn phone call take! thought Ash frustrated. She looked towards the woods. The fool, John, was probably chickening out again over a stupid phone call. Ash knew that she had to whip that fool into shape one day like she had done to all her pokemon.

Soon she saw two figures appear, John and Steven.

"There you are, you fools!" shouted Ash. She turned and looked at John darkly. "What's the matter, John? Afraid of the phone? It took you damn long enough."

John just looked at Ash with fear. Satisfied, Ash turned to Steven.

"So, decided to show up, eh Steven? Hows all those calls going down there? Everyone doing better than John over here?"

Ash looked at Steven straight in the eyes. Steven looked straight back at Ash's which was worse than looking at a Primeape's.

"Uh, yes Miss, everything is going fine," responded Steven shaking.

"And how wrong you are," Ash said coldly. She held up the phone. "I just received a phone call. Professor Oak is recruiting new pokemon trainers. The only way for us to take over is to take out the professor himself. This will destroy the cycle of new trainers. But first..."

Ash looked at Steven and John viciously. "We need to take out as many trainers as possible. So I'm giving you both a job. Take out as many beginner trainers as possible. Steal their pokemon, scare them out of business, do whatever you need to do to stop them. This will make the professor an easier target. So can you do that, John, Steven? Just attack beginner trainers, that's easy enough."

So how does John and Steven respond to this job? Do they protest because thy weren't assigned to take out Advanced trainers or happy because they got an assignment?

June 18th, 2008, 8:59 PM
The city came into Tricia's view, having been flying for three or so hours, and she was slightly relieved. All she wanted to do was get this out of the way, hopefully take out this team and move on with her life. Of course, she'd need a longer break since her original one had been canceled. A few short minutes later, the Trophius landed just on the outskirts of town and Tricia jumped off.

"Thanks for the ride my good friend." Tricia petted the large pokemon on the neck and then returned her to her pokeball for some rest. Tricia then contemplated on which pokemon to let out next, thinking if she should walk or get a ride. Rezz and Rapidash were both large enough to ride, but on the other hand a walk with Glameow would be fun. She stood in place for about a good five minutes, a strong gust of wind helping her to remember that she wasn't somewhere else. "Okay," she said pulling out a pokeball, "come on out Rezz." The flash of white light from the pokeball took the form of a large Luxray. "Its good to see you my old friend."

"Lux..luxray..lux," said the pokemon happily. She was just glad to be out of here pokeball, she had become extremely bored and needed some fresh air. They walked a little before Tricia finally climbed on top of the pokemon, who immediately began sprinting off into the town to find Team Plasmas. After awhile, Tricia had Rezz stopped as she noticed two men following her; one was riding a Pidgeot and the other on a Arcanine. She whispered for Rezz to stop, and slid off the luxray who began to growl.

"Stop Rezz, its okay." She turned and focused her attention on the two men. "Are you the one's I'm supposed to meet?" The two men just stared at her, still on their pokemon, as if she had two heads. "I mean are you the guys working for this organization? The plot to kill proffesors?" The men gave an 'oh that thing' kind of face, and Tricia just rolled her eyes and felt like she should just blow them up or something.

"Yes we are" said the grunt on the left.

"Follow us, or you'll know what will happen" finished the other.

"Yeah yeah yeah, lets go I want to get this over with." Tricia was in no mood to deal with these imbeciles. They all took off in the direction she had just come, and after a short while came to a very large building in the center of the city. Tricia began to look it up and down, but wasn't that impressed. She'd seen many things on her journeys through the other regions, this one seeming quite plain. The two grunts led her through some revolving doors, an elevator, a long hallway and then finally left her in a confrence room on the twenty-third floor. Rezz was still out of her pokeball, but Tricia decided to let her have some more rest after the long ride. Now, she took out Glameow who immediately curled up in Tricia's lap as she sat to await the appearance of this organizations leader.

Stevey Poo
June 18th, 2008, 9:14 PM
"I can't take this anymore!" Steven yelled. "John, I am done with you, I am done trying to stick up for you, I am going to Saffron City to see what is up at our team base and to go on with Ash's mission"

Steven took off, in a flash. On top of his Crobat he flew to Saffron City.
"What am I going to do, to make it up to Ash." He said to himself. "I can do way better then I am, I will show her."

Finally, Steven arrived at Saffron, once a beautiful metropolis city, now dark and cold, controlled by Team Plasmas. As soon as he touched down, he saw a mysterious girl enter the Team Base (Tricia).

" I will see what is up with her, later right now i have some stealing to do." Steven said in low voice.

Steven took the route down to Vermillion City, As he walked into the underground passage, he saw a guard standing at the opening.
"The passage is closed for the day, you may not enter." The guard said firmly

"Oh really, Houndoom use Fire Spin to trap the guard!" Houndoom blew a huge spinning blaze around the officers body, trapping him so that he had no where to move.
Both Houndoom and Steven continued along the underground passage to Vermillion City, to steal beginner trainer's pokemon. He kept saying to himself, "Why do I fail to realize, that this is not a game I have responsibility now that I am a Co-Leader."

He looked at Houndoom, and Houndoom looked back at Steven, "Alright buddy, we got some stealing to do."
They opened the door, which led to the route connecting to Vermillion City. There were many beginner trainers here, some with Sandshrews and others with Ekans, which he knew can be used for the new grunts that were being recruited everyday.

He spotted his first trainer who was playing with his ekans.
"Now, go Absol" Steven yelled, throwing his pokeball, releasing Absol. Absol, jumped out, and was eye to eye with the ekans.

"Woah, what are you doing?" The trainer responded.

"Absol, use swift followed by a quick attack. NOW!" Steven ordered. The ekans had no time to react, with the amazing speed of Absol, ekans stood no chance and was out cold.
"Houndoom, your turn, trap the trainer with Fire Spin, NOW!" Steven again orderd.

"No! What are you doing to my pokemon?" The trainer cried.

Setting ablaze to the whole route, with Houndoom, and using Absol's speed to take down all the pokemon, it only took a matter of minutes to collect the beginner trainer's pokemon.

Walking back to the underground passage, Steven looked back at the once beautiful route, with peaceful pokemon and their trainers, now Trees lit on fire, trainers crying because their pokemon has been stolen.

"haha." Steven chuckled. "A job well done, return Absol." Steven drew Absol back into his pokeball.

Walking back to Saffron City, Steven felt satisfied with his work today, and continued to go into the Team Plasmas base. There he saw a young girl sitting down in the lounge. Not knowing why she is there or who she is, he sat down next to her, tired, with all of the stolen pokemon, whom he gave to the grunt, guarding (Tricia).
Does Tricia start a conversation with Tough guy Steven Falkner?
Is Ash happy with Steven's good work?

June 18th, 2008, 9:21 PM
(Stevey, please edit your post. You can't control what other characters are doing. Mine hasn't started talking with Ash yet, you can't suddenly be at Saffron and then Vermillion. You need to put more detail into the capturing of the Ekans/Sandshrew and fighting Bobby not Billy. Take your time and don't rush. Thank you.)

June 18th, 2008, 9:55 PM
James looked a bit askance as the two men lead him to a nondiscipt building in the middle of the city. It looked plain and almost... out of place in the midst of Saffron. James followed the men through the building, noting strange body language of the few Pokemon he saw. He was almost completely inept at reading people, up to this point the Team Plasmas members hadn't set off any alarms; the Pokemon however seemed odd and that put James on guard.

Briefly he toyed with the idea of letting Duke out, the Espeon's psychic powers could tell him exactly what was going on here. But he refrained, there would be no point in antagonizing these people yet. As the two men lead him onto an elevator to the 23rd floor, James discreetly checked that Coal's Pokeball was in easy reach. There was no point in being stupid. At the 23rd floor the men walked off, leading James down a long hallway and to a conference room; inside which a girl sat with a Glameow curled up on her lap.

"Wait here, the Boss will speak with you shortly." The men said as they left.

James took a seat as far away from the other person as possible, her Glameow appeared rather happy; but then Glameow were notoriously sadistic. He unconsciously fixed his sunglasses, and straightened out his coat on the chair. Once more, James debated the wisdom of letting Duke out to help him assess the situation. He didn't want to risk it though, not now, James was never sure how other people would react and he wanted to avoid offending this strange girl if he could.

Cyan Goggles
June 19th, 2008, 7:52 PM
When they stepped into the town, it was no surprise that no one was out or about. It was kind of early. The teenagers who inhabited the town probably weren't up yet, the older people would still be doing something inside their houses. That only left the children, and they where all in the orphanage's building, or at home. But, Cyan seriously doubted there where any children living in Lavender with their families. She and Chase both stopped at the Pokemon Tower, looking up at it. How it reached to the sky with it's many floors.

"Where are we going after this?" The Ninetale's gaze shifted from the tower to his trainer.

"Back to Saffron. We have to pick up some more repels and super potions before leaving for Pallet." Was Cyan's answer.

"Couldn't have we have done that before? And then just leave from here?"

Tsk, why was he trying to poke holes in this?

"What's with you today? We'd have to pass back through the city anyway, just chill." She looked, finally, down at Chase, who was looking back up at the Tower once again. Well... that, and the fact that there where a lot of people wearing suspiciously similar outfits hanging round the city. But she wasn't about to tell her already enough-of-a-worry-wart-pokemon that part of the plan. " Comm'on, in we go. Hurry now." Her voice called to the fox, she herself already inside the building.

June 20th, 2008, 4:38 AM
Name: Matt

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Physical Description: Skinny, always wears a mage's hat, a green mantle, and black/silver clothes. Is nearsighted.

Personality: He is insane. Though, in formal situations, he talks calmly. He tends to speak with an unintentional Asian accent. He also tends to keep a lot of secrets.

Region From: Unknown. (Claims to be from foriegn lands)

Region Currently In: Kanto

History: He first arrived in Hoenn, stealing a starter pokemon, a pokedex, and several other things. He taught all of his pokemon how to speak. This had lead to some rather insane events. Yet, he does not regret teaching pokemon to speak. Or teaching them how to use weapons.
He has 24 pokemon total. He has intentions of becoming a breeder, which he fufilled early. He dreams of many insane things. Mostly teaching Magikarp Hyper Beam. His pokemon say he is a dangerous human being, and they are right.

Main Pokemon:

Name/Nickname: Ifrit
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: He always smiles and is generally the cool guy of the team. Matt has never let him inside a pokeball and does not intend to. Ifrit was the pokemon MM stole from Hoenn. Due to his past in the lab in a pokeball, Ifrit has developed claustraphobia. He also keeps a pair of prange shades with him, which seem as sharp as a knife.

Name/Nickname: Natsumi
Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: She is a generally happy Lopunny. She follows Ifrit where ever he goes, always cheering him on in fights. She usually fights normally, but she sometimes gets more power from her "Special Potion" which, of course, is alcohol. She fights with her fists of fluffy, iron rage.

Name/Nickname: Sabin
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: He used to also be the cool guy of Ifrit's team, until Pachirisu started gnawing on him. From that, he developed afear of squirrels. He also does not know any melee fighting style, relying soley on Aurasphere, Shadow Ball, and Dragon Pulse.

Name/Nickname: Hitori
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: When she was a ralts, she was often a target for her trainer's abuse until she was traded to Matt. This may have added to her violent, homicidal behavior. She often attacks Matt, but does not kill him, only breaks his knees or something. She often uses a bat, a dented, sturdy bat.

Name/Nickname: Mumajii
Species: Mismagius
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Hitori and Mumajii were some-what best friends when MM was training them. Mumajii, from hearing of Hitori's past, had became a sadistic torturer of Ifrit, Sabin, and Natsumi. Her facial expression never changed from half open eyes and a cat-like grin. No one dares to find out what's going on in her head.

Name/Nickname: Noise
Species: Chatot
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Matt just found a chatot in his bag oneday and it's been with him since. The chatot wears an eyepatch and has one small problem: he thinks he's a pirate. Therapists say that Chatot is just flat-out insane. Matt keeps him because Noise amuses him.

Extra Pokemon: Raichu (Zano, male), Pachirisu (Zalpliss, female), Infernape (Ares, Male), Pidgeot (Skye, Female), Mawile (Siren, female), Ambipom (Lynn, female), Honchkrow (Trilby, male), Luxray (Kurotsuki, male), Absol (Shinobou, female), Dustox (Artemisk, male), Ledian (Dokuro, Female), Sableye (Halloween, Male), Dusknoir (DeathMetal, Male), Ursaring (Emm, Female), Ninjask (Kuu, Male), Finneon (Neon, Male), Scizor (Leane, Female), Garshchomp (Blues, Male)

June 20th, 2008, 6:29 AM
Matrix_Mage: Your application is lacking extremely. Your history makes absolutely no sense, there is not enough detail in anything you wrote down. He's insane? Has 24 pokemon? I am pretty sure i said your 6 belt pokemon and only up to 10 extra. And weapons? This is not a role play for weapons, we use pokemon only here. Want to use weapons go start a fanfic. Also this should have gone in the OCC chat. You can have another shot, but until you fix these issues: DENIED

June 20th, 2008, 8:53 AM
Bobby walked into Saffron, and took a look around. The city looked busy with people rushing about. He looked around and saw two people wearing uniforms staring at him. "Are you the men who contacted me?" Bobby asked.

"Indeed we are. Please come with us." The two started to walk away. Bobby hurried to catch up.

As they walked along an alley, Bobby was deep in thought. "What do they want with me? And why do they want to kill the Professers?" His worry must have been all over his face because one of the men grabbed him and pinned Bobby up against a wall.

"I don't think he truly commited to the cause! I say we battle him to make sure!" the man shouted.

"Quiet you fool." The other man said calmly. "He would easily beat us. After all he is an Advanced Trainer." The man who had Bobby pinned let go, but not before he gave Bobby an evil glare.

After a while they entered a building with revolving doors. They went up an elevater to the 23d floor and went down a long hallway. Bobby went into the conference room and saw a girl with a Glameow and a tall young man. Not knowing if this was all a trap, Bobby took a seat and released Combusken just in case.

Bobby walked into Saffron, and saw the people rushing about. Among the hustle and bustle, he saw two men staring at him. Bobby walked up to them on his guard. "Are you the men who contacted me?" he asked.

"Yes. Come with us." On that note, the trio started walking into the city. While they were walking down an alley, Bobby was deep in thought. "What do these guys want with me? And why kill the Pokemon Professers?" His worry must have been all over his face because one of the men grabbed him and pinned Bobby to the wall.

"I don't think he's truly commited to our cause! I say we battle him just to make sure!" he roared.

"Shut up you fool," the other man said cooley. "You know he's an Advanced Trainer. We would be destroyed."

With an anger growl the man who had pinned Bobby let go. Smoothing out his appearence Bobby continued following them. However he released Combusken just in case.

Soon they entered a building with revolving doors. They entered an a elevator that took them to the 23rd floor. After walking down a long corridor, Bobby was shown into the conference room. Looking around, he saw a girl with a Glamemeow and a tallk young man. Taking a seat, Bobby left Combusken out in case this was all a trick.

June 20th, 2008, 10:12 AM

A grunt tripped out of an office door onto the ground, a very large book and stapler following him at an imense speed, as a terrified look crept across his face. He immediately began picking up the flung objects so as not to further his boss' rage.

"I'm s..s..sorry ma'am..I put them in th..the..con" his sentence was left unfinished as he was beamed over the head by globe.

"DID YOU JUST CALL ME MA'AM!? I AM ONLY TWENTY-FIVE YOU IMBECILE! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Another object was checked ferociously at the grunt as he ran away, tears beginning to stream down his face.

It was then that a young man, one who didn't look to be a grunt, walked into Ash's office. He had spiked up black hair and was wearing a modifyed Team Plasmas uniform and had a serious look on his face. He positioned himself on the wall near the door and just looked at his boss and waited for his objectives.

"Ah, Vincent, nice of you to show up. How are things going with the Proffessors and non advanced trainers?" Ash flipped her black hair of her shoulder and her grey eyes settled on her Co-Leader.

"Everything is going as planned. Teams A-D have been sent to chase down the Proffessors of the four regions and Teams E-H have been sent to track down and kill any trainer not considered of the advanced level."

"And why are you not accompanying one of these teams Gibbs?"

"I felt my needs would be better suited with the only surviving Advanced Trainers that have arrived. While you may be the boss of Team Plasmas, I am the most skilled pokemon trainer of the team. Wouldn't want them to set back our plans by taking out you, now would we?"

"Watch yourself Gibbs, just because your the most skilled pokemon trainer we have doesn't mean I can't have you removed from power and killed. Now follow me, we're going to the confrence room to confront the trainers. They have all arrived now." Ash got up from her desk and walked by Vincent and made her way down the hall.

"Don't worry, I watch myself with everything I do" muttered Gibbs to himself as he began after his leader.


Tricia had remained quiet the entire time, even with the appearance of three other people. Glameow had tensed slightly, but Tricia had helped her hide it so as to not cause any problems. The first person to arrive had been a tall young man, he had stayed as far away from her as possible. The second person was also a young man, but he was different than the other. He was apart of the organization, a giant P planted on his outfit. What could the P stand for, thought Tricia to herself. Some time later, another young guy joined the grew and had called out his Combuskin.

Just then, at the glass doors to the confrence room, a woman and an older gentleman appeared. The talked to the guard positioned at the door, the woman began yelling immediately at the guard before smacking him upside the head. The guard walked away, and the woman and guy entered the room. The guy positioned himself against the wall and the woman stared intently at everyone in the room.


These trainers don't look so advanced to me, thought Ash to herself.

"Welcome to our humble abode," said Ash to the three trainers, ignoring Steven, with a fake smile. "You must be Tricia Asterton. I've heard a lot about you and admire that a woman has made such a powerful name for herself. And you, over here, with the Combuskin. You must be Bobby Baker. And finally we have James Wilson. Thank you for joining us. My two associates here are Steven and Gibbs, my Co-Leaders. And I am Ash. That is all the info about us, personally, that you need to know. But lets get down to business."

"All of your pokemon are to be released for us to get a detailed record so as not to have any surprises later. Also, we'd like to know in case you tried to have a surprise attack behind mask. We'll start with you Ms. Asterton." Gibbs motioned to her with his hand.


Tricia had just sat and listened, then quietly did as she was told. She placed Glameow on the confrence table and then reached to her sides for her remaining pokeballs. She clicked all of the buttons, one by one, and her pokemon appeared after the flashes of white light. Her Rapidash, Trophius, Luxray, Lapras, Roserade and Glameow were now all out.

"I also have a Nidoqueen, Persian, Teddiursa and Dewgong."

She sat back down and just waited for what was next. Gibbs had begun to write the informaton down, Tricia hadn't expected this. Her secret attacks were definitely going to be set back.


"Alright," began Gibbs, "now its your turn Mr. Baker. Oh and for future reference, all pokemon you capture are to be called in to be recorded."

Ash just stood there smiling that fake smile, knowing deep down this was going to be good. Hopefully.

Stevey Poo
June 20th, 2008, 3:33 PM
There was a tense mood in the air. The advance trainers just sat there releasing their pokemon so that Mr. Gibbs could record all necessary information. Steven sat in the corner by himself away from the action keeping an eye out for any out of the ordinary movement.

"I don't trust these kids, there is something about them, that doesn't seem right to me." Steven said to himself.

"Steven!" Ash said abruptly.
"Yes?" Steven slowly answered, as if he didn't care.
"Get up here, we need to talk, now!" Ash said in a more stern voice then before.

Steven got up slowly, passing the advance trainers, he gave them a very distinct look, that they couldn't help but to shutter. Steven looked back at Ash, both staring at each other, but no words were passed.

"In the other room please." Ash said while moving across the room to the door.

Both scurried to the hallway, adjacent to the conference room. Now eye to eye, the mood still tense, Steven wondered why Ash wanted to talk to him, and in a separate room. There was a dim light which reflected off Ash's grimacing grey eyes, that frightened Steven deep down, but he couldn't show his weaker side, he must stand strong.

"What the hell are you doing, in there Steven. Do you not remember your job, and why you are here?" Ash yelled in a whisper voice.

"Something doesn't seem right with those advance trainers, Ash I can see something in their eyes, it's just not right." Steven replied.

"You do your job, and I will do mine, alright. Did you even do your job that I told you to do?" Ash questioned.

"Yes", pointing to the grunt who was holding all the pokeballs, containing the pokemon Steven stole.

The two eyed each other for at least 3 minutes, without saying a word. Ash and Steven returned to the conference room, where Mr. Gibbs turned around, and looked at the 2 in a worried manner.

Why does Mr. Gibbs have that expression on his face.

June 20th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Ash returned to the conference room with her partner, Steven, and gazed among the trainers sitting across. She didn't like to admit one of her grunts were right, but she had to look at these trainers anyway. And then she saw it.

These trainers did not have the look of evil in their eyes. These trainers had the look of intensity in them. These trainers were against

Heh heh, they're trying to make Team Plasma look like a group of suckers, Ash thought laughing.

"Steven, finish checking these trainers!" Ash barked.

"Yes, Miss!" shouted Steven.

She looked over at Gibbs who had the same scared expression on his face as Steven. "Gibbs, would you come back here with me?" Ash requested in a sweet, cold voice.

Gibbs slowly got out of his chair and walked to the door. He opened it and held it open so Ash could go through. As son as the door was shut, Gibbs began to talk.

"Young Miss, I think these trainers are on their side," Gibbs spilled immediatly. Sweat poured down his face as he spoke.

"Heh heh, you're catching on, aren't you Gibbs?" Ash said coldly. Gibbs swallowed, afraid of what his master might do.

"So I have a mission for you," said Ash. "Treat these trainers like they're Team Plasma. Give them a uniform and everything. Then watch everything they do. The more they think they have us fooled, the more we'll learn about these trainers."

Ash said this last sentence with a cold laugh. Gibbs bowed in respect and walked back into the conference room. She looked at the trainers sitting across and couldn't help but laugh. These trainers thought that they had Ash, the Team Plasma leader, fooled, but the truth was that they were the fools and they were soon going to figure that out.

Will Steven continue his role or want a different one?
How does Gibbs do his mission?

June 20th, 2008, 8:15 PM
(Ok guys. For future refrence, you CAN NOT control what the other character does. I only did so because Pika asked me to get the plot going again. From now on, only control your players actions.)

June 20th, 2008, 9:09 PM
James' eyes narrowed slightly as he was asked to show his Pokemon. To be honest, he would be glad to have Duke out; James was hopeless at reading other humans and so far the Pokemon he'd seen had weird and conflicting emotions leaving him deeply confused. James was a gifted Pokemon trainer, but a total failure at basic human interaction; something Team Plasmas had definitely taken advantage of.

With an almost casual flick, James released his Pokemon; thankful that the conference room was huge with twenty foot ceilings. The space filled as the three large Pokemon Squeezed together almost comically, a Gyarados almost wrapped around a Tyranitar and Charizard. Lucky Duke, Guest, and Jinx were small enough to perch, or float, on the desk in front of James. As his Pokemon emerged he sensed a large amount of tension as they scanned the room. The normally Docile and friendly Lily was acting... well almost like a normal Gyarados. That alone set off massive alarm bells in James' head, Lily never acted like that. Almost as worrying, Geist was acting unusually serious. The Rotom's perpetual smile had slipped ad he looked almost lost. James trusted their judgment here, far more than he did his own and broadcast a quick thought to Duke.

'What's going on here?'

'Its a... test,' came the strained reply as the Espeon attempted to dig through the other trainer's memories, '... Team Plasmas is evil... Do not do anything yet, these other Advanced trainers are planning a coup from the inside to take down the organization... play along for now.' Jinx cawwed at the Espeon in Honchkrow, clearly annoyed at the plan of action. Duke merely starred back, unconsciously levitating a pen and a few loose papers. The two stopped as Coal growled out a warning, they both immediately backed off and Coal nodded towards Duke who began preening.

Belatedly, James realized he'd been staring at his Pokemon and ignoring the person asking for his information.

"Sorry," He said, "My... Honchkrow and Espeon don't get along too well." Which was a blatant lie, but he needed a reason for why he'd been staring at them, "I didn't want an incident to occur." It seemed to pass without comment and James watched as the Grunt finished the form and asked him the questions he'd asked the others.

"These are my Pokemon, A Charizard, Gyarados, Espeon, Honchkrow, Rotom, and Tyranitaur. I have no other Pokemon, and doubt I ever will." With this James waited for further instructions along with the rest of the Advanced Trainers. Rex placed a protective claw on his shoulder as James backed up against her, She wasn't the baby Larviatr he'd rescued four years ago anymore and he smiled at the thought, desperatly keeping his mind off of what would happen next.

June 21st, 2008, 1:38 AM
Technically classifies as an "Average" trainer due to the Pokemon he carries, however he himself would be classified as an Advanced with his old team.

Name: Hiram Terran Rhymes

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Physical Description: Hiram's habit of keeping constantly on the move has given him little time to pay attention to details such as his hair. As such, his medium length dirty blonde hair stays ruffled most of the time. However, he does make sure to keep clean, so thats no worry. His bright, emerald green eyes show the strength of a truly dedicated trainer, and seem to shine whenever he gives off his usual cocky smirk.

He wears a very simple bright blue T-shirt, which are adorned with all of his badges from past gym battles. For the most part, though, it cant be seen. Over this, he wears a white Lionheart jacket, that is, a leather jacket lined with fur at the top to give the appearance of a lion's mane.

For the lower half of his body, he wears a simple pair of white jeans and a brown leather belt to which his Pokeballs are fastened to. His blue velcro-strapped sneakers barely fit on his feet, however he has no difficulty running in them.

Personality: Hiram Rhymes is a guy who cant keep his nose out of other people's business. Often feeling like he holds on his shoulders the fate of the world, he throws himself into dangerous situations to protect people he often doesn't even know. He connects well with his Pokemon, most of the time knowing exactly what goes through their heads. Being a part of the Elite Trainer society, hes often very cocky about his skills. However, he never denies the possible strength of his opponents. A normally very jolly and passionate trainer, Hiram is a guy who you could trust with your very life.

Region From: Ecruteak, Johto

Region Currently In: Kanto. Having difficulty getting about with a lower-level team of Pokemon.

History: Hiram hails from Ecruteak City in Johto, where he began his adventure at the age of 10 with a Rhyhorn his father had recently captured in the Safari Zone. While Hiram never had been interested in the Pokemon League challenge, he did at first immediately go for the gym leader Morty, and was struck down rather quickly. Such a common beginning gave most of the towns folk the impression that there was nothing spectacular about this kid. Hiram strived to be different, and kept himself busy battling other trainers, catching new Pokemon, and simply enjoying seeing the world.

Over the years, he had established a powerhouse team: A Rhyperior, a Gallade, an Absol, a Charizard, a Gyrados, and a Manectric. He stomped down trainers that challenged him left and right, and played the vigilante often when he spotted criminals. It was due to his desire to help in situations that had nothing to do with him that he lost his best of friends.

During a stroll through Fuschia, he happened to run across a strange Pokemon at a pond side. This Pokemon looked to be some sort of mix of many other Pokemon; a product of gene splicing. This aside, it also looked to be incredibly ill, so he quickly captured it and took it to a nearby Pokemon Center. The center called some Silph scientists to investigate. Feeling the need to stay close by, he stepped out and walked around the block.

He discovered some bratty kids kicking a Magikarp around, and gave them a long lecture on the worth of every Pokemon, weak or strong. Sending them away, he simply tossed a ball at the Magikarp, catching it with ease, then headed back to the Pokemon center. Hey, cant leave the poor thing sitting there.

Upon his return, he realized that the Silph scientists had arrived. He quickly rushed into the room where they were, only to have the door slam shut and lock behind him. Sleep gas was released, and everything faded for him. Awakening within what appeared to be a prison cell, he realized his Pokemon were gone, and he had no clue where he was. After several hours, he found a weak bar, kicked his way through the cell, and made a run for it.

Dodging security, he made his way from room to room, making it into a computer room. Although he was looking for his Pokemon, some info would've been great. Looking through a few files, he learned he was in a cloning facility for an organization known as ZEUS, and that the creature he had brought in was a failed attempt at splicing together an Abra and a Machop. After reading up all he could without a password, he continued sneaking about, running across five Pokemon eggs in cases, and of course, snatching them. He wasnt about to let them become part of some freaky cloning experiment.

Finally coming across his Rhyperior, Kinion, he continued scouring the facility for the rest of his Pokemon. It wasnt long before he was located, and one of the admins, a cliche hooded and cloaked figure, came to meet him. Introducing himself by the name Epiphany, the admin challenged him to a battle and stomped him with an unknown cloned Pokemon. Hiram made a run for it, but was surrounded, and Kinion was stolen from him. He was then drugged, and thrown back out onto the streets of Fuschia, spared because he "put up a good fight."

His beloved Pokemon stolen from him, he's vowed to find Epiphany and eliminate ZEUS. Aiding him are his new team; the five Pokemon he rescued from the facility and the Magikarp he saved that day.

Main Pokemon:

Name/Nickname: Leviathan
Species: Magikarp
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Leviathan is not one to be taken lightly. He is by all physical standards a normal Magikarp, however dont let that fool you. He's been passed on from young trainer to young trainer, and every time hes been abused and thrown away for being useless. It wasnt until he was found by Hiram that Leviathan truly got a name and purpose. Wishing to prove himself worthy of the trainer who was so kind to him, Leviathan gives a hell of a fight for a Magikarp. He never gives up in battle; where most Magikarps would flop about and panic, he pushes himself beyond his limits and often throws himself at the enemy. While clearly not the strongest of Hiram's Pokemon, he has the biggest will to win.

"Well I suppose I cant just keep calling you Magikarp can I? Hm... I got it. The mighty lord of the sea, Leviathan. It fits!"

Name/Nickname: Seiryu
Species: Dratini
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Seiryu, like all of Hiram's Pokemon, looks like a normal Dratini. And for the most part is. Seiryu doesnt like to fight, and is a very peaceful and shy Pokemon. She has a preference for eating and drinking bitter things, such as green tea; a trait she shares with her trainer. She seems to admire the determination of her trainer and of her comrades... she just cant seem to find the spirit in her to stand against such frightening enemies. Only when one of her friends are harmed will she fight.

"Aw.. such gentle, glimmering eyes... I'll call you Seiryu, the Azure Dragon."

Name/Nickname: Zirnitra
Species: Swablu
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Zirnitra, like the rest of Hiram's Pokemon, has the appearence of a normal Swablu. Zirnitra is a bit of a loner, he prefers to stay away from the other Pokemon when he gets the chance. He's very lazy, often sleeping on Hiram's head when left outside of his Pokeball. However, when hes pit against an enemy, he doesnt hold back. He. Will. Peck. Your. Frickin. Eyes. Out. He really does love the rest of Hiram's team, he just cant stand to be around them.

"Heh. Dont you ever get lonely up there? Acting all high and mighty... I'll name you Zirnitra, after the dragon god of sorcery."

Name/Nickname: Fafnir
Species: Gible
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Fafnir, like the rest of Hiram's Pokemon, has the appearence of a normal Gible. He's a very sneaky, bratty Pokemon who loves stealing trinkets and food from other people. While often punished, he never seems to break out of this habit. In battle, Fafnir dances about cockily, brushing off even some of the most painful hits hes taken almost like nothing. One wouldent be able to tell if Fafnir's almost down until he drops.

"Ugh, greedy little thing arent ya? Ive got the perfect name for you. Fafnir, the dragon of greed."

Name/Nickname: Zilant
Species: Bagon
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Zilant, like the rest of Hiram's Pokemon, has the appearance of a normal Bagon. She has a tiny bit of an anger issue, and half the time attacks before Hiram even gives her a command. If there was ever a Pokemon to rival Leviathan's will, it'd be Zilant. She refuses to accept defeat in any battle, and very often has to be forced back by Hiram to avoid getting herself killed. This persevering heart comes from every Bagon's deep-imprinted desire to fly; she feels the stronger she becomes, the closer she'll get to that goal.

"I can see you soaring the skies someday. Zilant, the winged beast, you will fly higher than any."

Name/Nickname: Pyrausta
Species: Trapinch
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Pyrausta, like the rest of Hiram's Pokemon, has the appearence of a normal Trapinch. She is a relatively calm Pokemon, and loves to take her time in whatever she does. Except eating. She will clear a city of its food within minutes if allowed. In battle, she often thinks as much as Hiram himself, and comes up with her own plans. This includes the digging of numerous traps often.

"And then theres you. Huh. Trapinches always have baffled me.. I suppose this wouldent be fitting now, but eventually. Pyrausta sounds good."

Extra Pokemon: None

June 21st, 2008, 7:19 AM
Accepted. But the next time someone posts an application here, I'm reporting their post and they are denied. I don't care how good the application is.

Cyan Goggles
June 21st, 2008, 6:40 PM
After making their way to the top of Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower, and back down, Cyan and Chase exited the tower. The Ninetales looked exhausted, most likely from fighting their way to the top, and he looked busy. Busy talking to his trainer.

"Look, all I'm saying is, I could be a great parent."

Somehow, their conversation had gone from the lack of people out, to children, to the orphanage days, back to children, and then to parent-hood. Cyan didn't really mind, it kept him Chase distracted.

"Chase, you would be a good father, you would, if it wasn't for that nasty little habit of not having any patients."

"I have the patients," He paused, squinting as they stepped into the sunlight, " I just choose not to use them."

Cyan stifled a laugh at her friend. "I'm sure you do."

Her direction changed to cross the town again, back the way the pair originally came. After they got some supplies from the Mart in Saffron, and took a little... detour, they'd go see professor Oak in Pallet. Plan, set, match. Well, as long as Chase wasn't going to try and stop her from taking up these adventures, at least.

When she stopped to think about it... where were all the people? There should have been a guy here, or a trainer there. It was so... deserted.



"Something's up."

June 21st, 2008, 8:08 PM
The young troubleseeker Hiram had found himself sitting on a boat on its way from Cinnibar Island to Pallet Town. He sat quietly on the deck, staring out into the sea ahead of him. "So, its already been five years since ive seen Oak." he closed his eyes, and brought up old memories.


"Are you kidding me?!" a younger Hiram shouted at the world renown Professor Samuel Oak. "This is serious, these Tangela are out of control! People are trapped in their houses, the vines arent even allowing any ventilation! These people could suffocate! And you're not gonna help!?"

"Look, kid, im not what I used to be. I cant just go running into dangerous situations like that. If those Pokemon are as angry as you say, they'll snap an old man like me in two on sight." Oak spat back. "If you really want to help them, take this Pokemon and get out of here!" Hiram was tossed a pokeball containing a Charmander. "Well, what are you waiting for? Those people in Viridian need your help. Get going!" Oak gave him a trusting nod, and Hiram grinned back "Thanks, Prof. You're not so bad!" and he was out of there.


"Selfish old fart." he mused, sitting back. "How great it'll be to see him again... I just dont know how im gonna explain what happened to Suoh." Hiram tossed the Pokeball containing Leviathan up and down "Ah well. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

June 22nd, 2008, 9:43 AM
Gibbs went crazy and unleashed his dog pokemon and they began ripping everyone, including Ash and Steven, to bits as blood spattered the walls and windows of the confrence room. A crazed look in his eyes, Gibbs sent his pokemon around the world and eventually took it over. Now he lives a life of feeding pokemon to his dogs and watching cheap Hentai on Sundays.

Gibbs had finished documenting James' pokemon and had since then moved onto Bobby's. Bobby's pokemon consisted of a Feraligatr, a Flygon, a Roserade, a Snorlax, a Combusken and a Lucario. Jotting down that only Tricia owned other pokemon, Gibbs placed all the paperwork in a folder and handed it to a grunt who had just walked in. Gibbs then glanced around the room, then to Ash, and finally back to the advanced trainers and continued his stern look.

"Alright. Now we'll be seperating each of you to work with a different person. I'll be working with Ms. Asterton, Ash will be working with Mr. Wilson and Steven over there will be handling Mr. Baker. You will each be assigned a Team Plasma's uniform, which you can modify to fit your personal style, and after that you'll be having a one on one battle with your 'partner.' We just want to make sure you are as advanced as you say, and not some average or beginning trainers trying to make a name for yourself. So Ms. Asterton, if you'd please follow me." Gibbs then walked out of the confrence room and took a left to head to the outfit room.


"So Ms. Asterton, if you'd please follow me," said the man named Gibbs as he made his way from the room.

Tricia recalled all of her pokemon, including Glameow, and walked past Steven and Ash, leaving the other two trainers to deal with their future 'partners,' as Gibbs had said.

Maybe i'll be able to convince Gibbs that I am truly interested in working for Team Plasmas. Or maybe I should just work from them anyway, they are in fact going to kill the Professors and start their own training sessions of future trainers. The easiest decision would be to just truly join Team Plasmas, and accept the new lifestyle. God, I don't know what I'm going to do!

Tricia watched as Gibbs took multiple lefts and rights, finally ending at a room filled with tailors and materials to make custom, and basic, Team Plasmas uniforms.

"What kind of outfit would you like?" A tailor, who Tricia hadn't noticed, asked walking up to her.

"Umm..I'll take a bandana, an undershirt, a jacket with no sleeves, capri's and boots. Could you have the undershirt and jacket cut off just above my naval?"

"Yes this is fine. Follow me."

Tricia followed the tailor into the back, Gibbs just resting against the wall with his eyes closed.