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June 21st, 2008, 3:22 PM
this is my game, pokemon titan, well, the plot.

you start out in the imai region.
it was going well until giratina and darkarai were captured by giovanni! there are many places in the imai region that are mystified.

luckily, giovanni's son and daughter have captured shaymin, the twins are very good. they dislike team rocket. you can find an island once you know surf.

chapter 1:
you're dad wakes you up, he tells you about visiting professor rosenberry. you go to professor rosenberry's lab and choose pipvi, chica, or bunny Jr. as your starter. you head to route 101,and find a boy lost, you help him to rosenberry town. he thanks and introduces himself, alex rosenberry. your reward, alex travels with you for the rest of your journey. at route 102, you find a girl trying to ask your cousin out! her name is rachel. alex fights with rachel to see if rachel is luke's girlfriend. alex is the winner!!!! you and alex becomes rachel's rival. luke thanks you so much he gives you a SHINY POKEMON OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

find the rest of the story out in the game!!!


1: greta and archie
2: annabelle and tucker
3: roark and maxie
4: sammy and sam (the twins. never uses shaymin)
5: ????????????????????????????????????????
others are to be found out later!!!!

job openings:
pixel guys: 3
map makers: 2
title screen makers: 2
mystery! (best job ever!) : 1 PERSON!!!!!! must pm!!!!!!!
reward: being to put in their own pokemon!!!!!!!

have other ideas for jobs? post them asap!
please help!!!!!!!!

also! first to pm me gets the gold! ( for mystery job only!)

June 22nd, 2008, 10:18 AM
makiko, you know you didn't have to post my game on here for me!!!! ok guys, this is my game! not makiko's!!!!!! she is a supporter!