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July 3rd, 2008, 9:17 AM
Long long ago, Arceus created the fabric of everything. Dialga and Palkia shaped time and space, and living beings were brought forth by Arceus. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie embodied the qualities of the mind. Rayquaza created the vast sky blue, Kyogre flooded the ball of rock with water, creating oceans, rivers, and lakes. Groudon shaped land, with cliffs, mountains, and islands. This world was the world of Pokemon, where people lived alongside with strange and mysterious animals called Pokemon. Four regions have been inhabited by humans, but across the planet was the Sorano region. The Sorano region was untouched by Humanity. There, Pokemon lived in harmony, until one day, something broke through the peace.

Throughout the Sorano region there were different areas.

There was Duskwood, where the place was in an eternal state of night with moonlight glistening through the dark forest. In caves and trees lived the Dark and Ghost pokemon of Duskwood, not harming anyone or busting into other's business.

West of Duskwood was Mt. Steelborn, a single huge mountain reaching forth into the sky. There were many caves in Mt. Steelborne. There, many Steel and Rock Pokemon lived in peace, and mostly keeping to themselves.

Just west of Mt. Steelborn was the Shirobi Desert, a harsh place with sandstorms and dunes. In the Shirobie desert ground Pokemon made their homes, burrowing under the sand to be cool during the day and sleep, and coming out at night for activity. Creatures such as Cacnea were also found in the Shirobi Desert.

South of the huge Shirobi Desert was the Farlona Forest. In the Farlona forest many Bug Pokemon lived in the trees in harmony with the Grass Pokemon on the ground, with an occasional Sudowoodo and Bonsly in the forest. Poison Pokemon also subsided in the area along with many Flying Pokemon finding safety in their nests. The mighty Farlona River flowed through it as well as into the Plain of Agora. Hundreds of berries grew all over. The Farlona Forest was a haven of harmony in the Sorano Region.

South of The Farlona Forest was the small Plain of Agora. Agora consisted of some Bug, Grass, Poison, and Flying Pokemon not quite suited to the Forest life, but some Ground Pokemon and Fire Pokemon found it to be an Ideal spot to live as well.

East of the Plain of Agora was a strange basin with odd little huts known as Psyora. Psyora was once a meteor crater, and Solrock and Lunatone had been seen there. Later, other Psychic Pokemon decided to move into Psyora and Psyora became a more civilized place with the greatest minds of all the land.

East of Psyora was Thundik, a place where a plane crashed one day from a storm. There the Electric Pokemon took there place, with some trees and plain, and they named the crashed plane to be the center of their place. There in Thundik was a great trade center for goods. If a trader from Mt. Steelborn wanted to get some berries from Flarona Forest, they would go to Thundik's center of trade to exchange shiny minerals for delicious Berries.

North of Thundik was the vast Ogara Swamp, where Water and Poison Pokemon made their homes. In the Ogara Swamp was much muck, but the hardy Pokemon there minded it and some Grass Pokemon more suited for the swampy and humid area lived there too. Ogara Swamp, however, was mostly ignored by other regions because it possesed nothing remarkable other than lots of mud, but the residents did not care. Some Ghost and Dark Pokemon also took up residence.

All around the massive Island and in its ponds and rivers Water Pokemon lived, but there was the mysterious Coldona Island to the east of the mainland. Coldona consisted entirely of Ice or Semi-Ice type Pokemon because only they could take the horribly cold temperature of Coldona.

In the center (You may have nticed that I have mad a circle) is the mighty Flafu Volcano, with ashes in the grass and small caves. Almost all the Fire Pokemon in the region live near the Volcano, but the intense heat will drive away other pokemon except for the Steel and Rock types. The Flafu Volcano had precious minerals like Mt. Steelborn and it seemed to be inactive...

Though the area was a happy and natural place, a calamity occured. The mighty Flafu Volcano, long thought to be inactive, erupted, and the peace of the area vanished. Plains and forests burned and lakes boiled, ash was spewed everywhere, and there was nothhing they could do about it. A good handful of Pokemon survived in each of the areas in the Sorano region, and times were tough. However, the devastation from the eruption brought out hostilities between each of the areas, and some of them became warzones. The only place spared from the horror was Coldona Island. Some peaceful Pokemon longed for Coldona's peace, even though it was cold.

But now each region (Except Coldona) Has its own diplomatic state.
here is a chart.
X=War O=Peace

You play as a Pokemon in one of the regions, yes, Coldona is allowed, but all are at peace with Coldona. You can play as a Warrior, a Pokemon fighting valiantly for its place among Sorano, a Loner, someone who cared nothing about the war and wishes to live a decent life where it is now, a Peacemaker, a Pokemon who travels to other regions, trying to make Peace, a Mercenary, a hired warrior far any region, a spy, one working for a region secretly in another, or a Hermit, a Pokemon who simply lives alone or with other Hermits who protects its own territory.

When becoming a Pokemon, I would like to see you make a description.

Here are three Examples.

Name: Rago
Species: Lairon
Gender: Male
Region: Mt. Steelbloom
Occupation: Warrior
Appearance: Black lairon with Gold back and Blue dots, eyes are red and tail is spiked
Personality: Rago is fiercly loyal and protective of his friends.
Description: Rago is very proud of his country and serves it by fighting in The Mount Steelbloom 4th Regiment, tunneling under Thundik and and popping out of the ground in the middle of a community with a few others and claiming it for Mount Steelbloom. Resistance will be met with forciful capture.
History: Rago grew up with his parents and his sister Mongo in Mount Steelbloom's inner caverns. When Flafu Volcano erupted, some of the caverns were flooded with lava. He and his family escapet outside to see much of the island charred. He journeyed on the mountain and saw some Onixes talking to each other. He talked to them and asked them what was going on and they said that war had broken out. Rago wished to protect Mount Steelbloom so he joined the 4th Regiment.
Other: Rago especially likes to eat Aspear berries because they make him feel tough.

Name: Asil
Species: Haunter
Gender: Female
Region: Duskwood
Occupation: Spy
Appearacne: She looks like a Haunter but instead of red lining she has green lining.
Personality: Asil is cold and frightening, but warm and sweet to her friends.
Description: Asil and a few of her friends are working under cover in Ogawa Swamp. They work as loners, going to centers to purchase things and listening in to the things going on and the plans floating by. Every once in a while leaves to report back to Duskwood.
History: When she was just a Ghastly, the disaster came and Duskwood's trees were burning. Though friendly Water Pokemon put out much of it from the ponds, much of Duskwood was burn down. She decided to serve her country by signing up to be a spy, and was sent to Ogawa Swamp.
Other: Asil enjoys the company of Duskulls and their evolutions. She likes most all berries, but like Rabuta and Pamtre berries the best.

Name: Jack
Species: Tangrowth
Gender: Male
Region: Plain of Agora
Occupation: Loner
Appearance: Jack looks like a normal Tangrowth exept he has a more bluish tint and his finger colors are yellow instead of red.
Personality: Jack is very independent and rather apathetic, but his friends see a funny, caring, and overall friendly Tangrowth.
Description: He tends the charred areas of the landscape, hoping to restore the plantlife to its former glory. He has grown many plants and berries back, and will continue to do so.
History: The Volcano erupted when he was just a Tangela, and soon after he evolved into Tangrowth. He didn't care much about the war, just his few friends and the area he lived in. He then became a respected plant specialist
Other: Jack cares very much for Rabuta Berries, as he enjoys the Sour and Bitter taste.

I hope you understand everything about that.

July 4th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Name: Perfection
Species: Richu
Gender: Female
Region: Thundik
Occupation: Peacemaker
Appearance: A tall Richu that has a black thunderbolt on the tip of its tail and her ears are all black.
Description:Is more of a thinker and doesn't like to fight and will do whatever is necessary to prevent a fight. But if things get to out of hand She will join a fight.
History: The Volcano erupted when Perfection was a pikachu and tried her hardest to help as many electric pokemon out of the area but in all of the commotion Perfection lost her sister a pichu named Masie in the crowd. Now she is dead set on ending the problems so she can find her sister.

July 5th, 2008, 12:47 AM
Name: Snake
Species: Lucario
Gender: Female
Region: Mount Steelborne
Occupation: Peacemaker
Appearance: Snake is generally not too radically different from the next Lucario. A sonic blue coat covers most of her body, and a strong, stark jet black adorns her forepaws and legs, while banana-yellow pelts her chest. The large steel spike-shaped growths on her paws and chest have been narrowed to small, cone-shaped blades of sorts, serrated carefully through years of practiced craftsmanship on her own part, and her eyes are of the deepest striking green.
Personality: Snake is independant and strong in a fight; but unfortunately, she's gentle at heart, which leads to her surrender most of the time in the heat of a fight that has personal effect. She is unbroken by war and deceit, but buckles at personal conflict.
Description: Snake lives solitarily in the heights of Mount Steelborne, and it is said that she has a child, somewhere; whether or not this is true, she chooses to separate herself from family for fear of losing them in battle. Very little is known about her sedentary lifestyle outside of the obvious.
History: As a Riolu, Snake travelled with a trainer named Arlene in a land far away, before turning renegade after seeing her die by a gunshot wound to the heart. She fled to the Sorano region not long after evolving to a Lucario, leaving behind a lover by the name of Defender.
Other: Snake is a strange fighter; she at times uses a combat knife, presumably gotten from her former trainer, but for the most part relies on hand-to-hand and assaulting the senses of her opponent. She is careful, calm, guided, and has even gone far enough to create her own fighting style, which is based heavily in the eastern martial arts. She calls it "Close Combat".

July 5th, 2008, 7:23 AM
Name: Selvam
Species: Salamence
Gender: Male
Region: Farlona Forest
Occupation: Mercanary
Appearance: Instead of the typical Salamence appearance, Selvam has an orange body with green wings.
Personality: Selvam only lives to better himself and has no problem back stabbing or betraying others to get there. His temporary loyalty can however be bought by the highest bidder.
Description: Selvam is very stealthy when it comes to his work, and he puts 100% effort into each mission he is given. The only thing one has to do to guarantee that would be to remain the highest bidder.
History: Ever since he was a Bagon, Selvam has been on his own never knowing what happened to his family, if he had ever had one. Once he finally evolved into a Salamence, Selvam became a mercanary and took on whatever missions paid the best.
Other: N/A

July 5th, 2008, 7:41 AM
Name: Aoi
Species: Ambipom
Gender: Female
Region:Mount Stellborne
Occupation: Peacemaker
Appearance: AOi looks like a pretty normal Ambipom. But intead of the long bands on her head the female Ambipom are known for, she had long purple hair going down to the back of her neck. The bangs in front have changed to blonde.
Personality: Loves politics, but hate war and fighting. Will fight when she has to. But overall wants people to make peace. She loves her long hair and takes care of it all the time.
Description: Travels with other peacemakers in hopes up making the nations come together as one. Loves her fellow Ambipom and Aipom. She is young back actually has a son of her own. She wants him to be in a safe landwhich is why she became a peacemaker. He is only a few moths old.
History: lived in the safety and peacefulness of the forest with other pokemon for most of her life. When she turned 17 she had a baby it was a boy. She went off to be a peacemaker to make sure he will be living in the best possibly way.
Other: Loves the color purple and is in love wiht her long blonde and purple hair,

July 5th, 2008, 12:23 PM
Name: Glacier
Species: Glaceon
Gender: Male
Region: Coldona/ None
Occupation: Peacekeeper
Appearance: Normal Glaceon with a Charm. the charm has a pink flower inscribed on it.
Personality: Glacier is a pacifist, but will fight when the time is right. he is noble,but can be a bit arrogant.
Description: Glacier is a Shaymin Saveri, part of an orginizatiion led by shaymin. they wear a Charm to ignify the Position. he is to help pokemon in need and to try and keep peace.
History: Glacier was born in Coldona and evolved there too. one day shaymn came to his town and chose him as the representitive. he took an oath and trained in shaymin's sanctuary on an island. he became friends with a female leafeon named Naturi. When the volcano erupted, Naturi and Glaceon were assinged on a peace keeping mission togeter. now they are traveling around trying to resolve everything.
Other: Naturi's story is pretty much the same, exept with a few changes i bet you can guess.

I used Excel to make the chart easier to read. I added Coldona for no real reason

July 6th, 2008, 6:24 AM
All: You have been accepted. Welcome to the Sorano Region!

July 6th, 2008, 10:53 AM
Sweet..we going to start? Or we going to wait for some more people?

July 6th, 2008, 11:03 AM
I don't know... Waiting is a good idea, but I, like many, am impatient. Let me put down mine...

Name: Zenon
Species: Growlithe
Region: Flafu
Occupation: Loner
Appearance: Growlithe with Black with blue stripe, red tufts
Personality: Zenon is aggressive, intelligent, and distrustful.
Description: Zenon wanders around the Flafu Volcano, trying to find the cause of the Eruption.
History: Zenon lived near the Flafu Volcano and when it erupted, he became determined to find out what sort of thing caused the eruption, since the Volcano seemed to be inactive when it erupted.

July 6th, 2008, 3:27 PM
so are we going to start? If we are who is going to start?

Lightning Sage™
July 10th, 2008, 7:40 PM
Name: Crusher Species: Ageron Gender: Male
Region: Mt. Steelbloom
Occupation: Warrior
Appearance: Gold ageron with silver back and eyes are green and tail is spiked
Personality: crusher will do anything when it comes eating.
Description: crusher obeys his leader whitout a dout, if anything gets in the way of commpleting a mission(or eating) he'll do every thing in his power to get rid of the proplem. History: crusher grew up with no parents so to live was a struggle. He had to fight for food making him rugged and powerful. Other: In crushers free time he breaks boulders to train.

The Bringer!
July 11th, 2008, 1:41 AM
Name: Bones
Species: Cubone
Gender: Male
Region: Agora
Occupation: Peacemaker
Appearacne: Bones is much like a normal cubone, except that his skull helmet has a gray tint to it making it appear darker than other cubone's helmets.
Personality: Bones is very quiet and timid. He wants the land to return to it's previous peacefull state and does what he can.
Description: Bones has left the plains where he lived and is at the time in Farlona Forest. He travels alone, but does not care either way.
History: Bones has had a normal and peaceful life up until the eruption of the volcano. He now wonders the land to spread peace, all his relatives have passed away.

I might not be able to post really frequently, but if I'm excepted I'll try to stay active.

July 12th, 2008, 4:11 PM
anyone know who is going to start

July 12th, 2008, 4:19 PM
Name: Blaze
Species: Charizard
Region: none
Occupation: mercenary
Appearance: A charizard with golden armor
Personality: rash
Description: Blaze is a highly trained mercenary thatwill hunt his target down until they are too tired to run.
History: Blaze isthe son of two charizard mercenaries. Blaze started basic mercenary training as a charmander but moved on to advanced mercenary training when he became a charmeleon. When he became a charizard he graduated to become a full fledged mercenary.

July 12th, 2008, 7:46 PM
hey, can I be the giratina from the races? I won't be overpowered

July 13th, 2008, 6:01 PM

EDIT: Nevermind it turns out I don't need to leave.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
July 18th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Name: Shadow
Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
Region: Flafu Volcano
Occupation: Warrior
Nature: Brave
History: Shadow And Darkness Were Born In Flafu Volcano Together And Havent Been Apart Scince They Met. Darkness And Shadow Had Lost Theyre Memory Fully Except That They Were Dunked Into A Volcano By A Mystic Force,Causing They're Colors To Alter.

Name: Darkness
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Region: Flafu Volcano
Occupation: Warrior
Nature: Brave
History: Shadow And Darkness Were Born In Flafu Volcano Together And Havent Been Apart Scince They Met. Darkness And Shadow Had Lost Theyre Memory Fully Except That They Were Dunked Into A Volcano By A Mystic Force,Causing They're Colors To Alter.

Heres The Appearence For Both:

(Sorry For The Bad Quality,MyBannerMaker Hates Me... Lol.)

July 21st, 2008, 7:50 PM
Name: Dusty
Species: Vibrava
Gender: Male
Region: Shirobi Desert
Occupation: Warrior
Appearance: Dusty's main difference is that his wings are a dark red. His body is tan with his legs fading to a light red. His eyes shine gold in the sunlight, which is plenty in the desert he resided in.
Personality: Dusty is tough to get along with since he is very shy. You earn his trust through toughness or battle skills.
Description: He fights with a passion and can't get enough thrill from battle. He is very strong and is very strategic. His one flaw is that he prefers to fight alone or in small groups due to his shy and lonely nature.
History: The historic eruption happened days after he evolved from Trapinch. The timing couldn't have come at a better time, since his thrill for battle was at its highest peak. With the winds of war upon the Shirobi Desert, he is more than ready for his first taste of action.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
July 21st, 2008, 8:03 PM
Name: Shadow
Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
Region: Flafu Volcano
Occupation: Warrior
Nature: Brave
History: Shadow And Darkness Were Born In Flafu Volcano Together And Havent Been Apart Scince They Met. Darkness And Shadow Had Lost Theyre Memory Fully Except That They Were Dunked Into A Volcano By A Mystic Force,Causing They're Colors To Alter.

Name: Darkness
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Region: Flafu Volcano
Occupation: Warrior
Nature: Brave
History: Shadow And Darkness Were Born In Flafu Volcano Together And Havent Been Apart Scince They Met. Darkness And Shadow Had Lost Theyre Memory Fully Except That They Were Dunked Into A Volcano By A Mystic Force,Causing They're Colors To Alter.

Heres The Appearence For Both:

(Sorry For The Bad Quality,MyBannerMaker Hates Me... Lol.)

Edited Fully. They Both Have The Same History Though.

July 22nd, 2008, 9:21 AM
My first RP here, not to worry, I've RP'd before. Sounds like a lot of fun, but Farlona Forest is allied with almost everyone, who is my character supposed to fight? Are there any insurgent groups who just want to go to war with everyone, or one island that is at war with everyone to combat Coldona?

You must be lonely, no one posts anything but their sign up sheets :]

Name; Moon
Species; Bulbasaur
Gender; Male
Region; Farlona Forest
Occupation; Warrior. (Defends more than attacks)
Appearance; Your average Bulbasaur, although he is a little small. He go his name from the crescent shaped spot on his forehead, as well as the odd curve of his bulb. Towards the top of the bulb it curves forward, it's not anywhere near horizontal, but it's still a noticeable curve. He likes to place flowers behind his right ear, usually picking flowers that are either blue or white.
Personality; He is a bit paranoid, and prefers to travel in groups, although going alone is fine. He is more interested in defending the Forest than attacking other groups, but he doesn't really mind. Although he is a Warrior, he is happy that the Forest is at peace with the Shirobi Desert and Agora Plains, just because that the constant attacks stop, and so that Farlona Forest and it's allies can slowly fight or ally their ways to victory. The only region he is truly antagonistic to is Coldona Island, which he feels is far too separate, as well as chilly. What he doesn't understand is that if they are at war, who are they at war with, it seems so few people choose to war with them. Because of this, he thinks they should support the other regions more than go to war with their few enemies.
Description; As said before, he prefers to work in groups, and usually helps out with the 52nd FF Defense Force Regiment. When he's not helping to defend, he's building his new treetop home in anticipation of warfare in the heart of the Forest, should it fall. He makes trips to collect twigs and leaves, usually checking in on any families near where he makes his rounds.
History; He was always a defender, defending his friends from bullies and the like, when the mountain erupted and most of his past was eradicated, he joined the army, and when he started building his house he tried to bond with the surrounding families, succeeding most of the time, and so he became emotionally reattached to where he lived and who he lived near.
Other; Defends the western flank from anyone trying to get over the mountain to attack the forest. Also helps out on the southern border when the Western border goes stable.

July 30th, 2008, 9:39 AM




Occupation:Trader(trades goods at the trade center)

Appearence:Looks like all pikachus except he wears a blue bandana

Personality:He is a little short tempered when ever he makes a trade offer it either stays the same or goes up it never goes down except whenever he is in a real happy mood. On the days when he doesnt go to the trading center he likes to hang out in the plains and chill.

Description:Trades whenever he feels like it.

History:Sparky has been through tough times. He has had supposed friends betray him. One time one of his "friends" got him into a boxing fight against a machamp. And someone else got him into a swiming match against a marill. But he only has 1 true friend that is there through thick and thin with him and that friend is Electrike.

Other:Does some spy work for thundik.(half time trader and then half time spy)

the last thing is other: does some spy work for thundik and the pokemon is pikachu

July 30th, 2008, 11:39 AM
Name: Ceon

Species: Beedrill

Gender: Male

Region: Farlona

Occupation: Spy

Appearance: Ceon has a black stipe that goes down his forhead and tapers off to a point. His eyes are blue and his wings have a bluish tint to them

Personality: Ceon is very friendly and can talk to almost anybody. He loves to converse, and he can be very good at verbal manipulation (hence his occupation).
When agictated, Ceon isnt a very pleasant person to be around. He has a temper like a Warrior, and knows how to wield his drill-like arms. He is usually very open and pretty intelligent.

Description: Ceon has really no home. He wanders about, listening in on the latest war stories and occasionally doing little errands for pokemon who arnt able to. He rarley stays in one place for more then a day, and only comes back to his home village to echange the latest news on the war. Only a few times has he ever attacked or defended, and those were emergency situations.

History: Ceon grew up in Farlona Forest, an area with quite a diversity of pokemon. He had many friends. When the volcano erupted, he was a Kakuna and was able to survive the hot ashes that destoryed most of his friends. His family was also destroyed, and Ceon was left to fend for himself. Ceon withdrew from the world, only looking out for himself. As he grew older, he slowly came out of his anit-social shell and took up the career as a nomadic Spy. He would have been a Warrior, but something in his past made him avoid the job. During his time as a loner, he had made enemies with a certain Syther. Ceon's time as an outcast is shrouded in mystery and he never tells anybody about it.

Other: Ceon spends his free time deep in the forest of Farlona by himself, practicing his own style of fighting. He uses a combination of aireal swoops and dives, jabs and slashes with his drills, and swift kicks with his little feet. He still dosnt have a name for the odd style yet, but if you were to watch him practice you would discover that his swift jabs and kicks resemble the art of Judo. Some say he would make a fine Warrior...if he was one. His favorite berry is the sweet Pecha.

August 7th, 2008, 10:50 AM
Name - Fa'Alon

Species - Milotic

Gender - Female

Region - Some forgoten lake in Coldona far away from troubles of war.

Occupation - Loner

Apperance - Because cold in Coldona Milotics living there became known as "Ice Beauties" - Theirs tails are covered in gloosing ice, bodies that used to be human skin colour became white as everything in Coldona; to work like camouflage and hide in snow from predators. It's scales became black and tips of it's antennas - lazure blue.

Personality - Like Pokedex said; Milotic is Tender Pokemon - Fa'Alon is a lot more tender than other Milotics and stay away from war. She almost never move from her lake. If sense upcoming danger she used to flee. However if she feels that there's no other choice than battle she can furiously strike in incredible wrath.

History - As she was Feebas, Fa'Alon lived happily in Duskwood. She was smiling a lot then. When whole forest burned and her parents died she escaped to Coldona. She decided to seatle in forgoten, alone standing lake. She was now crying a lot and never smile. Then she started to change into "Ice Beauty". Her cries are going through all Coldona and are called "Lament of Ice Beauty".

Other - Fa'Alon hate fire (it burned her family home) and, as result, fire Pokemons.

August 16th, 2008, 10:39 AM
When is the RP going to start???

August 17th, 2008, 12:47 AM
Name: Chaos
Species : Absol
Reigon : Duskwoods
Gender : Male
Apperance : Like all Absols besides a scar on his right eye
Personality : Somewhat cold spy of so far unknown he is capable of fighting with immense power but only fights when he thinks he has worthy opponent.
Occupation : Spy
History: Chaos got his scar by and Ursaring fight at the end he won but the fight blew away his relatives to a Giant Desert (Shirobi Desert) than he fended for himself until a voice from the shadows said " Come with us little one and you will never be lonely again" Chaos has be with that Organasation most of his live.
Other NONE

August 21st, 2008, 9:00 AM
O.k now that our tread maker doesn't come here any more. We have two choices
1. We abandon the RP
2. One of us takes over the RP