View Full Version : The Lugia Fan Club(No Ho-oh's)

July 12th, 2008, 5:06 AM
i cant see to find one so i'm making a Lugia FanClub All Ho-oh Supporters Begone(Or Else)
* Rases Fist with angry face*

If anyone wants to join just answer this question

Q- What is Lugia's Move set when you catch it in Sliver Version(at lv 40)

First 3 members to join will be co-owners if they want ^.^

Owner: Me (Jayster23)
Co Owner 1:
Co Owner 2:
Co Owner 3:

P.S if this is already been made on there is one already close this and delete

A Banner making guy/person
a Symbol making person

I really suck with paint and drawings