View Full Version : Best early game bird eveloution

July 13th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Whos your favorite?mines either staraptor or Pidgeot

July 13th, 2008, 7:11 PM
In terms of usefulness, Staraptor. Because it learns Close Combat.

In terms of coolness, Pidgeot, because of how freakishly huge it is.

July 13th, 2008, 7:12 PM
I like Staraptor because it can learn powerful moves like Close Combat and Brave Bird. It's also pretty fast...and it kind of looks like Elvis.

July 13th, 2008, 7:15 PM
I always used pidgeot , idk about g/s/c, swallow, and now staraptor :P

July 13th, 2008, 7:20 PM
i picked Starvaptor Pidgeot and swellow But if i had to only pick one i would pick Swellow but pidgeot is a very close second followed by Starvaptor

July 13th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Pidgeot was always my favorite. It still is, but it's completely outclassed by the likes of Swellow, Dodrio, Staraptor, etc...

That aside, Staraptor is awesome. It's freakishly underrated in the OU Metagame. It can tear through unprepared teams easily. I know this from a first hand experiance T__T

July 13th, 2008, 7:26 PM
You like staraptor last? It has the 40th best attack (according to serebii) along with sick moves like brave bird and close combat. Pidgeot doesnt even come in the top 100 in anything (89th in speed :( )
compared to staraptors attack, his 60th place in speed, and thats why i would pick him anyday over pidgeot or any other bird pokemon (well, the ones were disscussing)

July 13th, 2008, 7:27 PM
Especially with it EV trained in attack/speed....oh boy,wish I would've kept mine

July 13th, 2008, 7:30 PM
My party is all level 54-64 and my staraptor is happily at lv 57. i didnt ev/iv [whatever its called] train it. but its still sick

July 13th, 2008, 7:33 PM
I replaced mine with a Endeavoring/focus sashed Swellow

July 13th, 2008, 7:36 PM
Endeavor always fails for me. is there a trick to using it?

July 13th, 2008, 7:39 PM
Nope,it gets stronger the lower your hp,so thts why I put swellow in against electric types so they can zap it and make my sweeper stronger.

July 13th, 2008, 7:48 PM
Oh. i used to try it full health. So you get somebody to kill you with one hit (hang on with focus sash) use endeavor, and then use quick attack to kill it?

July 13th, 2008, 7:51 PM
Uh,no,if it doesnt kill it ,your thru at 1 hp,but it most likley will unless its ghost(which it wont affect),rock,or steel type.

July 13th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Pidgeot and Staraptor are equal to me,but pidgey is more original.

July 13th, 2008, 8:08 PM
So is Tailow,plus a green one looks cool.

Euphoric Magikarp
July 13th, 2008, 8:27 PM
I could really careless about moves and stats, I go by looks and Pidgeot is the coolest looking for me :3.

July 13th, 2008, 8:32 PM
Pidgeot is cool,but its too big....

July 13th, 2008, 9:34 PM
Um, Endeavor simply lowers the opponent's HP to the user's HP, considering the user's is lower. It doesn't have an actual set power, and it can't KO an opponent.

July 13th, 2008, 11:57 PM
By looks:

Pidgeot > Swellow > Fearow > Staraptor > Pelliper

And even though personally I found Staraptor is the most useful bird among the 5, I am still a Pidgeot/Swellow user.

July 14th, 2008, 2:09 AM
By looks:

Pidgeot > Swellow > Fearow > Staraptor > Pelliper

And even though personally I found Staraptor is the most useful bird among the 5, I am still a Pidgeot/Swellow user.

That...is exactly what I was going to say. ><

Anyways, I always have the region's first bird in my team. Kanto- Pidgeot, Hoenn- Swellow, and Sinnoh-Staraptor. But Pidgeot would have to be my favorite.

July 14th, 2008, 2:15 AM
I'd agree, I've always liked Pidgeot the best of all the birds, with Swellow second and Staraptor third. Although Staraptor is the most battle-useful (with Swellow arguably a close second) I might raise a Pidgeot...

July 14th, 2008, 8:10 AM
Pidgeot. It's pretty.

I also notice you failed to have Noctowl on that poll. T_T

July 14th, 2008, 8:21 AM
Pidgeot and Staraptor are both great, but in terms of...

Coolness? Pidgeot.

Battles? Staraptor.

July 14th, 2008, 8:26 AM
Huh.....oh,noctowl.....I thought I forgot something..

July 14th, 2008, 8:30 AM
Yeah hoothoot isnt good anyways. And its weird because rby has two choices, gsc has one, rse has 2, and dp has one

July 14th, 2008, 8:32 AM
I see no one likes Fearow or pelliper.

Freestyle Farfetch'd
July 14th, 2008, 8:39 AM
Pelipper's stats are just really, really, not that good at all. It's high defense doesn't help it against it's quad-weakness, electricity, neither. (Well, pre D/P it didn't anyway, and there still aren't that many physical electric attacks)

And Fearow, is well, just ugly. It's stats are more favorable than the cooler looking Pidgeot though, hence, I've been using one in LG.

July 14th, 2008, 8:41 AM
Ugly but strong...ish well,yeah,its pretty ugly.....