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July 19th, 2008, 2:43 AM
I am looking for a bunch of shinies. And please, no hacks I keep track with who I trade with. I you trade me a hack I will immediately report you to the PC staff. I am willing to trade 1 event for one shiny legend and one event for 2 regular shiny. If you are offering EV'ed shinys please post their stats moves and natures. I will decide how much they are worth. Also if you have events I don't mind offers. I would like all the pokemon to be UT.

Shiny Suicune
Shiny Entei
Shiny Raikou
Shiny Cranidos Adamant/Naughty
Shiny Shuckle Bold
Shiny Togepi Modest
Shiny Abra Modest
Shiny Absol Adamant
Shiny Feebas Calm
Shiny Trapinch Adamant
Test Shaymin
French Alamos Darkrai
Alamos Darkrai

10 jahre all
10 Aniv
TRU Manaphy
Ageto Celebi
Saikyou Milotic
Saikyou Magmortar
Saikyou Electivier
ANA pikachu
PBR pikachu
PBR Magmortar
PBR Electivier
Aura Mew
Mytery Mew
Pokebox Skitty Special Move Pay Day
Pokebox Meowth Special Move Petal Dance
Pokebox Swablu Special Move False Swipe
Doel Deoxys
Space Center Deoxys
Hadou Mew
Hadou Regice
Hadou Registeel
Hadou Regirock
Rocks Metang
Jeremy Tauros
Jeremy Ekans
Jeremy Growlithe
Jeremy Staryu
Wishmaker Jirachi
Coming Soon :
NOK Raquaza
NOK Manaphy
I will try to obtain the events above. I should be able to get them in a couple of days.

I have different natures and dates for different events. I can tell you the information you require on my pokemon.

July 19th, 2008, 3:39 AM
TEST Shaymin
Shiny Steelix/Scizor/Epeson (your pick of 2)


TRU Manaphy
Saikyou Milotic


July 19th, 2008, 9:25 AM
i have a shiny togepi but it sassy
you still want it?

July 19th, 2008, 11:03 AM
Which 10 ANIV and 10 ANNI pokemon do you have? Is your Saikyou Milotic completely UT?

These are what I have from your wants list:
Shiny Suicune
Shiny Entei
Shiny Raikou
Shiny Shuckle Bold
Test Shaymin
French Alamos Darkrai
Alamos Darkrai