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July 22nd, 2008, 9:34 AM
One can never be sure of what awaits him,
One can never foresee what the time
Has in store for him…
But he can make the most of his life
If he tries to think what is right
Only if he understands the true connotation
Of twist and turn and obstacle and deprecation
Also hindrance, obstruction and hitch
Only then there shall be no dilemma or mystification
In the moment of suspicion
Thee shall follow his own instincts to come up with a elucidation

Stay firm, tenacious and uptight
But never stray the path that is idolized
Never give up with your mission
No matter whatever is the delusion?
In this situation, the only operation
You can perform is perfection.

Ignore the scorn,
Never mind the impediment and denunciation
For your own goal is your ambition.
Life can have many occasions
Of bliss and sulk and indignation
But never wander away from your aspiration
Discount these away
And be hold to the trail of sensation

Life can have its own temptations
Ones that can deceive you
And make you disregard
Of your hallucination

Never let go of your desire
Achieve and attain for the thing before you expire
Hunt, pursue and chase
Don't go on changing your phase
Every new day is an appreciation
To catch up with your goal
These are some valuable expressions
To help you out whenever there's a notion
In short, this is not the time to waste
Get up and get going, for this is just
1st July'08