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July 24th, 2008, 7:29 PM
*Yes! I added the 13+ thing as a warning just incase. Even though is reccomended for 14+, there is only the 13 + sooooo.....

*Ok, really 14+ I guess 13 plus was a little low. There will probably be mild blood and minor swearing.

*Dang! I cant belive Im rping again! Jeez, Its been like a year :"|* (on another forums, apparently :P ^^)

just one rule to this rp (besides normal rules...)- You may only have up to 3 people (that you created and use.)

I dont own Resident Evil. This is just a mere fan rp.

*Its set after the 2nd movie, but before the 3rd.*

You are in a wrold were zombie like creatures have infested firstm Raccoon city, then the country. You are either a saftey officer/ Other person in either the US/Brazil(Both your choice). North, and soon to be south america, is like mentioned, infested. Your job is to keep yourself safe, or in a saftey officers case, keep yourself and a travaling group of people safe. Saftey officers are frankly leaders or a group of people. While "other people" are either in a group, are lone, or are in a small group with pretty much no leader. With the infection spreading fast, Its your job to like mentiond, keep the infestation rate to slow down, and possibly in the end, die out. (Urg, Im goign in circles with this -_-.) Food and water is a growing problem too. You must find recorces to keep everybody alive. Remember, there are many "zombies" that you will chalange. Like theysaid in the movie, its best to keep moving, because they WILL sooner or later track you down ;). In the end, you will most likley be faced with findingout the truth, If you weret a suvivior from raccoon city, because they were frankly the ones who knew in the end :P.Another mission is that someone*or you*(if your in a group) has been bitten, you need to find the antidote.*Its vital if you dont want to be a zombie*. Find out the truth behind what happed wtih the ummbrella corp.

Mods, could you please tell me if there is something I need to improve/ tweak on? It will much be appreciated. Im not very used to this forums rp rules, as much as I am with my previous forum ^^.

Support banners-


Looks(what you look like):
Nickname*if wanted*:
Previous occupation:
Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank):
Cyborg/artifical intelligence:
Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If youdo get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.):
anything else?:

*I would like people who have had prior knowledge of resident evil. It dosent really matter though. ;)*


Name:Abigail Rose
Age: 24
Looks(what you look like):Brown hair with lots of natrual blonde higlights. Eyes change colors from blue to purple to green.
Nickname*if wanted*: Abby Or Rose
Previous occupation: School girl*Majoring in Paleontology/fossils*
History:Parents died in outbreak
Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank): Just a person in a group...
Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If you do get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.): Yes. Her friends were messing around with something, and she got stabbed with a needle with an unknown substance. She is only 2 times stronger then the advrage wrestler.
anything else?: nope!

July 25th, 2008, 6:44 PM
Name: Zephaniah Xylon
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Looks(what you look like): Tall, short black hair, large
Nickname*if wanted*: Zeph
Previous occupation: Game tester
History: Lived in a very small row of town houses. Woke up one morning to ZOMBIES.
Bitten?: No
Injected?: No
anything else?: He always carries a crowbar

July 25th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Ok, well start after we get about 2 more people ;). If thats fine with you :).

July 28th, 2008, 6:33 PM
make that one Skullie

Name: Haru Takami
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Looks(what you look like): Haru has tinted ski-goggles over his eyes, hiding them from view. (may believe him to actually be blind, in reality his eyes have changed colors, the whites turning black and his irises turning gold.) He has medium-length, spiked crimson hair that looks like it is stained with blood. He usually wears a trenchcoat with many many pockets in them. underneith this is a dark shirt with a silver pentacle on it (he is NOT a satanist. xO) along with dark jeans with silver cuffs, and silver black boots with silver cuffs. Strapped to his hips is what appears to be a revolver crossed with a shotgun of sorts. (it's a revolver that actually shoots slugs).

Nickname*if wanted*: Sinned (it's the only name he'll ever tell anyone)

Previous occupation: Umbrellacorps test subject(forgotten), Mc. Donalds employee, High School senior, Avid gamer.

History: An orphan, Haru has never had a real family.He cant remember most of his life due to Umbrellacorp, but after he was released he started up the life they had given him, setting him up with a job and a school. When his 'abilities' kicked in, he fled, just in time to avoid the city being overcome with zombies. As time has passed he's begun to remember things from umbrellacorp... a face. half human, half machine... she was the only one that cared about him. He is actually traveling back to raccoon city to try and find her, and see if he can save her.

Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank):
Bitten?: No.

Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If youdo get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.): A test subject from umbrellacorps that apparently had no responce to the disease, and was released after having his memory wiped. (so he has no idea where any of his 'abilities' come from.) however, it kicked in shortly after his 'release,' just before the outbreak. It actually changed the color of his eyes for some reason. They are slowly wearing off over time, but are still fairly strong. He also seems to be able to find his way relatively easy...

anything else?: The "Shotgun pistol" he carries is actually a modified revolver, altered to look like the mauler off of Halo3, it holds ten rounds. Somehow, Haru is able to follow certain electric frequencies, how he dose this he is not sure, he just knows there's something that way.

Name: Analice
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Looks(what you look like): Analice stands an even five-feet tall. Her hair is actually in three colors. the left side of her hair is a dark black color, and just reaches her chin. The right side of her hair is blond and hags down to her shoulderblades. The bangs on the left side of her face are her actuall hair color, bright orange. They hang down over her eye, for obvious reasons.

Ann is a cyborg. the left side of her face actually resembles a circutboard, with a glowing red LED screen for an eye. (it changes with her expression) She wears a patched up shirt that actualy has designs from gaming consoles. the left side is a tanktop that has the "Cast" and spiral from dreamcast on it, with a 360/wii-mote sleeve, the right side is another T-shirt that has half the X-box logo on it, with a Nintento NES sleeve sewed on. The belly of the shirt has a Gamecube design on it, with a single strap across her lower back, with a PS2 logo on the back. She wears a glove on her left hand (modled after a PS3 controler) that covers more mechanics that make up her hand. She wears jeans that are torn in more places than can be decent, and through some of the slits, blinking LEDs can be seen. While she is apparently completely 'waterproof' she dose often put out a dull electric charge when she is startled or exited. This also happens when she is in extreme mental distress. At the base of her neck is what appears to be a USB uplink.

Nickname*if wanted*: Ann or anna (make any comment about her 'condition' and she will, quite litterally, go berserk)
Previous occupation: Test subject for umbrellacorps

History: Ann has spent her entire life as a test subject at Umbrellacorps, as a means of stopping anything that may 'happen' with the alice project. When the project was abandoned, she was held in the corpse in a room that had no reflective surfaces as so she couldn't see her face. This is when she met Haru. He didn't mind her appearance, although he was afraid of her at first, he discovered her to be the sweet girl she was. they became friends after a while, and almost something more before haru was "released." When she awoke one morning she found the buliding in chaos and half-destroyed. Heading out she plans to find Haru no matter the cost.

Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank): Searching for her friend

Bitten?: No, and if she is she is immune as of her cybernetic half.

Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If youdo get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.): Yes, but the effects are controlled and/or cansled by her cybernetic half.

anything else?: Due to her current Status as a cyborg, Ann is extremely mentally unstable, and will at times go berserk for either no reason or if she is reminded of her appearance. Ann is also able to produce bolts of electricity from her body as a defense against zombies and crazed humans, although it often goes off without warning.

July 29th, 2008, 8:51 AM
Occ:Ok, lets just start :P. Other people can join anytime. By the way, the converter van or whatever is just the van that takes us to another, more safe base after one is destroyed by the "creatures".

I took a good look out of the converter van window. I had had absolutely no rest ever, after the outbreak, and was not sure what I was seeing most of the time. You don't really ever get a chance to sleep when there are blood thirsty creatures after you. On the Contrary, the gasoline was leaking. It was apparent. You could smell it from the inside of the blood-filled vehicle. But the tenders of the van declined , most likely trying to keep us sane. Occasionally, a parasite would run up to our half broken windows. But we ignored it. We were all used to it, never knowing when our deaths would eventually creep up from behind. The person sitting next to me was a little girl on the van, named Ava. I was her godmother, after her mom died. They never knew the wareabouts of her father, but she always reasurred herself that he was still alive. After about 15 hours of nearly continuous driving, we were to the newly built, state of the art, protection building. I glanced at Ava. She smiled as she said, "Maybe heaven is real after all..."

July 29th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Haru stood at the top of a tall hill, overlooking a desolate town that surely wouldn't have anyone alive in it. And yet that faint charge was there... that little spark that drew him on. what was it? What was it that drew him twords this town? Where was he going? While he didn't have the answers to these questions, he mounted his moped and took off. Yeah, a moped. 50 - 75 miles to the gallon, on a 6 gallon tank? that's perfect for what he was doing. He reached the gates and looked around. noone. nothing, not even crows. It was too quiet...


Analice moved through the broken down building, trying to find anything that could direct her twords her friend's whereabouts. Where was he? They had been such nice friends when they were held together... He had actually been nice to her, not caring about how she.... or why she was like she was... he had just talked to her. They had bolth been shown photos and videos of the outside world, learned about it in the 'classes's they had attended together, and would often talk about where they wanted to go when they were all 'better.' Haru had said he would want to go to "Japan," since the people there looked alot like him. Ana, being the nice girl she was, said she would go with him, but of course, since they were only six at the time, he didn't realise what the blush on the human half of her face ment, or why her left eye was the way it was. While they were in there however, they had agreed on a favorite song, solely on the basis that the music was cool, and the band members were robots. while the instructor wasn't looking, she had quickly downloaded the video into her memorybanks for later viewing. As she moved through the building she quietly sang the lyrics. "harder... better... faster... stronger... more than, hour, hour, never... ever, after, work is, over..."

July 29th, 2008, 12:35 PM
Zeph just had to keep running. If he didn't they would get him. It took an hour before he got the courge to look back, and when he did, not one was insight.He out ran them again. Even though what happened happened, he didn't feel anything. He didn't feel much of anything lately. It did puzzle him though how thoughs people survived for so long though. They actualy thought that giving there lives like that would make differnce. That would just make more. He figured heed get back to his mission, finding raccon city. He thought if he could find the lab he could find a cure. The onle reason he knew any of this is because one of those now dead survivers used to be an employe at umbrela corp. He told Zeph alot about the virus and the corp. He heared an odd noise off to his left. So he looked over and saw what he thought was a van, but he wasn't sure. It was too far away. He just kepet walking.

July 29th, 2008, 1:38 PM
(Occ: Ava is 16)

Ava pushed me once, finnaly looking happy for once. "So, now that were here...what do we do for fun?" Ava asked. I just looked over my sholder at her. "How should I know? These bases are never fun." I said with a "longing for adventure" sigh. "Ava,do you remember raccon city? I mean, its kind of like my memory has been wiped out from it." I said. Ava glared at me. "I really dont want to think about it ok?" Ava said. But its all around us! How can you not try to think about it?

July 29th, 2008, 2:31 PM
(If you need me to move it to an OOC thread or anything just tell me.)

Name: Matt Carese

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Looks(what you look like): ( Height: 6'6", Weight: 94 pounds)
Matt wears a striped green and white jacket, that covers a black shirt he got signed by a lot of different bands at the last concert he went to. He's got a mophead black hair that's always covering his ears and eyes. He wears long faded blue jeans that cover his Nike Skeets.

Nickname*if wanted*:

Previous occupation: Family Video Manager, Gamestop Employee

History: Matt was always one to adore a long range weapon. When he was a kid he'd bought a bow and shoot some arrows at trees and when the infection broke out he went to an old deserted Marine Base and took the M24 and a numerous amount of ammo for.

Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank):

Bitten?: Nopes

Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you
will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If youdo get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.): Nopes

anything else?: He carries a pocket knife in his pocket, and an M24 Sniper Rifle on his back.

July 29th, 2008, 2:56 PM
OCC:No, its compleatly fine here :).

July 29th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Name: Connor
Looks(what you look like):short brown hair, green eyes, big built, broad shoulders, muscular & fit
Nickname*if wanted*:NOPE
Previous occupation:Professional Boxer
History:allways played violent games and wondered about if zombies were real and if so would he go on a mission to kill them or would they be friendly. Well now he knows!
Status(Who you are in your group. If you are lone, leave it blank):LONE
Cyborg/artifical intelligence:HUMAN?
Injected?(If you were injected with the "desiese", you wont need the anitdote, but you will have supurb reflexes if you were just injected like in the movies. If youdo get injected with the antidote, you will be normal pretty much again.):NO
anything else?:carrys a M9 handgun, M21 and meat cleaver at all times

i wont start untill you accept me k?

July 29th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Occ:Sure :). You can join ^^.

July 29th, 2008, 5:26 PM
OOC: thx i played all games seen all films :)

IC: well there was what used to be a very nice place to call home untill theese "creatures" invaded from out of no where now its just ruins!

"well i can't belive i am looking upon my old home town!" "how could anyone or anything do such a thing to a wonderfull place!?"

in the distance he see's figures walking and pulls out his M21 for a closer look!
"hmmmmmmm... two zombies lets see if i can get two headshots with one bullet!"
aims carefully and fires!

"well there is no humans alive down there off to the nearest city to look for survivers!"

rushes off

July 29th, 2008, 6:41 PM
Where is your fill out forum? And please use proper grammar :).

July 30th, 2008, 2:52 AM
OOC: my fill out form is two posts above my IC one

and i am not very good with the grammer thing i talk on msn with txt tlk or whatever its called all the time but i will try :)

July 30th, 2008, 8:46 AM
Occ:*hits head* Sorry, I didint reconzie it without your signature :P. Use firefox, it has a built in grammar system :).

July 30th, 2008, 9:15 AM
OOC: lol and i will download firefox soon maby :) but can we get IC now >.<

July 31st, 2008, 11:30 AM
OOC: bah...short posts... sis is going to have a field day with this place if you dont pick up your acts guys... (not a threat, a warning! o.o)


Haru sped through the desolate town, looking left and right to check for any trace of life... or movement. Either there was no one living here, or the zombies had already moved on past this place. Not even the crows were here... and they were everywhere.

Something moved. Whipping his head around, Mauler drawn, he watched as a cat ran, startled, into an abandoned home.

"Well... atleast it wasn't infected..." he muttered, returning his weapon to it's holster. Odd.. the charge he had been followed moved... it wasn't in this town any more, but north of here. How was it, that that charge kept moving? It was irritating at best, enfuriating at worst...


Analice continued to check through the building, looking out a window and spotting two of the zombies stumbling along in the street... before their heads exploded from the bullet that pierced their skulls. Gasping, she cowered back into the room. Due to her mechanical parts, she often had trouble walking correctly, and would stumble and twitch from time to time. The worst thing that could happen now, would be for someone to mistake her for a zombie and kill her. Her electric abilities could create electromagnetic fields... but they weren't nearly strong enough to stop bullets.

Why was it that whenever she met someone, they either went with the ideals of "Shoot first, ask questions later" or "OMG ITS A ZOMBIE! KILL EEET!!!!111oneoneone." (yes, her mind actually thinks like that at times due to being half electronic) Not really the most promising people to meet up with when you look like you do. The best she could do would be to stay put and hope they didn't find her, and if they did, they had enough brains NOT to shoot her on sight.

She could only hope.

July 31st, 2008, 3:02 PM
Conn was running off in search of another demolished city or town looking for survivors he saw in the distance a HUGE swarm of zombies.

"i guess i'll have to go back to my hometown DAMN IT!"

Conn ran back to the wrecked town as fast as he could but when he got there it looked differant somehow, he looked through his M21 scope to see if he could see what was differant... what he then realized was that the zombies he had killed had gone!.

He ran through the allys and found a old house still in one peice and decided to check it out.

"down stairs and basement are clear ill check up stairs next!"
weird noise from above
"What was that!? i think ill leave upstairs for now but keep an eye on them!"
draws M9 and sits in front off front door so noone or nothing can enter and stares at the stairs

OOC: can parts from the games be used and if so what games?

August 1st, 2008, 4:35 PM
Matt sighed as the gun spun away from him. He quickly turned over and saw the zombie rush at him. He sighed and kicked up and kicked the zombie's chest and took off picking up the gun as he ran. He ran down the street not looking back. He knew he couldn't fight the menis forever. He continued down the road and dove behind a crate that was missing half of it and sat there catching his breath. He slowly looked around the box and saw the zombie had gone. He sighed a sigh of relief and slid down againist the box. He stood up and sliped the M24, which he had taken from a Marine base, and walked down the street. He slipped out a compass and looked forward. "The map said north, northeast. Hopefully it's just a few miles." He said looking off. He continued down and soon slipped behind a car that was abandoned a long time ago. He slid into it and found the key in the ignition and turned the key. There was a small click at the engine started. He looked back and up at the roof of the car and quickly looked back at the road. He hit the gas pedal and noticed it had about a fourth of the tank left. He continued on and skidded to a halt. There stood a newly built protection building. Matt cut the engine and stepped out and quickly walked towards the door. He stoped as he saw a van of people and two girls talking. He shrugged and quickly stepped into the protection building.

August 5th, 2008, 3:50 PM
After having a rest in the house Conn decided to take a look upstairs, he slowly and carefully creeped upstairs drawing his M9 on the look out for anything unordinary.

Conn heard a loud CRASH behind him, he spun around as fast as he could but it was too late what ever had made the noise had gone... Con decided it would be best if he left the house and find a safe zone for the time being to stock up on bullets, food and drink.

as Conn opened the door to his horror the town had zombies every where and he didnt have enough bullets for them all.


Walking back into the house he tryed to think of a plan.

August 15th, 2008, 4:52 PM
After walking a while Zeph came upon a town that was swarming with zombies. He noticed someone open and then slam the door closed again at one of the houses. Zeph was on a hill so the zombies hadn't seen him yet. He picked up the rocket lancher he had in an old five person tent bag. He used the last six shells to blow the zombies(and some houses) back to hell. Zeph made sure not to hit the house that had that person in it. After wards most of the zombies were disabled or dead. He walked up to the house and called out " you still alive in there".

August 24th, 2008, 6:19 PM
"yes thankfully, who are you and why are you here?"
conn opens the door carefully opened the door to see a male in his mid 20's.
"so what were the bangs and where are all the zombies?"
conn walks in the house and sits down waiting for the stranger to follow

August 26th, 2008, 3:22 PM
"My name is Zephaniah Xylon. Some people choose to shorten it to Zeph. I have a few questions to ask you. First, are you bitten? Next, do you know the location of any unbitten survivers? Also, do you know any locations that can be used as a fortificion, and the loud booms were explosions." he said without any hint of emotion.

August 30th, 2008, 4:35 PM
Haru sighed, speeding over the countryside wasn't his idea of a good time, constantly swerving to avoid colliding with the occasional zombie. Mopeds were designed for speedy transport, not 45 mph collisions with undead corpses. Thankfully, as the land was still slightly flat, they didn't sneak up on him as he knew they would once he reached the many twists, turns, and hills once he got further north.

"What is it about this charge... so farmiliar... why do I feel like I know it?" He mumbled quietly to himself, his eyes narrowing behind his goggles as he spotted a crow in the distance.


Analice listened quietly from her hiding place, after the explosions had died down, and her ears had stopped ringing from the noise, she heard the sound of voices coming from downstairs, and then outside, after hearing them come inside and hearing a small bit of conversation she hoped that their irrational actions twords the infecteds had been quelled and that their current mental states allowed them to converse calmly with her without the use of loaded firearms being pointed at any member of the small party. The mechanical half of her brain was already analysing her current predicament.

Analysing: Chances of survival.

Solitary chances of survival - 68.362%

Accompanied chances of survival - 83.516%

Chances of hostile action twords ANALICE unit - 59.531%

Chances of surviving Hostile attack twords ANALICE unit - 65.37%

Suggested course of action - Remain in solitary withdrawl untill threat level to ANALICE unit has gone down

Alternitave course of action - confront possible dangers and attempt to assimilate with group of possible friendlies in hopes of finding misplaced HARU unit.

Selected course of actions - ....

Moving as silently as she could, analice headed twords the stairs, careful not to let her right foot clunk or creak as she passed over the aged floorboards of the abandoned home. Finding herself in a small kitchen when she reached the bottom, thankfully silent, she heard their voices coming from inside the next room, probably a sitting room of some sort. Deciding, with the human half of her brain(aided by the electronic half) that her left hand would be easily replaced if damaged, she slowly stuck it out into the battered and empty doorway, waving quickly while calling out to the two in the room.

"H-hello... p-please don't shoot." She said, just loud enough to hear. It had been a while since her audio receptors had heard her voice, so she was surprised to hear that, while she did sound older, the metalic tone of her voice seemed to make her sound atleast five years her younger.

Still only holding out her hand to avoid mortal injury, she waited for the bullet to pass through the bio-mechanical workings of her palm, fearing that they would not hesitate to shoot her.

August 31st, 2008, 5:54 PM
"come on zeph cheer up, why the boring attitude?
as for you questions,
1. no i am not bitten.
2. i am looking for some but so far no luck...
3.well i heard there was a safty zone about 14 miles south west... we could try it?
as for the explosives well i dont get long with them, just a word of warning"

conn hears a voice coming from the doorway he arms his M9 but dosnt fire!
"have you been bitten!?"

conn turns to zeph and says "my name is conn by the way"

September 9th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Zeph whirled around at what sounded like a small girls voice and saw gloved hand sticking out from around a coner. He had learned not to trust innocent sounding voices. He put a hand in front of Conn and said "Keep that gun ready, just in case."

Zeph walked closer and put the crowbar on the persons arm. He knew he was fast enough and strong enough to take there arm off in one swing.

"Are you friend or foe. Answer quickly or I will remove your arm," He said. "Hold that gun steady Conn."

September 10th, 2008, 2:10 AM
"F-friend" She stuttered out quickly, keeping her arm there as a sign of trust. That, and if said arm was removed she could easily re-attatch it. He didn't know that though. "P-please dont harm me... I have not been bitten, but I have an.... an ailment that you may find most shocking.... please, do not fire when you see me... or I will be forced to take drastic recouperative measures"

The last part sounded hollow, mechanic, as though she had not wished her lips to utter these words. This was because she didn't, it was a pre-programed responce that the mechanical half of her mind had forced her voice box into uttering. This moment, the servos and other components in her arm were already building up an electric charge, just incase he did attempt to 'take a swing' at the appendage, and if he did... well, let's say he'd have a small twitch for the rest of his life...

September 13th, 2008, 6:38 PM
"F-friend. P-please dont harm me... I have not been bitten, but I have an.... an ailment that you may find most shocking.... please, do not fire when you see me... or I will be forced to take drastic recouperative measures," she said.

He got an odd feeling from this "girl". She must have considerable strength, he thought. For he was putting a bit of force on her arm in increaseing amounts. He figured if she could withstand this much force then they should compromise. "What sort of ailment do you mean," he said. "STAND UP" he barked. He needed to sound incotrole.

September 14th, 2008, 8:55 AM
Analice flinched slightly at his loud bark of stand up, but it hopefully aimed at her. Taking a deep breath, she readied herself. "My name is Analice... I am... I am...." She simply could not bring herself to state the cause of her torment, emotional and physical alike. instaid, she stepped out into the doorway, presenting her human half to the two, making sure her left eye was hidden, the soft glow of the red LEDs lost on hte crimson bangs that hung before them. This however, didn't mask the softly blinking and glowing LEDs on her mostly-mechanical right leg from being seen through her torn jeans.

It was after a short pause, that she turned to face them, the circuitboard-like 'skin' on the left half of her face, mixed with the glowing LED panel showing the guise of an eye revealing her position as a cyborg. The charge in her arm continued to grow out of preperation... short-ranged projectile weapons such as handguns shotguns were not designed to fire through metal, only flesh and bone. if she could make it strong enough before they fired, the electromagnetic field she could emit would hopefully slow the bullets enough to only tap her arm, possibly bruise the fleshen pieces of her person at best, or tear into skin, but only bury themselves in enough for her to remove them with a low-powered magnetic pulse from her hand. The field would also throw off the electromagnetic fields of the two people standing before her, confusing their senses, and possibly throwing off their coordination and balance.


September 17th, 2008, 6:34 PM
She flinched. Zeph was not expcting that. "My name is Analice... I am... I am...." He started to wonder if she had a studering problem. He was starting to feel a little woosie. Then Analice got up and turned around. Zeph was shocked out of his woosieness. He almost shoved the sharpe end of the crowbar through her stomage. She was a cyborg. "Your a cyborg," he said quite surprized. Then he wondered why he made such a stupied comment. She obvously knew what she was, and Conn had eyes. Then something else happened. He started to fell an emotion for the second time that day. He felt excited. What if she was made to combat the zombie infestation, he thought. He was sure she was. As he started to ask her when he saw a shadow move near the outside of the door. He shoved Conn and Analice down as it jumped over them. It was one of those abmonations Umbrela corp. made. The one that looked liked a massive hound from the deepest pits of hell. "****," he said. The last time he faced one it killed half the group and was not even totaly dead after being caught in a propane explosion. He looked around to see if both Conn and Analice were alive.

September 18th, 2008, 2:26 AM
"You're a cyborg..."

She sat there in silence, looking at the ground as the mechanical 'eye' changed to that of a V. Untill she caught movment out of the corner of her eye. Large movement. Too large to be human.

She went ridged, the downcast looking pannel of LEDs reshaping into a crosshair-like shape. Being pulled to the ground as she was, she rolled onto her back, holding out her left hand twords the beast and locking onto where it would land, before releasing what appeared to be lightning from her palm.

With a loud "Kra-Krack!" it appeared as though the beast was fine, standing normally on the ground. it was only when one of it's legs fell to the ground, and it soon followed while twitching madly was it revealed she had hit her target, right on the mark.

The beast convusled several times, it's maw straining in a silent wail as the current finished through it's system. What was left of it's organs turned to mush from the heat, and it's brain, if any, melted under the immense heat. Muscles contracted randomly, snapping bones and ripping tendons as it's ribcage collapsed from the pressure. as the seizure-like movements slowly came to a halt, blood pooled from the beasts's mouth and legs, foul-smelling as it was, Annalice slowly closed her eye, the LED pannel slowly turning off as she went into 'recharge' mode. As her arm and head lay quietly on the ground, a quiet snore could be heard coming from her lips.

((if it sounds a bit too cheapish, let me know and i'll edit it, it's just that she was carrying a big enough charge in her arm that that lightningbolt had to look more like a plasma cannon than electricity, and rather than emitting it from the surface of her arm's entirety, she released it from a single point on her palm, in a single direction.))

September 21st, 2008, 1:56 PM
Name: Lina Nikoza
Gender: FEMALE
Age: 18
Looks(what you look like): average girl size,has long brown hair and a bow on the top.wears a jacket and a shirt like that valentine girl from RE 2(movie) but with a T-SHIRT under ir
Nickname*if wanted*: Sakura
Previous occupation: S.T.A.R.S(still is)
History: was undercover in umbrella corp and she found out about the zombies and she witnessed the nemisis project to
status:a loner at first but if possible the leader of a group
Bitten?: almost
Injected?: yea like in the movies
anything else?: carries 2 swords pistols and of courase a METAL STAFF