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July 25th, 2008, 9:53 AM
Guide to download GPSP

Step 1: Download GPSP
First, download GPSP. Then place the Gpsp and the %GPSP in the GAME folder(1.50fw) or the GAME150 folder.

Step 2: Roms, saves, and savestates.
Put all Roms, gamesaves, and savestates in the Gpsp folder.(Not %GPSP)
You may also put .cht files(Gameshark and AR codes specifiaclly for GPSP) in that folder, but most of the cheats don't work, and none have them have worked for my Pokemon Games, so I see no point of adding how to make .cht files.

Step 3: Running GPSP
After completing the above goto The game folder and run GPSP.


What's GPSP ?
Gpsp is a GBA emulator for the PSP.

Where do I get GPSP ?
See the Downloads Section below.

How come GPSP won't work on my PSP ?
For GPSP to work on your PSP you need the following:
Official Firmware 1.50, or Custom Firmware.
GPSP in the Game Folder(1.50fw) GAME150 folder(CFW)
1.50 kernel(Can be found on dark-alex's website.)


Why don't GBC games work on GPSP ?
GPSP is a gba emulator, not a gbc emulator.


GPSP 1.50 eboot (http://exophase.devzero.co.uk/gpsp09_150.zip)

Dark-alex's Custom Firmware, 1.50 kernels and Downgraders etc. (http://dark-alex.org/index_psp.php)

Guide will updated in the future.
This guide does not support unofficial GPSP kai.