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July 30th, 2008, 8:45 AM

anything(on sinnoh dex) but legendaries or what
i have listed above
NEW EDITION:Tyrogue eggs and lvl 20 tyrogue
leafeon lvl. 10
cherim lvl. 25 (reserved for Rich boy Bob)
roserade lvl. 51
oddish lvl. 22
carnivine lvl 22
budew lvl 16
slugma lvl 19
cacnea lvl 25
cacturne lvl 52
vaporeon (lvl) 1
Piplup lvl 1(egg)
marill 25
wooper 20
tentacool 28
remoraid 20
octillery 41
gyrados 32
mantine 41
psyduck 20
golduck 40
buizel 20
shellos 22
feebas(i can get A LOT) lvl. 1 (eggs)
goldeen(or seaking) 19 + 32
luvdisc 26
lumineon 30
qwilfish 40
staryu(or starmie) 19 or 40 (staryu reserved for thechronicler)
quagsire 23
whiscash 41
tentacruel 36
pelliper 44
wailmer 40
sharpedo 55
carvanha 15
gastrodon 30
flareon 16
infernape 48
Ponyta 21
torkoal 55
magcargo 56
kadabra 22
abra 15
meditite 14
chimecho 41
bronzor 15
chingling 30
bronzong 38
espeon 12
mr mime 51
mime jr 16
spoink 23
girafarig 24
gastly 22
stunky 14 or skuntank 29
umbreon 17
banette 53
drifblim 28
silcoon 10
vespiquen 21
wormdam 20
wurmple 11
mothim 20
combee 12 (male)
venomoth 50
Scorupi 24 or egg
volbeat 50
glaceon 6
weavile 35
snover 34
dewgong 41
lucario 35
machop 7
machoke 35
toxicroak 22
primeape 53
rhydon or rhyperior 52 (holding protector)
hippowdon 52
hippotas 1
graveler 40
geodude 14
onix 1 (egg)
garchomp 48
cranidos 20 (i have 2)
aerodactyl 20
relicanth 50
larvitar (egg)
raticate 52
buneary 12
ambipom 32
cleffa 14
bidoof 4
clefairy 30
happiny 1
bibarel 16
tauros 19
jigglypuff 16
rattata 22
kecleon 26
porygon 18
wingull 20
fearow 52
zubat 8
chatot 40
beautifly 51
noctowl 26
hoohoot 24
spearow 20
jolteon 1
pachirisu 9
rotom 15
luxray 33
crawdaunt 41
seel 45
poliwhirl 35
krabby 52
seadra 40
unown (varies in lvl)

The Kidd
July 30th, 2008, 8:48 AM
I have a spiritomb and heracross.. dou you have a huntail or a Ice punch tododile

July 30th, 2008, 8:50 AM
sorry i do not
is there anything else you need

The Kidd
July 30th, 2008, 8:52 AM
I do need entei but don't think you have that... just give me a staryu and a tyrogue if you have one

July 30th, 2008, 9:30 AM
i have a staryu or starmie(if u want it) for a...

I won't be on wifi for awhile (between 4:00 and 6:00 i might
be) (central time)

Rich Boy Rob
July 30th, 2008, 11:37 AM
I can give you a Munchlax, could I have that lvl 25 cherim (it 1 of the few things I have left to get in my Sinnoh-Dex)

July 30th, 2008, 11:42 AM
sure u may have to wait until saturday at latest (i have to use wifi hotspots)sorry i'll reserve it for u then
FC:3738 1473 7335
i need ur in game name and friend code

July 30th, 2008, 11:50 AM
I have a Spiritomb............. if you want please trade it with your >ROSERADE<

July 30th, 2008, 11:55 AM
ok Dialga812 gets the roserade (for spiritomb)
Rich boy bob gets cherim (for munchlax)
thechronicler gets starmie (for Heracross)

July 30th, 2008, 12:00 PM
Rich boy bob i still need your name and friend code

The Kidd
July 30th, 2008, 12:01 PM
okay cool whats your FC?....

Nevermind I have it, but can I rather get the lvl 40 staryu?

July 30th, 2008, 12:05 PM
how do u change ur thread name?? i g to my post and click edit post, and i edit the title, but it only edit's the title in my post, how do i edit the title on the thread topic page screen?

July 30th, 2008, 12:07 PM
name: Chaz

July 30th, 2008, 12:10 PM
i have no idea what to do about that. i'm kinda new to this...

The Kidd
July 30th, 2008, 12:10 PM
Can you trade now or will it be some other time? can I have the level 40 staryu or starmie whichever it is

July 30th, 2008, 2:15 PM
yeah i'll be on in ten minutes (i'll be able to trade evryone) yah i'l get u starmie chronicler

The Kidd
July 30th, 2008, 2:28 PM
okay I am on and ready to trade

July 30th, 2008, 2:56 PM
sorry, slow computer, i'll have to trade on friday

Lily Mew
July 30th, 2008, 4:31 PM
I'm interested in these, and I'll try to get you a spiritomb tonight. Any other pokemon you need? I really want that leafeon most.

leafeon lvl. 10
espeon 12
lucario 35

July 31st, 2008, 7:08 PM
i sorry sorry to keep everyone waiting i'll be on tommorow morning (between 9:00 and 12:00) yes lilyevans0 i'll get u the leafeon if u get the spiritomb
also lilyevans i need your game name
FC:3738 1473 7335

NOTE: my other friend code is INVALID due to some technical difficulties

The Kidd
July 31st, 2008, 7:13 PM
okay what time zone do you live in just so I can know?

July 31st, 2008, 7:25 PM
central time (USA)
sorry for any inconveniences caused (i'm new to this)

The Kidd
July 31st, 2008, 7:26 PM
okay cool... its no big deal I still have that heracross on hold!

July 31st, 2008, 7:44 PM
ok i'll see u guys tommorow

July 31st, 2008, 11:37 PM
ok Dialga812 gets the roserade (for spiritomb)
Rich boy bob gets cherim (for munchlax)
thechronicler gets starmie (for Heracross)


August 1st, 2008, 7:35 AM
it is the same way it was when i got it

NOTE: I will be on in 1 hour and 20 minutes