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August 4th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Pokemon Adventures; Rainbow Dreams - OPEN!
Greetings, welcome to the world of Pokemon. In the world of Pokemon, it is a huge world with many exotic creatures, people who are known as Pokemon Trainers who use them for command, or even as pets.

Now, you are going to become a Pokemon Trainer, after receiving your Pokemon, you will have them as a valuable partner, as well as you’ll meet several comrades as friends. Just like you, your Pokemon will be quite unique, which makes you special. While traveling your homeland known as Herion which has recently been discovered, you are trying to collect the badges of the cities in the region; you are trying to becoming a Pokemon Master.

As a resident of a town known as Aozora Town, you finally wanted to fulfill your dream to start on a Pokemon journey, as you head off to the laboratory, you receive your Pokemon and your tools to become a great trainer.

One of your jobs as a Pokemon Trainer will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not. It’s all up to you.

All is not well in the world of Pokemon, because there is an evil syndicate in Herion. They are known as Team Emperors, and they won’t stop at anything in order to earn money. They’ll stop at nothing to take down their enemies, including you if you get in their way.

There are several items and balls in order to catch Pokemon to become on your side. Your final goal is to defeat the eight gym leader around Herion in order to compete in the Elite Four so you can become the Pokemon Champion. Be careful though, they will use their full power in order to beat you.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow Pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon trainer of all time. Remember, this is as if you owned these Pokemon, let’s get onto the rules!


Sorry, I won’t let you to be able to catch Legendaries in this RPG; it just takes the fun out of the game.

I want you become your character, become your personality and make this RPG a lot more fun

I want you be active, it’s a very important part of an RPG, if you are going away for a while, PM me, so I know why you aren’t posting, if you don’t I’ll have to kick you because I won’t know why you weren’t posting. It’ll be too late after that.

I want you have FUN, I don’t see the point of role-playing if your not even having fun. You’ll be kicked out if you don’t, sorry that’s how it’s going to work.
The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your Character’s name
Gender: What gender is your character, Male or Female
Age: How old is your character
Birth Date: What day was your character born
Appearance: What does your character look like
Personality: What is your person’s personality; this is how your person acts
History: What is the history of your character, it has to be at least a paragraph
Preferred Started: Which Pokemon would you like

Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Gentle

Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Scratch, Growl
Nature: Bold

Squirtle (Zimvee)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip
Nature: Lax

Pikachu (alipeewee)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl
Nature: Jolly

Eevee (Master Jecht)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Nature: Adamant

The RPG will start when everyone has been accepted; I can't start when people are still trying to apply.

I won't play in this RPG; I'm the Game Master of this RPG. I'll run certain NPCs, for example, I'll be Prof. Marine, and other special NPCs. I'll also set up the areas where you'll explore.

The only things the players can control are their own characters and that character's Pokemon. Please do not try to 'God Mod' and control other people's characters or Pokemon, or wild Pokemon either, only when you’re trying to capture them. Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, but I will be the one who decides if you catch it or not and how powerful it is depending on the quality of your post.

Anybody can post, but only after I grade your post, no order what so ever. After mostly everyone made most of their posts, I'll move on to the next area. You'll need a trainer card as well to RPG. Any other questions can be answered by reading the rules, although you should've read them before even bothering to RPG. Good luck to all of you.

Aozora Town: CLEARED
Route 101: CLEARED
Fairview Town: CLEARED
Route 102: CLEARED
Mystifying Forest: CLEARED
Route 103: CLEARED
Kagari City: CLEARED
Route 104: In Progress
McKarp Town: In Progress
Ancient Cave: In Progress
Crystal Path: In Progress

August 8th, 2008, 10:13 AM
Character Name: Maxi
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Date: November 5th, 1990

Appearance: Maxi has long, dark brown hair that reaches his lower back. He has grown his hair since he moved to Aozora Town when he was ten. He wears a black t-shirt under a blue trench coat and black pants. They cover his dark black shoes and drag on the ground. His eyes are an icy blue and he always smiles besides being extremely quiet.

Personality: Maxi is very shy and doesn't talk to many people. He is not very out-going and prefers to walk alone. Once you get to know him, however he is a very nice guy and has a lot to talk about. He enjoys the art of battling and is very strategic. With his shy and quiet nature, it took him a while to finally go out on a journey.

History: Maxi moved from Blackthorn City, Johto when he was ten and started a new life in the Herion region. When he lived in Blackthorn, he idolized Claire. She to him was a true trainer and he began to like the secret nature of the dragon type. He didn't think he would ever be able to train one though. Lance, Claire's cousin, once visited and gave him a talk that helped his courage some and made him love Pokemon even more. When he moved though, his courage left him and he returned to his quiet, reserved self. His parents tried to persuade him to make new friends but Maxi just never felt comfortable. He preferred to sit alone in the forest that was near his home. He watched many of the Pokemon and enjoyed to skecth a few here and there. He always wanted to travel on a journey but he could never bring the courage to go see Professor Marine. His love of Pokemon however, finally got the better of him and he wants to go out and travel.

Preferred Starter: Bulbasaur

Killer X 1296
August 8th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Character's Name: Brandon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birth Date: September 16th, 1990

Appearence: He is 5'9" and 140 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue and black hat, a white and blue shirt, black pants, and white and blue shoes.

Personality: He is kind to many of the people he meets through out his travelings. He can be quit mean when people talk about him behind his back, especially when the people he doesn't know talk about him.

History: When he was five years old, all of the things he always wanted to do was play with his fathers and mothers pokemon but they wouldn't let him. Instead, he was playing with his pokemon plushie dolls in his room. When he was seven, his father let him play with his Scyther in the woods. When he was almost eight years old, his mother caught him playing with his fathers Scyther and then his mother grounded him from playing his plushie dolls and going outside. Since then, he was drawing pokemon he seen outside his window and then he saw a Charizard flying by his window so that what led him today. He wanted to be a pokemon trainer like his father.

Preferred Starter: Charmander.

August 8th, 2008, 11:25 AM
Character Name: Natalie "Nate" Blaze
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: 22.08.1993
Appearance: Most of the time Nate wears blue jeans and a blue t-shirt which are the exact same color as her hair does. She uses also a little pink jacket and a pink cap as she is very girly girl and she usually wears many different outfits. When she walks outside in the woods she usually wears easy dressable and comfortable clothes that still look really glamorous. She has been many times in different kind of pokémon magazines as she has been voted the most best dressed girl ever and she has got even a medallion as a prize from it.
Personality: Nate is very girly girl who loves everything that looks glamorous but she also has the sporty side which is interested of battling and being in the wild. She is very gentle and she has many friends but mostly se likes to hang around her parent´s pokémons and with her big sister who is a trainer too. When she´s battling with her sister or parents she doesn´t give mercy at all and she is very scary opponent who shouldn´t be underestimated as she has learned many useful things from her parents. Nate also likes to hang around in the local PokémonAcademy where she has earned her place as a junior teacher and she works there at least eight hours in a day.
History: Nate´s family used to live in Hoenn region as their all relatives live in there but as her parents decided to start their own DayCare center for pokémons they chose Herion region and moved into there. Her big sister started few years later her own journey and now she is very popular as she is known as Dean the Kanto Elite Champion nowadays but mostly Dean likes to hang around with her sister who is very much like she. Nate is very teen like girl and she fights with her parents from many things but she respect them. She used to have a big brother but he got into an accdent and died but Nate thinks that he´s alive as his body never discovered. Blaze family has been living in Herion about seven years already but Nate still misses her best friend Aaron who is now part of Sinnoh Elite Four but for now she maintainly focus on beating her rival called Maxxie. Nate has always loved cute and adorable pokémons but like her sister she likes also those pokémons who has a lot of strenght and can hold their own.
Preferred Started: Either Eevee or Squirtle.

Master Jecht
August 8th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Character Name: Troy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birth Date: August 3

Appearance: Troy is a taller kid at 6'4 and 190 pounds. He has spikey dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a red shirt covered by a green jacket that he wears but leaves the jacket unzipped so you can see his shirt. He also wears dark blue jeans and black shoes. Has a scar on his arm.

Personality: Troy is a carefree kinda guy. He is also very wise in the field of pokemon graduating 7th in his class of 50. He loves clowning around and talking to people especially the ladies.He does have a bad habit of saying things when he really shouldn't. When it comes to battling though, he takes it very seriously.

History: Troy was originally from Fortree city. Both of his parents were pokemon coordinators and wanted him to become one too. Troy never cared for the flashy moves that coordinators did and always watched the pokemon league battles on TV. One day a pack of charizards attacked fortree city while Troy was outside playing with his parents pokemon. One of the Charizards found Troy and used flamethrower which he narrowly jumped out of the way and burnt part of his arm. The Charizard used another flamethrower but this time a skarmory blew it away. It was Winona the Fortree Gym leader. Troy watched as she fought off the pack of Charizard with her mighty flying pokemon. After the invasion, Troys parents sent him to live with his Aunt in Aozora Town as they were afriad Fortree was too dangerous.. There he studied pokemon and wanted to become a powerful trainer like Winona, the girl that saved his life. He plans to challenge all 8 gyms in Herion.

Preferred Started: Eevee

rii - chii
August 8th, 2008, 1:26 PM
OOC: First of all, I am glad that this thread got approved XD and for all approved, you make your trainer card at http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards (You won't have to add badges at all XD Now it's time to judge!

IceDragon2439: Alright, that is a good start, keep that up! Accepted!
Killer X 1296: That's a good post for Charmander! I know you'll do fine :] Accepted!
RealPyromaniac: Well, I said that it would grade harder for those who are in my current role play, I want others to have a chance, but your a good role player, and I can't ignore you, so you get Squirtle! Accepted!
Master Jecht: That's a nice post, you get to keep the lovely Eevee! Accepted!

P.S: We'll be starting as soon as Pikachu gets accepted and I get everything ready!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 8th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Character Name: Simon
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Date: 2nd July

Appearance: Simon is a short, slightly overweight boy with long brown hair that he is always brushing out of his face. He has small eyes that give his face a shrewd, suspicious look. Most of the time, he wears a black jacket over a white t-shirt, with brown trousers and boots.

Personality: Simon is surprisingly shy and sensitive, though he often makes rude, crass comments without thinking. He will always try to apologise, but will get very nervous while doing so, causing him to stutter at the person he has offended. Due to this, he has few friends.

History: Simon has always wanted a pokemon of his own, but being the youngest of six brothers, he had to wait until all his siblings had their pokemon before he got his. Simon is afraid of all electric pokemon, as he was attacked by a stray and injured electabuzz when he was seven. He has been hoping for a ground type pokemon to be his starter, due to this fear.

Preferred Started: Pikachu

(OOC: This is my first RP, so please tell me if I do something stupid)

August 9th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Character Name: Scott Musgrove
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: Feburary 2 1996
Appearance: Scott is very tall for his age, standing at 1 meter 69 centremeters. He has dark brown hair and bronze glasses. His skin is medium toned and he ussually wears casual clothes. A plain white top and baggy jeans are his favourite items of clothing, along with denim baseball boots and a red cap with a white Pokeball on the front. He also has a belt where he keeps his Pokeballs.
Personality: Scott is happy pretty much all of the time. He hates confrontation but he doesn't mind it if its a freindly Pokemon battle. He hums all the time and talks to himself alot but he now has a freind to talk to, his pokemon. He is extremly caring for his freinds and is also loyal and trustworthy. He will never betray a freind or be nasty to anyone, stranger of foe.
History: Scott lived in Aozora town all his life. He very rarely leaves Town and sometimes goes for strolls on route 101. His dad works for Profesor marine and is always out on the field working for him. He rarely sees his dad but that doesn't bother him. His brother went away when he was 12 to become a Pokemon trainer and Scott has ever since.
Preferred Started: Male Skorupi

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 7:44 AM
ailpeewee: that is a good start, we'll all try to help you become a better roleplayer :] Accepted!

Toxic_Moonlight: That is a good application, you can have your Skorupi!

OOC: The OOC Page will be up soon, along with chapter one, I can still have one more request, if anyone is interested, this offer will be closed when we reach Kagari Town, the first gym leader's town!

August 9th, 2008, 7:50 AM
Danggit! I'm too slow...Can I possibly be like, an extra character? (Like gym leaders and stuff of the sort?)

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 7:51 AM
Dai-Tan: Well, if you want you can still be a regular player, just pick a Pokemon that's in first evolution, and make a sign-up, I'll decide if it's reasonable X3

August 9th, 2008, 8:22 AM
Character Name: Azure "Zuri" Souma

Gender: Female

Age: Thirteen going on fourteen

Birth Date: August 24, 1994

Appearance:Zuri is simply short for her age barely reaching the four foot six inch mark, her hair is short in a boyish cut, her left eye covered by the long aqua-teal coloured bangs that connect to the rest of her her short blonde hair. She has caramell coloured eyes, so warm and inviting, that stand out against her pale skin. Her frame is thin, perfectly portioned to her height.
Due to her insecurities she tends to wear overly baggy clothing. No matter what the weather Zuri is always found wearing a large jacket or sweatshirt that go down to her mid-thigh with a pair of tight medium-toned bell-bottom jeans. She loves flip-flops, and almost always is wearing a pair, her favorite being the pink cherry print set. Zuri wears one necklace which is a silver locket holding a picture of her mother when she started her Pokemon journey.

Personality: Zuri is quite intelligent but chooses to hide it and act dumb and/or stupid in a childish way. She can be quite naive, but lacks not in courage. Zuri tends to annoy others with her overly happy/bubbly moods, and is almost never sad, and when she is it's for petty things like losing candy or something of the sort. Zuri has a tendancy to be nit-picky about little things like organizing, which she does a lot. She is quite artistic, though doesn't recognize her own abilities and is quite insecure.

History: Azure, the second child of Jennifer and Kenta Souma, was born minutes before sunrise after Jennifer gave birth to the first Souma, Brian. The two children grew up as twins, doing everything together, no matter what it be; bathing, eating, playing, you name it. Because of Azure's smallness and helpless appearance, at the age of five she had been the victim of attempted kidnapping. After the alleged culprit was caught Azure was no longer allowed to leave her home without her mother or father. This caused a rift between Azure and Brian, Azure staying naive and pure, not getting much information from the outside, whilst Brian grew up like a normal boy.
Azure decided at the age of twelve to sneak out of her house to get fresh air, she met other girls her age and was talked into dying her hair. Jennifer saw this and knew Azure needed to grow up, to live her life. Jennifer decided that Azure could manage her own and allowed Azure to ready to become a Pokemon trainer. Azure promised she would become a master Flying-type Pokemon trainer. Still paranoid Jennifer contacted the Professor and things were arranged...Azure's Pokemon journey was about to begin.

Preferred Started: Piplup/Pochama (Nickname: Pocha)

Other: Azure is "in love" with Falkner, who is one of her idols in the Pokemon World. Winona is her second idol, and is "In love" with her as well.

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 8:24 AM
Dai-tan: Yay! That's a great post and nickname :] I liked the name Pochama better than Piplup :] Enough small talk, Accepted! :]

OOC: The OOC Page is up, so send me your trainer card as soon as you can, that is all :]

EDIT: The first is going to be posted now, come and post!

Chapter 1: AozoraTown
Number of Posts: 1
Description: A small town where it’s alright cloudy and partly windy, that’s why it’s one of the cleanest cities in Herion. Several trainers start their adventure from the famous Prof. Marine.

Prof. Marine
Description: Prof. Marine was once a trainer who competed in the Elite Four, but failed and now started raising her own Pokemon for several trainers who come by. Now she has become quite clumsy and falls a lot as if she was drunk, but she is very kind and sincere.

As the start of the morning came, everyone was waking up bright and early, because there were 7 trainers ready for action to become a Pokemon Trainer from Prof. Marine. As the seven trainers came into the laboratory, Prof Marine walked down the stairs and fell down as she made a dramatic entrance. After all that fuss, she came up to the trainers and greeted them a happy hello. After getting to know the 7 new trainers, she then handed over the Pokemon that she had as well as the tools they needed to become a trainer.

The point of your post today is just how you got to the lab and leaving to Route 101, simple enough don’t you think?

EDIT: If you want some help with this chapter format, check out Zimvee's Pokemon Kanto Adventure :]

August 9th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Scott opened his eyes. The sun shone through a gap in the curtains and showed the beauty of the dust dancing in the sun light. A wide grin grew on Scotts face. "Today's the day" He said quietly. He sprung out of bed and pulled on his clothes, the same old plain top and baggy jeans. He walked, bare footed, down the stairs where the smell of french toast greeted him.
"Morning, dearest." Said his Mum as he quickly glided towards the table. Scott sat down at the table and began to gobble up his French Toast. It was favroute meal and it was gone in no time. Scott ran over to his shoes but just before he was about to put them on his mother began to speak,"Ah ah ah." She said as she waggled her finger,"socks, first." Scott groaned as he plodded upstairs and pulled out a pair of socks. As soon as they were on he sprinted downstairsd and slipped on his baseball boots without fasening the laces. Before his Mother could say anything he was out of the door and at Prof. Marines lab.

He was the first in the lab, to sooner be joined by 6 other trainers. Moments later, the proffesor made her appearance at the top of some stairs. She began to trod down them when suddenly, she tripped a few steps from the bottom, sending her tumbling down. Scott was the first to run over. "Are you okay?" He pondered as he helped her up. She pulled 7 pokeballs out of her pocket and handed one to Scott, along with a Pokedex and a map displaying all of herion. "Thankyou" Said Scott slowly. He zoomed out of the door and ran to the enterance of route 101.

He looked down the path. Starlies were flying over head as the sun reached its highest point and it strook mid-day. He took a deep breath and pulled out his Pokeball. "C'mon out!" He shouted as he flinged it in the air. A skorupi emerged from the ball. "Sko!" It said happily. "Cool." Replied Scott. "let's go." He said happily as they began to walk forwards.

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That's a good post, let's keep that up!
You recieved a level 5 Male Skorupi!

Poke Ball (5)
Herion Map

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 9th, 2008, 10:49 AM
It was eight o'clock in the morning, and Simon was tired. He had never been a morning person, and he was even crankier seeing as he was standing in a creepy lab with six strangers, and there was a strong smell of B.O. in the air. It would probably have been a good idea to have a shower this morning...

"Hello there" came a friendly voice from upstairs, breaking off Simon's train of thoughts. It was Professor Marine, here to give them their first Pokémon. She made to step downstairs, but somehow slipped, tumbling down the staircase and coming to a stop right in front of Simon's feet.
"Err... are you okay?" he asked anxiously, but the professor just laughed, telling him that she did this most mornings. After some quick introductions had been made, she then said "Come upstairs, all of your Pokémon are dying to meet you!"

As you would expect, all of the trainers dashed upstairs. Except Simon, that is (he was a little too fond of Mars bars to worry about running). At the top of the stairs, a line had formed and Prof. Marine was handing out pokeballs. After a few minutes, Simon came to the front of the line, and Prof. Marine handed him the last pokeball, along with his five empty pokeballs and a pokedex.
"Here" she said, "The last one: Pikachu, the electric type!" Simon slowly paled as the word electric bounced around his skull. Memories of an angry electabuzz came rushing back, only to be disrupted by Marine's gentle voice: "Simon, are you all right? Is something wrong?" Simon determinedly shook off his bad feelings. He wouldn't get another chance to go on another Pokémon journey, so he would have to just grit his teeth and bear it.

"All right, Pikachu, come on out!" A small yellow rodent with red patches on its cheeks and an indented tail jumped out of the ball. "Hi, Pikachu, I'm Simon, and I’m going to be your trainer, if that's ok" he squeaked timidly. The Pikachu leapt forwards, and Simon braced himself, feeling a warm furry mass slam into his belly. He looked down, only to see his Pikachu with its arms wrapped around him in an incredibly odd-looking hug. Feeling better all ready, Simon prised the yellow rat off his torso, and set off for Route 101.

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 10:52 AM
ailpeewee: alright, that is a good post, I love how everybody does their posts!
You recieved a level 5 Female Pikachu!

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Killer X 1296
August 9th, 2008, 11:06 AM
Brandon suddenly heard someone pounding on his bedroom door while he woke up to see who it was. When he opened the door, it was his mother. "Your going to be late to meet the other six trainers and recieve your first pokemon" said his mother in a calm voice. Brandon kissed his mother a goodbye and farwell as he grabs his black backpack. Brandon left the his house as he walked towards the Pokemon laboratory.

A few minutes past by as Brandon opened the front door to the Pokemon laboratory. While he was walking inside to meet the other six trainers waiting for their first pokemon, he saw Professor Marine falling down the stairs. "Are you okay miss?" Brandon asked. "Yes I am, by the way glad to meet you," Professor Marine said while she got back up from the ground. As Professor Marine was coming down with a much calm state, she greeted the other six trainers.

"Can we get our pokemon yet?" asked Brandon. "Yes you all can," Professor Marine said while she brought out seven pokeballs. Brandon grabbed his pokeball and firmly grasped it in his hand. "Come on out pokemon!" exclaimed Brandon. Suddenly he saw a bright white light coming from the pokeball and then suddenly, he saw a bright orange and red flame coming from a tail. "It's a Charmander! I always wanted one of these when I was a little kid!" said Brandon.

"Your welcome Brandon," said Professor Marine. Brandon put away his Charmander pokeball in his backpack and then he walked towards the front door leaving a goodbye and farwell to Professor Marine. He was back outside and then he started to walk towards Route 101. "Wait Brandon!" hollered Professor Marine, "Here, you forgot your Pokedex, it's a device that can record Pokemon you meet." Brandon said thank you and then he continued walking towards Route 101.

"Hold on son!" hollered Brandons mother while she was standing in front of the house door. Brandon walked towards his mother and he seen her hand reach into her pocket. "Here is three thousand dollars for your Pokemon adventure," said Brandons mother. "Thank you mother, now can I start my journey?" asked Brandon. "Of course you can son, go along and enjoy the life of a Pokemon trainer." Brandon finally continued to walk towards Route 101 while he starts to take out Charmander so he can have someone to talk too.

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Killer X 1296: That's a nice post you did there! Can't wait to see what's next along with everyone else's :]
You recieved a level 5 Male Charmander!

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August 9th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Beep, Beep, Beep The alarm clock wailed at the empty room. Azure, or Zuri as she is known, Ran across the kitchen, through the hallway, and skidded into her bedroom to turn off the Piplup shaped alarm clock. "Aha! I guess I might have gotten up just a tad too early…" she laughed and set the small plastic alarm system down on her small windowsill above her vibrantly colored bedspread. The messy heap of blankets, pillows and sheets stared menacingly back at Zuri. The young girl sighed and removed everything from the mattress. Zuri put the bed together neatly in exact order; bed liner, bottom-most sheet, comforter, Piplup blanket, pillows, Piplup plushy, and finally the other Toys. "Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Bye Brian!" Zuri called out as she grabbed her small rucksack from the coat rack and exited her home.

"Yay! I'm gonna be a Pokemon trainer soon!" Zuri exclamed as she neared the Pokemon lab. She barged right in without a second's thought, "Hey! Anybody home?" She walked around aimlessly until she heard a faint thump from upstairs, she dashed up the stairs and saw Professor Marine flat on the floor. "What happened, Aha?"
"Sorry, I Fell...You must be a new trainer, right?" Zuri nodded and extended a hand to help the professor. "You should be more careful, Professor." Marine dismissed the girl and walked her over to a table with seven Pokeballs. It appeared most of the other trainers had already decided on the Pokemon they wanted, a few kids stepped foreward and took a Pokeball. Zuri smiled and pushed foreward, grabbing the right-most Pokeball. "That's Piplup, a good starter, even if it is a tad vain." Zuri's smile grew, "A flying type? Nah, it doesn't matter....It learns flying type moves...Piplup, you're mine!"

After a good solid ten minutes of explaining, Zuri headed out with her new Pokemon, Pocha, and the basic items to be a trainer. "Bye, thanks!" The girl cried as she ran down the road towards route 101. "Pocha...Come on out!!!" She threw the Pokeball dramatically and the small blue penguin emerged. "Pip?"
"Hi Piplup, I'm your new trainer, Zuri...And your nickname is gonna be Pocha....Okay?" Piplup turned away and crossed it's arms. "Aww...Pocha!" Zuri bent down and held the penguin Pokemon who was flailing about. "Okay...we'll try that later?" She removed Piplup's Pokeball and it's red beam sent Piplup back into the Pokeball. "Oh well, it is vain...right?" she sighed before letting a smile spread on her lips, she has about to enter route 101.

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 11:34 AM
Dai-tan: That is a great introductry post, I can't wait for your next post! :]
You recieved a Level 5 Male Piplup "Pocha"!

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Master Jecht
August 9th, 2008, 1:15 PM
This was it the final round of the Herion League. Troy was facing the Herion League Champion. The crowd was chanting Troy's name as he sent out Dialga. He ordered Dialga to use roar of time which scored a direct hit and knocked out the champions Palkia. Everyone started cheering, but then there cheers started to turn to beeps and sirens. Troy woke up in his bed in a panicky state and started grabbing for his alarm clock. He couldn't find the snooze button so he just threw it against the wall and it shattered everywhere. "Stupid alarm clock." he thought.

Troy went to his dresser and threw his clothes on. "I am excited to get a pokemon so i can start battling, but why did the professor have to make us wake up so early?" he thought as he lazily dragged himself up the stairs. As he reached upstairs, he started looking around for his Aunt expecting a big breakfast and gifts for his journey. However, Troy could still hear her snoring from her room. Disappointed, Troy grabbed a cereal bar and a energy drink to help wake him up. He put on his shoes and grabbed his backpack and headed outside wondering what Pokemon he was going to get.

After a short, sluggish walk, Troy arrived at the Pokemon Lab front door. He quickly chugged his energy drink and munched down his cereal bar as there was no food allowed in the lab because it could get the Pokemon excited. Professor Marines aids escorted him to the room where she was giving out the pokemon to the new trainers. Troy saw a couple other trainers standing there including the 2 cute girls that caught his attention first. He stood in line with the other trainers when a booming voice said "Welcome trainers to the first step of your journey." Troy took a look up and saw Prof. Marine on top of the stairs.

Professor Marine took one step down but missed and tumbled all the way down the stairs only to end with a nasty faceplant at the end. Some of the other trainers rushed over to help, but Troy couldn't help it and started to burst out laughing. "Hahahah. Thanks for that professor i needed that to wake me up." Other trainers glared angerly at Troy but Prof. Marine just laughed with him. As Prof. Marine got up she got the poke balls and started to hand them out to trainers. She finally got to Troy who reached for a pokeball. "The Pokemon you just received is an Eevee." Prof. Marine said. "It is a normal type, but is the most diverse Pokemon out there as it can evolve 7 different ways. And also here is your pokedex and pokeballs so you can record and catch all the pokemon you see on your journey."

After everyone got there pokemon, pokedex, and pokeballs it was time to begin. Troy said thanks to Prof. Marine and headed out excited to see his new eevee. As soon as he got outside he yelled “Eevee lets go” as he threw his pokeball. A tiny fox like pokemon appeared as it stared curiously at Troy. “Hey eevee I’m Troy nice to meet you. How would you like to be my partner and take on the pokemon league.” Eevee cried in glee and jumped on Troy with the force so much it knocked him over. “I will take that as a yes.” Laughed Troy patting his new Eevee. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a guide. “Let’s see to get to the next town we have to take route 101. Alright Eevee return.” He said as a red beam took Eevee back into its ball. Troy put his guide book back into his bag and eagerly started to head to route 101.

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August 9th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Master Jecht: That's a great post, I like seeing different personaliltys, that's one of the joys I find in Role Playing X3
You recieved a level 5 Female Eevee!

Poke Ball (5)
Herion Map

August 9th, 2008, 8:10 PM
The trees around Maxi seemed to be full of life this morning. A light breeze rustled the leaves in each evergreen and wisped through Maxi’s long, brown hair. He felt at peace, as he always did, as he lounged under the largest of the trees. A few Skiploom slowly floated past Maxi as he finished shading one of his many sketches.

Maxi had gotten up a little before the sunrise to come to his favorite spot in the nearby forest. He knew today was the day he would start his journey, even if he was still nervous. He didn’t like being around people and had a hard time starting conversations. So he figured he’d wait a bit before going to the lab so that he could miss the rush of trainers and still get his Pokémon. He finally pushed himself up and brushed off his blue trench coat. He walked out of the forest and headed in the direction of the lab.

He opened the double doors that led into the lab. He saw many machines that blinked as he walked. His pants made a shuffling sound as he walked, due to them being tucked under his shoes. He looked up at a staircase to see Professor Marine walking down it. She seemed to trip on something and tumbled down, right in front of Maxi.

“Are you…ok professor?” Maxi asked in a calm but worried voice.

“You must be Maxi, you’re the last one here but you always seemed to be up and about before any of the trainers,” she said while giggling.

“I just wanted to give you time to them,” Maxi replied as he glanced down at his shoes.

“Well here are your Pokémon and Pokedex,” she said happily. “Also, here are five more Pokeballs to start you off.” I hope you have a wonderful trip and can’t wait to hear your accomplishments.”

“Thank you Professor Marine,” Maxi said as he grabbed the items and turned to walk out. He looked back one final time to wave and then set out to start his adventure. He made to the outskirts of the town and saw a sign to had, “Route 101” written in black letters. He tossed his Pokeball into the air and it burst with a white light. A green Pokémon appeared and it had a bulb upon its back. It looked at Maxi happily and jumped upon his chest. They both landed with a thud, and it made Maxi chuckle a bit, which was hardly ever seen from his usual quiet self.

“Hi, Bulbasaur,” Maxi said as he slowly went to pet the seed Pokémon upon his head. The Bulbasaur accepted the friendly gesture with a smile and gave out a happy, “Bulba.” Maxi and Bulbasaur both faced ahead of them and began their trek, together as partners and as friends, down the road to their new adventure.

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August 10th, 2008, 6:23 AM
IceDragon2439: That's a nice post, keep it up the good work!
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Poke Ball (5)
Herion Map

OOC: I am going to be posting Chapter 2 here :]

Chapter 2: Route 101

Number of Posts: 2

Description: A long meadow that holds a variety of Pokemon around, several trainers starts their journey from this route.

What to do in a route

1. Catch Pokemon

2. Battle Trainers

3. Find Items (Potions, Poke balls, TMs, etc.)

Now you can do anything else besides those things, I mean we’re human aren’t we? Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other trainers, I also just want your find to be realistic, and I want everyone to have fun, let’s see what wild Pokemon we have here today?

How I level you and how I grade you’re catching, depending on how long your post is and if you have a battle that’ll increase your Pokemon’s level. When you’re trying to catch a Pokemon, you cannot decide if you catch it, when you’re trying to catch a Pokemon you have to finish it off at that because you cannot continue until you know that it was caught. Again, depending on how long your post is, I’ll let it be caught.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye, Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Simple, Unaware
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Water
Ability: Swift Swim, Rain Dish
Attacks: Astonish, Growl (Level 3)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Thick Fat, Huge Power
Attacks: Splash, Charm
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

August 10th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Scott walked down the road with his Skorupi beside him. The Skorupi seemed to like him and he liked the Skorupi. it was a warm day and Scott was eager for a battle. Scott was alerted by some movements in some tall grass near by. He looked towards it and wondered what it could of been. He began to walk towards the bushes, passing a small pond on his way. Scott now knew there was a pokemon there and he crouched low, trying not startle it. Suddenly, Skorupi jumped from behind him, causing him to topple over into the bushes. The Skorupi pounced on the Bidoof and bit it on its back. "BI!" It squealed as it knocked the Skorupi from it's back and ran away. Skorupi have jumped half turned and looked at Scott. "You've gotta be more careful and quieter!" Scolded Scott. A small frown came on Skorupi's face."But it's not your fault. You where eager, I know that, but you must be more careful."

They continued walking, putting the arguement behind them. Skorupi was very happy, smiling a sweet smile and resisting the temptation of pouncing on any Pokemon he saw and Scott didn't. Scott stopped at a pond and sat beside it. He looked at his reflection in the glisening water. Ripples began to form on the surface and Scott jumped up with Skorupi at his side.

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 6:41 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was an okay post, just mak route posts a little longer even if nothing is happening :] You may proceed to the next post X3

August 10th, 2008, 6:48 AM
OOC: I'm not sure if you can catch a pokemon in this Chapter, but if you can't just make the catch fail :) And if you want me to edit the post afterwards, just say so :)

Suddenly, a Lotad leeped from the water, knocking Scott down and landing near them. it made a pose, beckoning them to battle. "Go, Skorupi, use bite!" Shouted Scott as he got up. Skorupi zoomed towards the lotad, piercing it with his sharp fangs. The Lotad swung around, making the Skorupi fly off him. He landed firmly on the ground and began to run at the lotad at his own accord.

Scott looked puzzled, what was he gonna do now? Skorupi jumped on top of the Lotad and stabbed him with his tail. A small amount of purple ooze could be seen being infected into the Lotad. "Loooo." moaned the Lotad as it collapsed on the floor. "Excellent!" Shouted Scott,"That was Poison Sting. now, Pokeball, GO!" Scott flung a Pokeball towards the Lotad, causing it to be sealed inside the ball...

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August 10th, 2008, 6:51 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: Maybe you should look at Zimvee's Kanto Adventure, maybe that'll help with making posts longer, but you caught the Lotad :]
You caught a level 2 Male Lotad!

August 10th, 2008, 6:53 AM
OOC: YAAAAY!!! I'll update my trainer card ASAP...

Oh and i'll check out that too :D

August 10th, 2008, 6:54 AM
OOC: YAAAAY!!! I'll update my trainer card ASAP...

Oh and i'll check out that too :D

August 10th, 2008, 7:53 AM
Maxi and Bulbasaur continued walking as a sweet scent passed their noses. The sunlight was warm and Bulbasaur seemed relaxed as he looked up at Maxi with a grin. The trees began to grow less and less in number and in size. Eventually bushes and flowers of many colors began to the dot the scenery as the two travelers continued on their path to the first city. Maxi wondered how big the city was and how it looked because he had never traveled outside of Aozora before.

A few Pokémon caught his eye but none interested him much. The Pidgey with their tan and brown colored wings flew upon the light winds that wisped through Route 101. They chirped happily as they flew by.

They neared a small pond that looked tranquil and decided to stop for a short rest. Bulbasaur seemed to be full of energy and began to search along the edge of the water. A green lily pad floated on the water and this caught the Pokémon’s attention. Maxi just watched as the Bulbasaur watched the pad move to and fro across the pond with a surprised look upon his face.

With a splash, the lily pad jumped from the water and it was, in fact, a living creature. The Lotad landed upon Bulbasaur and he couldn’t move.

“Bulbasaur, that was astonish, try to shake it off and use tackle,” Maxi quickly said as the Lotad fell into a battle stance.

Bulbasaur shook his head and then charged at the Lotad. The hit connected and the water weed Pokémon fell to the ground with a thud.

“One more time should do it,” Maxi exclaimed excitedly. Bulbasaur launched another tackle attack at the ailing Lotad. The attack struck hard and Maxi knew what came next.

As he grabbed one of the spheres from his belt he called out, “go pokeball.” The ball fell upon Lotad and it exploded in red light. After the Pokémon was sucked in, it shook a few times and Maxi waited what came next.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 10th, 2008, 8:05 AM
Simon was walking down the path with his Pikachu, feeling more than a little uncomfortable. While the electric Pokémon didn't seem to wish him any harm, he had yet to see it in a bad mood. As he was wondering how exactly to get himself out of this predicament, a small, brown bird hopped out of a nearby bush. An idea struck Simon at once: if he caught another Pokémon, he would never have to use Pikachu!
"Alright Pikachu, let's catch that Pidgey! Use Thundershock!" Immediately, Pikachu shot a jet of electricity towards the Pidgey, hitting the surprised bird right in the head. Pidgey wasn't done yet, however, as it painfully climbed back to its feet. "Come on Pikachu; let's finish it with one more Thundershock!" Pikachu attacked again, but this time Pidgey took to the air to dodge! It quickly responded with first one tackle, then another, then another, knocking Pikachu almost to the point of unconsciousness. "No! Pikachu, are you all right?"
"Pika Pika" replied Pikachu breathlessly as it struggled to its feet, only to collapse in the dust. Pidgey was still pretty mad about being attacked, though, and quickly tackled Simon, knocking him to the ground. As he lay on the floor, Pidgey flew at top speed towards him in another Tackle. Then, seconds before it hit, it suddenly stopped dead. Simon looked down to see Pikachu back on her feet, with its teeth clamped firmly round Pidgey's leg.
"Pikachu, use Thundershock again!" yelled Simon, and electricity coursed from its cheeks, through Pidgey's body, and the brown feather-ball finally collapsed. Simon quickly threw a pokeball at Pidgey, and the Pokémon was sucked inside. As the ball shook wildly, Simon desperately hoped that their first, hard-fought battle would have been worth it.

(OOC: Pikachu didn't actually use the attack bite, but tell me if this is a problem)

August 10th, 2008, 9:23 AM
Ready! Set! Start!

“Dean and Sandra?!” Nate yelled when her sister and Sandra ran into her room and hugged her roughly and continued by saying: “What are you doing in here?!” and sat down on her bed with Sandra and Dean. “Mom send us a letter where she mentioned that you will get a pokémon from Prof. Marine!” and Dean smiled gently at her sister and quickly stood up with Sandra and pulled Nate up too as they all ran to the down stairs where Nate and Dean´s mother were making some pancakes. Together they sat down on their chairs and started to eat when in the mean time Nate was thinking only her journey that she´d start really soon but quickly recovered from her thoughts when Dean said: “I remember when I got my Charmander from Prof. Oak! It was a wonderful day! Have you already decided what you will choose?!” and looked at Nate. For a while everyone were looking at her which caused her to blush but then Nate said: “I like Bulbasaur a lot!” and gathered her courage and continued by saying: “But I think that I will choose Squirtle as it is my favourite of all three!” and Dean and Sandra smiled as they were really happy too.

After everyone had eaten it was time to say goodbye which was hard as Nate loved her family really much but was shocked when she heard that both Sandra and Dean would walk with her all the way to the laboratory and asked: “Why are you coming with me?! Didn´t you have something important to do in Kanto with James?!” and walked few steps ahead of her sister and Sandra. “Yes I should be there but James said that he´ll be fine even without me and I wouldn´t miss this opportunity to chat with Prof. Marine at any cost!” Dean said and together with Sandra they started to tease Nate and chase her down as they were playing. It didn´t take much time as they already arrived to the laboratory and all the other trainers were there too waiting for Prof. Marine to let them inside as the door was still locked.

Suddenly the door opened and an old woman said: “Come inside children, come inside!” and waved her hand and smiled when she saw Dean and Sandra. “You finally came!” and she shook hands with both Sandra and Dean and led children to the furthest part of the laboratory and sat down on her big and cushy chair. “We will talk after I´ve taken care of these sweet children!” Prof. Marine said when Dean was about to say something and Prof. Marine started to speak out loud so everyone would be able to hear: “You´ve come here to choose your very first pokémons but there are few rules that you have to follow!” and she kept a break before continued: “The oldest one will get to choose at first but pick wisely as I won´t let you change your mind! You all will also get these five pokéballs and this kind of PokéDex which will automatically record the data of every single pokémon that you meet on your journey!” and stood up.

Everyone started to whisper as they were very curious what pokémons they´d get to choose from but Nate was once again in her thoughts as she was thinking what Dean would want to discuss of with Prof. Marine. “Nate Blaze! Are you here?!” Prof. Marine yelled and Nate quickly recovered and shouted: “Here I am Prof. Marine!” and stood out so everyone was able to see her and smiled gently. “Would you please come here and choose your pokémon as my list shows that you should be the oldest one!” Prof. Marine said gently and some pokéballs out from her pockets and called all the starters out. Nate quickly but calmly stepped over and went to stand right next to Prof. Marine and then Prof. Marine introduced every single pokémon one by one so everyone was able to hear and see them. Suddenly Nate saw a pokémon that totally caught her attention and walked over and picked up a tiny Squirtle which was smaller than other pokémons but still as feisty. “I want this Squirtle!” Nate said quickly and both Sandra and Dean smiled when Prof. Marine said: “You clearly like it and it likes you too! You chose wisely sweetie and take these too!” and she handed five bright red pokéballs and a bright blue PokéDex to Nate who looked happy.

Nate, Dean and Sandra left together from the laboratory and started to walk towards Route 101 where she would be able to catch and battle some wild pokémons but Nate was sad as her sister said: “I gotta return as we have something really important to do but you know how you can contact me!” Dean said and hugged her little sister once more before she started to walk back to the laboratory. Nate started to walk with her Squirtle on her side and said: “We are going to have one nice journey Mr. Bubbless!” and smiled gently as the sunlight warmed the air.

To be continued!

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August 10th, 2008, 9:31 AM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice post, you got the Lotad :]
You caught a level 3 Female Lotad!

alipeewee: That post was fine, you're doing fine right now :]
You caught a level 3 Male Pidgey!

RealPyromaniac: That was a great post, I can see that alot more now XD
You recieved a level 5 Male Squirtle "Mr. Bubbles"

Killer X 1296
August 10th, 2008, 9:43 AM
Brandon took out Charmander so they can both talk to each other and then suddenly, they accidentally stepped on a Starly nest on the ground. "STAR!" a Starly screeched while it was flapping its wing at Brandon. Brandon looked at the Starly and it looked like it was hurt and then he looked at the nest. He saw Starly eggs smashed on the ground. Charmander looked at the tree it fell from and then it pointed a claw at the tree branch.

Brandon and Charmander tried to figure out what to do with the hurt Starly since Brandon didn't have any Potions in his backpack so he gently touched Starly's right wing and then it bit him in the finger. "That hurts!" hollered Brandon. Charmander pointed at the tree once again and when Brandon looked at it, he saw its mother Staraptor screeching because it saw its youngling hurt on the groundfloor.

Brandon and Charmander heard silence on the trail and then suddenly, they both seen another Staraptor flying towards them. Within minutes, Brandon and Charmander was trapped between the hurt Starly and its parents. Brandon tried to convince the Staraptors that he didn't hurt their youngling but and then, they both used Whirlwind. Brandon was flying with Charmander and then suddenly, they stopped.

"Starly Star!" screeched the hurt Starly at the male Staraptor. Brandon didn't know what it was saying to its parents so he made Charmander to listen. "Char Char," said Charmander in a fluent voice. Charmander told Brandon that the Starly said that a Rampardos, a Pokemon he didn't draw or see before came and smashed the tree and the nest fell. Both the male and the female Staraptors beleived in its youngling and then they left Brandon and Charmander alone.

Brandon saw the two Staraptors leave for its tree and then the young Starly said something to Charmander. "Starly Star. Star Star Starly Star." Charmander heard what the Starly said and then it told Brandon that it wants to come with them on their journey. "Okay Starly, if you want to come with us, Charmander has to battle you first okay?" asked Brandon to Starly. Starly understood and then it used Tackle at Charmander.

"Okay now Charmander, use Scratch!" exclaimed Brandon while pointing at the hurt Starly. Charmander rasied its claws in the air and then it ran towards the hurt Starly. The claws hit Starly and then Charmander came back too Brandon. "Okay now Charmander, since the Starlys hurt, you got to be gentle to it okay?" asked Brandon. "Charmander Char." Charmander and Brandon both looked at the Starly and then they saw it on the ground. Charmander walked towards the Starly to see if it was a goner. Brandon took out a pokeball a few minutes later, and then he threw it at the hurt Starly and then the pokeball sealed up tight, leaving Starly inside.

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 9:45 AM
Killer X 1296: That was a great post, you earned that Starly!
You caught a level 4 Male Starly!

August 10th, 2008, 10:14 AM
OOC: Ugh...The agony, I love azurill....but I love flying Pokemon...Too bad I didn't bring construction paper and scizors to make "Make-shift wings" for Azurill. xDDD

Zuri looked about and smiled, seeing the Starly and Pidgey fly overhead. "Wow!!! I've never seen that Pokemon before. What is it?" She pointed her Pokedex at the flock of grey and black birds ahead.

'Starly, the starling Pokemon.
Usually with a large flock, it is barely noticeable when alone. Its cries are very strident.'

"A Starly...cool! I want one, Aha! Or I could catch a Pidgey and have it evolve into a Pidgeotto, just like Falkner's Pidgeotto!" Zuri let a small screech of happiness escape her lips, "Aha, Flalkner!!! I wanna be just like you!" Zuri twirled about giddily as she droned on about Falkner.

Having finally stopped her crazy dance, Zuri continued through the route. She hummed to herself as she trodded down the path. Rustling sounds were heard but she did her best to avoid them. Eventually the noises were getting too loud to ignore. "W-who's there? I'm warning you, I'm a master trainer! I'm not afraid to show my skill!" The bushes rustled and out popped a barely foot tall Pokemon, a Starly.

"Have you been following me all this time?" The small Pokemon cocked it's head to the side before letting out a small cry, "Starly..." Zuri smiled and pulled Piplup's Pokeball out, "Well then...Winona, Falkner, I'll make you guys proud...Aha, Starly you're gonna be mine! Pocha, Come on out!" The girl exclaimed, tossing the Pokeball into the air as it released the penguin Pokemon. "Pip Piplup..." Piplup turned away from Zuri and crossed it's arms, clearly being stubborn.

"Pocha, even though you don't like me yet, will you please fight Starly with me?" Zuri pleaded as she replaced the Pokeball. "Pip....Piplup!!"
"Alright then! Pocha, use pound, Aha!" the penguin ran towards the Starly and gave it a good hit, before the Starly became airborn and tackled Piplup. "Pocha, are you okay? Use pound again Pocha!" For the second time Piplup attacked the Starly, though this time it missed, hitting a tree accidentally. "Star!"

The now airborn Starly flew down and tackled Piplup again, seding it into a nearby tree. "Com'mon Pocha, use pound one last time and I'll try catching it!" Piplup went foreward and jumped, hitting the Starly in the side before getting out of the way of a Pokeball. "Pokeball go!" Zuri threw a empty Pokeball at the falling Starly, the Pokemon was sucked inside and the ball fell to the ground. It started to quiver before releasing the Bird. "Starly!"

It attacked the penguin Pokemon and the attack was returned with another pound. Starly fell unconsious momentarily and Zuri used this opportunity. "Pokeball go!" She threw another Pokeball, it sucked Starly in and began to quiver, the center flashing red every time it shook. "Is it caught?" Zuri questioned....

To be continued...

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 10:17 AM
Dai-tan: That must have been a hard desicion, you won't see Azurill in a while, but you will see Marill soon :O You caught the Starly!
You caught a level 4 Male Starly!

Killer X 1296
August 10th, 2008, 10:33 AM
After Brandon caught the hurt Starly. He waved goodbye to its parents and kept on walking in Route 101. When Brandon and Charmander was walking on the trail, they saw a small figure up ahead and then when they continued to walk more, the figure became into two figures. They walked further and the two figures were two Pokemon trainers. "You there, we demand a battle from you. It will be a two on two Pokemon battle. The winner gets one hundred dollars and the loser gives up one hundred dollars," said the male trainer. "Alright then, come on out Charmander and Starly!" exclaimed Brandon.

Brandon threw out the two pokeballs and Starly and Charmander came flashing out of them ready to battle. "Alright then, come on out Mankey!" exclaimed the male trainer. "Show off your moves Psyduck!" exclaimed the female trainer. "Starly use Tackle and use Scratch Charmander," said Brandon. Charmander raised its claws in the air and clawed Mankey, leaving it hurt. Starly quickly soared towards Psyduck, leaving it hurt as well.

"Okay now Mankey use Scratch now!" exclaimed the male trainer. "Okay, use Water Sport Psyduck!" exclaimed the female trainer. Mankey raised its hand up in the air and attacked the strongest which was Charmander, leaving it hurt. Psyduck raised its mouth and squirted water all over the place, leaving the whole place wet all over. "Why would you do that? I don't have a fire type move on Charmander yet," said Brandon. "Okay now Charmander, use Scratch again and use Tackle again Starly," said Brandon.

Charmander raised its claws again and clawed Psyduck, leaving it hurt. Starly looked at Mankey and then it soared towards it, leaving it damaged once more. "Nice going kid, you got skill. Now use Scratch on Starly this time Mankey," said the male trainer. "Use Scratch on Charmander now Psyduck," said the female trainer. Mankey ran towards Charmander with its hand raised and then it clawed Starly. Psyduck raised its wet paws and sqabbled towards Charmander and then it clawed it.

Brandon looked at Starly and it looked hurt really bad, but he didn't have some Potions with him. "Okay now Starly, use Tackle on Psyduck now and use Scratch on Psyduck too finish it off Charmander!" exclaimed Brandon. Stary soared at Psyduck and Charmander ran at it while raising its claw in the air. They both attacked Psyduck at the same time and the Psyduck fainted, leaving Makney defenseless.

"No! My Psyduck!" hollered the female trainer. "Okay Mankey! use Scratch on that little bird now!" hollered the male trainer. Mankey went with rage and then it ran towards the Starly with its claws high in the air. It damaged Starly and then suddenly, it was getting weaker by the minute it stood there on the groundfloor. "Okay now Starly use Tackle and Charmander use Scratch on Mankey to finish this battle now!" exclaimed Brandon.

Starly soared at Mankey and then Charmander followed it behind with its claws high in the air. Charmander attacked Mankey first and then suddenly when Starly attacked Mankey, the battle was done with and Brandon earned one hundred dollars. "That was a great battle and you have earned your money. We both accept a hand shake from you," said the male trainer. Brandon shaked both trainers hands and then they all waved goodbye at each other. Brandon smiled at both Starly and Charmander, while they kept on walking on Route 101.

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Killer X 1296: That was a nice battle post, you need some experience points!
Charmander leveled up to 7!
Charmander learn Ember!
Starly leveled up to 6!
Starly learned Quick Attack!

August 10th, 2008, 11:07 AM
Maxi’s excitement got the best of him as he began to jump happily at his first accomplishment. The Lotad had been caught and Bulbasaur let out an ecstatic, “Bulba, Bulbasaur.”

“Bulbasaur, that was awesome battling, you did a wonderful job,” Maxi stated as he rubbed the bulb on his Pokémon’s back. The gesture was interrupted when he heard clapping behind him. Maxi turned his gaze to see a boy, a little younger than him, grinning at him.

“That was a good catch and you show some promise for a rookie,” the boy said.

“T…thanks, I…I thought I did well too,” Maxi replied, his nerves getting the better of him.

“How about a battle…what is your name?” the boy asked. “Mine is Jimmy.”

“M…Maxi and I ac…accept your challenge,” Maxi responded nervously.

Jimmy tossed his pokeball and a tan-furred monkey appeared. Maxi opened his pokedex and it said, “Mankey, the pig monkey pokemon.” “It lives in treetop colonies. If one becomes enraged, the whole colony rampages for no reason.”

“Alright Bulbasaur, you go first,” Maxi said shyly. Bulbasaur walked in front of Maxi, ready to battle. The Mankey across from began to jump up and down, as if he was fired up.

“Use scratch Mankey,” Jimmy said aloud. Mankey ran towards Bulbasaur, his right arm raised, ready to strike.

“Bulbasaur, counter with growl,” Maxi quickly responded. Right before the attack connected, Bulbasaur let out an intimidating cry. Mankey slowed up and the scratch was almost harmless.

“Now tackle,” Maxi yelled. Bulbasaur ran up to the Mankey and crashed into him, throwing the pig monkey into the air. Mankey landed with a thud but pushed himself right back up.

“Mankey, use low kick,” Jimmy called out. His Mankey quickly ran towards Bulbasaur and stick his foot out. His right foot began to glow as the hit landed, hitting Bulbasaur in the gut. Bulbasaur slid backwards from impact and began to breathe heavily. Maxi recalled his Pokémon and threw Lotad’s ball onto the battlefield.

“Lotad, astonish,” Maxi yelled to his new partner. The attack was so quick, it landed a strong blow and Mankey fell backwards, unconscious. Jimmy recalled him, and ended the battle. They shook hands and Lotad was at Maxi’s heel, smiling joyfully.

“Awesome battle Jimmy, thanks a lot,” Maxi said cheerfully.

“You too Maxi, I’m glad I battled you, you did great,” Jimmy responded.

Jimmy then walked past him, towards Aozora. Maxi set his path forwards after recalling Lotad. He felt somewhat alone but he knew Bulbasaur was too tired to walk the rest of the way.

Maxi passed by a few more trainers as they practiced with their Pokémon. Maxi did all he could to avoid contact with them. Even though his personality was improving, his shyness was still strong inside of him. Up ahead, the path started to open up some and a few buildings could be seen. He was still a good distance away from the next city but it at least gave him some hope. A flock of Starly flew over him and their shadows flew across Maxi’s body. He smiled at the sight of them and continued on for his first destination.

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 12:36 PM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice battle post! You guys are doing pretty well :]
Bulbasaur leveled up to 7!
Bulbasaur learned Leech Seed!
Lotad leveled up 5!
Lotad learned Absorb!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 10th, 2008, 1:24 PM
After what seemed like an age, the pokeball finally stopped shaking and the red light went out.
"YES!" shouted Simon. He had caught his first Pokémon: a Pidgey. Right now, it might not look like much, but with time and hard work it could become a strong Pidgeot. A weak "Pika" roused Simon from his daydreams. He was now stranded in the middle of the route, with both of his Pokémon in critical condition. As Simon wondered what exactly he should do, a tall, dark-haired girl wandered into his view.
"Finally, I've found someone!" she called "I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!" She paused when she saw Simon's Pikachu, obviously injured. "Oh no! Is your Pikachu OK?"
"No, it's in a really bad state, and my Pidgey's hurt as well." he sniffed, close to tears. What would he do if Pikachu was really hurt?
"Let me see," the girl said, and gently took Pikachu from Simon's arms. "Hmmm. He's obviously had quite a battle, but this," and with that she pulled out a small purple bottle, "should help"
"Potion..." gasped Simon, in his haste to get ready, he had forgotten to bring any with him. The girl, who introduced herself as Jade, took out another bottle and asked Simon to let out his newly-caught Pidgey, so she could heal it while he took care of Pikachu.

A while later, after the sun had set, Jade said quietly "You seem to handle your Pikachu quite strangely. Do you two not get along well?" In an almost apologetic tone, Simon explained his fear of electric types. Jade slowly nodded and then said "You can't judge Pokémon by type, you know, just like you can't judge people by how they look. Everyone is different." While Simon pondered these pearls of wisdom, Pikachu crawled over, and curled up in his lap. Simon smiled, and went to sleep.

The next day, after a quick breakfast and getting dressed, Simon wandered over to Jade and asked: "How about that battle now?" A smile spread across her face, and she readily agreed. "We'll make it two-on two, okay?" he called.
"Fine," she replied, “So I'll start with Aipom" Jade threw a pokeball and out jumped a purple monkey with a fist on the end of its tail.
"Then I'll use my Pidgey!" called Simon, sending out the small bird, "It needs some training up."
"All right, Aipom start with sand-attack!" shouted Jade, but Simon simply told Pidgey:
"Fly above it, and then use Tackle." Pidgey rose into the air, the sand blasting harmlessly along below, and then took a steep dive a tackled Aipom in the face. Aipom was clearly strong, however, as it simply sprang back up, and countered with Scratch before Pidgey could fly away. Pidgey was gutsy, however, and climbed back into the air where Aipom could not reach. Or so Simon thought.
"Into that tree!" called Jade “then scratch again!" Aipom, using its tail as another arm, climbed up a nearby tree, then launched itself off the uppermost branch, right towards Pidgey! The scratch hit full on, and Pidgey was knocked out.
"Return, Pidgey," said Simon "Don't worry; you did well for your first proper battle. Fine then, I choose Pikachu!" Pikachu sprang from its pokeball, sparks already flying from its cheeks. "Let's end this quickly, with Thundershock!" Pikachu shot lightning at Aipom, too quickly to be dodged, and Aipom was out cold from a single hit.
“Fine, then for the final round, I choose Vulpix!" A small orange fox with six tails materialised and began to growl softly.
"Pikachu, use Growl!" called Simon, and Pikachu let out a deafening growl that would have put King Kong to shame. Vulpix seemed almost paralysed by fear, and Simon used this opening to attack. "Now, Thundershock!"
"Counter with ember!" came the order from Jade. The two attacks collided in the air, causing a small explosion.
"Thundershock on the tree now!" ordered Simon, and Pikachu obeyed, causing a tree branch to fall straight at Vulpix. It managed to dodge, but was hit full on by Pikachu's next Thundershock, causing a lot of damage. "Yes! Pikachu, we've got this in the bag!" called Simon, but was interrupted by Jade shouting: "Vulpix, Flail!" Immediately, Vulpix went berserk, thrashing around, hitting Pikachu hard enough to send it flying, right into the tree. Pikachu was knocked out instantly.

"But how?" Simon asked, as he returned Pikachu.
"Flail gets more powerful when the user has less health left. That Thundershock almost KO'd Vulpix, so it was extremely strong." Jade explained, “Don’t worry about losing, though, that was your first battle and my fifth. I lost my first three." Slightly cheered by this thought, Simon and his new friend continued to the end of Route 101

Master Jecht
August 10th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Troy continued walking on route 101 to the next city with the crisp breeze blowing threw his hair. He could hear the chirps of pokemon as he looked up and saw many Pidgey and Starly flying through the air. There also was the sound of splashes and squeels of glee over by a pond where there were a Bidoof playing with some Azurill. “Hah this is so cool!” Troy thought as he recorded all their data in the Pokedex. “Eevee come on out its time to catch us a new buddy!” he said as Eevee emerged from the Pokeball in a glittering flash of light, and looking ready to battle. Troy spotted a Pidgey all by itself lying down in a patch of grass. He hid with Eevee behind a bush to create a sneak attack. “All right Eevee lets see your tackle attack!” Troy shouted as Eevee rushed toward the Pidgey. Then came a loud, annoying, wailing, sireny sound coming towards their direction. “I swear if this is another dream I give up” thought Troy. The Pidgey was startled by the sound and flew off as Eevee missed the tackle and hit her head on the ground. Troy looked around for the sound and saw a crying on the path with a Starly in his hand. Troy rushed over to have a word with the boy.

“Hey kid can’t you see that some of us are trying to catch Pokemon here! Keep it quiet!” yelled Troy.

“I’m sorry” said the boy as he tried to rub his tears away. “It is just that this bully hurt my Starly with his evil pokemon. HEY! You look big and strong can you get him back for me?”

“No thanks, I try to stay out of other peoples business. Besides, I am still trying to catch my first pokemon.” Troy explained.

“If you don’t help me I will cry again” the boy said with tears filling up his eyes.

“AHHH NOOOOO!!! PLEASE I’LL HELP!” Troy said in a rush “Alright lead me to this bully. Eevee come were leaving” Eevee jumped up on Troy’s shoulder and climbed up his head and lay down on his hair.

“Thank you so much mister. My name is Tom by the way. Here follow me I will lead you to that meanie that hurt my Starly. Alright Starly have a nice rest in your pokeball now!” the little boy said excitedly returning his Starly to his ball.

“Hey Tom. I’m Troy from Aozora Town.” said Troy. “Well I might not be catching a Pokemon but a battle sounds just as good” thought Troy as him and Tom walked over a hill to find the bully.

To be continued…

(Ooc: I hope I can end it like this I kinda want it to be a 2parter thing ><)

rii - chii
August 11th, 2008, 11:11 AM
Master Jecht: That was a nice post, it's okay to end it off like that, TV shows do that all the time when it gets to a good part o.o;;

Master Jecht
August 12th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Troy continued his journey with Eevee sleeping on his head and following the little boy Tom to help him get revenge on a bully for hurting Tom’s Starly. They both walked for quite a while and stopped at a big tree.

“Why did we stop?” said Troy

“We are here.” Tom said. Tom picked up a small rock and with a big wind up threw a rock up at the tree. Troy looked up and saw a tree house. The rock slammed into the tree house with a big thud.

“WHO’S THERE?” said a high nasally voice. A tiny boy glared down at Troy and Tom and then lowered a ladder down. The tiny boy climbed down the ladder, ran up to the two and spoke. “Well, well look who it is crybaby Tom. I thought you ran home to your mommy.” He said with a chuckle. “Who is this kid your with? He looks like a wimp.”

“This is Troy! He is my new friend and he is going to make you pay for hurting my Starly! And I am not a crybaby” said a pretty confident Tom.

Troy looked at the tiny kid that emerged from the tree house with a surprised look in his eyes. Finally he spoke. “W-wait….. This is the big bully you were talking about?” said Troy.

“Yep” replied Tom

Troy started to laugh. “Hahaha. This little guy gave you all that trouble. He is a foot shorter than you Tom. Couldn’t you of just beat him up? I mean you got the reach on him.”

The boy that emerged from the tree house’s face began to grow red. “HEY YOU WITH THE BIG MOUTH SHUT IT!” he said. “AND STOP CALLING ME NAMES LIKE BULLEY AND TINY.” He calmed himself down and said “I am Master Ricky the best trainer on route 101 and I challenge you to a Pokemon battle big mouth”

Troy got a big jolt of excitement once he heard that. “I accept shorty” he said “Eevee lets go, it’s battling time.” There was a slight pause and nothing happened. Troy looked up and Eevee was still fast asleep on his head. “EEVEE WAKE UP” Troy screamed. Eevee jumped up in shock and fell off of Troy’s head and landed with a loud thud on the ground. Eevee started to yelp at Troy for waking her up. “Sorry to wake you up Eevee but we got a battle right now.” He said. Eevee shook its head to wake it self up and stood straight up looking battle ready.

Master Ricky got a smirk on his face “Ha, you can’t even control your Pokemon how do you expect to win. Go Rattata!” he said. Master Ricky threw his ball and in a flash of white light a small, purple rat emerged. “Alright big mouth this is going to be a 1 on 1 battle.”

“Fine by me” said Troy as he started to get a serious look on his face. “Let us see what Pokemon that is first” Troy pointed his Pokedex at the rat.

Rattata The Mouse Pokemon
Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places.

“Ready when you are.” Troy said.

“Go Troy!” Tom shouted

Ricky was quickly to respond “Rattata use tackle!” He shouted. Rattata started to run and build up speed heading towards Eevee.

“Let’s use tackle as well!” Troy said as Eevee charged towards Rattata.

Both trainers looked in anticipation to see which tackle was stronger. Both of the Pokemon collided at an equal force, sending them both flying back to their trainers.

“So an even match” Troy thought. “But I know how to lower its defenses to give us an advantage” Troy gave Eevee a command “Eevee use tail whip!”

Eevee walked up to Rattata, turned around and started to wag its tail back and forth. Rattata looked hypnotized staring at the wagging tail.

“Rattata don’t be fooled by that and use bite” Ricky shouted

Rattata shook its head and with a big chomp bit Eevee’s tail. Eevee let out a cry and started to run in circles with Rattata still chomped down on its tail.

Troy couldn’t help be see a little bit of humor in what was happening but the gave a command “Eevee calm down and use tail whip as fast and hard as you can.”
Eevee came to a stop and started to shake its tail getting faster and faster as time passed bye. Finally, the tail shake was so powerful that it made Rattata lose its bite grip and sent it flying into the ground.

“Great job” Troy said as Eevee started to cry with glee.

“Alright, enough fooling around. Rattata use quick attack” Ricky shouted

All of a sudden Rattata started to get a white glow and started running towards Eevee with great speed. It was so fast Troy couldn’t even react as the quick attack scored a direct hit on Eevee that sent it flying on its back.

“Ahh Eevee” Troy said with a worry “Are you able to continue?” Eevee got up slowly with a couple scratches on it. Eevee turned around and let a confident cry back at Troy. “That quick attack was fast. I am guessing that he is probably going to use that again” Troy said in his thoughts. “But how am I going to dodge that? Eevee doesn’t have the speed.” Troy started to look around and then saw his answer. “I got it!” He shouted “Eevee head over to that tree”

“Not so fast! Rattata hit Eevee with quick attack again!” Ricky commanded

Rattata started to charge Eevee again gaining on it fast, but Eevee was already to the tree. “Alright, Eevee climb up the tree to the first branch” Troy shouted. Eevee turned around and started to climb the tree.

“Ahhh, Rattata stop you’re going to hit the tree!” Ricky stated now realizing what Troy’s plan was. Rattata dug its paws into the ground to slow down but it was too late. THUD! Rattata met head on with the tree and fell backwards crying in pain. Eevee finally finished climbing and got to the first branch.

“Nice job Eevee! Let’s finish this off with a tackle attack!” Troy shouted. Eevee jumped off the first branch and got into a dive-bomb position heading straight towards the dazed Rattata. Finally, Eevee’s tackle attack hit Rattata with great force sending Rattata crashing through the ground creating a big dust cloud. Both trainers looked upon the battle waiting for the dust to clear. A big gust of wind came and the dust cleared. Eevee was stading on top of Rattata who was out cold.

“Alright Troy you won!” shouted Tom

Ricky stood there staring in awe of what happened. He ran up to his Rattata and picked it up and started to cry. “Waaaaaaaahh! You jerk you hurt my pokemon! I am going to tell my mom!” Ricky said as he ran away into the distance.

“O great now I am the Bully” Troy said. Eevee ran up to Troy and sat down. “Nice job Eevee we won our first battle. You probably want to rest now here back in your ball” Troy patted Eevee and then returned her to his ball.”

“Wow you were great Troy!” Tom stated “Thanks for helping me. That Ricky shouldn’t be bothering me again. Well I better be getting my Starly to a Pokemon Center so I will see you later” Tom shook hands with Troy and ran off.

“See you later Tom” Troy said waving goodbye. “Guess I better get going to the next town too. Troy continued walking down route 101 when he heard an angry female voice.

Troy turned around and saw Ricky who was with his mom. “Umm well you see…” Troy said and then started to run away down route 101 to get to the next town.

(I type to much ><)

rii - chii
August 12th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Master Jecth: You see, there's never too much typing in role playing XD That was a nice post!
Eevee leveled up to 8!
Eevee learned Sand-Attack!

OOC: I will also post the next town for people who are done Route 101

Chapter 3: Fairview Town
Number of Posts: 2

Description: A small town that surprisingly holds a lot of people with a lot of houses. A residential area for families to live, it has the basic items for starting trainers.

What to do in a route

Go off to certain places
Have gym battles If they have a gym
Explore the Town
You may not catch wild Pokemon in the city, and you cannot have Pokemon Battles, unless your in a certain part of the town, for example in McKarp Town, you may battle in a gym or the Aquarium (That’s the city of the second gym). This is basically a place to restore your health and relax.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A center which allows you to heal your Pokemon and stay for the night for free, what a deal!
Pokemart: A convenience store that sells a lot of Pokemon Goods for trainers. "Potion, Poke Ball, Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Awakening, Repel"
Rainbow TV: A small TV studio where they broadcast very important news about the Herion Region.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 12th, 2008, 2:39 PM
OOC: pieCakeyy, you seem to have missed my second route 101 post

Tired and hungry, Simon finally stumbled out of route 101, right in to Fairview Town. He looked around blearily for a few minutes, then, remembering his injured Pokémon, he ran towards the Pokémon centre.
"Nurse Joy!" he called frantically, "My Pokémon have been hurt!" Nurse Joy quickly came over and released his Pokémon from their balls. After casting a quick eye over them she commented
"I can see that these two have clearly had a tough battle, but they should be fine if you leave them with me until tomorrow." Hugely relieved, Simon let out a sigh, then instructed his Pokémon to behave for Nurse Joy and headed to the Pokemart to stock up on Pokeballs and potions. Unfortunately, paying Jade her prize money had taken a toll on his wallet, so he could only afford one of each. After his shopping, Simon fell to thinking about Jade. She had left him at the end of Route 101, passing straight through Fairview Town to head on with her journey.
"Next time," he thought, "I'll be the one walking away victorious! I will train hard, and catch stronger Pokémon! Then, she'll have no chance!"

rii - chii
August 12th, 2008, 4:41 PM
alipeewee: sorry about that, that seems to happening more often because the website keeps becoming unavailable o.o I'll grade both posts here.

Pikachu leveled up to 8!
Pidgey leveled up to 6!
Pidgey learned Sand-Attack!

August 12th, 2008, 4:49 PM
Pt.2 (Continued from my last post)

The Pokeball stopped and the center flashed red before fading back into white. "I Caught a Starly, Aha!" Zuri ran over to the Pokeball and picked it up, "Awsomeness!" She placed the small ball in her jacket. Zuri turned to look at Piplup and smiled "Thanks soo much Pocha, you did such a good job, you deserve a rest-"
"Not so fast, I challenge you to a battle!" a voice demanded behind her. Zuri quickly turned around to stare at a two young boys, both bug catchers. "And I too challenge you!" The other said. Zuri smiled and rubbed the back of her neck, "Gee I'd love to...but my Pokemon aren't ready."
"Pip Piplup Pip!" her small Pokemon sidekick called out, "Sorry, but you can't refuse a Trainer battle. Two-on-two, right now!"

The first boy, a short kid with neat dirty-blonde hair and dark navy eyes, threw up his Pokeball. A wurmple appeared and let out a battle cry. The second boy, slightly taller than the first and with messy chocolate coloured hair and caramell eyes, also threw his Pokeball up and summoned his Pokemon, another Wurmple. "Poor children, you already decided the outcome of this by choosing bug-Pokemon..Pocha you're on!! Starly Come on out!" She called, throwing starly's Pokeball onto the field and Piplup running out to fight. Zuri pulled her Pokedex out and pointed it at the Worm Pokemon Pokemon.

'Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon.
It spits a white silk that turns sticky when it contacts air. It is used to immobilize foes.'

"Wurmple use tackle on the Piplup!"
"Wurmple use tackle on the Starly!" The two boys called in unison, Zuri smirked "Starly get off the ground, Pocha dodge!" Starly flew up a few feet, dodging Wurmple's attack. Pocha narrowly missed the hit, staggering backwards and falling on his back. "Starly use Tackle on the Wurmple below you!" Starly executed the attack perfectly and flew over to the ground closest to it's trainer.
"Wurmple use tackle on the Piplup!"
"Wurmple use tackle on the Piplup!" They yelled in unison again, Piplup couldn't move fast enough and surely took the hit from both. "Pocha!! Are you okay?!" The penguin lifted itself slowly, "Pip...lup."

"Alright Pocha, use Pound on the Wurmple to your left, Starly keep the other Wurmple busy!" The first Wurmple went after Pocha though stopped in it's tracks by Starly, This left the other open to the attack by Pocha. The attack was critical and knocked out the small Pokemon. "Grr...Wurmple return!" The second boy called, returning the Wurmple to its Pokeball. "Hey, down underestimate me, my Wurmple is stronger than his is!" The first boy remarked. "Wurmple, use Poison sting!" It turned around and shot poison darts from the end of its tail at the Starly directly in front of it, the force strong enough to knock it backwards, "Star!!"

"Starly?" Straly weakly stood, obviously in pain. "S-starly..." it cried a weak cry, and tried to hold its ground. "Oh no! You're poisoned! ...Pocha use pound on Wurmple!"
"Wurmple use string shot!" Pocha moved quickly towards his opponent, pounding it on the head, although his puch was soft due to the lack of speed because of the silk string hanging from his body. Starly fell over, seeming to take an invisible hit. "Oh no, Starly! ...It's okay, you did really well! Return!" Starly was returned to it's Pokeball, "Pocha use pound again!" Pocha was close enough to hit the Wurmple hard enough for a knock out.

"Y-you win...." The blonde walked over to Zuri and handed her $600. "Thank you, I hope to battle with you again." She bowed and grabbed the money, sticking it in her backpack. Zuri then turned aruond and returned Pocha to his Pokeball, "Thank you Pocha, couldn't have done it without you." She started off agin, looking into the distance and seeing entrance...an entrance to a town! Fairview town.

(Not part of my other post)
Zuri walked through the entrance to Fairview town, it was a beautiful place, albeit quite populated. From the top of the hill she could see rows and rows of houses, many identical, many unique. "Wow...reminds me of home." She smiled and ran down the hill, accidentally running into a man in shop clothing. "Oh, sorry mister!"
"That's alright missy....Oh! By the look of you, you must be a Pokemon trainer, right?"
"Yep, I just started today!"
"Then follow me, you probably want to know where the Pokemart is, right?-"
"Well, actually I need to know where the Pokecen-"
"Right, Follow me!" The man grabbed Zuri's wrist and practically dragged her over to a building with a large blue roof. "Here it is, As a promonitional item I'll let you keep this potion."
"Thank-" Before she could finish her statement she was shoved through the door.

As the door opened a jingle of bells was heard and a cashier appeared at the counter. "Hello can I help you?"
"Yes, I need to buy some Potions and Pokeballs." After a long boring speech about being a trainer Zuri was able to purchase her items and leave.
"I never want to do that again...Aha..."

She looked across the street and saw the large Red/pink roof, relief swept over her, "Finally, the Pokemon Center!" She ran over to the building and right up to the counter. "Hello, would you like me to heal your Pokemon?" The nice Nurse Joy asked.
"Yes please..."
"Alright, you must be a new trainer. What you have to do is place your Pokeballs in this tray, and come back for them later." Zuri nodded and placed Starly and Pocha's Pokeballs on the tray. "Thank you, the sleeping facilities are on the third floor if you need them." Zuri smiled and bowed, "Thank you." Nurse Joy handed Zuri a small card key, "You'll be in room fourteen." Zuri bowed again and walked over to a seat in the lobby. "Maybe I'll explore later..."
To be continued...

August 12th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Maxi finally trudged into the first city, Fairview. He was left in awe at the number of houses that were fitted into the small area that made up the town. He glanced around and finally found what he was looking for, the pokemon center. The sun just hit the trees as Maxi looked into the glass the door, reflecting a colorful sunset. They slid open and he saw the interior. A pink haired woman sat behind the counter, looking at some papers. Many trainers sat at the numerous tables and booths that lined the walls. A few were eating an early dinner and others were talking to one another. Many Pokémon stood by trainers, eagerly looking at their surroundings.

Maxi walked up to the desk and placed his two Pokeball upon it. The lady looked up at him and smiled and placed them on a small tray that had four slots.

“I will gladly heal your Pokémon for you,” the nurse happily exclaimed. “Chansey, can you please take these to the back room to be treated,” she said to a pink, oval shaped pokemon that wore a nurse hat atop its head. She took the tray and walked through the double doors that led to the other rooms of the center.

“You may have a seat or explore the city a bit while you wait,” the nurse said to Maxi.

“Thank you, I’ll probably take a tour of the city,” Maxi replied.

He then turned and walked out the doors that he had entered a few minutes earlier. The sun was now completely hidden behind the trees as Maxi began to look around the town. He mostly passed by houses of the same shape but each had their own specific color to them. It was peaceful and Maxi enjoyed it as he walked. Most of the citizens were inside their homes, preparing for the night events. A few past him by and smiled. Maxi returned it as they exchanged glances and continued on their way.

Maxi came to a building with a large rainbow stretching across the roof. On it, in white colored letter, was Rainbow TV. He walked up to the door but it was locked. He looked near the door and read a sign:

Hours of operations: 9:00 a.m. – 7: p.m. Open to the public

Maxi sighed and turned and said to himself, “I guess I’ll come here in the morning.” He figured that he should return to the center since the lampposts began to shine their light. Many shadows began to appear from the splotched light and it gave an eerie feeling to the town. Maxi quickened his pace, not knowing how nighttime in the town would feel like. He finally managed to get to the Pokémon center and walked up the desk.

“Here you go sir, your Pokémon are completely healed,” the nurse said cheerfully.

Maxi smiled as he grabbed his two pokeballs and placed them on his belt. He then placed himself in a back booth away from many of the other trainers. He watched as trainers conversed to one another and showed off their Pokémon. He was about to get up and a get a room for the night when a girl walked up to his booth.

“You looked alone so I’d thought I’d come give you some company,” the girl said in a sweet toned voice.

“T…thanks but I sort of like being by myself,” Maxi nervously said to the attractive girl.

“I’m Eryn, and you don’t need to be shy,” she said with a smile.

“I…I’m M…Maxi, nice to meet you,” Maxi said with a slight stutter.

Eryn could tell that he was nervous and chuckled at him. He smiled and began to calm down.

“Where are you from, Eryn?” he asked.

“The region of Kanto, but I’m traveling here because I liked a new challenge,” Eryn replied to the question.

Maxi grinned as he watched her talk, her blonde hair shining in the light. He felt a movement in his stomach, almost as if his nerves formed together in his gut.

“Maxi, how about you?” she politely asked.

“Aozora,” he quickly answered, breaking from his thoughts. “That’s where I got my Bulbasaur and began my journey,” he continued with a smile.

“Awesome, I also have a Bulbasaur that I received from my parents when I arrived here,” Eryn excitedly responded.

“That’s cool, I also caught a Lotad on the way here,” Maxi said beginning to feel really comfortable talking to Eryn.

“Oh, I haven’t caught any Pokémon yet, but I plan to,” she replied. “I need to head to bed though, I’m leaving early in the morning but it was nice to meet you Maxi and hopefully meet up again,” she continued as she got up from the booth.

She gave a cute wave as she walked towards the stairs that led to the sleeping quarters. He watched as she left and began to feel a warm sensation inside his body. “I hope we do too,” he said to himself.

He walked to the desk and asked for a room. The nurse gave him a key and he walked upstairs. He found his room and unlocked the door with the key and fell upon his bed. He felt happy and comfortable as drowsiness began to overcome him. He looked out at the night sky and the shining as he drifted off to sleep.

rii - chii
August 13th, 2008, 4:19 PM
Dai-tan: Hooray! The post is done and it looks good!
Pocha leveled up to 8!
Pocha learned Bubble!
Starly leveled up to 6!
Starly learned Quick Attack!

IceDragon2439: That was a nice city post! Keep up the good work x3

August 14th, 2008, 8:07 AM
"Yay! I caught a Lotad!" Shouted Scott happily as he punched the air with his Pokeball. "Now, c'mon out Lotad!" he said as he threw the pokeball in the air and a bright light emerged. It faded to reveal Lotad. Scott smiled sweetly,"Hey Lotad. I'm your trainer from now on." Lotad smiled and let out a small "Lo."
"Now we better get you to a Pokemon Centre to sort out that wound." Whispered Scott as lotad returned to his ball. Moments later they were in the Pokemon Centre of Fairview town and nurse joy was giving back Lotad and Skorupi. "Thanks." Said Scott as he put his Pokeballs on his belt. He walked out of the Centre and looked around, only to bge startled by a girlish scream. "Help!" It called. Scott sprinted, without hesitation, to where the cries were coming from.

He found a girl being corned by a Pokemon, a Poochyena. "Go! Lotad, use astonish!" Cried Scott as he threw his Pokeball in the air. "Looo!" Bellowed Lotad as he emerged from the ball and pounced on the Poochyena, making it topple over then run away. The girl exhaled,"Thankyou. I could of done that myself only, ya' know, I didn't have my Pokemon."
"It's okay." Replied Scott kindly. "Do you wanna come and see my Pokemon?"
"Yer. I've got nothing else to do." chuckled Scott as they both walked towards the Girls house. "I'm Amelia." Said the girl. "oh, hi, Amelia. I'm Scott. It's good to meet you." Amelia was about the same height as Scott. She had long, black hair and was wearing a pink vest with a Happiny on it and blue shorts. around her waist was a belt simmilar to Scotts.

They entered her house. "Hi Mum." Began Amelia,"This is Scott. he just saved me from a poochyena." Amelias Mum ran over. "Oh, thankyou Scott. Without you my girl wouldn't be alive." "Mu-" Amelia was interupted by a loud bang from upstairs. "Sorry about that. My Dad's a proffesor and he's working on a new Pokedex. C'mon downstairs to my room."

Scott and Amelia walked down some stairs leading into a vividly pink basement. There were love hearts stuck on the wall and poster of Happinys and Cleffas stuck on the wall. "now, Scott. I chalenge you to a battle!" Shouted Amelia as she pulled a Pokeball from a draw beside her.

rii - chii
August 14th, 2008, 9:12 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: I just want to tell you in case you didn't know, you can't battle in cities, there's no place in the city you can battle, so no experience, if you want to battle, you'll jhave to wait for the next route

Killer X 1296
August 14th, 2008, 9:40 AM
Brandon was so worry when he entered the city of Fairview because his Pokemon were hurt so he walked around the city and saw a PokecCenter so he entered it and walked to the nurse. "Hello there, can we heal your Pokemon for you or give you a room for free?" asked the nurse. "Yes, I will need healing for my Pokemon please," said Brandon. It took a few minutes for his Pokemon to heal so Brandon looked around the center and read the town map.

"Sir, your Pokemon are ready for you," said the nurse. "Thank you very much," said Brandon. Brandon left the PokeCenter and walked to the PokeMart to buy some items for his Pokemon. "Greetings and welcome the the Fairview PokeMart, do you need supplies for your upcoming journey? You may look around and find what you are looking for," said the clerk. Brandon looked around and saw some Potions so he bought three of them for three hundred dollars.

After he bought the Potions, Brandon put them in his backpack and exited the PokeMart. After going to the PokeCenter and PokeMart, he was bored so he started to walk around. Brandon walked around for awhile and thought that he should be heading out so he started to walk out of the city.

August 14th, 2008, 10:41 AM
First battles

"You are very cute! Did you know that?" Nate said as he was carrying Mr. Bubbless on her arms and walking trough the woods that were full of wild pokémons and continued by saying: "We should start seriously training because you look also kind of weak!" and laid her Mr. Bubbless on the ground so it was able to walk by its own. After they had walked a while or two Nate decided to take a break and both Mr. Bubbless and Nate sat in the sunlight and started to eat some fresh fruits that they were picking while they were walking. "There has to be some weak wild pokémons to battle against in here!" Nate said and started to stare at the bushes near by them but Mr. Bubbless wasn´t paying attention to her at all and just ate the fruits that Nate had given to her.

Why can´t she just stop that! I am not that weak and i am sure that I could beat many wild pokémons at the same time is neccessary! Mr. Bubbless was thinking and roll over as it started to suddenly to laugh which made Nate pretty confused as she hasn´t ever seen a pokémon laughing. Mr. Bubbless stood up and started to play with Nate but they were suddenly interrupted by few wild pokémons that had got irritated by Mr. Bubbless´ laugh and they wanted to settle it by battling. Nate and Mr. Bubbless instantly accepted this challenge as it would be good practice for upcoming gym battle and for getting stronger you have to battle and train and both of them knew it. "I want you to follow my orders but lets check out at first what pokémons are they!" and Nate pointed her new PokéDex at the two wild pokémons who were standing right in front of them and ready to attack.

Bidoof! With nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. It is more agile and active than it appears!

"So that´s a Bidoof!" Nate said and looked how those two pokémons stared at her and suddenly started to attack and Nate didn´t even reach for warning her Mr. bubbless who was looking away from those Bidoofs. "Are you allright?!" Nate yelled when Bidoofs attack´s made Mr. Bubbless to fell badly on the ground but quickly returned into its state and looked badly at nate as she had not warned him at all. "Use Tackle and try to dodge their attacks using your tail!" Nate yelled and Mr. Bubbless furiously started to attack and dropped its guard and Bidoofs managed to hit multiple times at him until it fell on the ground and wasn´t able to stand up.

"I believe in you Bubbless, I believe you and I trust from my whole heart!" Nate yelled and started to cry as she was looking how her pokémon tried to stand up but wasn´t able to and both Bidoofs were already ranning towards him. Suddenly Mr. Bubbless found strenght from Nate´s words and managed to stand up and even to dodge both Bidoof´s attacks. "Use your Tail to distract them when they are near you and attack with your Tackle!" Nate yelled as loud as she was able to and fire was burning in Mr. Bubbless´ eyes as it followed her orders. Bidoofs were really close to Mr. Bubbless when it started to spin on the ground on top of its toes and its tail hit multiple times at both Bidoofs and in the end it used its tackle with all of its strenght which caused both Bidoofs to faint almost immediately and Nate was jumping from joy.

Mr. Bubbless was also happy as it had just showed its true powers and it was jumping all around the grass with its trainer but when they saw that Bidoofs were trying to stand up Nate quickly grabbed her Mr. Bubbles and left running away from the forest but suddenly they both fell over as they had hitted something that was laying on the ground and when Nate looked what she had hitted she got shocked when she saw a Pidgey on the ground. Few minutes later Nate was carrying Pidgey on her arms and Mr. Bubbless was walking with them as they were still trying to get to Fairview town.

To be continued!

rii - chii
August 14th, 2008, 11:37 AM
Killer X 1296: That was a good post, you may continue
RealPyromaniac: I hope your feeling better, anyways you wrote a nice post!
Mr. Bubbles leveled up to 8!
Mr. Bubbles learned Bubble!
You rescued a level 3 Female Pidgey!

August 14th, 2008, 1:01 PM
Maxi was awoken by a bright light in his eyes. It was the sunrise and it shone through the openings in the blinds. He rubbed his eyes sleepily as he lifted himself from the bed. He looked around to see a nicely furnished room. There were two comfy looking chairs near the window and even a TV on the desk across from the bed. A potted plant of many colors was perched near the back of the wall, near the bed.

After glancing around the room, he walked to the door and walked down the stairs of the center. He felt odd not being in his house.

“Good Morning, I hope you slept well,” Nurse Joy said as he passed her.

“Yes, I did, and thanks for allowing me to sleep here,” Maxi replied softly.

Maxi then walked out the sliding glass doors and headed for the TV station. He could see the letters over the houses as he walked towards the building. He walked up to the door and slowly slid it opened. Right as he walked into the station, a rather peppy man ran up to him.

“Ooo, a traveler,” the man happily bellowed. “How are you doing this fine morning?”

With wide eyes Maxi answered, “Fine.”

“Okay, follow me,” the man said, leading him to a room. “This room is where we record battles from experienced trainers.

Maxi peered into the room to see two trainers, across from each other, in a midst of a battle. One had a rather large moth. Maxi noticed it was Dustox, as it launched a colorful beam of energy at its enemy. The attack hit, and the Growlithe fell to the floor.

“The match is over, and the winner is Johnny Maxwell,” the flag man said aloud.

The trainer who seemed to be Johnny jumped up and down and then bowed to the camera. The other trainer went to shake hands but Johnny was too engrossed with the camera and didn’t even notice the gesture. The trainer took offense and walked off, past Maxi. He heard the boy mumble, “jerk.”
The man began to clap and went up to Johnny and bowed with him, his arm around the boy. He congratulated the trainer and walked off with him forgetting Maxi. Maxi turned to leave, totally put off by the man and the jerk of a trainer, Johnny.

He walked out into the fresh, cool air of Fairview and headed to the Mart to stock up. As he walked, he began to think how he would’ve felt if Johnny did that to him. He shook the thought away as he entered the blue-roofed building. He reached the counter not saying anything and grabbed three potions and pokeball. He paid and left the building, walking towards the next route. The road ahead looked different than the meadow area that was the first route. He called out Bulbasaur and began to walk, his partner at his side.

rii - chii
August 14th, 2008, 3:02 PM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice post, good job describing your room and the battle x3

Master Jecht
August 15th, 2008, 7:56 PM
Troy continued walking down route 101 to get to the next town. As he climbed a hill and reached to top, he saw a town with a lot of small houses and buildings. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his guide book. “So this must be Fairview Town. Doesn’t look like there is much to do here, but I sure hope they have a place to sleep I’m tired of all this walking” he said as he continued walking towards the town as the sun set.

Once Troy reached the city he started looking around for the nearest Pokemon center. He found a bald man sitting down with a huge Pokeball next to him. “Excuse me sir. Do you know where the Pokemon center is in this town” Troy said.

“But of course my boy! Just keep following this street and take a left at Park Street.” Answered the man happily.

“Thank you sir!” Troy replied but couldn’t help but ask about the huge Pokeball sitting next to the man. “Excuse me sir but if you don’t mind me asking why is your Pokeball so big?”

The said with a chuckle “O no my boy this is no Pokeball, this is my trusty Pokemon partner Voltorb. Voltorb say hi.” All of a sudden the black lines on the huge Pokeball rose up and revealed two eyes staring at Troy as it let out a cry.

“Wait that thing is a Pokemon?” Troy said startled “Let’s see what the Pokedex has to say”

Voltorb the Ball Pokemon
It looks just like a Poké Ball. It is dangerous because it may electrocute or explode on touch.

“Well that is a weird looking thing. Kind of ugly.” Troy said. All of a sudden tears started to fill up in Voltorb’s eyes.

“No Voltorb he didn’t mean it please calm down” the man said with a worried look. Then Voltorb started to glow and white beams of light emerged from it. “Run my boy run!” the man screamed “Get to the Pokemon center!”

Troy took no time at all and high tailed it down the street. After a couple seconds of running he heard a big “BOOM” in the distance and a slight gust of wind blew past him. “I hope that guy is ok.” Troy thought as he continued to the Pokemon center.

Troy finally reached a building with a red cross on it. Figuring that this must be the Pokemon center he walked in. Inside the building there were trainers sitting around with there Pokemon and eating at the dining tables. Troy walked up to the counter and saw a woman with pink hair with two ringlets to the side of each ear with a Red Cross hat on. “Hey Ma’am, can you take care of my Pokemon for me?” Troy said

“Of course we can.” She said with a smile. “Chansey can you take this boys Pokemon to the back please.” A chubby pink Pokemon with an egg on its belly came out. Troy reached to his belt and gave the Pokemon the ball. “Lets see what this is” as Troy activated his Pokedex.

Chansey the egg Pokemon
It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people.

Chansey disappeared into the backroom with Eevee’s ball. “So this is your first time seeing a Chansey. I guess that means you are a new trainer.” The lady said.

“Ya I just started my adventure” replied Troy.

“Well that is good for you then. You can call me Nurse Joy” the lady said. Then she got a worried look in her face. “Oh, I am sorry I forgot to tell you that we are very busy tonight and it may take a while to get your Pokemon healed. Why not stay tonight and your Pokemon will be better in the morning?”

“That sounds great Nurse Joy. I was really tired anyway.” Troy said with a yawn.

“Great you can go to room B5 down the hall and up the stairs and we will have your Pokemon healthy when you wake up” said Nurse Joy

“Alright thanks a lot” Troy said as he walked down the hall and up the stairs to search for his room. He found B5 and walked in. It was nothing special just two beds and a window but it was better than sleeping outside. Troy took off his backpack and plopped onto one of the beds. He was pondering on what to do tomorrow before the sound of crickets, frogs croaking, and wind blowing the trees lulled him too sleep.

August 16th, 2008, 7:19 AM
OOC: Sorry :\ I thought it would be okay to battle in her house :(

"Um... I don't meen to be a spoil sport, but there isn't really any room to battle." Said Scott slowly. Amelia looked puzzled. "It's your basement! Maybe we can go to a route and battle there."
"Okay." replied Amelia happily. She ran upstairs and zoomed out fo the door. "C'mon, Scott!" Shouted Amelia. Scott slowly followed after her. "Turtwig, c'mon out!" Shouted Amelia as she threw her Pokeball in the air. A white light emerged and settled to form a small Pokemon. "What's that? I'll check on my Pokedex!" Exclaimed Scott. he pulled out his small device and pointed it towards the Pokemon.

Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokemon. It lives near lakes and breathes carbon dioxide, exhaling oxygen.

"Cool!" Shouted Scott. "Now, let's go, Abra!" Exclaimed Amelia as she threw yet another Pokeon in the air.

Abra, the Psi Pokemon. it sleeps 3/4 of the day. it only moves around by Teleportation.

"I've never even heard of an Abra!" whispered Scott in awe. "Now let's get to that route!" began Amelia,"I wanna beat you!"

rii - chii
August 16th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: I can't wait to see that battle, I guess there isn't enough things to do in this town :P

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 16th, 2008, 1:28 PM
OOC: Turns out, I DO have internet here! Yay!

Shaking his day-dreams of Jade away, Simon slowly headed back to the Pokémon centre.
"Nurse Joy? How are my Pokémon doing?" he asked as he walked in
"They're doing fine, but they should stay here overnight," Joy reassured him, "We also have free rooms for trainers if you would like to stay."
"Really? That's great!" Simon exclaimed as Joy handed him a room key.
"We're quite full at the moment, so you'll have to share with another boy." Nurse Joy said worriedly, but Simon insisted that he was fine. A few minutes later, he slowly pushed open the door of his room, spotting a tall, lanky, slightly emo-ish looking boy unpacking a small satchel.
"Hi," Simon stuttered, slightly intimidated by the other boy's appearance, "I'm Simon, a new trainer"
"Yeah? Me too, I'm Nick," replied the kid, "What was your first Pokémon? Mine was a Dratini, which is pretty rare." Calming down slightly thanks to Nick's friendly attitude, Simon answered:
"I got a Pikachu, but I'm not sure about it. I have a kind of phobia of electric types..."
"That's tough, man," said Nick sympathetically,” But I'm sure that if you give it some time, you two will become friends. Once you've been through some stuff together, you'll feel a lot closer." And with that, nick clambered into bed and promptly fell asleep, leaving Simon to ponder what he had said.

The next morning, Simon woke to an empty room; Nick had already left. After collecting his Pokémon from Nurse Joy, he wandered outside to see nick waiting for him.
"Hey there, Simon," He called, "I thought I'd head to Aozora Town to find Professor Marine, she's meant to know quite a bit about Pokémon and things."
"Ok, I guess we'll split up here, then," Said Simon, trying to hide his disappointment, "But we'll meet up again sometime, and battle!"
"That sounds good." Nick grinned, turning to Route 101, and walking slowly away. Simon looked down at his two Pokeballs, holding Pikachu and Pidgey. He had another rival now, and a new friend. Buoyed by this thought, Simon cheerfully left Fairview Town and headed for Route 102.

rii - chii
August 16th, 2008, 1:41 PM
alipeewee: That was a nice post, I guess you can make city posts interesting xD

OOC: I will post Chapter Four now, sorry if it's a short route, not that good Pokemon to catch :P The next area will have lots to see :]

Chapter 4: Route 102

Number of Posts: 1

Description: A small path that leads into the MystifyingForest, the path holds a lot of bug Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Growl, Bide
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Run Away, Pickup
Attacks: Growl, Bide, Quick Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Growl, Psywave, Spite (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

August 16th, 2008, 2:03 PM
"Here we are!" Exclaimed Amelia happily. They were standing in a large field, a towering forest to the north and Fairview Town to the south. Scott pointed at the forest. "Let's go in there to battle!" Said Scott,"It looks dark and mysterious!"
"Oh, that's mystifying forest," Began Amelia, her tone dropped,"It's really spooky in there. Spinirak everywhere!"
"Perfect." Giggled Scott. He began to run towards the forest when there was a sudden flash of light and a deafening scream. A small Pokemon had appeared infront of him. "Agh!" Screamed Scott,"What's that?!" he pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon.

Misdreavus, the Screech Pokemon. it loves to startle people by flashing lights and making high pitched screeching noises. At day, it sleeps in the dark.

"Let's go, Lotad!" Lotad jumped from it's Pokeball in a flash of white light. "Go! Use Astonish!" shouted Scott. "Loooooo!" Screeched Lotad as it ran towards the misdreavus, knocking it backwards and making it screech and wail. it got up and released a pink aura that hurtled towards Lotad. "dodge it! Then Astonish!!!" Shouted scott. Lotad moved just in time and then sprang towards the misdreavus, sending it backwards once more. "Now, Pokeball, gooo!" Exclaimed Scott as he threw the pokeball at the Misdreavus.

rii - chii
August 16th, 2008, 2:07 PM
Toxic_Moonlight: I know how you love Misdreavus, so I'm going to let you get it, but you must make rare Pokemon catches longer, just to let you know how the rarity of Pokemon works :) Just to let you have a minor punishment, it's going to be a little lower in level
You caught a level 3 Female Misdreavus!

August 16th, 2008, 5:56 PM
The sun was now overhead and the heat was beginning to get to Maxi. Bulbasaur however, loved it and trotted happily next to his trainer. Maxi decided to cool down under a tree and plopped down, under its shade. The trees had begun to thicken up again and he thought a forest maybe up ahead. Bulbasaur began to sunbathe, a happy smile curled on his face.

It felt good to rest after a half a day of walking. All was quiet and Maxi felt at peace with his surroundings. That was quickly disturbed when a shriek of a call shot out around them. Maxi jumped up and looked towards the sky, seeing a figure fly quickly across the sky. “A bird Pokémon, this may be worth catching,” Maxi said excitedly to himself.

Since Bulbasaur was already out, he had him pose into a battle stance. This got the attention of the flying Pokémon and it circled around towards Bulbasaur. As it drew near, Maxi could make it out as a Taillow and grew even more excited. Its beak began to glow and Maxi told Bulbasaur to dodge the peck attack. Bulbasaur slid to his right, just barely dodging the move.

“Tackle, my friend,” Maxi said excitedly.

Bulbasaur began to run towards the Taillow and jumped into the air. He landed on nothing, as the tiny swallow Pokémon easily moved out of the way. It then turned and a red aura began to glow around its body. A peck attack followed the move and Taillow slammed into Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur, try your leech seed,” Maxi yelled.

A tiny seed plopped out of the bulb of Bulbasaur’s back and landed on the wing of the Taillow. A group of vines began to entangle its entire body and Taillow slammed to ground and energy began to drain from his body with each struggling movement.

“Finish it off with tackle,” Maxi said quickly.

Bulbasaur ran and crashed into the bird Pokémon. Maxi quickly pulled a pokeball from his belt and threw it at the weakened Taillow. Anticipation grew as the ball shook on the dusty ground.

Master Jecht
August 16th, 2008, 10:48 PM
(OOC:pieCakeyy just telling you that you missed my other fairview town post but i still <3 you =3 )

Troy woke up to the cry of Pidgey and Starlys chirping. He sat up and rubbed his drowsy eyes. He got up and looked outside to see the bright sun out and people walking around. He decided to go check on how Eevee was doing, so he picked up his backpack and tossed it over his shoulder. Troy walked down the hallway, down the stairs, and walked over to the counter.

“Nurse Joy? You there? How’s Eevee?” Troy questioned

Nurse Joy came from the back room with a Pokeball. “Here you are young man. Your Eevee is good as new” she said handing Troy the ball.

“Thanks Nurse Joy” Troy said “Well I guess I better be heading out now. I will see you later.” Troy waved goodbye to Nurse Joy and walked out the door. Nurse Joy just gave a happy look and a smile back.

Troy realized that he didn’t have any Pokemon healing items so he decided to stop at the local Pokemart which was continently located right next to the Pokemon center. Troy walked in and bought some potions for his journey and headed out. There was a small coffee shop on the way where he stopped by to get a energy boost as he exited the town and walked towards route 102.

(writers block ><)

rii - chii
August 17th, 2008, 5:38 AM
Master Jecht: Sorry, it seems to happen D= They were very lovely posts x3 I want some coffee now!

IceDragon2439: That was good enough post for Taillow, you caught that easy!
You caught a level 5 Male Taillow!

August 21st, 2008, 4:47 AM
Crash down!

”Stop that!” Nate yelled when her Mr. Bubbless was chasing still a bit sick Pidgey who they had rescued from the woods and continued by saying: “Pidgey isn´t feeling fine yet!” and she picked her up and placed it on her shoulder as Nate and Mr. Bubbless started to walk. It didn´t take that much time when they already arrived to a meadow which was full of wild pokémons playing with each others as Nate sat down and laid Pidgey down right next to her and started to dig her bag. “Do you like apples?!” Nate asked from Pidgey and handed few over to it as she took her water bottle and started to drink when in the mean time Mr. Bubbless was playing in the grass with few Azurills and Lotads. “If I am right there should be only few hundred meters to Fairview town anymore!” Nate said and happily smiled at Pidgey who had finished eating an apple and now started to run around which made Nate really worried as Pidgey´s wing wasn´t fully healed yet and anytime soon it could get worse.

“Be careful out there Pidgey and make sure that you don´t let anything to hurt your wing!” Nate yelled and started to eat some apples herself too as she kept watching how her pokémons were doing on the meadow with other pokémons. Mr. Bubbless was having a fun with Lotads and Azurills as Pidgey was playing with few Bidoofs but they were suddenly attacked by two Starlys. Pidgey immediately took its battling pose and looked very furious and Mr. Bubbless ran over to protect it but Nate sensed that there were something going on between these three pokémons and asked: “Do you know these two Starlys?!” and looked at Pidgey who responded by nodding its head and Nate said: “This is not only your battle as we are a team from now on!” and smiled at Pidgey who at first looked very confused but quickly returned when Starlys already started to attack.

“Use your Tackle against them, Mr. Bubbless and try to dodge their attacks, Pidgey!” Nate yelled and looked how her pokémons were attacking and dodging and working together. Both Starlys were really well trained and they were really strong and gave a good challenge which made Nate to feel even more excited and started to lose her attention. Starlys managed to hit at Mr. Bubbless multiple times and Pidgey wasn´t able to dodge that many attacks but they weren´t going to give up and neither was Nate who had a plan. “Use your Tackles together and attack together! Try to make them confused by changing your position!” she yelled and both Mr. Bubbless and Pidgey started to furiously attack against Starlys who also decided to use Tackle as their attacks. All four pokémons crashed at each others and they flew over. Before Nate even realised what had happened she saw how the bigger Starly was flying away and left its friend alone laying on the grass with Pidgey and Mr. Bubbless was sitting and it was really confused.

Nate wasn´t able to just watch how innocent pokémon was suffering and decided to do something dramatic as she threw two pokéballs at Starly and Pidgey who tried to stand on its feet already. Nate looked how both pokéballs closed as the red light flashed and sucked both of the pokémons inside their pokéballs and Nate picked them up and started to run trough the woods with Mr. Bubbless. It didn´t take too long to arrive to Fairview town and immediately Nate went inside the local PokéCenter and as soon as Nurse Joy saw how Nate was running she called her Chansey and helped Nate to sat down and took those pokéballs and left Nate to wait. After few hours Nurse Joy came out from the back room and handed over one of Nate´s pokéball and said: “Your Pidgey is doing just fine as you can see but I will keep Starly in here and let it rest for a while before I let it come with!” and Nate looked how Pidgey flew over Nurse Joy´s shoulder and landed at it and started to rubb its head towards it. “I think that I´ll leave my Pidgey here with you as it seems to me that it really likes you!” and Nurse Joy looked very embarrassed.

“It´s fine for me if it´s fine for you too!” she said and Nate smiled at her Pidgey when Nurse Joy said: “If you ever feel urge to get it back you will always find it from here!” and left away from the room and Nate stood up with his Mr. Bubbless and walked outside the door. “Now when we are here we´d better check out our bag and fill it up in the local PokéMart!” and left walking towards the blue roofed house. It didn´t take long for Nate to get into the PokéMart and she immediately started to look medicines and pokéballs but wasn´t able to find any and went to ask from the salesman and said: “Are there any pokéballs or medicines left in here?!” and smiled gently. “Unfortunately no there are not any left as there are a flock of Misdreavus somewhere around here and they are very rare. People almost immediately came here to buy every single pokéball and left to catch them. There will be more tomorrow so I guess you should wait till there!” and left to speak with other customer.

Nate looked very sad and returned to PokéCenter where Nurse Joy ran over to speak her as se said: “Your Starly crashed while you were outside and I think it is wiser to keep it this night at least in here and after that we´ll check if its doing better but I just wanted for you to know!” and left again. Nate walked over to her room and almost immediately fell asleep after she had gone into the bed.

To be continued!

OOC: I let you decided if Starly will make through the night or if it dies and I hope I didn´t make you angry as I fused two posts together... I also posted the second part of the Fairview town and the Chapter 4 but it isn´t showing them at all... :(

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 21st, 2008, 5:53 AM
Simon's legs were beginning to ache. He and Pikachu had been walking along Route 102 for hours, and he still had yet to see any Pokémon. As he sighed despondently, a small, red caterpillar with a mouth slightly resembling a backside crawled out of a bush.
"What is that?" Simon said, slightly disgusted by the way the Pokémon was now eating what appeared to be a pile of rotting leaves. He pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at the bug.

"Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon

It loves to eat leaves. If it is attacked by a Starly, it will defend itself with its spiked rear."

"Well, it's kinda ugly, and probably weak, but let’s catch it anyway!" Simon shouted
"Pika pika!" came the agreement.
"Okay Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Pikachu immediately shot a stream of electricity at Wurmple, seriously harming it. Wurmple was still fighting though, and responded with a powerful string shot that wrapped Pikachu up tight. Then Wurmple lifted up its tail, and repeatedly shot small purple spikes from its two spikes to hit Pikachu hard.
"What was that?" Simon gasped.
"Wurmple can use poison sting to poison it opponents and cause lasting damage" The Pokedex responded.
"Poison? Damn it!" Simon spat, "Okay, Pikachu, return! You need to rest! We'll have to hope that you did enough damage with that Thundershock! Now, Pokeball, GO!" Simon hurled a pokeball at the injured Wurmple, sucking it in with a red light. As the Pokeball wobbled madly to-and-fro, Simon hoped that his efforts would not be vain...

rii - chii
August 21st, 2008, 6:02 AM
RealPyromaniac: I am so angry, I'm gonna let Starly die! Just kidding with you, what kind of person would I be then? x3
Mr. Bubbles leveled up to 10!
Mr. Bubbles learned Withdraw!
Pidgey leveled up to 6!
Pidgey learned Sand-Attack!
You rescued a level 4 Male Starly!

alipeewee: That was a nice decent post, you caught a Wurmple!
You caught a level 4 Female Wumrple!

Killer X 1296
August 21st, 2008, 8:40 AM
Brandon was walking in Route 102 when he suddenly heard a noise in a nearby shadow. Brandon went inside and saw nothing. "What's going on with me?" asked Brandon to himself. Suddenly when he turned around to look back, he saw a Misdreavus looking at him. "Misdreavus!" exclaimed the Misdreavus in an angry way. "Okay, you want to play? Okay, come on out Charmander!" exclaimed Brandon. Charmander came out and then Misdreavus attacked right away with Psywave.

"Okay then Charmander, use Ember now!" exclaimed Brandon while pointing at Misdreavus. Charmander ran at Misdreavus and whipped his feiry tail at it and it got burnt. "Alright Charmander! You burnt Misdreavus!" exclaimed Brandon in a happy way. Misdreavus still was there and then it used Psywave again on Charmander. While Misdreavus sat there in the air, blue, green, and purple circle waves came shooting towards him.

"That's an odd move Misdreavus, but it looks cool. Okay Charmander use Ember once more," said Brandon. Charmander ran at Misdreavus once more and whipped its tail again. Misdreavus was getting weaker everytime Charmander used Misdreavus. "Okay now, I think it's time for you to be caught," said Brandon. Brandon grabbed a pokeball from his backpack and then when he was about to throw the pokeball, Misdreavus was licking Charmander. "Go pokeball!" exclaimed Brandon.

Misdreavus got locked up inside the pokeball and then so Brandon returned to the outside of the shadowy area with three caught pokemon.

OCC: I hope lol.

Master Jecht
August 21st, 2008, 12:13 PM
Troy continued his journey traveling along route 102. Along the way, Troy spotted an Oran Berry tree so he went to go pick them to have lunch. As he started to pick them, a bird’s head popped out of the tree. It didn’t look happy as it started to peck Troy’s hand.

“Owwww! What did you do that for jerk!?” Troy said in pain. “Let’s see what you are.”

Taillow the Tiny Swallow Pokemon
It has a gutsy spirit that makes it bravely take on tough foes. It flies in search of warm climates.

“Wait a second, that Pokemon looks familiar. Wait I remember now!” Troy was thinking. “Winona used a Pokemon just like that when she saved the town. That must mean they are pretty strong I have to catch it!” Troy put on a serious face. “Alright Taillow you are mine. Go Eevee!”

Eevee emerged from the Pokeball in a battle stance. “Alright use tackle on that Taillow” Troy said. Eevee charged at the Taillow, but it failed as Taillow just flew up in the air. The Taillow then retaliated with a diving peck attack that hit Eevee on the head. “Shrug it off Eevee” Troy said as the Taillow flew up and was diving down for another peck attack.

“Alright Eevee time to test out your new attack. Use sand attack!” Troy commanded. Eevee swiped one of its paws on the ground causing some sand to fly in the air right at Taillow. The sand scored a direct hit in Taillow’s eyes. The Taillow landed and started to rub its head in the grass to get the sand out of its eyes. “Now is our chance Eevee! Full power tackle!” Eevee charged at the Taillow and connected with the tackle attack sending the Taillow a few feet backwards.

Taillow was slow to get up. Troy reached into his backpack and pulled out a Pokeball. “Alright, Taillow your mine!” Troy said as he threw the ball at the injured pokemon. The ball hit Taillow and the bird was sucked into a red light inside the ball. The Pokeball shook back and forth as Troy and Eevee looked on nervously for the result.

rii - chii
August 22nd, 2008, 11:31 AM
Killer X 1296: I'll say this again, and everyone must know that rare Pokemon catches have to be longer. I'm going to let you have a weak Misdreavus
You caught a level 3 Male Misdreavus!

Master Jecht: That was a nice post for a Taillow!
You caught a level 5 Female Taillow!

Chapter 5: Mystifying Forest
Number of Posts: 3

Description: A forest where it has the perfect balance of weather. Several grass Pokemon linger here along with the time Pokemon Celebi.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis, Tail Whip (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm, Normalize
Attacks: Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Attract
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Poison Point, Natural Cure
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll, Solar Power
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 30
Gender: N/A
Type: Grass/Psychic
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Heal Bell, Safeguard, Magical Leaf, Anicentpower
Nature: Unknown
Rarity: Cannot be captured, you can do a post about meeting it

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 22nd, 2008, 3:03 PM
"This Mystifying Forest really lives up to its name, doesn't it, Pikachu?" Simon whispered to his Partner as they crept through the eerily quiet woods. Then, a twig snapped. Simon, leaping several feet in the air, spun around, only to see nothing but a bush. Except the bush was moving.
"I don't know what that thing is, but we can take it down!" Simon shouted, "All right, Wurmple, time for your debut!" He threw Wurmple's pokeball, and the ugly red caterpillar materialised in a flash of light. Meanwhile, Pikachu poked at Simon's pocket, trying to remind him of something.
"Oh right, the Pokedex," He realised, surprised he had been so forgetful. He pointed it at the moving bush as it slowly turned around.

"Budew, the bud Pokemon.

It lives alongside clear ponds. It scatters pollen that induces harsh sneezing and runny noses."

"Something's not quite right, though..." Simon said suspiciously. Then it suddenly hit him - the Budew he was looking at was different to the one on his Pokedex - this one had a purple, not green bib and was slightly more yellow - a shiny!
"I have SO got to capture this!" Simon shouted in excitement. Shiny Pokemon were incredibly rare, and he had found one! "All right, Wurmple, use string shot to tangle up that Budew!" Wurmple quickly opened its mouth and shot huge lengths of silk from its mouth, almost completely encasing the Budew's legs. The silk hardened, and Budew fell over, trapped!
"All right, now go, Pokeball! Simon shouted, throwing and hoping. Budew was still fine however and quickly shot a jet of water at the Pokeball, knocking it backwards and hitting Wurmple in the face. Flipping back to its feet, Budew bean to glow green and started to row. Using its impressive growth, Budew slowly stretched the hardened string shot until it broke free. Simon stood, amazed at the feisty little Pokemon which was now hopping from foot to foot with glee at besting Simon. Simon wasn't about to give up, though, and quickly ordered a tackle attack. Wurmple leapt at Budew, but in midair Budew shot a thin beam of green energy towards Wurmple, holding it in mid-air. As Simon watched, Wurmple slowly became more and more drained of energy, while Budew seemed to be healing itself.
"That absorb is powerful!" he muttered to himself, "Wurmple, return!" he held out Wurmple's pokeball and it returned inside, breaking the connection to Budew. Simon still refused to give up, though: "Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Pikachu zapped Budew, but the electric attack did little to the grass type. Budew quickly recovered, and leaped into the nearby bushes. A few seconds later, a lot of Hoppip started drifting out of the bushes, allowing the shiny Budew to hitch a ride and make an easy escape, while Simon helplessly looked on...

rii - chii
August 22nd, 2008, 3:16 PM
alipeewee: Lol, I haven't seen anyone write about a shiny in thier post, until now, nice post!
Wurmple leveled up to 6!
Pikachu leveled up to 10!
Pikachu learned Thunder Wave!

August 23rd, 2008, 5:18 AM
Scott entered the loomy forest. beams of sunlight shone through the gaps between branches and Hoppip driffted past singing a melodic tune. "WOW!" Shouted Scott,"This place isn't that scary." boasted Scott. He opened up his Pokedex and pointed it upwards.

Welcome to the Mystifying Forest. North of Fairview town, it is a forest in perfect balance of weather. Many rare pokemon can be found here. Over 12 legendary Pokemon sightings have been registered here.

"Loads of my favirote Pokemon are here!" Said Scott eagerly. "Well you're not gonna be able to catch any, 'cause I've got a trainer to beat!" Replied Amelia smugly. they walked around for a few moments, until they found the perfect spot for a battle. Trees surrounded them in what seemed like a wall, and some Pokemon spectators peered through the trees.

"Now, let's go Turtwig!" Shouted Amelia as she through the Pokeball in the air and it seemed to explode and settle into the small Turtwig. "If I know my pokemon, turtwig is a grass type, which means poison should be good." Pondered Scott until he finnaly reached his desicion. "GO! SKORUPI!" Bellowed Scott as he to threw the Pokeball, summoning a light that gathered into a Skorupi. "Sko!" It screeched happily. "You may have the first move, Scott." exclaimed Amelia kindly. "Thankyou." Replied Scott with a smile,"Now. Skorupi, use poison sting!" commanded Scott. Skorupi dashed up to the Turtwig, piercing it in its shell. "Turtwig, use withdraw then rapid spin!" Shouted Amelia. Rapid Spin?! thought Scott with a puzzled look on his face. turtwig withdrew into his shell and began to spin very quickly. Skorupi was still attached to Turtwigs shell and was spinning around with him. Suddenly, Skorupi flew off and skidded across the ground.

"Turtwig, Bullet Seed!" Commanded Amelia. Turtwig was still spinning but was sending out bullet-like seeds in all directions. "Quick, Dodge!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi turned off his back and jumped high in the air, using his tail to propel himself. The bullets flew underneath him. "Now, poison sting again!" shouted Scott. Skorupi flew towards Turtwig, knocking him off the ground and into the air, where Turtwig came back out of his shell and landed in a bush. "Again, Skorupi!" shouted Scott. Skorupi zoomed into the Turtwig and poisoned it, eventually causing it to faint. "Excellent work, Turtwig! Return!" said Amelia with a slight hint of sadness in the tone of her voice, as a red light covvered Turtwig and sucked him back in his ball.

rii - chii
August 23rd, 2008, 7:05 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a nice battle, can't wait for your next post x3
Skorupi leveled up to 8!
Skorupi learned Leer!

August 23rd, 2008, 7:19 AM
"C'mon out, Abra!" Shouted Amelia as she flung her Pokeball in the air. A blinding light came from the ball and an Abra appeared aa the light faded. "This should be easy." Muttered Scott,"Skorupi, bite!" Skorupi ran towards the Abra and jumped up into the air, opening its jaw widely. "Quick, Abra!" shouted Amelia. The Abra suddenly dissapeared and reapeared at the other side of the battle field, letting Skorupi slam into the ground. "Now, confusion!" Comanded Amelia as she pointed to the sky. Abra flung up its hands into the air and began to screech. "Aaaaabraaaaaa!" It shouted as Skorupi began to glow. He hovered off the ground and was flung into a tree by the telkenetic force. "Skorupi!" Shouted Scott. He ran over to the tree to find Skorupi had fainted. "Return." He said quietly.

He walked back over to his side of the field. "Let's go, Lotad!" Shouted Scott as he threw his Pokeball in the air, summoning Lotad onto the field. "Let's begin. Abra, confusion!" Abra flung up its hands and began to glow again. "dodge!" Shouted Scott. Somehow, Lotad managed to dodge the energy with a swift side jump. The dust on the ground seemed to be unsettled were the Confusion hit. "Now, Astonish!" Shouted Scott. lotad flung himself onto Abra with incredible speed. "Looooo!" It screamed a sit hit Abra again and again. "Teleport!" Commanded Amelia, yet Abra didnt move. Lotad jumped off him, to reveal a fainted Abra. "Excellent Lotad, you were great! Return!" Said Scott as Lotad was sucked into the ball. "I suppose I have won then!" Said Scott smugly. "Well then your wrong. I still have one more Pokemon!" Said Amelia happily as she flung a Pokeball in the air...

rii - chii
August 23rd, 2008, 7:27 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: I can see this battle will last a while xD You may continue to your last forest post!
Skorupi leveled up to 9!
Lotad leveled up to 5!
Lotad learned Growl!
Lotad learned Absorb!

August 23rd, 2008, 7:51 AM
"Let's go!" shouted Amelia as she threw a Pokeball in the air. The light seemed to be more goldish and the Pokemon that emerged looked very familiar; a Misdreavus. It didn't look like a regular Misdreavus, though. Instead of the eeire, blueish rags that seemed to writhe from the Pokemon, it had gold rags. Scotts pokedex began to beep and flash. He pulled it from his bag.

You have encountered a Shiny Pokemon. Unfortunatley, it belongs to a trainer and is un-catchable.

He put his Pokedex back in his bag and withdrew a Pokeball. "You to, Misdreavus!" Shouted Scott as Misdreavus entered the field in an explosion of lights and noises. "Now, Missy, use Psywave!" Shouted Amelia. Missy span around, releasing a pink wave of energy. "you to, Misdreavus!" commanded Scott as he pointed at Missy. Misdreavus also span but released a purple wave of energy. The waves both colided in the centre of the field, causing an explosion of smoke and light. The dust settled and both Pokemon and Trainers were standing in there original positions.

"Misdreavus, use psywave on the ground!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus sent a wave of purple energy across the ground, making the earth beneath them fly up into the air, making missy fly back into a tree. "Again, Misdreavus!" shouted Scott, The wave once again, zoomed towards missy, hitting it against the tree once more, yet Missy was still consious. Misdreavus stared across the field as Missy slowly got up. Missy was now floating up straight, determined and fiersome. "You know what to do!" Said Amelia mysteriously. Missy dissapeared right before scotts eyes. It didn't look as if it had teleported, more like faded away. Suddenly, Missy reapeared, charging at Misdreavus. Without command, Misdreavus dodged the attack with ease and unleashed another wave of energy, slaming into Missy and causing her to faint. "Excellent, Misdreavus!" shouted Scott as he jumped up and down. "That was a great battle!" Replied Amelia happily,"Missy, return!"

later, Amelia and Scott were sitting, cross-legged, on the grass, healing there pokemon. Amelia had been kind enough to let Scott use some of her Hyper Potions. "I was thinking," Began Scott,"Would you like to travel with me? It's gonna be really lonely on a journey with ourselves, you said so earlier."
"I don't see why not." Said Amelia with a sweet smile. They both got up and began to stroll happily to a parting in the trees.

rii - chii
August 23rd, 2008, 8:09 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: I love when shiny Pokemon appear, good battle post!
Misdreavus leveled up to to 6!
Misdreavus learned Spite!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 23rd, 2008, 1:09 PM
"We're not giving up that easily!" Simon shouted angrily. "Go on, Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Pikachu zapped Budew, along with the Hoppip. Slowly, the fainted Budew resting on the cloud of Hoppip, the group of Pokemon fell to earth, out of site behind some trees.
"Come, on Pikachu! Lets go find that Budew!" Simon yelled in excitement, as he and his Pokemon partner set off, running through the trees, not minding the sharp braches that they recklessly ran straight through.

Several minutes later, they burst out into a clearing, filled with unconscious Hoppip, but no sign of a Budew. Wait, what was that over there? A Pokeball was rocking back and forth, its button flashing red. Standing next to the ball was Nick, his fists clenched. Suddenly, the ball stopped rolling and made a small 'ding'. Nick picked it up, with a huge grin on his face.
"Hey Nick!" Simon called, "Did you catch that Shiny Budew?" Nick looked up, and then spotted Simon and his grin grew even wider.
"Simon," he called "it’s good to see you! Were you hunting this Budew as well? Cause yeah, I caught it!"
"DAMNIT!" Simon shouted "I was chasing that Budew for ages!" Nick stopped grinning, looking slightly guilty. Suddenly, his face brightened.
"I’ve got an idea!" he said, "Since you fought the Budew, and I caught it, we both have equal claim to it. So, the better Trainer should take it, and we can determine who that is with a Pokemon Battle!"
"That makes sense," Simon agreed, nodding "Let's make it three on three!" Nick agreed, and the two trainers got ready for their battle.
"I'll start with my newest Pokemon!" Simon called to Nick. "Go Wurmple!" The ugly, spiky red caterpillar appeared in the clearing.
"A Wurmple?" nick said, slightly amused. "Well then it's only fitting that I use MY newest Pokémon too, so go WURMPLE!" Another Wurmple materialised opposite Simon's - the two Pokemon looking evenly matched.
"Okay, then!" Simon shouted "Let's get started!"


rii - chii
August 23rd, 2008, 1:12 PM
alipeewee: That was a nice post, I can't wait to see the battle!

August 23rd, 2008, 3:37 PM
Maxi jumped in excitement as the ball came to a stop. Taillow was caught and now part of his team. The wind began to pick up a bit as he leaned over to pick up his new companion. Bulbasaur nudged Maxi’s leg happily and smiled.

“You did a great job Bulbasaur, that’s two captures at your hands,” Maxi said joyfully.

They then began to continue on their journey towards the next town. Bulbasaur walked alongside his trainer with a bounce in his step. Everything was great, it was sunny and he had a trainer who cared about him. The trees began to appear more often and the dirt road became grassier.

“Looks like the Mystifying Forest is up ahead,” Maxi stated to his partner.

Maxi finally wandered into the forest with Bulbasaur right behind him. The forest had a mysterious feel to it as he slowly crept along the underbrush of twigs and leaves. Maxi felt good again, being alone in a forest and small memories of the past filled his mind. He sat down next to one of the many large trees that surrounded the area. The ground felt soft as he pulled out his sketch pad. He let his eyes wander, seeing if he could find anything worth drawing down. He then looked down at his Pokemon, calmly dozing off. His pencil went to work and before too long, a sketch of the seed Pokemon was formed on the pad.

“Hey, you, I remember you from the TV station,” a voice in front of him called out.

“Oh, it’s you, Johnny,” Maxi replied.

“So you do know who the famous trainer Johnny is, good job kid,” Johnny’s cocky voice said aloud. “How bout a battle or are you too scared?” Johnny asked.

“Sure, why not?” Maxi replied.

“Alright, go Dustox,” Johnny yelled.

Maxi pushed himself up and pulled Taillow’s ball off of his belt. He pressed the center button and said, “Come on out Taillow, start off with peck.”
Taillow flew quickly towards the moth and slammed his beak against it. Dustox shook off the hit and waited for his attack.

“Use string shot,” Johnny shouted.

A white, silky string shot from Dustox’s mouth and was aimed at the bird.

“Dodge it and use focus energy,” Maxi said, calling out the attack.

Taillow dodged by flying upwards and began to concentrate. His body began to glow a light red as the energy began to flow through his body.

“Psybeam, Dustox,” Johnny calmly said.

“Alright, now full power, peck,” Maxi happily shouted.

As the colorful beam of energy neared Taillow, he quickly twisted his body and flew in Dustox’s direction. The move was really quick as the peck landed a direct and critical hit. Dustox was slammed into the ground from impact and was out cold.

“Urggh, return you stupid moth,” Johnny yelled. “Go Electrike.”

A greenish dog appeared in front of Johnny, ready for anything. Johnny quickly yelled, “Thundershock.”

A small bolt of electricity shot from Electrike’s fur and surrounded Taillow. He crashed to the ground from the electricity, unconscious.

“Good job Taillow, return,” Maxi cheerfully said. “Go Lotad, start off with absorb.

As the water weed Pokemon appeared from his pokeball, he began to concentrate on his opponent. A green aura began to surround Electrike as his energy began to drain from his body.

“Electrike, quick attack,” Johnny said.

Electrike ran towards Lotad at a fast pace and tackled him. Lotad slid back from the attack but was still ready for more.

“Tackle,” Maxi yelled.

Lotad began to run towards the lightning Pokemon but fell to the ground. He was paralyzed from the static in Electrike’s fur.

“Finish it with thundershock,” Johnny said his voice full of cockiness.
The bolt of electric energy collided with Lotad body and he couldn’t move. The attack was too much and Maxi was defeated.

“Awesome job, Lotad, you did a great job,” Maxi softly said to his partner. “And good job to you Johnny.”

“I know, I was great wasn’t I,” Johnny replied. The words stung Maxi and he turned and headed deeper into the forest.

“How can someone act like that,” Maxi said to himself as he longed to be by himself again. Bulbasaur jumped from his sleeping position and quickly caught up to his trainer. He looked back and gave Johnny an icy glare before turning to catch up.

August 24th, 2008, 4:24 AM
Fairview town, Part 2

"Good morning Mr. Bubbless!" Nate said when in the mean time she stood up and started to dress up and continued by saying: "I wonder how my Starly is feeling?" and together they left the room. After walking a while they found theirselfs in front of the counter table and waiting for Nurse Joy to appear but it took few hours until she showed up as she was sleeping. Pidgey was standing on her shoulder and looking really happy as Nurse Joy said: "I will go to check your Starly but it takes few moments so I success that you will do something else that while!" and left to the back room. Nate was still drowzy but as she didn´t have any intrest to wait she left the PokéCenter and walked acroos the town at the local PokéMart and stepped inside.

"There you are!" the salesman said when Nate had stepped inside and smiled gently when he continued by saying: "I have been waiting for you to show up! We finally got some pokéballs and medicines so now you have where to choose from!" and pointed at the shelfs which were full of different shaped and coloured bottles. Nate walked many times across the store as she was searching the right medicines but there were too many and started to get desperate and said: "What new trainers usually by from here?" and looked at the salesman who was a bit amused. as he answered: "Well it depends what you are going to do but normally I success new trainers to buy this trainer kit which includes many useful items that you might just need on your journey!"

Nate walked closer and looked the trainer kit and said: "I take this!" and smiled at the salesman. After few minutes later Nate walked outside with her Mr. Bubbless and walked again across the town but this time they walked at the PokéCenter and stepped inside where Nurse Joy was already waiting for the to come and waved her hand. "Is my Starly feeling fine?!" Nate asked before Nurse Joy reached ven to say anything and smiled gently as she answered: "Yes it is! Your Starly is here!" and handed over a pokéball and Nate quickly took it and put inside her bag. "Now we can continue our journey Mr. Bubbless!" Nate said as she hugged Nurse Joy and together they left walking towards the next adventure.

To be continued!

rii - chii
August 24th, 2008, 5:31 AM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice battle, I wonder if we'll ever meet him again xD
Taillow leveled up to 8!
Taillow learned Quick Attack!
Lotad leveled up to 6!
Lotad learned Absorb!

RealPyromaniac: That was a nice post, but can you tell me what's in the trainer's kit?

August 24th, 2008, 11:14 AM
OOC: I let you to choose what´s in it so I won´t overrate it! :D

Betty´s showdown!

"This forest is too creepy for me!" Nate said and continued walking as she was carrying her Mr. Bubbless on her arms when in the mean time Starly was flying above the trees and searching for prey but without any succeed. After walking few hours Nate decided to take a break and sat under a tree and laid Mr. Bubbless right next to her when her Starly flew over and sat on her shoulder as she handed over few apples that she had found from the woods at Starly and Mr. Bubbless and started to eat. Few minutes later Nate quickly stood up and looked scared as she said as loud as possible: "There´s something out there and it touched my neck!" and pointed at the shadows where something was clearly moving as it was going to attack. Suddenly a big swarm of Weedles ran out from the shadows and made Nate to fall down and hurt her knee as she tried to dodge their poisonous stings.

"What was that?!" Nate yelled as she was still in shock from the attack but after she had caught her breath a while she started to realize that those Weedles were more afraid than furious and stood up. Her knee was still sore and she wasn´t able to walk as fast as normally but she wasn´t going to give up and together they continued their journey on the forest. After walking a while Nate decided to rest as she was in pain and wasn´t able to walk at all and her pokémons started to feel worried and began to search for berries or something that would help her to recover. Eventough Nate tried not to gather weight on her foot it still hurt and she had to rest but was suddenly attacked by a bug like pokémon with no clear reason at all.

Mr. Bubbless jumped in front of Nate as it was trying to protect her and Starly flew up and tried to attack at that pokémon but they both were quickly stopped as the wild pokémon used somekind of string attack that tied Starly and Mr. Bubbless at the trees. Now neither Mr. Bubbless nor Starly wasn´t able to help Nate as the pokémon attacked at her but suddenly something weird happened as the pokémon tied her knee with the same string what it had used to tie Mr. Bubbless and Starly. "What just happened?!" Nate said as she looked at the little pokémon and she was able to see that the pokémon was cute Caterpie and it wasn´t evil at all as it was rubbing its head towards the knee.

After few minutes and desperate scratching Nate was able to free both Mr. Bubbless and Starly and was looking if they were hurt or something and quickly noticed that she was once again able to stand on her foot and smiled at the Caterpie who was now sitting on her shoulder. "Thank you!" Nate said and together they left walking deeper to the forest and she was having fun with that Caterpie and for her suprise even Mr. Bubbless came along with it and they were playing with each other when in the mean time Starly was flying above the forest that kept getting deeper and deeper with every step. Suddenly Nate got an idea that and said: "I want to battle you as it seemed that you are very good at battling!" and looked at the Caterpie who was on the ground and chasing Mr. Bubbless. Caterpie quickly stopped and looked very angry as it seemed that it had accepted Nate´s challenge and was ready to battle and went to its place where it waited until Nate had decided what pokémon she was going to use.

Before Nate even realized Caterpie had attacked furiously against her Mr. Bubbless and Nate tried to concentrate and yelled: "Use your Tackle against it but try to dodge its attacks!" and Mr. Bubbless followed every single order that Nate had given to it and managed to dodge Caterpie´s attacks. Suddenly Caterpie used its String Shot and managed to stop Mr. Bubbless as it was covered with the string and started to furiously attack. Nate had to change her plan and yelled quickly: "Go inside your shell!" and Mr. Bubbless took cover as it pulled its head and arms inside and Caterpie´s attack made more damage to itself than to Mr. Bubbless and almost immediately faint. Suddenly Nate threw a bright red coloured pokéball at Caterpie and looked how the red light flashed and sucked it inside and the pokéball started to shake.

To be continued!

OOC: If Nate catches that Caterpie its name will be Betty... :D

rii - chii
August 24th, 2008, 11:18 AM
RealPyromaniac: That was a nice battle, you really showed the huge amount of bug Pokemon in the area!
You caught a level 5 Female Caterpie "Betty"!

Poke Ball (5)
Potion (5)
Paralyze Heal (2)
Antidote (2)
Awakening (2)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 24th, 2008, 1:01 PM
"Wurmple, tackle!" The first order of the battle was shouted together by both Simon and Nick. Their two identical Pokemon charged, colliding hard in the middle of the clearing. Both Wurmple staggered backwards, the tackle attacks doing major damage.
"Wurmple, we'd better keep our distance, so use Poison Sting!" Nick shouted to his Pokemon, who quickly obliged by leaping forwards, with its spiked tail pointing forwards.
"Perfect!" Simon smiled, "Use string shot before it launches that attack!" Simon's Wurmple shot sticky silk from its mouth, entangling Simon's Wurmple and making it fall, helplessly, to the ground. Simon grinned, but looked to see Nick still smiling.
"Wurmple, keep that poison sting coming!" He shouted. His Wurmple launched the poison sting, despite its spiked rear end being encased in silk. The small purple poisoned darts ripped through the string shot, freeing Nick's Wurmple from the silk. Simon gasped. To have ripped through that string shot so easily, his Wurmple must be pretty powerful.
"Don't worry, Wurmple!" he shouted, "it's still slightly tangled up, so tackle it, quickly!"
"You tackle too!" Nick shouted to his Wurmple, and once again, the two Pokemon collided in the middle of the clearing. This time, both trainers knew that one would not be walking away. The two Wurmple stood, staring each other down, and finally, Nick's slowly keeled over and fainted. Simon's Wurmple gave a small squeak of triumph, and then it too fell over, unconscious.
"A double knockout," Nick Smiled. "I guess you had better meet my next Pokemon. Let's go, Magby!" He threw his next pokeball, and a small, red, humanoid, Pokemon materialised opposite Simon.
"What's that?" he gasped, raising his Pokedex

"Magby, the Live Coal Pokemon

Magby's state of health is determined by observing the fire it breathes. If the Pokémon is spouting yellow flames from its mouth, it is in good health. When it is fatigued, black smoke will be mixed in with the flames."

"Well by the time we've finished," Simon said, "It'll be impossible to see behind the smoke! Let's go, Pidgey!" he sent out his Pidgey, who quickly took to the sky.
"Magby, start with Smokescreen!" Nick ordered, and Magby immediately shot jet black smoke from its mouth, cloaking the entire battlefield.
"Now, he shouted "Use Ember!" Magby opened its mouth again and fired white-hot embers at Pidgey, hurting it badly. Pidgey dropped a few feet, but managed to regain its height with some furious flapping.
"Come on, Pidgey, you can take it!" Simon encouraged "Try using sand attack!" Pidgey dropped, scraped the floor with its wing and threw up sand into Magby's face, temporarily blinding it.
"Magby, use Smog!" Nick commanded, and Magby shot out a jet of poisonous gas, but being blinded by the sand attack, it missed completely.
"Pidgey, take it down with a barrage of Tackles!" Simon shouted triumphantly, and Pidgey obeyed, battering Magby more and more, until, finally, Magby slumped to the ground, defeated.
"Return, Magby," Nick said, clearly disappointed, "You've done well, Simon, but there's no way you can beat my final Pokemon. It's time, Dratini!" He threw his last Pokeball, and out came a long, snake like Pokemon with fins on its head. Simon held out his Pokedex.

"Dratini, the Dragon Pokemon.

The existence of this mythical Pokémon was only recently confirmed by a fisherman who caught one."

"I suppose its like you told me at the Pokemon centre," Simon said, "Dratini are pretty rare, and as a dragon type, it’s probably quite strong too. That doesn't matter though - Pidgey, show it your sand-attack!"
"Stop it with Twister," Nick said, surprisingly calmly. As Pidgey dived to scoop up sand, Dratini spun its tail quickly, generating a powerful whirlwind which picked up leaves and stones before heading straight towards Pidgey, battering it out of the air. Pidgey fell gracelessly, unconscious before it even hit the ground. Now, the battle was one-on-one, and Simon only had one Pokemon left.
"Pikachu, don't let me down now!" Simon shouted as he released the small yellow rodent from its Pokeball. "Now, start with Thunder wave!" Pikachu quickly zapped Dratini with a blue bolt of electricity, paralyzing it completely. But then, as Simon watched, Dratini shook slightly, and in one swift movement, it threw off its skin, shedding it completely to reveal a new skin underneath. And what's more, Dratini no longer seemed to be paralysed.
"Dratini's shed skin ability allows it to recover from status conditions" The Pokedex chipped in. Simon gritted his teeth, but then shouted: "Let’s just attack it then, Pikachu, use tail whip!" Pikachu leapt at Dratini, spun around and slapped it hard with its tail, weakening its defence.
"Dratini, immobilise it with Wrap attack!" Nick called, and Dratini sprung back into action, almost completely encasing Pikachu with its own body.
"Pikachu, you've got full body contact, so use Thundershock, maximum power!" Simon shouted, and Pikachu zapped Dratini with all of its might, doing some major damage.
"Pikachu, Thundershock! One more time!" Simon shouted.
"Dratini, unleash your Dragon rage!" Nick called. Pikachu fired another b lightning bolt, while Dratini fired a powerful beam of energy. The two powerful attacks collided in midair, causing a large explosion that threw both Pokemon backwards. Pikachu, barely managing to hang on, skidded backwards on its feet, while Dratini, wearied by the earlier Thundershock and devoid of any feet to ground itself with hit the ground hard, bounced, then hit the floor one more time and skidded to a stop at its trainer's feet, knocked out. Pikachu, battle-weary but overjoyed ran back to Simon and leapt into his slightly hesitant arms. Seeing Pikachu's power had made him a little wary about what would happen if it was angry at him, but for now, he brushed away the bad thoughts and returned his companions enthusiastic hug. On the other side of the clearing Nick was consoling his Dratini. Looking up, he called to Simon:
"The shiny Budew is yours - you won it fair and square" Both Trainers turned to where the Pokeball was sitting. Or rather, where it had been sitting. It had completely disappeared.
"Where is it?" Simon shouted in panic. Nick looked around, looked up, then chuckled slightly and pointed to the sky, where a lone Hoppip was flying into the distance, having recovered and flown off unnoticed during the battle. Clutched between its four stubby feet was a Pokeball.

"Those stupid Hoppip!" Simon grumbled. He had been grumbling during the last half-hours walk, while Nick had been trying hard not to laugh.
"Come on," Nick said, "We're almost out of the mystifying forest now; there'll be even more, different Pokemon at the next place we visit. You might even find another shiny"
"Really?" said Simon, his face lighting up.
"Well, no" was the reply. "Most people never see any shinies at all, so I seriously doubt you'll be lucky enough to see two." Simon looked at him angrily for a second, the stopped, smiled and burst out laughing. He had found an incredibly rare and pretty tough Pokemon, only for it to be stolen by a very common, fairly weak Pokemon. He might not like it, but it would sure be one helluva story to tell. His spirits somewhat lifted, Simon continued out of the Mystifying Forest surrounded by his partners and friends.

(Aww what a corny ending, lol)

rii - chii
August 24th, 2008, 2:20 PM
alipeewee: lol, those Hoppip xD great battle an good use of Shed Skin!
Pidgey leveled up to 8!
Wurmple leveled up to 8!
Wurmple is evolving! Allow the process to continue? (Please reply in the OOC Thread, you may decide which evolvution it'll evolve into)
Pikachu leveled up to 12!

August 24th, 2008, 7:47 PM
The deeper they walked into the forest, the quieter and creepier it became. Bulbasaur walked right at Maxi’s heels, making sure not to get lost from his trainer. Maxi, however felt as calm as ever and almost seemed to have a bounce in his step as he walked. Over the past hour he had thrown the battle from his mind, and the quiet forest pushed away his anger. Bulbasaur heard a sound from behind him and turned but saw nothing. His nerves began to get the better of him as he raised his caution. Out of nowhere, something landed on his bulb and he shot past Maxi into a clearing. The action surprised Maxi but when he turned, all he saw was a green and yellow pokemon, with a small sprout on his head.

Maxi brought out his pokedex to record it to be a Sunkern. He couldn’t help but laugh, not at the Sunkern but at his own Bulbasaur. The Sunkern returned the action and laughed alongside Maxi. Maxi smiled as he walked into the clearing to see his Pokemon with his vines over his eyes, shivering.

“Oh so my brave Pokemon was startled by this cute little creature,” Maxi said with a chuckle.

Bulbasuar looked up to see the seed Pokemon hopping happily next to his trainer and glared at it. He then rushed towards it with a tackle attack. The Sunkern, however bounced over the attack and landed behind Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur slid to a stop and turned to face his opponent.

“Oh, so a battle has begun, I’ll let you have control my friend,” Maxi stated to Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur responded by shooting out a tiny seed. The attack went unnoticed as Sunkern happily bounced in position. The seed landed on its head and vines shot around it. Energy began to drain from it as it fell to the ground motionless. Bulbasaur then ran into another tackle and slammed his body against Sunkern’s. It hit the ground hard and laid their motionless.

Bulbasaur turned and walked back to Maxi proudly. Sunkern wasn’t through though and passion began to glow in his eyes. Bulbasaur began to glow with a light green aura. This startled him as his eyes grew wide. He turned to see Sunkern was up and ready for more. Bulbasaur gave a sly grin and opened his mouth and let out a loud, “Bulba.”

Sunkern shuddered a bit and closed its eyes. When it reopened them Bulbasaur was inches away and pushed his body full force into Sunkern’s body. This time Sunkern tried to push itself up but it was too weary.

“Awesome job Bulbasaur,” Maxi said to his comrade. “You had a great battle.”

Sunkern heard those words and waited for something it wanted for so long to happen. After a few moments of lying there, nothing happened. He looked up to see the trainer sitting there with a pad out. He slowly hopped over and landed next to Maxi.

“Hi little fella, you did great as well,” Maxi happily exclaimed. “You should come out to be a tough Pokemon.”

Sunkern hopped up to Maxi’s belt and pushed one of the balls off of it. It landed on the ground at Maxi’s feet and Sunkern bounced over to it.

“Oh, so you want to get captured,” Maxi said surprised at the Sunkern’s actions.

Sunkern nodded and hit the button in the center. The ball popped open and a white light surrounded Sunkern. It then closed and began its normal shake.

rii - chii
August 25th, 2008, 6:38 AM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice post, you captured the Sunkern!
You caught a level 6 Female Sunkern!

August 25th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Creepy, isnt it?

"I´m so glad that I managed to catch you, Betty!" Nate said and hugged her new partner and laid back on the grass and continued walking when in the mean time her Mr. Bubbless was playing with Betty as in the mean time Starly was leading Nate trough the forest. After walking a while Nate arrived to a dark and fully open meadow and suddenly all the trees started to look dead as there were no sunlight for some reason but Nate decided to keep walking as the forest was creepy and scareing her a lot and she didn´t want to stop even for a second. Suddenly something touched Nate´s neck which made her to scare and ran around as she didn´t know what had touched her neck but she was sure that it was something nasty and before she even realized a huge swarm of Weedles ran across the meadow and almost caused Nate to fall down.

"I am sure that there are something going on in this Houndoomed forest!" Nate screamed as she tried to balance and managed to avoid falling as Mr. Bubbless helped her. After she had sat down and rest a bit she sighed heavily and said to her Starly that was flying above them and watching if those Weedles would return as Nate said: "We have to find the reason why those Weedles are running all around these woods!" and quickly stood up and started to walk. After walking a while Nate arrived clearlý in the deepest part of the forest and suddenly something flew across her which made her to scare even more as she had come all over here and wasn´t going to quit. Few steps later a light flashed and two dark purple coloured pokémons were flowting in front of her and they weren´t happy as she had obviously intruted them as she was in their territory and suddenly the pokémons started to attack but Nate wasn´t still able to recognise them.

"Use your Tackle, Mr. Bubbless! Tie them up with your String Shot, Betty!" Nate yelled and her pokémons tried to attack but weren´t able to hit at all as their attacks went trough the pokémons and they hurt more theirselfs than the wild pokémons. Nate had to change her tactic but she wasn´t sure what typed pokémons tehy were and started to hesitate all her instructions that she was yelling to her pokémons. Then all of sudden those two wild pokémons came away from the shadows and Nate realised why her pokémons weren´t able to hit at all: they were Misdreavus´ , the ghost-type pokémons and now she was able to recreate her tactic and yelled: "When they are near you, use your Withdraw to boost your defense and you, Betty, use your String Shot at all the trees around here and tie them up like a spider web!" Misdreavus´ kept attacking but now they hurt more theirselfs as they tried to break Mr. Bubbless shell and few minutes later Betty had changed the outfit of the place where they were as now it looked like a racing court and Nate shouted at her pokémons once: "Stay inside your shell, Mr. Bubbless and keep doing your Withdraw! Now listen to me Betty, you have to use your String Shot at Mr. Bubbless and start to spin it in the air as fast as possible!" and looked at her Betty, who looked straight back at her and clearly hesitated but in the end Betty did exactly how Nate had told it to do.

Misdreavus´ kept still attacking and started to feel exhausted which was good for Nate as they hurt more theirselfs and suddenly the situation was even better than before as Betty had used its String Shot at Mr. Bubbless and swinged it around in the air which crashed it towards the so called ´racing court´ that Betty had created and as it was spinning with massive speed it didn´t stuck on the web. Mr. Bubbless spinning around the court with high speed caused both Misdreavus´ to start to feel a bit dizzy little by little and this made Nate happy as soon she would make her Mr. Bubbless to perform a ultimate attack. "Tackle yourself up in the air and away from the court and use your Tackle against them with all your powers, Mr. Bubbless!" Nate yelled and looked how her Mr. Bubbless jumped up in the air as it was still spinning and charged at Misdreavus´ and managed to critically hit them as the speed that it had gained while spinning had turned into power. Both Misdreavus´ crashed at the web and fainted immediately which made Nate to feel herself very happy and started to hugg her pokémons but suddenly something caught her attention totally.

The smaller Misdreavus had started to brightly to shine and Nate was sure that it was going to evolve and this wasn´t a good thing at all as it would be a lot powerful than earlier but suddenly a pokéball landed at the Misdreavus and sucked it inside as the pokéball started to rapidly shake and a red light flashed and a boy walked into the battle field where they had been battling just few minutes ago. "Finally I managed to find one!" the boy said as he took the pokéball from the ground and laid it in his bag as he hadn´t noticed Nate yet but as soon as he did he walked over and shook hands with her which made Nate to be a bit confused. "Who are you and how dare you to catch that Misdreavus under my nose?!" Nate yelled and looked really angry as she had been rudely interrupted even tough she knew that wasn´t the truth as she was going to flee of and the boy calmly answered: "Whoopsie! I beg you pardon but it isn´t Misdreavus anymore as now it is Mismagius. Didnt you see that it started to evolve?" and smiled gently at Nate who looked very embarrased. "Yes I knew that but why did you catch and rudely stopped my battle and how you were sure that I wasn´t going to catch it?!" and started to blush deeply from her cheeks as the boy said: "I saw your battle and I also saw that you were going to flee when the newly evolved Mismagius had started to shine!" and smiled gently again.

After Nate had sincerely apologized from the boy who had introduced himself to Marcus they started to walk as it started to turn evening already and it clearly wasn´t save to be in this part of the woods at this time of the day as there were many shady and scary looking pokémons. "So what are you doing here?" Nate said and looket at Marcus who was walking right next to her and smiling brightly even there was no obvious reason at all and as he said: "I am a trainer and a cordinator and I came here to catch one of these rare ghost-type pokémons!" and he stopped quickly and looked at Nate but this time his eyes were glittering weirdly. "Will you battle with me as I need some practice?" Marcus asked and came few steps closer as Nate went few steps backwards and said: "I´d like to but you act pretty creepy so could you please return into your earlier state?" she said and took one of her pokéballs from her bag and threw it up in the air and yelled: "Come out Starly!" as Marcus had already called his Zubat out from its pokéball and said: "I choose Zubat as my pokémon!" and went few steps backwards. Before Nate even realized the battle was ragingly began and Zubat was attacking against Starly with many powerful attacks such as Air Cutter and Wing Attack but Nate gathered herself and shouted at her Starly: "I know that you can dodge its attacks as you are much faster than it! When it drops it guard use your Tackle!" and looked really concerned as Zubat was almost as quick as Starly and this wouldn´t be an easy battle.

Starly kept dodging Zubat´s attacks but every now and then few made trough and managed to hit Starly very badly and Starly started to feel really exhausted but wasn´t going to give up and ept dodging until the right moment came up and it was able to revenge. Zubat hadn´t see that Starly had dodged by flying up and Starly managed to use Tackle at Zubat´s small body and the hit made it crash at the ground and faint almost immediately. Marcus called his Zubat back as Nate looked and hugged her Starly who had just proved its power and turned over to thank Marcus but wasn´t able to see him at anywhere and started to walk as she felt really creepy and ´didn´t look back even a single time until she had come into Mystifying Forest.


Master Jecht
August 25th, 2008, 2:25 PM
The ball suddenly stopped and made a ping. “Ha. Gotcha Taillow” Troy shouted as he raised his Pokeball up. “Nice Job Eevee, Return.” Eevee retreated back into its ball. “All this excitement made me forget where I was headed” He said. Troy pulled out his guide book and scanned the map with his finger. “Ahh there it is! So north of here the Mystifying Forest. That’s our next target.” He closed the book and headed north.

Troy finally reached the entrance of the forest and walked in. The forest was a lush green and the soft breeze was blowing the sweet scents of the variety of grass pokemon inhabiting the forest. “This place is so peaceful and nice. I will have to come back here some time.” He said. As Troy continued into the forest, the path ended and all that was in front was a endless amount of trees, bushes, and tall grass. He looked around and saw a huge yellow rock with moss growing on it. “Moss points north they always say. The next town is north so I guess I will have to go with that assumption” he said. Troy then moved forward into the endless forest.

Hours passed and night fell. Troy started to see the trees clear and started to run hoping that the next town would emerge from the distance to fill his empty stomach. When he emerged, he came to a nasty surprise. All that was in front of him was the huge yellow rock from earlier. Troy hung his head and let out a sigh which was complimented by a growl from his stomach. “Stupid nature shows” he thought. All of a sudden an Aroma took Troy off his feet. It wasn’t the luscious smell of the grass pokemon, but one of a fire…that was cooking food! Troy’s spirit was lifted as he ran towards the scent to go find the food.

Troy finally found a small fire over by a cave which had two fish cooking over it. There was a sleeping bag and backpack sprawled out next to the fire but Troy didn’t care. His hunger was taking control of his mind. He glanced around to see if anyone was around but couldn’t find anyone. Troy tiptoed over to the fire and then snatched the two fish. “Victory!” he thought with a big grin on his face, but it was to be shorted lived as a rustling came out of the bush.

“HEY YOU! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING WITH MY DINNER!” angrily shouted a cute girl that emerged from the bush.

“Well you see….um I came on reports of umm a forest fire ya that’s it. I saw smoke and thought the forest was burning!” Troy explained nervously. The girl didn’t say a word and just glared at Troy. “Aww screw it” Troy said and started to bolt off with the fish in his hands.

To Be continued……

rii - chii
August 25th, 2008, 2:29 PM
Master Jecht: That was a good post, I loved the last part, you may now continue!

August 26th, 2008, 3:27 PM
“Alright, my fourth Pokemon,” Maxi said after Sunkern’s ball came to a halt.
Bulbasaur felt good about himself and the way he battled. His confidence definitely grew stronger about his ability. The two sat for a while as the sun began to set to the west and the light grew dim. Maxi called out his team and allowed them to introduce themselves to one another since he hadn’t had the chance before. They each examined one another and cried out in excitement.

“Okay team, here is dinner,” Maxi stated as he pulled out a pile of berries from his pack that he had found earlier. “I know it isn’t much but dig in,” Maxi continued with a smile.

As his Pokemon munched on the multitude of berries, he began to sketch the scene. His drawings were getting pretty good and he knew with more practice, he felt he could show others his art. His Pokemon then lounged out beside Maxi and dozed for a bit. Maxi followed after he finished a Razz berry, one of his favorites.

A little while later he awoke to a slight breeze that flew by. He looked around but didn’t see anything. He then began to hear a buzzing sound and his mind began to race a bit. “I’ve heard many tales of Beedrill attacks but this buzzing is different,” Maxi said to himself. Taillow awoke as well to the buzzing noise and flew onto Maxi’s shoulder.

Maxi stood up and began to walk towards the noise, almost in a trance. Bulbasaur, Sunkern and Lotad awoke as well to Maxi’s movement and followed their trainer. Maxi saw a clearing and a light green flash perked his interest. He peered around the bushed and what he saw was shocking. In his sight was the time travel Pokemon, Celebi. It slept soundly in the clearing, her chest slightly moving to her breathing. Maxi stared in awe as did his Pokemon at the marvelous sight that they had walked upon.

After a few minutes, Maxi pulled out his pad and crept through the bushes closer to the green Pokemon. As his pencil went to work, he peered up from time to time to see the masterpiece that was in their presence. He knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He was almost finished when out of nowhere, Lotad sneezed. Maxi froze in his position as the startled Celebi awoke. She stared, with scared eyes, across at Maxi, he returning the look. He finally broke the silence and quietly said, “H…hi Celebi, we are not here to cause you h…harm, I just wanted to draw you.”

Bulbasaur explained in poke’talk, which Maxi didn’t understand, and Celebi’s expression turned to joy. H eyes twinkled in the moonlight as she happily smiled. Maxi returned the happy smile and drew a whole new drawing as Celebi hovered in place. Taillow watched intently as Maxi’s drawing came to life. Once Maxi was finished and he put his pad away he said, “Thank you so much Celebi, you were a wonderful model.”

Celebi continued her smile as she looked up at the moon. She then floated towards Maxi and placed one of her tiny fingers on his nose. “Bi,” she happily cried and did the same to his four partners. She began to laugh cheerfully as she hovered higher into the air. She gave a short wave and then shot of into the sky.

“Man, I will never forget this night,” Maxi stated aloud to his group as he watched her figure grow smaller and smaller until she disappeared. Maxi then sat next to a tree and fell into a light sleep with his Pokemon beside him.

rii - chii
August 27th, 2008, 1:42 PM
RealPyromaniac: That was an excellent post! Really detailed :]
Mr. Bubbles leveled up to 14!
Mr. Bubbles is trying to learn Water Gun, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Water Gun?
Starly leveled up to 8!
Starly learned Quick Attack!
Betty leveled up to 9!
Betty is evolving! Allow the process to continue?

IceDragon2439: That was a nice Celebi post! You're done Mystifying Forest!

Master Jecht
August 27th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Troy continued to run as hard as he could from the girl that spotted him stealing her food.

“Not so fast you thief! Tangela go and use vine whip to bring him back here.” Said the girl. She threw a Pokeball and a pokemon that looked like tangled vines came out. The Tangela launched out two vines that quickly caught up with Troy and wrapped around him and started to reel him in.

“Dang I can’t move. I’m Busted!” Troy thought as he was getting reeled in closer and closer to the girl.

“So what do you have to say for yourself?” the girl demanded.

“Sorry! I haven’t eaten all day and my hunger took over my body and made me do it! Blame my stomach! If I knew it belonged to a beautiful girl like you I would have never done it” Troy explained trying to win her over.

The girl wasn’t buying it. “That’s no reason to steal from other people. Tangela teach this kid a lesson.” Tangela lifted up Troy by his ankles and began to shake him while he was upside down. After a couple of shakes, Troy’s Pokedex fell out of his pocket. The girl walked over, picked it up and examined it. She got an intrigued look in her eye. “A Pokedex hmm? So I take it you are a Pokemon trainer then?” she asked.

“Yea..aa..aahh I-I..MM aaa Tra.ii.nnn..eer!” Troy said while being shaked by the girl’s tangela.

“Alright then, I have a proposition for you. I will give you that fish and let you go, but I need you to do a favor for me.” She said.

“Done!” troy replied quickly.

“Fine Tangela let him go.” Commanded the girl. The Tangala let its vines off Troy in mid air and he had a harsh landing on his head. The girl went back over to the fire and sat down.

“Ow…You could have let me down gently ya know!” Troy said. He walked over to the fire where the girl was sitting and took a seat himself. He let out Eevee and Taillow and gave them a fish to share while he ate another one himself. “So what’s your name I’m Troy from Aozora Town. I just started my journey not too long ago. Sorry to make a bad impression, I hope I can make up for it with his favor. Speaking of that what is it.?”

“Well Troy I’m Talyor and this is my trusted pokemon Tangy! I am a Pokemon Herbalist. You see I came to this forest to make this medicine that makes grass pokemon grow and become stronger. I have the herbs it is just I need to blend them with a leaf stone. There is a cave here in the forest that has an abundance of these stones but the thing is there are many wild pokemon in there and Tangy is no fighter. That’s why I need you to protect me when I recover the stones!”

“Well I guess you did feed me you are a cute girl so of course I will help!” Troy replied happily.

Taylor started to blush a little but then stopped. “Fine we will head there in the morning. I’m going to sleep now.”

“Aye, that sounds like a good idea to me” Troy said with a yawn. Both of them got there sleeping bags and fell asleep awaiting the big day ahead of them.

To be continued…….

rii - chii
August 27th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Master Jecht: That was a nice post, I can't wait to see the cave, BTW Tangela is my favourite Pokemon xD

Chapter 6: Route 103

Number of Posts: 1 or 2

Description: A 3-way path that leads to KagariCity and McKarpTown.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Thick Fat, Huge Power
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Tail Whip (Level 7), Water Gun (Level 10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Limber, Own Tempo
Attacks: Fake Out, Scratch, Growl (Level 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Mime Jr.
Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Psychic
Ability: Soundproof, Filter
Attacks: Tickle, Barrier, Confusion, Copycat, Meditate (Level 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy, Rock Head
Attacks: Fake Tears, Copycat, Flail, Low Kick (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Obtained: Uncommon

August 30th, 2008, 6:37 AM
OOC: I've decided to give my chapters a name, just to spruce it up a bit :D

The Frigtening Charm Caster

Scott opened his eyes. There was little light streaming into the tent. The sun penetrated the thin layers of the tent wall. The smell of Oran Stew filled Scotts nose as he got up and clambered out of the tent. "Morning!" Said Amelia happily as she stired the Oran Berry stew that sat above the campfire. Scott sat on the log just beside the fire and looked ahead.

They were just on the border of the forest. The sun was still low and an occasional Tailow flew above them. Amelia poured the stew into a bowl and handed it to Scott. He filled his spoon and slowly placed it into his mouth. It reminded him of the time he tried to cook a delicousy, Roated Sentret, but it came out awfuly wrong. "Delicous!" said Scott slowly with a rather wide grimace on his face. He prayed that Amelia wouldn't notice that Scott thought the stew was rancid. "And for the Pokemon," began Amelia happily a she reached into her bag,"Oran Poffins."

After the team had had there "Delicous" breakfast. The packed away and left the forest border. They had been walking for a while when they came to a forked path. "Oh, I know this place!" Said Amelia as she waved her arms around manicaly,"It's the junction to Kagari City and McKarp Town!" She was still shouting and then began to jump and point at the path leading to Kagari City. suddenly, Amelia stood like a plank and fell onto the ground, as if she was a tree falling. "Misdreavus," Began Scott annoyingly,"That's not funny, stop charming Amelia!" Misdreavus floated from behind Scott, her eyes aglow. She let out a small "Mis" and stopped charming Amelia. She stood up and sorted out her hair. "I'm okay!" Said Amelia as she seemed to sway on the spot. Something seemed to catch Misdreavus' attention. She looked to the side, scanning the area. She floated off in the direction she was looking. Scott ran over to where Amelia was standing. "are you okay?" He said as he steadied her. "Fine." She replied as she rubbed her forehead, looking around. "Where's your misdreavus?" Asked Amelia as she pointed to the spot where misdreavus once was. Scott span on the spot and groaned.

Misdreavus floated down the hill. A wide spread of grass was infront of her and the sun seemed to be hish in the sky now, casting no shadow over the trees that surrounded the field. There was a rustling in the grass infront of her. Misdreavus floated over to investigate. She bobbed into the patch of grass until she was practicaly invisible and looked around every thick blade. Eventually she found a small Pokemon. it was brown and looked similar to a plant pot, with three green orbs on its head. "Mis?" Said Misdreavus with a tone of confusemnet in her voice. The pOkemon turned around and stared at misdreavus. Moments later, it plonked on the ground and bursted into tears. Misdreavus looked frightened but not as frightened as the small Pokemon. She tried to help, but the crying got louder everytime she went near.

Scott and Amelia ran into the bushes, exactly were the Pokemon was crying. 2oh, it's in trouble!" Whimpered Amelia sadly. scott pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon.

Bonsly, The Bonsai Pokemon. It likes to live in dry places and tries to be well hidden. It seems to cry alot, but it is actualy adjusting its bodies fluid levels.

"Wow!" began Amelia as joy seemed to sweep over her body,"It's so cute." On the word "so", Bonsly imediantly stopped crying, got up and sped off into the distance. Misdreavus turned around and gave scott a sweet smile. "Never again1" said Scott as he pointed at Misdreavus.

Later that day, Scott and Amelia were walking around, trying to find the junction they were once at. "Where is it?!" Said Scott in anoyance. Misdreavus couldn't help feel bad...

rii - chii
August 30th, 2008, 6:40 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a nice post, I would feel bad too if I was punished :O

August 30th, 2008, 7:10 AM
Scott and the Team had been walking for hours now. It was so confusing and they couldn't find any signs of which way the city was. Abra was trying to help by teleporting to the City, but even a teleport wouldn't work. Misdreavus and Missy were looking for life force using there ghostly powers, but they couldn't find anything. Amelia had heard stories of a magical enchament that was cast around here, maybe that was why it was hard to look around. Lotad was attempting to help by using astonish on every bush and tree but no result was coming from that, yet Scott let him continue at his amusement. Turtwig and Skorupi simply walked my Scott and Amelia looking out for the city, but it couldn't be found.

By six O'clock, the team had given up and set up camp. Scott insited on cooking, making a cheri berry and herb sauce which was too spicy for Amelias likeing, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Scott stopped eating when a noise in the distance caught his attention. He put his bowl on the floor and looked around. He could here wailing in the distance. When it stopped, it was later folowed by more crying. Scott snook up to the bushes were the noise was coming from, clumbsily followed by Amelia. he found the Bonsly and another Pokemon beside it, mimcing its actions. Scott pulled put his Pokedex.

Mime Jr., the Mime Pokemon. It loves being around others. it can be rather annoying, mimicing friends and foes, making them confused.

"It's so cute." Whispered Amelia,"C'mon out, Missy." Amelia was still whispering. "When I say now, you're gonna use psywave on that Mime Jr., okay?" Missy nodded and faced her target, getting ready to battle. "Lotad, I need you." Whispered Scott. lotad emerged from his ball in a flurry of light and faced Scott. For some reason, he knew not to speak. "When I say now, you're gonna use astonish on bonsly, okay?" LOtad also nodded and turned to his opponent. they were safe behind the bushes and waiting for the perfect moment. Bonsly had stopped crying along with mime Jr. and were facing towards were lotad and Missy were. "Now!" Shouted Amelia and Scott in unision. They both stood up and pointed at their targets. lotad pounced from the bushes, screeching and landing right on top of the Bonsly. Missy had also jumped and was now spinning, realeasing waves of puple and pink energy.

The bonsly seemed to shove Lotad off of its body using its feet and one of Missys waves seemed to be deflected. "Lotad, absorb!" shouted Scott, pointing into the sky. Lotad ran towards Bonsly, jumping into the air and then withdrawing orbs of green energy from Bonsly. "Missy, keep going with those Psywaves!" Shouted Amelia. Missy unleashed another wave, which knocked mime Jr. into a tree, causing it to faint for a moment, then regaining consiousness. Bonsly let out a screech and then stopped letting out green orbs. it suddenly began to shake, then began to take the same green orbs from Lotad. "That must be copycat." Said Scott,"Lotad, get up and use astonish to get close!" Lotad ran towards bonsly, using astonish. "Now absorb up close!" shouted Scott. Lotad jumped on Bonsly, hurting it with astonish, the using absorb cayusing the Bonsly to faint.

Mean while, Amelia was battling mime Jr. The Psywaves were still coming but mime Jr. dodged the occasional few. Suddenly, mime Jr. unleashed a wave of energy that was the same as Missys. it hit her and she flew backwards, but still managed to get back up. "Now, Missy!" Shouted Amelia. Missy dissapeared, re appearing behind the mime Jr. She then unleashed a wave of energy, suprising Mime jr. and causing it to faint. "Pokeball, Go!" shouted Scott and Amelia together as they threw a Pokeball towards their targets.

rii - chii
August 30th, 2008, 8:17 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That's a nice post, you caught a Bonsly! You're done Route 103!
You caught a level 8 Male Bonsly!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 30th, 2008, 1:06 PM
Finally, Simon, Nick and their Pokemon had made their way out of the Mystifying Forest. As they squinted, unused to the bright sunlight, a small blue and white spherical Pokemon drifted by, perched on a log floating down the stream that ran alongside the path. Unaware it was being watched, it wrapped its long wiry tail around a branch, and dipped its head into the stream.
"What is that and what is it doing?" Simon aked, raising his Pokedex.

"Marill, the Aqua mouse Pokemon

When fishing for food at the edge of a fast-running stream, Marill wraps its tail around the trunk of a tree. This Pokémon's tail is flexible and configured to stretch."

Perfectly on cue, Marill pulled itself out of the water, a length of pond weed in its mouth. Calmly, it watched them as it floated by, munching on its slippery green snack.
"Right, i'm catching it!" Simon said excitedly, "I could use a good water type! Lets go, Wurmple!" Wurmple came out of its Pokeball, and then, to the surprise of both trainers and Pokemon, it began to glow a bright white. Slowly, its form grew and chaged, becoming ovular, with many spikes. Finally, the light faded, revealing a completely different Pokemon.
"Errr... what just happened?" Simon wondered, lifting his Pokedex again.

"Cascoon, the Cocoon Pokemon.

Its body, which is made of soft silk, hardens over time. When cracks appear, evolution is near."

"So...Wurmple just evolved!" Simon shouted gleefully, "Come on Cascoon, use Tackle!" using its spikes like legs, Cascoon launched itself at Marill, hitting it full in the face, but the ricochet sent it plummeting straight towards the stream.
"String shot, on me, and Marill!" Simon ordered, and Cascoon sent two strings of sticky silk, on towards the weakened Marill, and one towards her Trainer's outstretched arm. They both connected, and the two Pokemon swung back towards the bank of the river, landing on the shore. Now that it was in a fighting position, Marill flipped back to its feet, launching a powerful water gun at Cascoon.
"Dodge it, Cascoon!" Simon shouted, but it didn't move. Instead, it contracted all the silk covering its body, hardening its surface and stood strong as the jet of water splashed on it like a gentle shower.
"That was a great harden Cascoon just did!" Nick called to Simon "Maybe you should try it again!"
"Right, Cascoon, harden again!" Simon commanded as Marill leapt, and once again, the Pokemon stiffened its body, deflecting the tackle attack. But even as it let out a triumphant "Caaaaascoon!" it slumped, tired.
"What? Harden was supposed to protect it!" Simon shouted indignantly Suddenly, the Pokedex chipped in: "Harden raises a Pokemon's defensive power, but will not negate all damage. This is a common mistake among beginning trainers" Simon gritted his teeth, before returning the tired Cascoonto its Pokeball.
"Well if you don't mind, I'm gonna give this a go!" Nick shouted, releasing his Wurmple from its Pokeball. Then, in a strange sort of action replay, Nick's Wurmple also began to glow.
"My Wurmple can't be evolving too, can it?" Nick gasped. He was right - though the Pokemon lit up slightly, it seemed to be conciously trying to quell the light. Once agian, the pokedex spoke up:
"Some Pokemon dislike the concept of evolution, and will not allow it to happen to themselves." Finally, the glow subsided, and the Pokemon stood there, still a Wurmple. Slowly, it turned round.
"Wuuuurrrrrmple?" it said questioningly. Nick understod immediately what it meant.
"No," he whispered gently, "it's your decision, and I don't care whether you're a Wurmple or a Mew, as long as you're my friend" His Wurmple seemed cheered by this, but turned to see that the Marill, not fancying its chances against another Wurmple, had leapt back on to the log and was slowly drifting away.
"We'd better hurry!" Simon said urgently "Or it might get away!" Nick shook his head.
"It doesn't matter,"he said calmly, "Let it go." Then, smiling, he returned his Wurmple to its Pokeball, and the two friends continued towards the end of Route 103.

rii - chii
August 30th, 2008, 1:11 PM
alipeewee: That was a nice post, can't wait to see the end :]
Wurmple evolved into a Cascoon!
Cascoon learned Harden!
Cascoon leveled up to 11!
Cascoon is evolving! Allow the process to continue?

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
August 30th, 2008, 4:51 PM
As Simon and his friends walked down the path of route 104, a familiar Pokemon ran out in front of him.
"Vulpixpix!" it cried, upon seeing him, before running over to nuzzle his hand.
"Vulpix?" Simon gasped, "Then that must mean...Jade?" As he spoke, she came round the corner, her eyes wild and searching.
"Vulpix, there you are!" she exclaimed before raising her eyes, "Simon, you find Vulpix? It was hunting down a Glameow and we got separated and...Nick?" Simon spun around, to see that both Jade and Nick were staring at each other, open-mouthed. Then, without warning, Nick turned and sped off, disappearing over the horizon. Facing Jade again, Simon, quite confused, asked
"Do you two know each other? And why eactly did seeing you make Nick use Extremespeed?" Jade sighed.
"Its a long story, but we've got a long walk to the end of route 103, so I suppose I could tell you. The thing is, me and Nick are brother and sister. Twins. When we were little, we were always really close, but when we turned ten, five years ago,Nick wanted to leave straight away, to go on his Pokemon Journey. The problem was, our parents wouldn't let him. They said it was too dangerous, that we both had to wait until we were fifteen. So Nick ran away. Nobody expected that - nobody realised how badly he wanted to go. he crept away in the middle of the night taking nothing but our fathers contest winning Dratini and a packed lunch. A few days after he left, I found him again, living rough in Vermillion city, having been taken in by a homeless family. He begged me not to tell mum or dad, butI had to. They brought him home, but ever since, he has completely ignored me. My twin brother hasn't spoken to me in almost five years, and when I meet him, he does a runner. Now, I don't know what to do. I can't just pretend he doesn't exist for the rest of my life." Her tale finished, Jade fell quiet and an uneasy silence arose. Desperate to break it, Simon searched for something to say. Come on! Say something! Anything!
"I could help," he blurted out, mentally smacking himself in the forehead already, "Cause we're friends, and I know both of you, I might be able to get him to talk to you, at least." Jade's face lit up like a christmas tree.
"Thank you, soooo much!" she half-screamed and half-gasped, throwing her arms around Simon's shoulders. BLushing a little, he coughed and muttered something unintelligible along the lines of "No biggie" But to Jade, this clearly meant a lot, and The two of them walked along, undoubtedly happier than before, but very aware of the problems still hanging over them.

Master Jecht
August 30th, 2008, 6:22 PM
The sunlight rose up into the sky after the long night. The light pierced the gaps between the trees of the forest and a beam of warm sunlight hit Troy in the eyes. His eyes opened slowly as he lifted himself up and started to stretch. Taylor was already up eating a granola bar and brushing Tangy.

“It is about time you woke up. We need to get moving over to that cave.” Taylor said.

“Alright just let me get me get organized.” Troy said with a yawn. Troy folded up his sleeping bag and put it in his pack. He got slipped on his jacket, attached his pokeballs to his belt, and put on his backpack. “Ready when you are.”

Taylor was already packed so the two of them started to head over to the cave. Taylor led the way with Troy in the middle and Tangy behind him keeping a close eye at all times.

“Taylor, why does your Tangy following me so close and giving me that look?” Troy asked.

“It is to keep an eye on you! If you ever try to run off without fulfilling your part of the bargain, Tangy will catch you and pull you back.” Taylor replied.

“Well you won’t have to worry about that I am a man of my word.” Troy said. “I wish I could leave finding this is going to be such a bother.” He thought to himself.

The three finally reached a cave and entered it. The cave was dark and had a rancid smell lurking in the area. The cave floor was jagged and rough to walk on. All the two could see up ahead was lightness fading as it grew darker in darker with each step they took. After a few minutes in the cave, Taylor stopped and pulled out a hammer and chisel from her backpack. Troy pondered about what she was about to do.

“We’re here. Tangy use flash please.” Tangy’s eyes began to glow as the darkness that once surrounded them began to vanish. As the darkness cleared you could see the smooth walls of the cave. The walls were glistening with the rich mineral that they were made up of. Inside the walls were shiny jade colored stones with a leaf in the middle of them.

“Here they are Troy. These are the leaf stones that I need to make my medicine. You see I need to break the wall to reach them and the loud sounds of hitting it stirs up the wild pokemon.” Taylor said. “So be on your guard.

“Got it! Just leave it to me. Eevee, Taillow come on out.” Troy said. Eevee and Taillow both emerged from there balls looking around at there new surroundings. “Alright you two keep an eye out for wild pokemon. Taillow you check above and Eevee check the ground.” He instructed. The two pokemon began to look around and spotted something behind a big rock. Taillow flew over to Troy to inform him and he rushed over. Behind the rock there were two tiny oddish that didn’t look happy. One of them finally unleashed a cry and threw a tiny leaf at Eevee which just made her flinch. Eevee took it as a threat and tackled both of them which sent them running away crying.
“Nice job you two, we stopped those wild pokemon.” Troy said as he congratulated his pokemon. Just then the rancid smell started to become worse and worse as Troy could start to here tiny footsteps. Out of the darkness emerged two Gloom with the two oddishs crying behind them. The two Gloom both launched out vines that smacked Eevee and Taillow to the ground.

“Troy are you alright?!” Taylor shouted

“I am fine Taylor. Just keep getting those stones that you need. I will handle these wild pokemon.” Troy replied confidently. Taylor understood and continued to dig out the stones. “Alright, Taillow and Eevee we will take them on 2on2 right now. So get up and show them what you are made of!” Troy screamed. The two got up and went to there battle stances. “Eevee use tackle, Taillow peck!” troy commanded. Eevee started to charge forward and connected with a tackle attack on one of the Gloom. Taillow flew full speed at the other gloom and started to peck it. The two Gloom retaliated with a cloud of purple dust.

“Dang that’s poison powder. You two get out there!” Troy said worried for his pokemon. Eevee managed to escape the cloud but since Taillow was so close when she used peck, was struck by it. Taillow returned and looked sick. It was breathing heavy. All of a sudden, Taillow’s eyes got fiery as it let out a loud cry that made the Gloom shake in fear.

“Whats this?” Troy said as he pointed the Pokedex at Taillow.

Guts, An ability that raises the Pokemon’s Attack if it has a status problem.

“I see so it’s a good thing Taillow got poisoned. I have an idea” Troy said. “Eevee use helping hand on Taillow, and Taillow use your focus energy.” Eevee’s paws started to glow as she pointed to Taillow. The glow left Eevee’s paws and surrounded Taillow to power it up. Taillow then started to take a deep breath and tightened its focus on the two Glooms. “Now Taillow full power peck!” Troy commanded. Taillow flew at the Glooms with all of its energy focused on its beak. The peck attack hit the first gloom and sent it into the wall knocking it out. Taillow turned around and used another powerful peck that sent the second Gloom into the wall as well.

“Nice job Taillow! You sure are a powerful battler!” Troy cheerfully said raising his arm in victory. Then the wall where the Glooms crashed after the attack started to crack. Two leaf stones fell out and landed on each Glooms head. Both of them started to glow and the two bulbs on there head started to sprout. They stopped glowing and there standing were two Vileplumes at full power. The Vileplumes started to collect energy in there heads and then unleashed a powerful glowing beam.

“OH NO! That’s a solarbeam! Quick move out of the way you two!” Troy said in shock. But it was two late. Eevee and Taillow were struck hard with the beam and fell over unable to battle. “Dang there both out! Taylor we have to get out of here!” Troy shouted as he returned his two pokemon to their balls.
Troy ran over to Taylor and helped her put all of here things in her bag. He looked over at the Vileplumes and saw that they were gathering energy in there heads again. Things were not looking good. “There charging another solarbeam Taylor and I am out of pokemon, looks like this is it.” Troy said with a sarcastic smirk.

“I-it can’t be. I finally got all the stones I need to make the medicine that will help all pokemon in the world.” Taylor said as she started to get teary eyed. Troy embraced her as she started to cry. Just then, the two Vileplume unleashed there attack as the two beams headed straight towards Troy and Taylor. Troy closed his eyes figuring there was no hope and accepted his fate. The two beams collided and there was a huge explosion. Troy opened his eyes to find a big shock. Tangy was standing in front of him with a barrier around both him and Taylor.

“That’s… Tangela’s protect.” Troy said softly as he stared in awe. Just then he had an idea. He shook Taylor to try to get her to come to her senses. “Taylor what are Tangys attacks!” Troy demanded.

Taylor opened her eyes and saw her Tangela protecting them. “T-tangy, you saved us.” She said in shock. She was still in a shocked state but finally came to her senses. “Right Tangy knows Protect, Sleep Powder, Flash, and Ingrain.” She said wiping the tears from her face.

“Tell Tangy to use sleep powder to calm down those vileplumes hurry!” Troy shouted.

Taylor looked at Troy and nodded. “Tangy use sleep powder on those Vileplumes!” she said. Tangy unleashed a green powder that swarmed around the Vileplumes. Both of the Vileplumes fell over asleep from the attack. Troy used this opportunity and grabbed Taylor’s hand and started to run out of the cave. Tangy followed as both of them reached the exit of the cave successfully.

Troy fell to the ground from exhaustion. “Thank you Tangy. Are you alright Taylor?” Troy asked out of breath.

“I’m fine” she said as she let go a sigh of relief. “I just need to lie down for a while.”

“Sounds good to me!” Troy said as he and she got up started to walk over to their original campsite.

They both lay down and took a nap for a few hours relieved that they escaped the cave.

To be continued………

rii - chii
August 31st, 2008, 6:53 AM
alipeewee: That was a nice story, I like how people make stories very touching :D

Master Jecht: What an adventure! I haven't seen anyone use Vileplume so early, I like the Oddish family xD
Eevee leveled up to 11!
Taillow leveled up to 9!
Taillow learned Quick Attack!

September 1st, 2008, 5:52 AM
Nature time

”Oh my dear Rayquaza!” Nate yelled as she looked at her Betty who had just started to shine and also began to grow in her eyes as it was clearly started to evolve. Quickly the caterpillar-like pokémon had turned into bigger and more powerful cacoon-like pokémon called Metapod. “I´ve got a Metapod, I´ve got a Metapod!” Nate yelled as she jumped around the grassy area with Mr. Bubbless and Metapod who was bouncing all around and Starly flying all around them and happily guarding but as they were in hurry they didn´t have that much time to celebrate and Nate continued walking as they were going to go trough Mystifying Forest. After walking a while or few Nate appeared into a meadow that was full of beautiful and big flowers which covered the ground totally and created an ocean of flowers which made Nate to almost cry as she looked how the flowers started to come closer and closer and suddenly that they were pokémons. “When I say now, run as fast as possible as those Vileplumes aren´t happy at all!” Nate said to her pokémons as she kept staring at Vileplumes who came closer to her every second and they were irritated. “NOW!” Nate said as she crouched to pick her Metapod and together they fled away until they weren´t anywhere near them and Nate tried to catch her breath. Suddenly she saw something that caught her attention and she wasn´t able to just let it go.

A green haired girl was lying on the ground without moving at all and Nate quickly ran over to check if she was fine but was shocked when she came closer as she was able to recognize her. The girl was Bia who had started her journey the same day as she had and helped her to sit as Nate tried to help as much as possible. “Water…I need some water…” Bia was mumbling as Mr. Bubbless was filling Nate´s water kettles and Starly was looking for some fruits to eat. After Bia had drank a bit of Nate´s water she quickly recovered like nothing would ever had happened and stood up so quickly that Nate fell over on her bag and hurt her head. “Are you all right?!” Nate said as Bia helped her to stand up and smiled gently and answered: “Yes I am and it´s all because of you!” she said and shok hands with Nate as she continued by saying: “I was sure that I had seen you somewhere earlier but until now I wasn´t able to recognize. You are The Elite Champion Sandra´s sister if I don´t remember wrong!” Suddenly Nate blushed as she was ashamed of her sister and in the mean time very proud of her as she said: “It´s true! That Sandra is my sister!” and they both sat down to talk of pokémons and many other things too.

After some mature gossiping and chatting both of the girls had began to walk as they were both going to go trough Mystifying Forest but Nate wasn´t still sure what had happened to Bia and decided to ask: “So what were you doing here?” and looked at Bia who looked very thoughtful as she was clearly thinking what to say and finally answered: “I got attacked by some wild Vileplumes as they are trying to protect the newly born Oddishs and in all the hustle they accidentally took my PokéEgg with them!” and looked very embarrassed and started to blush. “Oh my! I got attacked too but I was really curious about the legend that involved The Voice of The Forest as I think it has something to do with these woods!” and she pointed at the trees which were glowing from the green colour. Suddenly Nate sensed something behind her and turned over as she was sure that something or someone had been walking behind them but there were no one and she decided to continue walking but they were suddenly stopped by a giant Gloom that was looking very angry. “That´s the same Gloom that caught my Egg!” Bia shouted and started to follow it as it was clearly leading them to somewhere.

“Are you sure that we haven´t been lost?!” Nate asked and looked at Bia who was very angry and didn´t pay any attention at all to Nate who was scared. Suddenly the Gloom re-appeared and once again Bia started to follow it and t didn´t atek much time when they were in a very dark part of the woods and they weren´t able to see almost nothing as there were a thick fog between them and Nate yelled at Bia who was running few steps ahead of her: “Wait for me! It´s dangerous to get lost in here as we don´t know where we are!” and kept running but suddenly it was dead quiet as there weren´t even the sounds of Bia´s footsteps. After wondering few minutes in the fog Nate arrived to an area that was full of leaf baskets and they were full of PokéEggs which was occasionally moving and shaking. “Wow!” Nate said as she walked over and sat down to look at the eggs that were clearly going to hatch soon and said once again out loud: “I wonder if Bia´s egg is also somewhere here?” and for a moment she felt that someone was once again behind her but when she turned over she wasn´t able to see anyone there. Nate quickly stood up and started to look over the baskets that were full of eggs and finally she was able to find the one that was clearly Bia´s as it was gray and full of black dots unlike the other ones that were grass green and full of leaf reminding marks. “Here you are and I can see that you found also my PokéEgg!” Bia yelled as she was running and was really exhausted but they were suddenly interrupted by the light that started to shine as a result of the eggs hatching. “Look at all those Oddishes!” Bia said after the eggs had hatched and the baskets were filled with Baby-Oddishes that were crying and said: “You didn´t happen to see that Houndoomed Gloom as I am so sure that it runned just few steps ahead of me?” and smiled at Nate who was thrilled to see freshly born pokémons.

Before Nate even reached to answer, they were attacked by three big Glooms that were clearly trying to protetct the Baby-Oddishes and even tough Nate and Bia tried to tell that weren´t up to anything nasty the Glooms didn´t listen and used many poisonous and strong attacks against them. Nate didn´t hesitate at all as she threw two of her pokéballs up in the air and called both Starly and Mr. bubbles out to battle but when Bia was going to send her pokémon out to battle her egg started to break and a bright light flashed as an Aron came out of it. “Wow! I´ve got an Aron!” Bia said but was quicly recovered as Gloom´s were attacking at her and her new partner and send it ut to battle even tough it was clearly weaker than the Glooms. “Use your Water Gun when the gloom drops its guard, Mr. Bubbles and use your Quick Attack, Starly!” Nate yelled and tried to also look in the same time how Bia was doing with Aron but obviously really well as they had managed to hit at the Gloom with many attacks as Aron was immune to Gloom´s poison-type attacks such as Acid.

Suddenly Glooms fused their attacks and attacked together against Nate´s pokémons who started to feel exhausted and tried inspire them to do their best and yelled: “Try to dodge their attacks as you are awesome pokéons but you also have to remember to work as one!” and smiled as she was sure she could trust Mr. Bubbless and Starly and once again they didn´t left her behind and managed to dodge almost every single attack that their presented. “Use your Quick Attack to cover Mr. Bubbless and use your Water Gun with full power, Mr. Bubbless!” Nate yelled and looked quickly at Bia who was in trouble and Nate decided to cover her back as the Gloom tried to get Aron dizzy and send her Betty out and made ordered it to use its Tackle against the Gloom but as her surprise Bia had made her Aron to attack against Betty. “What was that?!” Nate yelled as she looked at her Betty who was now even angrier than earlier as it had tried to help and got knocked away as a return and Nate yelled: “We´ll settle this later!”

After few minutes and many attacks, all three Glooms were fainted and lying on the ground and Nate was staring angrily at Bia who had hurt her feelings and also made Betty to feel bad too as it had tried only to help Aron. “It´s time to settle this and when I win I want you to apologize my Betty!” Nate shouted as she send out Betty to battle and continued by yelling: “Use your Tackle and fuse it with String Shot!” and betty did the exact way it was told to as it used Tackle against Aron´s steel-hard body and by the power of the attack it started to spin and launched its String Shot. By combining these two unique attacks she managed to create quickly a web like arena where it was easy to move and Aron was caught even easier. “Now use your String Shot to yourself anf attack with your Tackle against Aron!” Nate yelled as her Betty turned into steel-hard bodied missile which caused major damage at Aron and made it to faint almost immediately. Nate started to jump all around the grassy area and smiled at her Betty who shook hands with Bia who looked very disappointed and apologized Betty as she started to once again to blush.

To be continued!

rii - chii
September 1st, 2008, 3:57 PM
RealPyromaniac: That was an excellent post, poor Betty that was rude :O BTW, I need an updated trainer card xD
Mr. Bubbles leveled up to 17!
Mr. Bubbles is evolving! Allow the process to continue?
Mr. Bubbles is trying to learn Bite, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Bite?
Starly leveled up to 11!
Starly learned Wing Attack!
Betty evolved into Metapod!
Betty leveled up to 12!
Betty is evolving! Allow the process to continue?
Betty learned Harden!

Rare Candy

September 1st, 2008, 5:46 PM
Maxi slept soundly, his Pokemon all beside him in peaceful slumber. The tranquil forest morning was calm and quiet and nothing stirred as the sun began to rise. A light breeze rustled the branches above the group.

Out of nowhere, a sharp, ear-screeching cry echoed past them. Maxi awoke with in shock and looked around quickly but nothing was in sight. Bulbasaur, Sunkern and Taillow were awoken from the cry but Lotad still slept liked nothing had happened. Maxi recalled all of his Pokemon besides Bulbasaur and quickly shook his head to wake himself up more.

To his left he saw sunlight creping in and could see that a path led from the opening. He walked towards it swiftly and Route 103 lay ahead of him.

“Bulbasaur, we’re finally out,” Maxi exclaimed loudly.

“Not so fast young one, I challenge every trainer who makes it out of Mystifying Forest,” an older gentleman yelled.

“Ahhh, I except,” Maxi said, somewhat confused.

“Alright, we will have a three on three match and the winner of two will be the winner of this prize,” he said as he pointed to an object on the rock next to him.

At that, he threw a pokeball into the air. A wooden sprout appeared from the white light, across from Maxi. Maxi, motioned towards Bulbasuar and the battle was started.

“Bulbasuar, start off with leech seed,” Maxi called out. His usual strategy worked and the vines entangles around the Bonsly, sapping it of its energy.

“Bonsly, use flail,” the man said, somewhat nervously.

Bonsly quickly began tossing his body around recklessly towards Bulbasaur. The seed Pokemon launched his body in a tackle and knocked the Bonsly backwards, unconscious.

“Good start young one, return Bonsly,” the man stated and tossing out his next Pokemon.

Maxi called Bulbasuar back and picked his newest partner, Sunkern, from his belt. Sunkern popped out excitedly, ready for his first action. A Spearow appeared before them, his black and tan wings shining in the morning sunlight.

“Alright Sunkern, start off with Absorb,” Maxi shouted.

A green aura began to glow around the sparrow and energy was drained from his body. Spearow just brushed it off, like the attack was nothing.

“Spearow, show off your quick attack,” the man yelled.

The Spearow quickly shot towards Sunkern and knocked it to the ground. The move was repeated and Sunkern again was pushed to the dirt.

“Okay Sunkern, use your growth attack,” Maxi said calmly.

Sunkern began to absorb sunlight and its body grew a little larger, his strength growing.

“Okay, finish it off with peck,” the man said happily.

Spearow quickly launched his body towards Sunkern, his beak shining bright. Sunkern was ready and jumped onto its back. Spearow then flew towards the sky.

“Alright Sunkern, mega drain,” Maxi quickly yelled.

The green aura from earlier appeared but this time looking even brighter and more energy was consumed from the Spearow. The sparrow’s body fell limp and began to fall from the sky. Its body landed, Sunkern on top, with a thud and the battle was over.

“Congratulations young one, you will become an amazing trainer in the future,” the man said walking up to Maxi.

“Thank you, your Pokemon did great as well,” Maxi replied.

The man then handed him a bag that had some weight to it. Maxi waved goodbye, with the bag in hand and continued across the dusty path. Maxi wondered what was inside and pulled the string that held the opening together. What he saw surprised him.

[Ooc: I'll let you choose what is inside =)]

Master Jecht
September 3rd, 2008, 10:50 PM
Troy woke up later that day. The sky was dark and stars painted the sky as he gazed up at the night. He glanced over and saw Taylor was up analyzing the leaf stones she recovered. She glanced over and saw that he had woken up.

“Good morning, Troy.. or actually good evening” Taylor said with a giggle and a smile. “I just finished looking over all these stones and all of them are in perfect condition and ready to be used to make medicine.

“Well that is some good news to hear.” Troy said happy for her.

“Here this is for you Troy. After all we have been through you deserve one of these too.” She said. Taylor reached in her bag and pulled out a leaf stone and a small pill. “Here is one of the leaf stones I dug up. I have plenty so take it. Also, I saw your pokemon got knocked out when you were protecting me so here is my only revive. I hope it helps.”

Troy reached out his hand as Taylor put the stone and revive in his hand. “Wow I am flattered. Haha Thanks a lot Taylor you are the sweetest girl ever!” Troy said in excitement. Taylor just let out a soft smile back at him. In that moment of excitement, Troy suddenly remembered why he came to the forest in the first place. “Oh yeah, I forgot. Do you know how to get to route 103 from here? I got lost before.” He asked.

“Well then I have good news for you it is just a short walk past these two trees behind me.” She replied. As soon as she said that, Troy threw his backpack over his shoulder and took started to walk away from the camp. “Wait your going already!” she said quickly.

“Yep! I paid off my debt to you so I am free. I need to get to the next town so I can get closer to a gym badge. I will see you later it was fun. Hope we meet again. Later!” Troy said as he started to sprint off into the distance.

“That guy. Right after I reward him he leaves. What a jerk. Oh well, at least I got what I came for. Now time for a snack.” Taylor said. She reached into her bag and came to a surprise. “I could have sworn I put that bag of chips right here. I checked it right before I took a nap earlier. But that means...” She thought about it and then realized what happened. “TROY! YOU THEIF. GET BACK HERE.” She yelled in anger.

“Hmm I thought I heard something just now. O well I guess its nothing.” Troy said as he munched on a bag of chips. He continued to walk forward and started to notice the trees starting to clear up. A path started to form as he caught glimpse, of a lighted sign that read “Route 103”. Finally he had made it out of the forest. He stared into the ahead only to see the path completely covered in darkness and a lake that was reflecting the shimmering moonlight and stars. “Guess I will have to stay at that lake and wait for tomorrow morning when I can see the path.” Troy said. He started heading over to the lake and laid out his sleeping bag. “Eevee come out!” Troy said as he opened his Pokeball. Eevee emerged from the ball and was breathing heavy still rattled form the last fight. Troy got the revive that Taylor gave him and gave it to Eevee. Eevee chewed the pill slowly then started to speed up. She managed to stand up on all fours and let a cry of glee before collapsing back to the ground. “Here sleep in my bag tonight Eevee. I am going to go for a swim right now.” Troy said as he tucked Eevee into his sleeping bag. Eevee took no time at all to fall asleep. Troy changed to his swim trunks and dove into the lake. “This water is so relaxing.” He thought.

A Marill emerged from the water right in front of Troy. “Yo Marill! You just hanging out here too.” He asked. The marill just looked at Troy puzzled and then let out a water gun that hit Troy in the face. The marill laughed and dove into the water. Troy shook his head to dry his face. “Don’t think you got away!” Troy said annoyed by the pokemon. He dove in after and started to look around underwater. He couldn’t find the Marill but he did find a red unopened box. “Hmm I wonder what this is. Ill bring it up.” He thought as he grabbed the box and started to head to the surface. He swam ashore, put the box down and eagerly got his knife from his bag. Troy took the knife and sliced it down the top of the red box. He opened the two flaps and looked inside to find…..

(OOC: I will let you decide :D)

rii - chii
September 4th, 2008, 4:17 AM
IceDragon2439: That was a nice post, I decided to make the item something you'll use later :]
Bulbasaur leveled up to 9!
Bulbasaur learned Vine Whip!
Sunkern leveled up to 8!
You recieved a Sun Stone!

Master Jecht: That was a good post xD I've decided to give stones xD
You recieved a Water Stone!

EDIT: Kagari Town is up now, good luck with your gym battles!

Chapter 7: Kagari City

Number of Posts: 3

A town that has one of the finest diners and flower shops in the Region of Herion, it is surrounded by trees and is the third biggest cities in the region. Skitty is the town’s mascot.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A center where you can heal your Pokemon and sleep for the night all for free!
PokeMart: A shop with all your Pokemon needs: Pokeball, Potion, Paralyze Heal, Antidote, Awakening.
Flower Boutique: A shop that holds one of the nicest essences in the world
Gym: See Natsuko



Description: The newest edition to the gym leaders of Herion. She’s the youngest gym leader as well who recently got interested in Pokemon. She is quite cocky when you battle her, but she can get along with anyone when you hang out.

Level: 8
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Attract, Grass Knot
Nature: Sassy

Level: 12
Gender: Male
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Grass Knot, Stun Spore
Nature: Bashful

Level: 14
Gender: Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Poison Point
Attacks: Growth, Poison Sting, Grass Knot, Mega Drain
Nature: Gentle


TM86: Grass Knot

Clover Badge http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/cloverbadge.png

September 6th, 2008, 6:08 AM
Amelia inhailed through her nose, smelling the sweet flowers that surrounded her in the large room. There were all different types: blue and yellow and pink and ones that seemed to change color. Suddenly, a boy burst through the door; Scott. He put his hand on his heart and sighed. "I thought something had happened to you!" Shouted Scott with a tone of worry in his voice. "You really need to chil-lax!" Replied Amelia,"Just 'cos I wake up before you and decide to explore Kagari City, doesn't meen I'm dead!" Spluttered Amelia as she began to sample the beautiful fragrances from a plant that seemed to sway without help from the wind. Scott rolled his eyes and also began to smell the flowers happily.

Later, Amelia and Scott steped outside to be greeted by a large field of flowers. Scott pointed casualy at the horizon. "And this is supposted to be the way to Clover Gym?" Asked Scott smugly. Amelia slowly nodded. "It must be." They walked into the field. The large, flowery city was not that far behind them, and techincally, they were still in it. it was a lovely sunny day. Not a cloud could be seen and a small mountain could be spotted in the distance. Something seemed strange. It was very quiet. No Pokemon could be seen around and Amelia was also being suspicously silent.

Suddenly, without warning, there was a flurry of flashing lights and pink confetti. Flower petals zoomed through the air in a circular pattern, as if they were in a tornado, along with beautiful, floating orbs of light. "Welcome!" Came a girly, mysterious voice. A small platform covered in flowers rose from the ground and on-top, was a figure of a woman. "To the Clover Gym!" Finished the Girl. She rose her head to reveal flowing green hair and a smug face. "Told you so." Smirked Amelia as she nudged Scott, who was completely gob-smacked. "I suspect that you have come to challenge me?" Chuckled The Girl,"I'm Natsuko. Nice to meet you."
"Yer. I must say, you gacve me a suprise." Mumbled Scott slowly. "I'm all about speed." Replied Natsuko with a glazed look in her eye. She threw up a pokeball, which burst into an array of love hearts and petals. They soared together to form a small Pokemon.

Skitty, The Kitten Pokemon. It just can't stop chasing moving things. If it spots its own tail, it will frantically chase it round in circles.

"Cool!" Said Scott in Awe. "Let's do this, Bonsly!" Shouted Scott as he threw a Pokeball in the air, which exploded in a dance of light, which setteled to form Bonsly...

rii - chii
September 6th, 2008, 6:10 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a nice starting post, I can't wait to see the battle :]

September 6th, 2008, 6:28 AM
"Now, Skitty, Tackle!" Shouted Natsuko. Skitty began to charge at Bonsly at incredible speed. "I Just hope all my training has paid off. Dodge it... Now!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly swiftly bounced in the air just in time. "Now, Copy Cat!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly charged at Skitty, also with great speed. "Quick, Skitty, backflip!" Shouted Natsuko. Fortunatly, Skitty was too slow, and Bonsly had already Tackled her, causing her to fly into a small patch of flowers. "Get back up, skitty!" Shouted Natsuko. A large smile grew on Scotts face. Bonsly plonked on the ground and burst out in tears. "Skit?" Pondered Skitty as she tipped her head. She slowly walked towards Bonsly and put a hand out. At that point, bonsly burst into action and Tackled Skitty. She flew backwards once more and landed on the ground, doing roly-pollies as she went.

"C'mon, Skitty!" Whispered Natsuko. Skitty slowly made her way up and stared at Bonsly. Skitty began to glow as Bonsly charged at her once more. Two blades of grass seemed to knot straight infront of the charging Bonsly. It was lucky that Scott noticed it. "Jump, Bonsly!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly bounced into the air and flipped again and again and again. "Now, use Copy cat!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly began to glow a vivid green. "Skitty, use your tail to charge at bonsly!" Shouted Natsuko. Skitty was running at phenominal speed, when suddenly, she tripped, flying across the ground and slamming into Natsuko. "Oh Dear!" Moaned Natsuko. Skitty had fainted. She returned to her Pokeball and Natsuko began to snigger,"I thought you were gonna be easy, but I'm gonna have to go all out!"

rii - chii
September 6th, 2008, 6:32 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a good battle between Skitty and Bonsly! Can't wait to see the conclusion!
Bonsly leveled up to 11!
Bonsly learned Low Kick!

September 6th, 2008, 7:09 AM
"That was excellent, Bonsly. You deserve a rest!" chuckled Scott as Bonsly returned to his ball. Amelia was sitting beyond some flowers, with Abra at her side, watching the battle. "Scott's doing great!" Said Amelia happily,"I just hope it continues, considering he doesn't have any Pokemon that are specifically good against Grass Types..."

"Let's go, Misdreavus!" Shouted Scott as he flung his Pokeball in the air and summoned Misdreavus in an explosion of purple light. "Let's go, Budew!" Shouted Natsuko as she also brought a Pokemon out into the field. "Now, Budew, Stun Spore!" Budew released a shiny, golden mist that floated quickly towards Misdreavus. "Dodge it!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus dissapeared and later reappeared at the other side of the field. "How did you do that?!" Said Natsuko in shock. "I learn from the best." Said Scott smugly as he winked at Amelia,"Now, Psywave!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus spun with extreme speed and unleashed three or four waves of energy. It was heard to tell where they were going at their speed. Budew managed to cleverly dodge three but was hit by two, making it fly backwards.

"Again, Budew!" Shouted Natsuko. Another cloud of shimmering mist flew towards Misdreavus, but this was much faster. Misdreavus dodged it with ease, drifting just underneathe it in the nick of time. "And to make sure you don't use it again," Began Scott,"use Spite!" Misdreavus began to glow. It seemed to get a lot darker as Budew slowly collapsed onto the ground. "Now, Psywave, again!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus unleashed alot of purple waves, which landed directly on Budew who couldn't move. The dust settled to reveal a fainted Budew. "I didn't even get to show off his best move." Frowned Natsuko as she returned Budew.

"You're amaizing, Misdreavus!" Said Scott happily,"Stay in field and show them who's boss!" Misdreavus and Amelia smiled sweetly. "Roselia, show them how good you are!" shouted natsuko as there was an explosion of green light that dissapeared to reveal a Pokemon similar to Budew.

Roselia, The Thorn Pokemon. hidden in tis beautiful flowers are poisones thorns. I wouldn't bother picking those flowers, if I were you!

"Misdreavus, Psywave!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus released more beams of energy at a very fast speed, but Rosleia was faster, doging them at lightning pace. "Now, Mega Drain!" Shouted Natsuko. A small, green of beam was unleashed from Roselia and wrapped itself around Misdreavus, sucking energy from her. "Hang in there,
Misdreavus, and use Spite." Once again, their surroundings darkened as a shadowy figure appeared behind Misdreavus. Roselia collapsed on the ground as the green beam dissapeared. Roselia and Misdreavus got up immediantly and were ready for battle in no time. Misdreavus unleashed loads of psywaves, which hit Rosleia who was still slightly dazed. Roselia used poison sting, but it was doged quickly by Misdreavus who unleashed more psywaves. Roselia tried to fend it off with Poison sting, but failed and casued Rosleia to fly backwards. "Get up, Roselia!" Shouted Natsuko, but it was too late and Roselia had fainted.

"YAY!" Shouted Scott as he jumped up and down,"I got a Clover badge shouted Scott!" "Congratulations," Began Natsuko,"I think I need to less cocky. You look weaker than you are."

Scott and Amelia walked away victorious. His first gym battle was a success and he knew he was a worthy trainer...

rii - chii
September 6th, 2008, 7:19 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a nice battle, you're done Kagari City already xD
Misdreavus leveled up to 11!
Misdreavus learned Astonish!

Master Jecht
September 8th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Inside the box was an azure colored stone. “This is a water stone.” Troy said looking in the box. He picked up the stone from out of the box and held it up to the moon. He stared at the stones beauty as the azure stone absorbed the moonlight and started to have a glow. He put it in his bag next to his leaf stone. It was getting late so Troy decided to call it a night. He looked in his sleeping bag and saw that Eevee was still sound asleep, so Troy didn’t want to bother her. Troy found a nice soft patch of grass under a tree and fell asleep gazing at the stars.

The next day came quickly. Troy woke up to sharp high pitched yelps. He looked over his shoulder to see Eevee nudging him. Eevee noticed that she got Troy’s attention so she ran over to the red box that Troy recovered from the water yesterday. Troy got up and walked over to see what all the fuss was about. “What is this thing?” Troy wondered as he looked in the box. There was a cat like pokemon curled up in a ball with its spiral tail sleeping in the box. Troy used the Pokedex to see what it was.

Glameow, the Catty Pokemon
It claws if displeased and purrs when affectionate. Its fickleness is very popular among some.

“A Glameow, huh? It’s a pretty cool looking pokemon. I want it!” Troy said. Just then, the Glameow opened its eyes. It saw Troy and jumped up in fright and scratched Troy’s face. “OW! You’re a feisty little thing aren’t you?” Troy said as he rubbed his face to ease the pain from the scratch. Eevee didn’t hesitate to defend Troy and it showed it by tackling Glameow without a commanded. Glameow recovered and let out a loud growl. Troy covered his ears from the sound but Eevee stood its ground. “Tackle it again Eevee!” Troy commanded. Eevee charged toward Glameow again and landed another tackle. This one sent Glameow flying in the air and into the lake where it was struggling to stay above water. “Oh no. I don’t think that Glameow can swim.” Troy was thinking worried for its safety. “Well I guess I will just try to catch it now. Go Pokeball!” Troy shouted as he threw the ball into the lake. It hit Glameow in the head and absorbed it into the ball in a flash of light. The ball sat gently floating in the lake as the current took it to the shore. The ball shook back and forth as Troy looked on to see the result.

rii - chii
September 8th, 2008, 12:24 PM
Master Jecht: Poor Glameow, anyways good post, you caught a Glameow!
You captured a level 9 Female Glameow!

Master Jecht
September 13th, 2008, 11:58 AM
The ball stopped shaking and came to a stop. “Alright I caught a Glameow!” Troy said. “Nice work Eevee. Now return.” Troy got out Eevee’s Pokeball and returned her to it. “Well I guess I better be heading to the next town.” Troy thought. He gathered all his equipment up and threw his backpack on. He got back on the path and continued towards the next city.

After a short walk, Troy reached Kagari City. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The city was surroneded by huge trees that extended for miles. The aroma of flowers was traveling through the air that put Troy at ease. The town also had cute statues of the Pokemon Skitty all around it. Troy stopped by the pokemon center and got his pokemon healed.

Troy enjoyed walking around the city, but quickly got bored and searched for something to do. He passed a building with a flyer on it that sparked Troy’s interest. It showed Kagari City’s famous Flower Boutique. “So this flower boutique is what Kagari City is famous for eh? I guess I will check it out. Troy headed over to the store and walked in through the door.

Troy’s first step into the shop was rewarded with a breeze of pleasant aromas followed by a beautiful sight of flowers all over the walls. “This place is great! It is so beautiful!” Troy said. “Glameow come on out.” Troy released Glameow and it emerged looking around with curiosity. “Alright Glameow you’re my new pokemon so I was wondering if we could hang out for..” Before Troy could finish Glameow jumped up to the top shelf and started to play with some flowers. “Glameow get down from there right now!” Troy demanded. Glameow pay no attention to Troy’s command and continued to play with the flowers. She accidentally hit one of flowers in a pot and it fell to ground and shattered. The loud crash made a girl with green hair come rushing out alarmed by the noise.

“What happened out here?” The girl asked. See looked on the ground to see the shattered pot and Glameow hiding behind Troy.

“Sorry about that! My Glameow was just being curious and knocked over one of the plants. Say your sorry Glameow.” Troy said. He pushed Glameow forward and she just hung her head and let out a said cry. “So how much is it? I will pay for the damages.”

The girl just smiled and said “No need to worry. That flower is common around here. We can just get a new one tomorrow.”

“Well that’s good news!” laughed Troy. “By the way I’m Troy; I really like your flower shop here. It is beautiful.”

“Hi Troy. I’m Natsuko. I love this place too but it is not mine. I just love the nature so I just work here part time. My real job is being the Gym Leader of this town.”

“Wait you’re the Gym Leader!” Troy asked. Natsuko just nodded her head up and down. “Well then I challenge you to a gym match!”
“Oh so you are a trainer? Well as a gym leader I have to accept all challenges so you are on. Meet me at the Gym in an hour because I have to finish up work here. This should be an easy win for me after seeing how you handle your Glameow.” Natsuko said confidently.

“Hah. We will see about that.” Troy said

To be continuted….

rii - chii
September 13th, 2008, 1:52 PM
Master Jecht: That was a nice introductry post, can't wait to see the battle! :]

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
September 18th, 2008, 11:52 AM
After what had seemed like an age of walking in an awkward silence, Simon and Jade finally reached Kagari City. Looking around blearily, they rubbed their eyes, tired from the long journey. Jade turned to SImon and smiled.
"This is where we split up, again," she said quietly, "I want to head back to the Mystifying Forest ti try and catch a Budew." Simon grinned, memories of a Budew he had fought for coming to mind.
"Good luck," He said, smiling broadly, "I think you're going to need it!" After exchanging good byes, the two friends parted, Jade turning back to the route they had just travelled, and Simon heading for the local Pokemon centre.
"Nurse Joy?" he called, walking into the centre, "Can you take care of my Pokemon overnight?" The red-headed nurse smiled and took the proferred pokeballs, before offering SImon a room key. He gratefully accepted, and stumbled down the hall and into his room, falling asleep instantly.

Waking up late, Simon collected his Pokemon from Nurse joy, before heading outside and releasing his Cascoon, Pidgey and Pikachu for some training in preparation for their gym battle.
"Okay! Cascoon, lets try out that new harden!" Simon called, and cascoon immediatelycurled itself into a ball. That is, it curled itself into a slightly rounder ball, compared to what it already was.
"Now, Pidgey, try and get past its defenses with tackle!" Pidgey charged at the small cocoon with tremendous speed, but simply glanced off. Simon was impressed, though,
"That was a great tackle, Pidgey!" Simon called to the plump bird, now hovering in midair. "And that was some pretty tough defense, Cascoon!" Then, turning to Pikachu, he said, "Now, try out your growl on me!" Pikachu turned to Simon, and gave him the meanest, scariest growl that could come from a creature as cute as a pikachu. Which was pretty terrifying. Once Simon had stopped shaking enough to talk, he returned his Pokmon, and headed to the gym.

Slowly, he pushed open the creaking door, and wandered in. Suddenly, without warning, huge lights flashed on, illuminating the darkness and revealing a battlefield. Standing at the far end was the gym leader.
"So you think you can beat me?" he called toSimon in a mocking voice, "My name is Natsuko, and I'm about to take you down!" Then, she stopped and smiled. "Okay, I'll drop the tough talk now. But seriously, you don't look all that confident. I bet you havenn't even been a trainer for a day yet." Simon blushed furiously, deciding not to mention that he had in fact been a trainer for three days now. Still grinning arrogantly, she tossed a Pokeball, shouting "Come on roselia, lets get this over with quickly!" A Pokemon resembling a living plant emerged, and Simon immediately reached for his pokedex, before realising that scanning this Roselia would only make him look even more like a newbie. Instead, he reached for his pokeballs and silently released his cascoon. Cascoon was slightly less reserved however, and started pumping its spikes like arms. Simon turned from pink to crimson, then gasped as he looked at cascoon. For Cascoon had started to glow, and Simon knew what that light meant...

rii - chii
September 18th, 2008, 2:42 PM
alipeewee: Lol, nice introduvtion post, can't wait to see the battle xD

Chapter 8: Route 104
Number of Posts: 2

Description: A polluted route with is full of garbage and several poison Pokemon that attack trainers along the way.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Stench, Sticky Hold
Attacks: Poison Gas, Pound, Harden, Mud-slap, Disable (Level 12)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Poison Gas, Tackle, Smog, Smokescreen (Level 10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard
Attacks: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder, Absorb, Growth (Level 12)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Wrap, Lick, Bite (Level 10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Immunity
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Swords Dance (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Master Jecht
September 18th, 2008, 5:03 PM
Troy was lying down on a bench inside the gym in wait. Suddenly, the door opened and there stood Natsuko. Troy sprung up excited to have his first gym battle.

“Took you long enough Natsuko! I am ready whenever you are. I want to get my gym badge and then explore the rest of the city.” Troy said.

“Fine then Troy. Follow me.” Natsuko said. She walked up to two huge metal doors and got out a key. Natsuko used her key on the door and it opened. The opened doors revealed a pokemon battlefield. The field was lined by trees, flowers, and tall grass. Natsuko pointed Troy over to his corner as she went to hers. “Here are the rules for the Kagari Gym. We will each use three pokemon. When the three pokemon are unable to battle, you lose. Troy, you can switch your pokemon whenever you want but I am unable. Is that clear?”

“I got it. Let’s start. Go Glameow.” Troy said with excitement as he threw Glameow’s Pokeball.

“I will start with Skitty! That should be more than enough to handle that little weak Glameow!” Natsuko laughed as Skitty entered the battlefield. The Skitty looked energetic as it chased its tail around. “Alright use tackle Skitty!” Natsuko commanded. Skitty charged forward at Glameow.

“Fake out, Glameow!” Troy responded. Glameow spun around and hit Skitty in the face with its tail. The impact just stopped Skitty in its tracks and left it shaking. “Alright that made Skitty, flinch. Now Scratch attack Glameow.” Troy said. Glameow unleashed its claws from its paws and scratched Skitty’s face sending it back towards Natsuko.

“Well looks like you might make me break a sweat.” Natsuko smirked. “Tell me Troy, how did you get your Glameow to obey you already? It wasn’t listening to you earlier today.”

“Well you see, I came to the gym after the flower store and saw that you needed 3 pokemon to battle at the gym. So knowing that Glameow would probably still be disobedient, I went to the store and bought some food that is favorite to catlike pokemon. I told Glameow it was all hers if she would help me with this gym battle.” Troy explained. “but enough talking lets continue use scratch Glameow!” Glameow raced forward with its claws out towards Skitty.

“I see so you two made a deal. But even with it obeying you it still isn’t enough to stop me. Let me show you the Kagari Gyms signature move. Skitty use grass knot.” Natsuko confidently ordered. Skitty’s eyes began to glow and two pieces of grass tied themselves together in front of Glameow. Glameow didn’t see this and tripped over it sending her slamming into the ground. Skitty then quickly acted and tackled Glameow. Frustration was building up in Glameow as it got up and went for another scratch attack without a command. Skitty used grass knot again which tripped up Glameow again. Skitty then used another tackle. “See, you are no match for me.” Natsuko laughed.
Glameow got up slowly with an angry fire in her eyes. “Glameow stop right now. You will beat Skitty but only if you listen to me.” Glameow paused and looked back at Troy. She saw the confidence in his eyes and waited for a command. “Just stand your ground and wait for Skitty.” Glameow sat on the ground and waited patiently. Natsuko’s patience wore thin from waiting for Troy so she commanded Skitty to tackle Glameow. “This is your chance Glameow! Stick your tail out in front of you.” Glameow shifted her tail in front of her as a guard. Skitty ran into the tail, but the tail absorbed the blow and made it coil up tightly. Skitty suddenly lost its momentum and stopped.

“What’s this?!?” Natsuko worried. Glameow’s tail then used the force that Skitty built up and launched Skitty like a spring. Skitty flew forcefully and crashed into a tree and fell down. It was knocked out. Natsuko just stood there not believing what happened. She then pulled herself together and returned her Skitty. “That was just dumb luck. Prepare to face the real powerhouses of my team!” Natsuko yelled as she grasped her next Pokeball.

To be continued……

rii - chii
September 18th, 2008, 5:46 PM
Master Jecht: Awesome connecting with you and Glameow, good job using Grass Knot! Can't wait to see the next part :]
Glameow leveled up to 13!
Glameow learned Hypnosis!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
September 19th, 2008, 12:11 PM
Slowly, as Simon watched, his Cascoon glowed bright white, before growing, changing and eventually fading to reveal a different Pokemon.
"Dustox!" Cried the new Pokemon. While Simon stood looking completely nonplussed at how his Pokemon had evolvedso quickly, Natsuko was laughing so hard, she was having trouble breathing
"What's with the expression, kid?" She gasped, "Bug pokemon ALWAYS evolve quickly! Did you actually just become a trainer yesterday?"
"Does it matter?" Simon shouted back, mustering some courage, "Bug Pokemon are strong against grass types, so I've got the upper hand!" This realization sobered Natsuko somewhat, but she was still giggling as she called out "Roselia, use Mega Drain!" Roselia zapped Dustox with a thick stream of green energy, but it had little effect.
"A grass type move against a bug/poison type?" Simon shouted to Natsuko, "Who's the rookie now? Come on Dustox, use tackle!" The large Moth flew hard at Roselia, hitting it hard. Despite Dustox's efforts, however, Roselia wasn't even knocked down. Simon was shocked - to take a direct hit like that, Natsuko's Roselia must be really tough. Natsuko and Roselia were both smiling, slightly unervingly.
"Poison sting" Natsuko said, and Roselia pointed its flowers at Dustox, firing scores of small, purple, poisonous stings towards Dustow, hitting it's wings. Slowly, Dustox, unable to stay aloft on its damaged and hurting wings, sank to the floor. Simons confidence was in tatters. This Roselia was clearly stronger than Dustox and now flight, his only advantage, was gone. Dustox was hardly agile on the ground, and now he was going to have to come up with somethin spectaculr to win. But before he could think, Natsuko called out "Follow up with grass knot!" Roselia shot a thin green glowing band of energy from its blue flower, wrapping it around Dustox's front left foot. Dustox just had time to utter a startled
"Dust?" before Roselia pulled sharply, and Dustox went flying forwards, before landing on its face, hard.
"Taackle again, Dustox!" Simon called as his Pokemon struggled to it's stubby red feet. It charged forwards, but Roselia simply used its grass knot to lash Dustox's feet, tripping it up. Simon stood wondering what to do. Poison sting woukdn't do much against Roselia, but then again, Roselia's poison sting shouldn't have hurt Dustox much, tough it had in fact crippled him. He just had to use it in a strategic way.
"Fine, tackle!" Simon called to his hurting Pokemon. It looked at him questioningly, but trusting him instinctively, ran forwards yet again.
"Grass Knot..." yawned Natsuko in a bored voice, and Roselia nonchalantly fired at Dustox again
"Poison Sting!" Simon called quickly, snappin Natsuko out of her reverie. The poison sting shredded the grass knot, leaving nothing but air between Roselia and the charging Dustox. He hit home once again, sending up a huge cloud of dust. Both Simon and Natsuko waited anxiously to see who would still be standing when the dust settled...

rii - chii
September 19th, 2008, 12:21 PM
alipeewee: That was a great post! Great details and for gym battles, you get more experinece xD Just to let everyone know.
Cascoon evolved into Dustox!
Dustox leveled up to 15!
Dustox is trying to learn Confusion, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Confusion?
Dustox is trying to learn Gust, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Gust?

September 20th, 2008, 6:59 AM
"Urgh!" Moaned Amelia as she stepped into a strange, oil-like puddle. "They're everywhere!" she shouted. "If one drop of that stuff gets in my hair I'm going back to Kagari City!" They walked down the dark alleyway formed from towering trees. There was a thick smog hanging over the wasteland and the Sun couldn't penetrate the pollution. Skorupi scuttled closely by Scotts leg and Missy floated above Amelia eyeing the trees carefully.

Hours had passed and the team were still looking for a way out of the Baron Forest. Scott guesed that it was getting towards the evening as it was much darker but the Sun was stil not visible. Scott and Amelia had spotted a few Pokemon but none came close or attempted to attack. Amelia succeeded in avoiding the gooey puddles and Skorupi seemed to edge closer towards Scott the darker it became. Somehting had alerted Skorupi. There was a shadow moving through the thick Trees, followed by another and a few more. Scott looked up as he was sure he caught something above him from the corner of his eye. Amelia heard a twig snap behind her but when she turned she found no one... Or no thing... Suddenly, there was a screech. Scott turned around to discover that Amelia had dissapeared along with Missy. "Amelia?! Amelia, where are you?!" Shouted Scott fearfully. Suddenly, a large object jumped out of the bush and pounced on top of Scott...

rii - chii
September 20th, 2008, 7:02 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: Nice starting post, I wonder which Pokemon is that

September 20th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Lotad burst out of its ball and pounced on the attacker. It rolled off of Scott and onto the ground, immediantly getting up and taking a battle stance. Scott pulled out his Pokedex and wiped away a drop of blood from his cheek.

Zangoose, The Cat Ferret Pokemon. For some unknown reason, Zangoose have feuded with Serviper for many, many years. it claws are extremly dangerous and it will attack anything that poses a threat.

The Zangoose stared at Scott, Skorupi and Lotad. Scott stared back as he thought of a battle strategy. Suddenly, Zangoose charged with incredible speed at Scott. Skorupi jumped infront of him and unleashed a powerful Poison Sting. It pierced Zangoose directly in the face. "Lotad, use Absorb!" Shouted Scott. Lotad jumped from behind him and withdrew many green orbs from Zangoose. The attacking foe strugled to brake free from the Absorb but eventually did and charged once more towards Skorupi. "Dodge, then use Poison Sting!" Commanded Scott. Skorupi flung his tail into Zangooses face and caused it to fly into a tree. Lotad then ran upto the Zangoose finsihed it off with Absorb. It quickly recovered from its fainting and ran back into the thick trees.

Scott was running around searching for Amelia. He guessed that the Zangoose had taken her thinking that she was on the Servipers team. Suddenly, a serviper jumped from a bush and attempted to Tackle Scott. He shifted out of the way just in time and summoned Lotad to the field. "Now, Lotad, use Astonish!" Bellowed Scott. Lotad ran towards Serviper and pounced ontop of it, screeching very loudly and hitting it with its stubs that are its arms and legs. The Serviper wacked off Lotad with its tail and then slithered towards him, biting his head. "Quick Lotad, break free and use Absorb!" Commanded Scott. Lotad struggled free and drained the energy from Serviper. It was still standing though and crawled at Lotad, attempting to Wrap him up with its tail. Lotad dodged it with ease and used Astonish, finnaly making it faint. Scott ran away from the fainted Pokemon and towards McKarp Town, still searching for Amelia...

rii - chii
September 20th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: Good battle, you're done Route 104!
Lotad leveled up to 8!
Lotad learned Nature Power!

Master Jecht
September 20th, 2008, 12:51 PM
“Budew you’re up!” Natsuko yelled as she threw her next Pokeball. A small plant looking pokemon emerged from the ball.

“Well I am going to make a switch.” Troy said as he returned Glameow to her Pokeball. “Go Eevee!” Eevee emerged from her Pokeball and took the battlefield. “Start things off with a tackle attack!” Eevee rushed forward to tackle Natsuko’s Budew.

“Use growth Budew.” Natsuko calmly commanded. Budew stood still and started to glow green raising its special attack. While it was charging its power, Eevee connected with its tackle attack. “Now use your absorb.” She said. Budew launched out two green vines at Eevee. Eevee managed to side step them and continued to chase after Budew going for another tackle attack. “Fine then we will use grass knot.” Natsuko’s Budew’s eyes began to glow as it made two pieces of tall grass tie themselves together to trip Eevee. “Let’s try absorbing one more time.” Eevee was left defenseless on the ground after the grass knot attack as Budew launched its vines which wrapped around Eevee and started to absorb its energy.

“Eevee use sand attack.” Troy said. Eevee reached one its paws in the ground and launched some sand into Budew’s eyes which caused it to release the hold on Eevee. “Wait that’s it!” Troy though as an idea sparked into his head. “Eevee just keep using sand attack.” Eevee obeyed and kept pawing up sand and launched it at Budew. “Alright that should be good. Now you can finish it off!” Eevee charged Budew now going in for an attack.

“Don’t you remember what happened last time Troy. Use grass knot Budew to trip Eevee!” Natsuko smirked. Budew used grass knot but it missed off to the side of Eevee. “Oh no!” Natsuko cried. Eevee got in close to Budew and started to smack it with its tail lowering its defenses. Then it used a full power tackle which sent Budew flying back at Natsuko’s feet, fainted. “Now I see you used sand attack to lower its accuracy so grass knot wouldn’t affect Eevee’s movement. Very clever.” Natsuko said as she returned her Budew. “Well Troy, I take it back you are a worthy opponent indeed, but prepare for my strongest pokemon!” Nastuko threw her last Pokeball and a flash of light blinded Troy.

He rubbed his eyes to clear his vision and looked ahead. He saw another plant-like pokemon with flowers for hands. “What is that thing?” he wondered as he pointed his Pokedex at the Pokemon.

Roselia, the Thorn pokemon
The evolved form of Budew. The beautiful flowers on its arms have toxic thorns. Don't even think about picking those flowers.

“Well I must admit Natsuko that is a cool looking pokemon you got there. I can’t wait to beat it. Eevee use tackle!” Troy said with a face full of confidence. Eevee charged at Roselia but Natsuko didn’t give it a command. The tackle connected and sent Roselia flying backwards. Then, Eevee collapsed. It was breathing heavily and had a sick look in its face. “What’s this?” Troy worried.
“It’s my Roselia’s special ability poison point. Any physical contact with Roselia will result in the attacker being poisoned. It is such a wonderful ability.” Natsuko laughed. “Now tie Eevee down with grass knot.” Roselia’s eyes began to glow as plates of grass tied themselves together around Eevee’s paws holding it down. Troy could only sit there and watch to see what would happen next. “Now Mega drain!” Roselia walked up to Eevee and put one of its flowers on Eevee’s head. The flower started to glow as it absorbed Eevee’s energy. Suddenly, Roselia stopped and took its flower off of Eevee’s head showing that it was fainted.

“What an attack combination.” Troy said as he returned Eevee. “Let’s see, my next pokemon will be Taillow.” He tossed up Taillow’s ball and Taillow came out flying high in the air. “You won’t be able to hit with your Grass knot up there.” Troy said.

“Fine then I will bring it down here. Roselia use stun spore.” Natsuko ordered. Roselia started to release a golden powder from each of its flowers on its hands. It then spun in circles creating a gust that launched the powder towards Taillow.

“Use quick attack to dodge it.” Troy quickly responded to the attack. Taillow speed built up and easily dodged the stun spore. Taillow appeared behind Roselia within a blink of an eye and connected on an attack which sent Roselia into the ground. Troy cheered at Taillow but it was quickly ended as he looked at its condition. Taillow stopped flapping its wings and landed on the ground to recover itself. It was breathing heavy and had a sick look in its face. “Dang I forgot about poison point.” Troy said gritting his teeth.

“Troy you can’t win. All you pokemon know physical attacks and will just get poisoned by my all powerful Roselia. Now finish it off with mega drain.” Natsuko said. Roselia walked up to Taillow and started to drain its power. Taillow let out a loud cry and broke out of Roselia’s mega drain and started to peck Roselia making it retreat backwards. “What’s going on your Taillow shouldn’t have been able to break free. Its poisoned it should be weakened!” Natsuko angrily shouted.

Troy looked just as puzzled too. Then, he remembered the incident in the cave at the Mystifying forest. “Oh yah that is Taillow’s guts ability!” Troy remembered. He got a smirk on his face. “You see that is Taillow’s guts ability Natsuko. It becomes twice as powerful when it has a status effect! You though earlier I forgot about Roselia’s poison point. Nope, it was all part of my plan to power up Taillow.” Troy lied. “Now focus energy and then quick attack Taillow.” Taillow tightened its focus then sped towards Roselia which sent it to the ground. Roselia struggled up to its feet. Taillow didn’t let it get up by pecking it down. Then, Taillow suddenly fell over, fainted. “Uh-oh” Troy worried. “The poison must have sapped all of its strength.” Roselia tried to get to its feet but couldn’t as it fell over fainted as well.

“No way” Natsuko said in shock. “I lost…” She returned Roselia to its Pokeball and thanked it for its efforts. “Congratulations Troy you have beat me and by the Pokemon League regulations, I award you this badge.” Natsuko was saying as she walked over to Troy. She handed over a green badge shaped like a four leaf clover. “This is the Clover Badge. Proof that you have beat me. This is a gift from me that I would like you to have.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a disk. “This is TM86 grass knot. It is my favorite move.”

Troy took them both and placed them into hi backpack. “Thanks a lot Natsuko. Well I’m leaving.” Troy said as he started heading for the door.

“Wait already? I didn’t even get to say all that I wanted!” Nastuko angrily said.

“Your annoying. I just want to go get something to eat. Thanks for the gym battle I will see you later.” As Troy ran out the door.

rii - chii
September 20th, 2008, 2:22 PM
Master Jecht: Great battle! You've completed Kagari Gym!
Eevee leveled up to 17!
Eevee is trying to learn Growl, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Growl?

Master Jecht
September 20th, 2008, 9:57 PM
After the gym battle, Troy headed over to the pokemon center. He gave his pokemon to the nurse to be healed and got a bite to eat there as well. Troy got a room and stayed the night there thinking about his next destination. He woke up the next day and picked up his pokemon. Troy headed out for his next destination which was just outside the city, route 104.

When he first set his eyes on the route, he noticed how dirty it was. Trash was littered everywhere and the path was sticky. The stench reeked so bad that Troy had to lift his shirt over it to stop the smell from burning his nose. “Geez you figure a route connecting two major cities they would clean it up a bit.” Troy thought. He took a step forward and got his shoe stuck in some gunk. “Bleh. This is no good. I don’t want to ruin my shoes walking on this disgusting path. What to do.” Troy said disgusted. “I got it!” he exclaimed. Troy released Eevee which looked at him puzzled. “Eevee I need you to use your sand attack on this path so I can walk on it.” Troy told her. Eevee followed at Troy’s side kicking up sand on the path as they moved along. “Wow this is much nicer. Great job Eevee.” Troy said.

The two continued down route 104 when Troy spotted a large garbage pile about twenty feet tall. This sparked Troy’s interest as he wanted to search it to see if it had anything useful in it. Eevee hopped onto Troy’s shoulder as he headed towards the large pile. He and Eevee dug around in the trash but couldn’t find much of use. “A broken fishing rod, an old scarf, and some broken pokeballs. Those were the most interesting things I could find in here. Guess I should get moving.” Troy said. Then, Eevee came running over to Troy telling him to follow her. Troy walked over where Eevee led him and saw a shiny object stuck in some purple goo. Troy reached inside of this goo and pulled it out. “This is a-“ Before he could finish the purple goo started to move and lashed out at Troy.

(OOC: I'll let you decide what he pulled out :D)
To be continued…

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
September 22nd, 2008, 12:14 PM
Slowly, ever so slowly, the dust settled to the ground. Lying in the middle of the battle field were two unconscious pokemon. Simon's breath caught in his throat, but he reminded himself that Roselia, Natsuko's strongest Pokemon, had been taken out. Forcing a shaky smile onto his face, he taunted the gym leader:
"Looks like I have the advantage now, eh? Come on, Pikachu, let's get fighting!" He tossed his next pokeball, releasing the yellow rodent. Natsuko looked appraisingly at Pikachu, before releasing her second Pokemon, a Budew. Resolutely ignoring this twist of fate, and suppressing his hatred of those wretched Pokemon, Simon stepped forwards and shouted:"Pikachu, Thunder Wave!" Pikachu zapped Budew with a weak blue jolt, paralyzing it. Smiling, Simon ordered a Thundershock, and Pikachu complied, doing some damage to Budew, but the electric attack wasn't particularly powerful. Simon gritted his teeth - thundershock was the only damaging attack Pikachu knew, and if it wasn't very effective, he would have a struggle on his hands. Natsuko wasn't going to give him time to think, though.
"Budew, use stun spore!" Budew opened the leaves on top of its head, and jetted out a thin stream of orange powder, right at Pikachu. Pikachu threw itself out of the way, but budew kept firing the stun spore until the powder covered the entire floor, and Pikachu was left hanging from a light fixture - the only way it could stay above the paralyzing spores. Budew launched one more stun spore, and with nowhere left to dodge, Pikachu simply fired a thundershock at the orange dust. The two attacks met in midaor, the thundershock igniting the stun spore and causing a small fireball to form. Budew leapt out of the way of the falling fire, but its fear gave Simon an idea.
"Pikachu!" he shouted, "Use your most powerful thundershock on the ground!" Pikachu fired jets of electricity at the ground, still covered in orange stun spore. The effect was dramatic. The entire battlefield burst into flames, hiding budew behind a wall of fire. Its shrill shrieks were masked by the roar of the flames. Then, like somene had flicked a switch, the flames disappeared, every last bit of stun spore burned. Budew was left lying in the middle of the battle field, looking rather burned. Completely stunned, Natsuko returned her Budew, before calling a gym assistant and giving the Pokeball to him, along with instructions to take it straight to Nurse Joy. After all, Budew could be badly injured after a blaze like that. Breathing heavily, Natsuko turned to Simon.
"That was a risky stunt to pull." she said quietly. Simon didn't know what to say. He had wanted to do that, hadn't he? But he hadn't wanted Budew to get hurt, no matter how much he hated those things. After a long silence, Natsuko opened her mouth, and callled,
"So do you want to finish this battle, or am I going to be waiting for months while your Pikachu climps down from that light?" She smiled, in a way that suggested she held no bad feelings, "Seriously, Pokemon training is risky. You accept the risks when you decide to become a trainer." Simon nodded, his mouth dry. Then he glanced at Pikachu, who had managed to climb down. He held out his Pokeball and returned Pikachu, before releasing Pidgey. Natsuko responded by releasing her Skitty. Simon was surprised to see a Skitty in what he had thought was a grass type gym, but he would defeat it, regardless of type.
"Pidgey, start out with sand-attack!" He shouted, and Pidgey kicked up sand at Skitty, blinding it temporarily.
"Now, Tackle!" he shouted, confident he was about to take out this Skitty. But Natsuko just smiled and said:
"Grass Knot" Whether by luck or by skill, the grass knot connected, and Pidgey was slammed to the ground.
"Keep using sand-attack, Pidgey!" Simon ordered, and Pidgey sent more and more sand Skitty's way until it crouched down, with its paws over its eyes. Pidgey, sensing its opening, threw itself into a powerful tackle, taking Skitty down and knocking it out. Natsuko stood in shock. She had been defeated.
"okay," she said, walking over to Simon, "I guess you won. You can have the clover badge." with that, she handed over a small green badge resembling a four-leaved clover. Natsuko paused, then carried on, "I want to thank you for defeating me. I know it sounds strange, but I learned more from this loss than I have done from any victory. You showed me that quiet confidence is the way to victory, not overbearing arrogance. As thanks, take this TM. it contains Grass Knot, my favourite move." Simon gratefully accepted the small disk, then went on his way. He headed back to the Pokemon center, bursting with pride at winning his first gym badge. He would rest at the Pokemon center overnight, then leave Kagari city first thing in the morning.

Simon had his first Gym Badge, and now his Pokemon Journey had truly begun!

(OOC: sorry for the wall of text, i just couldn't bring myself to write a short and boring battle :))

rii - chii
September 22nd, 2008, 12:19 PM
alipeewee: That was a nice gym battle, congrats on your win xD Creative use of Stun Spore and Thundershock!
Pikachu leveled up to 16!
Pikachu is trying to learn Quick Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Quick Attack?
Pidgey leveled up to 12!
Pidgey learned Gust!

September 22nd, 2008, 4:47 PM
Chapter 1: First Gym Battle!
"Finally!" Bobby cried. "We made it to Kagari City!"

"Squirtle Squirt!" the Tiny Turtle Pokemon heartily agree with his trainer. The two had been through a lot together over the past few weeks. While Squirtle had at first treated Bobby with indference the two had grown close over the many adventures they had shared.

There was the time where the time where Bobby had literally jumped for joy when he caught his first Pokemon a simple Weedle. While weak it had grown into a Kakuna while in the middle of a battle with Bobby's childhood friend Andrew. Soon the trio had entered the Mystifying Forest where they had met the time traveling pokemon Celebi. The playful grass type had kidnapped Kakuna for a playmate and had taken him deep into the forest. With the help of a nearby Sunkern they were able to rescue Kakuna who by that time had evolved into a Beedrill with Celebi's help!

Sad to be leaving their Sunkern friend Bobby offered the Seed Pokemon a chance to go with them, a chance she didn't pass up. Soon the three were four. Sunkern proved to be a powerfull assist in double battles with her energy draining attacks as she was the finishing blow in the teams second fight with Andrew.

Now the four of them (with Beedrill and Sunkern in their Pokeballs) were in Kagari City eagerly awaiting their first Gym Battle.

"I can't wait Squirtle!" the young trainer said. "I'v heard that this Gym Leader is new on the scene so he must be pretty easy to beat!"

"I wouldn't say that." A young women said. She was coming out of a fragance shop with flowery smells following her. "First off Natsuko is a girl not a boy. Second off She has quite high level pokemon for a begining Gym Leader.

Unfortunatly Bobby's brain had shut off when he had heard Natsuko was a girl. "A girl? Then she will be really easy to beat!" he said not realizing that there was an average 3:1 ratio of girls in the City of Kagari. So there were quite a lot around the naive boy when he said that.

15 min later.

"Today's moral lession Squirtle is that being Sexist can be hazardes to you're health..." Bobby said through a facefull of bruises. The poor boy had been beaten senseless by the girls around him at the time for his comment.

Squirtle had just sat there and laughed at his trainer's expence. Still chuckiling about it he followed Bobby to the Gym.

Throwing the doors open in a dramatic fashion, Bobby stepped into the Gym and found himself on a grassy plain battlefield.

"Are you the one saying that beating the Leader will be easy cause she's a girl?!" an angry voice cried out of the mouth of a girl with long green hair.

"Yes..." Bobby muttered.

"Then I'll prove you wrong in our Gym Battle! Go Skitty!" Natsuko cried throwing out a pink cat like pokemon.

Bobby took his Pokedex out and it said, "Skitty, the Kitten Pokemon. It can't stop itself from chasing moving things, and it runs in a circle, chasing its own tail."

"Allright lets go Sunkern!" Bobby said sending out the newest addition to the team.

"Sunkern!" she cried happily.

"Skitty use Tackle!" Natsuko cried.

"Sunkern use Ingrain!" Bobby ordered. And the battle was on!

(OOC: I hope its ok that this post is a two parter :))

rii - chii
September 22nd, 2008, 4:52 PM
Zimvee: Of course I don't mind it being a two parter xD That was a great post on how you got your Pokemon to that level! Can't wait to see the battle :]

Master Jecht
September 22nd, 2008, 5:26 PM
piecakeyy you seemed to have missed my post D:

rii - chii
September 23rd, 2008, 4:03 AM
Master Jecht: I am so sorry! But anyways, it's so nice you let me decide what the item should be! :]
You found TM34 Shock Wave!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
September 25th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Simon was slowly wandering down Route 104, gazing at the clouds when he stopped and sniffed. A terrible aroma assaulted his nostrils, a cocktail of rotten cabbage, sulphur and BO. It didn't take him long to figure out where the stink was coming from, though - what he had taken to be molehills at the side of the path were in fact mounds of rotting refuse. But then, Simon realised that the terrible smell was not actually coming from the rubbish, but rather, it was coming from right behind him. He spun around, and behind him, a bumpy sphere was floating in the middle of a dense smog. Simon heaved a pokeball, shouting as he did so:
"Pidgey, use gust to clear away that smoke!" Pidgey erupted from the ball, flapping its wings hard to generate a powerful wind, blowing away the smokescreen and revealing an angry looking Koffing. Simon pulled out his Pokedex.

"Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokemon

If Koffing becomes agitated, it raises the toxicity of its internal gases and then jets them out from all over its body. This Pokémon may overinflate its round body, then explode."

Simon, having heard the word 'explode', did what any boy would do - he gibbered with excitement, then decided to catch this Pokemon. An explosion would be a dramatic conclusion to any battle, so he wasn't going to let this koffing get away.
"Pidgey, sand-attack!" he called, and Pidgey threw blinding sand towards koffing, blocking its vision.
"Now, tackle!" Simon ordered, and Pidgey battered the Koffing with its body, causing major damage.
"Okay, finish with gust!" Simon said. Pidgey responded by causing a wind that bodily slammed koffing into a tree. Simon smiled, and reached for an empty pokeball.
"Koffing, you're mine!" he shouted as he threw it at the hurt Pokemon. Koffing was sucked inside, and Simon waited anxiously to see if his capture would be a success.

rii - chii
September 25th, 2008, 1:27 PM
alipeewee: That was a good post for Koffing!
You caught a level 10 Male Koffing!

I've also added a new Pokemon never been made, it's a novice design, but it's a Soareon o.o (Lame name xD) The flying evolvution of Eevee. You may evolve an Eevee by finding a Heaven Feather.


September 26th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Chapter 2: Natsuko VS Bobby!
"Skitty use Tackle!" Natsuko cried.

"Sunkern use Ingrain!" Bobby ordered. The Seed Pokemon quickly grew roots into the ground absorbing energy in the process.

"Meow!" (OOC: what does a Skitty sound like?) cried Skitty. She threw the entire weight of her body against Sunkern sending the grass pokemon flying....And then Sunkern came flying back and knocked Skitty the other way!

"Awsome! My plan worked!" Bobby cried. What happend was that since Sunkern had used Ingrain, the roots had forced Sunkern to stay in one place. Sunkern extended the roots as far as she allowed and when she was as far as she could go she came swinging back much like a sling shot.

"Grr...that was a dirty trick!" Natsuko whined.

"That wasn't a trick that was just strategy!" Bobby smirked.

"I'll show you strategy! Skitty use Grass Knot!" Natsuko commanded. The kitten Pokemon put her tail to the ground and summoned root like things around Sunkern cutting the Ingrain. "Hows that!" the young Gym Leader gloated.

"Not bad, not bad." Bobby said. "But can you handle Mega Drain?" As if on cue Sunkern began draining the life out of Skitty.

"Stop that!" Natsuko cried, but it was too late. Sunkern had drained all the life out of Skitty.

"Skitty is unable to battle! Round One goes to Sunkern!" the referee anounced.

"Allright! Good job Sunkern!" Bobby said hapilly. "You deserve a break. Return!

"Sun Sun!" the Seed Pokemon said as she returned to her Pokeball.

"See how you'll handle this one! Go Budew!" Natsuko cried sending out her second pokemon. Bobby pulled his Pokedex to get a read on this grass Pokemon.

"Budew, the Bud Pokemon. Over the winter, it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen."

"Hmm this will be tricky but lets go Squirtle!" Bobby yelled as he sent his partner into battle. "Squirtle use Bubble!"

"Haha do you honestly expect that pitifull water attack can hurt us? Budew use Stun Spore to pop all those bubbles!" Budew unleashed a flury of thick spores which popped Squirtle's attack away.

"Now use Grass Knot to keep that turtle in place!" Natsuko commanded.

"Squirtle!" the Tiny Turtle Pokemon cried as he became frozen in place by the grass roots.

"Now Budew use Absorb!"

"Budeeeeeew!" the Bud Pokemon cried as she began to suck all the energy from Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Use Withdraw!" Bobby yelled! Squirtle went into his shell releasing himself from the Grass Knot torcher. "Now use turn around and use Bubble!"

A bunch of bubble's came flying out of Squirtle's shell propelling himself foward with speed. "Quick stop them Budew! Stun Spore!" Natsuko cried.

"Dodge it Squirtle!" Squirtle moved out of the way of the onlaught of spore's and continued its charged down the field. "Now use Tackle!" Bobby ordered.

Squirtle popped out of his shell and knocked Budew to the ground. "Now use Tail Whip!" Squirtle slammed its tail in a whipping fashing knocking Budew out.

"Grr lets see how you'll handle Roselia!" Natsuko cried sending out a Pokemon that looked like a flower.

"Roselia, the Thorn Pokemon. ROSELIA raised on clean drinking water are known to grow vividly colored flowers." Bobby's Pokedex said.

"Hmm that one looks tough..." Bobby muttered. "Squirtle Return! Go Beedrill!" Bobby called back the Tiny Turtle Pokemon and sent out the Poison Bee Pokemon.

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as it came out of its Pokeball. It was pumped for battle as it had only recently evolved into its final form.

"Looks like we're both at a disadvantage here." Natsuko said. "You still won't win though! Roselia use Poison Sting!"

"Roselia!" the Thorn Pokemon cried as it began to shoot purple thorns at Beedrill.

"Beedrill use Harden!" Bobby cried. Beedrill's body became as hard as stone and the Poison Sting harmlessly bounced off.

"Arg! Roselia use Mega Drain!" Natsuko cried frustrated.

"Beedrill dodge it and counter with Fury Attack!"

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as he charged in and began to stab furiously at Roselia.

"Rose! Rose!" Roselia cried out in pain.

"Now Beedrill finish it off with Poison Sting!" Bobby ordered. Beedrill's right stinger glowed purple and with an upper cut stung Roselia.

"Roselia is unable to Battle! The match goes to the Challenger Bobby Baker!" the ref announced.

"Allright! My first Badge!" Bobby cried happily.

"Sniff...theres no way i'm giving you this badge!" Natsuko cried as she ran out of the gym.

"Hey!" Bobby cried as he ran after her.
(OOC: yeah i'll get the TM and the Badge next post k?)

rii - chii
September 27th, 2008, 5:29 AM
Zimvee: That was a nice gym battle post! Creative use of Withdraw and Squirtle, and Natsuko is reminding me of Whitney right now o.o;;
Squirtle evolved into Level 15!
Squirtle is trying to learn Water Gun, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Water Gun?
Sunkern leveled up to Level 12!
Beedrill leveled up to Level 13!
Beedrill is trying to learn Focus Energy, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Focus Energy?

Master Jecht
September 27th, 2008, 11:47 AM
The purple goo was in mid air lunging at Troy. Eevee quickly reacted and jumped in front of Troy taking the hit. Eevee landed on its feet and rushed forward to battle. The purple goo dripped down to reveal two angry eyes. “What is that thing?” Troy wondered as he pointed his pokedex towards it.

Grimer, the sludge pokemon
It was born when sludge in a dirty stream was exposed to the moon's X-rays. It appears among filth.

“Bleh! I can see why this thing appears among filth it reeks.” Troy cringed as he held his nose. “Eevee use tackle to send this ugly thing away.” Eevee rushed towards the wild grimer and hit it with a tackle attack. However, Eevee’s tackle was only absorbed into grimers soft squish body. Adding to that problem, Eevee was stuck on grimers sticky body. The wild grimer lashed around to get Eevee off of him but it was no use.
“Oh no. Eevee use your paws to push yourself off of grimer.” Troy said. Eevee tried but her paws stuck to grimer’s body also. The wild grimer finally went into action. It extended its body and slammed down on Eevee. The grimer rose up and showed a fainted Eevee stuck on its chest.

“Woah, it knocked Eevee out cold in just one hit. This pokemon is no pushover.” Troy thought. He got out his pokeball and returned Eevee. The grimer let out an angry cry and slapped mud up at Troy. The mud was coming in at a high force. Troy put his arms up to brace himself for the hit. The mud hit Troy which sent him flying back into a pile of garbage and made his pokedex and the yellow disk he pulled out of grimer drop on to the ground. Troy wiped the mud from his face and got up. “Great these are my only change of clothes.” Troy thought as he looked at how dirty and smelly his clothes got from the attack. Then he noticed something. The pokedex was blinking on the ground pointing at the yellow disk. He picked up his pokedex and looked at the screen. It read “TM34 shockwave.” And it had a list of compatible pokemon that could use it. “So that thing stuck in grimer was the shockwave TM. Lucky me.” Troy thought. Then he remembered that he was in a battle with grimer so he called out his glameow. “Since physical attacks will just get stuck in grimers body. Let’s try this.” Troy thought. He picked up the yellow disk, inserted it into his pokedex, and aimed it at glameow. “Alright glameow! Now use shockwave on grimer!” Troy commanded as he looked on with anticipation. The pokedex let out waves that went to Glameow which made her fur start to spark. Suddenly, glameow’s tail extended it launched out a jolt of electricity that hit grimer at full force. The grimer cried out in pain as it fell over fainted.

“Alright nice job Glameow!” Troy said as he patted Glameow on the head. Glameow purred with happiness until it smelled Troy. Then she jumped away. Troy just looked at her weird and wondered what was wrong with her. Troy look at his pokedex and saw the TM eject from it and shatter on the ground. “I guess you can only use those once.” Troy said. Troy brushed himself off and got back on the path with glameow and headed towards the next town.

(OOC: I don’t know how TM’s work L. Tell me if I did something wrong and I will fix it!”+)

rii - chii
September 27th, 2008, 11:51 AM
Master Jecht: No, you did a good post :]
Glameow leveled up to 16!
Glameow learned Shock Wave! ( Write which move you want to replace)

September 27th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Chapter 3: The hunting down of Natsuko!
"Roselia is unable to Battle! The match goes to the Challenger Bobby Baker!" the ref announced.

"Allright! My first Badge!" Bobby cried happily.

"Sniff...theres no way i'm giving you this badge!" Natsuko cried as she ran out of the gym.

"Hey!" Bobby cried as he ran after her. The boy ran out of the Gym and scanned the croud but Natsuko was nowhere to be seen. "Crap. This isn't good..." Bobby muttered as he took off into the city.

Several Hours Later

"C'mon! Natsuko! Where are you?!" Bobby yelled. He had been looking all day but Natsuko had dissapeared.

"Hey you're that guy from earlier!" a voice rang out.

Bobby turned around and saw one of the girls who beat the living snot out of him earlier. "Uh-oh..." he muttered.

"What are you doing here?!" she said angerily.

"Well I battled Natsuko..." Bobby began.

"And I bet you lost didn't you?" the girl said smuggly.

"Actually no. I won and Natsuko ran off crying."

"Oh dear...I was worried this would happen."

"What?" Bobby was now confused. "What's happen?"

"Well Natsuko is actually new at being a Gym Leader and all of her first challengers have beaten her. So when you boasted you were going to beat her that made her think that she wasn't good enough to be a Gym Leader."

"Great...Any idea where she might be?" Bobby asked.

"Hmm she might be at her family's flower shop."

"Ok thanks!" Bobby said as he ran off in the general direction of the shop. After he found it he asked where Natsuko was.

"Oh she's up on the roof for some silly reason. She only goes up there when she's upset.." a women who looked like she could be Natsuko's mother.

"Is it ok if I go up there to talk to her?" Bobby asked. "I think it may be because of me."

"Well arn't you sweet! Of cource you may."

Soon Bobby found himself sitting next to Natsuko watching the sun set in a golden blaze.

"Sniff...Look at me..." Natsuko began. "Here I am the Gym Leader and I'm sitting here crying because I lost."

"Its just that I've never won a single match since I've became a Gym Leader! I was starting to think I was horrible at being a Leader..."

"Now thats not true!" Bobby said. "Sure you've lost before but that dosen't mean your a horrible battlier! The way you handled your Pokemon was awsome!"

"Do you really think so?" Natsuko said wiping away her tears.

"Of course! Everyone loses sometimes! You just have to get back up on your feet and try again!"

"I guess you're right." Natsuko said grinning. "Here takes these." she said handing Bobby something. "They're rightfully yours." In her hand was the Clover Badge and a small disk. "Thats Grass Knot its a TM. Consider it my gift!"

"Allright thanks!" Bobby cried. Finally, his adventures in Kagari City were over!

rii - chii
September 27th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Zimvee: Aww, that was a nice post, anyways...
You got the Clover Badge!
You recieved TM86 Grass Knot!

Chapter 9: McKarp Town
Number of Posts: 3-4

A town where every resident has a Magikarp and or a Gyarados, people also love to watch the shows at the aquarium, but the aquarium is currently taken over by the evil syndicate Team Empress.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A center where you can heal your Pokemon and sleep for the night all for free!
PokeMart: A shop with all your Pokemon needs: Pokeball, Potion, Paralyze Heal, Antidote, Awakening.
Aquarium: A place where you see the wonders of the sea
Gym: See Ashley

Team Empress Alert!

Description: A team that wishes to brainwash Pokemon and use the Pokemon to destroy the world.






Description: A well-groomed swimmer and an adrenaline junkie, who enjoys having gym battles, she had defeated everyone in McKarp Town, which is why she was promoted to the Gym Leader of the city.

Level: 18
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Ability: Swift Swim
Attacks: Sonicboom, Quick Attack, Swift, Water Pulse
Nature: Adamant

Level: 20
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Water Pulse
Nature: Jolly

Level: 21
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Imtimidate
Attacks: Tackle, Thrash, Bite, Water Pulse
Nature: Brave

TM03: Water Pulse
Volley Badge http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/volleybadge.png

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
September 28th, 2008, 12:13 AM
Finally, the Pokeball stopped rocking, and emitted a small 'ping' to show that the capture had been a success. As Simon gleefully picked up his newest Pokemon, he heard clapping from behind him. Quickly, he spun around, and sitting there, in the crook of a branch, was Nick.
"That was a good catch," he said, acting as though their encounter with Jade had never happened. Simon had to keep his promise to Jade though.
"Nick...about last time...Jade told me why you ran off." Simon braced himself, expecting Nick to be angry that Jade had told him something so personal. But instead, he just chuckled gently
"Oh great. Come on, what did she say?" Completely confused by his friend's cheerful mood, Simon bubmbled on, telling Nick everything Jade had said. Throughout the entire tale, Nick had worn a look of barely suppressed laughter, and when Simon was done, he burst out laughing.
"That has to be the best story she has EVER come up with!" he gasped between fits of laughter. Seeing the completely befuddled look on Simon's face, he composed himself.
"Okay, I guess I'd better explain. Me and Jade used to be a couple. It wasn't anything serious - it couldn't have been that serious anyway, we were fourteen. And eventually, we broke up. I won't go into any more detail about that part of the story," and as he said this, he gave Simon a look that suggested he shouldn't ask, "But Jade took it a little bit badly, and from then on, she's been doing this sort of thing. It's pretty pathetic actually." Simon stood aghast. Jade had made up this entire thing, just to make Nick look bad. What would he say when he saw her again? Nick continued "The last time we met, she set her Vulpix on me. Took an age before the burn marks went down. That's why I ran off before." Simon stood there awkwardly for a minute, not knowing what to say. Finally, he said
"Where are you heading? I'm going to McKarp Town, so if you're heading that way..?" Nick grinned and nodded. Simon reurned the smile, and the two of them continued their travels.

September 28th, 2008, 3:44 AM
The woman stared through the glass window and into the deep blue water, her Buizel at her side. The water reflected around the room and the serene songs of Wailmers could be heard all around the area. A bundle of blue blankets sat snug under the Womans arms and she held it tight as a Mantyke swam past the window. A young boy came into the room. buizel was alerted and turned around the Woman simply continued to stare at the mass of peaceful looking water. The Boy stepped closer up to the glass, at the same level of the Woman, yet she continued to stare outwards.

"The Aquarium is about to close, I would get yourself home." Said the Woman. She turned on the spot to reveal a young, peaceful face. She had flowing, red hair that sat underneathe a brown, old cloak. "I'm looking for my friend. She dissapeared two days ago and I still can't find her." Replied the young man. He also turned to reveal his adolecent face. He was, infact, Scott. "I'm sorry for your loss," began the Lady,"but you really must be going now. The sun is setting and there is little time left of the day." Scott showed a hint of dissapointment on his face. He felt that Amelia was his resposibility, and after he had searched the Route of which Amelia had dissapeared on and found no sight of her, he knew it was not the act of a Pokemon.

Scott turned and walked back down the blue corridor, the Woman following in toe. "So what is your name?" Intreuged Scott, not turning his head to speak to the distant Woman, but facing straight ahead. "I'm Ashley. I live here in Mckarp Town." Replied the young woman. "And you'd call yourself a Trainer?" asked Scott once more. "I'd call my6self more than that!" Replied Ashley with a smug grin on her face. Suddenly, a loud bang could be heard down the corridor, with a whizz following. Immediantly, Scott sprang into action, running down the room and through a pair of double doors. There he found a man in a black, military uniform running away, along with scorch marks all down the walls. ashley came brusting through the doors to. Scott sprinted down the corridor after the Man and Ashley followed after him, with Buizel still at her side. They burst through some more doors and then around a bend, still revealing more winding passage ways.

They crashed through some more doors to be greeted by a stream of flames. Scott ducked just in time so that only a strand of hair was singed whilst Ashley still stood on the spot. "Buizel, Sonicboom!" Commanded Ashley as she pointed at the flames. Buizel jumped up and flicked his tail, releasing a very sharp boom and a blast of wind which split the fire directly in half, causing it to die and fade. The Man could be seen again and was now running with a Houndoom. Who was this man?

OOC: I think that was my best post yet :D

rii - chii
September 28th, 2008, 6:47 AM
alipeewee: That was a good conclusion post! Can't wait to see what you'll write in McKarp Town!

Toxic_Moonlight: Good introductry post, what'll happen with Team Empress and Ashley?

Master Jecht
September 29th, 2008, 10:25 PM
Troy finally arrived at Mckarp Town after his walk down route 104. The first stop Troy had in mind was the Pokemon center so he could heal his pokemon and wash up from his previous dirty adventure. After freshening up a bit at the Pokemon center, He decided to take a look around the town. The town was small but the air was fresh. There were a lot of streams formed around the town with water so crystal clear you could see the bottom. Troy saw many Magikarp swimming up and down these streams with a big smile on their faces. Troy noticed a capsule machine with food in it next to the stream labeled “Feed the Magikarp. Only 25 cents!” Troy reached into his pocket and bought a capsule. He walked over to the stream and saw some Magikarp anxiously waiting at the edge. He crouched down and poured the food from the capsule into the stream. The magikarp weren’t shy to start eating it as they gobbled it all up in the blink of an eye. After their meal, they continued downstream. As Troy watched them go off, he noticed a large dome downstream towards where the Magikarp were swimming too. He decided to go check out what it was.

Troy arrived at the dome he saw in the distance. The top of the dome read “McKarp Town Aquarium.” Troy, wanting to see all the different types of water pokemon the aquarium held, rushed towards the entrance with excitement. However, it was put to a sudden halt when a man in a purple uniform stopped him.

“The aquarium is closed for maintenance and won’t be open for a long time. So get lost kid!” The man said harshly.

“Well that sucks.” Troy said as he hung his head in disappointment. He started to walk around to explore the town again when he noticed something at the side of the aquarium. There was a door that was slightly cracked opened. Troy couldn’t control his curiosity and walked right in. As soon as he entered, Troy saw why the McKarp Town aquarium was so famous. There were glass windows as tall as houses and behind them was the beautiful sight of that same crystal clear water from the streams and many different kinds of water pokemon playing with each other. A few magikarp swam up to the window Troy was gazing though and started to bump into the glass. Troy looked at what was wrong with them but then realized that those were the same magikarp from earlier. He thought what a nice place this aquarium was as the pokemon can go free and come anytime they want. Just then, the magikarp and other water pokemon got sucked up to the top of the tank at a fast speed. Troy gave a surprised look trying to figure out what was going on. In the middle of this, troy heard the door behind him open revealing another man in a purple uniform.

“Hey you! What are you doing here? This is property of Team Empress!” The man yelled.

To be continued.
(ooc:sorry about the text. I don't know what happned)

rii - chii
September 30th, 2008, 1:00 PM
Master Jecht: That was a great post of Team Empress, they really are greedy o.o

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 2nd, 2008, 12:13 AM
"Hey, Simon, wake up, we're here!" Nick called, slapping him affectionately on the back of the head. Simon groaned and looked up, rubbing his head. He'd been so dead on his feet that he'd walked right into McKarp Town without even realising it. "The shows at the aquarium are meant to be awesome," Nick continued, "But it looks a little run-down" he held up a guidebook which he'd pulled from his back pocket. "Hmmmm," He murmured, "The picture in here looks a lot nicer, and there are people in it. The real place looks deserted. Something must have happened; maybe we should check it out."
"Why don't we check it out tomorrow, Nick?" Simon groaned sleepily. Nick laughed and agreed, and the two of them checked into the local Pokemon Centre to get some much needed rest.

Early the next morning, still rubbing sleep from their eyes, the two friends wandered over to the aquarium. As they neared it, a man in a purple suit, with an E emblazoned on the chest pocket, came out. He sneered at them
"What are you doing here, little children? Don't you know that Team Empress controls this aquarium now?" Nick gritted his teeth.
"Team Empress? I've heard of you! You're the ones who keep stealing Pokemon from other trainers, then brainwashing them into working for you!" Simon gasped. He would never have thought that anyone could be that cruel. The man just kept on sneering, and spoke again in his clipped, delicate tone:
"I'm very glad you've heard of us. We'd be a pretty pathetic group if no-one knew we existed. Anyway, enough of this chatter! Come on, Staryu, Houndour! Get rid of these layabouts!" The two Pokemon erupted from their balls, Houndour with a flamethrower, and Staryu with a water gun. Simon and Nick threw themselves to the ground, the water and fire tickling their backs. Desperately, they threw their Pokeballs.
"Pikachu, Thundershock that Staryu!"
"Dratini, use water pulse on that Houndour!"
Staryu was paralyzed by a jet of lightning as Houndour was thrown backwards by a wall of water. The two Pokemon landed on the ground, unconscious. Growling various unprintable words, the man returned them before running back inside. The two boys heard the sound of a bolt being drawn across, as they staggered to their feet.
"We have to get in there and stop them!" Nick cried. Simon nodded, looking unusually confident.
"Yes," he grinned, "And I think I know just the way to do it!"

rii - chii
October 2nd, 2008, 4:04 AM
alipeewee: That was a good post, can't wait to see the rest of how you handle Team Empress!
Pikachu leveled up to 19!
Pikachu is trying to learn Double Team, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Double Team?

October 2nd, 2008, 9:08 AM
Scott ran out of the door and into the blistering sunlight. "Buizel, Sonicboom!" Shouted Ashley, making Buizel emit another sharp bang and wave of strong wind. The man ducked just in time and after the disturbance of dust from where the sonic boom had impacted on the ground, the man had dissapeared. Scott cursed and stamped his foot on the ground. Ashley walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. he looked at her and smiled. "I s'pose we'll never know what he was doing!" Mumbled Scott angrily.

That night, Scott lied in bed in the Pokemon Centre. He couldn't get to sleep and kept thinking that he was the man who took Amelia, but why? it just didn't add up. The man must of been attacking something as he made his houndoor use a flamethrower attack, and there was no screams or shouts when Amelia dissapeared. why had they taken her?

Scott woke up bright and early. He seemed to be more cheery today as he accepted the fact that he knew she was still safe, at least, he thought it. He walked over to the Gym, hoping to battle. He stood in his half and stood, waiting for the Gym Leader. Suddenly, shots of water arose from the ground and the field slid away, revealing a big pond with large rocks rising from it. A Woman appeared out of no where on the other side. she looked familiar, it was Ashley. "Good to see you again, Scott!" She said with a smug grin upon her face. "Let the battle begin!!" Shouted the Referee. "Show them who's boss, Buizel!" Shouted Ashley as she a flung a pokeball in the air and Buizel emerged in a flurry of lights. "Let's do this, Lotad!" shouted Scott as he also summoned Lotad to the field.

"Now, Buizel, let's start this with quick attack!" Commanded Ashley. Buizel began to charge at Lotad with incredible speed, using its tail to propel itself in the water. "Lotad, jump under the water!" Shouted Scott. Lotad flung itself into the water, barely dodging Buizel by a few inches. "Go under water aswell, Buizel!" Shouted Ashley. Buizel seemed to turn in mid air and dive into the water. Suddenly, Lotad pounced from the water wit5h Buizel who looked dangerously unconsious. Lotad landed firmly on a rock and Buizel managed to land carefully on a rock to, just back flipping in time. "Lotad, nature power!" Shouted Scott. Lotad scrunched itself up tight and then released tention, letting out a long, thin beam of yellow light. It smacked into Buizel, causing to fly backwards of the rock and into the water. "Wow! What was that?!" Quiried Scott. He pulled out it Pokedex and pointed it at Lotad, selecting the "Describe recently used move." option.

Lotad has just used Nature Power. The attack and effect varie on location. Being in a building that is using alot of electricity, the move transformed into Charge Beam.

"That's great. Electric moves are super-effective against water types!" Exclaimed Scott. buizel flung out of the water, releasing a Sonicboom from its tail. "Lotad, use Nature Power once more!" Commanded Scott. Lotad released yet another Beam of energy but Buizel swiftly dodged it. "Buizel, Swift!" Shouted Ashley. Buizel unleashed many glistening stars that flew elegantly towards Lotad. "Lotad, Nature Power once kore!" Shouted Scott. Lotad unleashd another beam of electricity, which collided with the swift, causing it to explode in buizels face. Buizle flew backwards into a rock, then sliding into the water. "Buizel is unable to battle!" Shouted the Referee, holding up a flag towrds Scott.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 3rd, 2008, 4:55 AM
"All right, Koffing, use Smog!" Simon called as he launched his Pokeball. Koffing fired itself from its pokeball in an jet of thick, dark green smoke. Nick began to cough, but Simon knew what he was doing. He threw his next Pokeball.
"Now Pidgey, use tackle to break a few of the windows in that aquarium!" Pidgey dive-bombed the building, and suddenly the air was filled with the sound of breaking glass and swearing members of Team Empress as the small bird rocketed out through one final window.
"Now, Pidgey, use gust!" simon shouted, and the mall bird pumped its wings hard, generating a wind that circled the aquarium, blowing all of the Smog in through the broken windows. The bolt was heard to be drawn back, and Simon, Koffing, Pidgey and Nick only just managed to get out of the way as hordes of Team Empress members barrelled out of the aquarium, desperate to get out of the terrible-smelling fog. Confused and disoriented, the criminals ran to their jeeps, and fled the town. Nick stood gaping as the cars faded into the distance.
"Errr...what just happened?" he questioned, but Simon was already gone, into the aquarium, in search if any remaining members of Team Empress. There were no criminals left, but there were various pieces of sinister looking equipment and, in the last room, where the Gyarados were kept, was a young blonde woman lying on the ground. Simon could tell from her lack of a purple outfit that she was a civilian, and must have been in the aquarium when Team Empress tookk it over. Simon immediately ran over to her.
"Are you all right?" he asked in a mixture of fear and hope. She stirred, coughed, then opened her eyes and looked at Simon.
"I think so..." she said shakily as she sat up "But where's Team Empress? Me and my Pokemon were trying to protect the Gyarados from them, but then this bird flew through the windows, smashing everything. A second later, the room was filled with smoke." Then she noticed Pidgey and Koffing, behind Simon, and smiled.
"I'm guessing that was you," she continued, "And if so, I'm in your debt. Those thugs would have overpowered me if we had been fighting just a minute longer. Is there anyway I could repay you? I'm the Gym Leader here, so I have some authority and might be able to get you some kind of reward if-"
But SImon cut here off:
"If you're the Gym Leader, then there's only one thing I want from you, and that's a battle!" The woman smiled, and introduced herself as Ashley. Then she turned her head, as Nick walked into the room.
"Nick!" Simon shouted, "Over here! This is Ashley, the Gym Leader. She was in here when Tema Empress attacked.Hey, we're going to have a Gym battle soon - but what about you? Have you battled any Gym leaders yet?" Nick smiled and shook his head
"I don't want to battle Gym leaders. My dream isn't to raise the best fighters, or the best performers. I want to try and find, and catch, rare Pokemon. Maybe even legendaries." Simon smiled, feeling a little jealous that he didn't have any rare Pokemon. Nick continued.
"Speaking of legendaries, Mystifying Forest is meant to be home to Celabi, you know? Its a bit far off, but I'm probablygoing to head back there next." Simon smiled again, sad that they would be parting ways yet again, but also excited about his upcoming second Gym Battle.

rii - chii
October 4th, 2008, 9:59 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That's a good use of Charge Beam of the electricity in the gym :]
Lotad leveled up to 12!
Lotad is trying to learn Mist, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Mist?

alipeewee: Good post!

October 4th, 2008, 10:10 AM
Ok so I want to join and to use the last Wild Card:

Charecter Name: Max
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 9/23/98
Appearence: Max wears a yellow shirt, black shorts, a yellow and black hat, black shoes, black fingerless gloves, a necklace, he has black spiky/messy hair, and crystal blue eyes. Max has a scar that runs up his right arm and another one that runs down his back. Max is short for his age standing at four foot 3 nd weighing in at 80lbs.

Personality:Max is very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his pokemon. He doesn't care what others think of him and often ignores people that are rude to begin with. His hobbies are: swiming, climbing trees, taikwondo which he currently has a black belt in, training, and some scethcing of pokemon. He can scetch pretty good, can swim really fast, stinks at climbing trees, is really good at taikwondo, and loves to do training.

History: (Sorry but this takes place in the Kanto Region if I have to I'll edit this part:))

Max grew up in Pallet Town. His mom died giving birth to his little brother, but Max never held it against him, unlike their older brother,Kevin. Kevin always blamed Josh for the death of their mom and never let Josh foreget it. Max protected his little brother because he already lost a little brother from a disease. His dad abandoned them forcing the three of them to live on the streets.

One day when Max was at Proffessor Oak's lab picking a date for him to get his pokemon Kevin left Josh on his own. Josh was kidnapped by Team Empress goons and they left a letter to Max saying: If ya want your little brother back then battle our leader and if ya win Josh can come home to you if he wants or...he can stay with us. If our boss wins, though, he stay under Team Rocket! Max figured there was basically no hope of ever getting Josh back because when this happened Max was 6, but Josh was only 2.

Preffered Starter: last wild card for Riolu please:)

((OOC: Tell me if I need to edit anything and I will:)))

October 4th, 2008, 10:45 AM
(OOC: I'd like my Lotad to learn Mist and forget Growl, please ^^)

"Let's see how you face up against my next Pokemon, Scott! Tododile, show 'em who's boss!" Shouted Ashley as she flung another Pokeball in the air and summoned a small, reptilian-looking Pokemon. "That's a Pokemon I haven't seen before!" Mumbled Scott. He pulled out his Pokedex once more and directed it at Tododile.

Tododile, The Big Jaw Pokemon. It loves to bite things with its well developed jaws. You don't want to tickle this Pokemon, as it may attempt to bite you!

"Wow. that's a cool Pokemon. Lotad, stay on the field!" Said Scott with detremination. "Tododile, start off with bite!" Shouted Ashley. Tododile jumped itno the water and began to swim towards Lotad at an incredible speed. lotad stayed were it was as Tododile continued to swim, only, now, its jaws were wide open, ready to snap shut. "Lotad, duck under water!" Shouted Scott. Lotad dropped into the water just in time to dodge Tododile. Tododile stopped in his tracks and looked around, searching for the hidden Lotad. "Now, Lotad, Asntonish!" Shouted Scott. Lotad jumped from the water, knocking Tododile from the pool to and making it land on a rock. "Now, Nature Power!" Shouted Scott. Lotad unleashed a beam of yellow light that sprang towards Tododile. "Quick, dodge!" Shouted Ashley. Tododile jumped from the rock and into the water.

Lotad couldn't see were Tododile was. The water was still and Tododdile couldn't be heard. Lotad was at its alertest. "Tododile, Ice Fang!" Shouted Ashley. Tododile pounced from the water, it jaws wide open and icy. Suddenly, Lotad let out a gust of kist that hit Tododile directly in the face. The mist spread across the field, making it harder to see. It hung over the water like a blanket that was soon untidy by Tododiles arival in the water. "Now, Lotad, Nature Power!" Shouted Scott. Lotad released a beam of electricity that hit the water, casuing it to bubble and glow. Moments later, Tododile jumped from the water, screaming and waving around its limbs. "Lotad, finish it off with Absorb!" Shouted Scott. Lotad realeased a few green orbs from Tododile, who fainted on a rock, slowly.

"That was excellent, Tododile! You deserve a rest!" Exclaimed Ashley as she brought Tododile back into his ball. "You do to, Lotad. You were truely amazing!" said Scott gleefully as he also returned his Pokemon...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 4th, 2008, 12:03 PM
"This Gym Battle will be between the Gym Leader Ashley and the challenger Simon," the referee shouted as the two trainers stepped onto the battlefield. "The Gym Leader will release her Pokémon first." Ashley smiled and threw her first Pokeball, releasing a Totodile. It stood defiantly facing Simon, speaking volumes with its intimidating gaze. 'I'm not just going to beat you, I'm going to humiliate you' was the general message. Simon gulped, and swallowed his worries.
"Come on, Koffing! Time to battle!" The second the words left his mouth, Simon realised his mistake. Koffing had never had a proper battle before, and now it was against this intimidating Pokemon with big sharp teeth. Koffing was less worried and let out a roar as it burst from the pokeball.
"Right, Totodile, start with Ice Fang!" Ashley shouted confidently. Totodile's canines glowed blue and doubled in length, before it leapt forwards, resembling an amphibious Dracula.
"Koffing, respond with smoke screen!" Simon called, and Koffing immediately hid itself behind a thick screen of fog. Totodile stopped, completely unsure about what to do. Ashley was less uncertain.
"Water pulse!" She called. Totodile grinned, and then roared, forming a small deep blue ball in between its jaws. It unleashed the attack, and a wall of water erupted from the sphere, passing straight through the smoke.
"Koffing, Tackle attack!" Simon shouted, undeterred, and Koffing charged straight towards the wave, smashing through it safely, but sustaining heavy damage.
"Follow up with Poison Gas!" Koffing drew up close to Totodile, breathing purple gas in its face. The tiny 'gator coughed, and its face took on a decidedly purple hue. It had been poisoned. Ashley scowled, then called to Totodile,
"It isn't hidden behind the smog anymore, so let’s use bite!" Totodile launched itself at Koffing, mouth open wide, but it teeth couldn't get any purchase on the round surface. But Totodile cam at it again and again, until it finally latched onto one of the bumps, bit down hard and rendered Simon's Koffing unconscious. Simon grimaced as he returned Koffing, but he had expected this. Totodile was poisoned though, so no need to call out Pikachu yet. Instead...
"Come on Pidgey, this Totodile's already weak! Let’s get started with Tackle!" Totodile tried to bite again, but Pidgey was too fast, and simply smashed it out of the way.
"Stop that bird with Water Pulse!" Ashley called, and Totodile launched another wave.
"Just what I was waiting for!" Simon shouted, "Pidgey, use Gust!" The small pigeon launched a barrage of wind, hitting the wall of water, and driving it back towards Totodile. The small crocodile was thrown bodily against the wall and knocked out. Ashley just smiled, though.
"I knew after our first meeting that this would be a good battle, and now its going to get even better!" she called, "Lets go, Buizel, use swift!" Buizel burst from its ball, and spun around. Its tail glowed golden and small stars fired themselves at Pidgey.
"Climb and dodge it!" came the order, and Pidgey obeyed, but the stars simply swerved and redirected themselves, hitting Pidgey from below and knocking it out of the air. Simon returned the injured Pokémon to its ball.
"Right, let’s go, Dustox!" Simon shouted.

His battle at the McKarp gym was nearing its dramatic finale!

rii - chii
October 4th, 2008, 5:12 PM
Pikalover10: That was a good signup! You're accepted!
You may choose 2 more Pokemon for your signup as long as we've encountered it before McKarp Town.
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a good battle post, can't wait to see the end of the gym battle, I guess you all know that fighting Team Empress is optional, but its good experience, but the one on Evolution Island is nessacary, but that's not until much later XD
Lotad leveled up to 16!
Lotad is evolving! Allow Lotad to evolve into Lombre?
Lotad is trying to learn Nature Power, but can only learn 4 moves! Replace a move for Nature Power?
alipeewee: That was a good battle right now!
Koffing leveled up to 13!
Pidgey leveled up to 15!
Pidgey is trying to learn Quick Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Quick Attack?

Chapter 10: Anicent Cave
Number of Posts: 3
A cave filled with many fossils and a statue of Dialga within the entrance cave, many architects come here to find new fossils.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 10-15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite (Level 13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 10-15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rock Throw (Level 11), Magnitude (Level 15)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 10-15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Harden, Bind, Screech, Rock Throw, Rage (Level 14)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 10-15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock
Ability: Mold Breaker
Attacks: Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, Take Down (Level 15)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

Level: 10-15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Dragon/Ground
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm (Level 13), Take Down (Level 15)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

October 4th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Ok so I start in Mckarp Town?I would Like


What lvls are they and here is my card:


((Oops foregot to mention move set.

Riolu: Quick Attack, Force Palm, Feint, and Endure

Tailow: Peck, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, and Focus Energy

Misdreveus: Confuse Ray, Astonish, Spite, and Psywave))
Will soon edit into post also:)

October 5th, 2008, 4:16 AM
(OOC: Well, I'll let Lotad evolve and, umm... I thought Lombre already knew Nature Power O.O. Oh, and, whoever said I wasn't going to battle Team Empress ;D)

Suddenly, Lotad began to glow. It grew taller and limbs began to from. It stood up onto its hind legs as the glowing began to fade. "No way!" Mummbled Scott in awe. He pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon that replaced Lotad.

Lotad, The Jolly Pokemon. It is very mischievous and loves to startle people by wetting them. It likes to annoy people who are fishing.

"Cool. Lombre, get ready to fight!" Shouted Scott as he clenched his fist. "Gyrados, blow them away!" Shouted Ashley as she released a huge pokemon onto the field. It roared extremely loudly, startling Scott, but Lombre simply stared with deteremination on his face.

Gyrados, The Atrocious Pokemon. When it rages, it will burn down villages and mountains until nothing is left. It can fly for a year without having to rest!

"Lombre, this is gonna be our toughest battle yet, so try your hardest!" Shouted Scott. Lombre smiled happily and then faced his opponent. "Gyrados, start off with Thrash!" Shouted Ashley. Gyrados charged at Lombre with incredible speed, barely dodging the roof. "Lombre, hide under water!" Shouted Scott. Lombre jumped under the water, swimming very quickly to. "Gyrados, get under water and use bite!" Shouted Ashley. Gyrados swiftly turned under water with its jaws wide open. Moments later, Lombre came gushing out of the water, backflipping in the air, looking as if it had just been hit by Gyarados. Gyarados came out moments after, charging a water pulse in its mouth. "Lombre, Nature Power!" Lombre unleashed a beam of yellow electricity from its hands, but, unfortunatley, Gyarados easily dodges it, unleashing the Water Pulse. Lombre jumped off of the rock, just missing the Water pulse and landing on another Rock.

"Lombre, Nature Power once more!" Lombre unleashed another beam, only this one was extremly quick and hit Gyarados directly in the face. It collapsed and fell under the water. It was hard to tell if it had fainted, and nobody could see it. Suddenly, it flew out of the water, launching a Water Pulse at Lombre. It hit him and he flew back into the water, were Gyarados quickly followed. "Lombre, Nature power!" Bellowed Scott. The water glowed yellow and Gyrados came rushing from the water moments later. It collapsed on a rock, its eyes shut and still. "Gyarados is unable to battle! The winner is the challenger, Scott!" Exclaimed the Referee. Scott jumped up and down, along with Lombre.

Later, Scott was on Ashley side of the field, helping her heal her Pokemon. "That was an excellent battle, Scott. You and your Pokemon can go a long way, you know!" Said Ashely happily as she sprayed Gyarados' fins with Hyper Potion. "I know. It's all about trust!" Jeered Scott. suddenly, there was an extremly loud bang as the roof of the Gym collapsed.

"Here we are, untied as one!" Came a loud voice from a large craft that had decended into the Gym. "When we control all alive, our work is done! Team Empress is the best around! You are not, we are Crowned! Come to control you and take your Pokemon, it's Team Empress!" Finished the smug voice. Suddenly, a long stream of fire came plowing towards Ashley and Scott. They ducked just in time, with the fire prickling there neck. "Misdreavus, Psywave, let's go!" Shouted Scott as he unleashed Misdreavus who let out a wave of pink energy that hit the craft directly on its wing. A figure jumped from the craft and onto the ground, along with a small Houndoor. "I'll go and alert the authorities!" Shouted Ashely as she ran out fot he gym.

"Houndoor, use Flamethrower!" Shouted the uniformed man. Houndoor unleashed another string of flames which Misdreavus just dodged. "Misdreavus, spite!" Shouted Scott. Houndoor collapsed on the ground for a moment as Misdreavus eyes began to glow. Houndoor then got up and began to charge at Misdreavus. "Dodge, Misdreavus, then use Psywave once more!" Shouted Scott. Misdreavus unleashed another wave of energy which hit Houndoor directly in the face. The houndoor slowly collapsed on the ground.

"Miosdreavus, return!" Shouted Scott as Misdreavus entered its ball once more. "This isn't over yet, let's go, Murkrow!" Shouted the smug officer. A Murkrow flew onto the field and looked at its target. "Let's go, Skorupi!" Shouted Scott. I really hope this works! Thought Scott as he looked up at the Murkrow. "Murkrow, Wing Attack!" Shouted the Goon. Murkrow swung down at Skorupi at incredible speed. Scott knew that if murkrow hit, it would be all over. "Skorupi, dodge the use Poison Sting!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi dodged just in time and Murkorw easily swooped up, avoiding hitting the floor. Skorupi swivled on the spot and jumped on the attacking Murkorw. he pierced it with its Tail and began to swoop and fly strangely. "Murkrow, get that pathetic Pokemon off of you!" Shouted the Officer. murkrow spun around, causing Skorupi to fly off but land firmly on the ground.

Murkrow beagn to charge at Skorupi once more. "Skorupi, stand your ground!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi stared at the attacker, wondering what it had to do next. "Now, run backwards, but face the Murkrow!" Shouted Scott. Skorupis flexible legs simply trickled backwards until Skorupi hit the wall gently. The Murkrow was only a few meters away from Skorupi now, and going very fast. "Skorupi, dodge!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi jumped to the side, dodging the attacker who had just hit the wall very quickly. It collapsed on the floor in alot of pain.

"Murkrow, return!" Shouted the Officer. "I wouldn't worry. We brain washed your little friend. She's safe at home now, not knowing anything about you or what just happened. We'll be back!" Shouted the smug voice as it entered the craft and flew away. Scott chuckled as he returned Skorupi. Ashley came running in. "I was too late, wasn't I?" Said she slowly. "She's okay!" Said Scott with a wide grin on his face.

Later that day, he said his goodbyes to Ashley and walked out of the town and into the sunset, with Lombre lolopping at his side, and Misdreavus floating besides Skorupi. He wondered what tomorrow would bring him. A new Pokemon, a new Frined or a big loss... He just didn't know.

(OOC: *Sigh* Longest post ever!)

rii - chii
October 5th, 2008, 6:09 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a great battle post!
Lotad evolved into Lombre!
Lombre leveled up to 19!
Lombre is trying to learn Water Sport! But can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Water Sport?
Skorupi leveled up to 12!
Skorupi learned Pin Missile!
Misdreavus leveled up to 15!
Misdreavus is trying to learn Confuse Ray, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Confuse Ray?
You obtained TM03 Water Pulse!
You recieved the Volley Badge!

October 5th, 2008, 8:02 AM
(OOC: I'm really not sure how you spell Stagalite... :S)

"This is what I call freaky!" Exclaimed Scott as he held the fire torch up to the slimy, decaying walls. "Sko..." Mummbled Skorupi as he scuttled beside him. The cave was deep and dark, lit only by Scotts fire lit torch which he recieved from a man at the enterance of the cave. The walls were oozeing a translusent slime which trikled down onto the cold, hard ground. It was like a maze inside. He spotted a few Murkrows when he entered the cave, but no Pokemon since.

minutes past, and Scott still had no idea where to go. He could of swore he past the same stagalite five times. He decided to take a right, because his Grandad taught him to always go left, and that wasn't working. A beam of sunlight shone through a hole in the roof of the cave. That beam hit close to where a statue was on the wall. It was the shape of the sun and it had a hole in the centre. He wondered if the sunlight had to shine through the hole to trigger something. He kept walking, but met a dead end, so he walked back up to where the statue was. He got there, and replacing it was nothing. The wall were the satue was wasn't there anymore and there was a clear path ahead of them. "i'm really starting to get freaked." Mummbled Scott.

They walked further on, walking around many twists and turns. They stopped and set up a small fire so Scott could cook something to eat. As him and Skorupi eat there Oran Berry stew, there was a loud bang. The roof of the cave collapsed as a Pokemon jumped on the floor. "Wow! What's that!" Shouted Scott.

Gible, The Land Shark Pokemon. It lives in horizontal holes in cave walls, jumping out on unsuspecting foes. it will bravely fight foes that are much bigger than itself.

Suddenly, the Gible began to run at Skorupi. It attempted to use Take Down, but Skorupi swiftly dodged it. "Pin Missile, let's go!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi unleashed thousands of pointy thorns from its tail which launched themselves at Gible. It dodged a few, but got hit several times. "Excellent Skorupi, now use Bite!" commanded Scott. Skorupi began to run at the Gible, its jaws wide open. It jumped to the side, but Skorupi swung around its tail and used Poison Sting, piercing the foe. Suddenly, it got up and caused a Sandstorm, which blinded Scott temporarily. He could just see skorupi, who was hardlies affected by the storm, but couldn't see the Gible.

Then, Scott had an idea. "Skorupi, aim Pin Missile at the ceiling!" Called Scott. Skorupi swung its tail up and fired at the ceiling, causing it to collapse ontop of the sand and, hopefully, the Foe. As the sand setteled, Scott noticed the Gible getting away, jumping on rock to rock. "Pin Missile!" Shouted Scott. Skorupi unleashed alot of thorns as it ran towards the escaping foe along side Scott. They climbed over the rubble and to a dead end, where they found the Gible, trapped.

"Pin Missile, again!" Skorupi fired more thorns. Gible jumped on some rocks that jetted out of the wall, but was hit by some of the thorns. The rock face began to crumble, revealing another passage way. "After him, Skorupi!" Shouted Scott. They chased after the foe, firing more and more pins. "At the ceiling, Skorupi!" Skorupi aimed at the ceiling, causing it to collapse again. "Finish this with Bite!" Bellowed Scott. Skorupi jumped on top of the stranded Gible, biting it on its arm, causing it to faint. "That was excellent work Skorupi! You deserve a well earned rest!" Exclaimed Scott as he returned Skorupi to its ball.

rii - chii
October 5th, 2008, 8:15 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: Could you make the post a little longer, it has to be a little longer, it's not like catching Misdreavus, just make it a paragraph or two longer :]

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 5th, 2008, 8:27 AM
OOC: I'm a little confused - doesn't Pidgey only know tackle, sand-attack and gust?

Dustox burst from its Pokeball, pumped up and ready to go.
"Swift again!" Ashley ordered, and once again, Buizel shot a multitude of small golden stars towards Dustox.
"Use confusion!" Simon called, and Dustox's eyes glowed a faint purple. So did the stars, which shuddered, then spun around and went straight back to Buizel, striking its face. The overgrown otter staggered backwards, but managed to remain standing.
"Come on, use Tackle, Dustox!"
"Buizel, Quick Attack!" Ashley responded, and the two Pokemon collided. Buizel had much more momentum, and did a lot more damage than Dustox, but both Pokemon looked ready to drop.
"Buizel, finish with Sonicboom!" Ashley shouted, and Simon replied by calling,
“Dustox, give it your strongest Tackle!" Buizel whipped its tail, sending a light towards Dustox. The large Moth simply charged straight at it. Dustox met the Sonicboom with a loud crash, then burst through and hit Buizel full. Both Pokemon were knocked out cold.
"Time for my last Pokemon!" Ashley said, still confident. A second later, Simon realised why as she threw her final Pokeball and shouted, “Time for battle, Gyarados!" Simon gulped as the huge water dragon appeared it front of him, its teeth glinting menacingly. Luckily, this time he would have a double advantage.
"Pikachu, lets take him down!" Simon shouted. Pikachu trembled, but remembered its advantage, and resolved to not just fight this Gyarados, but to beat it.
"Let’s start with double team!" Simon ordered, and Pikachu leapt around the battle field, leaving behind identical, yet intangible copies of itself. Ashley gritted her teeth, then called,
"Use water Pulse, Gyarados!" The giant serpent unleashed a wave of water which swept throughout the gym, hitting all the copies. One by one they fizzled out, until there was only one Pikachu left. Ashley smiled, confident.
"Gyarados, Bite!" But far from feeling nervous, Simon felt positively gleeful. Ever since seeing those fangs, he had been sure that bite or crunch would be on the menu, and he had started to formulate a plan accordingly.
"Use quick attack!" Pikachu was unsure, but it trusted its master implicitly. It launched into a dive at such high speed, it was almost impossible to see. But Gyarados had its mouth wide open, and Pikachu shot straight between its jaws, landing on Gyarados's massive tongue! Simon grinned confidently.
"Pikachu, THUNDERSHOCK!" He roared. Gyarados tried to spit out the small mouse, but it was too late. Pikachu released every last volt that remained in its tiny body, filling the monster's mouth with lightning. Gyarados screamed - a long, angry, defeated scream - then collapsed on the floor, smoke leaking from its mouth. Pikachu leapt from its jaws moments before impact, landing nimbly in front of Simon.
"Pika pika!" it exclaimed happily, and Simon ran forwards, hugging Pikachu tight.
"That was brilliant!" he said "We won, Pikachu, we won!" Ashley smiled sadly, stepping forwards.
"I knew that this was going to be a hard battle, and it was. It was the hardest battle I've ever fought. Here, take this, the Volley badge, proof of your victory here. And I'd also like you to have this - the TM for water pulse, my favourite move. It’s just my way of saying thanks for rescuing me before." Simon grinned and graciously accepted the gift. He slowly wandered back to the Pokemon Centre - aware that he would need a good night's rest if he was to continue his Pokemon journey tomorrow!

rii - chii
October 5th, 2008, 8:34 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a good battle post! Sorry for the misunderstanding, good battle!
Skorupi leveled up to 15!

alipeewee: Sorry, I edited it, anyways that was a good battle!
Pikachu leveled up to 23!
Pikachu is trying to learn Slam, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Slam?
Dustox leveled up to 19!
Dustox is trying to learn Protect, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Protect?

October 5th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Hours past since the battle, and there was still not a way out. They had been walking for at least 3 hours, and encountered one Pokemon, a pesky Gible. The cave was very dark now. The flame torch was dieing and Scott had ran out of food. The thought of being stranded here came across his mind many times. Occasionaly, he thought he saw shadows moving across the cave walls and the sounds of fottsteps and whispers. Skorupi and he were on guard.

They found a flat piece of rock were Scott put up a tent. He had to nail down the hooks with a hammer as the rock was very hard. As he was eating some Oran Berries, of which he had little, he could here the sound of flowing water. I must be near a underground waterfall, thought Scott as he finsihed off his Berries. He walked down a path until he came to a large opening. The cave ceiling was very high here. A large pond spread infront of him which was fueled by a gushing waterfall. Zubat could be seen clinging to the roof which held the refelction of the water. To his side was a bush growing red beries, Cheri Beries. He picked some, placing them back into his bag for his supper.

As he left, he noticed a hole at the other side of the pond. Shining through it was sunlight. "That must be the way out." He mummbled. Suddenly, there was an extremly loud roar. it filled the hole cave, making the Zubat fly out and Bonsly to pop out of its ball. "Bon? Bon... Slyyyyyy!" It wailed as it dolloped on the ground. "Shh!" Hurried Scott as he put out his hands. Out of no where came a large, snake like Pokemon. It roared again, blowing its foul breath into Scotts face. Without warning, the Pokemon let out another roar, making rocks fly off the ceiling and towards Scott and Bonsly. "Get down!" He shouted a she ducked onto the floor, feeling the rocks rush past his ears. "Bonsly, Copycat!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly scfeamed and also caused rocks to fly towards the foe, making the snake like creature collapse into the water.

Onix, The Rock Snake pokemon. When it travels underground, it causes tremors. It always eats when burrowing at speeds of 50mph!

"This ones mine!" Exclaimed Scott as the Onix flung itself out of the water. It began to charge towards bonsly. "Bonsly, dodge then use flail!" Shouted Scott. bonsly moved to the side, dodging the Snakes charge, then began to jump on top of it and wave its feet around. The Onix flicked up its head, causing Bonsly to fall on the floor. 2Low Kick, let's go!" Shouted Scott. Bonsly ran up to the target and flung its leg underneath its long, thin body, causing it to collapse on the floor. "Copycat once more!" Bellowed Scott. Bonsly screamed one more, making rocks fall onto Onix, making it wail in pain. "Now, finsih off with Low kick!" Commanded Scott. Once more, Bonsly ran up to the foe, making it collapse as it attempted to get up. Scott thought it would of fainted bvy now, but it was still standing.

"Bonsly, return!" Shouted Scott as he took bonsly off of the field. "Lombre, show 'em who's boss!" Shouted Scott as he summoned Lombre onto the field. "Start off with Absorb!" Shouted Scott. Lombre put its hand against the collapsed Onix, withdrawing many green orbs. It flung itself from underneathe the rocks and hit Lombre with its tail, causing it to fly backwards and hit a wall. "Lombre, Nature Power!" Shouted Scott. Suddenly, a ginormous wave arose behind Oniz. It fell onto it, makiing it wail and screech in pain. Then, it collapsed onto the floor once more. "Pokeball, go!" Exclaimed Scott as he launched a Pokeball at the target...

rii - chii
October 5th, 2008, 9:46 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was a good post to capture Onix!
You captured a level 13 Male Onix!

Master Jecht
October 5th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Troy, realizing he was caught, tried to think of an excuse. “Well you see, um, my Pokémon got loose in here so I had to come in get it.” Troy quickly thought and told the man.

“Well good. You got him! Now get out. You don’t want to mess with Team Empress.” The man said.

“So who is Team Empress? Are they some kind of water polo team? Is that why you took the Pokémon out of the water so you could play?” Troy asked.

“Are you deaf kid? I SAID BEAT IT” the man said. Just then, his walkie talkie went off. “Sector C of the Aquarium has had all of the Pokémon successfully stolen. Proceed to sector D.”

Troy was shocked to hear those words. “You’re stealing them? You must be one of those criminal organizations! I’m going to tell the police!” Troy said to the man.

“Ya right. I’ll stop you right now.” The man threw his pokeball and a murkrow emerged. “Use Hypnosis on the kid.” The man’s murkrow’s eyes glowed yellow as it stared at Troy.

Troy reacted quickly and shielded his eyes. He picked up Taillow’s pokeball and threw it in the air. “Taillow use quick attack on that murkrow!” Taillow, in a quick burst of speed, rammed into the man’s murkrow which caused it to lose focus and it stopped using hypnosis. “Well I came to see the wonders of the Aquarium, but I guess you will make a good warm up for the gym” Troy said.

“Why you little..Use peck murkrow!” The man said. Murkrow flew up to taillow and started to launch attacks with its beak. Taillow responded with a peck attack that matched the murkrow’s attacks beak for beak. Both of the pokemon flew away leaving the battle in a draw.

“Use quick attack again Taillow.” Troy commanded. Taillow moved around at a high speed which confused the opponent’s murkrow. When Taillow got behind murkrow, it charged forward and landed an attack. The murkrow hit the ground hard and laid there fainted. "Wow that's its? Your a pretty weak trainer." Troy laughed.

“What I lost to a kid! I hope the boss doesn’t hear about this.” The man said. He returned his murkrow to the pokeball. “I better call for backup.”

Troy, realizing what the man was doing, returned Taillow and started to run for the door. As he opened the door, Troy looked at who was outside it. It was a woman with green hair wearing a heavily decorated purple uniform along with two other men wearing a purple uniform.

“So you’re the one causing this entire racket?” The women said. “Alright boys grab him.” The two men went over to Troy and overpowered him to the ground. They tied his hands together behind his back and threw him against the wall. “Take that kid to the truck. We can’t have any witnesses. We’re almost done here so get moving.” The women commanded the two men.

"Yes Commander!" The two men said as they lifted up Troy and started to head out the door. Suddenly, two streams of water jetted out and hit the two men holding Troy, sending them flying backwards. A tentacle stretched out and grabbed Troy and lifted him outside. Troy looked up to see a Tentacruel holding him with a red headed girl in a blue dress standing next to it.

“I knew there was something suspicious going on here.” The red headed girl said. “I saw trucks loading Pokemon on them. Pokemon that I captured and put in this Aquarium. You were stealing them you scum.” She shouted.

“That’s right. We need them to fulfill our ambitions. But if you are getting in our way, we will just have to deal with you.” The team empress commander snickered. She reached for her pokeball when she started to hear the sirens. She got an angry look in her face and commanded a retreat. The red headed girl tried to stop her but the team empress women threw a smoke bomb on the ground to cover their tracks. The police arrived and stormed in the building. Tentacruel let Troy on the ground and cut the ropes tying up his hands. The red haired girl walked over and offered to help him up. “Hi I’m Ashley. Nice to meet you. Are you OK?” she said with her hand outstretched and a smile on her face.

to be continued.
(OOC: Sorry if it got a little confusing with the names at the end. I didn't know if we could name commanders of Team Empress.)

rii - chii
October 6th, 2008, 4:18 AM
Master Jecht: That was a nice post!
Taillow leveled up to 12!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 6th, 2008, 12:18 PM
Simon shivered, partly from the cold and partly from fear. After all, this cave was pitch-black, filled with blood-sucking Zubat and giant Onix, and there was a big, creepy statue of Dialga at the entrance. The only light he had was a small flashlight, and the batteries were running low. The light flickered suddenly, and Simon gasped. But after a few heart-stopping seconds, the beam strengthened again. Simon sighed in relief. The sooner he was out of this cave, the better. He didn't feel comfortable with small, dark spaces - who was? But before he could even begin to feel relieved, he heard an odd squeak from up ahead. It was a ghastly sound, a mixture of terror, pain and anger. He froze in fear, but then the squeak came again, and Simon realised that it was a Pokemon in pain. Regardless of whether it was a Chansey of a Gengar, he couldn't ignore a hurt Pokemon. He swept the beam of light across the floor, hoping he had been mistaken. There! Lying on the floor was a crumpled, leathery shape. It turned its head, revealing an eyeless face and four pointed fangs - a Zubat. Simon sighed in relief for the second time in as many minutes. His Pokedex had claimed that no ghost Pokemon lived here, but he wasn't all that trusting of technology. Gently, he picked up the weakly flapping Pokemon. Instantly he saw what was wrong - it had a huge cut straight through its wing, and blood, faintly green, was oozing steadily from it. Resisting an urge to vomit, he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wrapped it around the wing. Zubat thrashed a little as he pulled the makeshift bandage tight, but it wasn't strong enough to do anything.
"Calm down!" he whispered frantically, "I'm trying to help you, and if you keep writhing about, you're going to hurt yourself even more!" Zubat seemed to understand, and calmed down with a gentle squeak, to indicate it was grateful for the help. Simon looked up. He still had a way to go before the next Pokemon Centre, and he could only do so much. If he took too long...Simon pushed that thought firmly from his mind, and started forwards once again, marching with renewed vigour. He was desperate not to meet whatever had done this to the poor creature, but two seconds later, he realised he wasn't going to have a choice. A horrible, snickering roar came from behind him, and Simon froze in fear yet again. Terrified, he turned around, and standing in the middle of the tunnel was a small, dinosaur-like Pokemon, with a blue, glowing head. Its curved claws had some strange, reddish-green liquid dripping from the tips. Simon gulped, taking a step back. Then, two things happened very quickly. The Cranidos, for that is what it was, leapt forwards, landing in front of Simon. Zubat, at the same time, threw itself forwards and screamed sharply in Cranidos’s face. As it did so, blue radar lines emanated from its mouth. They engulfed Cranidos, which stopped, confused. Simon grabbed Zubat seconds before it hit the floor, then ran. Cranidos was simply gazing at its claws. “Craaaan?” it croaked. Simon guessed that if it could speak human, it would probably be saying “woaaaah…dude…my hands are huge!” He took the time to smile, then continued on through the mysterious cave.

Master Jecht
October 7th, 2008, 10:30 AM
“Yo! I’m Troy. Thanks for getting me out of there.” Troy replied to Ashley as he took her hand and got up. Troy stretched out and brushed himself off.

“It was nothing. I know when that Team Empress rented the Aquarium that they looked suspicious. It is my duty as the McKarp Town gym leader to protect this town from people like them.” Ashley said.

Troy just heard the words “gym leader” and didn’t care about anything else. “Hey you’re the gym leader? Good because I came here to have a battle.” Troy said.

Ashley looked surprised and said “Wait right this minute? Don’t you want some time to recover first from the attack?” The police then came out of the Aquarium and told Ashley that all of the trucks were secured and all the Pokemon were safe. Ashley let out a sigh of relief.

“See? All the pokemon are safe. I am fine. You should battle too to get your mind off this crisis.” Troy told Ashley.

“I guess you’re right. Battling will clear my mind and it will be fun. Fine I accept your challenge. Just follow me.” Ashley replied. Ashley walked into the Aquarium with Troy following behind. Troy was wondering where she was taking him because they were walking through the Aquarium which seemed like no place for a battle. Ashley finally stopped and pointed over to a pool. “The gym was a far walk away so we will battle here.” She said. Ashley pushed a button on the wall and four platforms emerged from inside the pool. “Alright take your side.” Ashley told Troy. Both trainers walked to their sides and prepared for battle.

“Let’s start. Go Buizel!” Ashley threw her pokeball and a pokemon emerged. It looked like a fox with a life vest on it. The Buizel landed in the water with its head poking out.

“I’ll start off with Glameow.” Troy said as he threw her pokeball. “Glameow use shock wave!” Troy ordered. Glameow charged up electricity in its tail and launched it towards Buizel. Buizel’s tail suddenly started to spin rapidly like a propeller as it jetted towards Glameow while easily dodging the shock wave attack.

“Buizel use your sonicboom.” Ashley commanded. Buizel leaped out of the water and spun around unleashing a sound wave from its tail that hit Glameow. Glameow was quick to shake off the attack. Ashley didn’t let up after that as she commanded her Buizel to use water pulse. Buizel started to form a water ball in its hands and launched it towards Glameow. However, Glameow was able to jump and dodge it. “Now quick attack!” Ashley said

As Buizel charged towards Glameow, Troy had to act fast. “Use fake out!” Troy ordered. Glameow quickly spun around and hit Buizel on the head with its tail causing it to stop and flinch. “Now put it to sleep with Hypnosis.” Glameow’s eyes began to glow yellow as it stared at the still flinching Buizel. Buizel’s eyelids grew heavy as it tried to keep them open but it was no use as it quickly fell asleep. “Now let’s try shock wave once more. Full power!” Troy said. Glameow charged electricity in its tail and launched it towards the helpless Buizel. The electricity engulfed Buizel’s body as you could hear it grunting in pain in its sleep. When the attack ended, Buizel was laying on the ground fainted.

“Wow nice combo.” Ashley complimented Troy. She returned Buizel and thanked it for a good battle. “Alright here is my next Pokemon. Go Gyrados!” The pokeball emerged and what came out Troy had never seen anything like it. It was a huge sea monster type pokemon that took up half of the water battlefield.

“O wow. That thing looks powerful and it is scary.” Troy said with a nervous look in his face.

To be continued..

October 8th, 2008, 4:32 AM
"Yes! I caught a Onix!" Shouted Scott. He put the Pokeball in his pocket and ran back to camp. "Skorupi! Get back in the ball!" Shouted Scott. he returned Skorupi and packed away camp, running back to the lake. "Onix, come on out!" Bellowed Scott as he summoned Onix onto the field. Onix let out a loud roar which made the cave tremble and Zubats fly everywhere. "Onix, I need you to climb over to that hole!" Exclaimed Scott. He jumped on Onix's back and let him slide over the roof fo the cave. Scott hung on for life as he felt the wind in his face.

He landed on the other side and returned Onix, climbing his way through the hole. He got out and gasped for fresh air. The sun shone birhgtly in his face as he heard the Starlies tweet peacefuly. He wiped his forehead thankfully. "Thankgod for that" Exclaimed Scott happily.

Zeta Sukuna
October 8th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Episode 1: Clash at the Aquarium (Part 1)

"Heh, I'm here!" Yelled Zach as he entered the town. Many people just stared at him thinking 'tourist' The Charmeleon next to Zach looked embarassed. "Let's go and get that badge!"

"Umm... you'd have a problem." Beeped a voice from his pocket. Zach pulled out his pokedex. "Fire doesn't really work against water."

"Pshaw. I'd find a way to win somehow." Said Zach as he pulled out a picture of Alex. "My brother is the best trainer in the world. I have to find a way to beat him, and prove that I'm the best."

"... But isn't he the best?" Mocked the pokedex of which I'm going to call Molly.

"Shut up... I'll be able to defeat him and prove to him that I'm the better one!" Yelled Zach to his pokedex before shutting it off. "Now... I've heard that the aquarium is good, and I can get tips on how to beat the gym there."

"Char..." (T: Idiot...) Said Charmeleon, embarrased that his trainer was speaking so loud.

"I know... I'm a genius." Said Chris as he dragged Charmeleon along.


"Wow. this place is impressive." Said Zach as he saw an Octillery climb up the tank. "There's a lot of fish here."

"Mell." (T: It's an aquarium... Of course it's going to have fish in it!) Yelled Charmeleon as he started to walk away.

"Oh no you don't. You and me are staying for a while." Said Chris as he pulled on Charmeleon's horn.

(20 min. Later)

Charmeleon looked bored watching the show, while his master was enjoying it. "Melon." (T: Bored.)

"This is good isn't it." Said Zach, but his Charmeleon disagreed with it. "Well, you look bored." Charmeleon gave Zach a look like he was saying. 'You think?' But before anyone could do anything, a voice was heard on the intercom.

"Attention aquarium goers. Get out of our property! This place belongs to Team Empress!" Yelled a voice on the intercom.

"Hey, we had this aquarium for years! You can't come up and say you own it!" Yelled a man.

"Oh, really." Said the Empress grunt before making a hand sign. Suddenly two disguised Empress grunts knocked the man out and stole all of his money, and valuables before throwing him out of the aquarium. "If you want to meet the same fate as this man, LEAVE NOW! Wahahah!"

(ooc: Sorry it's short, but I want to do the battle on the next chapter.)

rii - chii
October 9th, 2008, 3:33 PM
alipeewee: That was a good post!

Master Jecht: Can't wait to see the rest of the battle!
Glameow leveled up to 20!
Glameow is trying to learn Faint Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Faint Attack?
Glameow is trying to learn Fury Swipes, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Fury Swipes?

Toxic_Moonlight: A little short, but you'll be quite surprised with the next place...

Rubii Naruto: Great introduction post!

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 10th, 2008, 9:46 AM
Simon had been walking for hours. This cave seemed endless, and he had already eaten all his food. At least Zubat had gone to sleep, cradled in his hands. He could feel its small chest rising and falling as it breathed, and felt a surge of affection for this small creature with a desperate will to survive. He knew he had to keep going for its sake, but he hadn't seen a bed for over fifteen hours. Unable and unwilling to keep going, he slowly sank to the floor. Painfully slowly, he pulled a sleeping bag from his bag, but gave up on trying to unzip it after a few minutes of fumbling. He gently wrapped up Zubat in his jacket, taking care to not damage its injured wing. He collapsed onto his sleeping bag and sank into the darkness of sleep.

"Hey, Simon! Wake up!" a hand tapped him lightly on the cheek. His eyes fluttered open, and a familiar face came into focus.
"Jade..." he gasped in surprise, remembering what Nick had told him.
"Simon, are you OK?" She asked, her eyes filled with concern, "I saw your Zubat looked really hurt, so I was worried you might be too." Simon shook his head, and then sat up, looking over to where Zubat was lying. He started as he saw how much paler it looked than before, and then quickly stood up, picking up his sleeping bag and shoving it into his pack. He swung it onto his back and scooped up Zubat before turning to Jade.
"I have to hurry." He said stiffly.
"Oh, don't worry!" Jade said excitedly, "My Vespiquen can handle it!" She threw a Pokeball, and a large Pokemon resembling a cross between a bee and a human emerged. "Vespiquen, use Heal Order!" Jade ordered, and Vespiquen held out its arms towards Zubat. Suddenly, a huge, deafening buzzing started. As Simon watched, tiny bees appeared from under Vespiquen's 'skirt' and flew towards Zubat. Simon started forwards, but Jade grabbed his arm. Suddenly, the bees drew back, returning to their home under Vespiquen. Zubat was left with nothing but a thin scar across its wing. It hadn't even been woken up. Simon turned to Jade, torn between gratitude and anxiety. Finally, he managed to stutter out a couple of words.
"Thanks, Jade...but, you should know...Nick told me...everything." The effect was dramatic. Like a storm cloud passing in front of the sun, Jade's smile dropped from her face and her face took on a new, terrifying demeanour.
"So that little scumbag ruined the joke did he?" she spat furiously, "Well, you know nothing! NOTHING! Just...get out...before I do something I'll regret..." Shocked by her outburst, Simon scooped up Zubat and ran, his heart pumping hard with every step.

October 12th, 2008, 11:27 AM
Chapter 4: UGG! Attack of the stink!
Bobby walked out of Kagari City and immeditly gagged. Route 104 was a polluted mess! The very air made one want to vomit. You could even see the pollution in the air as a thin purple vapor floated around.

"Man now I know why everyone wore perfume in Kagari City! They don't want to smell this!" Bobby cried. Pulling out a bandanna and covering his mouth with it Bobby continued on. Luckily the bandanna helped filter the smell.

Soon Bobby realized this place wasn't hospitable. Pokemon of all kinds roamed here. The young trainer saw what looked like a walking vine and a snake and a mongoose fighting.

"Grimer!" a voice called out from beneth Bobby. He looked down and saw what literly looked like talking slime. "Grimer!" it said again.

"What on earth are you?" Bobby said increduisly. He took out his Pokedex to get a read on the slime.

"Grimer, the Sludge Pokemon. It was born when sludge in a dirty stream was exposed to the moon's X-rays. It appears among filth" the red box said.

"Grimer!" it said as it grabbed Bobby's leg in hug.

"Eww..." Bobby said digusted. "Get off me!" he cried as he shook his leg. But the Sludge Pokemon wouldn't budge. "I said...GET OFF!!" Bobby roared and he swung his leg in an arc motion. The force threw Grimer off Bobby and into the distance. "Finally..." Bobby muttered.

As Bobby continued along he saw a Pokemon that looked like a balloon filled with gas. "Koffing!" it said as it floated by.

"Man everything here is gross!" Bobby muttered.

Soon he came apon another mongoose like Pokemon and a snake like Pokemon fighting. He pulled out his Pokedex wondering why they were fighting.

"Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokemon. It has feuded with Seviper for many generations. Its sharp claws are its biggest weapons." "Seviper, the Fang Snake Pokemon. For many generations, it has feuded with Zangoose. It whets its bladed tail on rocks for battle." the Pokedex said.

Hearing the sound of the Pokedex, the two feuding Pokemon turned around and rushed Bobby, enraged at having their battle interuppted.

"Oh crap!" the boy said as he took off running. "I can't said out any of my Pokemon cause of the air!" he cried. Suddenly he tripped on a dead tree root. "Oh no!"

"GRIMER!" a voice cried out. A shadow passed over head. Bobby looked up and saw the Grimer he had gotten rid of earlier. "Grime!" it cried as it used Mud-Slap on the Seviper.

"Viper!" it cried as it struck out blindly. "Goose!" the Zangoose cried as the Seviper's attack struck it insted. The duo ran away being cowards at heart.

"Wow! Thank you Grimer! You saved my life." Bobby said gratefull.

"Grime Grimer." Grimer said bashfully.

"How would you like to come with me? We would have alot of fun together!" Bobby said. Grimer cried out happily and tackled Bobby to the ground who almost fainted from the stench. "Ok ok! You can come if you get off me!" Bobby said as he threw a Pokeball at Grimer. The Sludge Pokemon was absorbed into the ball which began to shake violently. Bobby just hoped Grimer hadn't changed his mind.

rii - chii
October 13th, 2008, 11:15 AM
alipeewee: Great use of Heal Order :D

Zimvee: Good connecting with Grimer!
You captured a level 11 Male Grimer!

Chapter 11: Crystal Path
Number of Posts: 2

A small cave where the rocks where covered with frost and ice, you must bundle up, that’s why there’s a shop where they lend you some coats to wear in the cave where they pick up the coats back. Several Ice Pokemon gather here as well.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A place to rest, you know the details
Carla’s Rend-A-Coat Shop: You may rent winter outfits to go through Crystal Cave
Crystal Rock: You may evolve an Eevee into Glaceon Here

Wild Pokemon
Level: 12-17
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ice/Water
Ability: Thick Fat, Hydration
Attacks: Headbutt, Growl, Water Sport, Icy Wind, Encore (Level 13), Ice Shard (Level 17)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 12-17
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Water
Ability: Hustle, Natural Cure
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Bubble, Recover (Level 13), Refresh (Level 16)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 12-17
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ice/Water
Ability: Thick Fat, Ice Body
Attacks: Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun, Encore, Ice Ball (Level 13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 12-17
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ice
Ability: Inner Focus, Ice Body
Attacks: Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite, Icy Wind (Level 13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Master Jecht
October 13th, 2008, 8:23 PM
“Alright switch.” Troy called back Glameow and switched out for Taillow. “Now Taillow use quick attack!” Taillow flew high and dived at high speed towards Gyarados. Ashley told Gyarados to use tackle. The two collided with Gyarados’ force being much more powerful. Taillow flew backwards but managed to recover itself using its wings.

“Water pulse!” Ashley commanded. Gyarados formed a big ball of water in its mouth, much bigger than her Buizels. It shot at Taillow who had no time to dodge. The water engulfed Taillow and in a big splash sent it into the ground. Taillow managed to pull itself up. Troy let out a sigh of relief to see that it was ok. Just then, Taillow started flying and started to ram into the wall. “What’s wrong with you Taillow? Snap out of it!” Troy said with worry.

Ashley just laughed. “Nice that water pulse confused it. Alright Gyarados finish this battle with a bite attack.” Gyarados extended its long body and lunged with its jaws wide open. As Gyarados approached, Taillow just kept ramming into the wall but this time. This time however, Taillow was able to snap out of it after it hit the wall. Troy realized it recovered and told it to dodge the incoming attack. Gyarados however was too close so there was no room to dodge.

Troy acted quickly and thought of an idea. “Taillow fly into Gyarados mouth and avoid the fangs of the bite attack.” Troy ordered. Taillow flew quickly into Gyarados’ mouth right before its fangs chomped down for the bite attack. Gyarados then looked around wondering where it was. “Now use quick attack!” Troy commanded. Gyarados head started to shake back and forth from the impact of the attacks coming from inside its mouth. Finally, Gyarados fell over in the water fainted. Taillow flew out unharmed from Gyarados mouth and returned back to Troy’s corner.

“Darn it we almost had it. Return” Ashley said disappointed as she returned Gyarados. “Now for my final pokemon. Let’s go Totodile!” Ashley threw here pokeball and a little blue gator pokemon standing on two feet emerged. It was full of energy as it jumped around with a happy expression on its face. Taillow started off with a quick attack towards Totodile. “Use scary face to slow it down!” Ashley ordered. Totodile’s face went from happy and jolly to an evil glare. Taillow saw it and slowed down to almost a stop in fear. Totodile then used ice fang on Taillow’s wing which froze it and left Taillow unable to fly. Taillow fell into the water where it met a water pulse launched from Totodile. Taillow was left floating in the water fainted after the attacks. “Alright nice job Totodile! Only two more to go!” Ashley congratulated her pokemon.

Troy switched to Eevee and the fourth battle began. “Sand attack” Troy commanded. Eevee kicked up some sand at Totodile that got in its eyes.

“Shake it off Totodile and use Ice Fang.” Ashley said. Totodile’s jaws grew icy blue and it prepared to chomp down on Eevee.

“Dive in the water!” Troy said. Eevee dived in the water and Totodile ended up sticking its icy jaws into the water and missed Eevee. The attack froze the water into ice and Totodile’s teeth got stuck in the frozen surface. Totodile jerked its head to break free but it was no use. “Now use tackle!” Troy said. Eevee emerged from underwater and climbed on a platform. Eevee then charged at the helpless Totodile and scored a direct hit. The force sent Totodile through the ice it was stuck in and deep underwater. When Totodile resurfaced, it was knocked out cold.

“I lost.” Ashley grumbled. She returned her Totodile to its pokeball and got her cheerful attitude back. “Congratulations Troy here are your rewards. The volley badge and TM03 water pulse!” Ashley said with a smile handing them both to Troy.

“Thanks a lot Ashley. You’re a great gym leader.” Troy said. He was finally done with his adventure in Mckarp Town.

October 14th, 2008, 8:44 AM
(OOC: WOW!!! I lurrrv ice Pokemon... but shall I catch yet another? Hm... I'm definetly getting a new Pokemon this post ;D)

Something seemed to flash before Scotts mind. He could he see a big, black dark room. There was a cold, metal bed in the centre with a man who seemed in distress lieing on it. A shiver ran down scotts back, then he opened his eyes.

The Tent seemed inparticularly dark this morning. The roof also seemed to dip a bit and it was very cold. "Please no." Spluttered Scott as he crawled out of his tent, poking his head slowly through the door to be greeted by a chilling waft of air. he looked out to see a snowy, crystal landscape. Suddenly, a large piece of snow slid off of the tent and onto Scotts head. "This is gonna be great!"

Moments later, scott strolled out from the tent in his green, stripy scarf and his long, brown coat. He packed away Camp and brought out Misdreavus and Onix. As Onix emerged from its ball, it roared loudly and began to sway about. "Wow! Misdr-" Onix tried to swing for Scott, but he dodged quickly. "Misdreavus, Confuse Ray!" Shouted Scott. onix began to calm a little as Misdreavus began to glow. "Return!" Shouted Scott. Onix returned to the ball in a flash of red light. Scott wiped his forehead as he looked at Misdreavus. "Thanks." Said Scott happily.

Scott happily strolled along with Misdreavus. It was a pleasent, yet cold day and the sun seemed to be low. Scott pondered if it was becoming Winter. after a while they came across a deep cave. "Great! More Caves!" Moaned Scott. At the enterance was a small shack with a big, blue sign on it that read,"Carlas Rent-A-Coat Shop." Scott slowly opened the door and stepped into the rustic Cabin. The warmth seemed to spread over him like butter. Suddenly, a young boy ran up to Scott. "No Way! It's acctualy Scott!" Scott seemed to stare at him blankly and then pulled himself together to murmer,"Do I know you?"
"Well I certainly know you!" Exclaimed the young boy, "Your Scott Musgrove and I've been following in your footsteps." Scott looked down at him and smiled. "I have a fan?"
"Yes! Me and my Friend think you're a great insparation. We're from McKarp Town and we heard what you did at the Gym Without you, I would just be at home right now." Scott smiled as the Young Boy pulled out a Pokeball. "I was thinking, I have a Pokemon that I don't really want, and I was wondering if you'd like to trade." Scott also pulled out a Pokeball, the one of Onix's. "Certainly." scott swaped the Pokeballs. "Yes! I actually have one of Scotts pokemon. Wait 'till Badwolf hears about this!"

Scott walked out of the shop and into the deep acve. The wall seemed to glisten and sparkle form the little sunlight they were recieving. "Pokeball, go!" shouted Scott as he threw the pokeball he most recently recieved. The light settled to form a small, yellow pokemon.

(OOC: Told ya so :D Below are its stats ;)

Pokemon: Combee
Level: 13
Gender: Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Honey Gather
Attacks: Sweet Scent, Gust, Bug Bite, Omnious Wind
Nature: Modest)

rii - chii
October 14th, 2008, 11:51 AM
Master Jecht: Excellent battle post! You've defeated Ashley!
Taillow leveled up to 16!
Taillow is trying to learn Wing Attack, but it can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Wing Attack?
Eevee leveled up to 20!
You recieved TM03 Water Pulse
You recieved the Volley Badge!

Toxic_Moonlight: I see that you really want a Vespiqueen xD Nice use of Platinum Move Tutors, don't worry Move Tutors will be available a little later in the next town, so for now no Ominious Wind :O Boy, it'll be painful writing the list Dx
You recieved a level 13 Female Combee!

Master Jecht
October 15th, 2008, 1:38 PM
Troy left Mckarp town early the next morning and followed the path to his next adventure. The path led him to a cave in the mountains with a hikers shop next to the entrance. Troy decided to get some supplies for exploring the cave so he went into the hikers shop. He was greeted by a big burly man behind the counter.

“Welcome” He said cheerfully. “How may I help you?”

Troy walked up to the counter. “Can I have a flashlight and some rations? I need to get through the Ancient Cave.” Troy asked.

“Certainly! Here you are.” The burly man said. Troy got some money out and gave it to the man in exchange for the supplies.

Troy put the supplies in his backpack and looked for place to sit down. While looking for a seat, he saw a cute blonde haired girl sitting down with a shellfish like pokemon at her side. Troy suddenly had a change of plans and walked over to talk to her. “Hi I’m Troy. Mind if I sit with you?” Troy asked her.

“Umm sure.” The girl said softly hanging her head down.

“Thanks. I’m Troy by the way. I’m a Pokemon trainer.” Troy said.

“I’m Claire and this is my Kabuto.” She said. The shellfish crawled on the table and looked at Troy. He got out his pokedex to see info on it.
Kabuto, the shellfish Pokemon
It is thought to have inhabited beaches 300 million years ago. It is protected by a stiff shell.

After introducing themselves to one another, they sat and didn’t say anything for a while. Claire just sat looking depressed staring out the window. Finally Troy just asked “Is there something wrong?”

Claire looked surprised to hear this. “Well its nothing. Don’t worry about me.” She said. Troy just kept on being persistent until he finally got the answer out. “Well you see..” she said shyly. “I was traveling through the Ancient Cave with my Kabuto and Omanyte when I was attacked by a swarm of Zubat. I was so scared that I picked up my Kabuto and ran. I was so scared that I left Omanyte behind. I’m such a horrible trainer.” Claire started to get a little teary eyed.

Troy couldn’t stand to see her crying. “Hey Claire, I’m heading through the cave right now. Want to tag along? I’ll try to help you find your Omanyte.” Troy said.

“Really you would! Thank you so much.” Claire said excitedly.

Both of them got up and headed into the Ancient Cave.

to be continued...

rii - chii
October 15th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Master Jecht: Good introduction post! Good luck finding Omanyte!

October 16th, 2008, 9:13 AM
(OOC: Oh, sorry, I didn't realise it was a tutor move :S Oh well... if you go on the OOC page you can find my new Trainer Card ;D)

"Cool. It's a Combee! Well combee, I'm Scott, and I'm your new Trainer. We're about to go through Crystal Path. Wanna come?" Exclaimed Scott happily. Combee seemed dazed for a moment but then smiled. "Co-Combee!" it squealed as a look of glee came upon its face. "Great. I've got a Skorupi, so maybe you to will get along." Said Scott. He began to walk down the cave and Combee slowly twiddled after. The cave walls glistened and sparkled from the light in scotts torch as they got further down. Suddenly, Scott saw a shadow creep past the wall. He shone the light around but found no one.

Scott had been walking for a few minutes now. This cave was less confusing. It had more straight paths than winding passages, and the landmarks where more distinct aswell, but Scott couldn't help but feel that he was being followed. Suddenly, someone jumped from behind him. "It is you! I was right! Let's go, my amazing team!" shouted the voice. Scott spun around to find a rather familiar person. "No way! It's you!" Exclaimed Scott angrily as he recognised the uniformed man as a Team Empress soilder. "Snover, let's show 'em who's the best!" Shouted the Man as he summoned a small Snover into the field. "Combee, into action!" Growled Scott as he pointed at the target.

"Combee, let's start off with a powefull Gust!" Shouted scott. Combee let out a loud squeal as a rush of air came zooming from behind him and knocking back the Snover. The Snover managed to hold the wind from blowing it back, and then made it dissapear, casuing the air on the field to shimmer. "Snover, Razor Leaf!" Shouted the soilder as Sbover unleashed a twirl of spinning leaves. Combee dodged several of them, but was hit by a few. "Excellent Combee, now use bug Bite!" Commanded Scott. Combee flew towards Snover at an incredible speed, but snover managed to dodge it. Combee flung around and charged towards Snover again, suprising it and biting it on the arm ferousciously. Scott just remebered that he couldn't of chose a better foe against a Grass and ice type. He had to use this to his adavantage.

"Snover, try icy Wind!" Exclaimed the Soilder. Snover unleashed a blast of chiling wind, which Combee easily flew straight threw, as if there was no force against her. "Combee, Bug Buzz once more!" Exclaimed Scott. Combee charged towards the Snover once more, efortlessly through the wind, and bit it on it head again. it slowly collapsed on the ground, wailing painfully. "I'm not done just yet! Snover, return!" sniggered the smug guard.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 16th, 2008, 10:18 AM
Something scuttled in the darkness. Trying not to think about what it was, Simon gently held Zubat a little closer. It had tried to fly again a little earlier, but had fallen to the ground almost instantly. It had tried several times, but to no avail. The effort had tired Zubat out, and it had gone back to sleep after a few minutes of being carried. While Simon was pleased that Zubat was no longer in danger of dying from its wound, he wasn't too sure if it would be able to fly properly again, if at all. Scowling, he mentally ordered himself to stop worrying about Zubat. After all, he had enough on her plate after his argument with Jade. There it was again. No matter what he tried to think about, he always came straight back to her. Simon sighed defeatedly - he knew that despite what Nick had told him, despite what Jade had said to him, he had to see her again. It was more than a simple want, it was a physical need. But then, something happened to shock Simon out of his reverie. A tall boy with dark brown hair, tied back in a ponytail, stepped out in front of him.
"Hey there, baby bro'," he grinned, a gold tooth glinting in the dark.
"Did you miss me?"

(OOC: sorry about the multitude of characters I'm creating-but I promise this is the last one...for a while at least)

October 17th, 2008, 1:34 AM
is it too late to join? cause this REALLY sounds fun

October 17th, 2008, 9:07 AM
((OOC: If we can't have double battle with Gym leaders then i'll edit...Here it is: ))

Chapter 9: A battle worth the time.

Max walked into Mckarp Town. IT was a wonderful sight to see. It was covered with fishermen and people were fishing everywhere. People were catching Magikarps and Gyarados's. Max was so excited to see what the gym leader's pokemon were. Max dashed off to the pokemon center and got his wonderful pokemon all healed up. Then he started walking towards the gym.

The gym was huge. Inside it had a huge swiming pool and there were five stands that could fit one hundred people in them each! Max was wekcomed by a lady with orange hair, she wore a blue dress with a white shirt underneath, and had blue slippers on.

"Hi. my name is Ashley and I'm am Mckarp Town's loyal gym leader." she said.

"Hi. my name is Max from Pallet Town, Kanto." Max said.

"Wow. The Kanto region is far off. Well i'm glad you've come here to battle me. Let's get this show on the road." Ashley said walking over to her side of the field.

Max walked over to hsi position and they both chose their pokeballs.

"It is gonna be a double battle Max." Ashley said.

"Ok." Max said.

"Go, Buizel and Totodile!" ashley said.

"Go, Tailow and Misdreveus!" Max said.

"Begin!" the ref said.

"Tailow use Wing Attack. Misdreveus Psywave!"

"Buizel Sonicboom. Totodile Ice Fang!"

Buizels tail lit up and then a strip of sonic white light came hurling at Tailow. Tailow dived down towarsds it and spiraled at the last minute dodging it and striking Buizel dead on target.

Totodile's teeth began to turn to ice as it lunged at Misdreveus. Misdreveus was charging up a purple light and was about to send it flying at Totodile, but was hit by Totodile's Ice Fang and was sent hurling to the ground.

"Now Buizel use Quick Attack on Tailow. Totodile use Water Pulse into the air to make Buizel faster."

"Tailow fly into the air and then dive at Totodile using Peck. Misdreveus use Confuse Ray on Buizel."

Buizel stood there for a minute as Totodile started shooting water into the sky. The water then came pelting down slowly as it felt like rain making Buizel faster. Tailow started to dive at Totodile, but Buizel quickly knocked him out of the air in blinding speed. Misdreveus sent a ball of white light shooting at Buizel who became confused quickly.

"Use Water Pulse on Misdreveus Buizel. Totodile use Bite on Misdreveus to hold him there."

"Tailow use Peck once more on Totodile. Misdreveus Spite."

Misdreveus disappeared and reappeared behind Totodile scaring him and making him waste two of his chances to use that move on one move. Then Totodile clamped its wide open jaw on Misdreveus. Tailow came crashing down on Totodile and Buizel managed to use Water Pulse on Misdreveus.

Totodile and Misdreveus both struggled to get up.

"Buizel protect Totodile with a Swift."

"Use Quick Attack Tailow. Misdreveus disappear and then reappear behind Totodile and use Psybeam."

Buizel ran infront of Totodile and because he was confused started using Swift on Totodile. Taillow dived in and hit Totodile's back and Misdreveus was already behind Totodile charging up Psybeam.

Misdreveus sent the purple light flying and it hit Totodile, causing Totodile to land on the ground fainted.

"Totodile is unable to battle." the ref said.

"Ok. Go, Gyarados!" Ashley said.

Max stayed with his pokemon.

"gyarados use, Thrash on Misdreveus and Buizel Swift on both of them."

"Tailow dive in between the stars in swift and use Peck on Buizel. Misdreveus use Astonish on Buizel."

Gyarados jumped into the air and knocked Misdreveus to the ground. Buizel snapped out of confusion and sent stars flying at Tailow and Misdreveus. Misdreveus disappeared and reappered behind Buizel and scared Buizel causing it to flinch and stop shooting stars. Tailow dived in at Buizel and hit it to the ground.

"Gyarados use Water Pulse." Ashley said from out of nowhere.

A beam of water hit Misdreveus causing him to land on the ground knocked out.

"Misdreveus is unable to battle." the ref said.

Max called back Misdreveus.

"Go, Riolu!" Max said.

"Begin." the ref said.

"Gyarados Water Pulse. Buizel use Swift."

"Tailow distract Gyarados by flying and beating your wings near him. Riolu use Force Palm on Gyarados."

Gyarados was about to pelt water at Tailow, but Tailow came up and started flying in all different directions. Riolu snick up and got right under Gyarados's head and put his paw on its chin. Then sent a weird force at it shooting it into the air and landing in the water. Buizel then sent stars flying at the both of them. Riolu managed to dodge them, but Tailow fell to the ground after bwign hit by them knocked out. Gyarados landed in the water and then squirmed its way up to the battle.

"Tailow is unable to battle." the ref said.

Riolu was the only one on Max's team left.

"Riolu, use Quick Attackon Buizel." Max said.

Riolu quickly came over and knocked Buizel in the stomach. Buizel tired and exhausted landed on the ground KOed.

"Buizel is unable to battle." the ref said.

Now it was Riolu and Gyarados left to battle eachother.

"Riolu use Force Palm and Endure while your running up to Gyarados."

"Gyarados use Thrash." Ashley said.

Riolu ran at Gyarados and turned orange for a minute while he ran. He came up to Gyarados but was quickly smacked away from Thrash.Riolu shot up to his feet and charged at Gyarados landing a hit on the over-confident Gyarados.

"Gyarados use Water Pulse." Ashley said.

"Riolu use Force Palm." Max said.

Gyarados sent a blast of water at Riolu. Riolu was hit but didn't get shot back. Instead he started moving while the water was still hitting him. Then he started running and eventually reached Gyarados. He jumped up and kicked the Gyarados, making it stop shooting water at him and then penetrated its defense and used Force Palm max power.

Riolu fell to the ground and so did Gyarados. The two struggled to get up and then had a stand off. A few moments later and the two smirked. Gyarados then collapsed to the ground KOed.

"Gyarados is unable to battle. Max from Pallet Town is the winner." the ref said.

Max quickly ran to Riolu and then picked him up. Ashley then walked up to him.

"Great battle Max. Here is proof of your win here. The Volly Badge." she said. "Also. I want you to have this. TM 03. Water Pulse." Ashley said handing him the stuff.

He thanked her and then left. Max after reaching outside dashed around the city and then sat underneath a tree and chilled looking at his badge with Riolu in his lap.

(((OOC: Also again i will edit if needed))

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October 17th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Toxic_Moonlight: That was almost a good post, except I control when Team Empress appears D= Don't worry I'll let you off this time xD;;
Combee leveled up to 15!

alipeewee: That was a little short, but still acceptable :P

Absol~Boy: Yes, signups are still available, but please sign up in the OOC Page

Pikalover10: Nope, nothing to change :]
Riolu leveled up to 20!
Riolu is trying to learn Reversal, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Reversal?
Misdreavus leveled up to 20!
Misdreavus is trying to learn Mean Look, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Mean Look?
Taillow leveled up to 20!
Taillow is trying to learn Double Team, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Double Team?
You obtained the Volley Badge!
You recieved TM03 Water Pulse!

October 18th, 2008, 5:20 AM
(OOC: Sorry :S I thought just a little site or battle would be okay =) but... I suppose not :D)

Suddenly, The man barged past Scott, running further down into the cave. "Gust!" Shouted Scott, but it was too late. "Combee, I think that was excellent for a first battle. You deserve a rest!" Exclaimed Scott happily. He deidn't let the escape of Team empress get to him. His moto was;"Don't worry about Tomorrow, when it's always Today!" He kind of led his life by that.

moments past, and Scott was climbing further down into the cave. There had been no sign off Team Empress, accept for the occasional sound of movement, but he just suspected that to be Pokemon. he came to alarge opening in the cave. It seemed to be a large room, holowed out natrually, with high ceilings and glowing crystals. "amazing!" Exclaimed Scott. Something seemed to glisten in the wall. Scott stumbled over to it, and pulled it out gently. It was a dark, purple rock that glistened in the light. It looked as if the insides were a gas of some sort. he placed the rock in his bad and began exploring the cave once again.

He came close up to a rock and examned it. He saw his breath dance in the light and then fade away. He had enough of spectatuing the rocks, and decided to go out of the room, making his way upwards, to what, he hoped, was the way out.

October 18th, 2008, 7:29 AM
Max stood up and looked at a flyer that landed on the ground next to him. All it said was "Come to the magnificent Aquarium." Max thought nothing of it and headed over to the pokemon center. He healed his pokemon up and just lingered around town.

Suddenly Max heard a little boy crying. He looked over that way and saw a little boy wearing a red shirt, blue shorts, a blue hat, and a necklace sitting on a log. Max walked over to the little boy and sat next to him.

"Hey what's wrong?"Max asked the little boy.

"My- my pokemon*sniff* was taken by two mean men at the aquarium." the boy said.

"Oh. I can go get it back if ya want." Max said standing up.

"Oh, thank you thank you." the boy aid running off.

Max smiled and looked over to a sign that said the aquarium was the way that the little boy ran. Max shrugged and headed over there. A few minutes later Max was standing in front of a medium sized building with words in big blue saying The Aquarium. Max pushed the door open nd came inside. He couldn't see anyting because the place was pitch black.

Suddenly someone grabbed Max's arms and threw him to the ground, and then they tied him up. The lights suddenly turned on and Max was on the ground struggling to get out. Max looked up and saw two men wearing black pants and black shirts, with black hats, and red boots. One had three pokeballs in his hand and the other one had a kid under his arm. It was the ki who was crying earlier, and the pokeballs were Max's pokeballs with Tailow, Misdreveus, and Riolu.

"Goos job Jamie." the man said to the kid.

The kid didn't say anything.

"Give me back my pokemon!" Max said finally getting to his feet.

"Yeah. Ok I'll give ya your pokemon back...Not!" the other one said.

Then the man with nothing in his hands grabbed the rope that tied Max up. He pulled Max up off his feet and went outside. Then, he threw Max into the ocean. Max started sinking and couldn't swim up without his hands. he started loosing conciousness. Then suddenly Max saw a Buizel swiming towards him. It grabbed the ropes and then swam up.

They reached the surface of the water and Max took a closer look at the Buizel, it was Ashley's! Max looked up at the docks and saw Ashley holding her hand out to him. Buizel threw him onto the docks and Ashley started untieing him.

"So, how did ya get tied up in the ocean?" Ashley asked.

"Someone took my pokemon, tied me up and then threw me into the ocean. How did you find me?" Max asked.

"I saw something sinking in the ocean and sent Buizel out to see what it was." Ashley said.

"Anyway, I need to get my poekmon back. I don't know what I would do if-" Max didn't dare finish that sentence.

Ashley looked up and noticed it was getting dark.

"Max, don't think about that ok? Just go to the pokemon center and get some sleep. We'll get your pokemon back tomorrow ok?" Ashley said starting to leave.

Max nodded and headed to the pokemon center. He got a key from nurse Joy and went to his room. He had truble getting to sleep,but eventually did.

Master Jecht
October 18th, 2008, 1:11 PM
Troy and Claire entered the Ancient Cave together. They both turned on their flashlights to help them see through the dim cave. Few steps in, they came across a huge statue of a pokemon that towered above them both.

Troy looked up in awe. “That statue is giant! What pokemon is that?” Troy said. He took his flashlight and pointed it at the base of the statue and saw a plaque with text on it. It read “Dialga, The Keeper of Time”.

“That’s one of the legendary pokemon that is said to have lived on Mount Cornet in Sinnoh. It was said that Dialga could control time.” Claire said. “This is statue is said to have been here from the beginning of time.”

“Is that so? Hey, can you take a picture of me next to it. I want to remember being next to such a legendary artifact.” Troy asked. Claire agreed and took Troy’s camera as he went to go stand next to it. He released all of his pokemon and posed next to the statue. Claire took a couple pictures and they were done. Troy looked over to Claire and saw that she looked a little envious that Troy was with all his pokemon so he decided to stop fooling around. He returned all his pokemon and said “Alright now to the real reason why we’re here, to find you Omanyte.” Claire then started to look happy again and they continued to search deeper in the cave.

As they continued, Troy stepped in something slippery which caused him to fall over. Claire couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. “Ouch that hurt.” Troy said rubbing his arm. Ashley flashed her light on the ground to see what he slipped on. Her eyes widened as she looked in surprise.

“This is the trail of goo that Omanyte leaves when it moves around. We should follow it and it might lead us back to mine!” Claire said. Troy agreed and they started to follow the path of the clear goo. The trail led them to a bridge that led to another section of the cave. Just then, Troy caught a whiff of something that made his nose itch and began to sneeze. Before he could, Claire covered his mouth.

“Shhhhh. You have to be quiet.” Claire whispered into Troy’s ear. She pointed up and Troy looked. There were dozens of Zubat on the roof of the cave above the bridge. Troy realized what was going on and managed to hold in his sneeze. The two of them started to cross the bridge slowly and silently. They were about halfway across the bridge and feeling safe, when Troy’s stomach growled loudly. Troy and Claire’s faces turned nervous as they started to here the shrieks of the grumpy awakened Zubat.

“Maybe I should have gotten something to eat at Hikers shop.” Troy said. “BUT FOR NOW RUN!” The two of them started to run across the bridge to get to the other side. The Zubat all chased after them and were gaining fast. Claire realized that they weren’t going to make it and released her Kabuto.

“Kabuto use flash to send away the Zubat.” Claire commanded. Kabuto’s eyes glow a golden yellow and sent out a bright flash. The Zubat were afraid of this light and flew away to avoid it. Claire and Troy were able to make it to the other side unharmed. “Thanks a lot Kabuto!” Claire said as she picked up her pokemon and hugged it. She reached in her purse and pulled out some crackers and handed them to Troy. “Here eat these. I don’t want that to happen again.” Troy gladly took them and started to eat them as they continued to follow the trail of goo. After following the path further, they saw a pokemon eating the goo on the ground.

“Wow that’s gross.” Troy said as he looked in disgust. He pointed his pokedex at it to find out what pokemon it was.

Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon
It nests in small, horizontal holes in cave walls. It pounces to catch prey that stray too close.

The Gible then realized that Troy and Claire were looking at it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t frightened. It walked over and started to rub against Troy’s leg. Troy knelt down and started to stroke its fin.

“Well isn’t this thing friendly.” Troy laughed. Just then, the Gible took the crackers out of Troy’s hands and started to run away. “Hey get back here!” Troy yelled as he started to chase after the Gible.

To be continued……

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 18th, 2008, 1:55 PM
Slowly, Simon wandered back from the counter with two steaming mugs of tea and sat down in front of his brother Gus. Since meeting him in the tunnel, there had been an unbearably awkward silence, punctuated only by the most pathetic attempts at conversation. Gus leaned back in his chair, silently scrutinising Simon. Eventually he let out a long sigh and leant forwards again.
"Okay," he said in his normal, relaxed tone, "What's going on?" defensively, Simon just muttered,
"Nuthin." Gus sighed again before speaking once more,
"Come on Simon, don't fool around. You've barely said a word since I saw you. Now I know from experience that you aren't going to tell me what's wrong straight out, so just nod your head when I guess right, 'kay? Now...is it one of your Pokemon?" Simon shook his head, then immediately felt guilty. He hadn't given Zubat a spare thought since arriving at the Crystal Path Pokemon Centre.
"Is it mum or dad?" Another shake of the head.
"Are you ill?" And again, a shake.
"Is it girl trouble?" No response.
"Simon..? Has my baby brother finally grown up?" Simon, more than a little embarrassed, just bit his lip and stared at the mug of grey tea. Then, like a wave of solid anxiety, it all came pouring out of him. His meetings with Jade and Nick, the lies she had told, their last encounter and why he still wanted to see her. When he had finally finished speaking, he looked up, expecting to be ridiculed. instead, Gus was just chewing his nails, looking faintly concerned. Eventually, he spoke,
"The way I see it, this girl, Jade, is nothing but bad news. It may sound clichéd and unhelpful, but you really just need to forget her." Simon gave a wry smile,
"I know Gus, I know, but...it's just hard, you know?" Gus nodded silently then said,
“To change the subject entirely, how's that Zubat you brought in? It looked kinda hurt." At this point, the Nurse Joy (who had been hovering around with sugar packets and milk jugs) chipped in,
"Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Zubat is definitely not going to die - the heal order sorted out the blood loss and the actual wound. The bad news is that Zubat's wing has been permanently damaged. The muscles have been torn, bent and twisted, and the heal order has simply pasted over these problems. It’s unlikely that it will be able to fly again until it evolves. You see, upon evolution, a Pokémon’s entire molecular structure changes, so it would effectively have an entirely new, working wing. But training a grounded Zubat until it evolves is a hard task, and I don't have the time. So, as much as you have already done for this poor Pokemon, I’m afraid I must ask you for one more thing."
Simon understood immediately, and said quickly,
"I'll be glad to do it, Nurse Joy." The Nurse smiled, and quietly led him through to the next room, where his newest partner was waiting for him.

rii - chii
October 20th, 2008, 4:18 AM
Toxic_Moonlight: Sorry to take the fun away :O Their next appearance won't be quite a while :P

Pikalover10: I love how well you all work with Ashley! Anyways can't wait to see how'll you'll get back your Pokemon!

Master Jecht: Great way to find Gible! I loved your discribing!

alipeewee: How will you train this Zubat I wonder?
You obtained a level 14 Male Zubat!

October 20th, 2008, 10:37 AM
Chapter 5: Stink VS Stink!
The sun beat down on Bobby as he continued his journey through the route of stink. Grimer, his brand new Pokemon, slowly followed him. "Man, what I wouldn't give to have a breath of fresh air!" Bobby groaned.

"Grime!" Grimer said indignitly. After all this was his home.

"I'm sorry Grimer, but this place really stinks!" Bobby said, his voice muffeled by the bandanna.

"You can say that again..." a voice muttered.

Bobby whipped around and saw a young boy about his own age behind him with a floading balloon beside him. "And you are...?" Bobby said suspicous.

"My name's Tom and this here's my Koffing." Tom said pointing to the ballon thing beside him.

"Koffing!" it cried.

Bobby took out his Pokedex to get a read on it. " Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokemon. Lighter-than-air gases keep it aloft. The gases not only smell, they are also explosive." the Pokedex said.

"And your name is...?" Tom asked.

"Oh! Uh...Bobby."

"Well Bobby, how bout a battle? Your Grimer against my Koffing?" Tom said, a glint entering his eye.

"Dude, your on! Grimer get in there!" Bobby cried.

"I'll go first. Koffing use Tackle!" Tom ordered.

"Koffing!" the Poison Gas Pokeon said stupidly as it charged towards Grimer.

"Grimer! Stop Koffing with Harden!" Bobby yelled. Grimer's body became as hard as stone and Koffing bounced off harmlessly. "Now use Pound!"

"Grimer!" Grimer shouted as he brought down a Hardened paw thing down on Koffing.

"Koffing!" Tom cried. "Use Smokescreen!" Koffing belched out a bunch of smoke, making the battle field impossibly to see.

"Grimer suck in all that smoke!" Bobby cried. Grimer inhaled all of the smoke leaving Koffing exsposed. "Now lets finish this with a Pound!"

"Grime!" Grimer shouted as he launched himself into the air.

"Koffing use Tackle!" Tom cried.

"Koff!" Koffing cried as he floated up towards Grimer. The two attacks colided in the air knocking both of the combatents towards the ground.

"Grimer! Are you ok?" Bobby said as he rushed over to his fallen Pokemon.

"Grimer!" the Sludge Pokemon said happily. He had un-Harden at the last minute making him soft and squishy. Koffing on the other hand hadn't fared as well. It had used Explosion at the last minute making it feint.

"Well looks like you won Bobby." Tom said with a smile. "And look! Theres McKarp Town!" he cried pointing.

"Finally!" Bobby cried, and the two boys recalled their Pokemon and ran towards the next town.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 20th, 2008, 12:25 PM
"So, Simon, how about a battle?" This question was substantialy surprising enough to make Simon at least look at Gus. What he saw made him struggle to keep his laughter in. Gus was dressed in a floor-length, bright pink furry coat. Simon was wearing a similar one in blue. After all, the crystal Path was extremely cold, so renting coats had seemed like a sensible thing to do. At least, it had until they saw the prices. So they were stuck with the bargain coats that no-one else wanted because they preferred not to look like hippy piloswine.
"Simon, come on, it'll be fun!" Gus wasn't going to let this one go. "But, er, I might need to borrow a Pokemon..."
"What?" Simon laughed,"You're challenging me to a battle when you don't have a Pokemon? What happened to your Grovyle, anyway?"
"Well, when I stopped with the whole Pokemon journey thing, I thought it would be better if my Pokemon lived wild, rather than being cooped up with me." Simon smiled. Gus had ended his pokemon journey, deciding to become a Pokemon scientist instead. He believed that more could be learned through practical experience, but still spent large amounts of time at his lab/apartment in Celadon.
"Fine, borrow Pidgey." he grinned, "It hasn't had a good battle for a while."

"Right, Zubat, let's figure out how to do this!" Simon called as he threw the Pokeball. Zubat burst from the Pokeball, and promptly fell to the ground. Simon blushed, wondering how on earth he would be able to fight when Zubat was completely immobilized.
"Pidgey, lets see what you've got!" Gus called, releasing the small bird. It hovered in mid-air, sneering down at the grounded Zubat. Simon gulped. Raising zubat to evolution point would be difficult enough without any team rivalry.
"Come on, Pidgey, start with Tackle!" Gus called. It was a standard move, but Zubat was already in trouble. Luckily, Simon had an idea.
"Roll, Zubat!" He shouted, and Zubat immediately complied. Pidgey, which had been forced to fly low, scraped the ground, then pulled up angrily. "Now, Supersonic!" Zubat screeched at Pidgey, which shook its head, looking confused.
"Gust, Pidgey!" Gus ordered, and the pigeon flapped its wings valiantly in every direction. The resulting gust was completely inaccurate, but in the small cave, it felt like a hurricane no matter where you were stood. Simon watched in amazement as Zubat was bodily lifted into the air by the wind. it flapped its wings experimentally, finding it had a little control over its direction.
"Right, lets use bite!" Simon ordered, and Zubat arched its small body, diving towards Pidgey and latching onto its wing. Unfortunately, this stopped Pidgey from flapping, and the pair plummeted to the ground. Pidgey sprang back up, and Zubat rolled away, the two facing each other defiantly.
"We'd better leave it there," Gus suddenly said, and shrank away as three faces glared at him. "We just don't want to wear out your Pokemon, straight after leaving the Pokemon center." Simon agreed, disgruntledly, and returned Zubat. Gus returned Pidgey, then tossed the ball to Simon, who fumbled the catch and dropped it. Gus smiled, then spoke again.
"If you don't mind, I'd like to travel with you for a while. I'm doing some research for a book on the Poison-type, and you seem to have a few."
"That sounds like a great idea," Simon smiled, glad to be travelling with someone he knew and trusted again. Chatting happily, the two brothers made their way through the Crystal Path.

OOC: sorry for the large post. had to sort exactly how to get a Pokemon to fight when it can't move :P

October 20th, 2008, 5:54 PM
Max woke up to the Pidgeys flying outside over the pokemon center. Max remembered how Ashley promised she would help him get his pokemon back. He shot out of bed and ran downstairs. he was fully dressed because he hadn't changed clothe the night before. He came into the main part of the center and met Ashley taking her pokemon from Nurse Joy.

She saw Max and smiled. Max walked up to her looking determined.

"Don't wanna talk until you get your pokemon back do ya now?" Ashley asked.

Max stood there and shook his head.

"Ok then. This is how we're gonna get your pokemon back." she said. Ashley told him the plan and Max nodded. They both went over to the aquarium and it was still crawling with pokemon.

Max nodded and so did Ashley. Then they started carying the plan out. Ashley casually stepped out into the open and took her Buizel and Totodile out.

"Come on guys. I here there is competition in this town. I've beaten every single trainer here and have earned the title Gym Leader. New compitition eh? Let's go." Ashley said.

The men guarding the front door smiled and approached her. Each of them chose a pokeball and sent their pokemon out. While Ashely was distracting them Max got on his knees and crawled near the front door. Max opened the door quietly and snuck inside. Max silently closed the door and looked around for his pokemon. He noticed a big metal desk with three pokeballs on it.

Max walked over to them and looked inside. There they were! Every single one of them, Riolu, Misdreveus, and Tailow!

"Guys!" Max yeled excited.

He yelled a little too loud. The men outside turned around and looked through the window to see Maxx holding his pokeballs. The man that took Max's pokeballs in the first place walked inside and slammed the door shut.

"I thought you drowned you little brat!" The man said.

"No. No I didn't. Because the gym leader Ashley right outside saved me. Now you're gonna pay for ever taking my best friends." Max said pushing the button on one of the pokeballs.

The man smirked and tok out a pokeball.

"Go, Tailow!" Max said.

"Go, Murkrow!" the man said.

Max was to furious to take out his pokedex and scan it.

"Tailow use Quick Attack!" Max said.

"Murkrow use Wing Attack!" the man said.

Tailow flew towards Murkrow and then suddenly shot at it like a bullet. Tailow hit him and sent him rocketing to the ground. Murkrow quickly pulled up and then dashed at Tailow. Tailow moved out of the way.

"Tailow Peck!" Max said.

Suddenly Ashley burst in and Max knew she had beat all the others.

"Max you can beat him!" Ashley said.

Tailow plunged at the Murkrow and hit his hat. The bird plummeted to the ground and hit it hard.

"Now Wing Attack!" Max said.

"Murkrow use Night Shade!" the man said.

Tailow flew at the Murkrow but quickly stopped and fell to the ground after being shot by a beam of black light.

"Tailow!" Max said.

"Murkrow end this with a Wing Attack!" the man said.

"Tailow use Peck." Max said.

Tailow laid there while the black bird plunged at him. Tailow quickly hopped to its feet ready to take anything thrown at him and plunged at the bird. The two birds collided together and Tailow still continued to fly, but the Murkrow plummeted to the ground KO.

Max smirked and called Taillow to his pokeball and the man did so too.

"Go, Riolu." Max said.

"Go, Houndour." the man said.

"Riolu use Force Palm." Max said.

"Houndour use Flamethrower." the man said.

Riolu focused himself and then dashed at the dog. The dog shot flamesat Riolu, who moved to the side a little and dogged it. Then he stuck his palm right under the dogs front legs and used its force on it. The dog was shot into the wall and fell down to the ground. Then he jumped to his feet and then limped over back infront of Riolu.

"Bite Houndour." the man said.

"Dodge and use Force Palm again." Max said.

The dog dashed at Riolu, while Riolu slightly moved out of the way, but the dog was too smart and it turned a little and bit down on Riolu's arm.

"Riolu use Quick Attack to shake it off." Max said.

Riolu quickly sped around the room turning in a circle with the Houndour holding onto his arm. The Houndour quickly got dizzy and started to turn in circles itself.

"Now Force Palm." Max said.

Riolu dashed at the dizzy dog and stuck his palm under it's front legs. Then the Houndour was shot into the wall and started rolling down KO.

"What? Houndour no!" the man said.

"And that's how I get revenge." Max said excited.

He picked Riolu up and walked out to the exit of Mckarp Town. Ashley said goodbye and wished him good luck on the rest of his journey. Max smiled and was getting ready to leave.

"We aren't gonna let those idiots win against us." Max said refferring to the men who took his pokemon.

rii - chii
October 23rd, 2008, 4:30 AM
Zimvee: Good battle between poison-types!
Grimer leveled up to 13!
Grimer is trying to learn Disable, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Disable?

alipeewee: Nice battle, I guess both your Pokemon get some experience!
Zubat leveled up to 17!
Zubat is trying to learn Wing Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Wing Attack?
Pidgey leveled up to 17!
Pidgey is trying to learn Whirlwind, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Whirlwind?

Pikalover10: That was a great post!
Taillow leveled up to 22!
Taillow is trying to learn Double Team, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Double Team?
Taillow's evolving! Allow the process to continue?

October 23rd, 2008, 3:31 PM
Max left Mckarp Town after buying ten pokeballs and saying good bye to Ashley. Max came up to a cave enterance with an old dry rotting plank of wood carved into it were the words Ancient Cave. Max thought this sounded like fun and pulled out his flashlight from his bag. He attached it to his belt and dashed inside.

The cave was pitch black and smelled like used gym socks that were musty. Max squinched his nose and turned the flashlight on. Max looked around the cave to find the cave walls decaying and oozing with green slime. Minutes upon minutes passed and Max still didn't know where to go.

Max then came to a three way intersection. The one in front of him was pitch black and Max figured that defianetly wasn't the way to go. Then water trickling down from a stalagtite fell and hit his nose. Max looked up to find the roof of this part of the cave filled with sleeping Zubats. Max didn't know much info. on them and took his pokedex out. He turned the volume down a little and scanned it.

Zubat, the bat pokemon. Forms colonies in perpetually dark places. Uses ultrasonic waves to identify and approach targets. Zubat have no eyes so they rely on sophisticated radar systems to navigate through their residence — the dark depths of Mt. Moon. In battle, their Leech Life attack strategy will drain and steal an opponent's energy, and over time Zubat evolve into Golbat.

Max looked up again at the bats weerily and quickly ran down the path in the middle, not even knowing which path he took. He stopped running and soon came to a dead end.

"Which way did I go?" Max asked.

"Rampaaaaaaaa!" Something yelled.

Max turned behind him but didn't see anything. He quickly backtracked to the place with the Zubat infested roof.

"Rampaaaaaaaa!" something yelled again.

This time the Zubats stirred and awoke. The fluttered from the roof quickly and Max got tangled up in their escape. He quickly dove out of the mess and ran down the path to the right this time. He ran down it and turned left, then right, then left again and came to a dead end.

"Man-" Max began.

"RAMPARDOS!" the thing yelled again.

Max spun around to see a huge dinasaur behind him, which looked quit angry. Max slowly backed up and tripped over something. He fell over behind him and landed on something.

"Craniiii!" it yelled.

It jumped to its feet and stared at Max furious. Max took his pokedex out and scanned them.

Cranidos, the ancient dinasaur pokemon. Cranidos uses its ironclad head to ram ibto its foes and take them down.

Rampardos, the ancient dinasaur pokemon. Rampardos can take down forests with a headbutt that has enough power to knock over even the sturdiest of objects

Max gulped and then the big dinasaur which was the Rampardos left without another grunt. The only one Max had to worry about now was the Cranidos. Max grabbed a pokeall and threw it into the air.

"Go, Taillow!" Max said.

The bird popped out of the pokeball. Then it magestically started to glow.

"He's...evolving!" Max said.

Then Tailow turned into a bigger bird that looked more dominent.

Swellow, the bird pokemon. After circling the skies for hours, Swellow will dive directly at its prey.

Max grinned and turned at the Cranidos ready for battle.

"Let's go." Max said.

((OOC: In my next post I will put up the battle between Max and Cranidos.:)))

Master Jecht
October 26th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Troy and Claire continued to chase after the Gible, but its speed proved too great and they lost it. “Darn that thing is fast.” Troy said catching his breath. His stomach growled and he let out a sigh. “I was really hungry too.” Claire just giggled at him. After Troy caught his breath, they both continued and started to follow Omanyte’s trail.

The trail of goo led them to a dark cavern inside the cave. They both got out their flashlights and shined it forward, taking each step carefully. As they travelled deeper inside of it, a small light in the distance formed up ahead of them. Both of them rushed forward to see what it was. They couldn’t believe what they saw when they got there. It was that same Gible that stole the crackers feeding them to an Omanyte. The Omanyte was in pretty bad shape. It had a crack in its shell and a couple scratches.

Claire’s face grew excited when she saw Omanyte. “Omanyte! It’s you I’m so glad I found you. Are you OK?” She said as she walked over to check on it. The Gible let out a growl as Claire walked over which caused her to freeze. “I-it’s alright Gible. That’s my pokemon.” Claire said nervously. She then got an idea and called her Kabuto out of its ball. “Kabuto tell the Gible that were not enemies.” She told Kabuto. Kabuto walked over to the Gible and the two started to chat in pokemon language. The Gible understood and walked away from guarding Omanyte. Claire walked over and knelt down to check on Omanyte. She got out some medical supplies from her bag and sprayed Omanyte with them. Her Omanyte let out a soft cry but looked better. Claire hugged it and started to apologize for leaving it. She also thanked Gible for taking care of Omanyte and Troy for taking her through the cave.

“Alright now that is settled.” Troy said as he released Glameow from its Pokeball. “Use faint attack on Gible.” Glameow disappeared and reappeared next to Gible where it unleashed an attack which sent Gible on its back.

Claire looked at Troy irritated. “Hey why are you attacking that poor thing? He helped nurse my Omanyte back to health.” She said.

“Sorry,” Troy said. “But I can’t let this Pokemon get away. I read that dragon types are among the rarest in the world and it is a low chance you will see one in a lifetime. Plus, I can’t let this Gible get away with stealing my food! Glameow use faint attack again.” Glameow faded out and reappeared, striking Gible again. As Glameow jumped back to reset its position, the Gible bit down catching Glameow’s tail in its mouth. Glameow cried in pain as the Gible started to spin around in circles. The Gible stopped spinning and released its bite which sent Glameow hurling into the rocky cave wall. Glameow struggled but managed to stand up. Troy then returned Glameow because it was hurt.

“Alright let’s try Taillow.” Troy said calling out his pokemon. “Use peck on Gible.” Taillow flew forward to go attack the Gible. The Gible responded with sandstorm attack. It blew a vortex of sand that engulfed Taillow and knocked it out of the air. Taillow fell to the ground with a pile of sand falling on top of it. Taillow poked its head out of the sand and shook its head to clear sand off from its face. “Taillow look out!” Troy yelled. Taillow looked forward and saw the Gible charging at it. Thinking quickly, Taillow flew up high in the air and managed to dodge it. Gible couldn’t stop and crashed into the sand. “Now wing attack!” Troy commanded. Taillow’s wings started to glow as it dived down on Gible. A wing struck Gible and sent it rolling on the ground. “Alright now go pokeball.” Troy said as he tossed his ball at the fallen Gible. The ball sucked in the Gible in a flash of red light and shook back and forth. Troy and Claire looked on to see what the result would be.

rii - chii
November 3rd, 2008, 6:34 PM
Pikalover10: I love how people like to use Rampardos as well as Cranidos :] BTW, that was a nice post!
Taillow evolved into Swellow!
Swellow leveled up to 24!

Master Jecht: That was a lovely post! You caught a Gible, BTW it won't be a girl xD;;
You captured a level 13 Male Gible!

Chapter 12: Route 107
Number of Posts: 2

A route that is completely covered with rocks and several patches of grass. It is surrounded by several mountains.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 14-18
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack, Mist (Level 16)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 14-18
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away, Keen Eye
Attacks: Foresight, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Helping Hand (Level 17)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 14-18
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Sing, Defense Curl, Pound, Disable, Rollout (Level 17)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 14-18
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm, Magic Guard
Attacks: Encore, Sing, Doubleslap, Defense Curl, Follow Me (Level 16)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

November 4th, 2008, 6:11 AM
Max stood there as the big blue, magnificent bird that used to be a small, tiny beautiful bird flew between him and the Cranidos. Then the Crandos ducked down and aimed its head at Swellow. Max knew what was coming next and by what Swellow was doing he knew too. Swellow gradually began to fly higher and higher into the air. Then the Cranidos launched from the ground and still hit Swellow's chest with amazing accuracy, speed, and the ability to jump higher then most Cranidos.

Swellow plummeted to the ground, and then regained balance before hitting the hard stone flooring.

"Swellow, use Wing Attack!" Max called out.

Swellow cooed in response and then flew at Cranidos with amazing speed. His wings were folded in against his sides and his head was down further then usual. He really looked like a minie jet plane. Then he stuck his wings out and sliced Cranidos's stumby right leg. He then pulled up and flew back to his original spot.

"Quick Attack!" Max called out.

The Cranidos regained movement and then jumped at Swellow. It jumped at him but missed on purpose and hit the cave ceiling above Swellow. Then it pushed off after hitting the ceiling. Swellow, confused by this action, still flew where he was. Then, rocks starting crashing down on Swellow from the ceiling. The ceiling was caving in!

"Swellow return!" Max said.

Max guessed the Cranidos was young and foolish as Swellow disappeared in a red flash. Max ran over to the exit where Cranidos was and scooped it up. Max ran out and into another room. This new room was bigger and wasn't caving in. Max put the Cranidos down and went to a distance away form the dinosaur. Then he called Swellow out.

"Ok. Swellow Quick Attack!" Max said.

Swellow, still hurt a little from the huge rocks that was falling on him, flew at sky rocketing speed and hit Cranidos's other leg. Cranidos fell to the ground with his stuby legs hurting. Then he rose up and looked at Swellow with vengence in his eyes. Max realizing that Swellow had a major disadvantage against a Cranidos called him back. Then he chose another pokemon. In a bright white flash Riolu appeared out of his pokeball.

"Let's go Riolu!" Max said with his old friend.

"Rio!" Riolu replied.

"Use Force Palm!" Max said.

Riolu nodded and then ran in at Cranidos. He appeared in front of the dinosaur in blinding speed. Then he stuck his hand between its arms and suddenly the dinosaur was sent flying into the cave wall and a few big rocks fell on it. It pushed the rocks away and began walking over to him. Then it stopped and a few sparks ran across its body, then and there, Max knew, that it was paralyzed.

"Now use Feint!" Max said.

Riolu disappeared and appeared behind Cranidos. Cranidos got the best of Riolu and then turned around and hti Riolu's head with its own head. Riolu flew into the wall and sammed it hard with his body. Then Riolu opened his eyes as Cranidos hit his body again with its head.

Riolu was hit and crushed into the stone wall. Then Riolu opened his eyes and they were full of vengence.

"Use Force Palm!" Max said.

Riolu pushed out of the wall and then stuck his palm on Cranidos's chest once again. Then Cranidos was shot into the wall and then slid slowly to the ground. It appeared to have had enough battling for the day.

"Ok. Go, pokeball!" Max said.

Max threw a pokeball at the dinosaur. It disappeared into a red light and then the pokeball wriggled back and forth. Back and forth. As the pokeball wriggled Riolu climbed onto Max's shoulder and then the pokeball.....

((OOC: I'll edit anything if needed to!:)))

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
November 4th, 2008, 12:07 PM
"Move towards the light, my son...move towards the light..." Simon groaned as Gus made the completely predictable joke upon reaching the end of the tunnel. With the edges of the cave coated in ice and slime, the dim evening light coming in through the opening reflected and rebounded down the tunnel, giving the whole cave an eerie glow. But as they walked through the exit, the temperature climbed noticeably and the boys began sweating under their thick coats. Slipping them off, they hung them over a hook carved from the rock as arranged with the coat hire owner. Finally free of the heavy material, Simon stretched, feeling several joints crack as he did. But suddenly, Gus called from where he was crouching behind a rock:
"Quickly, get over Simon, you have to see this!"

Ducking behind the rock with his excited brother, Simon slowly peeked over the top. Standing in a small clearing, surrounded by rocks and shrubs, was a small, round, bright pink Pokémon with huge blue eyes. Lowering the volume slightly, Simon raised his Pokedex.

"Jigglypuff, the Balloon Pokemon.

Nothing can avoid falling asleep hearing a Jigglypuff's song. The sound waves of its singing voice match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep."

"That's a pretty neat trick," Simon whispered to his brother, "But I really hope it doesn't start singing. We'd better be quiet." Gus, a regular funny guy, turned to his brother, then said, a lot louder than strictly necessary,
"WHAT?" Jigglypuff turned round to find Simon making various threatening gestures and Gus laughing uncontrollably. Annoyed that these two humans had snuck up on it, Jigglypuff growled menacingly and leapt forwards. Simon threw himself to the ground and shoved his fingers in his ears, but Jigglypuff's mouth stayed firmly closed. Instead, it began to roll around in a circle, gaining speed until eventually, having reached a velocity similar to a charging Rhyhorn it broke out of its circle and rolled towards the two. Unfortunately for Simon, being on the ground made him an easy target, and he just had time to turn around and say
"Wha-" before twelve pounds of solid Pokemon smacked him full in the face.


OOC: sorry its a bit short, my roleplaying muscle is feeling a bit stiff :P

November 8th, 2008, 3:24 PM
OOc: Sweet, fire's open! Well here you go!

Character Name: Lukas Aric
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: 07-07
Appearance: Jet black hair that grows down to his shoulders, spiked up bangs. He wears the outfit of pokemon rangers, but it's slightly modified as in, the colors are reversed, so he's not mistaken as a ranger.
Personality: there's an innocence about him that makes most people confused about what he's thinking, but one thing about him never changes, his passion for pokemon, each pokemon, wild or not, he cares for with his whole soul.
History: Lukas studied pokemon at the pokemon center ever since he could walk. He knows more about pokemon than most normal people. Finally when he was 10, he was allowed to intern at the pokemon center, they even allowed him to help with medical exams. during his final day there, a wild charmander was brought in, this charmander had angered articuno by sitting on it(How he didn't notice it there is beyond Lukas's understanding.) Once the procedures were over, the charmander didn't leave, it just hung around the pokemon center, looking at all the different trainers and pokemon go by. The same day, when Lukas was done interning, they gave him a Poke-Center ball, given to all people who interned there, it was a common white pokeball with a "P" in bright red ink on the top of it. The charmander followed him home that day, and waited untill Lukas left the house before jumping and landing on Lukas's head, Lukas decided that the charmander wanted to join him. Since Lukas didn't have any normal pokeballs, he use the poke-center ball on the charmander, there was no resistance to the capture, and that is how Lukas got charmander.
Preferred Started: If you don't know by now, you need to read my history.

November 9th, 2008, 4:10 AM
OOC: Woops! I didn't notice this chapter x] I thought the RP had died, and I was really sad :(

The Sorrowful Ending

"Wahhhhhh!!!" Cried Bonsly as he rocked backwards and forwards on the ground. "Bonsly! Bonsly!" Shouted Scott hystericaly. "Listen, Bonsly! I gave you an Oran Berry, you've been for a swim, I even rubbed your back! What's wrong!!!" Bonsly continued to cry, not seizing at any point. Weather Bonsly hadto just adjust its fluid levels majorly or it was acctually upset by something, Scott didn't know. He sighed,"Return."

Later, Scott was walking through the rocky mountains. He could see the sea sparkling in the distance and the peaceful squack of Wingulls could be heard. Scott was realeaved that he was out of tunnels. Being slightly chlostrophobic, he found caves very saddening and a little bit scary, considering he had no idea what would be around the next corner.

Suddenly, Bonsly burst out of his Pokeball, crying hysterically once more. "Why me?!" Moaned Scott. "Bonsly... BONSLY!!!" Bosnlys crying came to a halt, althought there were still droplets forming in his eyes. "how about you tell me what's wrong and I can sort it out." As if on que, a group of about 5 Bonsly plodded around the corner of the Mountain in sync. Scotts jaw dropped as he realised Bonsly couldn't be found in this area. Bonsly jumped up and ran to the group, cheering and wailing happily along the way. The other group also ran to him as if it was some long last reunion of Family. They all huddled together and talked happily. Scotts Bonsly seemed to be the most delighted. Then, Scott had a flash back...

Scott walked up to the weeping Bonsly that was being soothed by Misdreavus. "Oh, it's in trouble," Mumbled Amelia. "It's so cute to." immediantly after, Bonsly got up and sped off.
~Flashback End~

Now Scott realised why Bonsly was crying; He was obviously lost and missed his Family. Now that he's used to being with Scott, he misses his Family alot. bonsly turned around and looked at Scott. He now had a desicion to make. He could stay with Bonsly or let him free with his family. Scott pulled out his Pokeball and aimed it towards Bosnly. "Bonsly..." Began Scott slowly. "Goodbye..." Scott crushed the Pokeball under his feet. bonsly ran upto him and cuddled up, just like a glameow would leave its scent. Scott chuckled. "Okay now, go on. Have a good time." Bonsly ran back to the group and wadled off around the Mountain...

rii - chii
November 10th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Pikalover10: That was a nice battle, you captured a Cranidos!
You captured a level 12 Female Cranidos!

alipeewee: That was a nice cute post (IDK how I see it cute xD)

dungeonplyr: Sure, you got fire! Just tell me which two Pokemon you want

Toxic_Moonlight: Sad post, anyways good bye Bonsly D=

OOC: I'm way ahead in chapters now, I'm up to Kagari City :]

November 10th, 2008, 8:02 PM
The pokeball clicked, Max had caught a Cranidos! Max retrived the pokeball and called his new pokemon out. She appeared and ran over to him. She licked hsi face as he bent down over her. Max smiled and returned both Cranidos and Swellow.


Max was traveling through the rest of the tunnel. He felt like he was getting closer and closer to the exit. Then one of his pokeballs started wriggling, it was Cranidos's. She was struggling to get out. Max put her fingers on both parts of the pokeball. She struggled even more and then finally stopped exhausted.

Max sighed and saw a faint light. He ran even faster towards it. He got closer and closer. Then he jumped into the light crashing itno something and making it fall to the ground.

"Wah!" someone cried.

Max opened up his eyes and realized he had jumped at someone. The man was temporarily knowcked out unconcous. He staggered and then ran away. Cranidos's pokeball didn't move at all for a good half hour. Max looked down at it and saw her panting heavily. She was sick! That's why he caught her so easily.

Max panicked and ran even faster towardsthe exit. He looked up and saw another faint light. A few minutes later he was closer to the light and came within jumping distance, but he slowed down a little this time. He ran out of the cave and into an open grassy field.

((OOC: Sory it is kinda boring...It's all I could think of for an exiting post))

November 11th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Scott sighed. Night had made its return and its Moon sparkled over the water-front that was just visible over the jagged Mountains and sprouting Trees. Scott was sitting on a rock that was already cavered into a stool. The open fire burnt vividly and made the surrounding glow. Combee seemed to be memorised by the fire as she stared gormlessly into its heart. Lombre and Misdreavus were to the Left of Scott, playing something involving two stones and a stick whilst Skorupi seemed to stare at Combee, who was still awe-inspired by the fire, as if she had just dribbled down herself. "I s'pose it's just us now." mumbled Scott.

Camp had already been setup and Combee was snoozing away in her Pokeball whilst Scott and the others sat around the fire. It seemed cold tonight. Maybe it was just cold, the sea air, or maybe there was something around. Well, atleast, that's what Scott thought. He always liked to take the spooky side of life. The Moon was low behind the trees now which told Scott that it was very late at night, or, indeed, early in the morning. He had heard the occasional distant tweet from birds, but nothing that interesting. Scotts eyelids were becoming heavy. The fire was a distant glow that seemed miles way and the night sky and rocks surrounding him were of no importance. it felt as if there was only him, his Pokemon and a dark void around him.

Waking him up from this Trance was a loud bang and a painful slash to the head. A chunk of rock had shatered and a piece hit Scott on the head. What had just done that? Scott stood up and swiveled around to see a Trainer with a Pokemon on his shoulder. His face was hidden under the dark night sky and the Pokemon was visible only as a spiky silhouette. "Leech Seed, Go!" commanded the mysterious Figure. The Pokemon jumped of his shoulder, revealing its identity: A Cacnea. Twindles of skinny vines came from its arm, aimed at Scott. it try to wrap around his arm, and succeeded, but Scott quickly pulled it off. It went for one more strike but Scott dodged it easily. "Skorupi, Attack with Pin missile!" exclaimed Scott. Skorupi sprang into action, pouncing away from the fire and unleahing thousands of bullet like thorns. they flew towards Cacnea like fighter Jets and Cacnea dodged a few with ease but the last few hit it right in the arm making it fly backwards onto a rock. "Now, Try Poison Sting." Skorupi ran upto the dazzled Cacnea and injected a lethal poison sting with great intensity.

The Cacnea jumped back up, a little bit queezy from the Poison. "Hang in there, Cacnea! Get them with Poison sting, to." With extreme speed, Cacnea pursued the fleeing Skorupi and hiot him right on his tail with a glowing arm. Skorupi flew up in the air but landed firmly on all four legs. "Skorupi, pin Missile again!" Skorupi didn't seem effected from the poison and unleashed more lethal darts. The Cacnea was much more slower and couldn't dodge in time, getting hit from every bullet. Its eyes closed slowly and it fainted gracefully. The Man ran from the shadows. He had a young face but was wearing casual clothes. He picked up Cacnea slowly in his arms and returned him to his Pokeball. He looked up and spotted Scott. "Team Empress?" Quiried Scott slowly.
"No..." He Replied. He ran off ran around the corner of the Mountain but when Scott followed, he wasn't found...

rii - chii
November 11th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Pikalover10: That's okay, anyways you're done Anicent Cave :]

Toxic_Moonlight: That was random, anyways I wonder who that is... :]
Skorupi leveled up to 16!

Chapter 13: Canyon City
Number of Posts: 2 or 3

A town which is covered with several mountains, it is the oldest city in the entire Herion Region and the hottest city on this island. In the deepest part of the city is the gym.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: Heal your Pokemon for free like always
PokeMart: All the normal items you can buy :O
Gym: See Clay
Pokemon Tutor Shop: The first tutor shop, check the move sets below


Description: A rancher who is devoted to strong Pokemon in attack and defense. He still strives to perfect his pokemon’s speed. He is usually calm and relaxed in most situations.

Level: 23
Gender: Male
Type: Rock
Ability: Rock Head
Attacks: Sandstorm, Flail, Rock Head, Mimic
Nature: Calm

Level: 25
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Early Bird
Attacks: Sandstorm, Mega Punch, Rage, Dizzy Punch
Nature: Bashful

Level: 27
Gender: Male
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Lightingrod
Attacks: Sandstorm, Fury Attack, Scary Face, Rock Blast
Nature: Brave

TM Prize
http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/granitebadge.png Granite Badge
TM37 (Sandstorm)

Move Tutors
You may only use this when you get the GRANITEBADGE! And you may only get one move for only one Pokemon, choose carefully!
Air Cutter (Flying)
Dive (Water)
Fire Punch (Fire)
Fury Cutter (Bug)
Ice Punch (Ice)
Icy Wind (Ice)
Knock Off (Dark)
Ominous Wind (Ghost)
Sucker Punch (Dark)
Trick (Psychic)
Thunderpunch (Electric)
Vacuum Wave (Fighting)
Zen Headbutt (Psychic)

November 11th, 2008, 6:30 PM
Max walked over to a pokemon center and then stepped in. He walked over to Nurse Joy andhanded her his pokeballs. She quickly took them and walked into the back. Max looked around. The center was desolate and nobody was there. He figured it was because the place was in the middle of nowhere and he waited. A few minutes later Nurse Joy came out and handed him the pokeballs. She walked into the back again without giving Max a chance to thank her.

He shrugged and put his pokeballs onto his belt and walked out. He came up to a long winding path covered with snow and ice. He started shivering even though he was a good thirty meters away. He noticed a rent-a-coat shop and stepped inside. He saw that they had a big yellow fleece jacket and Max quickly grabbed it. He asked if he could borrow it and they let him take it.

Max put it on and ran out onto the cold, icy path. He looked around the path. It was covered with ice, the rocks were covered with snow, and it was snowing. He looked down the path and noticed a kid running up to him.

"Hey! I need battling practice. Would you like to battle?" he asked.

"Sure. I need some expierence too I guess." Max said.

The kid smiled happily and took out a pokeball. "3 on 3 battle ok? Go, Seel!" he said. In a blinding white light a white seel pokemon popped out. MAx took out his pokedex and scanned the seel.

Seel, the sea lion pokemon. The horn protruding on its head is very hard. It is used for bashing through thick ice. Seel hunts for prey in the frigid sea underneath sheets of ice. When it needs to breathe, it punches a hole through the ice with the sharply protruding section of its head.

Max nodded at the information he had gathered on the pokemon and took out his pokeball. "Go, Cranidos!" he said. In a blinding white light his newly acquired dinosaur popped out and scratched her right foot on the ground ready for battle. "USe Pursuit Cranidos!" Max said.

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I Laugh at your Misfortune!
November 12th, 2008, 12:13 PM
"Koffing, help me!" These were the last words that Simon heard before he blacked out, with his brother scrabbling at his belt where his Pokeballs were. As consciousness slipped away from him, a few confused thoughts slipped through his mind. A Jigglypuff...a stinking Jigglypuff...how embarrassing...

A low moaning sound was the first thing Simon noticed when he came to. The second was a blinding pain in his nose. The third was the realisation that he was the one moaning. With some effort, he stopped groaning and rolled over onto his side. Sitting on the other side of a small campfire was Gus, quietly snoring. Strangely, Koffing was floating next to him, its eyes closed and thin streams of smog trickling from the corner of its mouth.
"Hey, Gus," Simon whispered, wincing from the pain in his nose, "Wake up." Slowly, his brother opened his eyes and stretched, yawning as he did. Eventually he spoke.
"Good to see that you're awake at last. I can tell you, it was no mean feat to battle off that Jigglypuff. Considering it’s so cute, that thing is terrifying!" Simon grinned for a moment, and then stopped as his nose flared again.
"Anyway," Gus continued, "I have a slight confession to make. When me and Koffing were battling that pink monster, it knocked Koffing's Pokeball out of my hand. It kinda got broken."
"WHAT?" Simon erupted, "Doesn't that make Koffing a wild Pokémon, again?" Gus shook his head,
"No, that's only if it’s completely destroyed. This time, it just got a bit cracked. It won't let you recall Koffing though, so he'll have to travel outside the Pokeball until we can get it fixed at a Pokémon Centre."
"Koffing, help me!" These were the last words that Simon heard before he blacked out, with his brother scrabbling at his belt where his Pokeballs were. As consciousness slipped away from him, a few confused thoughts slipped through his mind. A Jigglypuff...a stinking Jigglypuff...how embarrassing...

A low moaning sound was the first thing Simon noticed when he came to. The second was a blinding pain in his nose. The third was the realisation that he was the one moaning. With some effort, he stopped groaning and rolled over onto his side. Sitting on the other side of a small campfire was Gus, quietly snoring. Strangely, Koffing was floating next to him, its eyes closed and thin streams of smog trickling from the corner of its mouth.
"Hey, Gus," Simon whispered, wincing from the pain in his nose, "Wake up." Slowly, his brother opened his eyes and stretched, yawning as he did. Eventually he spoke.
"Good to see that you're awake at last. I can tell you, it was no mean feat to battle off that Jigglypuff. Considering it’s so cute, that thing is terrifying!" Simon grinned for a moment, and then stopped as his nose flared again.
"Anyway," Gus continued, "I have a slight confession to make. When me and Koffing were battling that pink monster, it knocked Koffing's Pokeball out of my hand. It kinda got broken."
"WHAT?" Simon erupted, "Doesn't that make Koffing a wild Pokémon, again?" Gus shook his head,
"No, that's only if it’s completely destroyed. This time, it just got a bit cracked. It won't let you recall Koffing though, so he'll have to travel outside the Pokeball until we can get it fixed at a Pokémon Centre."
Groaning, Simon stood up. The sky was turning black above him.
"What time is it?" he grunted softly. Gus shrugged.
"We left the cave about half an hour ago." Gasping, Simon picked himself up, swaying as the blood rushed to his head.
"We have to get going! Come on, come on, come on, come on!" Simon agitatedly said, quickly picking up his things and setting off once again.
"But, why do we have to get going so fast!" As Simon disappeared over the horizon, he called back to Gus.
"The Jigglypuff," he shouted manically, "They're most active at night!"

Master Jecht
November 13th, 2008, 1:41 PM
The pokeball suddenly stopped moving and made a “ping” noise. Troy walked over and picked up the ball. “Nice, I caught Gible!” he said as he attached the ball to his belt.
"Well good for you Troy.” Claire said. “I’m happy that Gible has a good owner to look after it.”

They both continued traveling in the cave and finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. “That must be the exit. I can’t wait to go breathe some fresh air.” Troy said. He ran as fast as he could and exited the cave. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A chill went up his spine and cold air filled his lungs. Troy opened his eyes and saw the ground and trees were covered with snow and the winds were hard and chilly. Troy started to shake and ran back into the cave. “Fr-Fr-Freezing.” He said with his teeth chattering.

Claire just laughed at him. “Yep it’s cold out here. We are approaching the Crystal Path which is a haven for ice pokemon. I know a shop just outside here where you can get some warmer clothes.” Claire took Troy to the shop. They both entered and were greeted warmly by a girl behind the counter.

“Welcome to Carla’s Rend-A-Coat Shop!” she said.

“Hi. I need a coat to travel down the crystal path.” Troy said.

“No problem here you got.” The girl behind the counter handed Troy a large fluffy, black coat. Troy quickly put it on. “Ahh that’s much better.” He said. Troy got two cups of hot chocolate for Claire and he and relaxed by the fire in the store for a little. Once they were done resting, they headed out to travel down the Crystal Path.

November 13th, 2008, 2:17 PM
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anything else?

November 15th, 2008, 7:10 AM
The bright lights blinded Scotts eyes as his rocky surroundings began to crumble and shake. A rocky platform rose from the tremoring ground with a Man on top, the expression on his face serious yet excited. He looked up and raised his arms as if he was welcoming someone into his apparent empire. "Welcome," Began the voice omnioulsy. "To my Gym, My Home and my Battle ground where I have defeated many." Scott pulled a Pokeball from the belt around his body and clutched it in his hand strongly. Your toughest battle yet. That voice echoed through his head again and again. Should he have listened to the warning that the voice said?

The Day the Gym battle was on was a Sunny one. Not a cloud in the sky blocked the blistering Sun that shone onto the Mountanous landscape that Scott had rested on over-night. Scott had just packed away Camp when he decided to walk with his Pokemon. He heard from an aqquatance that Canyon City was not far away and his anticipation to get there and beat the Gym Leader was too strong. All of his Pokemon strolled aside him, Combee slowly buzzing behind him observing the Mountains. Skorupi walked ahead of the group happily whilst Misdreavus floated inches above Scott day dreaming of something typically girlish. Lombre also seemed peaceful, loloping slowly and viewing the scape.

Scott had been walking for a while now and Canyon City was in view. The Sun was high above the Montains and Scott was sweltering under the heat. Combee and Skorupi were enjoying the heat alot yet Misdreavus was still idylicly in a whole other Universe. Lombre didn't seem so happy, though. He was sweating as much as Scott, yet he did provide fresh water for the team. there was the sound of footsteps to the left, like a gravel drive under feet. It caught Scotts attention and he stopped in his tracks, scanning the area whilst wiping his brow of sweat with the back of his hand. "You battled well," Floated a mysterious voice through the thick air. "But this will be your toughest battle yet. Clay is no one to mess with, and your Pokemon are weak. You need to train more, otherwise your fate will be at peril..." The voise stopped, followed bgy more footsteps. Scott wasn't sure if this was a hallucination, caused by a jynx from his blissful Misdreavus or the heat of the Sun, or if it was an acctual person. He wasn't sure, but carried on regardless.

"Sudowoodo, show him who's boss!" Came a booming voice that broke Scotts trance. The stadium re-entered his consiouns as a flash of light revealed the Sudowoodo. "Hey, that looks like Bonsly." Mumbled Scott. He still couldn't belive Bonsly wasn't out of his head yet. "Lombre, we've waited for this moment. Get me my next gym Badge!" boombed Scott as he flung Lombres Pokeball onto the field, summoning the Pokemon with a flash of light. "Sudowoodo, start off with a powerful Sandstorm!" Bellowed Clay as Sudowoodo released waves of dusty sand from its hands, covering the field and making it hard to see. Scott flinched as sand got in his eyes but he was still determined on winning the battle. "Lombre, use Nature Power and lets find out what we can do!" Demanded Scott as he gestured towards his target. Lombre glowed vividly as he flund his hands into the air, summoning the Nature Power. A small hint of fear gripped Scott for a milisecond, like thrill on a Rollercoater, and witnessed Lombre unleash a powerful Rock Throw. The boulders flew into the sandy atmosphere and impacted on the Sudowoodo. It flew backwards and hit the hard wall, being hit two more times by more boulders coming from Lombre. "Excellent, Lombre. Now, use absorb!" Shouted Scott. Lombre ran towards the point that Sudowoodo seemed dazed on the ground and sucked green orbs from Him, making him weak and slouch onto the ground.

"Sudowoodo, get up!" Demanded Clay angrily. "You're better than this. He's weak! Use Rock Head." Sudowoodo slowly got up and growl at his opponent. The sand seemed to get thicker and Sudowoodo was almost out of view to Lombre. He charged towards Lombre, the three balls above his head glowing brightly, giving away his where-abouts. Lombre jumped into the air, dodging the attack swiftly. Sudowoodo stopped itself and swung around, jumping up and hitting Lombre high up. He flew into the air, but he managed to flip around and gain his footing. "Astonish, go!" shouted Scott. Lombre shot threw the air like a bullet and screeched noisily, imopacting right on top of Sudowoodo. "Excellent, now use Astonish once more, and then finish off with Nature Power!" Commanded Scott smugly as he clenched his fists in a vicotrious manner. Lombre propeled itself of Sudowoodo then flipped back around, impacted on Sudowoodo again and then jumped up, releasing several large rocks that hit Sudowoodo, casuing it to faint in a cloud of brown sand.

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