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August 5th, 2008, 9:06 PM
An idea that came to me a long time ago... but i never made a story out of it.... so ima make one here.... and hopefully someone here will make a game out of it ^.^ ive made a couple of fakemon but not alot but story comes first....


June 18th 2008 11:30pm

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for! The day I finally become a pokemon trainer. I'm still unsure which pokemon to choose, but I'm sure that the one I pick will be a great partner and friend. It's all so exciting that I can't sleep. But I'll try to sleep anyway. I don't want to wake up late.

Birthday boy and breakfast

Zane wakes up and slowly reaches for the blinds to unfold them. The sunlight is too bright and makes Zane squint his eyes as he turns away. He slowly opens his eyes and looks outside and see the road that leads to Prof. Wyvern's lab. He gets dressed and goes downstairs to see his two friends Ivan and Milly eating breakfast with his mom.
"Happy Birthday Zane"! They all yell to Zane. The expression on his face made them laugh as he joined them at the table.

"So your finally becoming a pokemon trainer Zane. You've kept me waiting for a year for our journey to start." Milly said. Milly is 11 but decided to wait for Zane to become old enough to start training pokemon. "Hey you can't complain. You had me wait two years, and you Zane, had me waiting three years". Ivan said. Ivan is a 13 year old, but decided to wait for Milly and Zane because it would be more fun with them all together.

"Well time certainly flew by for you Ivan". Zane said while chewing with a mouth full of bacon. "Its not nice to talk with your mouth full Zane". His mother replied. "Yeah Zane. You could choke, and if you died then me and Milly would've waited for nothing". Ivan said before stuffing his face with scrambled eggs. After breakfast was finished, Zane's mom wished everyone luck as they set off to go to Prof. Wyvern's lab.

Laboratory Brawl

At Prof. Wyvern's lab in WaterLake town. One of Wyvern's aids was downloading the data sent from Prof. Ivy when the front door of the lab was blown open. and three members of Team Genesis entered the lab with a Dragonair. "Were here to collect the data being sent from that Prof. lady". One of the genesis grunts said. "If you think your actually going to get this data, you've got another thing coming". the Aid replied. "Go Hitmonchop"! the Aid yelled. The second grunt sent out an Ursaring, and the third grunt sent out a Swellow. Two other Aids appeared sending out an Infernape and a Sceptile. And the three-way laboratory brawl began.

Wyvern to the rescue

Around the time the Genesis grunts entered the lab, Prof. Wyvern was entering the forest area of the Lab's ranch. As Prof. Wyvern strolled further into the forest area. he could see a group of pokemon in what seemed to be an arguement. As he headed over to stop the pokemon he noticed that the pokemon werent arguing, they were actually trying to help save a Granbull trapped under a large log.

He ran his fingers down his belt and grabbed one of his pokeballs. "Go Houndoom"! he yelled as his Houndoom emerged from the pokeball. "Use firespin"! Wyvern said. Houndoom growled in agreement and used firespin. The other pokemon cleared away from the trapped Granbull as the firespin created a firey vortex around the log. Without burning the Granbull the fire burnt the log to a crisp and the Granbull stood up with happiness. "Great job Houndoom, thats what great training can do". Wyvern said.

Prof. Wyvern got to his knees and asked the Granbull if it got hurt. The Grandbull pointed to a spot was hurt when the log hit him. "Here, this will only hurt one bit". Prof. Wyvern said as he sprayed some super potion on the wound. Prof. Wyvern then picked an Oran berry from a nearby tree and gave it to Grandbull. The Grandbull happily ate the berry. As Prof. Wyvern headed back to the lab, Grandbull and the other pokemon shouted and waved goodbye as Wyvern headed back to the lab.

(Its late and im tired now (its 1:06 in the morning -.-) ill add more to it tomorrow, comments are greatly appreciated)

August 14th, 2008, 10:54 AM
wow, i like the story!

can't wait for screenies ^^

September 7th, 2008, 7:33 AM
i havent been on in a while.... and i dnt really make them its just an idea i hope ppl will make a game based off of...