View Full Version : Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen GS Errors =/

August 10th, 2008, 12:08 PM
Hello Every one this is my first ever post....So don't be mean lol.
Anyways this forum is about a few problems with gameshark/actionreplay problems with pokemon firered and leafgreen.


#1. Tm/Hm Case
this is when your tm/hm case is messed up like if you go in it the words are all messed up and when you get out of the pouch your hero/heroine is the opposite sex and the game freezes and turns off...

I am personally dealing with this one.
if anyone knows how to fix this plz pm me or tell me on the thread.
Ps im using a vba

#2. VBA 1Mb circuit board not installed.
this is the easiest problem to solve. ever!!!!
first go to the menu (tools options ect.)
Then scroll on over to options-->emulator-->save type--> and then put it on automatic for the first half of the options and for the second half make it Flash 128k.

Well those are the only things i know about.
So if anyone knows anymore problems them post them here!
and everyone else answer our questions!

August 11th, 2008, 2:37 AM
i have a firered and had an action replay.

one of the problems may be the mastercode. actually it is the mastercode.
because when i first used it the TM case use to glitch.
and i would get infinety items and back of your trainer card has maxium everything

so i messed around with the code and started looking on the net.
and i found that all codes work but there was an error in the master code.
some guy at Codejunkies put 2 lines with it.

one is the disabler you need that so you save cods without messing you game up. YOU NEED THAT!
other the is RNg killer of something like that get rid of them two bottom lines. i don't what it does but it gets rid of berries and tm's in the TM case after you save it if you play the game with the two lines of code.

if you still have the action or the codes, do what i did and copy the pokemon encounter master code
it still be in a different directory on the site/ action replay.

thats the code because if you notice when use that code nothing else happens to the game but encountering different pokemon.
so just write down the mastercode from that and use it. it should work it did for me.
then use other codes with.