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August 10th, 2008, 8:49 PM
I didn't know there was an introductory thread otherwise I would've done it sooner.
Umm... I like pokemon, I have been playing it Since the first gen when I was maybe 8 or something. I'm 19 now and I really don't know if the math adds up...
I used to always play on my brother's cartridge back then, not being allowed to save it wasn't until a year later I finally got any further than Lt Surge and his electric pokemanz!

My favourite chan is 420chan but only because of the /po/ board and maybe /nom/
I am Canadian, hence the 'u' in favourite.

My username is a reference to a poem written by Bonnie Parker (From Bonnie and Clyde the American outlaws)

I goes to post-sec school where i learns to be smart.... in 4 years I will be working a minimum wage job with a lot of student debt >:|

I tend to ramble on introductory threads.

I herd you liek Mudkips

August 10th, 2008, 9:00 PM
Well, you heard wrong.
I dos nawt leik Mudkipz.

That point aside, your introduction was very nice!
Thank-you for giving me something to read... I was hoping there would be a long introduction soon. xD
(Though there is nothing wrong with short introductions... I just like to read the longer ones. ;D)

It must have been horrible to not own your own "savable" Pokémon game.
It's an atrocity if I ever did see one. Though, I'm sure that you have your own games now, right?

I would have never guessed the reference to your username. That is very original of you.
As you can see, I'm not very original with my usernames. I just took Heatran's name before it was given it's English pseudonym. ;D

Well, I'm sorry that you will be working at a minimum-wage career... but just think, you will have the Pokecommunity to come home to.
(If it's still around... which it will be more-than-likely)

I do hope you will find PC to be an exciting and interesting forum.
Some funny things can happen here.
(Just wait until April 1...)

Enjoy yourself and welcome!

Roy G. Biv
August 10th, 2008, 9:02 PM
Well you heard wrong! :D

Welcome to the Pokecommunity, have tons of fun and cool prizes!
It'll all be worth it

Color me proud


Sheruda Kachinuki
August 10th, 2008, 10:41 PM
Ok, a Canadian, ok....
Welcome to PC and I hope you like this site.
Read the rules, and stay safe.