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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 16th, 2008, 10:43 PM
This RP is basically an alternate version of the actual Duelist kingdom plot, you will be playing as a duelist invited to the kingdom.


You as a duelist are sent a video tape from industrial illusions, that has Maxamillion Pegasaus on it telling you that you are formally invited to the Duelist Kingdom to compete against other duelist. You open another package that was sent with it, inside is a Crimson duelist glove with ten star shaped slots, two star chips already there, and two cards, one is blank and one has a large amount of treasure on it.

You build your deck, test stradegies til the day arrives that your ready to go to the island. On the cruise you get the chance to meet people, friends and rivals alike. You trade around cards, and practice.

After your cruise ship takes you to the island, you are greeted by Mr. Maxamillion Pegasaus himself, saying that once you earn ten star chips you are able to enter the castle and compete in the finals. With only two star chips, you have to earn your ten to get what you want.

Build Alliances, Gain enemies, Earn Starchip.

Let the duels begin.

Sign up sheet:

Apperance: (At least one paragraph)
Personality: ( At least one Paragraph)
History: Optional

List your deck in the OOC forum


1. NO Powerplaying
2. NO Bunnying
3. No Godmodding
4. Be Kind
5. Have fun.

Deck Rules:

1. Only use cards from the first season ( Legend of blue eyes, Metal Raiders, Etc;) If you need to ask, just ask.

2. Use mostly monster cards.

3. Use a max of eight effect monsters.

4. Have 80% of your monsters be 4 and below stars.

5. only one of each card.

6. Try not to use many cards from other peoples decks.

7. Your UBER card, ( Example: Yugi has Dark Magician, Joey has Red eyes...) Must be not anyone elses UBER card.

List of banned cards:

Blue eyes white dragon
Red eyes black dragon
Dark Magician