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August 21st, 2008, 9:10 AM
A New Pokemon World

Across the reaches of reality, there are several Pokemon worlds. One, though, stands out from the rest; a world that manifests itself in ours as a card game.

In this world, a substance called Energy is the greatest power in existence. It is the lifeblood of the planet, forming in nature as a crystalline structure that embodies the elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Steel, Darkness, Electricity, Mind, and Essence. When animals come into contact with Energy for many generations, they undergo Primary Evolution, slowly transforming into Pokemon. Because of this, Energy-rich regions are rich in Pokemon as well, to the point where they outnumber regular animals.

Energy and Energy-charged objects and organisms can be stored within a device called an enconn. Each enconn used in League play has 52 'units', or spaces to store Pokemon, Energy, items, Stadium programs, or Support programs. Enconns with fewer and more units are produced, but cannot be used in League battles. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, and are produced with many functions by different companies.

Pokemon Trainers wield the enconn, capturing and battling with the creatures called Pokemon. Some Trainers form special bonds with their Pokemon, and go into a line of work that suits both themselves and their trusted partner. Some entrust their enconn and Pokemon team to an aspiring Trainer when they feel it is time to retire from the business. Some enter the Pokemon industry, working with the creatures every day.

But some are not so scrupulous. There are those who would seek to manipulate the Pokemon and the Energy they were born from, out of sheer greed for money and power. Some would be so bold to even attempt to subdue the most powerful Pokemon; the Pokemon born with such power over the Energy in their environment that their removal could destroy all life for miles; the Pokemon called gods by their own kin...


Premises and Mechanics

Please read the information on battles, so as not to be left in the dark during the RP.

Useable Units

Pokemon - Are just that. A Pokemon unit can be either a Basic Pokemon or an evolved Pokemon (see section on Evolution for details). Any Pokemon card in the TCG is valid as a Pokemon unit in the RP, with the exception of 'variants' such as ___'s Pokemon, Dark Pokemon, Light Pokemon, Shining Pokemon, Pokemon-ex, Pokemon-Star, Delta Species Pokemon (though it saddens me ;_;), and Pokemon-LevelX.

Energy - In the wild, Pokemon are linked to the flow of Energy in their environment. When Trained, though, they must be supplied with Energy by their Trainer in order to attack. Before loaded into an enconn, processed Energy (the kind bought at stores) looks like 2-inch-wide marbles in different colors (depending on the element). Any Energy card in the TCG is valid as an Energy unit in the RP.

Items - Items come in two kinds; Equip Items (example) (http://www.poke-post.com/images/AquaMagma/74_Strength_Charm.jpg), which are held by a Pokemon and have lasting effects, and Useable Items (example) (http://www.pokemontradingcards.net/diamond-pearl/potion-118-common-diamond-&-pearl.jpg) which are used once and sent to the Charge Bank.

Stadium Programs - Create an Energy-charged field hologram with an effect on the battle. (example) (http://www.pokemontradingcards.net/diamond-pearl/speedstadium-114-uncommon-diamond-&-pearl.jpg)

Support Programs - Other units with effects on the battle. (example) (http://www.poke-post.com/images/PowerKeepers/75_Energy_Switch.jpg) (example) (http://www.wizards.com/global/images/pokemon/bills_maintenance_b59n.jpg)

Enconn Terms

Call Bank - (Deck) The enconn's deep storage, where all units go outside of battle. A standard enconn has a 52-unit Call Bank.

Action Bank - (Hand) In battle mode, a temporary Action Bank is opened. Units must be moved from the Call Bank to the Action Bank in order to be accessed for use. In official League battles, the enconn is configured to dispense one random unit into the Action Bank at regular intervals, to ensure a fair battle. Outside of the League (such as in the wild), Trainers have full control over unit movement.

Charge Bank - (Discard) Once used, units must be charged before they can be used again. A unit sent to the Charge Bank cannot recharge during battle, so a single unit is only useful once in a single match. Charging takes approximately five minutes out of battle mode.


Lead Pokemon - (Active) The Pokemon that is currently fighting. It is the only Pokemon capable of attacking.

Defense Pokemon - (Bench) The enconn is not capable of supporting more than one fully active Pokemon at a time. It can, however, manage five Defense Pokemon in addition to one lead Pokemon. These Pokemon can evolve, gain energy, use non-attacking abilities, and have items and support programs used on them - in short, do everything but attack. They appear as semi-transparent, "ghostly" forms and cannot stray over two yards from the enconn they are linked to.

Attacks - Each Pokemon species has unique attacks, each with a minimum required amount of energy. Your Pokemon can use attacks from cards of that species, or attacks that you have invented yourself (but they must be reasonable, e.g. no powerplaying.)

Evolution - In order for a Pokemon to evolve, you must have both the lower and higher forms of that Pokemon and combine them to create an evolution. The evolution is a seperate entity from its basic form; it acts as an outer shell while the lower form goes dormant. So while a Trainer may have a loyal Larvitar, his Pupitar might be unruly, and his Tyranitar might want to eat him for dinner.

Capture - To obtain Pokemon, a Trainer must capture them in the wild. Capture is performed by first weakening the Pokemon, as with a Pokeball in the games or anime. After the Pokemon is subdued, a command on the enconn enables the Trainer to load it as one unit. The Pokemon must stay within a radius of approximately five feet (varies depending upon the enconn strength) for a certain amount of time to allow the enconn to load it. The stronger the Pokemon, the more Energy it has and the longer it must stay within the radius.

All other mechanics are as they are in the Pokemon TCG.



The news spreads quickly - there is to be a Pokemon League Tournament! In Mauville City, the very heart of Hoenn, Trainers from around the world will gather to display their prowess in a series of Pokemon battles. And for the week before the main event, the streets of Mauville will turn into a Pokemon enthusiast's dream; specialized competitions, parades, performances, Unit vendors...

And you, a Pokemon Trainer among thousands, are hopelessly beguiled. You will attend the festival and tournament, and show the world what you and your team are made of!

But little do you know that a plot is brewing; a plot that will pit the honor of true Pokemon Trainers against an unquenchable greed for power, in a race to defend creatures that are only told of in legends...


Name: (First and last)
Age: (13 or older)
Personality: (At least three good sentences)
Appearance: (At least one good paragraph, or a picture/sprite)
History: (At least two good paragraphs; how did your character get their enconn? How did they get their first Pokemon? Any notable experiences during Trainerhood?)

Enconn: (Enconns come in many styles. Some are worn like a wristwatch, some are held like a cell phons, etc. Describe your character's enconn; its style, color, size, and any other info.)
Basic Pokemon: (Species, gender, name (if any), a few words to describe their personality. Your character should have about 12, so don't be too elaborate.
Evolutions: (Same as above, but for evolved Pokemon. You will have less of these than Basic Pokemon, and keep in mid that they are seperate entities.)
Special Units: (Most Trainers keep a few Potions, Pokeballs, Energy Searches, and the like. But if you have any really exceptional units - Multi Energy, Mysterious Fossil, Master Ball - put them here.)

RP Sample:

I'll post my character once there are a few members. No whining because you didn't get accepted, and no asking when the RP will start. It'll start when it starts.


Your RP seems extremely interesting, but I'd like to know a few more things about the universe it's set in first.

Here's the questions:

Are Pokemon able to materialize outside the enconn and interact with the trainer? Or are they limited to battling?The rules for Pokemon appearance are universal; one can materialize fully and five must stay within a certain radius, both in and out of battle.

Can Pokemon be "trained", as in the games and anime, to become more powerful? Or is their power fixed? That is, do they behave more like living beings where one varies from the next, or like cards, where they have set values that do not change?They can be 'trained', but not in the sense of levels. A Pokemon with more battling experience is smarter, more skilled, and possibly more resilient to attacks than a less experienced Pokemon.

Do Pokemon have the same attacks present in the games, anime, etc., or are they limited by their TCG attacks? (This one is extremely important, as I can't participate if the latter is the case unless I'm immediately granted access to a TCG database).They can use any attack you want them to (even TCG and/or inveted ones), as long as;
1) The Pokemon is physically and elementally capable of using the move,
2) The power and effects are reasonable, and
3) The amount of Energy required is proportionate to the technique's strength.

Can Pokemon dodge attacks and move around the field without expending energy? Are there any attacks the Pokemon can make using its body alone without enhancing its strength via energy that don't consume energy? (i.e., is it possible to move around and simply scratch or punch the opponent without using energy- using a much less powerful and ineffective version of an existing attack?)Yes. Your Pokemon can act without Energy limits, but actual attacks have a certain amount of required Energy before they can be used.

What effect does "Combining" Pokemon during evolution have on the basic Pokemon? Does their conciousness get displaced completely by the evolved form's consciousness? And how do Pokemon evolve in the wild?In the wild, Pokemon evolve naturally, because of the 'living' Energy present in a natural environment. As for Trainer-induced evolution, the basic Pokemon is essentially sleeping inside the evolved Pokemon, and woken up when the evolved Pokemon is removed from them. Memories are transferred between the two (three?), so a basic Pokemon, though it was unable to act while masked by the evolved form, would still remember what transpired suring its evolution. The reason Pokemon are unable to evolve naturally is covered with the response to the next question.

Why can't captured Pokemon absorb energy if they're in an energy-rich region?Okay...I'm going to make a computer analogy here. Think of Pokemon as computers, and the Energy field of a particular region (a la the Tree of Beginning's Aura field from the anime) as a network. When Pokemon are loaded into the enconn, they are moved from the Energy field of the environment to the Energy field of the enconn. The Trainer must manually charge this field with Energy in order for the Pokemon to absorb it.

Are Pokemon sentient?I'm assuming you mean "can they talk/understand human language/think like a human/etc.?" Well...in the fanfiction this is derived from (which is mine, so don't go saying I stole these ideas), Pokemon are able to speak human tongues. I realized only today that I had neglected to mention that in the first post...so I'm glad you asked this. Pokemon can speak English (though they cannot read or write unless taught), and they have, for the most part, human intelligence (though they are affected to a point by their remaining animal instincts.) The exceptions would be a scant few individuals of the more fearsome species, due to the massive amount of Energy stored in their bodies that links them to the unforgiving side of nature.

What are the effects of energy on humans?The processed, marble-like kind bought in stores is competely harmless unless broken (think batteries.) Raw Energy - the kind found in wilderness - is dangerous in high concentrations. Humans' bodies are not built to handle large amounts of Energy, and will suffer neural damage if overexposed.

Can Pokemon attack on their own, or are they totally dependent on the orders of a trainer?

If you could clear up some or all of that for me, it would be great. :3
Basically the same as the anime - they obey for the most part, but can act on their own if they don't like their Trainer/are in a situation where they cannot depend on their Trainer.

Thanks for asking, and I'm happy to help. I was starting to give up hope that anyone would join. ^^

Alter Ego
August 25th, 2008, 3:28 AM
You could just have edited, or at least asked for permission before doing this. :\

Thy posts have now been merged and a warning has been issued. Have a good day.

Scarlet Weather
August 26th, 2008, 4:31 PM
God, forgive me for overbooking myself, but this is TOO FREAKING ORIGINAL TO PASS UP. o.o

Name: Mark Trehador

Age: 15




Enconn: Mark's enconn is worn on both arms as a pair of bracers, one red, one blue. Commands are voice-activated, but Mark can override them when he needs to. Although both enconn units share the same action, charge and data banks, only the right-arm bracer can launch Pokemon or load energy units and only the left arm bracer can initiate support programs. Both bracers must be utilized for an evolution to run.


Cranidos (Gon): Mark's starter, and an affectionate, almost babylike Pokemon that follows him around wherever he goes. Gon displays this affection, unfortunatly, by slamming into Mark's stomach wherever he goes.

Pidgey (Goyo): A rather odd bird with a nervous tic, Goyo was caught entirely by accident, and obviously has no affection towards his trainer. Then again, he does seem greatful for food...

Geodude (Steve): A rock-hard loner, with no qualms about beating the crap out of anyone that pisses him off- including Mark.

Machop (Also Steve): Since he was caught at the same time Steve was, Also earned his nickname from Mark's lack of originality. Also is capable of throwing around over thirty times his own body weight. Unfortunately, he rarely uses this to battle, instead preferring to show off to female Pokemon.

Eevee (Eva): A gift from a doting grandmother, Eva is the only member of Mark's team who actually feels sorry for him when one of the other Pokemon accidentally beats the crap out of him, with the possible exception of Gon. Unfortunately, she has little battle talent to speak of.

The Sandshrew Triplets (Larry, Moe, and Shemp): A trio of extremely energetic Sandshrew who love to perform acrobatic routines almost as much as they love to battle. In fact, they're probably refugees from a circus somewhere. Unfortunately for Mark, they all want to practice their acrobatic routines when they should be training, and vice versa.

Meowth (Schroidinger): A Meowth that hardly ever obeys Mark's orders- in fact, at times it doesn't seem to be there at all...

Larvitar: One sentence is all that's needed to describe this unnamed Pokemon: He's an idiot. 'Nuff said.

Evolutions: 3x Sandslash, 1x Rampardos, 1x Graveler and Golem, 1x Persian. Most of the evolved Pokemon on Mark's team have one mindset, with the exceptions of Rampardos and Persian: THE MOMENT THIS KID STOPS FEEDING US, WE SLIT HIS THROAT. Persian and Rampardos, oddly enough, still retain a similar personality to their basic form.

Supports: Mysterious Fossil, Energy Removal, Double Colorless Energy, and the maximum allowed number of "Switch" programs.


August 27th, 2008, 11:07 AM
Of course you're reserved! I love your SU so far, especially the Sandshrew Triplets and the enconn style. Woo.

Midnight Jasper
September 25th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Now, what does this remind me of? -COUGH- Digimon -COUGH-
Not to say that it isn't pure GENIUS!!!
But, seriously. I know nothing about TCG (except your Delta characters make me laugh), but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Name: Kotara Kazer
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Kotara is (self-proclaimed) fiery, (self-proclaimed) headstrong, (self-proclaimed) determined, and a (self-proclaimed) beauty. In reality, she's athletic but pretty lazy, courageous in the face of danger but not in stranger's faces, and quite vain. She often uses sarcasm, and can sometimes make people laugh with her deadpan tone.
Even though Kotara can be a bit superficial, she's always generous and kind. Unfortunately, she falls under the self-deluded belief that because of this, everyone must love her - in fact, this is not so, and her Pokemon gnaw on her because they believe she is meat, not because they love her to death.

Kotara is tall, dark-skinned, and hazel-eyed. She has brown-black hair that she hardly ever brushes properly - as a result, it twists and turns every which way, growing up to her shoulders (and actually looks quite cool in a weird kind of way).
Her figure is slim and curvaceous, due to aforementioned interest in athletics.

Kotara was given her first enconn and Pokemon as a 10th birthday present by her mother - big mistake. She has never, ever wanted to fight - in fact, she is a complete pacifist.
Unfortunately, her 10th birthday present overpowered her and dragged her off to the real world to fight some real battles. Since then, Kotara's made some friends and rivals, most notably Old Bob (a very, very old man who's defeated her around fifty times).
They had travelled through six cities before Kotara managed to tame her birthday present's wild fighting spirit and convince the Pokemon to settle down. The good news is that Kotara got to rest for a day. The bad news is that after that day, her Pokemon took off again, and what choice did Kotara have but to follow him?
Ever since then, the poor girl and her battle-crazy Pokemon have been seeking out every trainer in Johto, determined to be the most powerful of all.

Kotara's enconn takes the form of a very heavy, hard headband. It's meant to be thought-activated, but its sell-by date was a long, long time ago, and if Kotara's mind starts to wander even a little in battle, her Pokemon are liable to start dancing the cancan. Fortunately, this unuseful feature can be turned off, in which case Kotara can press a few buttons to use it instead.
Even with the thought-activated feature turned off, her enconn is still a little sensitive, and reflects her mood by buzzing loudly or zapping people randomly.

Basic Pokemon:

Ira the Spearow (M)
Ira is Kotara's first Pokemon, and is one of the most violent little creatures you will ever find. He lives solely for every next fight, and starts scratching at Kotara's ankles if there's too long a wait. However, he's absolutely tiny (wouldn't come up to your knee) and consequently no-one takes him seriously.
He feels nothing for Kotara, and only sticks by her because trainers will stomp on him if he challenges them without his trainer.

Duffy the Diglett (M)
Little Duffy is very, very sweet and loves Kotara dearly. The only problem is he has no memory whatsoever and is constantly losing his way and coming back to trainers who resemble Kotara somewhat (or don't at all). Aww.

Pippa the Buneary (F)
Despite her rather cute name, Pippa seems to have gained her Lopunny attitude a bit early and only ever thinks about males. Most of the time she targets very strong Pokemon, most of them not in her egg group (Rhydon, Onix, Salamence, etc.)
Kotara regrets teaching Pippa Attract, but now Pippa refuses to forget it, preferring to Attract every single male she meets. She hates Kotara for constantly scaring away her guys and trying to make her forget Attract.

Whammie the Miltank (F)
Whammie is huge, and literally a Miltank - a tank of milk. Whenever she feels like it she can let loose and create huge puddles of milk around her - this normally happens while training, and never when milk is actually being collected. However, Whammie is kind-hearted and feels sympathy for Kotara. This sympathy is shown in the form of Whammie sitting on her and suffocating her. Aww - wuv.

Puffi and Tuffi - Spoinks (F&M)
Puffi, the laid-back, level-headed male, works hard to try and unlock his psychic powers. He does this by practising on Kotara and entering her mind at the most awkward moments.
Tuffi, the hyperactive, sugar-crazy female, works hard to spread love around in the world. She does this by bouncing everywhere and generally getting on everyone's nerves. Tuffi is a super-pacifist, and will often put everyone to sleep in a battle, including Kotara ('Sleep is the only true state of peace').

Remy the Marill (M)
Remy (pronouced Rem-e) is the most robotic of Kotara's party. He never seems to feel any emotion whatsoever, and says everything in the same, deadpan voice. This annoys some of the team, and they try to scare him or make him cry. Remy responds by blasting them with his Water Gun.

Mickey and Minnie - Rattata (M & F)
They escaped from some obscure theme park named 'Waltland' where they were paraded around in silly costumes and made to talk in high-pitched voices. They settled down in a burrow and met many friends. They are eternally 'grateful' to Kotara for sitting into and destroying the burrow they had made, as well as constantly stepping on their tails.

Nafi the Onix (F)
Nafi was sent to Kotara for her eleventh birthday - a Pokemon from her mother as a sort of 'apology'. Unlike Ira, Nafi is very docile and often lives in a world of her own. She is slow and quiet, and the most reasonable of Kotara's party.
Evolutions: (Also unfinished)
Kuni the Kakuna (F)
Kotara (rather stupidly) evolved her Weedle once. As a result, she has a totally ungrateful shell that can only tackle, wrap people in string and harden its shell. Even though Kuni can't fight, it has proved rather useful in knocking fruit off trees and sewing. Kuni would eat up Kotara if she knew how, but for now she is limited to tying her up and bashing into her several times.

Special Units:
-is completely ignorant of TCG-
-will get back to you later once I have read up on the subject-
-bangs self against wall-

RP Sample:
(Umm...I am your friend, and write relatively good stories? -smiles hopefully-)

"Ouch!" Kotara flinched, rubbing the raw wound that Ira had re-opened for the thirtieth time that day. "Ira! Stop it!"
Ira ignored her, pecking desperately at the binding of her shoes.
Really, Ira! You shouldn't do that! It's so anti-paci!
The grey, pig-like creature bounced next to him, smiling a wide smile.
Anti-pacifist, si-LLY!
Ira, predictably, lost his temper, only after five sentences. Hardly a record for him.
What the HELL is anti-pacifist? Act like a real Pokemon, you stupid pig!
Tuffi's pearl started to glow mysteriously. Her eyes shone blue, and her face settled upon a look of mild dislike - the only sign of irritation the pacifist ever showed on her face.
Kotara laughed. It amused her to see a ferocious, tiny little Pokemon like Ira being hypnotized. But it wasn't just that - Kotara needed to laugh, badly. Over the past few days, she'd thought that this was the worst situation possible: being stuck in a forest, waiting for a Diglett suffering severe amnesia, and waiting with many Pokemon, most of which hated her.
But now she thought about it, things weren't that bad. After all, it was a beautiful day. There were birds chirping and the tramp-tramp of crunching autumn leaves. The floor was a splendid mixture of cadmium gold and orange and red and yellow, and every now and then a Stantler would come romping through the woods, not a metre away from you.
Things were not that bad.
That was when the tree behind her exploded.