View Full Version : My Love...

September 1st, 2008, 3:00 PM
Is she the right one for me...
maybe if I listen carefully; God might tell me.

You came to me,
it was custon that I agree,
I had loved you, and I also thought you loved me,
Did you love me? Let us see...

When I met you, you were blind,
but I accepted you because I was at heart; kind,
I never really took to thought the fact that you were blind,
but when I did, I put it behind,

I took you from him,
he was harm, his fire was deam,
but mine was everblazing,
and so ever restoring,

You said you would follow me,
I listened, and as before, loved you without a fee,
he ran away, or so I thought,
As we moved on, infinite love was bought...

However I hurt you, you hurt me,
through our relationship, blind you were but you could see,
Then suddenly, I relented, because I was a mess,
The 'missing' you made me, within time; restless,

I must confess, I sought others,
but when you returned, our love had no borders,

I dont have anything to say to your kind,
you are more than blind.

Now you might think I love another,
you might call me a heart breaker,
But I didnt break your heart,
it now seems that you thought yourself not to rely on your heart,

Well this one that I now love;
she might be sent from above,
even though there is a third that loves me,
one who thinks that I'm free,

I'm still typing...in 30min, I'll complete this.