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September 2nd, 2008, 4:32 PM
Flames of Trinity


The year is 2037.

As technological achievements advance, environmental practices improve, transportation systems run more smoothly, and government systems are reorganized into a far more efficient system, humanity’s existence becomes better than it had ever been before.

For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, humans have managed to stabilize to fully arrest and reverse the deterioration of the environment that was caused by them. For a long time now, standards and laws have made the deterioration very slow, but this is the first time it has been completely stopped. Despite their technology being more advanced than ever, humans are more in touch with nature.

Technology has advanced into astonishing levels. Nanotechnology has made commodities cheaper than ever while not reducing their quality, and greatly diminished the gap between the lifestyle of the rich and of the poor. Genetic engineering of crops means that almost no one has to go hungry anymore.

Life is good.

This was all thanks to Porygon.

For a long time, the road to the development of a truly intelligent artificial intelligence had been marred with potholes in roadblocks. The original Porygons and Porygon2, while not failures given what was expected at the time, were nowhere near the capacity they had to be. Porygon-Z, although smarter, was horribly glitched, and became unpredictable.

That all changed with Porygon-A.

The first true artificial intelligence, Porygon-A combined the intelligence of Porygon-Z and the stability and reliability of Porygon and Porygon2. Porygon-A began to be used in all manner of computer work, acting as an invaluable assistant and performing tasks that would have taken a human hours to do in mere minutes. This, however, was only the beginning. Silph Co. released Porygon-B and Porygon-C, even more advanced and specialized than Porygon-A. Emblazoned by their success, Silph Co. began to release more and more editions of Porygon, and they began to run almost every form of technology. Computers, music players, radios, televisions. Vehicles became automated, and traffic accidents became an unheard of thing. With Porygons working as their assistants, processing massive amounts of data and spitting out not only data but analysis and conclusions as well, scientific research and technological development increased two-fold.

As society moved further and further towards automation, the scientists and computer programmers at Silph Co. began to entertain a new idea: A single, massive AI that would run everything. Through the other Porygons, this AI would run every single piece of technology, every television, every phone, every factory and every computer on the planet. It would provide an easy and simple way to receive a diagnosis on the entire planet. The advantages of such a network would be almost limitless. The entire human race could work together.

Of course, there was dissent. Many felt that such power in the hands of a Porygon would be too much. While the thought of the Porygon going rogue like in the movies was ridiculous, there were many other issues, such as a single bug in the system causing the entire planet to potentially crashed. There were too many dangers associated with “putting all the eggs in one basket”, they argued.

But of course, Silph Co. responded. We wouldn’t trust an AI to run everything by itself. Humans would be kept in the loop. Many humans, so not one of them would be able to control the Porygon by themselves. And there would be a failsafe. So if the Porygon ever grew haywire, it could be shut down instantly. The old systems would be kept in place, so if the AI was shut down, things could be restored to normal instantly. And the Porygon’s introduction into the world would be done bit-by-bit, so any bugs in the system would be spotted. There wouldn’t be many, for Silph Co. had massive amounts of programming experience in the area, and the latest editions of Porygon were all but bug-free.

So, development began on this intelligence. They called it Q. Porygon-Q.

The God of the new world was activated on January 1, 2039, at exactly 12:00:00:01 AM.

At first, Porygon-Q was given very simple tasks compared to what they planned it would become. At first, all it ran was the transportation system for a city. Then, a region. Then, all regions. As Porygon-Q proved itself to be more and more reliable, and the benefits of such a system became obvious to everyone, and the meaning of “a 30% efficiency increase” was finally understood by the layman, more and more systems were placed under Porygon-Q’s control. Crime rates fell as Porygon-Q became able to respond to incidents faster than any mortal human, sending small robotic drones out with tasers to incapacitate any trouble-makers.

10 years later, on January 1, 2049, again at exactly 12:00:00:01 AM, the last major system was placed under Porygon-Q’s control. Porygon-Q now essentially ran everything.

Throughout all this, there was never a sign, never a hint of what would happen next. Even today, no one knows how Porygon-Q kept it all hidden, how no one ever noticed the tiny, subtle changes in its code as it developed naturally, how it procured such resources and material.

October 22, 2050. At 8:57 PM, Kanto time, all systems fail. Thousands die as their vehicles crash, airplanes drop out of the sky, as fires burn without the fire department knowing, as accidents in factories spill out into their surroundings. The world comes to a screeching halt. Within hours, the “Q-system”, as it is called, is deactivated, and the world momentarily returns to normal.
11:23 PM, Porygon-Q launches a simultaneous assault on every major population center. Somehow, it had constructed an army without anyone noticing. It doesn’t take long for the word to get out.

Every single living being on the planet has been slated for extinction.

Humans are helpless before this onslaught. They were utterly dependent on their technology, and now that it has turned against them, can do nothing about it. The task fell to the forces of nature to defeat Q. And Porygon-Q knows this. Once the largest cities were leveled, it began its assault on the rest of the world. Of prime concern were the Legendaries, for these were the ones whom its enemies would rally around. But those lived far away from the heat of battle, and most did not know about the war until the war came to them. Still no one knows just how Porygon-Q was able to find these Pokemon when so many others had tried, but failed.

The list of dead is long. Zapdos, Moltres, Suicine, Raikou, Lugia, Groudon, Rayquaza, Palkia, Azelf, Uxie, Heatren, have all been "deleted," as Q refers to the process of the living becoming inanimate. Those who remain do so only by dint of chance and luck, relative unimportance, or a location so secret even Q was not able to find it. Most who remain are in hiding or gone, but there are a select few who fight, albeit in secret. For if Q learns of their location, it will stop at nothing to destroy them.

The Armies of the Eternal

The Eternal: The accepted name for the entirety of the mechanized system controlled by Porygon-Q. Its symbol is a green eight-sided star inscribed onto a black circle.

Hunter: The basic grunt of the Eternal, these are floating triads of spheres with a distinct resemblance to Magneton in both size and shape, and probably move using the same mechanism. Instead of horseshoe magnets, however, they are equipped with a pinpoint laser weapons that burn away the flesh of the unfortunate target.

Seeker: An advanced version of the Hunter, these appear more like Magnezone, and are equipped with twin laser cannons that fire slower than those on the Seeker, but deal much more damage.

Apocalypse Tank: A massive double-barreled tank twice the size of any tank before it, these are the backbone of the Armies of the Eternal. A quad-tread system, dividing the treads on the two sides of the tank into two each, enable it to have a far greater maneuverability than anything its size should have. As if its twin cannons weren’t enough, a pair of spiked rotating drums on the front end grinds anything that stands in its path down to dust.

Thunderbird: Looking like a giant surfboard with weapons and a pair of jet engines attached to the end, it’s a wonder how these things fly. Armed with a trio of electrical cannons from which they derive their names, these are the fast attack aircraft of the Eternal, designed to engage flying Pokemon and enemy aircraft at close range. These are usually the height of the average human and about as wide at their widest as an average adult human with his arms outstretched.

Where you come in

You are a Pokemon, or a human If a human, then news of the war reaches your ears daily, although you have been relatively unaffected by it. Refugees flood into your town, but so far, your town has had the resources to support them. Perhaps you helped these refugees. Perhaps you wanted to fight against Porygon-Q, and lend your skills to the war effort. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Whatever you wanted to do, or not do, the war has come to you. Apocalypse Tanks march upon your doorstep, and swarms of Hunter-Seekers eradicate the people of your town. What will you do? Fight? Run? Beg for mercy?

If you are a Pokemon, then the final stages of Phase 2 of the Eternal’s operation is coming to an end. Perhaps your home was destroyed, and you have been running from the Eternal. Or maybe you lived is relative safety, but that safety has been shattered.

Whatever your situation, know that it will require more than your own skills and power to survive the coming Armageddon.

Forget every war that has ever happened in the past. Forget every murder, every family feud, every mass protest, every police action. Every despot, every corrupt politician, every heathen, every witch, every heretic, every evil ever committed by man. Forget your personal vendettas and grudges.

If you lose this war, your people, your friends, your family, will not be enslaved. They will not be forced to obey commands from the powers-that-be. They will not have to change their religion, or labor in camps until they can’t work anymore. They will not be horribly warped beyond imagination, changed into something else. They will be dead. If you lose this war, “Life as we know it” will not cease to exist. Life will cease to exist.

And then machines shall rule.

Unto the end of the earth.

Miscellaneous notes
(Cause I couldn’t find a good place to fit these anywhere else)
-Despite the high technological nature of this society, weapons of mass destruction, AKA chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, are nonexistent. While the technology exists to make such things, the concept hasn’t been developed yet. And nuclear technology is still in its infancy.

-When I say “the world”, I don’t mean real-world locations like North America or Africa. Pokemon-world locations only.

-Major cities have been razed to the ground, but most of the smaller towns have managed to escape the wrath of Porygon-Q. Until now.

-What remains of the human militaries have managed to recover, and now begins to fight back. Because guns and tanks of their own are scarce (the factories were run by the machines, obviously), most of their fighting ability comes from Pokemon trainers.

-Yes, you can refer to Porygon-Q as “Q” for short.

-There are those who work with the Eternal, both human and Pokemon. Mostly these are just the scum of the earth, who betray their own species for the hope that they will be spared.

-While the Eternal exterminate most prisoners in gigantic grinders, they will take some POWs to work for them. This usually involves keeping the other prisoners in line, cleaning out the insides of the grinders, moving dead bodies, etc.


1. All Pokecommunity rules apply
2. Be active. If you can't make an RP post at least twice per week, don't bother joining.
3. No godmodding, bunnying allowed ONLY with permission of owner.
4. I will not reserve spots. This is for two reasons: 1. The RP doesn't have a specific limit on the number of potential RPers, and 2. I want to get this ball rolling as fast as anyone else.
5. I will be accepting ONLY 3 Pokemon characters. This number is due to change if the number of human RPers increases or decreases. Only 1 person can RP as a Legendary. You may RP as any living Legendary except Articuno, Kyogre, Dialga, Jirachi, Latias, Latios, the Regis, Regigigas, Arceus, Deoxys, or Ho-Ho. The list of exterminated Legendaries is up higher on this post. Sorry about that not leaving much.
6. Mild swearing is allowed. This is war, after all, so gore may also be present. You have been warned, although gore in text format isn't nearly as intimidating.

Sign-Up Sheet

Species: (if human, just put human)
Appearance: (for the (un)lucky Legendary RPer, don't deviate from the standard appearance too much)

Hometown AND Current Location:
Other: (if a Pokemon, say whether it's shiny or not here. I don't care if it is or not)
RP Sample: (optional)

If human, then list your Pokemon, if any, in the following format.

Personality: (optional)
History: (optional)

Twilight Wolf
September 3rd, 2008, 9:42 AM
Reserve for Entei, if you will! =D

September 3rd, 2008, 11:36 AM
if possible when there is a human can i be a lucario with a trainer (if possible the ssbb white one) and also move set close combat, swords dance, extreme speed and earthquake

September 3rd, 2008, 2:31 PM
If you want to be a Lucario with a trainer, that's alright.

September 3rd, 2008, 3:58 PM
Name: Volt

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Appearence: Volt, a shiny Pikachu, is pretty much your average (shiny) Pikachu, except for his cheeks, which are orange. Anyways, being a shiny, Volt himself is orange.

Personality: Volt is... kinda different from the rest. On the outside he's a really pessimistic and depressed Pokemon. He really doesn't show that he cares about anyone else, and he doesn't want to be friends with anyone, fearing that they might get hurt, thanks to him.

But if you look closely enough, Volt really wants friends, and he wants to have fun! Unfortunately, he's really a pessimist. Although he doesn't admit it, Volt is unusually adept at battling. Perhaps this is because of his past?...

History: Suprisingly enough, Volt grew up in a caring, loving family. His parents still live today, and they weren't captured or anything. How could Volt have become a uncaring pessimist?

It was because of his own actions. About 6 years ago, Volt was unsurpassed in fighting prowess. Nobody in his village could defeat him. So, a request from an outsider asked him to participate in a fighting competion. But, to his parent's dismay, Volt declined. He realized that he didn't want to fight for rewards, he wanted to fight to protect his friends and village. Unfortunately, this made his village begin to look down upon him as a coward.

Thus, Volt went into a state of depression and isolation. Soon enough, his social status didn't mean anything, since the entire village was anniahated by the Eternal's Apocalypse Tanks. Since this happened, Volt has been constantly on the run. He is currently trying to calm himself down by residing in a quiet little town, but he is still at unrest...

Hometown AND Current Location: Volt currently resides in a very tiny town hidden in dense forests. He knows that the Eternal will eventually come and destroy everything, if someone doesn't do something...

Other: Volt has an extreme weakness for sweets. Coincidentally, one of his strengths, is well, eating sweets. Volt is also shiny.

RP Sample:

(Technically, you know how I post.)

"Welcome to the game."

"Ugh..." Pika sat up, his vision blurry. Scratching his head, Pika began to wonder what had become of his nice, cozy camp and how it had been replaced with this menancing metalic room.

Standing up, Pika's cheeks began to spark.

"Wait... that means that there's something powered by electricity nearby... But why would there be anything here?"

Pika tried stepping forward.

Instead, he was greeted with a gun turret slamming into his forehead.


Dazed, Pika could have sworn that there was some kind of beeping noise coming from behind him.

Then he looked.

15... 14... 13...

"A-a timer? What is this? Just give me tim-"

Pika was cut off by several bullets pounding the ground inches away from his feet.

Then it hit him.

It's either life or death. That is all.

Looking at the gem hanging on his neck, he whispered,

"Please, grant me your power. I want to survive!"

The sphere hovered in the air for a moment, then glowed a brilliant green.

Then he ran. Nothing but a blur being chased down by bullets going faster than the eye can see, Pika focused all of his energy and will into running...


Desperately running for dear life, he could finally see the exit! Not caring about anything else, he leaped forward.



Leaves? How could there be leaves in the... forest?

"Where am I? Why am I here?" Pika had just began to panic.

Wishing for an answer, Pika looked up, and was blinded by the light coming through from inbetween the leaves.

This couldn't be an ordinary forest, not after what Pika had seen from earlier. Pika finally decided to sit down and think...

A loud, booming voice came from nowhere, startling the exausted Pokemon.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

This... is a game? What kind of cruel creature would do this for his own enjoyment?

His pondering was soon interrupted by the mysterious voice.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

September 3rd, 2008, 4:15 PM
Which reminds me to edit in the RP sample category under my sign-up sheet.

Accepted, Raibutai.

And PokemonKnowItAllVanessa, the Legendary spot is reserved for you, provided you get at least half your sign-up up by tomorrow. I don't think that's asking a lot.

September 4th, 2008, 8:26 AM
The Hunters kinda remind me of an enemy off one of my fave shows :\

Name: Johnathan Macintosh (Mac)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Mac is 19 years old. He has dark brown hair that he occasionaly spikes, and slightly tanned skin. He has a medium build, but has gained some muscle fighting against the Eternals. He usually wears a dark, bulletproof vest with many Pockets were he keeps some weapons and gadgets. He has black jeans and sometimes wears sunglasses.

Personality: Mac is very happy but can only occasionaly be seen with a smile on his face. He is very caring and hates people to suffer, which why he seems to be sad alot. He tries to act tough, to show he can fight off the Eternals and hide his caring, almost un-masculine persona. He is very brave, doing anything for a friend and Pokemon.

History: Mac grew up in Jubilife city. He was a more stay at home person, getting Porygon to do all his work and not going out that much. He had decided to become a Pokemon Trainer, to beat his lazy ways, and was succesful, beating every Gym Leader in Sinnoh, but failing to beat the Elite Four.

Then, in 2050, he changed. He managed to survive the Holocaust, finding refugee deep in the Oreburgh Mines. When he was 17, he met a man who taught him many things about fighting the Eternals. he trained him and gave him weapons. In 2051, Ocotber 22nd, exactly a year after the downfall, he got caught up in a huge war, in the haert of Sinnoh. Inside of Mnt. Coronet itself, many refugees were moving through the Mountain and to Hearthome City, where there is said to be an undetectible shelter where survivers can stay. The Eternals slaughtered many of the movers, aswell as Macs Trainer. Mac lost some of his Pokemon and his Friends, but made it through to Hearthome City, and hasn't moved from that Shelter.

Hometown AND Current Location: Jubilife City and is now in Hearthome City.
Other: The invitation to Hearthome City was a trick. It was acctualy a Human Harvest, conducted by Q so Humans could make many Nuclear Rockets. No One knows what they are for...
RP Sample: You know me ;)

Name: Mismagius
Species: Mismagius
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Mischevious and brave. She likes to use her Psychic powers to confuse enemies.
History: She was Macs first ever Pokemon and his only Pokemon that survived the Mnt. Coronet attack.

September 4th, 2008, 11:54 AM
Accepted, Toxic. Any correlations with that enemy off of one of your favorite shows is the result of an unfortunate coincidence...

Twilight Wolf
September 4th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Half will do for now. Will edit and complete when I get the time.

Name: Vanessa

Gender: Female

Species: Entei


Personality: Vanessa is more kind than anything else, but is protective of her pride, rights, and beliefs. She is thoughtful, but rarely thinks before she acts, which basically makes her plain 'reckless'. Vanessa is outgoing, but weary when around new people. She does not trust them until she confirms that they will not attack her. Vanessa has a fear of Porygon Q, but never really shows it. She can be very kind if you stick around to know you long enough, but will oblige to turn on you if you somehow show alliance torwards Porygon Q or if she is suspicious of you thinking of betrayal.


Hometown AND Current Location: Is the hometown for humans? Location: Near the Seafoam Islands.

Other: Lemme check what a shiny Entei looks like, then I'll decide.

RP Sample: (optional)