View Full Version : A little peice of my mind.

September 9th, 2008, 12:25 PM
We give all we are to a false hope.
Throwing ourselves away to chase away the pain.
But, when we live like this, who can say who's right?
Critisize, hypnotize, controling the others with entangled webs of lies and deceit.
We can't stop each other from hating one another, simple things turning into crimes, and we go back to the beginning of our lives. Evaluations of the simple mind.
And inside, the hate and pain manifest with interest in violence and chaos, turning into what we know as outcasts. Thrown from society, untrusting of the rest of the world.

And we wonder why people kill. Why people shut themselves in, commit suicide.

An escape from a world colder than ice.

Harsh, no? The world we live in is unforgiving. Unrelenting.
All happiness is, is an ephemeral dream, to some. A shot of heroin that results in a high so great, you beg on your knees for more, no doubt. Social Darwinism?


But what of those who are so sure of their own stoicism, they see others who take things emotionally as nothing more than fools? What is it about those emotionally charged people that can bring a stoic person from their own isolation?

I don't know the answer to that myself.

But who has it worse? The emotional one, thrown from the world, left in solemn silence, not by choice, but by nature? Or the quiet stoic, who shuts themself off so that nothing hurts anymore, but still enough that they're always alone?

The world may never know.