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September 13th, 2008, 12:34 PM
The Land of Seven Suns

Long ago, the world was barren. Empty oceans lapped at sterile shores, and all the world was bare and lifeless. Kritrinos, the Yellow Sun, rose and fell once a day, the sole source of existence in this miserable land, and cast its meager light upon the cold, exposed landscape.

Abruptly, this endless dream, permanent and unchanging, was put to end. From the valley of Likno, the Cradle of Life, a towering pulse of energy reaches into the sky. The Beacon of Creation heralds the birth of Prasinos and Bionos, the twin Green Suns. As they shone in the daylight sky, weaving their dance around Kritrinos, change fell upon the changeless land, marking the end of the Age of Earth.

For the first time on this world, Life emerged into this cold, unfeeling landscape. As it blinked its primordial eyes, the first creatures to see this earth emerged from the Cradle of Life.

Skip a million years towards the future. Life has spread itself throughout all the Earth. The great forests, now all but gone, cover the land from sea to shining sea. But change, once again, manifests itself in the world. On the mountain of Polismos, highest in all the world, the Beacon of Thought, a massive pillar of blue light, reaches into the sky. Skepsi, the Blue Sun, dawns upon the world, and the Age of Nature comes to an end. From the mountain emerges humans, looking out upon the great forests. And what they saw was good.

Move again towards the future, this time a mere seven thousand years. The great Empire holds its iron grip upon all the Land of Seven Suns, but it is a grip with a soft, padded glove. The Age of the Empire is a time of great learning, prosperity, and wealth. Those without homes or are unable to feed themselves are few and far in between, for the government has the resources to provide for all. But all good things must come to an end. The Beacon of Destruction rises from the Great Forge of Haladin, harbinger for the creation of Rutilus and Romilus, the Red Suns, who shine their deadly glow upon the world. A time of great war spreads across the land, and the Empire fractures. The Great War has begun.

For one hundred years the peoples of the former Empire fight amongst themselves. It is a time of great industry and war. The great forests that once carpeted the entire continent are torn down and burned in the fires of industry. Millions are killed in fighting, as the earth itself is scorched to bedrock. But no war can last forever, and the three kingdoms who emerge from the ashes of the Empire negotiate a treaty. Within the Great Cathedral of Morrigu Granz, the room fills with light. A thousand rays merge into one and blazes into the sky. A chorus of life heralds the Beacon of Immortality, and the birth of the world’s final sun. Aeuko, the White Sun, completes the Seven. Peace descends upon the world, and the three kingdom find their own places within the world. Science is accelerated, and the Age of Nations begins.

This was the story of the birth of a world.

Welcome to Miradin, the Land of Seven Suns.

Three Nations and Seven Suns

The land of Miradin is divided into three nations, remnants of the fallen Miradin Empire, from which the people of this land derive the name of the land in which they live.

The United Federation of Haladin: Haladin lies in the northeastern region of Miradin. This country utilizes a parliamentary system of government, supplemented by a monarch who’s primary purpose is simply ornamental.

The Democratic Republic of Tritus: The largest of the three nations in both landmass and population, the southern region of Miradin falls under the control of Tritus. Despite it’s large population and land, or perhaps because of it, Tritus is economically the weakest of the three nations, and its standard of living is well beneath that of its peers. It uses a three-branch democratic system (like that of the United States, but instead of Congress, it just has a Senate where there is 1 senator for every 5,000 people)

The Kingdom of Saradram: Still using the monarchy system developed by the ancient Miradin Empire, Saradram is the only nation that has not yet shifted over to a more representive system of government. It detracts from this country none, however, for it is the richest of the three nations, despite having the smallest population and area of land, and possesses a disproportionate amount of Miradin’s natural resources. Saradram is also the most pristine of the three nations, and the Saradram forest in the southeast portion is the largest forest in all of Miradin, and the most representing of what the ancient forests that once covered the land used to be.
^This is a crude map of Miradin. The Terados mountains have long proved a barrier to its people from expanding beyond it. During the Great War, the nation of Tritus expanded to the point where it found, for the first time, the gap between the shore and the Terados mountains, but even today exploration beyond its borders is very limited, mostly because the mindset of anti-exploration has set it so deeply within the people. The black dots are the major locations of note mentioned in the sign-up, the gray dots are the capitals of the nations, and the blue dot in the middle is Lake Liknos, where Miradin University is located. The ocean to the west is vast, and although ships have journeyed very far into the West, so far not one has discovered any large landmass, or even a notable island. A lot of rumors of sea monsters exist, but nobody pays much attention to those anymore.

Miradin University

Founded by Lord Denegard during the latter half of the Great War, the prestigious Miradin University is located on the rim of the Lake Likno, also known as the Cradle of Life due to the fact that it was here where the Beacon of Creation shone into the heavens and spawned life into the world. Since then, the valley of Likno has filled with water, and become Lake Likno. On a large island in the center of the lake is placed the Morrigu Granz Cathedral, the greatest holy site in all of Miradin, and built in tribute to the twin Green Suns. But after the Great War, it became a holy ground in its own right, for it was here that the Beacon of Immortality rose into the dark sky one cold night. The area around Lake Likno is perceived to be holy by the people of Miradin, and because of this, it was untouched by the Great War, and, to Lord Denegard’s mind, a perfect location for his university.

Miradin University itself is a massive complex. The university is widely acknowledged as the best in all of Miradin. Even though its academics are not always in first place (though they always score near the top), Miradin University has churned out more famous actors and singers, more great athletes and politicians, more wondrous musicians and writers, than the next three universities on the list combined. To be accepted into Miradin University is to essentially guarantee that one has, at minimum, a decent future.

Each student at Miradin University is gifted with one Pokemon of their choosing if they don’t have one already. Because Pokemon have become so rare after the Great War, the majority of those who come to the University don’t have any of their own. Each relationship is exalted as one of the most important bonds you will ever make: Your Pokemon will become your best friend. The bonds made at Miradin University are very different from those made elsewhere in the world, for the human partner develops the ability to understand their Pokemon flawlessly early on in their relationship, although for some reason, this doesn’t apply to other Pokemon they meet. The use of Pokeballs is generally frowned upon, but as there are cases in which it is better to carry your Pokemon around, all students are given one as well, and no one will blame you for keeping your Pokemon in your ball most of the time if you happen to bond with a Snorlax.

As such a prestigious school, Miradin University was widely desired by all the splinter nations of the Empire. Since it was located on the edge of the Likno area and not actually inside it, during the Great War, Miradin University has been assailed many times. And yet, this civilian school, through the bond between its students and their Pokemon, managed to resist the grip of the nations. The Headmaster of the university has a status equal to that of the leaders of the three nations, and often helps to negotiate deals between them. All of the Land of Seven Suns looks towards Miradin University for leadership and balance.

^This is a crude map of the university's main complex. The University also has a fairly large grounds that it owns, so the actual entrance gate into the University is a bit off from the main complex. The Theater has several floors and houses the university's organ, so that's where all the music and drama classes take place, as well as regular movie showings on the weekends and Fridays. The administration building has a store on the first floor where students can go buy the stuff they need, or if the store doesn't have it, special-order at a discount price.

(This list is elaborated only as needed, most of them you can just go look up in the internet anyways) Miradin is a younger world than our own, so the courses aren’t as specific as they are in the real world, and lump together what would normally be separated into several different courses. Some courses are subdivided into mini-courses, which are not listed here. (meaning you can make it up) The University itself is extremely generalized, and there are other schools elsewhere for those who wish to become more expert in a subject.

Zoology: The study of Pokemon. Everything about the physical properties of Pokemon.
Human Psychology
Pokemon Psychology
Mythology: Miradin’s main religion, Teufulism, or Sun Worship, is practiced by the majority of Miradin’s population, but in Mythology it is studied from an academic perspective, as well as the other, less common religions. Also widely debated is the relationship between the Beacons and the Ages. Do the massive shifts in the biology and sociology of Miradin cause the Beacons to erupt and new suns to be born into the skies, or is it the other way around?
Creative Writing
Expository Writing:
Drama: Includes acting, script writing, stagecraft, and directing.
Music: Basic introduction to music, as well as music theory
Band: Includes all wind instruments and drums.
Orchestra: All instruments except guitars. Miradin University has its own concert organ!
Music Composition
Art: Basic introduction to art. Covers all the main art forms.
Drawing: Sketches, charcoals, and other related forms of art.
Computer Science: Learn to find the power switch on your PC!
Advanced Computer Science
Computer Programming
Medicine: An introduction into the world of medicine, both human and Pokemon.
Martial Arts: Subclasses for those who want to pick a specific style.
Swordplay: The ancient art of swordplay. All types of swords are covered here.
Pokemon Battle Strategy: Learn everything there is to know about battling Pokemon.

Where you come in

You are a new student at Miradin University, eager to show your prodigious skills to the world. Eager as you may be, all is not well within the Land of Seven Suns. The winds of change blow once again through Miradin, and a new Dawn is rising in the East…

1. All forum rules apply, of course.
2. No bunnying without permission or Godmodding.
3. No legendaries
4. Mild swearing allowed, keep it mild though.
5. No more than one Pokemon of each type.

Sign-Up Sheet
Age: (keep it reasonable, you are a first-year University student. A different world with different rules this may be, but use your common sense)
Pokemon: (You may only have one, and no two people can have the same Pokemon)
Classes: (You can have at most 8. Miradin University uses a block schedule, so you will have 4 classes one day, and 4 classes another. 30 minute breaks between classes, and an hour break between 2nd and 3rd block for lunch. Classes begin at 8 AM and end at 5 PM each day. No classes on weekends. You must have at least 2 Academic courses.)

September 13th, 2008, 4:20 PM
Name: maximillion Tegeku (Max prefferably)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearence: Max wears a red polo shirt, black pants, black running shoes, a red hat, and a necklace with a Kyogre scale encased in it for good luck. He has black spiky/messy hair and crystal blue eyes. He also has a bite mark on his right ankle.

Personality: Max is very testable. He loves to test his teachers to see how far he can go without crossing the major line. He has fun bugging his teachers and usually knows every nook and craney of the principles office. He loves to swim, climb trees, occasionally get into fist fights, and pulling pranks on his teachers without them noticing. He loves to go to school, though, because it's fun to him for two reasons:
1. He loves to bug his teachers.
2. He loves learning about their world and how much fun it is!
Max loves pokemon more than most people he meets. Probably because he doesn't have many friends. He usually gets into trouble because he lacks the attention that his parents would have given him and still wants to get that attention.

History: Max has two older brothers Kevin and Joe who are both twins, are 4 years older then him, and went to the university before. Max's mom died giving birth to him. He grew up in Tritus near Forgarn River. Him, his father, and his brothers went to get water from the lake alot because his dad didn't want to waste money on water when they could get it from the lake they lived right next to. His dad farmed wheat alot some years being able to farm alot others not so much, but his dad had a second job since he could use Max and his brothers to water the wheat and all.

One day they all went to a spot were the lake expanded in size making a nice swiming hole for them to swim in. They all jumped in having a blast, but after a few hours something bit Max's leg and pulled him under water. Max didn't think of looking to see what had bit him. He almost blanked out but his dad swam under and pulled Max away. Swiming to the shore his dad was bit and let Max go. Max floated to shore after watching his father drown, but by what he couldn't see. He never foregave himself nor will he ever foreget that day.

Pokemon: Vulpix

Classes: Martial Arts, Photography, Drawing, Creative Writing, Pokemon Battle Strategy, Pokemon Psycology, Zoology, and Swordplay.


September 13th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Just add another sentence or two onto your personality and you'll be in, pikalover.

September 13th, 2008, 4:30 PM
Better Lusankya??????I hope so.

September 13th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Sure, that'll do. Accepted.

September 13th, 2008, 4:34 PM
Cool so do you have a basic Idea on how many people you want in this roleplay???

September 13th, 2008, 4:37 PM
Depends how many people want to join really. I'll work with however many join, as long as it's more than 3(assuming they are active). Course, there's a vague upper limit too.

September 13th, 2008, 4:40 PM
coolz...can't wait until it starts:):):)

September 13th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Name: Rolyn 'Ro' Mason
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Dirty Blonde hair that falls a few inches below her shoulders. Platted to the right and hanging over her right shoulder. A pen is usually found situated on her right ear. She has lightly tanned skin and eyes of sea green. She wears a blue top thats cut off at the tip of the shoulder with a hood, 3/4 faded skinny jeans that reaches just above her knees, and black ballet shoes. Around her neck she wears a red ribbion criss-crossed around it a few times and at the base a silver music symbol hangs. She is usually found with a shoulder bag filled with writing and art books or a black guitar case.

Personality: Rolyn has always been one to keep to herself, which has caused her to have very few friends. When she dances she's as graceful as a swan, as some people have told her, but otherwise she's extremely clumsy. She is often found sitting under the shade of tall trees, singing, playing guitar, writing or even sleeping, which she is caught a lot of the time doing with Sapphire. She hates people who are stuck-up with big ego's and usually does her best to avoid them. She is fun-loving but not many people know. Rolyn doesn't have a very big temper at all and soldem get's angry, but like humans do, she does get angry every once in a while. She loves singing, dancing, playing guitar and most of all sleeping. Rolyn often just sits in class and draws on books not exactly paying attetion in the sciences. She writes quite a lot for the joy of letting her imagination run free. She takes a few sciences in school for they interest her a little bit, and are sometimes fun if she's not in the mood for anything else.

History: Rolyn has no memory of before she was 10. She was found on the side of the streets unconsious with a pokemon egg lying safetly in her arms. A newly wed couple decided to take her in and look after her.

When she awoke she remembered nothing apart from her name 'Rolyn' and her age '10', she has no idea how she came to get her pokemon egg, but is very grateful for it, and feels slightly special as she knows they are becoming pretty rare. Though Rolyn is always hoping that one day, she will remember her past.

The couple gave Rolyn a full name, birthday, a family, and all the love and care they could give. At the age of 11 the egg finally hatched into a baby Eevee which she gave the name Sapphire for it's odd clear blue eyes. The two have become inseperatable and are always looking after one another.

When she turned 15 two things happened in Rolyn's life, like most times, one good, one bad. The good, Sapphire finally evolved into a Espeon, though it's slightly smaller than she should be, when the two were having fun dancing in the sun one summer's day.
The bad... The wife that took her in died in her sleep, and still no one has ever found out why. The husband became depressed and stopped working, eating, or socialising for a slightly long period of time. With the help of Rolyn, he finally got back on his feet getting a job, aswell as eating properly again.

Finally Rolyn turned 17 and finished school. The husband surprised her by getting her accpeted into Miradin University. Now her future starts from this point.

Pokemon: Espeon named Sapphire

Classes: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Photography, Dance, Drawing, Creative writing, (What music one allows me to play a guitar and sing? i'll take that one xD)

A/N : Sadly this was longer...but i had to rewrite it two times, for each time i tried to submit it, it said i wasn't logged in.

September 14th, 2008, 4:10 AM
No worries, it's still quite sufficient. Accepted.

September 14th, 2008, 5:07 AM
As long as this RP goes relatively slow paced... I guess I can keep up. But it just looks too awesome to not sign up! I guess people could just bunny my character during my absences... with that said...

Name: Isabelle (Izzy) Nite

Age: 17... and a half!

Gender: female

Appearance: Starting from the top, Izzy has light brown hair that is kept pretty long- almost down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are gray, and can be compared to the color of smoke. Her skin has just the slightest sun tan to it; it works quite well with her hair and eyes. For her outfit, Izzy is very... goth. She wears a black hoodie with silver skulls all over it, often worn with the hood up. When it's hot, she'll take the hoodie off, revealing her plain, black t-shirt... and her scars. (see history) Moving down slightly, she wears a belt to match her hoodie, black with silver skulls on it. Her jeans are jet black, and a few sizes too large. Her shoes match her belt and hoodie, they are clogs with silver skulls all over them, of course. Her socks are just plain black, even though they are rarely showing. For makeup, Izzy doesn't wear any black lipstick like people would sterotypically expect her to, however, she does wear the sterotypical eye makeup. To be exact, this is very thick, black eye liner, and lots of black mascara. Her figure is very thin, being 5'4" and 78 lbs. For jewely, Izzy wears gothic jewelry- a silver necklace with a skull on it, and a "bracelet" with spikes on it.

Personality: Izzy has some typical goth/emo traits, and some behaviors that would not normally be occasiated with these labels. Let's start out with her emo/goth traits... For one, she hates herself with an undenying passion. "Low self esteem" does not quite desribe how much she hates herself. She often says things like how ugly and fat she is, but this isn't for attention, or at least, most of the time it isn't. She normally hates attention, except from certain people, like her friends or her boyfriend if she has one. She also cuts, and sometimes even thinks about suicide. If she's really depressed, then she'll even attempt it, like she has in the past. (see history) She also looks at the glass half empty... all the time. Whether it's something about herself, someone else, or her life in general, her opinion almost always seems to be a negative one. She also has some serious anger problems. Now, for her personality trait that sets her apart from most emos/goths... To everyone's amusement, Izzy is a goody-good. She doesn't do drugs or anything, erm, "innapropriate" unlike most goths. Also, she is surprisingly nice, even "sweet", but will completely deny it, and even get somewhat angry if you say this about her. Izzy is also surprisingly compassionate, and can understand people's emotions to a whole new extreme. You don't even need to tell her or even look sad for her to tell if you are sad, she'll figure it out. She is also very smart and creative, but chooses to hide it. One last trait Izzy has is the she's very hyper, but only sometimes.

History: Izzy history was rather traumatic. To begin with, her father died when she was only 7, which was young, but not young enough to not understand to concept of death. This couldn't get much worse, she thought, until he came. Her mother's new husband, to be exact. Izzy didn't like him in the beginning; he was very angry and serious abused alcahol. However, she still wasn't expecting what was coming next. Starting when she was 9, Izzy started to get abused by her stepdad. It started out verbal, he was saying things like, "You're worthless." "You fail at life." "You as ugly as a piece of crap." "You should just kill yourself now." "Nobody likes you." Stuff like that, basically. Later, when she was 13, it turned into sexual abuse, where he would touch Izzy and places he shouldn't have. Then, it turned into physical abuse a year later, when she was 14. However, her stepdad threatened to kill her if she told anyone why she had bruises everywhere or why she was so depressed. However, Izzy eventually couldn't take it anymore. When she was 15 and home alone, she overdosed on sleeping pills. However, she quickly realized that throwing her life away was a stupid idea. She tried to throw the pills up, but couldn't do it, so she called 911 on herself. The police took Izzy, who was unconscious, to the emergency room where they pumped her stomach and basically saved her life. She then went to the mental institution for a long time- almost 3 weeks, 19 days, to be exact. After she got out, she ran away. She saved an Eevee from an abusive trainer, and started on her Pokemon joruney from there. Later, when she was 17 (and a half), she was accepted into the university.

Pokemon: Umbreon (Moonlight), female, lonely.

Classes: Choir, Zoology, Pre-Calculus, Medicine, Poetry, Photography, Drawing, and Computer Science.

I don't know what this thread is rated... so if this character is too, erm, "extreme" for whatever rating you've set, then I'll delete it and you can move on with your days. :)

September 14th, 2008, 5:11 AM
Name: Scott Musgrove

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scott is very tall for his age, standing at 180cms. He has always been tall for his age but has never been able to gain any muscles. He has short dark hair and slightly tanned skin. He wears bronze glasses and has a very unique sense of fashion. He ussually wears a green, stripy top and blue denim jeans. He wears bred baseball boots on his feet and a small bracelet with a Sharpedo tooth on it.

If it is cold, he will wear a long brown coat that reaches his knees. If it is very cold, he wears a green, stripy scarf. If he ever gos to a formal occasion, or is on show, like in a Contest or at a Formal Doo, he wears a black buttoned top and black denim jeans. He also wears a velvet tie and keeps his Sharpedo bracelet on.

Personality: Scott always seems to be happy. He thinks that there is time to waste in your life so be happy all the time instead of having a "me against the world" kind of attitude. He is always smiling unless someone has been hurt. He will do anything to save anyone, may they be Friend or Foe. He is very selfless and loves Pokemon. He is also very intelligent and knows alot about pretty much everything but he can also show off and blurt out facts just for the sake of it. he can also be rather camp, being loud infront of others and slightly attention seeking.

History: When he was 13 he moved to Miradin. His Family had recently been involved in an accident at the Top of Mnt. Soro in a small island of the coast of Miridan and only his sister survived. He needed to get away from Soro, so he came here. His Sister wouldn't come though; She was way to busy with other things. Scott settled down here with some Friends and enroled at the University at the age of 15.

Pokemon: Mismagius

Classes: Drama, Zoology, Pokemon Battle Strategy, Photography, Creative Writing, Pokemon Psychology, Human Psychology, Medicine

September 14th, 2008, 5:18 AM
Abby's Approved, hope it works out for ya. ;)

As for Toxic, editing of the history is required, because (and let me make this very clear right now)

Miradin exists on a completely different world from the normal Pokemon world. The fact that the planet has seven suns should be a clue to that.

So take out the references to the standard Pokemon world and you'll be fine.

September 14th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Oh yer...

Well I've done it, and I hope it's kk :)

I've always wanted to live on a planet with loads of suns but its quite hard to keep track of the time and date :S So I came back home...

And how are the Suns green?! Do the atoms in the centre of the stars have different nuetron matrixes or something??? (I know alot for a 12 year old :D)

September 14th, 2008, 5:30 AM
1 word: Magic. :P

As for a scientific explanation, I would just put it down to different laws of physics regarding the emission of light from excited electrons, because green suns aren't possible with what modern physics say.

September 14th, 2008, 11:34 AM
so many scienctific things! i'm not at school in science.....but thank you...reminded me i have a science test today...that i forgot to study for....

I like your explaatiion... Magic... xD green suns!

September 14th, 2008, 9:39 PM
Name: Aron Burr
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at roughly five feet seven inches tall, Aron has unruly brown hair and dark green eyes. He looks rather shrimpy, his clothes almost hanging off his frame. He wears thick glasses and rather plain and unobtrusive clothing. He always wears a floppy green fishing hat with a picture of a Magikarp on it.

Personality: Aron, despite appearances, is a vibrant and outgoing youth. An avid practical joker he has a great sense of humor and is almost never seen without a smile on his face. His goal each day is to make someone laugh and he is an irrepressible optimist almost to the point of insanity. He is very studious however because he always throws his all into any activity.
Aron is not without his flaws however, his personality is often grating and annoying to those around him. More importantly he refuses to believe the worst in people without enormous amounts of proof and as a result is very gullible.

History: Aron bounded through his life with unquenchable enthusiasm, the apple of his parents eye and popular among his peers. He was always fascinated with pokemon and spent hours and hours reading about them and researching their habits. Because Pokemon are so rare he almost never saw them in person, a fact that disappointed him greatly and ended up being the driving force behind his quest to get into Miradin University. He excelled at his classes, driven by the possibility of having a Pokemon companion of his very own.
Because of his natural intelligence and effort he was never truly challenged scholastically though as he grew older fewer and fewer people were his friends. He rationalized this and eventually became almost completely alone. This did nothing to change his attitude towards life and in fact buoyed him to excel in school.

Pokemon: Murkrow, nicknamed Jet

Pokemon Psychology
Pokemon Battle Strategy
Creative Writing

September 15th, 2008, 2:31 PM
OOC: Heh, if you think green suns are amazing, you ain't seen nothing yet. ;)

Zore is Accepted, we will begin with either the addition of one more sign-up or tomorrow, whichever comes first.

Well, since I don't want to double-post, here's the message: The RP has begun! Free to wake up in your dorm rooms and eat breakfast, although don't quite go to your first class yet.

Here's my sign-up:

Name: Karn Tengu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Karn is fairly tall, but not overly so. His hair is a dirty blonde, yellow and streaked with strips of natural brown and a few bits of almost-black colors, and is slightly longer than average for a male in Miradin, coming just to his ears. He was born with brown eyes, but they eventually shifted to being a bright azure blue that some have said to be identical to Skepsi, the Blue Sun. Normally, he wears a black coat/jacket piece of clothing trimmed with gold on the edges (not actual gold, just the color), textured to be like leather but far stronger and more durable, over a solid blue T-shirt the color of the sky. He wears long pants, black but trimmed with gold on the outsides and edges, and with a stripe of blue running down the front and back of each leg. His shoes are dressy and black, but have three blue stripes running on the side facing outwards, and his socks are plain black. Karn has an average build, not too thick or heavy, but far from scrawny. He wears a thin blueish-silver chain around his neck.

Personality: Karn has a cheerful personality, tending to look on the bright side of events in his life and the lives of others. Supremely confident in his own abilities almost to the point of arrogance (but not quite reaching that point, although Karn has to exert a conscious effort to keep it that way), he has an extreme flair for the dramatic and the spectacular, sometimes using very grand gestures to supplement his speech. He loves the biggest and best of everything, and loves "epicness", as he describes it, and always looks for this "epicness" in the books, movies, and games he read, watches, and plays. In fact, one of the main reasons he attends Miradin University is because of the incredibly importance it and the area surrounding it has played in the history of Miradin. Fairly witty, Karn has a good sense of humor when he wants to exercise it, although it is often difficult to tell whether he is trying to be funny or not, and some semi-funny things he says sometimes come out when he is actually being serious. Overall though, he tends not to be too serious, and treats life like a gigantic game, albeit a serious game, with serious consequences.

History: Born in the capital city of the Kingdom of Saradram, Karn was raised in the upper-middle class of Saradram's economical structure, which would qualify as the upper-class in Tritus. His parents both helped run the family business, and as such were never around much, leaving Karn to grow up without them for the most part. Although he was supplied with nannys, instructors, and the like, Karn disliked having to follow the authority of all of them. In elementary and middle school, Karn had few friends and spent most of his time alone at home, watching TV, reading, and playing video games. But when he entered high school and joined up with his first (and so far, only) girlfriend, who sent him on a paradigm shift. From high school onwards, Karn became a much more outgoing, cheerful, and friendly personality, and remained so even after he and his girlfriend broke up. Many times he would go for a walk in Segorn Park and enjoy nature, or take his friends out on his family's yacht. Although his parents wanted him to go into business school so he could eventually take over their family's business, Karn did not want to. But not knowing just exactly what it was he wanted to make of his life, he wanted to go to Miradin University, which had excellent courses for just about everything. Luckily, his parents didn't complain too much, for he had still been accepted into the most prestigious school in all of Miradin, and as a graduation present, bought him his first Pokemon, a Magnezone. Karn spent that summer after graduating from high school traveling through Miradin, visiting famous and historical locations such as Mt. Polismos and the Great Forge of Haladin with his Magnezone, who he had named Kairo, and the two became great friends.

Pokemon: Magnezone.
Day 1:
Computer Programming
Day 2:
Pokemon Battle Strategy

And first post!


Kairo surveyed the dormitory for one last check, making sure everything was in place. Karn's backpack was fully loaded with everything he needed for his first two classes on the day, his clothing and wallet was placed onto the table, and the key to their dorm had been attached to the silvery-blue chain that Karn wore around his neck. As a Magnezone, Kairo had difficulty moving anything that wasn't metal, but that's why Karn had so generously taped a strip of metal to everything in their dorm that wasn't already part metal.

It was 6:30 in the morning, so Karn had plenty of time not only to shower, brush his teeth, and put on clothes, but also to run down to the cafeteria and eat breakfast. As talented a Pokemon Kario might have been, cooking was not one of his abilities, and if there was a Pokemon move that cooked food well, he wasn't aware of it. And Karn couldn't cook food fit for a rock.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead!" Kairo warbled in his metallic voice. His master mumbled a bit and put his pillow over his head.

Kairo would have grinned evilly if his face had been capable of moving. He felt electricity flow from his body into the magnets he used to manipulate magnetic fields, and let a tiny jolt of charge jump across the room into his human friend. Karn shot up in bed, and the pillow covering his face went flying across the room. If anything could wake a sleepy human up, it was an electric shock.

"Dammit Kairo, why of all the Pokemon my parents had to buy for me, did they have to get you?"

Kairo warbled happily in response. "First day of school, Karn!" He hovered over to the windowsill, flourished his magnets, and sent the curtains, conveniently attached with strips of steel, flying open. The light in the room brightened tenfold, as the brilliance of the Seven Suns shone in.

"Alright, alright, I'm up, I'm up," Karn said, shielding his eyes from the suns' glares with his hand. "Go get your breakfast while I get ready."

Kairo warbled cheerfully again, and drifted over to an open power outlet. Bolts of electricity began to fly out of the outlet and strike his magnets, as he absorbed the electrical energy needed to get him through the day. Magnezone could eat organic food as well, but why bother when there was a plentiful source of energy nearby?

Meanwhile, Karn finished showering in the humble bathroom that Miradin offered each of its students. Even though the size of the dorms was nothing compared to back home, Karn had to admit that the quality of its facilities was better than anything he had ever experienced before. Their power supply was greater (or so Kairo told him) and he never had to wait for the water to heat up for his shower. As he threw on his clothes and got ready for his first day of classes, he once again thanked his Pokemon for getting everything ready for him waking up. Having a Pokemon double as a servant wasn't something Karn was all that comfortable with, but Kairo seemed happy enough with it, and resisted Karn's attempts to suggest he do something else. As a Magnezone, Kairo was somewhat smaller than most of his species, which allowed him to move through the indoor complexes of Miradin University just fine.

Down at the cafeteria, Karn ordered his breakfast of eggs, bacon, and a side of orange juice. The cooking here was the best he had ever had, and best of all, the food was free. Well, there were limitations, as only cafeteria food was free, not the ones from the restaurants, and you could only order so much per meal without having to pay extra, but it was enough to satisfy. Picking out an empty table to sit at, Karn placed his tray onto the table and started eating his breakfast, all the while looking around the massive room at the other students who attended Miradin University.

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Aron bounced excitedly as he made a final check around the room for thing he would need on his first day of class. He was extra vigilant, his Murkrow, Jet, was fond of taking things and putting them up in a little nest he had built on a shelf. The Murkrow in question was doing his best impression of sleep, which is to say he wasn't fooling anyone. In the few short days the two had known each other they had bonded over practical jokes and become fast friends.

"Come on Jet," He called, "We want to get some breakfast before the first day of school right?" with the word breakfast now hanging in the air Jet dropped all pretense of sleep and flew over awkwardly to perch on Aron's shoulder. Aron winced a bit at the Pokemon's awkward flight, "Wing sore?"

Jet just rolled his eyes and smiled enigmatically and Aron sighed. As he and Jet had still only had a few days with each other he still could barely understand him, but as the hours passed the more and more he was able to. Jet had realized this last night and had so far remained mute, delighting in the frustration of his partner.

"Whatever, you know I will find out eventually right?" Aron asked in mock exasperation as Jet preened. "Let's go."

As the odd pair strolled down the halls of the university they were still overcome by the magnificence of it, neither had ever lived in anything resembling the extravagance of life her and both were overjoyed that they were here.

As the two sidled into the cafeteria, Jet took off in a burst of black feathers making a beeline for the silverware. Aron didn't even break stride, this had almost become a mealtime ritual for them. He caught up to the Mrukrow who graciously gave him the new treasures of a fork and spoon before getting into line and grabbing some food, Bacon and toast for him and some special eggs for Jet. Aron looked around for a place to sit, debating whether to sit by himself or risk Jet 'claiming' someone else's silverware when he spied a table with just a blond boy and a Magnezone. Figuring the Magnezone would probably make Jet think twice he jaunted over to the table and introduced himself with a broad grin.

"Hi, I'm Aron and this is Jet," Who was even now eying the fork the boy was wielding speculatively, "mind if we sit here?" He asked as he sat down.

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September 17th, 2008, 4:58 AM
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Name: Crystal "Crys" Anderson

Age: 18

Appearance: Crystal has long, wavy black hair and soft hazel eyes. Because she used to work on the family farm, she has slim muscles and a nice tan. For clothes, she mostly wears a dark blue shirt (her favorite color), faded, blue denim shorts, and a pair of white sneaker with blue strips that run across them horizontally. Also she's about 130 lbs and 5'5" tall.

Personality: Due to her parents paying much more attention to her older brother than her, Crystal has become a very extroverted person. In other words, no matter who you are, if she sees you she'll probably talk to you. She also tends to joke and goof around a lot, and one of the few times that she's ever completely serious is when she's doing something related to her studies. Her goofing around sometimes leads people to think that she's stupid or lazy, but she's actually quite intelligent and hard-working. She's kind to both pokemon and people and is willing to help anyone in need. Although she rarely shows it, she often struggles against a low self-esteem caused by her parents.

History: Crystal was born and raised in the poorest country, The Democratic Republic of Tritus. Ever since could can remember, her older brother, William, has been the center of their parents' world. Considered to be intellectually gifted, he was the sent before her to the Miradin University and after only studying for a year, he dropped out because he was too lazy to do the work and returned home to the family farm. Devastated, their parents figured that if William couldn't make it, certainly their seemingly untalented daughter couldn't either. Crystal resented them dismissing her so easily and constantly nagged them until they agreed to let her try. Driven by an ambition to succeed and a desire to surpass her brother, she knows that she must do well in order to finally be truly recognized by her parents.

Pokemon: buizel, Nadia, female

Classes: zoology, pokemon battle strategy, pokemon psychology, medicine, martial arts, orchestra, creative writing, history

September 17th, 2008, 12:17 PM
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BRING!! BRING!! BRING!! rang Max's alarm clock. max fell over off of his bed into Vulpix's little bed.

"Whatch were you're falling man!" vulpix yelled jumping out of his bed.

"Sorry Tails (Vulpix's nicknama)." Max said getting up and throwing his blanket back on the bed.

It was the start of his first day being at the University. He was sort of excited seeing as how his classes were his favorite classes possible. He loved Martial Arts because he had been in them before and he couldn't continue because his parents couldn't afford it. He slipped on is clothes and put his hat on. He looked at the Kyogre scale and wanted to take it out of it's case. He was getting ready to take it out right before he snapped the case closed. He didn't want to risk breaking his good luck charm. he slipped it on over his head and put Tails's Bandana on his far right tail. Tail's bandana was black with red, yellow, and orange flames on it. Tails liked it and so did Max.

Max put his key in his pocket which had a clip attached to his belt loop so he wouldn't lose it. he locked his dorm's room and held Tails in his arms. He walked down the hall towards the dining hall when these kids were walking the opposite way of him. What seemed to be the leader of the group quickly turned and pinned Max to the wall. He jerked. Tails fell to the ground and started growling. One of the other two kids sent out his Wartortle.

"Wartortle use Hydro Pump now!" The kid called as the Wartortle blasted water at Tails.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Tails yelled falling back.

"Tails no!" Max called jerking away from the kid and picking Tails up.

"Tails? That is the stupidest name I've ever heard." said their leader smuggly.

They left but not before kicking Max in his throat. They left Max gasping for air feeling like he was going to choke. After feeling fine and making sure Tails was fine he continued walking towards the dining hall. Tails would dash to a corner and look around it carefully and then dash around it. Max laughed at this and they finally reached the dining hall. Max got two pancakes, two stips of bacon, and some orange juice. He got Tails some pokefood that was great for fire type pokemon. He ate and then tipped over in his chair leftovers still on his tray.

He tipped over to far and fell back in his chair kicking his leftovers making the tray fall on him. He had bacon on his head and half of a pancake on his face. Everyone laughed at him as he got up and threw his food away and then ran into the bathroom to clean up.

"Nice first day huh Tails?" Max asked Tails as he was cleaning a stain in his shirt.

"Yeah sure is." Tails said sarcastically licking his fur that was covered with orange juice.

Max finished cleaning up and then washed Tails up. Then Max looked at his schedule.

"Hmmmm so Photography is first then eh? Max asked picking Tails up and walking towards that class.

September 17th, 2008, 3:17 PM
(OOC: Pikalover, Pokemon-human bonds made at Miradin University end up with the human able to understand the speech of their Pokemon with perfect clarity, as I stated in the first post and evidenced by my RP post. But not the Pokemon of others.

Oh, Namora's accepted.)

Karn noticed a scrawny-looking boy with messy brown hair walking towards him, tailed closely by a Murkrow, who was looking around at the cafeteria widely. The boy approached with a grin, and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Aron and this is Jet. Mind if we sit here?" Without waiting for Karn to reply, he sat down anyways, but Karn didn't think less of him for it.

"Oh sure," he replied, shoving down another bit of eggs. "My name's Karn, and my Magnezone's name is Kairo," he introduced himself. He glanced over the side of the table at Jet, who seemed to have taken quite an interest in Karn's fork. Not quite sure why, Karn simply looked at the Murkrow for a few more seconds, then went back to his food.

Kairo inched forward slightly, towards the Murkrow. "Don't even think about it," Karn heard his faithful Pokemon warn the Murkrow. Don't think about what? Karn was about to ask his friend when he remembered that Murkrow were attracted to shiny objects. That would explain the interest in the fork. Kairo had taken the initiative to ensure his master's breakfast remained undisturbed.

"So, uh," Karn said, turning back towards Aron, "what's up?"

September 17th, 2008, 3:21 PM
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On the morning of the first day of school, Crystal awoke to a small, furry animal snuffing and pawing at her. Moments later her alarm clock went off and she silenced it with a swing of her arm. "If I knew that they were going to give me a pokemon like you Nadia, I would've left my alarm clock at home," she muttered sleepily. The female Buizel dismissed her statement with a wave of her paw. "If I didn't make sure you got up, sleepyhead, you would sleep the whole day away." She lept from the bed and curled up on a nearby chair.

"Be sure not to take too long," Nadia warned.

"Yeah, yeah. I hear you." She walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Leaving the cold water on for the Buizel, she stumbled back into the room and got dressed. Nadia happily ran into the bathroom and soaked in the shower while Crystal finished getting ready. After brushing her hair and teeth, she threw her backpack over her shoulder. "Hey Nadia! You done in there?" Hearing the water turn off, the pokemon ran, dripping, into the room and bounded onto the bed and from the bed jumped into the backpack, which was left unzipped a bit.

"Oh Nadi... You got water everywhere. If you asked, I could've dryed you off a bit." She dryed the water off the floor as best as she could.

"My name's not Nadi," the pokemon protested, indignantly.

"I know. If it didn't bother you so much, I wouldn't call you that when I'm upset with you," Crystal teased. She breathed a sigh of relief that she had at least had the foresight to lay a blanket in her backpack so her books wouldn't get wet after the first time the Buizel showed her unusual tendency. Apparently asleep in the backpack, she didn't answer.

When they arrived at the cafeteria, Crystal grabbed bacon and eggs for herself and a bowl of pokemon food for Nadia. Seeing two boys sitting at a table together, one with a Magnezone and the other with a Murkrow, she decided to sit with them.

"Hi. I'm Crystal and....," she shook her backpack a little until Nadia poked her head out to see what was up, "this is Nadia. Can we sit by you?" She grinned a greeting at them while Nadia pulled her head back in and fell back to sleep.

September 17th, 2008, 7:26 PM
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"So..uh, what's up?" the boy asked as he turned his attention from his Magnezone which had been making an odd buzzing sound.

"Not too much, pretty excited about my first day at the academy." Aron replied with an enormous smile, "Jet here's pretty excited too, hasn't spoken to me all day!" Aron waved his fork at the Murkrow for emphasis who shrugged and began attacking his own breakfast, keeping on eye on Karn's silverware. "So how did you and Kai-" He began but was interrupted by a newcomer, female.

"Hi. I'm Crystal and....," she shook her backpack a little until her pokemon poked its head out, "this is Nadia. Can we sit by you?" She grinned a greeting at them while Nadia pulled her head back in.

Aron just glanced at Karn with a smile, "No problem with me, we were just introducing ourselves. If thats okay with you Karn?" Aron replied. Jet had already poked his head up to examine the newcomers, Karn's silverware forgotten as he eagerly looked at the new pair.

September 17th, 2008, 8:40 PM
Rolyn lay sleeping peacefully on a couch in her dorm, for she hadn't quite made it to her bed before she fell asleep. Music sheets where scarttered about, carcol and colouring pencils covered the ground along with screwed up peices of paper and books. Basically the place surrounding Rolyn was a Mess.

The rays of the suns shone in through the curtains showing morning had finally come. Sapphire slowly opened her eyes and yawned, sitting up on the bed which she was sleeping on she stretched out her body, hearing a few bones click into place she stopped stretching and shaked. Looking up she saw the mess Rolyn was sleeping in and rolled her eyes. Jumping down off the bed Sapphire slowly made her way over to her and bit her ankle.

Few Minutes Later...

"SAPPHIRE!" Rolyn screamed from inside the bathroom. Her voice had a obvious hint of annoyance in it.
The door swung up and slammed against the wall, in the doorway stood Rolyn, a towel wrapped around her body and hair dripping wet. She stared at the small physic pokemon.
"Sapphire! You turned off the hot water again! I wasn't too long in the shower!!" Rolyn sighed and rung out her hair before drying off her body and getting dressed into her everyday clothes. Walking over to the dutchess in the room she picked up her hairdryer and turned it on, ready to fix up her hair.

Sapphire walked over to the couch and started cleaning up the mess Rolyn made last night. After putting all the music sheets into one pile, art stuff in another and rubbish in the bin Sapphire walked over to Rolyn and sat at her heel.
"Why do you make such a mess at night?" Sapphire sighed and looked up.
Rolyn laughed nervously. "Hehe...I didn't mean to Sapph, I just fell asleep before I cleaned up..." Rolyn smiled slightly at Sapphire.
"Yeah, like everyother time..." Sapphire ran over to the door just as Rolyn finished tying up her plat.
Picking up her shoulder bag Rolyn put the tidy music sheets and art books into it and followed Sapphire out the door.

The two walked side by side, talking every now and then but mostly in silence. Rolyn yawned slightly as they finally made it to the cafiteria for breakfast, and the best part was...It was free. Opening the door they walked in and looked around, Sapphire spotted 2 boys sitting over at a table, along with the pokemon Murkrow, and Magnezone and a girl standing up most likely asking to sit with them.
Rolyn made her way to get her food and ended up tripping over mid-air, Sapphire ran to her side and nudged her hip
"Are you alright Rolyn?" Her voice filled with concern for her best friend.
Rolyn smiled at Sapphire and stood up dusting off her clothes. "I'm fine Sapph, don't worry"

Rolyn got her food that consisted of, eggs and toast with a small glass of water. Looking back over at the two boys and girl he thought about joining them, but then slowly made her way to a small table not that far away and sat by herself. Sapphire jumped up on the seat next to Rolyn and swayed her tail from side to side.
"You really need to make friends Rolyn... You barely have any! Me and well me!" Sapphire complained swipping a bit of Rolyn's food for her own breakfast.
Looking away Rolyn sighed. "You've told me before Sapph..."
After that sentence the two just stayed in silence eating together.

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Name: Ken Shirokishi (Sword Whiteknight)
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ken stands at a sizable 181 cm and tends to stay oddly slim, often weighing in at around 66 kg. His slender, yet tall figure allows for a wide array of clothing styles that he enjoys wearing, but what he enjoys sporting the most is a pair of slacks, usually a white color, clean white shoes, a white dress shirt under a black or dark blue or green vest, and his favorite black fedora which he wears on special days. Sometimes he wears a necklace or an extra belt hen he fells like it and on cold days, he likes to wear his white trench coat with black fur on the collar. His jet black hair is slightly overgrown and seems messy from afar, but upon closer inspection, it is very meticulously styled to look that way. His sharp-looking green eyes are cleverly framed by a pair of small glasses he uses to read, but will normally wear just for the look of it.

Personality: Ken has a personality many might be drawn to, but pushed away a bit to make room for his ego. His musical skills have given him a large head and he tends to believe he is a gift to the world. His sudden interests in the martial forms of art have only contributed to his unfortunate personality. "Walking the path of Heaven" he often describes his life to be or "The one destined to bring light into the dark world around us" or some other form of garbage that seems to creep past his lips.

Besides the holier than thou aspect, however, Ken is an enjoyable young man. He is always a gentleman to women and can even be described as "knightly" around those he considers his comrades. His princely attitude also does have a side effect of giving him a sort of elegance that flows from him in waves. He doesn't really boast his stature like most with this kind of personality would, but rather, he lets it come to him. Like a proper prince should, in his opinion. Obviously, it softens the blow, but many of those around him tend to have their nerves grated like a block of cheese in an italian restaurant.

History: Ken was brought up in a fairly well-off home under his mother Yoroi (Armor) and father Kougi (Justice). He was slightly babied in his younger years which may have contributed to his pompous air. At the age of seven, he picked up his first violin and almost immediately fell in love. The music he enjoyed listening to at concerts and shows he could finally produce! Two years later, he also picked up the piano and trumpet to learn. Soon enough, his parents realized thy had a musical genius in their midst. He quickly developed his skills on all three instruments and even broadened his range further by learning to play the clarinet.

By the age or thirteen, he had mastered much of Miradin's famous musical pieces on the violin and was invited to preform a recital of the greatest solo violin masterpieces the world had to offer. The moment he walked on stage, however, he couldn't even get his bow to the strings. Yes... unfortunately, he suffers from stage fright. It was fine when he played ofr his family and friends, but that night all the people and the lights and the weight of their opinions kept his arms at his sides.

Now eighteen years old, Ken has managed to gain some confidence in the realm of large performances, but not a whole lot. He decided to go to a school with a good performing arts program to help him with this and Miradin University seemed to be absolutely perfect for the job. Finally enrolled, he packed up his belongings and moved into his dorm room. Playing in a large group might help him get over his fright, but with his personality, however, it may be difficult for him to accept that he is not the only one playing. Maybe playing in a band or orchestra might help him with that little problem as well.

Pokemon: Tate (Shield) the Shieldon, male
Tate is quite timid in nature, but being around Ken has softened the small dinosaur POKeMON's tough hide and allowed him to open up a bit. Will he be just like his partner one day? Only time may tell.

Day 1

Day 2
Martial Arts: Kung Fu
Music Composition
POKeMON Battle Strategy

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September 18th, 2008, 12:58 PM
Distracted by a dirty blonde girl's unusual entrance (and who wouldn't be), Crystal looked up from the boy's table, and Nadia even poked her head back out and looked at the Espeon with some interest. "They look interesting," Nadia commented and Crystal nodded in agreement, but had a slight suspicion that her Buizel friend was drawn to the Espeon because it had a forked tail like her. Just when they thought that they thought that the girl and her pokemon were going to sit at their table, they sat at a different table, leaving them slightly disappointed. Crystal silently resolved that she would talk to them the next chance she got.

Turning her attention back to the two boys, she waited for what one boy, his name apparently Karn, would say. Finally noticing the food in Crystal's hands, Nadia stretched her body out to it, sniffing. Licking her lips, she nudged against her human friend's neck, wanting to eat.

September 19th, 2008, 6:12 PM
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"Not too much, pretty excited about my first day at the academy. Jet here's pretty excited too, hasn't spoken to me all day!" Aron grinned ear to ear. His smile was slightly infectious, and Karn couldn't help but smile slightly as well. "So how did you and Kai-" Aron's question, which Karn suspected would have been a question about him and Kairo, was interrupted with the sudden appearance of another student, female this time, with wavy black hair and a dark blue shirt.

"Hi. I'm Crystal and this is Nadia. Can we sit by you?" Halfway through her sentence, she had given her backpack a little jiggle, and the head of a little Buizel poked out. An odd place to put a Pokemon, but hey, they were just as different as people were from one another. The real question was how Crystal fit anything in there with Nadia also in there.

"Oh sure," Karn said, and Crystal did so.

"They look interesting," Crystal said, gesturing to another girl and her Espeon. Karn glanced them over and shrugged.

"So, uhh, Aron, what were you saying?" Karn asked, trying to continue their previous conversation.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 23rd, 2008, 1:54 PM
"Oh sure," Karn said and Crystal nodded to him in acknowledgment.

Placing her backpack on the floor under her seat, Crystal laid her tray on the table and sat down. Just before the backpack touched the floor, Nadia lept from it to the chair next to where Crystal was going to sit. After muttering a polite hello to the Murkrow and Magenzone, she began tearing at the bowel of pokemon food, only pausing to swallow. Watching Nadia eat, Crystal chuckled softly in amusement. She acts like she hasn't eaten in days.

"So, uhh, Aron, what were you saying?" Karn asked. So the other one's name is Aron, she said to herself, blushing slightly with embarrassment that she'd interrupted them in the middle of a sentence. With questions bouncing around in her head, she tried to be patient and let them finish before she spoke again. The Murkrow's eager staring kinda freaked her out, but she figured that he'd lose interest soon. Why isn't Nadia happier about meeting the Murkrow and the Magnezone? Crystal wondered, looking over at her companion again. To her, it was strange behavior indeed to take more interest in a meal than meeting new friends. She decided to ask the Buizel later why she was so reserved.

Turning her attention back to the boys, she began to eat, listening to them talk for now.

September 23rd, 2008, 4:44 PM
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Name: Abigail (Abi) Truman
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Abigail is as cute as a button, she’s rather petit, standing at 5’3 and is generally small all over. Her chocolate brown hair is long and wavy and falls to the middle of her back. Abi’s skin is very pale and is incapable of tanning or even freckling, to her great delight. Her eyes are very large and sapphire blue in colour, framed by dark thick eyelashes. Apart from her eyes, her features are small, and her lips are thick, which she often uses to pout expertly.

Abi is often seen wearing blue, as it is her favourite colour. She usually wears a tight fitting v-neck blue sweater over a white collared shirt, which compliments her figure nicely, a blue plaid skirt and black ballet flats, giving her the appearance of a schoolgirl. She carries her books in a black leather book bag, which was a gift from her Grandmother. Around her neck is a silver heart shaped pendant which she cannot open, but is told was a gift from her mother.

Personality: Abi has a lovable personality with an infectious laugh. Although she is very bright and ambitious, she can be rather ditzy and makes silly mistakes from time to time. Abi is very absent-minded and gets distracted easily, which often makes her late. She is a hard worker and is determined to get what she wants, whatever it may be. Abi has a very kind and gentle nature, and is very affectionate to the people she is close to. She is very creative and prefers writing to artistic subjects. Abi is a diligent reader and is often seen with her nose in a book, getting lost in the worlds of other authors. She is very confident and has a self-esteem, because of the loving and supportive environment her Grandmother provide her. Abi is often described as naïve and is easily manipulated by stronger personalities. She is hopeful and believes in true love above all things, as cheesy as it is.

History: Abi had a very happy childhood, despite the absence of both of her parents. She grew up in a small, cosy house with her Grandmother who raised her from the day she turned two. Abi never found out why her mother left her, but was told her father died not long after she was born.

Ever since she was young Abi dreamed of attending Miradin University, she fell in love with the campus when she was eight years old. As she grew older she began to understand the schools great status and when her Grandmother revealed to her that her father attended Miradin University, she decided that no other school could compare. She worked hard all the way through school and topped all of her classes.

When she was fifteen her Grandmother found her a Pokemon, injured not far from their home. The Pokemon was a young Growlithe, which Abi has to this day, developing a close friendship, built on loyalty and trust.

Abi got into Miradin University based on her stellar marks and perfect record, but was forced to defer for a year because of her Grandmother’s illness. Abi looked after her Grandmother tenderly until she was healthy again/

Pokemon: Growlithe (nicknamed Banjo) ♂- loyal, friendly and playful
Creative Writing

September 23rd, 2008, 5:29 PM
Lovely, Lauren, Accepted.

September 23rd, 2008, 5:45 PM
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Abigail Truman rolled over in her warm dormitory bed, yawning, wrapping the blankets tightly around her. Her alarm clock buzzed, screaming at her to wake up, but Abi was an expert at ignoring alarm clocks, if it was a course here at Miradin University she would ace it, top it even. Sunlight beamed in through the blinds, dappling over the plain quilt cover and Growlithe’s fur.

It was her first day at Miradin University, a day she had been dreaming about for over ten years. All of her blood, sweat and tears amounted to this significant first day, a day that would signal the beginning of her journey through this fine school. A day Abi was already late for, of course.

Abi sat up, nearly knocking her Growlithe, Banjo, off the bed, and exclaimed
“Late! Always late! Late late late!” She threw the covers off her bed, once Banjo had leapt to the floor, and swung her tiny feet to the cold ground.
In a matter of minutes she was dressed, in a blue plaid skirt and a light blue blouse, her black bad swinging around her slender shoulders. Somehow, her frantic feet found her new black shoes and her hairbrush tore through her gorgeous, thick chocolate brown hair.

“There, ready,” Abi told her beloved Pokemon as he watched her rush about her room. It was late, past seven, classes would start soon and neither of them had eaten breakfast yet.
“C’mon Banjo,” she murmured affectionately “If you’re as hungry as me, we should probably get something to eat. We’re going to be late… Again”
Banjo barked with sheer excitement as Abi locked her door and rushed to the cafeteria, her heart exploding with anticipation.

The cafeteria was crowded, and by the looks of it most of the food had been piled onto the plates of the students who were actually on time. Abi looked around at her peers, all different looking with different Pokemon, this was exciting. She loved people, loved new and interesting people and she loved Pokemon just as much. Abi found some bacon and toast, and then filled a bowl with fruit, and then a bowl with Pokemon food for her Growlithe.

Together they found an empty table, and she sat down with her back to a good looking boy with dark blonde hair and a Magnezone and a girl with an adorable looking Buizel. Abi instantly dug into her food, eager to finish before eight o’clock and absorbed the atmosphere she had dreamed about since she was eight.