View Full Version : Unlimited Deck Problem (w/ Solution!)

October 16th, 2008, 12:03 PM
I have noticed that when it comes to posting your Unlimited decks for review, there can be a little bit a confusion as to what cards you are reffering to. Like, when someone says they have a card from Team Rocket, do they mean the original Team Rocket or EX Team Rocket Returns? So, I decided to create a format for this: a four-letter code followed by the collector's number in three digits. For example, Dragonair from EX Delta Species #42 would be: Dragonair (EXDS042)/ Dragonair (EXDS#042)/ Dragonair (EXDS-042), something like that.

Classic Sets (CS)
CSBS (Base Set)
CSJG (Jungle)
CSFS (Fossil)
CSTR (Team Rocket)

Gym Sets (GYM)
GYMC (Gym Challenge)
GYMH (Gym Hero)

Neo Sets (NE)
NEGN (Neo Genesis)
NEDC (Neo Discovery)
NERL (Neo Revelation)
NEDS (Neo Destiny)

E-Card Sets (E)
EEXP (Expediton)
EAQU (Aquapolis)
ESKY (Skyridge)

EX Sets (EX)
EXRS (EX Ruby and Sapphire)
EXSS (EX Sandstorm)
EXDR (EX Gragon)
EXMA (EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua)
EXHL (EX Hidden Legends)
EXFL (EX FireRed and LeafGrean)
EXTR (EX Team Rocket Returns)
EXDX (EX Deoxys)
EXEM (EX Emerald)
EXUF (EX Unseen Forces)
EXDS (EX Delta Species)
EXLM (EX Legend Maker)
EXHP (EX Holon Phantoms)
EXCG (EX Crystal Gaurdians)
EXDF (EX Dragon Frontiers)
EXPK (EX Power Keepers)

Diamond and Pearl Sets (DP)
DPDP (Diamond and Pearl)
DPMT (Diamond and Pearl: Mysterious Treasures)
DPSW (Diamond and Pearl: Secret Wonders)
DPGE (Diamond and Pearl: Great Encounters)
DPMD (Diamond and Pearl: Majestic Dawn)
DPLA (Diamond and Pearl: Legends Awakened)