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Hiroshi Sotomura
September 7th, 2003, 3:24 AM
I'm sure many of you know what a chain story is. You continue off a part of the story. So let's go! Remember, posts must be at least 3 paragraphs.

At a remote island in Hoenn...
"The Legends proclaim a new person entering the Hoenn region... one with a destiny..."
"The proclaimed trainer will face and prevail over the others in his path..."
"And may be the one to face the legendary Pokmon that rule over the region..."
"Prevail over the Pokmon of the land and the Pokmon of the sea...", an intelligent Pokmon collector said.
"It would be interesting..." he said, "...to see this trainer - to see his ability..."
The collector's chair had lowered as he examined the prophecy a computer screen was showing.
"And I... will be there to catch these legendaries." he said in an uncalming tone.
"2 Pokmon protect the capture of the legendary Pokmon of the land and the legendary Pokmon of the sea. The brother and sister work in stopping thee who seek capture of the legendary Pokmon, for evil deeds." he read.
"And I will get them... just as I will... get Groudon and Kyogre..." he continued.
The computer screen shown plasma-3D models of Groudon and Kyogre.
"Just a while from now..."

Our heroes continue their adventure in Hoenn, but what they don't know, is the danger that lurks in the islands they approach.
Ash is currently taking the boat to his next destination. Where he will get to at the end, will make his adventure the most worthwhile...
Ash yawned and said, "Where should we be heading next, Masato?" as he turned to him.
"I don't know." Masato replied.
"Can somebody check for us?" Ash asked.
"Sure Ash!" a young girl, obviously the boat driver, replied.
Brock was flirting over the girl.
"Cassandra, shouldn't we be over there?" Ash asked, pointing at a small mountain on the Hoenn map.
"Well it'll take a while," she said, "So why don't you let your Pokmon freshen up?"
"Well, we've been in top time, but I'm looking forward to having a battle with May." Ash said happily.
"Wha?" May said shocked, "Well, OK!"
"Well don't stand there!" Ash said excitedly, "Let's go!"
Ash let out one of his Pokmon, Treecko.
"No way Ash, I'm going to beat you!" she said, releasing a Beautifly.
"Treecko," Ash said, ready to get Treecko to attack, "Tackle, full power!"
"Beautifly!" May said excited, "360 degree air tackle!"
Both Pokmon used Tackle attacks at each other.
"Now, Treecko! Body Slam!"
Treecko had fainted Beautifly with a Body Slam attack.
"Oh Ash that was scary!" May said in disbelief, "Go! Torchic!"
Torchic came out of the PokBall.
"You think that was scary, watch my Taillow get your Torchic!" Ash said, excited in winning the battle. He sent Taillow out.
"Taillow! Aim at Torchic and swoop right at it!" Ash commanded.
"Torchic," May cried, "Stay there, when it comes close, EMBER!"
Taillow came close, and an EMBER had Taillow flying around burnt for a few seconds.
"Taillow!" Ash said, a bit scared, "Swoop 360 degrees, and drill!"
"Duck Torchic!" May said.
Torchic was going to duck, but not before Taillow's really fast swooping had Torchic fainted.
"No!" May cried.
"Yea!" Ash said, his Pokmon going around him.
"Well Ash that was a good battle you put up!" Cassandra said, hands on the boat wheel.
Ash's Pikachu didn't seem to look at the battle or even the excitement. A bit of worry was on it's face as it had spotted dark clouds of rain heading the direction. Sparks were coming out of it's cheeks.
"What't the matter Pikachu?" Ash said as he went towards it.
Pikachu was still standing there, apparently waiting.

"Ash, I think something is bothering Pikachu..." May said.
"Pikachu?" Ash crept to it, then taking a look at the scene.
Cassandra was paying attention to the storm clouds.
"Oh dear..." she said, her face also with worry.
"What's going on?" Ash asked.
"Storm clouds are coming..." she said, looking at a radar attached next to her seat, "In about a minute, those fast coming storm clouds may strike.
Cassandra's radar happened to be right. Ther quick coming storm clouds were approaching, fast. Pikachu's cheeks were making a lot more electricity.
"We need to find shore, fast!" Cassandra said, shocked.

The storm clouds were filling the sky. Heavy rain was falling.
"Everybody inside the ship!" Cassandra said, also running down some stairs into a room with another wheel. She had shut the door behind her, and Ash, Brock, May and Masato ran into the inside.
"We won't get wet in here." Cassandra said.
They were all panting.

"Oh no!" she said, looking at her radar, ("What?" Ash had said.) "There are feirce winds coming."
The wind was treacherous. They were being blown off course.

^^NICK^^ v.2.0
September 7th, 2003, 10:21 AM
great fic E. Can't wait to read the rest

September 8th, 2003, 4:35 AM
Ummm... This is a chain story, where your supposed to continue it... lets wait for shadow and then it could start to get interesting.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 8th, 2003, 12:05 PM
If someone wrecks the storyline, I am SOOOOO gonna delete this. Now... Nizzy! You ARE a moderator, you know my chain stories well.

-_-" Who is gonna start? ^,^

September 11th, 2003, 12:18 AM
Shigeru-San? Cassie? *thinx*