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Raiden Lynx Wolverina
October 28th, 2003, 6:25 AM
My newest, Titaneon.

My old one, Roselleon.

Ill show you more later...what d o you think for now?

October 28th, 2003, 2:47 PM
They look nice,great job,just looks like the armour on titaneon is strapped on w/those black stripes

Pikachu The Master
October 28th, 2003, 2:57 PM
nice pictures.It would be pretty cool if they actually made Pokemon like that :cool:

October 28th, 2003, 9:03 PM
Wow thoses are really cool i like how ya do diff types of eeveelutions Great Job!

October 28th, 2003, 9:05 PM
Cool Eeveelutions! This eeveelution thing is getting pretty popular

November 5th, 2003, 6:22 PM
Nice art RWL! I always like looking at your art ^^.

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
November 6th, 2003, 9:08 AM
thanks a lot, I always am happy if someone likes it.

November 6th, 2003, 10:37 AM
Cool Pokemon. I realy like the Roselleon. I realy like Roses is part of it and you realy didid a noce job on it.

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 10th, 2003, 6:43 AM
Hellow, this is Mambureon, as you see he is grass
Imn fact he is my first eeveelution I ever made up
Hope ya like him...


December 10th, 2003, 9:04 PM
Yes it also looks really nice, I'm surprised you can think of so many and to do such a great job on them.

Mystical Mewtwo
December 10th, 2003, 9:26 PM
dang i cant even draw a strait line, this is good! How bout a rock eevee? Ive always wanted one of those...

December 11th, 2003, 5:26 AM
thanks a lot, I always am happy if someone likes it.

I think your art is better than your ideas. That is constructive critisism. The art is amazing. I'd like to see some of your art of real creatures (dogs, cats.. etc) because i can imagon it would be intence.

Well done! what medium did you use?

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 11th, 2003, 6:05 AM
well thanks everybody, I have no rock eeveelution , but Iveechan has one I guess. This is another one, Neneon, the ghost eon.
Its a really old picture. About one or two yrs.
I used o use bohemian-kooh-i-noor pencils, and a bit of fixes,
now I use Chinese Goldfish and Bohemian Sunpearl and Colorama.
The funniest hing about is, that these **newer** pencils are more than 30 years old!! I found them in my dead grannys house. She once used to head a kids school.So she had many art staff! I took it home and now I work with them! They are fine!
ANd, also I use a bit of ink...sometimes watercolors, and common colour ballpens.
Many things, I use.

Flame blaziken
December 11th, 2003, 3:51 PM
Great Job you are good at this way to go

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 12th, 2003, 7:42 AM
yes, maybe! I will probably stop with pokemon now, becaudse I have to drw people...you know, I want to go to art high school.

December 12th, 2003, 8:22 AM
Mambureon looks like it's made of lettuce! Awesome!! ^__^ You gotta love the armor on Titaneon too. All of them are uber rad!

I envy all you people with beautiful coloring! I swear it! I will one day color like you all! (Or maybe not... But it's a dream. ;P).

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 13th, 2003, 5:53 AM
Well,tehn id like to see it one day!
Okay this is another Neneon

December 13th, 2003, 5:55 AM
Ok, I thought of one. but you don't have to draw it! cloudemon , its a cloud looking pokemon, and its a water/elctris type!

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 13th, 2003, 6:11 AM
Well, maybe Ill do it, I swear I wont forget this, but now, even if Id like to make pokemon pictures, I have to draw people. When i finish those figural people compositions, I will maybe make my own thread where you can post me ideas for fake pokemon!

December 15th, 2003, 5:56 AM
Wow, those are really neat! I love made-up Eeveelutions. Great job! ^_-

December 15th, 2003, 4:41 PM
DAAH HANG!!! that is wayyyyy to good!!

Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 16th, 2003, 8:01 AM
This is, people of mine, Morpheon, the poison eon.
Maybe I will remove the thing from his head


Raiden Lynx Wolverina
December 19th, 2003, 1:38 AM
Mambureon from its back-an OLDER picture.


I hope to see some comments, no matter what kind

December 19th, 2003, 11:02 AM
Very nice work, keep it up!

August 24th, 2004, 12:43 PM
I cannot see them. But from what I'm hearing, they sound great!!! Please post them so I can see them though!

August 24th, 2004, 12:46 PM
Good work in reviving a thread this old!