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October 28th, 2003, 10:31 AM
Ever Since We First Met

Disclaimer: You know the routine, I don't own the Pokemon franchise, all that stuff.

This short poemfic was, believe it or not, inspired by Misty's Song. I wanted to write something similar to it that sounded more believable and in-character, except with a poem.

The last bit of firewood from their campfire had just died out, as Ash Ketchum and Brock Slate got settled into their sleeping bags for a good night's sleep. Pikachu was curled up next to Ash, as usual. Nearby, their friend Misty Williams was also in her sleeping bag but still wide awake. She pulled a tiny penlight out of her backpack, making sure not to wake Togepi, who was curled up inside it, positioned her body between the light and her friends so it wouldn't wake them up, and began writing in her diary, continuing a poem she'd been working on.

Ever Since We First Met

I remember when we first met
You didn't seem to like me
All you wanted was to be a trainer,
You had no time for girls.

I remember when we first met
The way you saved your Pikachu.
You took my bike to do it, and that made me mad,
But then I saw how much you loved your Pokemon.

I remember when we first met
I knew from that moment on
That you'd be the one to help me,
To cure me from the loneliness I felt inside,

To heal me from the sad memories of my past,
How I was treated like a runt, laughed at,
And always got the short end of the stick,
To help me discover who I really am.

I remember when we first met
I offered my help but you refused,
And won that battle in your own way,
Gaining both of us a lifelong friend in the process.

For a while after we first met
It seemed that we weren't getting along,
But all that arguing made me really appreciate
Just how determined you really are to realize your dreams.

Ever since we first met
I hoped you could be the one to love me,
And show me that I'm a beautiful person, not a runt,
Like my sisters always said.

Ever since we first met
I've had a crush on you, Ash Ketchum,
I just hope that someday,
You'll feel the same about me.

A few feet away, Ash had turned over in his sleep, and was slowly awakened by a dim light. Focusing his eyes, he realized that Misty, with her back to him, was using her penlight to see to write something. "What are you writing, Misty?" he asked innocently.

Misty snapped the book shut and shoved it in her backpack. "Oh, nothing, nothing at all, Ash! Good night!"

Ash was confused, but let the matter drop. "Good night, Mist," he replied, turning over again.

October 28th, 2003, 8:32 PM
Great Poem, this is one that all pokeshippers should read.