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November 8th, 2008, 6:45 PM
ONE MORE SPOT IS OPEN. COME TAKE A LOOK!|This is sort of like my Travel Through Time role play, but with a somewhat different plot to it. There are still some major things that I kept. They will be released later on in the role play, but that is about it. This takes place about ten years after Ash defeated Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and Galactic.

The Sinnoh Region, it was so calm after Ash and his friends defeated the evil. They were revered as legends, soldiers who saved the world. Then they all slowly went their seperate ways. Ash, had a major freak out and just dissappeared. He didn't defeat every last member of the evil teams, but alot of them that he did reformed. The remaining members all fled and formed a new team, bent on stopping the world. Ash, missing could not do anything about it. A few years passed, and the team grew stronger. Taking over more parts in the Sinnoh Region. The leader, is on the Battle Frontier, which is now run by the team. The team likes to call themselves Team Time. Less, and less trainers were coming. Their parents too afraid to let their kids out into the world against Team Time. Six parents, whom were former trainers actually let their kids go. The trainers did not know how to start. Then a letter in their mailbox. A letter from a mysterious sender.

Dear (Player Name),
I am writing this letter to say a couple of things. As I am sure, you know of the evil threat attacking the world. The team known as Team Time? I am correct am I not? I thought so. Any ways, they are in the process of catching Celebi. The time poke'mon that will send them through time, allowing them hit the world when it is young. If they do that, they will Inevitably have control of the world. It is up to you, and five other trainers to take charge and stop the evil. I hope you are up to the challenge, if so you can meet the first professor, he is hiding underground somewhere between Twinleaf Town and Sandgem Town. I would tell you, but it is pretty obvious once you get out there. He will give you your first pokemon, after you take a personality quiz, to see what pokemon would fit you. You musn't tell any of your friends, you never know who is with Team Time. I wish I could tell you more, but that is just about all I know.
P.S. The first professor he is a bit of klutz, don't stand under him.

Your Friend,


Team Time, a team made of fallen members of all the teams, is on a path to the destruction of the world. They want to capture Celebi so they could attack the world back when it was young. It your mission as a trainer to stop them before it is to late.. or should I say early.

This is a very important rule. I want you to be literate. Write in proper grammar and spelling. I will not stress out if you have a couple of words incorrect with each post, but if it is impossible to read..bye. I want people to have the proper spacing, and paragraph format. The minimum on posting is Three(3) Well Written lines. Lines, not sentences. If you can't think of anything, then don't post.

Only Sign-up if you are willing to commit to this role play. I need active roleplayers. If you come on once in a blue moon, don't join. If you just dissappear, bye-bye. You should post at least Once(1) every Two(2) days. If you have to go somewhere, where you think you will be without internet tell me, then I won't boot you out.

I want people who come up with their Own ideas. I don't want to see the whole gotta catch 'em all routine. No one wants to play with a person who copies. If you can't think of your own ideas, don't join.

Having Fun
Probably the most important rule. If you don't think you will have fun, then don't bother joining. A player that would have fun would much rather have that spot. If you join, and then it starts to get boring, pm me. If you wish to drop-out because it is no fun, then do so. I wont feel bad.

Follow all of the rules and your sign-up. First, if you break the rules,(depending on what one) bye bye. Then you must also find your sign-up. Don't make a dark,mean character and then have them light and nice, there is a reason for the sign-ups.

Game Play Information
Ok, So this, is were the info for game play is gonna go.
I will not be a part of this role play. Like most, I will be the Game Master. Meaning, I what I say goes. I Might choose a co-mod, chances aren't to great that I will though. So, I am the game master what I say goes, remember that and your life will be good. Forget it, and face hell.

I control the main Npc's. Like the professors, Team Time, and Leaders. While you are in battle, you control them, but you can't make them leave and go fly on a Fearow. Only I can do that. You can, make up a creative story of how you get into battle with them. Capturing Pokemon. To capture a pokemon, you must a creative battle post, and then end with you throwing the ball. You must also refrain yourself to one activity at a time. Example:Battling a pokemon, catching one, going to an important place in the story.

I will start when I start. That is when all the slots are taken. That way there won't be a sign-up in the middle of an epic battle ok? Does all of that sound fair? TOO BAD IF IT DOESN'T If it doesn't then this my friend is not the role play for choo.

~*Out of Game*~
Name:What shall we call you?

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name:
Age: Be realistic, your player couldn't have flown all around the world, challenged all the gyms, and elite four and be age ten. ('Specially since you haven't had a poke'mon.)

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Style:
Weight: Metric Please. (You can find a converter if you are american.)General Appearance: What does your character look like? Paragraph Format
Average Attire: What does your character usually dress in? Paragraph Format
Formal Wear: Ooh, a party, what does you character wear? Paragraph Format
Cold out: Weather said it would be cold out, does this scarf go with those boots, no, hmm.. what does your character wear? Paragraph Format

Dream: What is your characters goal?
Personality: Paragraph Format, how does you character act?

Family: Names, Ages relationship, eg father, brother etc...
Past: life up until this point? Paragraph Format.
Other: Anything else to say that isn't covered in the above?
Sample: Pull from a previous role play story or something of sort. If you are new to this site, then write something up, but don't make it an intro to the roleplay.

Preferred Starter: What started do you want?
Captured: I fill out.
In-Box: I fill out.

Normal-Taken by the Fabulous Pikataro
Rattata, Sentret, Aipom, Slakoth(Good Sign Up,) Cleffa (Good SU), Eevee(Good Su),Tediursa(Good Su)
Mankey, Machop, Makuhita, Tyrogue(Good SU) *Note, Tyrogue, will evolve randomly, I will use a randomizer to decide who he evolves into
Pidget, Spearow, Zuba, Hoothoot(Good Su), Murkrow (Good Su) Gligor(Good Su)
Ekans, Nidoran(You Decide Gender,) Gulpin, Croagunk(Good Su) Skorupi(Good Su)
Ground-Taken by the Shocking Neiko Star!
Sandshrew, Diglett, Cubone,Trapinch(Good Su),Hippopotas (Good Su), Baltoy(Good Su) , Rhyhorn(Good Su)
Rock-Taken by Pikalover, the trainer with a passion for all things Pikachu.
Geodude, Shieldon, Nosepass, Larvitar(Good Su), Aron(Good Su),
Pineco, Wurmple, Caterpie, Weedle, Kricketot(Good Su) Spinirak(Good Su), Surskit(Good Su)
Misdreavus, Shuppet, Duskull, Gastly(Good Su), Drifloon (Good Su)
Magnemite Beldum(Good Su) Bronzor(Good Su)
Charmander,Chimchar,Cyndaquil,Torchic,Vulpix(Good Su),Magby(Good Su),Torchic
Squirtle,Piplup,Totadile,Mudkip,Corpish, Krabby Poliwag(Good Su),Horsea(Good Su),Buizel(Good Su)
Bulbasaur,Turtwig,Chikorita,Treeko,Seedot,Lombre,Cacnea(Good Su),Budew(Good Su)
Electric-Taken by the fun-loving ShadowYashi
Plusle,Minun,Electrike,Voltorb,Pachirisu,Elekid(Good Su),Flaffy(Good Su),Shinx(Good Su),Pichu(Good Su)
Natu,Abra,Drowzee,Spoink(Good Su),Chingling(Good Su)
Snorunt,Swinub,Sneasel(Good Su),Spheal(Good Su),Snover(Good Su)
Dragon-Taken by the marvelous Slytherfang
Dratini,Bagon,Gible. (All Dragon Require a Good Su)
Dark-Taken by the Serious Gummy
Poochyena,Absol(Good Su),Houndour(Good Su)

I am only Accepting Six(6) sign-ups, but allowing a diverse choice. If someone picks Ice, then that is taken, no more people can choose ice.

*Note, your pokemon's nature is in the accepted role players thing. Example:Pikataro, as Gale Sapphire Hana. With her Quiet partner Lace, the Eevee!
So, Lace, is Sassy.
1.Pikataro, as Gale Sapphire Hana.. With her Quiet partner Lace, the Eevee!
2.Chi_Zukasi as Grey Christopher Rose.. with his Timid partner Rocky, the Spheal
3.Pikalover10 as Maximillion Hank Tegku.. With his Serious Partner Larvi, the Larvitar!
4. Slytherfang as Elise Annika Iorian.. with her Adamant partner Eclipse the Bagon!
5.ShadowYashi as Maxine Ann Gray.. with her Hasty partner Chip the Pachirisu!
6.Gummy as Cammille De La Cruz.. with her Modest partner Moochie the Houndour!
7.Neiko Star as Yukiko Hakushiro.. with her Impish partner Sunset the Trapinch!

What I wonder is why this thread did so much better than the original.

I think: More Starters, catchier name, more developed.

Neiko Star
November 9th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Now this sounds interesting! Just one thing: I don't understand a THING in weights and stuff, so if whatever I'll make up is not normal, please tell me.

~Out of Game~
Name: Neiko

~In Game~
Birth Name: Yukiko Hakushiro
Nickname: Yuki
Age: 14

Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Style: Worn loosely, with two braided strands falling on her shoulders
Weight: ...92 pounds...? Metric...? Converter...? ???
General Appearance: Yukiko is elegant-looking, and has a tall and slim figure. People often think she is older than she really is. She has waist-length, lustrous silver hair, which she always wears loosely on her back, except for two thin, braided strands, that fall delicately on her shoulders. Her eyes are of an extremely pale, cerulean blue, framed with long eyelashes. Her skin is a milky white, for she had never had a desire to tan herself. Her cheeks are a very light, pearly pink, especially when she is happy. She has a thin, curved mouth, with perfect, white teeth. Boys oftenly complain about the fact that, even though she is beautiful, she evidently lacks in the chest area.
Average Attire: Yukiko does not care much for clothes. She wears a simple, white shirt, and a short, grey skirt. She does not change attire, except on party occasions, where she forces herself to wear more, 'fancy' clothes. She absolutely hates stockings, so she wears white socks and high heels. She is not very fond of jewelry, except for a thin, golden necklace that she wears at all times.
Formal Wear: Yukiko is oftenly invited to parties, though she declines most of her invitations. However, when she does happen to accept one, she wears a dark blue, frilled, sleeveless dress that ends above her knees, as she does not like long skirts. She will not put on stockings, no matter what, so she replaces her usual white socks with lacy ones. She keeps her necklace, of course, but she does not wear any other additional accessories, except for a sparkly blue headband, because it matches the colour of her eyes.
Cold Out: Yukiko, as her name suggests, does not mind the cold. She simply puts on a thin, white jacket that covers her until her knees, and wraps a silver scarf around her neck. However, she leaves her face, hands and legs uncovered. In winter, she replaces her high heels with some furry, white boots, as her feet are the only parts of her body that mind the cold, due to some bullying in her childhood.

Likes: Vanilla ice cream, bunnies, felines, snow
Dislikes: Carrots, heat, worms, cheese cakes, bullies
Fears: Dentists, blood, showing her tears
Strengths: Singing, drawing, sketching, crafting, piano
Dreams: Obtaining a Horsea and finding a way to revive her brother
Personality: Yukiko has a calm, secretive personality. She likes to do things alone, and does not confide much in others. She does not reveal her feelings in public, and most of the time, ignores anything that happens around her unless it has a direct connection to herself. However, inside, she has a kind and caring heart, though she is afraid to show it. Due to some incidents in the past, she hates bullies, and she will punish those who, in her opinion, fit in that category, for though a level-headed person, she has a sharp tongue. She especially does not show sadness or cry, for she has sworn never to show her tears to another person ever again. In the rare cases she gets angry, her rage is overwhelmingly powerful. She does not hate easily, but she does not forgive at all. She has a particular fondness of Pokemon and children, as she thinks they are alike: you have to take good care of them, and one day, they might return the favor. She also likes taking care of plants, and she respects nature as a living being, and loathes those who destroy it. She treats every living creature, Pokemon, humans, plants, as equals, and respects them all the same...except for dentists, which she thinks are ruthless beasts from another planet come to pull out their teeth, which is why she takes care in brushing her teeth every day: she does not want to have to go to the dentist.

Family: Mother: died when she was born - Father: died of illness when she was one - Brother(Tori): died in car crash when she was five.
Past: Her mother died as she was born, whispering with her last breath to her father their baby's name. The latter was suffering from lung cancer, and was not healthy as he tried to raise his two children, Yukiko and Tori, who was six at the time. The family was poor, and their father could not give them good living conditions. The first year of her life was hard, as neither of the children had enough food or drink, and Yukiko hardly had enough nutrients for a baby to live on. After a year of poor life, her father died, leaving Tori to take care of his younger sister. As she was only one year old at that time, Yukiko remembers her brother more than her father, and she had never met her mother. Tori had brought her to a nearby orphanage, where he pleaded with the owner to let them stay. The owner, pitying him, allowed the two to stay. Over the next four years, Tori learned how to be a big brother, and took care of Yukiko, always being there for her. This caused Yukiko to develop a strong bond of affection with him, and he became someone she could always rely on. The owner allowed both of them to attend the nearby school for orphans, which came without payment for actual orphans. Yukiko lead a nearly normal life, living happily with her brother until...one day, she came back from school, sobbing, having been bullied by an older boy, who took her favorite pencil sharpener, and snapped it in two. Tori had been absent that day, since he had a cold, and could not come to school. He went to pick her up though, and on the way back to the orphanage, Yukiko told him the whole story, and while he had been busy trying to take out a hankerchief from his pocket to wipe his sister's tears, he did not see the coming car, whose driver was drunk, and lost his life in the accident. Yukiko felt like she had cried all the tears of her body out that day. The following month, when she finally returned to school, the same bully came and grabbed her by the ankles, and stuffed her bare feet in the snow, being winter at the time, because she had told the teacher, who had severely punished him. He repeated the torture every day, until one day, Yukiko decided to toughen up and do what she thought her brother would've done: she ran to the director, who had expelled the older boy. However, ever since then, Yukiko had felt cold feet, and still, when she is alone, she thinks about her brother, whose death she blames herself for, and cries her heart out until she can't anymore.

Other: Yukiko favours water and ice Pokemon. Seeing blood reminds her of the image of her brother after the accident, covered in blood and dead.
"Get up, you stupid flower."
Yura opened her eyes halfway. The world seemed fuzzy; all she could see was a swirl of colours.
"I said get up!"
She opened her eyes completely. Then she saw a bizarre thing: a large, creamy, tree with streaming pink hair.
Yura sat up with a jolt and blinked. What she thought was a cream-coloured tree had actually been her older sister, Neiko. She was wearing an apron and standing over her, hands on her hips, staring at her with piercing, icy blue eyes full of irritation. Her pale, pink hair was worn freely, delicately falling on her perfect shoulders. Yura had always been jealous about her sister's flawless beauty; but that didn't matter now, as she was sure she was about to get the spanking of her life.
"Sorry," she mumbled.
"Sorry!" repeated Neiko. "Is that all you've got to say? Look at the time!"
Yura crawled to her bedside and studied the watch placed on her drawer. It said 6:28. She slumped back on her bed.
"It's only 6:28," she said airily. She yawned.
"Only?" Her sister looked like she was about to burst. "Have you forgotten? The lottery's at 6:30!"
That snapped Yura awake. She jumped up with a bolt and hurried to the calendar. Sure enough, September 1rst was marked in red. She glanced at her watch again. It now read 6:30.
"I'm late!" she squealed in alarm. She hurried to her closet.
"Relax," Neiko told her. "I set your watch thirty minutes early last night when you were sleeping."
Yura let out a sigh of relief. She slumped down to the floor. "Why did you have to do that?"
"How else was I supposed to get you to wake up?" Neiko asked disdainfully. "I had to scare you badly, or you'd never stay awake."
She walked towards the door. "Now you better change quickly and come down to eat breakfast, before it gets cold."
She slammed the door behind her, leaving the room in total silence. Slowly, Yura got up and opened her closet door. Now, which one should I pick? It's gotta look nice, but not too fancy. Let's see now...
She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw a young, teenage girl, with violet hair and pale, crystal lavender eyes. Her father had called her 'his beautiful violet' for this reason, but her sisters had always seen it as 'stupid flower'. She was tall for her age: which didn't help much with the flower comment.
She glanced through her closet again. Definitively not green: that really did make her look like a flower. Not yellow either; the colour was too bright and didn't fit her well. Red was horrible on her; as was orange. That left her four choices: blue, white, purple and pink.
She smiled. She knew which one she would take. It was one of the outfits she had prepared for this very day.
It was a short, light purple shirt that ended right above her knees. Her father said it brought out the shade of her eyes. It had darker violet frills on it, and a silver beaded star that she had pinned on it. The shirt was sleeveless: it ended under her neck. She put on two long, matching lavender fingerless gloves that ended in a frill of silk above her elbows. She then put on a skirt: it was the same colour as the shirt, and were short enough to end above her knees. The skirt was longer on the left side; a dark purple ribbon ran across it, attached to a veil of silk. The veil was the reason she liked this skirt: it was smooth and glittery, and at the same time flapped and twirled when she moved around.
Then she completed the outfit with a violet-coloured cotton jacket. Now that that was over with, it was time for the next course: jewelry. Every girl in her family loved to dress up in those: her including. She put on dark purple, silver-trimmed amethyst earrings, a double necklace with the same gems, with the one huge amethyst in the center shaped in a large, shiny oval, with a flowered, silver trim. She then decided on a matching dangling bracelet that she put on her left gloved arm. There. The clothing was done.
Many people believed she dressed up too much and spent too much time doing it; and she agreed. But she loved to dress up, so she didn't care anyway. Now, on to the most important thing: my hair.
She neatly brushed it and pulled it into a high ponytail: and she couldn't resist to tie it with an amethyst flower ribbon.
All done.
To tell the truth, most people would have thought her outfit too purple. But as long as she liked it, she just didn't care. She walked to her bedside drawer and strapped on her watch (purple of course) to her right hand. It now read 6:45. Boy, she had spent fifteen minutes getting dressed. Now she had only fifteen minutes left to eat breakfast. She left her room behind as she sped down the stairs, with the smell of bacon in her nostrils.
Neiko glanced worriedly at the oven clock. It was 6:15 already, and Yura still hadn't come down yet.
"Probably wasting her time dressing up again," she sighed. "She doesn't realize that breakfast is more important than her clothes. The ceremony lasts about an hour, and if she doesn't come down soon, she'll starve."
She stayed silent for a moment. She remembered the first time her mother had told her about the lottery...
She had been seven then. She was coming home from school when she found her mother outside, conversing with her father about something. She had been curious, so she had asked her mother what they were discussing.
"They're having a lottery, honey," her mother had replied.
"What's a lottery?" she had asked.
"It's like a game, sweetheart. You get a ticket with a number on it. If your number is called, you win a prize. In this case, the prize is a Pokemon."
"Can I enter?"
"Sure you can, hon. Just make sure you're not disappointed if your number isn't chosen, all right?"
"All right! Yay, thanks, Mommy!"
Those were my last words to her.
She paced around the kitchen. She stopped by an old picture frame: it showed her, as a five-year-old girl, in the arms of a violet-haired woman.
She blinked and looked around. Yura was standing by the kitchen table, all dressed in purple, and looking ready to eat.
"Took you long enough," Neiko said drily. She quickly took out a plate and shoved a couple of strings of bacon into it. She dropped it in front of her little sister with a clang and pulled out a cup and started irritately pouring milk in it. She then pushed it towards Yura.
"There you go, Miss Purple," she sniffed, glancing at her sister from top to bottom.
"Well, gee, thanks a lot, Kitty," Yura retorted. Her sister's name Neiko meant 'cat' in japanese.
Neiko pursed her lips but stayed silent. She took off her apron and threw it on the couch.
"I'm going to go shopping for a while. We're running low on eggs. Make sure you're not late while I'm gone."
And with a slam of the front door, she left the house.
"Good morning, Violet."
Yura spun around. Her father had come in the back door, carrying a wooden pole under his arms.
"Hi, Dad."
"You look lovely today."
"You're the only one that thinks so."
"Does that really matter?"
"I guess not."
"So, where are your sisters?"
"Neiko went out to buy eggs, Hana's probably still sleeping and I don't know where Yume is."
"I see. Well, I need to go to work now. Tell me about your lottery when I get back, okay?"
"Okay," Yura said.
She watched from the windows as he hurried along, out of the house, into the car, and onto the road. As she looked at the time, she realized it was 6:25. Time to go.
She cleared out her plate and put it and her glass in the sink. She then ran to the entrance hall and put on her new purple-and-white running shoes. She was ready. She pushed the handle and stepped outside. A breath of fresh, autumn air greeted her. She glanced up at the sky. This was going to be a long day.

Chapter One
"Have you found all of them?" asked an old man, with shaggy grey hair and a long, twisted beard. The room was dark; the only light was a single candle placed on a table near the chair where the man was sat, giving off just enough light to see the man's wise, pale blue eyes.
Something in the shadows moved. "Nearly," a voice answered, that of a young man. "We have but one left."
The old man raised his eyebrows slightly. "Still? You said the same thing yesterday. I expected you to have found her already."
"She is a tricky one," the voice replied, now with a hint of shame. "We are always near her, yet she manages to elude us every time."
The elderly man stroked his beard thoughtfully. "Have you tried Phoenix Incense?"
"Yes, of course," responded the man in the shadows, "We have also tried Dragonmist, but the results are the same."
The elder sighed softly. "I see." He paused. "Then there is no other choice.
Darkwing, I give you permission to go to her yourself."
"Thank you, Zuvlar Dragonstep." The voice --Darkwing's-- said. The man hesitated, then stepped into the light, revealing a young, pale face, underneath a mane of short, black hair, and a pair of coal black eyes.
He bowed respectfully, then vanished in a glow of black light.
Zuvlar Dragonstep shook his head. "I wonder what she is like, that last one," he said softly. "She must be one of a kind to have avoided Vailyr Darkwing for such a long time. It has not happened in two thousand years."
He rose, leaned over to the candle, and blew. The light disappeared instantly;
the room returned to darkness, and the old man was gone as well.


Autumn Vales stood at the doorway, her long, reddish-orange hair flowing behind her, revealing streaks of gold in it. Her eyes, coloured in gold, hinted with red, twitched with annoyance. She wore simple clothing: a light, yellow cotton dress, slightly frilled at the sleeves and waist, and a plain white undershirt. In her hands was a small basket. On her head she wore a large straw hat, topped with a white rose. On her feet were lacy white socks and a pair of yellow shoes. The wind blew from the open door, making her dress sway back and forth. A small ginger head poked out of the basket. It mewed, cocking its head. The girl smiled at the little cat. "Don't worry, Sunset, you won't be in there long." I hope, she added in her head. But she had nothing to worry about: a girl came bursting through the kitchen, basket in one hand, backpack in the other. She halted to a stop in front of Autumn, panting.
"About time!" Autumn exclaimed. "What were you doing, Diana? You were in there for nearly half an hour!"
Diana lifted her head, shook off a few strands of brown hair, and looked at her friend with bright, blue eyes. "Sorry, I was just preparing a few snacks for the trip," she explained. "I thought time might pass faster if we had something to eat, so I made a few things."
Autumn scoffed. "We have enough to eat, right here in our baskets. No need to spend an hour making new recipes!"
"But these are really good!" Diana persisted. "I'm sure you'll feel differently if you tasted them!"
"I wouldn't bet on it," Autumn muttered under her breath. "Anyway, let's get going. We don't have all morning to chat."
Diana nodded, then followed her friend outside, where they locked the door with their spare key, then hid it under the flower pot.
"Are you sure that's safe?" The brown-haired girl asked uncertainly.
"Perfectly sure." Autumn replied.
They walked to the bus station, then took the ten-thirty bus. As Autumn paid the five dollar fee, she had a strange feeling she was being stared at.
Of course, she was used to staring. It wasn't everyday you saw a red-haired girl with yellow eyes. But this wasn't the usual kind of gawping she received at school every day. It was like she was being observed. She shook the thought out of her head, and chose a seat in the back. Sitting down, she noticed she and her friend were the only ones in the bus.
"This bus is pretty empty," she commented. She took out her basket and flipped it open. Inside was a variety of sandwiches, some drinks, as well as a ginger-furred kitten. It mewed. It scrambled out of the basket and climbed into her lap. It walked around, happy at the chance to stretch its legs.
"It is empty," Diana shuddered. "It feels like a ghost town."
Autumn raised her eyebrows. "How can it feel like a ghost town when you know you're in a bus?"
Diana gave her a dirty look. "I said, it feels like a ghost town. Besides, saying a ghost bus would sound wrong."
Autumn did not continue this conversation. Instead, she asked, "Where was the picnic supposed to be again?"
"In Riceville," answered Diana. "It's supposed to be a great place for picnics.
Lots of fields and stuff. They say there are even some wild horses that sometimes show up."
Autumn rolled her eyes. If anybody asked her opinion, eating lunch on the grass, in a field swarming with bugs and horses was not her idea of a pleasant trip. But she had so little friends she could not afford to lose hers.
The first hour of the ride was made in silence, each side deep in thought.
Autumn wondered why she looked so different, while Diana pondered if her lipstick showed. Sunset had settled down to sleep, and as the bus drove smoothly, there was not a sound. That was, until the girls heard an exploding noise. The bus screeched to a stop. Frantically, Autumn pulled down the window and glanced outside. In front of the bus, several cars were on fire, the flames huge with the amount of oil. The fire grew bigger and bigger, until
it reached the bus. The driver had already fled, leaving the two girls alone in a bus that would burst aflame any minute. Diana was frozen with terror. Autumn tried to pull her friend up, but her own body was shaking as well.
"Look, unless we get out of here now, we'll both be cooked up like bacon!" Autumn hissed.
Diana got up, eyes wide, and followed her to the exit. She pushed the handle.
It was locked. She slammed against it. Still locked.
"Diana, help me out here!" she cried, tackling the door.
But her friend was trembling head to toe, lips quivering.
"Oh no, you don't!" she snapped. "If you cry here, we'll both just die. If you want to live, you better help me!"
Diana shook her head.
Seeing it was no use, Autumn resumed trying to break down the door, still to no avail. The flames were half-way here already. That was when she started to panic. Without thinking, she jumped at the door head first. To her surprise, the door opened easily. But she did not stop to wonder why. Gesturing to her friend, who quickly followed, she ran as fast as she could. When she arrived to the grass, she heard the bus behind her explode. Watching the flames engulf the vehicle, she fumbled with her basket. Finally, she found what she was looking for: her cellphone. Dialing nine-one-one, she noticed something strange. The fire seemed to stop at the end of the bus. It grew no further, as though it was stuck on some invisible wall. Glancing up, she saw a strange shadow in the sky. It looked like a very large bird, but it did not look like any bird she had ever seen. Very quickly, the silhouette vanished. She wondered what it was.
"Uh..hello?" asked a voice coming from the cellphone.
Startled, Autumn grabbed her cellphone and replied, heart beating fast, "Yes. This Autumn Vales. My friend, Diana Harsel, and I are near a big fire. Will you put it out?"
"Where are you now?" asked the voice from the receiver.
Autumn nervously glanced at the signpole at the corner of the street. "We're on Sincerity Avenue, nearly at Riceville."
The voice paused. "Thank you." It said finally. "We will send help immediately." And it hung up.
Fifteen minutes later, help did come, in the form of four fire-fighter trucks and an ambulance. The fire had not grew any bigger. It was still where it had been fifteen minutes earlier. This puzzled Autumn, but she was too tired to think much. The ambulance carried Diana and her home, while the fire-fighters dealt with the fire. The last thing Autumn remembered before she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep was recalling that strange, bird-like shadow,


November 9th, 2008, 4:20 PM
OOC: If my sign up is good can I reserve a Spheal? And can we catch Pokemon as we progress through the RP?

~*Out of Game*~
Name: chi

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Grey Christopher Rose
Nickname: Chris or Grey
Age: 12

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Green (Changes colors, or both at once)
Hair Style: No further than the collar, over the ears a bit.
Weight: 51 kg (I think that it is right)
General Appearance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usualy wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'.
Average Attire: Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Under neath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe.
Formal Wear: If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accomadated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'.
Cold out: On a chilly winters day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usualy have his glasses on, so his contacts wont dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.

Likes: Cats, work, Pokemon, Internet, technology
Dislikes: Sibilings, dogs, cold days, warm days
Fears: Blood/guts, death, pain
Strengths: Schoolwork, work, typing
Dream: Grey's main goal would be one of the most well-known Pokemon technology inventor.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever somthing comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likley be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever somthing sad, devasting, happy, or joyous happens, he usually wont show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, hes good, but if the weather is gloomy, hes gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usualy the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkitive, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysterios to make a good impresson, but he usually fails.

Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth more sad, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became astranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finaly turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After another two year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in Sangem Town, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a bigshot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finaly needed to go on his own Pokemon journey.
Other: Though Grey would love to become part of his brothers new family, he was filled with hate because his brother left him long ago.
Sample: [From PokeAmulets-My First, I played multiple characters]

Andrew, Lee, Luther, and Robert:
Four Island

Andrew watched as a kid with a Pidgeot, and a kid with a Staraptor neared the island. The kid sleeping was still asleep. The yacht was on it's way. The Charizard kids were still messing with Sneasle. Humph. A plane landed at the airport. Andrew figured that a lot of people would be coming on the plane.
"Hi. You a trainer?" said someone who looked a lot like Mrs.Ritham in Goldenrod.
"Yup. You look familliar. Know anyone by the name of Ritham?"


"Chimchar! Use ember on Minun!" yelled Luther.
"Turtwig! Use razor leaf on Plusle!" yelled Robert.
Chimchar breathed embers on Minun. Minun dodged most of them, but did get hit. Turtwig's leaves on his sprout turned white, and started duplicating. Then Turtwig started shaking his head, sending the duplicated leaves flying toward Plusle. Like Minun, Plusle dodged most of them, but still got hit.
"Minun! Plusle! Use spark!"
The two pokemon held hands. They closed their eyes and generated electricity. Then all of a sudden they yelled,"Mine!Plus!" and let out sparks of electricity.
The sparks hit perfectly on target, but Chimchar and Turtwig didn't faint.
"Okay! Turtwig, use razor leaf on Minun!"
Turtwig went through the same process again. Minun had used a lot of energy to use the spark attack, so it wasn't ready to dodge the attack. He used little walls of electricity to block the first couple of leaves, but then was too tired. He let the leaves pound on him, and finally fainted. Lee sent out Luxray, getting more serious now.
Turtwigs whole body then turned white, and started to transform. He was evolving into a Grotle.
"Chimchar! Use ember on Plusle!"
Chimchar used ember on Plusle, and Plusle was also weak. Plusle was weaker than Minun, and just let the embers pelt on him. He fainted, too, like Minun. Lee swithced it out with Ampharos.
Chimchar aslo started to evolve. Now, a Monferno, it is mutch stronger.
"Okay, kids, it's time to get serious. Luxray, hyper beam! Ampharos, thunder."
Both Pokemon used their attacks at the same time. The hyper beam and the thunder mixed, and created an electric hyper beam. The attack hit hard, and made both Monferno and Grotle faint.
Robert and Luther had just lost their main powerhouses. But the battle still was happening. Robert decided on Pachisiru, and Luther decided on Magby.
"Magby! Use flamethrower!"
"Pachisiru! Use super fang on Luxray!"
Magby blew his flamethrower towards Ampharos. It was impossible for her to dodge it, so it hit her hard.
Pachisiru started runing towards Luxray at full speed and bit it. Luxray lost exactly half of it's HP.
"Luxray! Ampharos! Use discharge!"
Both Pokemon used the attack at the same time. Magby survived it barely, and Pachisiru regained health by getting hit.
Luther gave Magby a super potion.
"Pachisiru! Use spark on Ampharos!"
The Pokemon tackled Ampharos, but with a jolt of electricity. Amphoros almost had no HP left, and Lee didn't have any potions.
"Amphoros! Return!" Lee held out her luxary ball. In a beam of red light Amphoros was gone. This counted as a loss.
"Come on out Manetric!" yelled Lee, "Luxray! Manetric! Use discharge on Magby."
The two Pokemon did the horrifying attack, leaving Magy fainted.
"Ruturn!" yelled Luther," Come on out Duskul! Duskul! Use shadow ball!"
"Pachirisu! Use treasure on Manectric!"
Duskul threw a shadow ball at Luxray. Luxray has just a little HP left and can't continue.
"Ruturn Luxray! Good job!" Luxray returned into his Pokeball, while Lee sent out Pachirisu.
Pachirisu used the treasure attack on Manectric. Manetric still has a lot of HP left.
"Manectric! Use thunder on Duskull!"
"Pachirisu! Use charm on Pachirisu!"
Manetric sent a jolt of electricity through Duskull fainting it.
Lee's Pachirisu made a sweet look on its face to the other Pachirisu and Robert's Pachirisu fell in love. Robert's Pachirisu refused to attack anyone on the other team.
"Come on out Mankey!" yelled Robert,"Pachisiru, seeing as you won't attack the other team, return!" It counted as a loss.
"Mankey use cross chop on Pachirisu!"
Mankey used cross chop, and fainted Pachirisu. Mankey stood no chance against Manectric.
"Manectric! Use thunder to finish this off!"
Manectric used thuder, and electricuted Mankey.
Lee had one a battle.

Luther obtained a Monferno by evolution
Robert obtained a Grotle by evolution

Here is some more from the same RP:
Andrew woke up, and went to the bathroom. He was getting ready for the big day. He took a shower, and got all spiffed up. He packed his backpack, and went down stairs. All of his brothers and sisters had come home for spring break. Wallace, Noland, Brawly, and Flannery were already up. Wallace was in the pool training his water Pokèmon. Andrew went outside, and sent out Politoed. Wallace had given him Poliwag.
"Hey champ! Why up so early? You know, you're gonna wake up the young'ens."
"Hey Wallace. I think I'm going to head to Four Island today, and start a journey."
"Oh, that sounds cool. I wish you luck! But, for now, I need to get back to training!"
"Okay, see ya!"
Andrew walked into the house and was greeted by Noland.
"Hey! I see that you're finnaly starting a journey of you're own."
"You know what, I'll loan you a Pidgeot to get you to where you need to go."
"Wow, thanks."
"Good luck!" Noland said as he handed Andrew a Pokeball.
Andrew walked into the kitchen to see Flanery helping mom with breakfest.
Andrew's mom said,"Finnaly starting on a journey?"
"Yeah" Andrew replied.
"Well, good luck!"
Flannery ignored him; Flannery didn't like him too mutch.
Andrew walked out the door with a Go-Tart, and saw Brawly running laps.
"See ya, Brawly!" Andrew said as he released the Pidgeot.
"Pidgeot! Fly!" Andrew said as he boarded the Pokemon. In what seemed like seconds they reached Four Island.
Well, I geuss I'll just wait for the others. Andrew thought.


Four Island.

Andrew was falling asleep waiting for everyone. He finnaly decided to get up and explore. He walked around and saw some of the people that always gets up early.
"Hey," said one person,"You're new around here. What's you're name? My names Prof.Rotwood."
That name sounded fammiliar, but not off the top of his head.
"My name is Andrew Pali."
"Oh!" The man yelled. Then he brought it down to a whisper,"Are you one of those kids I sent you a letter to?"
That was it! Andrew thought.
"About the PokeAmulets?"
"Yes! Where are the others?"
"I guess they are on their way."

Mt. Pyre

Robert woke up first, and got into his clothes. (He still takes showers at night) Robert checked his things and his brother's stuff. He looked at the alarm clock. It read 8:13. They were later than they were supposed to be. Robert shook Luther awake. Luther got dressed. Then they both grabbed their packs. They walked outside. They saw their sister, and asked to borrow her Noctowl to take them to Four Island. She gave in and let them borrow Noctowl. Finnaly they were off and got to Four Island in just seconds.

Lillycove City

Leah woke up early, as usual, and went through her normal process. She took a shower, got dressed, got packed, ate some breakfast, and headed out the door. She went to the apartment above hers, where her best friend lived. Her best friend owned every type of flying Pokèmon, besides legendarys.
Leah knocked on the door. Her best friend opeded the door, and said,"Need a flying Pokèmon?"
"Yes, please."
"Okay, witch one?"
"I'll make a good apperence with an Altaria."
"Okay, here you go! Good luck!"
Lee grabbed the Pokèball and went outside. She told Altaria to fly to Four Island. They were there in a couple of minutes.


Andrew, Luther, Robert, and Lee:
Four Island

Andrew was starting to see people show up. Two 13-year-olds came first. They were riding a majestic Noctowl. They sent the Noctowl back home, and came walking to Andrew.
"I told you, Robert! There's no need ta wake up so early! There ain't no'one here!"
"Yes there is! Look! He don't look like no native!"
They finnaly walked up to Andrew.
"You here to find one of those amulet-things?" asked Luther. Robert looked mad, like it was a secret.
"Yea." Andrew replied
"Well, then wher'd every'one go?" asked Robert
"Actually, you are the first two to show up, besides me. Let's wait for some more people, and I'll take you to Prof.Rotwood."
"Fine." said Robert. The two walked not too far away, and started to fight again.

Next Andrew saw a girl show up on an Altaria. She got off of it, like she didn't own it, and came walking toward Andrew and the twins.
"Hi!" she said.
"Hey, I bet you're here to find a PokeAmulet? Huh?"
"Ya." she replied, "My name is Leah, but go ahead and call me Lee."
"Okay, I'm Andrew. These two are twins, from who-know's-where."
"Okay." she said. She walked over to Robert and Luther and said,"Hi, my name's Lee. What's your's?"
"My name's Luther, and this here is my brothe' Robert. Like to battle?" He said as Luther and Robert both reached for their Pokèballs.
"If it's fine with you." she said.

Andrew saw a yaht in the distance headed this way. He turned around and saw two people on a Charizard. One was yelling hi, and the other looked pissed off at him. Andrew decided to wait until these people caught up to him to greet them. Andrew turned the other way, trying to ignore the two on the Charizard, and saw a hot-air-ballon Pokemon, with a passenger sleeping inside of it. He decided to wait for that kid too.

Andrew decided to let out all of his Pokemon for some fresh air. "Come on out everyone!" he said. He watched as all of his Pokemon,Politoed, Feearaligatr, Sealeo, Snaesel, Gardevoir, and Erureido came out and streched. "Gardevoir, teleport over to the yacht! Eruriedo, teleport to the sleeping freak! Wake him up and scare him! Snesel, go over to the Charizard people and battle them! Were going to have some fun! And, go!"
Gardevoir and Eruriedo turned red and vanished. Sneasle started running like crazy, showing off his claws. The other two just started cheering the others.

Luther sent out Chimchar, and Robert sent out Turtwig. Lee sent out Minun and Plusle.
"Okay let da battle begin!" yelled Robert and Luther.


Andrew, Lee, Robert, and Luther:
Four Island

The sleeping boy woke up and started attacking Gallade. Gallade teleported back, just fine. Then, the boy started coming this way.
The yacht neared the island right when Gardevoir came back, unharmed. Then, someone came out of the yacht, and starting riding this way on a Rapidash. The two got into a battle before they reached Andrew. The boy had won, and they came this way.

"Hey everyone, I'm Kari from Five island... My daddy owns this Island and five island by the way," said a spoiled voice.
"Well, I'm Andrew and my dad owns Hoenn!" said Andrew.(He doesn't really)
"Hey i'm Jimbob from Mount Pryre in Hoenn, this is Shuppet!" said another voice.
"Hi, I'm Andrew Pali. I'm from Goldenrod City."

Lee and the twins walked up to Andrew.
Lee said,"I've got to take these two to the Pokemon Center, to heal their Pokemon."
"Okay, come back." Andrew waved bye to Lee. He kind of liked her.

Lee took Robert and Luther the the Pokemon Center. On their way they ran into an abandoned Elekid. Lee picked up the Elekid and took it the the Pokemon Center.
Robert and Luther set their Pokeballs in a special tray, and watched as Nurse Joy healed them.
"Nurse Joy," said Lee,"I found this injured Elekid on the side of the road, could you care for it?"
"Why, yes dear," said Jurse Joy,"I'll heal him right away."
Nure Joy took him to the back. After a couple of minutes she came back and said,"I think that he is your's now, because he evolved! He was so happy that you helped it!"
"Wow, thanks!" said Lee. Nurse Joy handed Lee a Pokeball.Lee released the Pokemon, and gasped. It was a shiny Electabuzz.
Lee went to her PC. She finnaly decided to store Manetric and keep Electabuzz in her party.
Finnaly, the three kids left to go back to Andrew.

Lee got an Elekid by capture.
Lee got an Electabuzz by evolution.

Preferred Starter: Spheal


November 9th, 2008, 6:50 PM
May I reserve Bagon, if it isn't already taken? I'll do my SU as soon as possible, and um, where do you put your Pokemon of choice?

November 10th, 2008, 3:24 PM
~*Out of Game*~
Name: Pika

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Gale Sapphire Hana
Nickname: Saph, Cobalt
Age: 14

Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Hair Style: Long and Straight, roughly chest-length
Weight: Secret =D But around 100-115 pounds, whatever that converts to
Appearance: Gale is roughly 5'4" in height. She is quite tall for her age, as some may say. Her bust is around perhaps 75 centimeters? She doesn't know, and would rather just go by what cup size ("A", "B", etc.) that fits her. She is average-sized, so she is neither overweight or underweight, and she has a small birthmark somewhat resembling a diamond just above her left elbow.
Average Attire: Gale likes to wear light clothing that fits for all or most occasions. She generally wears a white t-shirt that ends around the elbow, and to go with it, green camouflage pants. She wears short white socks (she hates any higher than a bit above her ankles) and black slip-on school-girl-like shoes. AND, she'll often wear a white kitty-eared cap on her head. And even more rarely, she may wear a white kitty tail to go with her cap.
Formal Wear: Gale does not like to dress up, no matter what the occasion. But, if it matters, she will dress up. She wears a gorgeous sapphire blue dress make out of the smoothest of silk. The dress starts at her chest (it has no straps) and ends at her knees. There is some pearl white lace at the bottom of the dress, as well as at the top where it starts. To match this, she wears silky sapphire blue slipper-like dress shoes, which help her move nimbly on certain ground textures. She may wear a silver tiara with a sapphire in the middle if she feels like it.
Cold out: Gale still wears her regular attire (for some reason, temperatures 33 degrees F to 69 degrees F don't seem to bother her). But, if it drops below 33, then Gale adds on a few layers. She wears a sapphire blue leather jacket with white faux fur going around the hood and arm holes. She also puts on a sapphire blue scarf with a wave pattern designed onto it if she really begins to get cold. She doesn't like to wear boots, so rather, she puts on sapphire blue hiking socks, which help keep her feet warm.

+Pokemon of many sorts
+Anything shiny, especially jewels
-Water and Electric Pokemon
-Evil People/N'er-do-wells
-Being outcasted
-Dying early
-Losing any Pokemon
+She sings well
+She is somewhat a decent battler
+She can sew together attire for her or her Pokemon
Dream: Gale's goal is to prove to everyone that just because she's a girl doesn't mean Pokemon are nothing but pets to play with, like most sexist people may believe. She wants to prove she's as good as any other powerful Pokemon trainer out there, regardless of what others may tell her.
Personality: Gale is shy and quiet, but this is especially because she is a tactician up to a point. She likes to plan out her strategies as well as figure out her opponent's strategy before battling. She also looks up details on certain Pokemon to figure out what kinds of moves it uses, what movements it usually makes, etc. Gale tends to be stubborn, but only when someone tells her to do something that interferes with what she currently is doing/currently wants to do.

Family: None... She's an orphan...
Past: Gale has always lived her life being without a family. Up until the age of eight, she had lived in the worst orphanage ever. Once she turned eight, she ran far away from it as possible, and never regretted doing so. Over the time, she learned to eat many berries and survive on the wilderness itself. Occasionally, she heads into towns to see if there's anything she can get for free. By chance, a kind person gave her a sewing set and a lot of sapphire blue fabric so she could sew together her own clothes. That same person gave her a few tips, and helped her begin some of her clothing. Eventually, Gale was able to make clothing on her own, and every so often, when she needed more fabric, she went to that person's house, and they gladly gave her the fabric she needed.
Other: Not right now...
Sample: From Mika's "Fragments of Alarayne".

Who are you?

My name is... Gale, watch out!

How do you know my...AIIIII!!!

Gale! No!


Gale, are you OK?

Yes, I'm fine. But how do you...know me? Oh my god, you're spewing blood everywhere!

I'll be fine, honestly. But... I am your...

What! Wait! Are you my brother? My sister? No! Don't leave me! Don't leave. Don't leave...

Silence. Complete and utter silence. At once, the girl, Gale, had stopped tossing and turning in her bed. It was that dreaded nightmare again. The one where she had met up with her lost sibling, but they immediately died saving her. The gender of this supposed sibling was unknown to her, but Gale knew that the sibling was out there in that vast world of Pokemon...

It was about three in the morning when the soothing serenade began playing. Gale awoke with a start; she had always been a light sleeper. She yawned casually, and looked out the window.

"Looks like it'll be another one of these days..." she said with a sigh, quickly laying back down. But with the serenade playing, she couldn't go back to sleep. She actually didn't mind waking up to this type of music. After all, it was better than that death metal music. Fortunately, Gale had found a way to soundproof everything - except any knocking sounds on her door or windows - so no sound would get in, and no sound would get out.

Dressing in her casual wear, Gale knew she had some time until the meeting at five. She laid her uniform symmetrically out on her bed after she had made it, and left the building for her usual trip to the gorgeous lake of Blackthorn. It had been enough years since she had seen such beautiful, pure water. But this water could never beat the water that was in Phenac. Even though it was human-generated, it was much more crystal-clear than the water here. With a sigh, Gale took out three coins, a book of some sort, and a flat drawing board. She flipped the three coins at once, and when they landed, she took note of what side they were on. Two were on Tails, while one was on Heads, so on her drawing board, she drew two dashes next to each other. She repeated the same process, getting all Heads this time. She drew a long dash right above the two dashes she had put down before. Continuing this process, she flipped the coins four more times and got what looked like this:

-- --
-- --
-- --

Looking it up in her convenient "I-Ching" book, Gale took note of what it meant.

"47. K'un - Oppression (Exhaustion)

-- --
----- above Tui The Joyous, Lake
-- --
----- below K'an The Abysmal, Water
-- --

The Judgement

Oppression. Success. Perseverance.
The great man brings about good fortune.
No blame.
When one has something to say,
It is not believed.

The Image

There is no water in the lake:
The image of Exhaustion.
Thus the superior man stakes his life
On following his will.

The Lines

Six at the beginning means:
One sits oppressed under a bare tree
And strays into a gloomy valley.
For three years one sees nothing.

() Nine in the second place means:
One is oppressed while at meat and drink.
The man with the scarlet knee bands is just coming.
It furthers one to offer sacrifice.
To set forth brings misfortune.
No blame.

Six in the third place means:
A man permits himself to be oppressed by stone,
And leans on thorns and thistles.
He enters his house and does not see his wife.

Nine in the fourth place means:
He comes very quietly, oppressed in a golden carriage.
Humiliation, but the end is reached.

() Nine in the fifth place means:
His nose and feet are cut off.
Oppression at the hands of the man with the purple knee bands.
Joy comes softly.
It furthers one to make offerings and libations.

Six at the top means:
He is oppressed by creeping vines.
He moves uncertainly and says, 'Movement brings remorse.'
If one feels remorse over this and makes a start,
Good fortune comes." Gale read softly. Although she did not quite understand all of this easily, she still knew a great deal of what it meant. Ah, Exhaustion. If only this book knew how accurate that was... Erasing her lines from her drawing board, Gale proceeded back to her room. She placed her coins, drawing board, and book away in one of the cabinets, which held all her fortune telling equipment, and changed into her uniform. It was 4:45 now, and Gale knew she couldn't be late. It was surprising she had spent that long down at the lake, but she figured she had gotten lost in figuring out what her fortune was for the day. She hoped that no one would yell at her...

Preferred Starter: Eevee (and if OK, can *she* be called Lace?)
Captured: (Since you're choosing, nothing too girly, please O.o)
In-Box: Same as above

(If I need to improve some things so I can get Eevee, please let me know O.o)

November 11th, 2008, 7:31 AM
~*Out of Game*~

Name: Slytherfang, but Slyther’s just fine as well

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Elise Annika Iorian
Nickname: None, she goes by Elise
Age: 13


Hair Color: Ginger blonde
Eye Color: Dark red
Hair Style: Sleek and layered, with razor cut, uneven ends, with her bangs being about chin length and the rest getting gradually longer.
Weight: 48.6 kilograms

General Appearance:

Elise is a fairly tall girl, standing at 1.524 meters. Her build is slender and small chested, and altogether somewhat delicate, weighing in at about 48.6 kilograms. A person, including herself, probably could not call her beautiful, though she is pretty, and with something otherworldly about her. Her skin is an alabaster-cream color, and never seems to tan, giving her the general appearance of someone who tends to stay out of the sun, though that’s not the case. Elise’s hair is ginger blonde in color, and very straight and fine, falling to between her shoulders and her mid-back. Her eyes, however, are what creep most people out, being a dark red color which is particularly vibrant and noticeable. On her right arm is a thin, pale scar from a childhood accident, of which she has no recollection.

Average Attire:

Elise normally wears black street pants with a fairly minimal amount of white trim down the sides. The pants themselves are well fitting, following her form, and flaring out a small bit at the ankles, and they have a few silver metallic accents on them. Her top consists of a light gray t-shirt with a complex and intricate floral print, which is accented farther by sequins, which are sewn onto the floral print, as well as glitter. Due to the design of the shirt, it doesn’t shed glitter when you move; otherwise, Elise probably wouldn’t wear it. Over the shirt she wears a hot pink and black plaid zip up Hoodie, with the sleeves being slightly too long for her, so that they hang over her hands, exposing only her fingers. She also wears white lace up sneakers, which she swaps with black Converse One Star sneakers when she feels that her white sneakers need to air out a bit.

Formal Wear:

Though she doesn’t attend a whole lot of parties, Elise nevertheless usually has an outfit planned out anyways, when she does decide to attend a party, as long as she’s been invited of course. Her formal wear consists of a strapless pearl white dress, meaning that it isn’t pure white, but rather a sort of silvery cream color, which is made of satin. It goes in at the waist, and then billows out gracefully to her knees, or rather, to about one inch below her knees, though most would consider that knee length, since its close enough. The dress itself has no other trim, as Elise likes her dresses to be rather plain and simple, because often, that’s when she looks best in dresses, which she normally doesn’t like to wear anyway. In addition to the dress, she also wears pale, cream colored flats, as she has trouble moving about in anything with a heel higher than one and a half inches, or roughly 3.78 centimeters. Around her neck she wears a string of pearls, and she braids her hair, weaving a gold ribbon into the braid.

Cold out:

Cold weather doesn’t bother Elise a whole lot, she feels it, obviously, but has developed almost like immunity to it, unless it starts to get really cold, as in 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Then she swaps her short sleeved shirt for a long, dark thermal, which fits snugly and is made of rather thick cloth to keep her warm. Then she puts on a pair of black, behind the head earmuffs, and she’s pretty well off. If it gets even colder, she’ll put on a pair of black, lace up boots, which are insulated to keep her feet warm, and wrap a fluffy scarf of the same color as her jacket (hot pink and black plaid) around her neck. Gloves are the next to go on, and though they’re insulated, they’re thin enough to allow relative mobility, unlike the big puffy ones that pretty much render you immobile as far as doing much with your fingers. Obviously, she’ll wear thicker socks, her favorite being fluffy gray ones with kitties printed on them.



♥The cooler, but not cold weather
♥Canine Pokemon
♥Feline Pokemon
♥Dragons, especially in legend
♥Citrus fruits


/ People who steal Pokémon for money
/ Rock Pokémon (for absolutely no reason)
/ Pessimists
/ Over-the-top optimists (like really over the top, always look on the bright side-ey)


~ Losing any Pokémon she has grown close to
~ Losing any people she’s grown close to
~ Extreme heights (heights up to about 50 feet don’t bother her, after that, its mostly don’t look down, don’t look down).
~ Nightmares becoming reality (Elise happens to have very realistic nightmares, so her fear is more or less understandable)


+ Somewhat athletic (not the type that considers running three miles to be fun though)
+ Intelligent
+ Rather strategic


Elise most of all longs to prove to everyone that she isn’t weak and helpless like she used to be, as most people still treat her like a two or three year old, if they knew her back then. She would also absolutely love to prove that she can beat any boy in any contest, contrary to the former, but still often existent belief that boys are superior to girls, but she hasn’t quite succeeded in that yet.


Elise happens to be a very strong willed and independent girl, rarely calling on others to help due to her ability to do most things herself. This has also led to her being somewhat more isolated, though that doesn’t really bother her because she has always been more of a lone wolf than a social butterfly. Though normally rather quiet, and often speaking in a soft murmur, she isn’t afraid to stand up to someone and challenge their ideas and views, in fact, the difference between her normal character, and how she acts when she feels that someone else’s idea or view isn’t quite as great as they seem to think is, more or less, extremely surprising. Most of the time, she remains in her own little world, where no one else could exist, because they wouldn’t understand the rules and principles of Elise’s world. Though Elise can appear to be dreamy and drifting off above the clouds as various times, she has an uncanny and altogether unnerving knack of being very in tune to the time and knowing exactly what’s going on when addressed. Intelligence has always been her strong point, though she happens to be a pretty good all-around athlete, and doesn’t understand how people think that girls are so different from boys. Maybe is that view of girls loving pink, kittens and puppies, tea parties, all that frilly stuff, and boys liking sports, video games, dogs, anything rougher, but in her opinion, that’s just stupid.



Clarissa Anne Jordan, Grandmother (deceased), died at age 72 (illness)
Lines Green, Grandfather (deceased), died at age 76 (car accident)
Lacey Jones-Iorian, Mother (disappeared), would be around age 38
Jackson Iorian, Father (disappeared), would be around age 38
Connor Jackson Iorian, Brother (currently living with Minj family), age 11
Lily Farthington, Caretaker, age 31


Elise’s early life wasn’t exactly a fairy tale. Born in the Hoenn Region, Fallarbor Town, to be precise, her family was an extremely close and loving family. However, when Elise was three years old, she was asleep, when she suddenly breathed in deeply, in her subconscious state, she barely noticed how much thicker the air seemed. Then the wind was whistling through her ears, though she thought that this was all in some dream, then a hush fell, with only what resembled the sound of a crackling fireplace breaking the stillness of the night.

She suddenly woke up in a different room, in a different town, and she had no clue what was going on, she couldn’t remember anything, and she felt oddly groggy, like she had just slept for a long while. The next thing she knew, a lady had come into the room to check on her, and, pleased to see that she was awake, left the room and returned with a half cooled bowl of chicken broth, which she fed to Elise slowly. However, when she asked where she was, the lady gently told her to go back to sleep, that she would need to get some more rest to recover, and suddenly, Elise really did feel extremely sleepy, and began to drift off again.

After she recovered, she found out what had happened. Her house had caught fire, and somehow the fire engines had been delayed. Her parents, fearing for her safety, had rushed her out into the yard, and laid her down in a spot where she would be safe from the fire, and then returned to the house, risking their own lives, to fetch Connor, who was only a baby then. Apparently, Elise’s dad had not come out yet, and he was supposed to be the one who was to get Connor and bring him outside to safety. While both parents, along with Connor, were inside the burning house, Elise had caught a chill in the cold night air, and as help arrived, and she was being carried to safety, she had sunk into a subconscious state. Her chill soon developed into a fever, and she was taken to an orphanage to recover. Her brother was there as well, though they could find no trace of her parents.

Since then, she has lived in the orphanage, and her life was, for the most part, okay, the fever had pretty much wiped out any recollection of her parents, though she wishes she could remember something about them, and had left her weak and mostly helpless. When she was 8 years old, her brother was adopted by the Minj family, who seemed to be extremely nice, but Elise couldn’t understand how they would separate her brother, her only known family, from her. For the next sixth months, she remained in a pit, until finally, she slowly returned to her former self. When she was 9, she was adopted by a kind younger lady, whose name was Lily Farthington, and moved to the Sinnoh Region with her. After a while, Elise began to think of her as more than her caretaker, but also as a member of the family. After a while, she suddenly developed a strong attraction to Pokémon, and begged Lily to allow her to become a Pokémon Trainer. Finally, Lily consented, and gave her permission, though she still has her doubts.


Nope, nothing else


An Absol lay peaceful at one end of a large, white room. It’s chest moved slowly up and down as it inhaled and exhaled, and its eyelids fluttered as it neared its time of awakening. The white fur lay flat and smooth, it could have been sleeping in its natural environment, where it normally slept, so at peace it was. But even in sleep, Aya knew that there was something different, the floor wasn’t leafy and springy, and there was no gentle morning breeze that blew into the small cave in which he slept, and ruffled his fur.

"Welcome to the game." Said a voice, low, female, and strangely mechanical, flat and cool as steel, with no hint of emotion. It couldn’t possibly have been spoken by a human, as there was no warmth or the slightest hint of…normalness in it, and Aya twitched uneasily upon hearing those four words spoken in such a sinister manner, he wasn’t even sure whether the voice was addressing him or not. He hadn’t fully awakened yet, he felt as if his brain had been paralyzed and numbed, and he opened his eyes, squinting, his vision bleary, expecting to find himself gazing out at the tranquil landscape of Forina, his home of many years. On normal days, he would awaken to see himself gazing out upon a deep valley, white mist drifting over the trees and tall, pillar shaped rock formations.

What he hadn’t prepared for was to find himself in a stark white room, empty except for himself and a number of odd tubelike things protruding from the blank walls and mounted on balls which were partially set into the wall. He stood up, fully awakened by the initial shock of finding himself here, and took a couple of steps forward. The tubes rotated slowly, silently, following him, he glanced behind him to look at the tubes and study them more closely, when something caught his eye. It was a digital clock, which seemed somewhat out of place against the flat white walls of this strange room. On it numbers counted down in seconds, and the timer beeped every time a new number flashed on the screen, the screen blinked brightly, it would have been impossible to have overlooked it, which was difficult seeing as it was about the only thing that had any color at all. The tubes, even, were mostly black, which didn’t really mean “color” in his book. But it was the numbers counting backwards that caught his attention most.


It didn’t take long for Aya to figure out what was going on, even for a Pokemon that didn’t have an amazingly large amount of human interation, perhaps he was just clever, yes, that sounded right. Three main points stood out in his mind most clearly, they would be the only things that he would fully remember. Three, and only three, points that he had managed to come up with in the precious few seconds that he had.

The tubes were gun turrets, which tracked his movement and followed him.
The timer signified the amount of time he had left before the guns would begin firing.
He needed to get out of here, or else. And honestly and truthfully, he really was not about to find out what “or else” was, because he had a feeling that it wasn’t good.
That was when he forgot everything else that he had been thinking at the moment, his paws pushed off against the ground, he gave a great leap and began running at full speed upon landing. It was all completely involuntary, he didn’t know if he had ever traveled as fast in his life, even when running from a swarm of angry beedrill. Nothing else seemed to matter to him except the fact that he must keep running, he may not stop running.

Aya was now running down a long hallway, the gun turrets had tracked him this far, he didn’t see much hope left, but now he was nearing a corner, if he turned perhaps he would be safe. He willed himself to run faster, surprisingly, fueled by his terror, he did. Suddenly, it seemed like an explosion had occurred behind him as the timer beeped one last time and the guns began firing.

The loud bursts of noise that came from behind him and followed him were deafening. He couldn’t believe the noise, he had never heard such a sound in all his life, and nothing could have prepared him for the sheer terror that he felt upon hearing the sound of the many bullets behind fired towards him, with only one purpose: to kill him.

A bullet narrowly missed his head as Aya gave one last desperate leap, skidding around the corner and pelting down this new hallway. He was safe, shielded from the gunfire, but he didn’t stop running, the fact that the bullets couldn’t hit him didn’t keep him from thinking, and knowing, that he could have wound up dead. Finally, Aya spotted trees, and what appeared to be open sky. Yes! He gasped for breath, his legs working harder even though the bullets could not hit him, everything had happened so fast, and it was all out of his control. He had simply sprang into action as soon as he realized what was going on, but in the midst of all his confusion and shock, he also found that he was grateful, grateful to have escaped the bullets without being hit by a single one, grateful to have lived another minute.


Preferred Starter: Bagon, please, if my sign up’s good enough
Captured: I fill out.
In-Box: I fill out.

November 11th, 2008, 10:05 AM
~*Out of Game*~
Name: Scott

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Damien Grailesc
Nickname: -
Age: 14

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black O.O
Hair Style: Bushy and a little bit ling, coming in-line with his chin.
Weight: 7 Stone Aprox.
General Appearance: Damien is quite tall for his age, standing at 5 foot 10, which makes up kost of his weight. He is very slim and has the occasional ripple of muscels. His skin is slightly tanned but seems pale against his black hair. His limbs are longer than his actual Torso, although the clothes he wears makes him look alot smaller than he actually is. He has a small Tatoo on the palm of his hand which he discovered when he was Ten and a similar Tatoo on his ankle...

Average Attire: Damien would ussually wear a black top that fits tightly against his chest, along with baggy, dark denim jeans that pile on his red and black Baseball boots. he has a necklace with a stone on it. The markings on this stone are similar to his Tatoos and it glows now and again. He also has a bracelet with a Sharpedo tooth attached and a small, silver ring.

Formal Wear: At a formal party, Damien feels very proud. He wears a plain black buttoned shirt and Black Trousers, along with a Velvet, White Tie and the same necklace that he always wears. He also wears his Baseball boots that he ussually wears, to.

Cold out: Damien would wear a thick, black Winter coat with grey fake fur around the hood. He would also wear a black and grey scarf if it got really cold. Underneath all this, he just wears his normal clothes, put in the case of snow, thick, black boots are at hand.

Likes: company, humour, chocolate, night, snow, Pokemon and Poetry...
Dislikes: Annoying people, really really really hot days, pain, his friends being hurt, unfairness and noise.
Fears: "The Darkness" (I'll explain later), Deep Holes, fighting, Team Time and being hurt.
Strengths: intelligence, Wit and the ability to think on his feet.
Dream: Damien wants to stop Team Time and discover what "The Darkness" is.
Personality: Damien always seems to be sad. At first glance, he seems sorrowful, ignorant and down but that's only because he's lonely. It takes a while for him to warm up to strangers, but when he does and you are his friend, he is much jollier and louder. He talks alot and is always up for a challenge yet is very protective of his friends and will go out of his way to help others.

Uncle: Graham Rowan
Age: 64
Occupation: Professor

Past: Damien grew up in Hearthome city. He had a great life there, until it was attacked when he was 12 by Team Time. His Family was killed and he couldn't rember them. The only part of the day he could rember was when a Team Time soldier scanned his forehead with a bright light, and he couldn't remember a thing. Eversince, he had stayed in Sandgem town with his Uncle, Proffesor Rowan. He had stayed in Sandgem Town and only ventured to the beach everyday to look at Pokemon and help research them. From this, he has gained alot of intellectual capacity.

Other: nope...

Sample: Scott opened his eyes. There was little light streaming into the tent. The sun penetrated the thin layers of the tent wall. The smell of Oran Stew filled Scotts nose as he got up and clambered out of the tent. "Morning!" Said Amelia happily as she stired the Oran Berry stew that sat above the campfire. Scott sat on the log just beside the fire and looked ahead.

They were just on the border of the forest. The sun was still low and an occasional Tailow flew above them. Amelia poured the stew into a bowl and handed it to Scott. He filled his spoon and slowly placed it into his mouth. It reminded him of the time he tried to cook a delicousy, Roated Sentret, but it came out awfuly wrong. "Delicous!" said Scott slowly with a rather wide grimace on his face. He prayed that Amelia wouldn't notice that Scott thought the stew was rancid. "And for the Pokemon," began Amelia happily a she reached into her bag,"Oran Poffins."

After the team had had there "Delicous" breakfast. The packed away and left the forest border. They had been walking for a while when they came to a forked path. "Oh, I know this place!" Said Amelia as she waved her arms around manicaly,"It's the junction to Kagari City and McKarp Town!" She was still shouting and then began to jump and point at the path leading to Kagari City. suddenly, Amelia stood like a plank and fell onto the ground, as if she was a tree falling. "Misdreavus," Began Scott annoyingly,"That's not funny, stop charming Amelia!" Misdreavus floated from behind Scott, her eyes aglow. She let out a small "Mis" and stopped charming Amelia. She stood up and sorted out her hair. "I'm okay!" Said Amelia as she seemed to sway on the spot. Something seemed to catch Misdreavus' attention. She looked to the side, scanning the area. She floated off in the direction she was looking. Scott ran over to where Amelia was standing. "are you okay?" He said as he steadied her. "Fine." She replied as she rubbed her forehead, looking around. "Where's your misdreavus?" Asked Amelia as she pointed to the spot where misdreavus once was. Scott span on the spot and groaned.

Misdreavus floated down the hill. A wide spread of grass was infront of her and the sun seemed to be hish in the sky now, casting no shadow over the trees that surrounded the field. There was a rustling in the grass infront of her. Misdreavus floated over to investigate. She bobbed into the patch of grass until she was practicaly invisible and looked around every thick blade. Eventually she found a small Pokemon. it was brown and looked similar to a plant pot, with three green orbs on its head. "Mis?" Said Misdreavus with a tone of confusemnet in her voice. The pOkemon turned around and stared at misdreavus. Moments later, it plonked on the ground and bursted into tears. Misdreavus looked frightened but not as frightened as the small Pokemon. She tried to help, but the crying got louder everytime she went near.

Scott and Amelia ran into the bushes, exactly were the Pokemon was crying. 2oh, it's in trouble!" Whimpered Amelia sadly. scott pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon.

Bonsly, The Bonsai Pokemon. It likes to live in dry places and tries to be well hidden. It seems to cry alot, but it is actualy adjusting its bodies fluid levels.

"Wow!" began Amelia as joy seemed to sweep over her body,"It's so cute." On the word "so", Bonsly imediantly stopped crying, got up and sped off into the distance. Misdreavus turned around and gave scott a sweet smile. "Never again1" said Scott as he pointed at Misdreavus.

Later that day, Scott and Amelia were walking around, trying to find the junction they were once at. "Where is it?!" Said Scott in anoyance. Misdreavus couldn't help feel bad...

Preferred Starter: Misdreavus, please ^^
Captured: -
In-Box: -

November 11th, 2008, 10:23 AM
Meh, I didn't really want to join anyway... Can I cancel that sign-up :J

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~*Out of Game*~
Name: Gummy

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Camille De La Cruz
Nickname: Cammy
Age: 15

Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long and tied back
Weight: 48 kg

General Appearance: Cammy stands in at five feet, four inches, but she’s never minded her height. Her skin is looks like she’s spent a lot of time in the sun, as it is overly tanned. The first thing most people notice about her is he “baby face”, which is free of blemishes and acne. She is very skinny and those who meet for the first time usually think she has a health condition, but she simply assures them that she’s always been this way. Last but not least is the pink lip gloss she wears to any occasion.

Average Attire: Cammy’s usual attire consists of black and pink, tight sleeveless shirt. The shirt it so short that her lower belly is actually exposed. Over that is a light, white jacket that she feverishly tries to keep clean. Around her neck is a necklace given to her by her mother. The jewelry is made completely out of sapphires that always sparkle in the morning sunlight. Her black jeans are purposefully cut at the knees, although she has come to regret this (as she is very clumsy). Her footwear is her pink and white running sneakers. Lastly is the bright red messenger bag she carries over he shoulder.

Formal Wear: Not much changes in Cammy’s formal attire, except that she replaces her jacket with a dull pink poncho. Also, she puts on a pair of less stylish black jeans and a large, black belt with a pink buckle. She prefers to keep her necklace on. Also, she unties her hair, which is naturally curly.

Cold out: When it get’s cold out, Cammy buttons up her jacket and puts on a pair of snow boots (whether it’s snowing or not doesn’t matter to her). She also retrieves a white, fluffy hat from her bag.

Likes: Boys the color pink, “cute” Pokemon, money, roses
Dislikes: Bug Pokemon, meat, people who talk too much, running
Fears: Dragon Pokemon (due to a horror movie), horror movies, getting any cuts whatsoever to her face
Strengths: Enjoyable to work with, determined, caring, a very good actress
Dream: Cammy’s dream is to prove to her parents and friends that the only thing she’s good for isn’t her looks, and she can actually accomplish things on her own.

Personality: Like I stated before, Cammy is a very easy and fun person to work with. Her always cheerful expression and giddy mood can brighten up any situation. She likes to use her charming nature to get what she wants, although it usually only works on males. She doesn’t like to do what’s more than necessary, but I wouldn’t call her lazy, but rather efficient. Cammy isn't very fond of arguing and tries to break up a fight the moment she sees one, even if its between strangers. When she get's in an argument herself, she tries her best to remain calm, although she has been known to throw a temper tantrum or two. When it comes to Pokemon, Cammy develops a mother-like persona and literally babies all her Pokemon. To others it may seem affectionate, but to her Pokemon it’s just down right annoying. However, there is no doubt that she loves all her Pokemon and looks down on harsh acts toward the species.


Bryan De La Cruz; Father; 44
Karen De La Cruz; Mother; 42 (Parent’s deceased)
Alvaro De La Cruz (jr.); Brother; 18 (Currently journeying in Kanto)
Veronica De La Cruz; Grandmother; 65 (Resides in Eterna City)
Alvaro De La Cruz (sr.);Grandfather; 66 (Resides in Eterna City)

Past: Ever since Cammy’s birth, her parents have tried to shape her into the perfect child. Her father, who was a former finalist in the Sinnoh Pokemon League, wishes for his daughter to follow in his footsteps and become a great trainer. Her mother, on the other hand, has always wanted her to become famous actress. Cammy tried to live the best of both worlds by caring for Pokemon while also improving her acting career. Then the issue with Team Time reached its peak and instead of acting for experienced trainers that might ask for money, the league turned to new, aspiring trainers. Normally Mr. De La Cruz would turn to his son, but Alvaro had recently left for Kanto to continue his journey. So he turned to Cammy, and to her mothers surprise, she accepted the task. She was glad to, as this was the first time her parents allowed her to make her own decision. Now finally on her own, Cammy will finally experience what it means to be a true trainer, regardless of what dangers lie ahead.

Other: Cammy is a strict vegetarian.


CTFx’s Pokemon Wars: The Alpha

The GPHC, like the nearby PokeMart, was oddly empty. A waste, really, as the placed looked absolutely extravagant. Simon had never entered this building before, so he found himself amazed by frame-dominated walls, the massive machines behind the counter, and most of all, the stunningly attractive Nurse Joy running the counter. Her pink hair was curled into a tight bun and she wore a nurse uniform that showed off her figure perfectly. Simon had already handed her Charmander’s pokeball and had spent the last ten minutes acting as if he was studied a Town Map plastered on the wall so he didn’t get caught examining her great body.

“Um, excuse me sir,” said a voice so softly, it could have been mistaken for a whisper. A chill ran down Simon’s spine as he quickly spun around to see Nurse Joy standing next to him in all her beauty, handing him Charmander’s pokeball.

“Your Charmander will be fine, but how about you sir, do you need a room to rest?” Joy asked with a slight blush. Honestly, Simon couldn’t tell if she was doing a little flirting or just her job.

“As much as I would love to, I’ve got other plans,” Simon replied, keeping his cool. The young man had always thought of himself as handsome, so this kind of situation was natural for him.

“Like what, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Simon contemplated on whether or not he should reveal the day’s events to the curious nurse. Then he suddenly remembered the warning given by the RAoK member, and knew that if they somehow found out he told her the truth, they’d come find her. With a sigh, he straightened up and tried to put on the most bored face as possible.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” he said, quite smugly. The nurse seemed to get the picture as the blood immediately left her cheeks and she returned to the counter.

“This whole RAoK situation is really ruining my life. Let’s just get this over with,” Simon said quietly, staring intensely at the sphere in his hand. With one final look at what he was leaving behind, the young rebel turn about-face and marched out the front door. As soon as he exited the center, he released the Pokeball being held in the ball and in a burst of red light, Charmander appeared before him. Her tail was burning as brightly as ever.

“Chaaaaar...” she said in a yawn-like fashion with outstretched arms. Simon couldn’t help but chuckle at the oddly human-like gesture.

“I guess being in a pokeball is like a nap for you guys, eh?” he asked all though he didn’t really care. The orange lizard gave a sharp nod and bared her fangs at her trainer. Simon couldn’t tell if it as a smile or a threat.

“Okay Charmander, here’s the — wait, it doesn’t feel right just calling you by your species name. How about a nickname? Just Charm, perhaps?” The Pokemon gave another nod of approval, and everything was settled. Simon liked how easy it was to negotiate with Pokemon.

“Well, as I was saying, here’s the plan. We’ve been ordered to go to the local gym and defeat its current leader. That’s no easy task, as I know as a resident of Pallet Town. But with you at my side, I’m almost positive we can get through this. So what do you say?”

Charm crossed her arms and put on a facial expression that actually made her look like she was in deep thought. After a few seconds of anxious, awkward silence, the lizard looked up at her trainer’s eyes, which we only visible for this rare moment as he usually wore shades.

“Charmander Char!” she shouted as she thrust her fist in the air. Simon laughed and copied his Pokemon, and the two made their way to the Pallet Town Gym.

Just by looking at the place, one could deduce that the gym was built in a rush. In fact, the place didn’t look built at all, but just a conversion from an old apartment. But still, it played its role in striking fear in all those who entered by looming over all other buildings in the town. Simon took a deep breath, looked over at his Pokemon companion, and finally pushed the doors open and entered dramatically.

“I challenge you to a battle!” he shouted, without really looking at his surroundings. The lights were on, but the room was still exceptionally dark. As far as Simon could tell, this place was purposely never cleaned to add more of a dramatic effect to the battles that took place there. On the opposite side of the large room, sitting on a throne-like chair, was a positively blue Stewart. And I mean that literally; the man was wearing all blue, including a blue mask. Another thing Simon couldn’t stand about the gym leader: he had no fashion sense, whatsoever.

“Seriously?” Stewart said emotionlessly as he lifted himself off of his seat. “If that’s your only Pokemon, you might want to reconsider.”

“Trust me, Charm here can hold her own against your team,” the trainer said with a smirk. He knew very well that Stewart owned no Pokemon that would pose a threat to his fire Pokemon.

“Well then, can’t say I didn’t warn you.” The blue man retrieved two pokeballs from his pocket and threw one onto the field. Out came an indescribable pink creature that Simon knew as Snubbull. The beastly little thing scurried to the middle of the battlefield. The challenger gave a slight push to Charm and she also made her way to the center of the stage. Like in his previous battle, all was silent as both battlers waited for the other to make his move.

“Snubbull, let’s start this off with a Scary Face.”

The pink creature’s immediately became deformed in some kind of illusion, startling both Simon and Charm. The trainer shook off the chill first and gave his command.

“Charm, hit it with a Tackle!” The Charmander ran toward the frightening Snubbull at noticeably slow speed, and Simon knew then that Scary Face was taking effect. At this rate, Charm would fall right into a trap.

“Wait Charm, stop the Tackle. Knock him out of the Scary Face with a Growl!”

Charm drew in a deep breath, and then let out a roar so powerful Simon believed his Pokemon had just turned into an Arcanine. As expected, the move made Snubbull lose its concentration and end the Scary Face.

“Nice one! Give him another Growl!”

“Yeah right, show him you Taunt attack!” As if it weren’t in the middle of an intense fight, the Snubbull made a funny face at Charm and wagged its hands in the air. It seemed to have absolutely no effect, except when Simon realized that his Pokemon was not obeying his most recent command. Instead, the flame on the end of her tail was growing in anger. For the first time in a long time, Simon had no idea what to do.

“Getting cold feet?” Stewart said with a laugh. “Snubbull, finish him with a Tackle.”

The pink beast ran toward the Charmander at speeds that its short legs normally shouldn’t allow. It became apparent that this battle would not be easy as the battle against that young girl.

“Charm, do... something!” Simon cried frantically. However, the flame on the end of Charm’s tail kept growing larger even though the taunting had ended. As Snubbull neared for the decisive blow, Charm opened her mouth wide and to everyone’s surprise, unleashed a barrage of embers. The flames impacted on Snubbull at a fairly close range, resulting in a large explosion that didn’t clear for another minute. When the smoke did dissipate, only Charm was standing while the Snubbull lay unconscious on the floor.

Simon couldn’t help but grin at his Pokemon as Stewart recalled Snubbull and released his second and final Pokemon. Their next opponent was a hyperactive, purple rat.

“Rattata, use Tackle!”

“Heh, time to try our other new move. Use Rush!” The color on Stewart’s face drained away as he heard the command. Charm ran in a similar fashion as his Pokemon, except the lizard was going twice as fast. The two clashed in the middle of the battlefield, but it was Rattata that was flown back toward its trainer.

“Hah, one more time Charm!”

“I refuse to lose to the likes of you! Rattata, use Quick Attack!”

At first it seemed like a similar scene with the two Pokemon running toward each other, but then suddenly Rattata sped up to unimaginable speeds. Faster than her eyes could track, Charm was lost in the blur of a speeding Pokemon. Then, seemingly out of nowhere the Charmander was struck from the behind.

“Keep it up Rattata!”

“Charm, use Ember again, but this time burn the floor!” Simon ordered. Finally, he had devised a plan.

Listening to her trainer, Charm charred the floors with her Ember attack. The floor around her immediate area became extremely hot, driving Rattata far enough away for a clear shot. Knowing what her trainer was about to say next, the Charmander directed her Ember toward the slowed down rat, exploding on it in a similar way as with Snubbull. The attack even bore the same results as Rattata was also left down for the count.

Stewart refused to look Simon in the eyes as he recalled his Pokemon. Then suddenly, he felt something hard jam into his stomach, sending him flying across the room and into his specialized chair. The man hit his head hard on the ground, rendering him severely injured and unconscious.

“Sorry about that, but I was ordered to take you down,” Simon said emotionlessly, walking up to Charm who had just used Rush on the gym leader. From where the man was standing, Simon found two items on the floor: a TM and a small certificate for an egg. The boy remembered seeing an Egg house near the GPHC on his way here and immediately pocketed the items.

“Well, I wasn’t told to kill you, just ‘take you down’. So I’ll just these items and be on my way,” he said, retrieving his own pokeball and recalling Charm. As far as he was concerned, the mission was a success.

After making quick stop at the GPHC again, Simon stopped at the Egg house and used the certificate to get an egg for himself. Now all that was left to do was sit and wait.

Preferred Starter: Houndour (nicknamed Moochie)

November 11th, 2008, 12:51 PM
Gummy:Ok. You are accepted

November 11th, 2008, 7:09 PM
Aww It seems you have 6 people already....
Hmm if My sign up is good enough can I have the 7th spot?

November 11th, 2008, 7:13 PM
Shadowyashi:Yes I will actually push Neiko Star to that seventh spot, just the way life works.

November 11th, 2008, 8:45 PM
~*Out of Game*~
Name: ShadowYashi

'Xx~In Game~xX'

Birth Name: Maxine Ann Gray
Nickname: N/A
Age: 15

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Auburn (which in certain light looks a devilish red)
Hair Style: A short choppy style that stops a few inches past her shoulders and her bangs reach her chin
Weight: 94lbs

General Appearance: Max has lightly tanned unblemished skin and stands abruptly four feet and eleven inches. Short, slim and light for her someone her age, she often gets mistaken for someone younger. In her right ear she has two piercings and a beauty mark on the left side of her face, right below her eye and on her cheekbone.

Average Attire: She wears a long sleeved light green zip-up hoodie and under it is a short sleeved black mesh top with netted sleeves that stops just above her torso along with baggy yet form fitting blue cargo pants littered with deep pockets the outfit is topped off with some white and black sneakers, a worn looking green cap.

Formal Wear: Max isn’t the type to dress up, but for formal wear she can be seen wearing a ruffled white blouse with a dressy black skirt that stops just above her knees and silver diamond studded M chain is adorned on her neck, she also wears two inch heels to make herself slightly taller.

Cold out: Max and Cold do not mix, she gets cold somewhat easily, she’ll be seen sporting a long brown knee length coat with long sleeves, with white fluff running along the rim of the hood and wrists of the sleeves, along with matching brown mittens and a hood under it she adorns her regular attire and just switches her sneakers for matching brown Eskimo boots.


Cheese Cake


When she gets too cold
Forgetting important things
Loud people
People who mistake her for 10


Large Bodies of Water


Is flexible
And a good cook

Dream: To Make her parent's proud by live a long and healthy life and maybe find her significant other and rid herself of her biggest phobia's

Personality: Carefree and eccentric, she likes to laze about and takes her time when doing certain things and is sometimes very forgetful. Maxine hates when she forgets important things, she also can get very moody at times, especially if you wake her, and will not hesitate to snap, with a sharp tongue that gets her into more trouble than she's worth, Max sometimes says things that she doesn't mean, the words just come out wrong and people tend to get angry and hate her because of it, but can be a very likable person when given the chance.

Her mouth is mostly the reason why she has so little friends to begin with, she's blunt and sometimes never thinks about what she says and more often then not its probably something insulting. She likes to slack off and doesn't pay much attention to much and prefers sleeping or doing something else rather than listen to others lecture her.

Names: Debra Gray
Age: 27
Relationship: Mother

Name: Rudolph Gray
Age: 30
Relationship: Father

Past: A native of Dewford Island in the Hoenn is where Maxine grew up, surrounded by nothing but water and sand. Ironically Max has a phobia of most large bodies of water, she can't stand the ocean, gets seasick when riding on boats and ships and she can't swim to save her life mostly due to a traumatic event when she was younger involving two bullies and a Tentacool. Aside from her fear of water Maxine loves exploring when she was 8 years old, little Max was playing 'hide and seek' with the native land Pokemon she befriended that stayed in Granite Cave Max never ventured any lower than the first floor, because the it was too dark and she was afraid of getting lost, but one day she had bought herself a flashlight and decided to go further than normal.

Coincidentally the same day she decided to hide deeper in the cave, was the same day Dewford's young Leader Brawly and his Makuhita came to train, this training led to a series of events that fated Abel the Sableye and Maxine Gray to meet. Brawly's Makuhita had caused a cave-in whilst training and the two were ignorant that they had just trapped little Maxine in the cave. Max whined and cried for 10 minutes before a very curious yet slightly annoyed, annoyed because her cries had woken him, Sableye appeared before her, she explained to the Ghost what happened and Sableye decided to help her out the cave, hours later she was back out in the open again her worried parents and one very sorry Brawly waiting for her.

After that accident Maxine had grown fond of the Sableye and vice versa so for the next few years she would visit the Sableye and they would explore the cave together, the Sableye is probably Max’s first and only best friend and she visit’s him often to talk.

Other: Growing up on an Island and Hanging out with Pokémon for practically all her life. Maxine is pretty much considered socially-inept, she'll click fast with most Pokémon and a few people individually, but acts somewhat awkward around crowds.

Sample: "Alright Kakuna. I want you to use Tackle on Lalachichi" Naomi turned towards her starter and pointed towards the pod "and Lalachichi you counter with Scratch, now GO!" That was the signal and both Pokémon rushed into battle. Lalachichi managing to get a few well earned scratches on Kakuna's hardened shell and Kakuna was able to get Lalachichi a few times in the stomach.

"Sentret! Sen! Sentret!"

Trent was beside Naomi, looking at her expectantly “Ohh, you wanna train too Trent?” Naomi asked the Scout Pokémon. Trent nodded his head furiously “Tret! Sentret!” the black haired girl laughed nervously and scratched her head “Umm I’m sorry Trent, but I don’t have anyone for you to train with and I don’t see any Pokémon around” Trent's eyes lowered sadly and his ears drooped, Naomi felt bad "Aww Trent. Don't be upset" Trent just sighed sadly and Naomi hugged him tightly "I'm sorry buddy, when the time comes to fight Brock, I'll let ya go first." Trent brightened up at that and nodded happily

"Sentret! Sen Tret!"

Naomi smiled slightly, before glancing back at Lalachichi and Kakuna the two were panting, but looked to be okay, just a few scratches here and there, nothing to serious. Kakuna had charged at Lalachichi and hit him in the stomach and Lalachichi responded by grabbing the pod and tossing it into a nearby tree Naomi couldn’t help but wince slightly before she called out to the two “Alright guys, that’s enough… Kakuna and Trent return” both the scout and the pod were absorbed in a flash of neon red light.

“C’mon Lalachichi, lets get you guys to the Pokémon Center and then we’ll head on over to the PokéMart to get some supplies” Lalachichi nodded and followed Naomi toward the center, once there she left Lalachichi and the others in the nurses care before taking a seat, she had wait a few minutes before Nurse Joy returned with her Pokémon “There, good as new” the red haired nurse replied softly, giving Naomi a smile.

“Thanks Nurse Joy! I’ll be off now” Naomi pocketed her Pokéballs and headed over to the Pewter Gym, the room was dark when she entered “Umm Hello” Naomi called out cautiously scanning the darkly lit room “Anyone here!?” There was an audible clunk in the background and Naomi fingered Trent’s Pokéball “Who’s there! Answer me!” she scowled slightly when her answer was met with a soft chuckle and the darkened gym suddenly became brighter as the lights cut on “Welcome Trainer!” a voice boomed and Naomi glanced ahead to see a boy, about her age standing in the middle of the battlefield, said trainer took a step forward, listening to the leader of Pewter “I'm Brock. I'm Pewter's Gym Leader“Naomi scratched her arm nervously while she stared at Brock “I’m Naomi, from Pallet Town. I’m here to challenge you”

“Naomi… hmm, cute name for a cute girl” the brown skinned boy smiled at her and she gave a nervous smile back “Umm thank you?” she murmured unsurely Brock just laughed lightly and backed away from Naomi and went to the other side of the field “Alright challenger, this will be a two on two battle, so choose your choices wisely. Geodude, c’mon out!” Naomi nodded as the floating Rock with arms known as Geodude appeared near Brocks side of the field; she then grabbed a Pokéball from her pocket and released the Pokémon “Trent Its Showtime! Start off with Scratch!”

Trent nodded and charged at the floating Geode “Intercept with Rock Throw Geodude!” Geodude gave a cry in response and began picking up rocks from the rocky arena and throwing them at the scout, who zig-zagged his way towards Geodude, dodging the rocks but getting hit by a few, Trent waited until he got close and leapt on Geodude’s face and scratched him mercilessly in the face “Rock Throw again!” Geodude grabbed Trent by the tail and tossed him into the air and then followed up with tossing more rocks while the Scout was air borne.

“Defense Curl into Scratch!” Sentret nodded and curled itself into a ball as he fell, the rock pelted him but didn’t break his defenses, once again, when he got closer he lashed out with his claws and scratched Geodude’s face, said rock looked fair annoyed as he rubbed his face “Crud… Trent’s attacks aren’t working” Naomi bit the inside of her cheek and fingered a ball on in her pocket. “Alright Trent get over here, I’m switching you out!” Sentret looked confused and nodded as he ran over towards Naomi “Spear! I’m choosing you” Naomi tossed out a Pokéball and her Kakuna appeared “Alright Spear start off with Poison Sting, and make it a strong one!” Kakuna fired off a barrage of needles at the rock

“Defense Curl Geodude”

Geodude crossed his arms when the poison tipped needles hit, and they bounced off his rocky exterior “Keep it up Spear!” the Kakuna kept it up indeed, not letting up on the needles, which eventually pierced through Geodude’s defense and got him right in the middle, when his nose would be, Geodude winced when the Poison Needles began to affect it.

“Alright, now Spear return and Trent get back out there!” Naomi called back Spear and Trent jumped into the field “Now use Scratch!” Trent ran at Geodude “Tackle Geodude!” but sadly the scout proved to be no match for the rock when it rammed its head into Trent’s stomach, but then winced shortly after, due to the poisoning it had sustained “Trent!” Naomi watched her Sentret fly back a few feet and hit the ground harshly.

“Sen…Tret!” Trent weakly began to stand, wincing slightly from the tackle “Get Up Trent!” Naomi cried Trent nodded and stood high up on his tail “Awesome Trent! Now end this with Scratch!!” The Sentret quickly charged at Geodude and latched onto his face and gave it a powerful scratch, Geodude cried out before his eyes became swirly and he fainted “Way to go Trent!” Trent nodded and cried out before grinning at Naomi

“Not bad Naomi. But you won’t be able to beat my next Pokémon” Brock said recalling Geodude and pulling out another ball.

Preferred Starter: Pachirisu (If its not too much trouble can he be named Chip)
Captured: I fill out.
In-Box: I fill out.


November 12th, 2008, 9:18 AM
Chapter One:Saving the Klutz!
(One Post)
The first Professor is Prof.Birch, one who always seems to get into trouble. Getting chased by wild pokemon, his pokemon running free, no matter what it is, he always in deep. It might make you stop and think why he doesn't carry pokeballs with pokemon on them. His life would be a ton more easier if he did. This time, the mess is rather big, really big. Members of Team Time have him backed up into a tree. They don't notice you come in, but Birch does seven of you, just the amount of Team Time members. He quickly rummages through his bag, tossing pokeballs into a circle at your guys' feet,too bad that this also alerts Team Time members. Act quick, and don't let the Team Time members grab one. Well, he gave you a pokeball, now use it. Unleash the power with in and stop them, save Prof.Birch!

What to Do: Explain waking up or whatever, getting ready to meet the professor. You can re read the letter, and stuff like that. Then tell me how you got the pokeball and the fight against the Team Time member. Once the fight is over, end your post. This is the first fight, and you will get a level gain. You can choose any of their pokemon, but Zubat is a bit stronger, and there are only two trainers who can battle him. It is a first-come first-serve deal.

Team Time Grunts



Moves-Leech Life,Supesonic

November 12th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Auburn eyes blinked rapidly and dark brows furrowed heavily, one 14-year-old Maxine Ann Gray sat cross legged on her bed as she tried to remember what she was forgetting. Something important. Maxine drummed her fingers on her lap and ran a stressful hand through choppy locks "What the heck am I forgetting about!" she cried out falling back onto her bed, with her legs still crossed.

"Did I forget to hang up the clothes?"

She shook her head.

"No, I finished all my chores yesterday Abel was helping me" she mumbled biting her lip trying to remember why today was so important "Something big is supposed to happen today, but I can't remember!" she gave a frustrated huff and lifted herself into an upright position, sitting cross legged once more "I hate when I forget stuff like this" she groaned looking down at her attire, she was still in her pajamas’, which consisted of some loose light green pajama pants and a large T-shirt.

While Maxine sat on her bed thinking, she failed to notice Abel, a Sableye and official member of the family, enter her room, the Darkness Pokémon blinked at Maxine and shoot its head before sighing and shuffling out the room, only to appear moments later on Maxine's bed, poking her lightly in the side, with a calendar in its hand. Maxine however seemed to be deeply in thought and ignored her friend Abel scowled and poked her a bit harder this time and she blinked, wincing slightly when the nails lightly dug into her skin

"Huh? What's up Abel?" Maxine glanced at Abel and the calendar in his had "Umm what about the calendar?" she asked blinking and tilting her head to the side in confusion and Abel sighed at his friends simplicity, he poked at today's date, which was circled in an obnoxious red marker and labeled 'Meet with Professor and obtain starter' reddish brown eyes widened in realization and she shot out of bed, too quickly infact because her face met the floor while Abel just sighed and palmed his face.

"Ho Crap I completely forgot!" Max cried picking herself off the floor and dashing towards the bathroom, the sound of running water reached Abel as he began shuffling around the room to gather Maxine's things for her trip to the Professor's Lab. The ghost mused what the girl would do without him if he weren't here to remind her of some stuff.

“Oh man, I can’t believe I’m late!” she exclaimed swinging open her bathroom door, to reveal her clothes for today, which consists of, a short sleeved black mesh top with netted sleeves that stopped just above her torso and over it she wore a long sleeved light green zip-up hoodie, which was un-zipped at the moment and her favorite blue pants, which were baggy yet they clung perfectly to her hips and got looser near her legs and feet, the one thing she love most about these pants however, was that they were littered with deep pockets. Maxine slid across the floor, scanning her room “Hey Abel, have you seen my sneakers?”

Abel nodded and pointed to the girl’s footwear, which was sitting safely under her bed “Thanks Abe!” Maxine chirped smiling a the Ghost, who nodded in return “Okay, now I need to get going!” she exclaimed dashing out her room and down the steps, almost knocking her mother backwards “Oi Maxine what’s the rush” Max turned to her mother, Debra and explained as quickly as she could while she hopped from one foot to the other.

“I’m late! I was supposed to be at the lab to pick up my Pokémon 15 minutes ago!” she cried clutching her head, while Debra only chuckled and shook her head at Maxine “Well then, I suggest you hurry if you don’t want to be the last one to get a Pokémon huh?” Maxine nodded and ran towards the front door. Abel was standing infront of it, with Maxine’s Cap, her black backpack and an Apple, he lifted the items towards the girl and she grinned, taking her green cap and placing on her head while shrugging her back pack on her shoulders “Thanks so much Abel, I dunno what I’d do without you buddy!” she bent down and gave the Ghost a hug before putting him down and opening the door.

“C’ya later” she waved dashing out the house, with the apple clenched firmly between her teeth. Now I’m off to Meet the Professor!

Tossing the finished apple core in the trash bin, Maxine scanned the area she was in, which wasn’t to far off from Sandgem Town, it was to quiet. Where is everyone? Maxine wondered looking around again, only this time she caught a flash of blue and white and heard some noises. Curious Maxine ran towards the noise to see what all the trouble was about, only to find the professor being backed up into a tree by some strangely clothed people. Who are these people. Maxine thought before she managed to lock eyes with the professor, apparently he noticed she was here and reached into his bag, tossing down several Pokéballs.

Maxine quickly shuffled over towards the balls and grabbed one but by doing this, she had alerted the goon’s of her presence and they turned towards Maxine sneering “Stay outta this kid, we’ve got no business with you” a male said “Your about to attack the guy that’s giving me my first Pokémon, I think this is my business” Maxine replied glaring at the male “Cocky brat!” she snarled pulling out a Pokéball and tossing it onto the field.

“Zubat! Show this brat who’s boss, Start off with Supersonic!” The ball exploded into a flash of bright lights and Zubat emerged from the Pokéball. Zubat, just as its name says, is a small blue bat Pokémon, with two long skinny tails protruding from behind it, it also has no nose or eyes while the inside of its ears and underside of its wings are purple.

Maxine quickly tossed the Pokéball she held down when the Zubat began to zip towards her at inhumane speeds, there was another flash of light and the Pokémon had revealed itself as a Pachirisu. Pachirisu are small Squirrel looking Pokémon, it had white fur with a faint blueish tint and a light blue stripe which starts from their forehead and goes all the way down to the tip of the tail. Maxine noted the large white tooth sticking out of its mouth, reminding her of a Raticate.

She noted the Pachirisu’s deep gray eyes and yellow electric sacs on its cheeks, and the big fluffy tail that was twice the Pachirisu’s size, which had three spikes at the top of where the tail curled she also noticed it had very short arms and legs. “Maxine pay attention! Pachirisu intercept that Supersonic with Quick Attack” the auburn eyed girl was pulled from her observations, when Birch called out to her and she watched as the squirrel ran at the Zubat with a trail of white flowing behind it.

When Zubat was a few feet away, it opened it’s mouth large enough to screech at Maxine and proceeded to attack her with Supersonic, but Pachirisu had attacked just in time, with Quick Attack, he managed to pick up enough speed to perform a running tackle and leaped into the air and rammed the Zubat with its head, sending the blue bat tumbling back a few paces.

Maxine gasped when she watched Pachirisu attack the Zubat “Crud, I could’ve been in serious trouble if it weren’t for you Pachirisu!” Pachirisu nodded and stood infront of Maxine protectively and readied itself for commands, while the Zubat was hovering beside it’s trainer, having long since recovered from Pachirisu’s attack, Maxine decided to take the initiative and attack first “Umm use Quick attack again Pachirisu!” not one to fall for the same trick twice, the Team Time grunt called out another attack “Dodge and use Leech Life!”

Pachirisu had charged at Zubat again and attempted to tackle it from the air once more, but the Zubat’s teeth glowed ominously before it swerved to the right, the second before Pachirisu hit it, causing the squirrel to miss and fall to the ground, skidding to a halt and turning back around to its opponent, only to wind up getting bit in the neck and have the health drained from it with Leech Life. Pachirisu cried out in pain and bit the Zubat on the wing, causing the bat to screech and release Pachirisu’s neck “You know Bite Pachirisu?” Pachirisu nodded and Maxine smiled slightly “Cool!” she pointed at the Zubat who was hovering a few feet away from Pachirisu.

“Okay… try Quick Attack!”


Pachirisu charged at the Zubat with lightning speed, getting closer and closer, Zubat waited until Pachirisu was within a few inches away from it before it fired off a Supersonic, opening its mouth to use high pitched supersonic waves, which caused confusion. Maxine watched as small blue circles were released from the bat’s mouth and they quickly grew in size and hit Pachirisu, who fell back towards the ground and clutched its ears in pain “Pachirisu!” Maxine cried out as Pachirisu groaned and sat up, the bridge of its nose turned a purplish hue.

“Pachirisu snap out of it and use Bite” the grunt snickered however when Pachirisu ignored her orders and began to bite itself “Pachirisu!” Maxine cried “Alright Zubat, enough play time with the rodent, finish this with Leech Life, suck that Pachirisu dry!” Zubat gave a cry and nodded, before swooping down on a confused Pachirisu, who was gnawing on its arms, due to the confusion.

Zubat’s sharp glowing fangs sunk deeply into the fluffy white tail of Pachirisu, who yelped in pain, that bite was just what Pachirisu needed, because the squirrel snapped out of its confusion. “Pachirisu, your okay!” Pachirisu squeaked happily and nodded while Maxine watched as the Zubat continued to sap energy away from Pachirisu “I think I have an Idea! Pachirisu, use Quick Attack, but run around in a circle and don’t stop until I say so!”

The grunt seemed to catch on to her plan and said “Zubat, bite harder and keep on leeching!” Pachirisu nodded at Maxine’s instructions and began running around in complete circles, while Zubat’s grip got harder, a white strip of light trailing behind it, Pachirisu ran and ran, its tail flailing behind it with Zubat still attached, after a few minutes of running, Pachirisu began to feel a bit sluggish, it’s running began to slow, but Pachirisu wasn’t the only one affected, Zubat’s grip began to loosen and eventually it had to let go because it had gotten dizzy, Zubat hovered a few feet away from Pachirisu and was swaying abit trying to clear the dizziness.

“Alright Pachirisu, put all you have into this last attack and use Quick Attack!” Pachirisu nodded and charged at Zubat with quick speed “Dodge and use Leech Life!” Pachirisu shot at Zubat with a burst of speed, and just like before he swerved and dodged, but Pachirisu was ready for it this time and quickly pivoted on its toes and turned around and catch Zubat in the back, sending the bat tumbling to the ground in a heap, its eyes were swirly, Zubat had fainted.

November 12th, 2008, 8:35 PM
ShadowYashi:Good Post, the battle was marvelous. You really can describe something. Chip grew to level 8! He grew quite content with you. If you want, later you can go back and capture Abel.

November 13th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Chapter 1: The begining.

"Max! Max wake up!" Rex shouted up the stairs.

Max slowly opened his eyes. He looked to the right of him and saw that his window was open. He walked over to his window and noticed a few people were leaving Twinleaf Town, probably to go talk to Professor Rowan. Max turned around and ran out of his room and ran downstairs. He slowed down when he neared the kitchen and found Rex and Lavinia having breakfast.

"Ah. Finally you come down here." Rex said.

Max smiled as he was used to this teasing. He looked around for his half-sister. When Lavinia moved in she had a daughter of about 4 and had just turned 5. Mable(his half-sister) came skipping in and sat down at the table. She was sitting infront of a plate with 1 egg, 1 pancake, and 1 strip of bacon. Max smiled at her and sat down in front of a plate with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 2 strips of bacon.After he finished eating that delishious meal he looked around.

"Hey Rex. Do you know if I had a nightmare last night? I can't seem to remember." Max said.

"Nah. And hopefully during your journey you won't have one." Rex said still reading his paper.

"Max is afraid! Max is afraid! Ha ha ha ha!" Mable laughed.

"Shut up Mable." Max said.

"Now Max. Be nice to your little sister. Why don't you go get dressed and packed for your adventure huh?" Lavinia asked.

Max nodded and ran up to his room. He closed the soor behind him and opened up his drawer. He put on his red and white polo shirt, his yellow and black shorts, his black fingerless glove, his yellow fingerless glove, and slipped on his necklace with a Larvitar figurine on it. He grabbed his yellow knapsack and started packing. He put in his bag a notebook, a pencil, a hand held pencil sharpener, an extra pair of clothes, a pair of pajamas, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a few books in a series he was reading, a bag of pokefood, and a picture of his family.

He slapped his knapsack over his shoulder and dashed down stairs. He ran to the front door shouting: "See ya Rex, see ya Lavinia, and see ya Mable!" He walked over to the key rack and grabbed an extra key and slapped it into his pack and then looked at Lavinia expectantly.

"Ok. Kadabra go!" she shouted. Then a little Kadabra popped out and looked at Max happily. "Teleport Max to Littleroot Town."

Then Kadabra was shrouded in a purple mist and then disappeared. Max reappeared on the ground right in front of a door with a sign reading:

Professor Birch-

Gone out to lunch and for research. If you are a new trianer go into the woods north from Littleroot.

Max looked north and saw the enterance to the route Birch was on. He dashed over that way noticing other trianers going that way too. He came up to the crowd and joined in their hunt for the professor. They walked into the forest and looked around expectantly. Max was up in a tree away from the others when he heard a voice talking.

"Okay Birch. Now, give us the pokemon and we'll quietly leave."

Max looked at the other kids and threw a rock into the middle of the group. When they turned around and looked at him he motioned them his way. He led the group and then they soon came to an image of the professor surronded by two goons. The professor saw them and tried to make it seem to the goons like he hadn't. He reached for the suitcase he had next to him and grabbed seven pokeballs quietly. then he threw them past the goons heads and each of the other trainers grabbed them. Max jumped up and caught the first one in his right hand. The two goons spun around and then whistled. Then another five goons came jumping from trees around them. One of the goons walked up to Max and grabbed his own pokeball.

"Go, Zubat!" he cried.

"Go, pokeball!" Max said.

A blue bat popped out of the goon's pokeball while a rock looking pokemon popped out of his.

"A Larvitar!" Max cried in delight.

"Use Leech Life!" the grunt said.

The bat dived in at Larvitar and bit down on Larvitar's neck. Larvitar cried out in pain and then managed to slap the bat off him. Then he looked at the bat and grew madder and madder rapidly.

"Ummmm. I'm a big fan of Larvitars but I don't know this one's moveset. Hows 'bout maybe a Bite?" Max said questioningly.

Larvitar responded by jumping on top of the bat and bit down on its wing hard. The bat cried out in pain and then thrusted Larvitar off of it. Larvitar jumped off of the bat at the first signes of struggle.

"Zubat Supersonic!" the grunt cired.

"Bite." Max said.

The bat let out a terribly loud screech. Larvitar clamped his hands onto his ears and once the screeching stopped became confused. Larvitar ran over at the bat. Then he bit down on the bats stomach as hard as he could. The bat screeched in aggony again and Larvitar threw it into a tree. The bat hit the tree and slid down the bark.

"Leech Life." the grunt said.

"Bite again." Max said.

The bat and Larvitar ran at eachother(the bat flew at Larvitar) and then they bit down on eachothers body. Tghe Zubat didn't get a very good spot to be trying to suck out Larvitar's health because it bit down on the stone thing on the top of Larvitar's head. Larvitar bit down on one of its wings enabling it to fly. The grunt freaked out knowing his Zubat was going to lose and grabbed a pokeball.

"Return!" he said.

The bat was engulfed in a red light and then disappeared. Then the grunt started running away.

"Come back here! We didn't finish our battle!" Max yelled to the man.

November 13th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Pikalover10:I am in a generous mood, so Zubat will slide. Larvi grew to level 7! It is showing signs of happiness with it's trainer.

November 13th, 2008, 10:11 AM
-If it Were Meant to Be...-

Five minutes. Then ten. Soon, an hour. As the moonlight slowly faded away, and the shine of the morning sun came into the scenery, she slept. It was then that the rays of the sunrise lifted her eyelids up. Yawning, the girl looked out the window. It dawned on her that she was staying with that kind stranger's house again. That's how it usually was... She remembered how her weaving friend told her that she could stay because there was a possible chance of rain hitting the ground after a while. As she got out of bed, she heard the clatter of pots and pans, and the girl knew she was "home".

Walking downstairs, her seamstress master had prepared a fine breakfast of pancakes. She seemed to mutter "Gale" as the girl sat down. After finishing the long, indulging breakfast, the seamstress sighed.

"Gale, have you ever heard of Professor Birch?" she asked the young girl. Shaking her head, Gale let out a small yawn. "Professor Birch is a decent professor, but he's a bit...well, danger prone... But he's a great guy, really! Anyways, I'd like you to meet him. Unfortunately, I have a meeting to attend, so you're on your own!" Gale knew of this professor; she had received a letter from him, but never paid much attention to it. But enough was enough for the seamstress master. Immediately finding herself out of the house, her backpack in her arms, Gale was shocked by her master's sudden behavior. For the time being, she shrugged it off and went to go see the professor.

It was getting to the point where the clouds began rolling in. Gale passed by some people, but none seemed to fit the bleak description of the professor. It was then that she heard a scream. It sounded shrill, but it was a man's voice. Grunting, Gale figured it was probably the professor. She ran over, and saw the strange men and women chasing after him. He looked over at Gale, then seemed to motion to a ball of some sort, lying on the ground. One of the strangely dressed women was trying to get to the ball. But Gale was too quick for her. Picking it up, the woman snarled at Gale.

"Give it here, girl!" she exclaimed. Gale shook her head, and stuck out her tongue. "Well, if that's how you want it... Go, Zubat!" A blue bat-like Pokemon appeared. It seemed to have no eyes, so the term "blind like a bat" could really work. The professor again made a motion, but this time, it looked like he was opening something. Gale took the time to go over the ball's features, until she noticed a button in the middle. She pressed it, and the ball suddenly opened. A red beam of light came out, and hit the ground. Some sort of creature (perhaps) seemed to form. When the light faded, a brown and tan fox-like Pokemon was in front of the "Zubat", as if ready to attack.

Making another motion of some sort, the professor pointed to the fox, then to the Zubat. It looked as if he wanted Gale to tell the creature to attack the bat. Gale nodded, and pointed at the fox creature to get its attention. It looked at her with big eyes, and she pointed towards the Zubat. However, seeing how a command wasn't given, the fox seemed confused.

"Silly girl, can't even tell an Eevee to use Tackle," the woman laughed maniacally. "Zubat, Leech Life!" The bat shot out a poison dart, hitting the "Eevee" on the mark. The Eevee cringed, and it seemed as if its life force was drained from where the dart hit. That life force went into the Zubat's mouth, and it immediately looked healed. Perturbed, Gale clenched her fists.

"Eevee... No, Lace... Tackle it, now!" The Eevee zoomed in at blinding speed, hitting the Zubat on the mark. The Zubat flew back, but showed no signs of major injury. It went in for another attack of its own, but at once, even though not given a command, the Eevee whipped her tail (Gale decided it was a she) at the Zubat violently. She then blasted the Zubat with another Tackle, and it was down. Annoyed, the woman recalled her Zubat and ran off. Gale took one look at Lace, and Lace returned the gaze. They then looked towards the woman, who was running away. Weird... Gale thought.

November 13th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Pikataro:The first part of the post was great. Then the battle, it went a bit down. Eevee grew to level 7! It grew quite content with it's new master.

November 13th, 2008, 5:31 PM
"Princess, what was that for?" Elise Annika Iorian asked drowsily, yet good naturedly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Princess, the Glameow that technically belonged to her, otherwise known as Her Royal Highness Princess Ruby, had woken her up a few seconds ago by batting her face with one small, furred paw. Princess purred and lay down on Elise's stomach as Elise sat up, knocking Princess off. However, the cat-like Pokemon seemed less than offended, as it purred and rubbed its cheek against Elise's hand. Elise smiled, Princess was definitely part of the family, meaning her and Lily.

"Well, thanks for waking me up, Princess," Elise said finally, "I would have overslept, and I'm supposed to go see Professor Birch today." She had just remembered, after glancing at the calendar that hung opposite her bed. Princess just mewed, leaping lightly off the bed and crossing the room, settling down on the window-seat that had been installed before she came to this house. Climbing out of bed, she proceeded to get dressed and make sure everything that she could think of was packed.


Ten minutes later, Elise appeared at the foot of the stairs, fully dressed, with a bag slung over her shoulder, and carrying a purring Princess in her arms. She had always considered Princess to be her Pokemon, as she was the one who rescued Princess a long time ago, but Princess was pretty much friends with everyone, and was almost as close to Lily as she was to Elise.

Goodbyes were long, as Lily hugged Elise and made sure she had everything that she would need before finally letting her leave. Elise herself didn't stop waving until the house was out of sight.


Though the area around Professor Birch's laboratory was supposed to be quiet in the still, serene, morning, this certainly wasn't the case today, at this moment. Instead, there was an assortment of strange people around the Laboratory, who all seemed to be wearing matching uniforms of blue and white, with Professor Birch in the middle of them, with both hands up in front of his chest, he seemed to be smiling nervously and saying something to them.

"Now...see here..." He began, before catching sight of her and a few other people, probably new trainers as well, as they were around her age. Without further ado he reached into a bag and hurled several small, round, red and white Pokeballs as hard as he could, one of them rolled to a stop at Elise's feet. Elise picked it up as one of the people in the blue and white broke off from the group and attempted to retrieve the Pokeball.

"Give it to me!" She hissed, extending her hand forward in an odd sort of gesture. Elise, who was completely unsure of what she was supposed to do, shook her head silently.

"I said, give it to me, can't you understand English?" She spat at Elise, clearly getting more impatient. Elise could tell this person obviously had a rather short temper, by the way her fists were clenched and how she appeared to be grinding her teeth as she glared at Elise. Her eyes themselves were narrowed, maybe she was on a mission or something, and she wanted to complete it successfully, maybe that was why she was getting impatient so quickly. Either way, it wasn't the time to find out, not now.

"Open it!" Professor Birch called desperately, and the group around him tightened, as they hissed devilishly at him, telling him to "hand them over."

"Just give the Pokeballs to us and no one gets hurt." One of them, apparently the leader, seeing as he was the one who was taking control of the situation, snarled. Professor Birch backed up even more, if that was possible.

"Um...you see, I don't have them anymore." He replied, sweat droplets appearing on his forehead. Meanwhile, Elise had followed Professor Birch's instructions.

"Go...Pokeball!" She cried, feeling that she should shout something as she opened the Pokeball, though she wasn't quite sure what she would shout. In a glow of red and a rush of sparks, a blue Pokemon appeared. It looked very much like a bipedal, wingless, tailess, dragon with a gray, ridged, helmet-like growth on its head that made Elise think of a hardhat.

"Bagon!" It cried upon being let out of its Pokeball, and turned to face Elise. Looking around at the other trainers gave Elise a general idea of what Professor Birch had intended for her to do, and she leapt into action upon figuring it out. By now, the young woman had also let out a Pokemon of her own, which was white and brown, its fur somewhat jagged, with a dark mask around its eyes. A Zigzagoon, she recognized it immediately, having seen one before.

"Zigzagoon, use tackle!" The woman shouted. Zigzagoon began running in a strange, zigzag formation towards Bagon.

"Tell Bagon to use Bite!" Professor Birch suddenly shouted.

"Bagon, swerve to the left, then get behind the Zigzagoon and use Bite!" Elise called. With a small nod, Bagon dodged to the left as Zigzagoon lunged forward for Tackle, before coming up behind Zigzagoon.

"No, Zigzagoon, watch out!" The woman cried, but it was too late. In one swift movement, the Bagon had moved forward to deliver a Bite attack on the Zigzagoon, who gave a howl of pain and zigzagged to the right. However, the woman and her Zigzagoon likely had battle experiance, while this was Elise's first battle. Due to the fact that she had never owned a Pokemon, she had never battled before, and this was a new experiance.

"Bagon, to the right, then into the air!"

"Tackle again, Zigzagoon!"

Bagon first moved to the right, allowing Zigzagoon to rush past the blue Dragon Pokemon, before leaping into the air, as Zigzagoon swerved and met Bagon in midair. At that moment, Zigzagoon completely lost control and began thrashing furiously in midair, trying to land a hit. Bagon managed to lunge forward and deliver another Bite attack before both of them landed on the ground with light feet.

"Zigzagoon!" Zigzagoon cried as it zigzagged towards Bagon and drove it into the ground with a tackle attack, Elise winced, imagining the shock waves that would definitely be coursing through Bagon's body. Bagon rolled once before getting to its feet, shaking itself off. Them, both Pokemon ran at each other recklessly, Bagon slamming into the Zigzagoon head first as Zigzagoon tried another Tackle attack. However, the ridged growth on Bagon's head must have been hard or something, because Zigzagoon was knocked backwards.

"Bagon, take this opportunity to use Bite one more time!" Elise cried. Bagon obeyed immediately, as if it just wanted this battle to be over with quickly. One more Bite later, and Zigzagoon was thrown back onto the ground, completely knocked out.

"No, Zigzagoon!" The woman cried, rushing forward, a look of concern on her face. Well, she's human after all, Elise thought, but before she could say anything, not even a word of praise to Bagon, the woman had returned her Pokemon and turned to Elise with a look of hatred on her face. Her jaw was clenched and she jabbed a single, bony, menacing finger towards Elise, who stepped backwards, startled. Her mouth opened and closed in a manner very similar to a fish on land, though no words left the woman's mouth. In a sudden change of thought, she turned on her heel and fled the scene, running off into the distance as Elise congratulated Bagon, hugging it and praising it.

"Funny, that was relatively easy, almost too easy..." She thought slowly, as she stared at the woman's retreating back.

November 13th, 2008, 5:47 PM
The sun had only recently risen over the horizon, bathing the whole of Twinleaf Town in a spectacular gradient of tones of orange. One particularly large house, belonging to the family of the De La Cruz’s, was quite active despite the early hours. In fact, if you had your ear pressed against the eastern wall, you’d hear the thunderous footsteps of Mrs. De La Cruz as she stormed up the stairs. Quite loud footsteps for such a petit frame. Like her daughter, Mrs. De La Cruz had long, curly, brown hair that reached her shoulder blades. Her face was normally gorgeous, but at this point in time it was furled into a frown as she approached Camille’s door. Without a moment’s hesitation, she lifted his hand and smacked it repeatedly against the door.

“Camille De La Cruz, I hope you’re not sleeping in there!” She tried her best to sound threatening, but failed miserably. The women of the De La Cruz family have always had sweet, soft voices. The older woman waited patiently outside the door but no response came. With a sigh, Karen decided to violate her daughter’s privacy and enter the room anyway.

It wasn’t exactly what you’d expect to see when entering a teenager’s room. Unlike the stereotypical teen, Cammy was a bit of a neat freak and strived to keep her bedroom in tiptop shape. The bed was perfectly made, all the clothes with in the closet, and all the shoes were tucked neatly under the bed— not a single thing was out of place. Well one thing was— Cammy, who surprisingly wasn’t in the bedroom.

A brief wave of fear immediately swept over Karen. Was it possible that her daughter left before saying good bye? Or was the teen finally opposed to the idea of going on a Pokemon trainer and ran away? Karen found herself liking the latter proposal, as she completely disapproved of the dangerous journey. However, a noise from the door leading to Cammy’s bathroom brought the mother back down to Earth. The door swung open and her daughter, who was almost a spitting image of herself, gracefully stepped out.

Unlike her mother’s, Cammy chose to keep her hair tied up in a ponytail, and Karen saw that the girl was using her favorite pink clip. In fact, the girl was wearing a lot of her favorites, which included her black and pink top, her stylish black jeans, and her pink and white running shoes. As the girl passed by the opened window, something on her neck flashed and Karen knew at tat point that the girl was also wearing her sapphire necklace.

“Don’t have a fit mom, I’m ready,” the girl said in that calm, soft voice. It took a moment for Karen to respond as she took everything into perspective. Her beautiful, but helpless daughter of fifteen was about to be released onto the world and she wouldn’t be there to hold her hand.

Cammy noticed the look in her mother’s eyes, groaned, and walked past the woman. The last thing she needed was her mother begging her to stay home. Karen closely followed her daughter down the stairs, but knew better than to express her thoughts about the journey. At the hand of the stair rail hung both Cammy’s light, white jacket and red messenger bag, which she quickly scooped up and headed for the door.

“Wait, hun, won’t you wait for me to wake your father?” Unlike Karen, Bryan De La Cruz rigorously supported his daughter’s decision to go on a journey, mainly because he is a well known Pokemon Trainer. The man was happy enough knowing Cammy was going on a journey; there was no point in waking him up to tell him that she was finally leaving.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll just call later!” Cammy said as she opened the door, slipped out her house, and slammed t shut all in a matter of seconds. She really didn’t want to get into an argument with her mom about the decision to go on a journey.

With a deep sigh, Cammy quickly strode away from her home. For the first time in her life she was grateful that Twinleaf was such a small town, as she was already running late and couldn’t afford the time it took to walk through a large city. She estimated that the walk would take about half an hour, so to pass the time by Cammy retrieved the ominous letter from her bad. She reread it countless times, and a chill ran down her spine each time she passed the part about Team Time controlling the world. She purposefully hid the letter from her parents as even her father would have denied the journey if he knew its true dangers. But Cammy was content on proving to her parents that she wasn’t completely helpless, and what better way to do it other than saving the world?


Cammy desperately tried to avoid the dangerous tall grass that separated Twinleaf and Sandgem. Twice so far, her clumsy nature caused her to trip over a large branch and land on an unsuspecting Pokemon. Thank goodness it was a Bidoof both times because a Starly would have took bloody vengeance on the teenager. Cammy needed to find the Professor’s hideout and fast, or else she’d never get a Pokemon for protection.

She only had to search for a few more minutes before finding the base. Actually, she found it completely by accident. After tripping again, Cammy landed near a hatch door concealed in the tall grass. However, to her surprise, the door was open and she could hear voice coming from nearby.

“Get away from me!” cried a frantic voice. Cautiously, Cammy got on her knees and saw tall man in a lab coat being backed into a tree by a group of mysterious characters. Each of them wore similar uniforms and something deep in Cammy’s gut warned her that this might be the infamous Team Time.

Professor Birch’s gaze met with Cammy’s, and for a brief moment, he smiled. As a if a great wind had just struck him, Birch casually tossed his briefcase over in Cammy’s direction, exposing a set of pokeballs. One of the grunts was smart enough not to buy the act and he turned around just in time to see Cammy reach for one of the devices.

“So someone wants to play hero? Fine with me, as long as I get to be the villain,” said a male grunt who was now grinning. His teeth were a disgusting yellow color and Cammy could smell his nicotine packed breath from where she was kneeling. Something in the man’s eye told the young girl that he would not let her escape, so the only thing left to do was stand and fight. Cammy quickly snatched a random pokeball, stood proudly and tried to hide her fear.

“No Pokemon of your own? How sad, I was hoping this would be a challenge. Take care of her, Zigzagoon,” the man said, pointing his own pokeball at the floor. Suddenly, the sphere opened up in a flash of red light and before Cammy knew it, a new Pokemon had entered the scene. It looked very much like a raccoon, except for its spiky fur and intricate zigzag design. Cammy copied the grunt motion, released a Pokemon of her own. Her creature looked more like a canine, with its black fur and rib-like appendages on it back for protection. Both Pokemon snarled at the sight of each other.

“Zigzagoon, let’s make this quick. Use Tackle,” ordered the grunt. Without a second thought, the raccoon threw its body at Houndour at alarming speed. Cammy racked her mind for a good command, but for some reason, nothing came to mind and Houndour was forced to make an instinctive dodge. Unfortunately, even she miscalculated Zigzagoon’s speed and ended up getting hit anyway.

Seeing he only hope for safety slide against the gravel didn’t help their current situation and Cammy began to clam up even more. Her mother’s words ran throughout her head many times and for the first time the young girl regretting her decision. Then she looked down at the Pokemon fighting for her sake and realized that this was bigger than herself. Searching for the battling gene she knew ran though her blood, the rejuvenated girl got ready for round two.

“Zigzagoon, what are you waiting for!? Finish that beast!” the grunt cried harshly. Annoyed hat it didn’t get to toy with Houndour a little longer, Zigzagoon shook the bad vibes off and went for the finishing blow. Cammy strategically waited for the opposing Pokemon to get very close to its target before reacting.

“Quickly Houndour, use Ember!” The Pokemon eagerly followed the girl’s orders and unleashed a barrage of hot embers at Zigzagoon, who was only seconds from impact. The scorched pokemon was blasted across the grassed, leaving a trail of burnt fur in its wake.

“You little... You’ll pay for that! Zigzagoon, you worthless animal, get up and use your Tail Whip!” The charred Pokemon felt inclined to follow its trainer’s orders but still, it got to its feet. Such cruelty was unacceptable, especially in the presence of Cammy. It was so unfortunate that the Zigzagoon had to suffer more. The raccoon Pokemon made a rather sad attempt at shaking its tail and barely caught the Houndour attention.

“Use Leer,” Cammy said plainly. A battle like this deserved no great enthusiasm. The Houndour looked slyly at Zigzagoon, as if it knew its deepest, darkest secret, and the raccoon froze in terror. The aggressive grunt kept shouting at the Pokemon to do something, but it was too caught up in its opponent’s stare.

“Dang it! Zigzagoon, retreat! You’re obviously no use like this!” Cammy had to fight back a smile when she heard that.

“Now’s our chance! Use Pursuit!” The grunt’s face became expressionless when he heard that. In a burst of energy, the Houndour sped towards Zigzagoon and smacked it into a nearby tree. The Pokemon fell on its back and either didn’t feel like getting up, or was completely unable to. The grunt seemed to believe the latter as he recalled his Pokemon, shook a threatening fist at Cammy, and finally disappeared in the woods. The young trainer wiped the sweat off her forehead and beamed at the Houndour, who growled back affectionately. The young girl’s gaze moved to where the grunt had run off, and something told her that wasn’t the last time the two would meet.

November 13th, 2008, 6:29 PM
The small town of Sandgem Town was quieting down after a long, sunny summer day. It had been a tough day for Grey Rose. He had found out about his brother's fame. 'Mr. Rose' he was now called. He had used a computer in the office of the home of a bumbling professor, whose name escaped Grey. Professor Quirch? Grey thought, no, Worth. Oh wait, I think it was 'Birch'. Yeah, that was it: Professor Birch. Professor Birch was kind enough, unlike most people in this dark, cruel world, to let Grey use his computer, and he also offered Grey to stay in his house. Grey accepted, of course. He was no idiot. Though it was warm during the day, it sure would get cold in the night, especially in the always-getting-colder Sinnoh. Now, Grey was huddled in the corner of a small house which belonged to Professor Birch. He had a blanket around him, and in his hand he had a crumpled up letter which he had recieved the day he left his caretaker, Ms. Iona. He had been re-reading it over and over, trying to understand it. He read it once again:

Dear Grey C. Rose,
I am writing this letter to say a couple of things. As I am sure, you know of the evil threat attacking the world. The team known as Team Time? I am correct am I not? I thought so. Any ways, they are in the process of catching Celebi. The time poke'mon that will send them through time, allowing them hit the world when it is young. If they do that, they will Inevitably have control of the world. It is up to you, and five other trainers to take charge and stop the evil. I hope you are up to the challenge, if so you can meet the first professor, he is hiding underground somewhere between Twinleaf Town and Sandgem Town. I would tell you, but it is pretty obvious once you get out there. He will give you your first pokemon, after you take a personality quiz, to see what pokemon would fit you. You musn't tell any of your friends, you never know who is with Team Time. I wish I could tell you more, but that is just about all I know.
P.S. The first professor he is a bit of klutz, don't stand under him.

Your Friend,

The name was illegible. He thought the same things every time he read the letter: What six other trainers? What professor? What friends?, and as always, Who wrote the letter? So far only two of his questions were answered: the professor must be Professor Birch, and when the mysterios man said 'You musn't tell any of your friends' Grey knew that this man didn't know him. If the man did, he would have known that Grey was friendless. Soon the daylight faded away, leaving behind the stars that streached to nowhere, and the moon, which hung loosley in the sky. What Pokemon would the professor give him? He would have to find out the next day. Grey couldn't fall asleep. The professor must not have known that Grey was one of the chosen people to stop Team Time, or he would have already recieved his Pokemon. He should have probably shown the letter to Professor Birch.

It was a long night for Grey. He was constantly awake, too excited to go to sleep. Then, just as quickly as night came, the sun was there. What a beautiful sunset. Grey thought. He must have fallen asleep. There was a pillow under his head, which wasn't there the night before. The lights were all off, and Grey couldn't hear anyone in the house. Grey got up, and made himself look semi-presentable. He straigtened up the cruched up letter, and went outside to search for Professor Birch. On his way out he ran into a Mime Jr., who was following the cleaning Mr. Mime.

"Mime!" the Pokemon squealed.

"Aww, how cute," Grey said, and bent down to touch the Pokemon.

"Mime!" an angry Mr. Mime said, offended by Grey trying to touch her son.

"Oh Mr. Mime! Be nice to this young child!" said a hidden voice, which sounded like a scolding mother. A girl appeared who looked to be the age of Professor Birch. "You must be Grey!" she said.

"Umm, yeah." Grey said.

"Oh, yes. I am Mrs. Birch! Shame on me for not introducing myself!"

"Well, what cute Pokemon you have," the Mime Jr. was rubbing against Grey's leg.

"Aww, he seems to like you," Mrs. Birch said,"I'm sure Professor Birch is looking for you,"

"Yes, I've got to go. I'll see you later," he bent down and whispered to the Mime Jr.,"Goodbye, Jr. I've got to go,"
The Mime Jr. let go of him and Grey was off.


Grey walked across the to Professor Birch's office, and went inside. There were a few assistants busily typing into their advanced computers. There was absolutley no sign of Professor Birch. Grey started retreating, when he heard someone talking to him.

"What do you need?"

"Nothing, I was just wondereing if Professor Birch is around."

The lady frowned. "No, he hasn't shown up yet. We just figured that he was sleeping in. Have you asked his wife if he was in the house?"

"No, but he isn't there," Grey started towards the door quickly. Professor Birch wasn't in his house, he wasn't in his office. Grey could smell trouble. He was out of the door before the lady could mutter another word.

Grey looked around the small town. The bumbling, loud Professor was no where to be seen. He must of left the town, to catch a few Pokemon. Grey went to one route, which would lead toward Jublife, if Grey remembered right. He still couldn't see the professor. He tried the beach. Still, no one. Then he checked the other route, leading to Twinleaf Town. He heard some rustling in the leaves, and walked further out. He saw the professor, surrounded by other trainers his age and older. He threw a PokeBall to Grey.

"Please, help!" he said, pointing to a few Team Time goons.

Grey picked up the PokeBall. A Team Time member walked up to him and released his Pokemon.

"Poochyena! Kill this poor, misleaded kid!"


Grey threw his PokeBall. He had never done this before. A round, plump Pokemon appeared. He recognized this Pokemon as a Spheal.

"Poochyena, there is no use to weaken this Pokemon with howl. Go straight for the kill! Tackle!" The small wolf-like Pokemon launched at the helpless Spheal.

"Spheal! Hurry and use water gun!" The Pokemon looked at his new master, and obeyed. A bust of water erupted from within the tiny Pokemon's stomach, and hurt the Poochyena. Though, the wolf Pokemon still managed to hit Spheal pretty badly with a tackle.

"Hah! You think that you threaten me, tough guy?" the grunt was laughing, satisfied with fufilling his job of being mean and unlawful. "Poochy-pooch, go ahead and finish this off with another tackle, will you?" the wolf Pokemon started to run, before being blasted by a gust of snow.

"Didn't see that coming now did, you 'tough guy'?" the Poochyena looked tired and worn out.

"Poochyena! You weak Pokemon! I'm going to release you once we finish our buisness. Tackle!"

The Poochyena was hit by another powerful blast of water, causing it to faint. The goon quickly walked away, leaving his Pokemon. Grey withdrew Spheal into its Pokemon. Once the Team Time member was out of sight Grey walked over to the Poochyena. He picked up the hurt Pokemon, and cradled it in his hands.

"Quick! We need to help this poor mistreated Pokemon," Grey said to anyone in earshot.

November 13th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Slytherfang:Marvelous Post. Eclipse grew to level 7! She grew quite content.

Gummy:Excellent. Moochie Grew to level 7!She grew quite content.

Chi_Zukasi:That was a bit iffy. Remember, the lab was hidden? The battle was a little weak. Also, different speakers go like this:
"Hi Jill" said Jack.
(See a space)
"Oh, Hello" said Jill Rocky grew to level six. He is showing signs oh happiness.

Chapter 2:The Lab!
(One Post)

When the goons were defeated, Prof.Birch climbed down out of the tree. "It is worse than we thought.." he mumbled to himself. He turned to all the kids, they had an eager look on their faces. "No time to talk now you guys.." he said. "Follow me to my lab ok?" he commanded, and some nodded, while others stayed still. He began to walk off into the distance, the trainers close behind. He slid down the embankment, the trainers followed. Soon, he came to big patch of grass and stopped. He pulled out his radio, "Vivian, I have the trainers with me right now, if you would open up please" he talked into the radio, and the there was the sound of gears moving, and the grass moved. He went down the steps, it was a dark corridor, but it was soon a room filled with light and lots of equipment. Assistants were busy typing on their high-tech computers. Then Birch walked to the middle of the room. "Ok.." he began and then waited for all the trainers to gather around.

"Ok, you guys all showed what it means to be a trainer back there" Birch said. "I am proud of all you" he said. "It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. "Oh, and Grey, give the hurt pokemon to one of my assistants ok?" He nodded and did so. "We have some serious business to talk about, so all of you need to listen.."

Birch walked over to his assistant,"Do you have the newest equipment?" he asked.

"Sure do.." said the male assistant, as he walked into the back. He came back out with small eye-pieces for each trainer. He walked over,"These are Pokemon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokePals. they are very important. They act not only has a poke'dex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more, those features are for you to discover. To Gale he gave a white one. To Max, a Green one. To Grey, a Blue one. Elise got an orange one, Maxine a pink one. Camille got a dark purple, Yukiko a red one.

"Thank you" said Birch as he took back the stage. "Those, are the newest tools, not many people have them... yet" he finished. "So, once you leave here, you are own your own, it will pretty tough, Team Time will be looking all over for you. Make your stop in Sandgem town." His hideout, was actually father back Twinleaf town, that would make the journey longer.

As the trainers neared the exit a male assistant, the same one who handed out the Pokels came running up. I almost forgot, he was huffing and puffing. "Here... are.... some poke..balls" he said handing five balls to each trainer.." he waved good bye. "Oh, my name is Nathaniel Krauss" he holled at them, and tripped walking away. (If you guys were in the LIght in the Dark Orre region Roleplay, or read it you will realize that Krauss was my character. :) )

What to do:Explain Birch walking over, and talking to you briefly, then the trip to the lab. Once you get to the lab explain the talk and getting the PokePal. Then exlapin stepping out of the lab. End your post once you are out of the lab. You may, find something scattered amongst the floor of the messy lab, but be creative, and something you think would be on the floor in the lab.

November 14th, 2008, 3:20 PM
Soon, everyone had cleared away the Team Time members, and everyone crowded around the scrambling Professor Birch. The tired, and obviously confused professor started mumbling to himself. Grey could only catch a few of his softly spoken words:


Then he suddenly turned to talk to us, us being me and the other kids who helped save Professor Birch.

"No time to talk now you guys.." the still seemingly confused professor said. "Follow me to my lab ok?" he said after that. A few of us, including me nodded and follwed him. I tried not to lag behing, but it was hard keeping up with the hurring professor.

Soon, Professor Birch stoped and grabbed a radio, which appeared from no where.

"Vivian," he said,"I have the trainers with me right now, if you would open up please,"

There was movement which startled Grey causing him to jump back. He was feet away from a dark hole, which he could not see into. Soon, Grey figured out that the Professor was leading him and the other trainers into the darkness. Though Grey is not the type to refuse, he cautiously went into the hole, after the other trainers carful not to lose sight of the person in front of him. There was a sudden movement behind Grey, causing him to lurch into the stranger in front of him. The hole in the ground was closing, and soon Grey found himself in complete darkness. Soon, a few light flickered on and Grey was blinking, waiting for his eyes to adjust. There were a lot of assistant typing on their highly sophisticated computers. Grey recognized a few of them from Professor Birch's office. The whole place was cluttered with junk, signs of Professor Birch's untidyness and lack of organization. Once every trainer was gathered around him, carful not to step on anything Birch began talking.

"Ok," he began,"You guys all showed what it means to be a trainer back there. I am proud of all you. It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. Oh, and Grey, give the hurt pokemon to one of my assistants ok?"

Grey walked up to one of Professor Birch's assistants who looked to be his right hand man, and handed the Pokemon to him. The man quickly hurried off to help the Pokemon. Grey would love to see the Poochyena in good health and out of danger.

"We have some serious business to talk about," Birch said,"So all of you need to listen.."

Birch walked over to his assistant and muttered somthing into his ear.

"Sure do.." the assistant said as he walked to the back, and disappeared like the other assistant. Soon he came back holding small devices which Grey has never seen before.

He walked to the center of the circle, along with Professor Birch.

"These are Pokemon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokePals. they are very important. They act not only has a PokeDex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more; those features are for you to discover." The man started walking around the circle of Pokemon trainers, giving each their own color.

"Thanks," Grey said, as he recived his small, blue 'PokePal'.

"Thank you," Birch said once the assistant was done. "Those, are the newest tools, not many people have them... yet. So, once you leave here, you are own your own. It will pretty tough: Team Time will be looking all over for you. Make your stop in Sandgem town."

Just as Grey was about to leave, the assistant who passed out the PokePals came up and stopped them.

"I - almost - forgot," he said, pausing after each word to try to catch his breath. "Here - are - some - PokeBalls," he once again turned to each trainer handing each a total of five PokeBalls. Soon he caught his breath and said, "Oh, my name is Nathaniel Krauss,"

As the man walked away he tripped over a pile of newspapers, revealing somthing of interest to Grey. It was a newspaper dated a few years ago. The headline read: "Mr. Rose: Found Dead - His Life Story". Grey ran up and picked up the newspaper. He read:

Mr. Rose, the alleged leader of Team Time, was found dead in his office last night. The convicted leader of Team Time is now gone, but one of his sucessors is likley to follow in his footsteps. The man was charged with many counts of murder, theft, and assault. There is no news yet about who killed the man who is the icon of murder and mischeif, but experts believe it may be one of Mr. Rose's assistants, so they would gain controll of Team Time. But, before this man became evil, he had a normal life just like you and me. He grew up in a small town called Lavaridge Town in Hoenn. He lived an uneventful life untill he was ten. When he turned ten he became a brother of twins. Unfortunately one died during birth. Then to make things even more sad for the Rose family, the dad and husband died. Eight years later, when Mr. Rose was eighteen, his mother died. The two kids were orphans. Mr. Rose then left his brother, the first sign of him turning into a mischevious man. Mr. Rose traveled the world, before founding his million-making buisness, and also his evil buisness known as Team Time. The rest of his life was great, then he died. This man will definatly be infamous and go down in the history books as the started of the Team Time organization.

"Grey, is somthing wrong?" Professor Birch asked. Prof. Birch had noticed that Grey was lagging behind, reading somthing. Grey quickly closed the newspaper and shoved it into his backpack.

"Nothing is wrong, I just saw somthing I was interested in," Grey muttered. He was out of the labratory before Professor Birch could question him any more.

November 14th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Chi_Zukasi: Much better, a few mistakes, but no one is perfect. Good Job. You Obtained a PokePal and Five Pokeballs!

November 14th, 2008, 4:24 PM
After the defeat of the Zubat, though probably more easier than thought, the strange professor came down from where he was, and thanked "everyone" who had helped him. It finally dawned on Gale that she wasn't the only one around. There were six more people, all apparently starting with a Pokemon of their own, too. But, now was not the time to think these things over. The professor had began speaking again, and Gale needed to hear such.

"Follow me to my lab ok?" was all Gale had heard, and it was enough. She followed the others from the back into the lab, and listened to Professor Birch's speech.

"Ok, you guys all showed what it means to be a trainer back there" Birch said. "I am proud of all you" he said. "It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. "Oh, and Grey, give the hurt pokemon to one of my assistants ok?" He nodded and did so, as Gale observed. "We have some serious business to talk about, so all of you need to listen.."

Birch walked over to his assistant,"Do you have the newest equipment?" he asked.

"Sure do.." said the male assistant, as he walked into the back. He came back out with small eye-pieces for each trainer. He walked over to each one and gave the eye-pieces out like they were pieces of candy. "These are Pokemon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokePals. they are very important. They act not only has a poke'dex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more, those features are for you to discover," the professor explained, and Gale nodded. She placed it in her left eye, and made sure it didn't slur her vision. Even though she wasn't near-sighted or far-sighted, Gale didn't want to become either now. However, she eyed the one who got the blue PokePal. After all, blue was her favorite color, and white seemed a bit...bland. But, it was the color of snow, which Gale had enjoyed playing in when it was there, so she didn't complain. It would've been nice if it could change the color of her eye, but...

After the rest of the professor's speech (Gale only caught that she was supposed to head over to Sandgem), she began to leave the building quietly. But she was stopped by a man, who explained himself to be "Nathaniel Krauss" or something like that. He gave her, along with the others, some PokeBalls, then tripped as he walked away. Gale turned towards the exit, and walked out quietly. It seemed like the day would begin anew for her, and that a long, arduous journey would begin...

November 14th, 2008, 4:39 PM
Pikataro:Very good. Nice Post. I liked how she was zoned out like that, and how you made a big deal over the eye piece. You Obtained a PokePal and Five Pokeballs!

November 14th, 2008, 11:15 PM
“That was awesome Pachirisu!” Maxine cheered as she watched the Squirrel pant heavily, but managed a weak nod before staggering and falling to the ground itself “Pachirisu! Are you okay!” she exclaimed picking up the electric squirrel and holding it gently, Pachirisu just squeaked weakly while Maxine held him in her arms “I’m sorry little guy you take a nice long nap, you deserved it” the Pachirisu nodded and snuggled into her arms and closed his eyes, allowing sleep to engulf him.

“No time to talk now you guys... follow me" Maxine almost missed what Prof. Birch said, too worried about the Pokémon in her arms. I wonder what's going to happen now. Max thought to herself as she followed Birch and the other trainers that had appeared, they had walked for a bit and slid down a funky looking tunnel, before Birch came upon a hatch, that seemingly looked like a harmless patch of grass, but Maxine was slightly awed by it being a secret entrance to Birch's Lab. Then again, with that letter, something tells me that I shouldn't be all that surprised. Maxine thought clutching Pachirisu gently against her chest, causing the Ele-Squirrel to stir and look at Maxine questioningly.

"Chipa Chipa?"

"Oh, umm we're in Professor Birch's Lab, but you gotta be quite for a moment, I think I just missed something important" she told the Ele-Squirrel, who nodded and wiggled its way out of her arms and climbed on her shoulder, draping his fluffy tail over the left side of her shoulder while his head poked out from the right. "It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. "Oh, and Grey, give the hurt Pokemon to one of my assistants ok?" Maxine watched as the one called Grey took the hurt Poochyena to one of Birch's assistants. "We have some serious business to talk about, so all of you need to listen.."

Birch walked over to his assistant and murmured something in his ear, Maxine watched as the assistant disappeared and came back seconds later with several strange devices "These are Pokémon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokéPals. they are very important. They act not only has a PokéDex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more; those features are for you to discover." Maxine thanked the assistant when he handed her the Pink PokéPal. I'd prefer green. She thought looking over at Max enviously, who had gotten her favorite color, before she shook her head to get rid of those thoughts. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.

"Those, are the newest tools, not many people have them... yet" Maxine had turned her attention back to Birch "So, once you leave here, you are own your own, it will pretty tough, Team Time will be looking all over for you. Make your stop in Sandgem town." Maxine nodded, figuring Birch was finished, she decided to head for the exit, making small idle chatter with Pachirisu "Hmm I think I'm gonna call you Chip, cause your always saying Chipa Chipa, how's that sound?" Chip stared hard at Maxine for a few seconds, before nodding with a grin.

"Chipa Chipachi!"

"Aww, you are too cute, my mom would love you" she told Chip, who blushed lightly. Maxine along with the other trainers were nearing the exit when Prof. Birch's assistant, the same one that handed out the PokéPal's came running up to them, he was panting heavily "Here... are.... some Poké..Balls" he huffed, distributing them to each of the trainers and giving a big smile "Oh, by the way, my name is Nathaniel Krauss" he introduced, before walking off, tripping as he did so. Wow... what a klutz.

Shrugging her shoulders, Maxine pocketed her Pokéballs and continued her venture out the lab..... well, she would have, if Chip had not suddenly had the urge to jump off her shoulder and run in the direction opposite of the door "Chip! Get back here!" Maxine chased after her new Pokémon, he didn't go very far, he just lead her back to the area where they stood before when Birch spoke to them. "Chip, what is wrong with you?" Chip said nothing and just stood on his hind legs, sniffing the air "What do you smell Chip?" Chip ignored her and walked over to a brown desk, circling it a few times before he found something on the floor.

"Chipachi! Pachi Chipa!"

Chip looked excited when he came back out with what looked to be a sandwich wrapped in ceran wrap "Chip...." Maxine murmured eying the Squirrel warily "Put that sandwich down, it could belong to the Professor or one of the assistants" Chip ignored her and bit through the plastic with his teeth, moment's later he gulped the sandwich down and burped with a satisfied grin, before hopping back on Maxine's shoulder, said girl practically power walked towards the exit, not wanting to be there when the Professor or the unfortunate assistant came back to find their lunch missing "That was wrong Chip" Max said when the exited the lab, while Chip gave her a deadpanned look that stated 'They shouldn't have left it on the floor' Maxine sighed and shook her head.

Neiko Star
November 15th, 2008, 7:32 AM
Sorry for being late guys! Aw, dang it, red? Ah well. Guess that serves me right for being late. >.<

Chapter One: New Encounters

Yukiko closed the door behind her. She leaned back and stared at the blue sky, sighing. She absent-mindedly stroked the golden necklace she wore at her neck and thought, I've still got plenty of time. I guess it'll be better to get there early, though.

She straightened up and glanced at the two sides of the street. By now, she knew the city like the back of her hand.

Let's see...for Sandgem, better go right into Twinleaf, that'll be shorter...

She began walking, ignoring the stares of the few street boys that were up in this hour.

"Where're you going?" one of them asked sweetly. "Why don't you stay here with us?"

The other boys nodded greedily.

"One, to Sandgem, two, because I don't want to," Yukiko replied simply.

A look of bewilderement passed on the boy's face. "What? But we're the coolest gang around! Aren't we, boys?" he added, turning to the others.

Chatters and murmurs rose in agreement.

"I don't like gangs," Yukiko said airily. She quickened her pace and turned at the corner of the street, leaving the gang out of sight. She didn't know if they would follow her, and honestly, she didn't care.

She halted at a bus stop, thinking it through. If I take the bus to Twinleaf, that'll save me the trouble of detouring at the bridge.

She waited. She stood there, motionless, until she saw the familiar outline of the city bus at the corner of the street. As it stopped at the bus stop, the driver opened the doors and grinned at her.

"Why, hello there! An early waker, then, eh?" the driver asked. He seemed to be missing a few teeth, and frizzly strands of grey hair poked out of his cap.

"I suppose so," Yukiko answered carelessly, stepping onto the bus. She rummaged in her pocket and slid out a bill of twenty dollars. She held it in front of the driver's stunned face and said, "Twinleaf, no detours."

The driver took the cash greedily and whistled cheerfully, saying, "No prob, lass. Just sit back and enjoy the ride." He gestured at the seats behind him.

Yukiko took the nearest empty seat, and remarked that she was not the only one in the bus. In fact, several people were sitting in seats, further back. One was a plump woman she held no interest in. Two others were strict-looking business men in stately, black suits. What interested her most was an oddly dressed man, with strange clothes and a distinctive arrogant air about him.

That reminds me...in that letter, they said a group called Team Time was about...I wonder?

She moved over closer to the man. He looked up sharply, then softened his expression, seeing who his visitor was.

"Hello," Yukiko said softly. "I don't think I've seen you before."

"Oh, well I'm...um..." he stammered. His voice became firmer. "I'm an elite member of Team Time, one of the strongest of them all," he boasted, pointing at the badge on his chest proudly.

Somehow, I doubt that.

"Oh, really?" Yukiko said, her eyes scanning the badge. "That's good." She went back to her seat up front, leaving the Team Time member looking terribly disappointed.

As she regained her seat, she thought, He was probably just a grunt, or he wouldn't be riding in a public bus like this and get no attention. Really, the number of lies men tell to win a woman's interest...

The trip did not take long. Soon, the driver yelled, "We're at Twinleaf, Miss!"

Yukiko simply stood up and walked to the door. She stepped outside, where the scent of fresh grass and trees greeted her. The bus turned and left.

So this is Twinleaf...I've seen pictures before, but no wonder they call it leaf...

All around her, there were trees, flowers, plants, and grass. It was obvious this was a town where they appreciated nature.

Huh...I might think of living here myself...

Abruptly, the calm silence was broken by series of shouts. They seemed to come from the path, where wild grass grew.

I should check it out.

As she followed the sound of the yells, they became louder and louder. Finally, she stepped into a clearing where she found several men, dressed in bizarre suits, cornering another man, hissing menacingly. Yukiko recognized at once the badge they bore on the side of their arms. Team Time members.

She also recognized the man being threatened. She had seen his picture in books and magazines. It was the klutzy Professor Birch, as described in the magazines.

The professor seemed to have noticed her presence, as he reached into his bag and took out a small ball. The Team Time members didn't seem like they had noticed anything. They were looming in closer, laughing gleefully. Professor Birch threw the ball past their shoulders. It landed a few feet from Yukiko, who understood at once. She reached out quickly and grabbed the ball, as the Team members turned around and saw her. Unfortunately, they were all men. Which meant...

"Aw, look! You're a pretty one, aren't you?" one of the men cooed.

"If your wife was here, she'd kick you in the nuts," another one said gruffly.

"Be quiet," the first one snapped. He turned to face Yukiko and said softly, "Now give us the ball, honey, quick."

"She won't listen, Cam," another piped up. "You know how they are."

"He's right, you know," Yukiko told him. "I won't."

"Well, then I guess I'll have to take it by force," Cam said, disappointed. "But don't worry, I'll go easy on you," he added, glancing at Yukiko's figure.

He took out a Pokeball and tossed it into the air. The red-and-white ball snapped open, as a light escaped from it, forming a figure on the ground. Soon, the figure became a Poochyena. It howled and barked ferociously.

Yukiko, in her turn, threw her own ball in the air. Out popped an orange Pokemon, with huge jaws and stubby little legs.

The gruff member's eyes lit up. "A Trapinch," he said eagerly. "That'll be worth a load."

"Then I guess we'll take it," Cam said, grinning devilishly. "Sorry, girly." He turned to his Poochyena. "Use Tackle!"

The Poochyena obeyed, crashing into Trapinch. However, due to its hard skin, the attack did not even faze it.

"Good defense," Yukiko murmured. "All right, now, Trapinch, use Bite!"

As Poochyena was still shaking off the blast of the last collision, Trapinch closed its huge jaws around Poochyena's leg. It howled in pain as it tried to free itself, but Trapinch held tight.

"Use Howl, Poochyena! What are you doing?" Cam asked, frustrated.

"Bite again," Yukiko ordered.

Trapinch freed Poochyena for a split second, then sank its jaws even deeper into its side. The dog Pokemon thrashed around, Trapinch still holding tight.

"Finish it," Yukiko decided.

Trapinch then let go, then slammed Poochyena into a tree. It whimpered slightly, then fell still with a twitch.

"No!" Cam yelled in fury. He returned Poochyena to its Pokeball and glared at Yukiko, all sense of flirting gone. "He was my best buddy! You-You hurt him!"

"If you care about your Pokemon so much, why are you in Team Time?" Yukiko asked, frowning slightly. "From what I've heard, they're not much good."

"You...You wouldn't understand!" Cam shouted. He turned to his teammates and said angrily, "Let's go, I don't want to stay here."

"But the boss said--" one of them protested.


The other members flinched and muttered, "All right, all right..."

The gruff glanced at Yukiko, and, to her surprise, smiled. "He gets like that," he told her. And he turned his back on her and walked away with the rest of them, leaving Yukiko to ponder in her thoughts.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 15th, 2008, 8:43 AM
“Hound, houndour!” the small canine barked, ending Cammy train of thought. The new trainer looked down to see the Pokemon was now at her leg, licking at her knee. A gasp escaped Cammy’s lips as she noticed that there was a small cut— probably from all the times she fell— and the Houndour was licking away the dirt. The cut was fairly clean now, so Cammy got to her knees and brushed the fur of hew new Pokemon. Houndour’s topaz eyes stared deeply into caramel eyes, and something told the girl that the Pokemon was a female.

“You know what; I think you need a nickname. How does... Moochie sound?” The Houndour gave a confused bark. Moochie wasn’t exactly a very intimidating name. However, Cammy barely noticed and simply smiled at the Pokemon.

“It’s settled then! Thanks for fighting for me, Moochie,” Cammy added, trying to change the subject. Moochie modestly lowered her head and made a low grumbling sound. The young trainer was about to make another comment but the sound of twigs snapping caught her attention. Professor Birch had managed to land safely in mountain of leafs and was now motioning toward the heroic trainers to follow him. As they stay close, Cammy began eyeing the other helpers. From what she could tell, she and another slim, black haired girl were the oldest.

Cammy realized that he was leading them back to the hatch door she passed by earlier, only this time they were going inside. Although somewhere had built a staircase, the walls weren’t paved and the girl desperately tried not to touch the dirty soil. Then suddenly, the dirt ceiling became paved, and finally tiled. Before they knew it, they found themselves in a small lab-like room. The place was no bigger than Cammy’s living room but still, Birch had set up large machines and there were wires scattered all over the floor.

The professor began by thanking all the kids for helping him out back there and how they showed what it takes to be a real trainer. Cammy wished her parents, and especially her brother, could have heard that part. Cammy noticed that there were few people, also in lab coats, standing behind Birch. One of the trainers handed a Poochyena to one of the assistants while Birch turned the others ones.

“Do you have the newest equipment?” he asked in a serious tone. The young assistant nodded and scurried off into the mess known as Birch’s lab. He returned rather quickly, only this time he was cradling a bunch of multi-colors devices.

“These are Pokemon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokePALs...” the man continued on to explain what these devises did. Each person was given a different color and Cammy was happy to receive the dark purple one. It would definitely go well with her current ensemble.

Then came the speech that everyone was expecting: Birch was telling everyone the dangers they were about to take on and that things would get no easier. An involuntary chill ran down Cammy’s spine; those Team Time grunts were pretty aggressive and the girl couldn’t deny that she was frightened throughout the entire battle. Professor Birch concluded his speech by telling the trainers that their next destination was Sandgem Town.

As the trainers hastily headed for the exit, another assistant came running up. He was so out of breath that Cammy could barely make out what he was saying. He shoved five empty pokeballs into each person’s hands and Cammy caught the name ‘Nathaniel Krauss’.

“Thank you,” Cammy said in a sweet, soft voice. She flipped her hair in a flirting fashion and abruptly turned around to leave the lab. That was sure to leave an impression on the male assistant.

November 15th, 2008, 9:25 AM
ShadowYashi:I like how you explained it, and envied Max. Then had to run and chase Chip down, who then ate the sandwich. That is gonna be one unhappy Krauss. You Obtained a PokePal and Five Pokeballs!

Neiko Star:Nice way to portray Yuki's beauty. That was a good battle, a little short, and a few grammar mistakes, but who doesn't make mistakes? Trapinch grew to level 7! It grew quite content with its new owner. (Get Chapter Two in as soon as possible)

Gummy:Moochie is caring. What I liked is how she was afraid to touch the dirt walls and how you explained entering the lab. You Obtained a PokePal and Five Pokeballs!

Neiko Star
November 15th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Chapter Two: The Real Start

"Oh, thank you for saving me there," Professor Birch gasped, clutching his chest.

"It was no problem," Yukiko replied truthfully. "Trapinch was--is very strong." She petted Trapinch's head.

"Yes, well..." Birch shifted uneasily. "I'd like you to follow me to my lab. I-I have a few things to tell you..."

Yukiko remained silent. After returning Trapinch to its Pokeball, she followed the professor through the fields, when they at last stopped in front of a large piece of tall grass, where Birch took out a small radio from his lab coat and said quietly, "It's me. I have one of them with me."

Almost at once, the land in front of them shifted, revealing a narrow staircase into the earth. Yukiko peered inside curiously.

"Is this where the lab is hidden?" she asked, touching the cold, smooth walls.

"Yes, yes it is," Birch said distractedly. "Now follow me..."

They went down the stairs, the wooden steps creaking as they stepped on them. The air also became cooler and cooler, until the point it was actually quite chilly. Yukiko, of course, welcomed this change of temperature.

"Ah, here we are..." The tunnel turned abruptly, and they were facing a small room. Birch turned the knob and pushed it open. Inside, it smelled like wood and paint, a little like the old library back at the orphanage. Yukiko was familiar with the scent.

In the middle of the room, a few couches and a table were placed. Birch gestured one of the couches, saying, "Sit down. I have a lot to tell you."

Yukiko sat, glancing curiously at the table, where several objects were piled up. She recognized the Pokeballs, but there was a small, rectangular device she had never seen before.

"So...I'm sure you know who I am," Birch said, fiddling with his thumbs. "Professor Birch."

Yukiko nodded, still staring at the unknown device.

"Those people you saw, the ones that cornered me..." Birch hesitated. "...they were members of Team Time." He looked at Yukiko, trying to see her reaction to the piece of news. Yukiko, however, did not lift her eyes.

"I already know," she said quietly.

"You do?" Birch gave a jump of surprise. "How?"

"I met one in the bus as I was coming here," Yukiko explained, looking at the professor for the first time in the eyes. "He told me he was, and they had the same badge."

Birch looked flabbergasted. "But...but they aren't allowed to speak of their identity!" he spluttered.

"I have my way," Yukiko said, slightly amused.

"I see," Birch said, blinking. "Well then, I guess I'll cut right to Team Time's intro then. You see, ten years ago, Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, and Galactic were defeated. They were scattered, and none of the members dared reform the organizations. But now, several of them have joined forces, and they have come up with a new plan for world domination."

"You see," he continued. "Since they know they can't win like the world is right now, they have decided to capture the legendary time-traveling Pokemon, Celebi."

Yukiko perked up in interest. She had read articles about the mysterious Guardian of the Forest before.

"They plan to use Celebi's power to travel back in time, to the era where the world was still young and defenceless. Back then, humans didn't have the technology they have today. They weren't able to defend themselves with their creations. They didn't know how to use Pokemon correctly either," he added. "Team Time have realized that, and have decided to take over the world in that time, where resistance will be much smaller and poorer."

Yukiko whistled under her breath.

"Fortunately," Birch resumed his speech. "I have chosen seven of you to prevent that from happening. You, Yukiko, are one of them. It is therefore my duty to give you the Pokemon you have chosen, Trapinch."

Yukiko was surprised, of course, but did not show it. She merely nodded and rolled Trapinch's Pokeball in her fingers.

"Now these," Birch pointed at the things stacked on the table. "Are things you'll need on your journey. You know Pokeballs, of course." He held up the five, miniature balls. "And this," he picked up the rectangular device. "is a PokePal. It has the function of a Pokedex, and has many other features you will discover on your own." He pressed the PokePal and the Pokeballs into her palm.
"They're yours now. Take good care on your journey."

Yukiko nodded again and took her new devices. She stood up, and without another word, left the room. As she passed through the tunnel again and climbed up the stairs, she thought about her Trapinch. It ought to have a nickname.

Let's see, it's orange...orange...Clementine? No, that would be too childish. What else is orange?

The sunset. The sunset that her brother had shown her had been burned into her memory. Yes, that was the perfect name.

"Sunset," she whispered. She was back outside.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 15th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Neiko Star:I like how since you were late, you acted of it. Try catching up to the other trainers sometime? You Recieved 5 pokeballs and a PokePal!

Since most everyone, all but two. Have posted here comes the next chapter.

Chapter 3:Route 201
(2 Posts)

The trainers are finally off on their journey, ready for anything. Their PokePals already on and them taking their first step, when all of a sudden a pokemon whizzes pass them and that sends the PokePals into life. It reads,"Mespirit, the Mirage Pokemon, no other data is available" It is a bit hard to read, the piece fitting over just one eye. Route 201 is a beautiful place ful of pokemon and other rookie trainers, most of them above the age 10. The sun, it is beginning to set, so the trainers should hurry to Sandgem town.


Moves-Growl, Bide

Things to do on a route:
-Battle and capture wild pokemon. I decided if the capture is completed or how much level you gain

-Battle other trainers. These are npc that you create, you can make a reacurring rival or something like that. You choose what pokemon they have. I again decide the level gain

-Find an Item. Items are nice, but your post must be creative. You can't just find something on the ground, be creative.

-Battle each other.(Beta Stage) I have had a bit of an idea to battle eachother, though it would be like battling an npc. The two people wishing to battle decide on whom they want to win, by a roll or something of the sort, then pm me who is the winner. Then the winner gets to post battle, the loser can too, but has to follow what the winner puts.


Neiko Star
November 15th, 2008, 4:11 PM
Looks like I'm not late anymore! ^^

Chapter Three: Fear

Yukiko thought over what the professor had said, that other trainers had been chosen for the same purpose as she was. If that was the case, then it would be interesting to meet these others. She touched the necklace hanging around her neck.

I've come this far, Tori...I hope you're watching, wherever you are.

She stopped abruptly in front of a sign post.


She would have to make her way through Route 201 to get to Sandgem Town. This did not disturb her much, but she felt that it would be better to have Sunset out at all times. She took out the Pokeball that she had tied to her necklace using blades of grass along with the others, reminding herself that once she was in Sandgem, she would have to buy a bag for her items, and clicked it open. A mass of swirling light escaped from the ball, and Yukiko watched as it formed into the distinctive figure of a Trapinch.

Yukiko opened her PokePal, that she had been forced to carry in her hand, and pressed the bright red button. Immediately, text was written on its wide screen:

Trapinch : Ant Pit Pokemon
A Trapinch makes its nest in a sloped pit of sand, where it waits
for prey to tumble down the unescapable pit. Its giant jaws have
the strength to crush even boulders. It can go a full week without
any water, its natural habitat being that of a desert.

Yukiko then pressed the the arrow on the screen with her thumb. More writing appeared:

Sunset ~ Female lvl. 5
Species: Trapinch
Type : Ground
Nature: Impish

"Tra?" Sunset cocked its head.

"Good girl," Yukiko said softly.

Then, something happened. What, Yukiko didn't know. All she knew was that, suddenly, something had flown past her in a swirl of colours, leaving her only enough time to see a blur. The PokePal, however, had detected its presence as well. Its white button was flashing. Yukiko quickly pressed the red button. Writing appeared once again:

Mesprit : Mirage Pokemon
--no other data available--

Yukiko raised her eyebrows slightly. She had heard of this Pokemon before! It had once appeared in a newspaper article that she had read.

"Pinch..." Sunset murmured.

"Let's get going, Sunset," Yukiko told it. "I'm not going to stand around in this heat. I want to get to Sandgem as soon as possible."

Sunset opened and closed its jaws in agreement. Suddenly, something sprang up from the patch of tall grass besides them. It looked like a woolly beaver, with two huge front teeth and stubby little legs.

"Oh, no, not that..." Yukiko groaned slightly. Bidoof were about as common in the Sinnoh region as trees were. She had hoped to see some rare or uncommon Pokemon.

The light on the PokePal began flashing again. Hesitatingly, Yukiko pressed the red button again and read the writing that appeared once again on the screen:

Bidoof : Plump Mouse Pokemon
A Bidoof constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. It is more agile and active than it appears. It nests alongside water.

"Sunset, use Bite," Yukiko told it.

It obeyed, and charged at the Bidoof, snapping its jaws around it in a sickening crunch. Yukiko only flinched slightly at the sound, but when she saw red liquid pouring onto the beaver Pokemon's fur, she winced horribly.

"Sunset, try not to damage your enemies that much!" Yukiko yelled at her Pokemon, trembling in spite of herself.

The Trapinch looked at its mistress curiously.

"Why-why'd you have to..." Yukiko stammered, trying not to look at the bleeding Bidoof. It all came back to her, the ambulance, the sound of the sirens, her brother's body...

"Trapinch?" Sunset was now worried. It approached its mistress, gently nudging her with its head.

"Stop it!" Yukiko shouted, returning Sunset to its Pokeball. She then turned and ran to a tree. She crawled under it and staring down, she saw a tear drop onto her shaking lap.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(I kind of expect Sunset not to gain any levels, this chapter was simply to show something else.)

November 15th, 2008, 4:43 PM
Chapter 2:

Max stood facing the way the grunt had skiddd away. He almost darted after the grunt but his new companion Larvitar grabbed his pants leg in hopes that Max wouldn't run after the goon. Max snickered and turned to face the professor who was slimbin out of the tree he had unnoticingly skiddered up.

Max looked around at all the newest trainers along with him. He saw a girl about his height holding a sleeping Pachirisu, another girl with a Eevee laying down on the grass next to the girl's feet, a boy with a Spheal in his arms, another girl with a Bagon next to her feet, and two other girls. One had a Houndour sitting obediantely next to her and the other one had a Trapinch walking around her feet.

Max looked up at the professor who had finished climbing down, and Max strolled up to him along with the other trainers.

"No time to talk now you guys.." Birch said. "Follow me to my lab ok?"

Some trainers nodded, but Max sat still under a tree. Birch walked off into the distance with all the other trainers close behind him.

"A bunch of dogs begging at his heels waiting to be fed." Max muttered to himself as he walked down towards the professor with the other trainers. He soon caught up to the others and the professor. Birch pulled out a Walkie-talkie.

"Vivian, I have the trainers with me right now, if you would open up please." Birch said into the mich.

Then, Max heard gears moving and then the grass before Birch started to part. Birch looked behind him and motioned for the trainers to follow him. Max was the last to go down the dark steps. He looked down for Larvitar and noticed Larvitar wasn't near him. He looked behind him and noticed Larvitar was still at the enterance to the steps and looked petrified to go down them. Max ran back up the steps and picked Larvitar up.

"It's ok Larvi. Don't be afraid." Max soothed Larvi.

Larvi nodded and held on tightly to Max's shirt. Max smiled and walked back down the dark corridor. He soon came to a big lighted up room and all the trainers stood in a line in front of the professor.

"Ok, you guys all showed what it means to be a trainer back there. I am proud of all you. It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. Oh, and Grey, give the hurt pokemon to one of my assistants ok? We have some serious business to talk about, so all of you need to listen.." Birch said.

Max listened in closely wondering what Birch was wanting or needing to say to them. Larvi had climbed up onto the top of Max's head and was to listening closely to Birch.

Birch looked over at one of the assistants standing near him. "Do you have the newest equipment?" Birch asked.

The assistant nodded and said:

"Sure do.." and he walked into the back for something. He came back out with small eye-piece looking things for each of the new trainers. He walked overto them,"These are Pokemon Position Analyzer Lenses, or PokePals. they are very important. They act not only has a poke'dex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more, those features are for you to discover. He walked over to Max and handed him a green eye-piece. Max took it with a generous nod and examined it.

"Thank you" said Birch and Max looked up from the device to see what he had to say. "Those, are the newest tools, not many people have them... yet" he finished. "So, once you leave here, you are own your own, it will pretty tough, Team Time will be looking all over for you. Make your stop in Sandgem town."

Max looked at him confused and was getting ready to ask why it was so far, but Birch just shook his head and pointed to a map. It was a map of Sinnoh and had a big red arrow pointing at Twinleaf Town. His hideout must have been in Twinleaf Town. Stupid Kadabra! I ordered him to transport me to Littleroot, but I'm grateful it transported me here instead. Max thought to himself.

The trainers started tunring around to head for the exit. Max looked up at Larvi who was reaching over his face to see the eye-piece thing. Max handed it to Larvi who fiddled with it. Then he accidentally pressed a button that dinged loudly and Larvi freaked out and dropped it. Max quickly reacted and caught it before it hit the ground. Larvi looked at Max like it was saying sorry and Max only smiled at him as if by saying it's ok.

He walked over towards the door as an assistant trodded up to them.

"I almost forgot." he was huffing and puffing. "Here... are.... some poke..balls" he said and walked past each trainer and dropped five pokeballs in their hands and he waved good bye. "Oh, my name is Nathaniel Krauss" he holled at them, and tripped walking away.

Max shook his head figuring this Nathaniel was a cluts and walked outside ready for his adventure with Larvi.

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Pikalover10:A Good Post. There are some spelling mistakes and things like that. Slow down and take your time on posts.

Neiko Star:Your post was good, I like the connection to history. Please, for the future,use the OOC thread. Also, you have one more post for the chapter.

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Grey was embarased. He had lagged behind reading an article about his brother: a mass millionair, and appearently a mass murderer. He decided to release his Spheal on the way out of the uderground labratory. Grey couldn't help but notice that the Spheal loved rolling around in the rocks; making loopde-loops and spinning and turning.

"Rocky," Grey muttered,"Spheal, I think that is what I'm going to call you: Rocky,"

"Pheal, eal-spheal!" the Spheal said, apparently happy with his new name. It was clapping, which Grey found odd. The Spheal kept on rolling around in the dirt, getting it's shiny blue fur dirty. Grey put on his PokePal, covering his right eye. He looked at his newly-aquired Spheal, and the PokePal lit up. It wasn't too bright, so it wouldn't hurt his eye. There was a picture of a Spheal, which was soon replaced by it's PokeDex entry. There was a red Pokeball next to the entry, indicating that this Pokemon has been caught by Grey. Grey read about the Pokemon: It rolls across ice floors to reach shore because its body is poorly shaped for swimming. Well, that doesn't explain much Grey thought. He started going through the different entrys: Its is completley covered with plushy fur. As a result, it never feels the cold even when it is rolling about on ice or diving in the sea. Spheal is much faster rolling that walking to get around. When groups of this Pokemon eat, they all clap at once to show their pleasure. Because of this, their mealtimes are noisy. Ah, Grey thought, that would explain the clapping; at least he likes his name.

"So, Rocky, how do you feel about a little bit of training?"

"Sphe-sphe, spheal!" the Pokemon said, along with a clap of pleasure.

The two walked out of the tunnel, and bumped into a girl who was even further behind that he was. He didn't catch her name, but she seemed to be in a hurry to get to Professor Birch. Route 201 was small, but it would do for his level seven Spheal. Once Grey and Spheal walked into the area where tall grass grows, they were automatically greeted by a Starly. Greys PokePal suddenly blinked in his eye startling him... he would need to get used to this. Starly, he read,Usualy with a large flock, it is barley noticable when alone. Its cries are very strident. Well, this one must be lost, Grey thought, I don't see the rest of its flock. Then Grey looked up. There were a ton of Starly looming over him; too many to count. Great, Grey thought, I'm being bombarded by Starly. There was a huge cloud of grayish-white looming over Grey, but somthing caught his keen eye. There was a glimmer of a goldish-brown in the middle of the flock.

"Rocky, use water gun! Try to hit most of them!" The Spheal clapped and blew a burst of water from inside of him. It hit most of the Starly, except for those who were in the far back of the cluster or on the edges. Most of the hit Starly suddenly landed, preparing for attack.

"Rocky, before they can attack, use a powder snow!" The same thing happened from within Rocky's body, but in the form of a gust of snow. A few of the weaker Starly's had already fainted, leaving behind thier stronger brotheren. Then the Starly started attacking. Most used growl, but the select few used tackle, including the oddly colored one. You could tell that Rocky was quickly growing weaker with every tackle.

"Rocky, use another powder snow!" Grey said as he felt a tugging at his shirt.

"Hi!" said an eager boy, a few years younger than Grey.

"What do you want?" Grey asked, annoyed,"Can't you see that I'm in the middle of somthing?"

"Well, ya... I was just trying to help. I got a new Pokemon! His name is Twiggy! What is yours' name? My name is Samuel, but I go by Sam. What is your name?"

"Stop asking so many questions!" Grey said, beginning to get pissed off. The boy named Sam threw out his Pokemon, a Turtwig.. named Twiggy.

"Twiggy use tackle!" Sam said. The small leaf Pokemon started tackling a few of the Starlys, defending the Spheal. Soon, all of the Starlys had either fainted or ran away. Then, the two boys tured to each other. Sam started bursting out with many words and questions.

"Wow, what a strong Spheal. What is its name? When did you get it? Do you wanna battle?"

"His name is Rocky, and I just recently got him. And yes, I would love to battle," Grey said with a drop of poison in his voice. The boy suddenly looked scared. He figured that Grey would have said 'no' and walked away.

OOC: This one is long enough now, and in the next we will battle and I'll make it more detailed.

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[s]Chi_Zukasi: Interesting post. Since, they ran away you gain no experience. You will in the battle against Sam though.

Neiko Star
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Hey, was my post okay Lostt?

November 15th, 2008, 5:59 PM
Neiko Star:Oh, I forgot to grade yours. Yes, your post was good, I like the connection to history. Please, for the future,use the OOC thread. Also, you have one more post for the chapter, please edit it into the post you just made.

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OOC: Ok.

Chapter 3:

Max was at the enterance of Route 201. He had fit his Pokepal onto his right eye. He figured out that it worked only when the trainer looked at the pokemon. He realized that he hadn't even read up on Larvi! Larvi currently was at Max's heels looking up at him expectantly.

Max looked down at Larvi and the Pokepal read:
Larvi, the Larvitar.

Entry: The rock skin pokemon. A Pokemon that eats soil. Once it has eaten a large mountain, it goes to sleep so it can grow.
Moveset: Bite~Leer
Level: 7
Gender: Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Guts
Nature: Serious.
Original Trainer: Maximillion Hank Tegeku
Pokeball used for capture:http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/SutekiMitsukai/poke/balls/pokeball.png

Then Larvi's info fadded until Max couldn't read it any longer. He looked at Larvi as her stomach started growling in hunger. He smiled remembering what the pokepal read about Lavi's diet. She ate strictely dirt. Max took out of his yellow knapsack two small food bowls he had grabbed before he left. He filled one up with water from a small river nearb and then filled the other one up with dirt.

He waited a few minutes while munching on an apple, until Larvi finally began eating and in a minute or two the whole bowl was licked clean along with all the water. Max washed off the food bowls and put them back into his knapsack. He picked Larvi up and walked down the route.

A few minutes later a small pokemon waddled out onto the route. Without Max wanting to do so the Pokepal scanned the pokemon.

Rose, the Stunky.

Entry: Stunky, the skunk pokemon. It protects itself by spraying a noxious fluid from its rear. The stench lingers for 24 hours. It sprays a nose-curling, stinky fluid from its rear to repel attackers.
Moveset: Scratch~Focus Energy~Poison Gas~Screech
level: 9
Gender: Female
Type: Poison/dark
ability: Aftermath
Nature: Lax
Original Trainer: Gary
Pokeball used for capture: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/SutekiMitsukai/poke/balls/pokeball.png

Max looked at the skunk as it saw him and neared closer. A few minutes later Max could smell its stink. It stunk really bad and Max could hardly bare it. Then after a few more minutes a boy came out of some bushs.

"Hey! What are you doing with rose!?" he asked.

"Oh. So this is your Stunky? It is exceptionally beautiful and if you wouldn't mind I would like to have a battle with you." Max said.

The boy looked at him closely. Max noticed this boy had an orange Pokepall on his left eye. Then the boy nodded accepting his challenge.

OOC: In my next post I will be having the battle there.

November 15th, 2008, 6:28 PM
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Chapter 2: The Lab

Now that all of the people had run off, Elise didn’t know what she was supposed to do exactly, so she just ran up to Bagon, who was standing there proudly. Kneeling down so that she was eye to eye with the small blue Pokémon, she opened her mouth to speak words of praise to the Bagon.

“Thanks, you did great in that battle, no Pokémon could have done better during their first battle.” She murmured to the Pokémon, who seemed pleased with the compliment. However, it cocked its head and looked inquiringly at her, as if searching for an answer that was written across her face.

“Hang on-” Elise was about to begin speaking when she abruptly cut off. The unspoken words seemed to hang in midair as both their gazes reverted back to Professor Birch, who stood there, somewhat flustered, fists clenched, but loosely. Between his ears, inside his head, his brain was working furiously.

“This is worse than we thought…” The Professor muttered distractedly, as the trainers watched him and listened intently for what he was about to say. After a while, he stopped muttering to himself and faced the trainers, his face slightly flushed, and his clean, white lab coat streaked with dirt, though he did not seem to notice this.

“No time to talk now you guys…” He said, addressing all seven of them, plus the Pokémon. “Follow me to my lab, ok?” It was a request, though it sounded much more like a command. Wordlessly, Elise nodded mechanically, along with several others, though a few just continued to stay silent and still. Professor Birch nodded and gestured to them, and then turned and began to walk off. The trainers themselves followed close behind the Professor. Bagon walked alongside Elise, as she had forgotten about the Pokeball that she was still clutching loosely in her right hand, which was hanging limply by her side.

They traveled across mostly grassy, though somewhat hilly, terrain for a distance, before Professor Birch slid down an embankment, with the trainers still following close behind. The Professor led the trainers into a smooth patch of grass, which spread out around them. He reached for the belt and pulled out a small, handheld radio device, which he held to his mouth.

“Vivian, I have the trainers with me right now, if you would open up please,” he said into the radio, speaking slowly and clearly. The trainers all looked around, as if expecting something to happen, though all was silent except for a faint humming noise….

Humming noise?

The humming noise grew louder, and it became clear that the humming sound was actually a grinding of gears. The grass parted in a strange, unnatural way, to reveal a dark staircase leading into the ground. Several trainers, including Elise, stepped backwards, startled by what had just happened, it was so unexpected, but nobody said anything as Professor Birch proceeded down the staircase. With an exchange of apprehensive glances, the trainers, once again, followed the Professor into a dark corridor.

The brightness nearly blinded Elise as they emerged from the darkness into a room filled with light and equipment, much of it complex and advanced looking. Rubbing here eyes and blinking in the bright light, Elise stayed stock still, almost afraid to move for fear of bumping something. Assistants filled a portion of the room as well, tapping furiously at computers that were emitting a whirring noise.

“Okay….” Professor Birch began. The dull murmur that had been rising from the crowd of trainers whispering to each other stopped as a hush fell over the group. The trainers gathered around him, waiting intently, watching the Professor curiously. Elise didn’t know what to expect by now.

"Ok, you guys all showed what it means to be a trainer back there" Birch said. "I am proud of all you" he said. "It seems that Team Time wants to rid you guys already. "Oh, and Grey, give the hurt pokemon to one of my assistants ok?" He nodded and did so. "We have some serious business to talk about, so all of you need to listen.." He then stopped speaking, paused, and turned to an assistant. “Do you have the newest equipment?” He asked.

“Sure do.” The male assistant said at once, turning to walk into the back of the room. He returned holding small, odd looking…things that appeared to be almost like eye pieces. “These are Pokémon Position Analyzer Lenses, or Pokepals. They are very important. They act not only as a Pokedex, but a digital clock, attack identifier, and much more, those other features are for you to discover. He then passed different ones of various colors to each trainer, handing an orange one to Elise.

“Thank you.” She murmured politely, unsure of what else she should say. After they had been passed out, Professor Birch stepped forward again, and all attention turned back to him.

“Thank you,” Professor Birch began, “those are the newest tools, not many people have them…yet.” He added. “So, once you leave here, you are on your own, it will be pretty tough, Team Time will be looking all over for you. Make your first stop in Sandgem Town.” He finished.

The trainers began to leave the lab, and Elise followed suit, her Bagon following close by her side. Suddenly, her foot came into contact with something, and she looked downwards. It was nothing but a thin, warped piece of metal that had been twisted into a screw-like shape. She picked it up, and Professor Birch, catching sight of her holding it, came over at once, his face relieved.

“Thank goodness you found that, I had lost it and it is absolutely essential to the success of the-” He cut off abruptly, and he smiled. “Well, thank you very much for finding it, I’ll take it now, good luck on your journey.” He took the metal piece from Elise as she ascended the steps, leaving the brightness of the laboratory behind. Then a breeze swept over her face as she emerged once more into the light, only this time it was sunlight, the light of morning.

November 15th, 2008, 6:41 PM
"Uh, okay. Well come on Twiggy. Lets battle! Use Tackle!" the boy said, afraid to battle. The small Pokemon ran up and slammed its body into Rocky.

"Okay, Rocky. Lets finish this before it starts: use powder snow!" the Pokemon once again gathered energy from within its small body and blew blasts of snow at the slow Turtwig who couldn't dodge the attack. On the other hand, Grey's PokePal was flashing again. It showed a picture of a Turtwig, then he read, Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes. It undertakes photosynthesis with its body, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty. Then another screen comes up saying,Turtwig - Moves: Tackle, Withdraw - Level: 5. Soon the Turtwig was badly hurt, but was huridly making preperations for tackling Rocky again.

"Hurry, Rocky. Use water gun!" the Pokemon once again gathered power in his body and blew a burst of water from its mouth. The PokePal blinked saying, The move is not effective against GRASS type Pokemon. Even though it wasn't effective, it must have been a little bit because the Pokemon fainted, but after hitting Rocky with a tackle. Grey could tell that Rocky was slowly getting weaker, and knew that he needed to get to the PokeCenter in Sandgem Town as quickly as possible. The boy named Sam walked up to Grey, putting out his hand.

As they shook hands, Sam said,"Rivals?"

Then Grey answered, "Rivals."

The two went their seperate ways, Sam going back to Twinleaf to heal Twiggy, and Grey to the other end of the route, on his way to Sandgem. Grey decided to let Spheal in his PokeBall so he would be safe until he got to Sandgem Town. On his way to the end of the route, a small pink Pokemon whizzed past Grey. Grey's PokePal blinked and said,Mesprit: No Further Information. Grey had heard of this Pokemon in the news before... What was it about? Oh, yes there was somthing about it in the newspaper that Grey found in Professor Birch's labratory. He quickly took the old newspaper from his backpack and turned to a page about Mesprit.

The title said,A Mysterious Pink Legendary Pokemon: Seen and on the Loose! Grey was suddenly filled with adrenaline. He had wittnessed a rare legendary Pokemon! But where was it now? Grey looked around, but couldn't see Mesprit. Suddenly he became less excited and mad at himself. He had seen an ultra-rare Pokemon and didn't try to catch it! Soon he got over it and continued walking to Sandgem town. On his way his PokePal flashed multiple times:

Bidoof: It constantly chews on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. It nests alongside water
Kriketot: It shakes its head back and forth, causing its antennae to hit each other and sound like a xylophone.

Iteresting, Grey thought, a musical Pokemon... maybe I'll catch one later!

OOC: Okay, I divided it and I'm gonna add to both in a second. I'm so sorry, I guess I just missed the one thing per post memo. Oh, and is it okay if I start somthing in one post, end it in the next and start somthing else in the 2nd one too?

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Slytherfang:Good Post. I cant wait til you put up the next chapter.

Chi_Zukasi:The posts are a bit short. The way you had them is also a bit weird. Sam could've helped you in your first post, the you introduced the battle in the second. You did a small battle so Rocky grew to level 7! He grew quite content with his trainer. As for your question, I am not quite sure if I understand.

You can go to an important place and have a battle etc. You can have a battle and go to an important place etc. You can't have a battle, defeat the pokemon, and then start a whole new battle.

November 15th, 2008, 7:13 PM
The sun setting in the West reminded Gale of an egg yolk, stationary in a glop of reddish-pink jello. She had her Eevee out, which was looking at the sunset like it was some sort of sign. Sighing, Gale headed outside of Twinleaf, and onto the first route.

When she first entered the route, she could've sworn she saw something pass by her. Her PokePal immediately picked up data from the thing.

"Mesprit - Mirage Pokemon - No additional data given" the PokePal said, and as Gale read it, the information suddenly changed. "Eevee - Evolution Pokemon - Due to having irregular genes, various causes will make it undergo a transformation" it read this time, and Gale realized the small Eevee, Lace, was right in front of her. Giving out a small chuckle, Gale looked over towards where she had gained data on this "Mesprit" Pokemon, whatever it was. But there was nothing there. Strange, she thought, placing a finger to her lips. Perhaps it's a Ghost type? Her thoughts were then interrupted by a somewhat-annoying voice.

"Hey! Whatcha doing, sweetheart?" the voice asked. Gale whirled around. A young man, probably around Gale's age, was staring at her with crimson red eyes. Gale blushed a little bit; he was very beautiful, especially with those red eyes...

"Um... Why?" she asked, stuttering a bit. The boy smiled.

"Well, how about a battle cutie?" He placed one of his fingers under her chin, and lifted her head so that he was staring down at it. Gale blushed a bit more, than retracted.

"Wh-what did you say? Battle?" she asked cautiously. Her Eevee seemed to give a warning growl. The boy smiled.

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm Pyr Garnet, but you can just call me Pyr, sweetheart," he said casually. Gale snarled.

"Can you please not call me by any pet name? I have a name too, you know, and it happens to be Gale Sapphire Hana, or just Gale," she retorted. Pyr smiled.

"I do love a feisty girl. So, our battle begins! Come on out, Perr!" A blue otter-like Pokemon appeared, and once again, Gale's PokePal starting receiving data. "Wooper - Water Fish Pokemon - It lives in cold water, half burying itself in mud at the bottom to sleep" was the response. Gale let out another chuckle like she had much earlier.

"Well, interesting Pokemon, 'sweetheart'," she said, clenching her fists. "But, I'm afraid my Eevee is much better than your pathetic Wooper."

"Aw, ya really think so? We'll see about that. Perr, Stockpile!" The Wooper opened up its mouth, and it seemed to act like a vacuum all of a sudden. Dirt, grass, you name it flew into the Wooper's mouth, and when it had gotten enough, it immediately stopped.

"You think that scares me?" Gale asked. "Lace, Tail Whip!" The Eevee ran up to the Wooper and slapped it lightly with her tail. The Wooper fell back onto the ground, but managed to get back up. "Now, Lace, Tackle!" Lace closed in, and was about to strike the Wooper at full power.

"Perr, Spit Up!" The Wooper's mouth opened up, but this time, balls of light were upchucked into the air and rained down on Lace, causing her to trip and fall to the ground.

"Lace! Get up!" Gale called. The Eevee slowly began to rise, but Pyr just smiled.

"Perr, use Stockpile, again!" The vacuum-like mouth seemed to absorb just the right amount of debris closest to it, and Gale began to worry. This thing is a lot tougher than I expected, she thought. Better turn things around...

"Lace, Wish!" The Eevee looked up at the sky, closed her eyes, and let out a small cry. Pyr laughed.

"You silly girl! That will never work? Know why? Because you're finished! Perr, Spit Up again!"

(The rest to be continued. If there's anything you want me to fix, tell me please. All three of Perr's moves are Egg Moves, but only because it would've probably learned all three together.)

November 15th, 2008, 7:19 PM
Ok here it is oh and I just realized...wasn't Larvi supposed to learn Sandstorm at lvl. 5? JW after I just noticed it and I won't use it in the battle just in case.

Chapter 3: Route 102 (part 2):

Max and Gary were carefully spaced out between eachother. Larvi was out in front of Max and Rose was infront of Gary. The two boys were looking at each other with victory just in their grasp.

"Larvi use Bite!" Max said starting the battle.

"Use Poisonous Gas." Gary said.

Larvi ran at Rose hoping to bite down on the skunk body and not its tail or worse....its butt. Larvi jumped at Rose, who turned around and sprayed a noxious gas out of her behind. Larvi accidently breathed in the gas and plummeted to the ground poisoned. Larvi groaned losing 1/16 of her health.

"Larvi Bite!" Max said.

"Rose use Scratch!" Gary said.

Larvi got up and ran at Rose again. Rose ran at Larvi with her claws growing sharper every second. The two pokemon collided. Larvi had biten down on the claws that Rose was going to use to scratch Larvi. Larvi then swung Rose around in a circle and slung her at a tree. She hit the tree and then slid down the bark.

"Bite again Larvi." Max asid excited.

"Rose dodge and use Screech." Gary said.

Larvi ran at Rose with her teeth growing sharper and sharper by the second. Then she jumped at Rose. Rose pushed off of the tree with her hind legs and spun underneath Larvi. Larvi hit her head on the tree hard and slid down to the ground. Rose turned around and then screamed as loud as she could. Larvi freaked out and then started rapidly shaking her legs and arms.

"Larvi stop freaking out and use Bite!" Max said.

"Use Scratch Rose." Gary said seeing victory in his path.

Rose's claws on both feet got sharper and she ran at Larvi. Larvi slowly stopped freaking out and looked above herself to see Rose in the air over her own body. Then, Rose dived at Larvi. Larvi quickly moved ot of the way and then made her teeth get sharper and sharper. Rose plummeted to the ground and slammed into the earth. Dust was sprayed up into the air. Once the dust settled Larvi jumped in and bit down on Rose's back. Rose yelped in pain and Larvi flinched from losing 1/16 of her health.

"Now here is your chance. Screech and then Scratch!" Gary said quickly.

Rose nodded and then screamed at the top o her lungs again. Larvi screamed in agony and toppled off of Rose freaking out again. Rose sharpened her claws and then bared them down on Larvis stomach. Larvi screamed in agony even louder now and Rose could hardly bare it. Larvi stopped screaming after she lost 1/16 of her health. Rose, thinking Larvi was KO got off of her and headed over to her trainer.

"Larvi Bite!" Max said.

Larvi rushed in at Rose after recovering from the multitude of attacks just played on her and then bared her teeth on Rose's back again. Rose, caugh off guard, screamed in agony and twisted her way out of Larvi's grip. She fell to the ground exhausted but not quit KO. Larvi was panting heavily and then ran at Rose without a command from Max. She bit down on Rose's tail very hard and Rose freaked out. She rolled over onto her back KO, after spraying noxious gas in Larvi's face. Larvi quickly retreated to her trainer with a nasty smell in her nose. Max scooped Larvi up and hugged her tightly after winning their first official match.

Gary returned Rose and walked over to Max. They shook hands and Gary bid him farewell. Max told Gary his name and Gary already knew from scanning Larvi. Gary informed Max on how to keep certain people's data in his Pokepal and Max registered Gary. He only had one pokemon and it was Rose. Max was registered in Gary Pokepal and they went on their seperate paths.


After about half an hour Max arrived at the enterance of Sandgem Town. He couldn't wait until he found out what secrets lied in wake for him. Then a pokemon whizzed infront of him and his Pokepal read

Mesprit, the mirage pokemon. No other data available.

Max spun around trying to figure out what pokemon had whizzed in front of him but he couldn't find it. He hesitated but turned slowly around and faced Sandgem Town once again.

Neiko Star
November 16th, 2008, 5:34 AM
Chapter Three: Challenge

As Yukiko walked in Route 201 in silence, she began to feel worried. According to her PokePal, that she was now clutching tightly in her hand, a Trapinch's jaws were strong enough to snap boulders. And with Sunset's only attack being Bite at the moment, how would they win battles without spilling blood?

I guess I'll have to teach it a new move then.

She stopped. What kind of attack could she teach Sunset? Even though the PokePal was sure to have the information, how would she teach it to her Pokemon? It seemed impossible.

Glancing up, she saw a person leaning on a tree. It was definitively a man, but his face was hidden in the shadows, so that Yukiko couldn't see it properly.

The man had seen Yukiko as well, and was straightening up. He stepped out of the shadow of the tree, and Yukiko could see that his eyes were of a colour of soft hazel, and that curls of copper hair ran down his neck, falling shortly on his shoulders. He had a pointed chin, a crooked nose and his face seemed to be scarred across his nose. Overall, Yukiko thought he meant--and looked trouble.

"Why, hello there," His voice was raspy and cracked, as though he had not used it for a long time. "I wonder...would a pretty lass like you happen to have any cash on her?"

"No," Yukiko replied flatly.

The man twisted his face and squinted. An expression of shock and delight formed on his face. "You have Pokemon!" he croaked, pointing to Yukiko's chain of dangling balls at her neck.

"I noticed," Yukiko said in the same flat tone. She did not want to talk to this man. She was in the middle of something. "Let me guess, you want them, and you'll battle for them."

"You know your stuff, lass," he murmured, taking out a Pokeball from his pocket.

Yukiko restrained from rolling her eyes. It's what every single villain in comic books, video games, novels and TV shows does.

"But you're going to be sorry you did," the man muttered, an insane glint in his eye. He threw the Pokeball into the air. A large figure popped out.

Yukiko did not flinch. An Ursaring. In fact, she actually smiled. An Ursaring is strong. If Sunset beats it, I'm sure she'll learn new moves. And since it's so powerful, I don't think it'll bleed much either.

She yanked off her own Pokeball from her chain. Tossing it into the air, she saw as the familiar figure popped out of it in a flash of red light.

"Trapinch!" Sunset cried, happy to be outside again.

The man guffawed. "A Trapinch?" he shrieked. "You think that'll beat my Ursaring?"

"Yes," Yukiko answered plainly. "Now Sunset, Bite."

Sunset obeyed, and charged at the Ursaring, but before it could close its jaws around the bear Pokemon's leg, the latter swiped the Trapinch away with a huge paw without any effort. Sunset was sent flying against a tree, but stood up again, unfazed.

"Now, Ursaring," the man shouted. "Crush that thing with your Mega Punch!"

The Ursaring roared, then charge towards Sunset, who looked like a puppy in comparison with the gigantic bear Pokemon.

An idea lit Yukiko's head. "Sunset," she called. "Under its legs!"

The Trapinch understood, sliding under the bear Pokemon legs, as the Ursaring was too late to turn around, and collided with a huge rock.

"Now, Sunset, Bite!" Yukiko ordered, seeing this as their chance.

Sunset bit down hard on the Ursaring's right arm. It howled in pain and fury, as it thrashed around, flinging the Trapinch off. The bear Pokemon stood back up, its right arm falling uselessly, as it roared again.

"You can't beat us that easy," the man shrieked. "Ursaring, Mega Punch again!"

This time Sunset was not ready. Ursaring's fist glowed, as it slammed it on the Trapinch, a direct hit. The latter was sent flying once more, this time crashing painfully with a solid tree trunk. However, it still got back up, though several scratches and bruises were now on its hard, shell-like skin.

"Tra, trapinch," it panted, wobbling on its small legs.

"Don't give up, Sunset!" Yukiko called.

The man shrieked with laughter. "Ursaring, finish it with Slash!"

The bear Pokemon showed huge, sharp claws and ran towards Sunset.

Yukiko had a sudden inspiration. It was using its left arm! "Sunset, wait until the last moment!"

The Trapinch obeyed, though a little shakily, as the Ursaring closed in, claws glinting in the sun. When the claws were barely an inch away--

"Sunset now, jump onto its right arm!"

Sunset did as it was told hopping onto the Ursaring's other arm just in time. The claws followed, but instead of hitting their intended target, they sank deeply into the bear Pokemon's right arm.
As it yowled in pain, Yukiko commanded, "Sunset, now! Bite on its left leg!"

The Trapinch obeyed, glad to put its jaws to good use. With a sickening crunch, the Ursaring roared even louder and fell to the ground, not able to stand without one of its legs.

"It's not over yet!" the man yelled. "Ursaring, get up! "

The bear Pokemon slowly stood up, limping on its right leg. Yukiko, however, acted quickly. She told Sunset, "If you're hard-headed, prove it now!"

Sunset nodded, and charged. Its extremely hard head slammed into Ursaring's stomach. It collapsed, not being able to take the pain.

"Now's your chance," Yukiko said. "Bite again, on its other leg!"

With another crunching sound, Sunset brought its jaws onto the Ursaring's leg and bit. The bear Pokemon, unable to take anymore pain, fell unconscious.

Yukiko drew in a breath. They had won.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 16th, 2008, 7:48 AM
"Alright Sandshrew! Start off with Scratch!"

"Dodge Chip and use Bite!"

Chip nodded and bounced out of the way of Sandshrew's claws, which scratched at the spot where Chip once stood, Chip retaliated with shooting forward and using his large teeth to Bite down on Sandshrew's arm, the rocky mouse just stared down at Chip, unfazed by the bite, while his trainer laughed "Haha it'll take more than a measly bite like that to crack Sandshrew's hard exterior!" A brown haired boy murmured his golden eyes shining with confidence.

Maxine scowled in annoyance as she remembered meeting this over-confident boy.

Maxine and Chip had just made their way out of the lab, when suddenly Chip darted off her shoulder and raced forward through the trees. Jeeze, what is it with him and running away from me! Maxine thought as she raced after her Pachirisu "Chip! Chip where'd you go" Maxine called out to the Ele-Squirrel, who was nowhere to be seen in the clearing she had stopped in.


"Chip!" Maxine ran towards Chips voice and found him in the middle of a clearing filled with trees "Chip, what's gotten into you, don't run off like that okay!" Maxine looked at her Pachirisu, who's attention clearly wasn't on her, he was looking around the forest, for what she didn't know "Chip.... what's wrong" Maxine glanced around the forest with caution "Is someone there!" If Maxine didn't have her PokéPal activated and if she wasn't expecting something, she would've never noticed that a patch of the forest was blurry, nor would she had noticed the blur moved. Her head, along with Chip's, snapped towards the movement, but the second they blinked the image was gone, her PokéPal however managed to figure out what it was.

Info: The Mirage Pokemon
--no other data available--

That was a Pokémon? I wonder what a Pokémon like that is doing out here?

Chip seemed to have snapped out of his daze and made his way back over towards Maxine, hopping back on her shoulder, she turned to glance at him briefly and her PokéPal was flooded with information about her cute companion.

Pachirisu (Chip)
Gender: Male
Type: Electric
Level: 8
Ability: Pick Up
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Bite, Quick Attack, Growl
Info: Pachirisu. The EleSquirrel Pokémon. Pachirisu are known to make electricity with pouches in its cheeks and shoots charges from its tail, they also make fur balls that crackle with static electricity and stores them with berries in tree holes.

Maxine blinked and clutched her right eye, which was currently being obscured by the Pink PokéPal "Oh god... is this what's gonna happen every time I look at a Pokémon....?" she asked herself, but Chip shrugged anyway "I don't think I'll be able to handle all this information popping up every second I glance at a Pokémon... but Birch didn't give us any instructions, he just said... we have to discover the other features on our own" she groaned and shook her head frowning "How wonderful..."

"Chipa Chipachi!"

Chip was standing on her shoulder making weird gestures and funny faces, he didn't like seeing his trainer upset. Maxine laughed lightly "Aww I'm okay Chip.. its just this is kinda overwhelming and the PokéPal seems like it might get annoying in some cases...." she trailed off looking through the trees, a flash of brown flew through her line of sight and her PokéPal came to life "See what I said about annoying" she told Chip as they watched the Starly land before them, unaware of their presence, it was too worried about glancing behind it to worry about what's infront of it.

Type: Flying
Info: Starly. The Starling Pokémon. Starly normally travels in a flock but when alone it is hard to notice.

"Really, it seemed hardly inconspicuous to me" she mumbled under her breath and Chip got off her shoulder, ready to do battle with the bird "Alright Chip! Start off with Quick Attack" Chip nodded and shoot off on all fours like a rocket, about to ram the bird in the head, but another attack had intercepted Chip's attack, a barrage of needles came flying out the trees aimed at the spot Chip stood in, causing him to get knocked back in front of Maxine.

"Good Job Sandshrew, I think we got it!"

Apparently the bauched attack Chip had performed alerted the Starly and in a panic, the young Starling flew off and a second later after it did a boy and his Sandshrew came tumbling out of the tree's "Aww, looks like it got away buddy" Maxine had just picked up her dazed Pachirisu and held him in her arms protectively when she noticed the boy and vice versa, he glance at Max uninterestedly and this caused Maxine to scowl "Hey watch it! You could've hurt Chip!" she held Chip out at arms length, who squeaked cutely at the boy, while said boy scrunched up his face in distaste "Eh that runt looks okay to me, you shouldn't have been in the way of my capture" the boy stated crossing his arms over his chest.

Maxine's jaw dropped at his rudeness and Chip glared at the boy, how dare he call him a runt! Maxine took a deep breath and calmed herself, no need to become ugly, first impression is the best impression "Calm down Chip, it's okay" Chip nodded in Max's arms while she held him and studied the boy before her he had dark brown spiky/messy hair, it looked like he just got out of bed and ran a hand through it just to make it look seemingly presentable, his eyes were like honey, rich and gold. He looked to be about her age maybe older, he stood about Five feet and five inches with a slightly athletic looking build, the boy wore a simple black vest, with an assortment of pockets over a plain long sleeved orange shirt with some faded blue jeans and some red and black running shoes, around his neck she noticed a necklace that had a strange emblem on it, it was like in the shape of an M and for the strangest reason it reminded Maxine of Team Magma's Emblem back in Hoenn, but there's no way Magma would be here, their to busy off feuding with Team Aqua.

"Hey, what's this?" Maxine felt calloused fingers brush against her cheek and her PokéPal and she blinked out of her stupor, only to meet curious Honey colored orbs, she could feel her face heat up before she leapt away from the boy, pointing accusingly at the person "Woah! Woah! Woah! Personal space please and just who do you think you are... you have no right to touch me!" the boy smirked and his golden eyes widened a fraction as he lifted his arms in defense "Calm down girly..." Maxine scowled at that but said nothing "I'm sorry for getting in your face, but that eye piece you got is pretty Hi-Tech.. I've never seen anything like it before"

"Don't worry about where I got it from... besides its brand new, they haven't even been distribu--" Maxine paused. Crap.. I don't think anyone was supposed to know about these yet. Maxine bit her lip nervously, hoping she wouldn't get in trouble for blabbing a bit "umm you know what nevermind. Who are you anyway and why did you attack Chip!" The boy sighed and ran a hand through his shortly spiked messy brown locks "The names Cain Mullborough and I thought I told you..." he sighed and shook his head "I was trying to attack that Starly, its not my fault your Pachirisu got in the way" he shrugged and his Sandshrew mimicked his movements, Maxine glanced at the Sandshrew and her PokéPal came to life again.

Gender: Male
Type: Ground
Level: 10
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Poison Sting, Sand-Attack
Info: Sandshrew. The Mouse Pokémon. When it curls up in a ball, it can make any attack bounce off harmlessly. Its hide has turned tough and solid as a result of living in the desert.

Maxine studied the Sandshrew, it was yellow in color, with a tan underbelly. Its eyes were blue and it stood about two feet tall, cracks protruded along its exterior, she assumed since Sandshrew lived in the desert, that is the reason their bodies look like this and she noticed small but sharp claws on its paws.

"Wow... that's one wicked eye patch you got there... what's it called" Cain whistled impressed, Maxine once again found him in her personal space bubble, causing her to squeak uncharacteristically and jump back away from him again "Stop.... doing that!" she huffed glaring at him with a red face and Cain laughed "Jeeze girly... what's the matter, you act like you've never spoken to a guy before" Maxine said refused to look at Cain, opting to look through the trees "First off... my name is Maxine... Maxine Gray a-and.... why does it matter who I speak to" Cain blinked with a huge grin on his face "Hahaha you've never talked to a boy before! What, have you lived under a rock for your entire life?! Hahahaha" Max just glowered at Cain, he just managed to put himself on her most loathsome list.

"Hey... can I call you Maxie?" Maxine blinked at his question before she finally registered what he said "N-No!"

"Aww, but I think it's cute...."

"C-Cute!? I don't even know you" she pointed angrily at him "You just popped out of nowhere and started harassing me and Chip"

Cain just brushed off her insult and stared at her hard, while Maxine felt unnerved by the gaze "Hmm how about this..." Cain mumbled tapping his chin thought fully "How about what?"

"We have a battle... your a beginner trainer right" Maxine nodded "Alright then, I want you to battle me... Sandshrew vs your Pachirisu and the winner gets to keep that eyepatch of yours" he smirked cockily and Maxine glared "No way! You can't have my PokéPal... think of something else" she demanded Cain hmm'd and snapped his fingers and placed his hands on his hips, leaning forward slightly "Alright, how about If I win you have to give me a kiss" Maxine shook her head rapidly "No way! I don't want anything that involves touching you!"

Cain snickered "Calm down Maxie, I was just joking"

"And don't call me Maxie" she snapped

"Alright then, how about this... if I win, I get to call you Maxie whenever the next time we see each other"

Ha! Like we'll ever see each other after this. Maxine thought with a slight smirk "Fine, but if I win, you have to...." she glanced around thoughtfully "you have to... umm never call me Maxie again!" Cain smirked again and nodded "alright" he took a few steps back with Sandshrew by his side "I'll start"

And that was how their battle began.

November 16th, 2008, 10:26 AM
Pikataro:Nice way of meeting your rival. I can't wait until the rest of the battle.

Pikalover10:One thing, Gary shouldn't have a PokéPal. I'll let it pass, as he stole it from Prof. Birch. That was a good battle, normally, you would go to level 8. But since you have a Pseudo Legendary, leveling will be tougher. Larvi grew to level 8. She grew quite content with her master.

Neiko Star:Oh, a pokéThief? That was a very creative way to beat the Ursaring. Sunset grew to level 9! Sunset Learned Sand-Attack!

ShadowYashi:Nice Flashback there. Cain has a bit of a flirty attitude no? So, I am assuming that the rest of the battle will be your next post. I cant wait.

November 16th, 2008, 2:10 PM
Elise tread with light footsteps upon an already well-trodden path. There seemed to be no others about save for her and Bagon. Bagon…maybe she could give Bagon a nickname, because Bagon sounded so, well, ordinary.

But what was she supposed to name it?

Elise stared at Bagon for a long while, while it stared back, its head cocked to show its confusion. She supposed it would be confused, she would be too if someone she knew just started staring intently at her, as if scrutinizing her. It would make her feel almost like an experiment. But no name that she thought of sounded fitting for Bagon. Her brain worked for a while, coming up with different names, but she dismissed each and every one of them.

Sandy? No…a bully I knew was named Sandy
Lexie? Ugh, that was Sandy’s best friend!
Sarah? Too common.
Mary? Again, too common.
Emily? WAY too common.
Greta? Almost like Gretel in Hansel and Gretel! I always hated that story.

And as she asked Bagon’s opinion on these names, each time it shook its head violently from side to side, a sure sign of its disapproval.

Finally, she decided to close her eyes and open them again, maybe some brilliant, perfectly fitting name would pop into her mind. Then again, maybe not. Elise decided to try it anyway. She closed her eyes and stood there for a moment, eyes screwed shut, before opening them again. Of course.


How did she not think of it? Either way, she knew that Eclipse would be the perfect name for her Bagon, beautiful, not too long, and starting with an E! She actually didn’t know where ‘Starting with an E’ came from, but it was another reason to call the name Eclipse THE perfect name for her Pokémon

“Do you like the name Eclipse?” She asked Bagon at last, expecting Bagon to dismiss her perfect name, but instead, Bagon nodded soundlessly, though its eyes gave away its approval of the name.

“Awesome! From now on, your name is Eclipse!” Elise declared, and looked up as a pinkish/grayish blur sped past them, moving too fast for her to catch a glimpse of it, though she was positive it was a Pokémon. However, the PokePal over her left eye suddenly seemed to come to life as words appeared in front of her left eye on an orange background, as her PokePal was orange.

Mesprit: The Mirage Pokémon
<No other data is available>

“Geez, this is hard to read with both eyes open.” Elise commented, closing her right eye in order to read the text. “Weird.” She said after having read the “information” on the Pokémon Mesprit. “I could swear I’ve heard the name before, but I can’t…remember…where…”

“Bag? Bagon?” Bagon asked Elise, tugging on her pants leg. Elise looked down at her Pokémon.

“Oh, I was just saying how its strange that the name “Mesprit” stirs something in my mind.” She told the Pokémon, who nodded and looked back towards the path. Suddenly, a voice called out, breaking the fragile quiet.

“Hey, you!” Startled, Elise spun around, trying to find the speaker, when a boy around her age ran up to her.

“Hey, are you a new trainer too?” He asked, “and what’s that weird thing on your eye?” He added, noticing Elise’s PokePal. Elise grimaced.

“Yeah, I’m a new trainer, and this orange thing on my eye is a PokePal, don’t ask.” She replied shortly, briskly, as Eclipse looked up at the trainer that had just approached them.

“Is that Bagon yours? I bet it can’t beat my Ralts! My Ralts looks at least ten times stronger. I’m Connor, by the way.” The boy said everything very fast, and all in one breath, and it took Elise a moment to register what he had said, though upon hearing the name Connor, tears suddenly sprang to her eyes.

Connor. Her brother’s name. She had not seen her brother for years, and now hearing his name again brought back things that she would rather not remember. He now lived with the Minj family, and she dearly hoped that he had not forgotten her, that he was doing well in his new home…

But she was determined to hold back the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. Instead, she faced the boy angrily, “Eclipse amounts to more than your Ralts ever could.” She snapped, saying something that she could otherwise never have said about a Pokémon, though right now, all she felt was anger that she had to come across someone who brought back such painful memories. Upon hearing the exchange of words, the Bagon bristled and straightened, looking defiant, then slightly less so after hearing Elise’s defense.

She seemed to have touched a nerve, however, as Connor turned on her.

“Oh, yeah? Prove it!”

“How would you like me to prove it?” She asked coldly, and Connor looked stumped for a moment before grinning.

“Battle me, that’s how you prove it.”

November 16th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Slytherfang:I can't wait for the battle. It sounds like it will be good, a little family rivalry eh?

November 16th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Cammy, Moochie and the rest of the heroic trainers emerged from the secret hideout, only to be greeted by a blazing sunset. Only after this did the girl realize how dark Professor Birch’s secret lab was, as she forced to look down due to the intensity of the sun. She saw Moochie eagerly sniffing the ground and digging through the dirt. Apparently she had been a little too caught up in the canine’s actions because when she finally looked up, all the trainers had left. She was just about to shout for anyone when an ominous wind swept by her.

“Hound! Houndour!” the Pokemon barked frantically before running around in confused circles.

“Calm down Moochie!” Cammy ordered and the Houndour stopped abruptly. “That wind seemed to come out of nowhere,” she added, feeling that familiar shiver.


Something flew past Cammy’s head so quickly that it made the hair on her head shoot back while also making the hairs on her back stand up. Almost instinctively, she pulled down the purple eye piece and was a bit captivated by everything taking purplish hue, even Moochie. However, there was another surprise in store as she laid her eyes on the thing that startled her so. A pink fairy floated at the edge of the clearing, staring intently at Cammy and Moochie, before finally darting off at impressive speeds. The young trainer considered pursuing until her PokePAL beeped into life and a load of information covered her eyepiece.

Mesprit, the Mirage Pokemon, no other data available.

Cammy read the message aloud multiple times, as it was difficult for the girl to realize what exactly just happened. One thing was certain though: she was going to need some time to get used to the device. With a sigh, the girl turned to her Pokemon, who wore an equally amazed expression. Cammy had to suppress a laugh as she gently brushed Moochie’s fur, bring the Houndour back to reality.

“C’mon hun, there’s nothing left to do here.” Without even waiting for her Pokemon’s reply— mostly because Moochie had already proved to be quite the loyal pup— Cammy got to her feet and made her way back to the main route. With her head turned, she didn’t even notice Moochie staring in Mesprit’s direction. Cammy may have already dismissed it, but Moochie was determined to find out more about the mysterious creature.


The duo continued their journey silently to Sandgem Town. Cammy hadn’t realized how off track Birch’s little hideout had brought them and only hoped that they’d reach the town before nightfall. Every few minutes or so she would dig in her bag and toss Moochie a treat, which she had packed knowing that she’d get her first Pokemon today. However, she had stupidly brought only one bag and wouldn’t ever forgive herself if she allowed her precious Pokemon to starve.

“Hound! Houndour!”

“Sorry Moochie, we’ve got to conserve the treats,” she replied casually, not even glancing at her Pokemon. When did manage to look up, she saw that Moochie’s barks weren’t referring to the treats at all. The small canine had run off into the nearby bushes, her small hears vibrating rapidly. The young trainer suddenly remembered how good a Houndour’s hearing was and guessed that the Pokemon had picked up something interesting. She only wished she grasped this earlier, because now she had to run to keep up with the small dog. Oh, how she despised running.

“Slow... down...” Cammy muttered exhaustedly after running for only five minutes. Moochie had long since stopped at a small clearing and was waiting for her trainer, so the command meant nothing to her. The girl dropped to her knees when she reached her Pokemon and refused to speak until she could catch her breath.

“Okay, what was that about!?” she demanded. Moochie made a low whimpering sound— was she telling Cammy to quiet down?— and pointed her wet nose at the clearing. The uptight trainer nearly screamed at what she saw. In the clearing stood that all too familiar grunt they just defeated. His uniform had been dirtied considerably since they last met, probably because he was busy making a run for it. At his feet stood the same Zigzagoon and Cammy nearly cringed when she saw the fur on its side was still burnt.

“You stupid, insignificant peon!” the grunt roared. “First you let that girl smack you around, and now you can’t even stand your own against a Wild Starly?” The Zigzagoon looked a little taken back, but quickly regained its cool and moved toward its trainer.

“Don’t you dare touch me! You disgust me!” he cried rearing backward. He retrieved a pokeball from his pocket and Zigzagoon instinctively closed its eyes, thinking it was going to be recalled.

“Open you eyes, I want you to see this,” the grunt ordered. Zigzagoon opened its eyes just in time to see the man throw the sphere and smash it with a stomp of his foot. A blue light encased Zigzagoon, followed by the faint sound of breaking glass.

“Congratulations, I just released you. Go bother someone else with your filth.” Tears immediately filled the Pokemon’s eyes but by the look of the grunt’s face, it knew the human was 100% serious. Battered and humiliated, the Pokemon turned tail and made its way toward the tall grass from whence it came.

“You know what, guy? You’re really pissin’ me off!” Cammy shouted before storming off to intercept Zigzagoon. Moochie knowingly stood between the grunt and her trainer as she ran. The raccoon Pokemon looked scared as it realized the face of the person that burned it, but the smile on Cammy’s face kept it from running away. After petting the Pokemon for a few seconds, it let down its guard and curled into Cammy’s arms. The grunt scoffed at the touching gesture and turned to leave.

“Where do you think your going?” Cammy asked with hint of anger. “You’re going to pay for what you did to this poor Pokemon.”

The grunt simply turned his head toward the girl. It was obvious to him that the fire in her eyes weren’t going to burn out any time soon. With a sigh, he turned completed around, but with a second pokeball in his hand. Cammy was honestly hoping he had no more tricks up his sleeve.

“If it’s a battle you want, little girl, you’ve found one.”


OOC: Don't forget that Cammy plans on keeping Zigzagoon so I guess this can be counted as a capture post.

November 16th, 2008, 7:09 PM
Gummy:Good Post. I am looking forward to the battle. You befriended a level 4 Zigzagoon!

November 20th, 2008, 6:15 PM
"Aww C'mon Maxie, you look like a really smart girl... so why do something so stupid?" Cain taunted from his side of the field, he had just issued Sandshrew to use Sand-Attack, thoroughly blinding Chip, whom Maxine had commanded to use Quick-Attack while it was blinded and Sandshrew responded with Defense Curl. Chip hit his head on Sandshrew's curled form, causing the Elesquirrel to cry out in pain and tumble around while clutching its head.

"Finish this with Poison Sting Sandshrew"

Sandshrew nodded and fired a barrage of Poison tipped needles at Chip, who was shaking his head and still trying to get the Sand from its eyes "Dodge it Chip" Chip's grey eyes snapped open and he nimbly ducked out of the way at Sandshrew's attack, the needles grazing the tip of his tail Chip winced slightly but brushed it off and glared at Sandshrew.

“Use Bite Chip!”

“Scratch Sandshrew!”

Sandshrew was the first to attack, he ran up to Chip and lifted his arm, claws gleaming in the sunlight “Dodge and Bite his arm Chip!” a second after Sandshrew bought his arm down to swipe the Elesquirrel, Chip sidestepped Sandshrew’s arm and latched his teeth onto the hard rocky exterior of Sandshrew’s skin. Sandshrew smirked, and Cain mirrored his Pokémon "I thought I told you, those bites won't work on Sandshrew. Shake it off" Sandshrew nodded and began to shake its arm rapidly, trying to fling Chip off "Don't let go Chip! Bite down harder and hang on!"

Chip nodded in reply and bit harder, while grabbing tightly onto Sandshrew's arm with it's tiny paws and legs, this just caused Sandshrew to cry out and flail his arm harder “Haha now what are you gonna do” Maxine laughed, giving Cain a triumphant smirk, who did nothing but lowered his eyes at Sandshrew “Poison Sting” Sandshrew nodded and stopped shaking his arm, he instead lifted it near his face and was set on blasting Chip and point blank range with Poison Sting!

"Chip look out!"

Chip's eyes went wide as he watched Sandshrew smirk and open it's mouth, hitting the poor squirrel in the side. Chip shut his eyes and cried out in pain and his hold began to loosen on Sandshrew's arm "Keep it up Sandshrew" Maxine watched with wide eyes as Chip was still biting into Sandshrew's arm, while said mouse fired away with Poison Sting. I need to do something or Chip won't last much longer. Maxine thought as she watched her Pachirisu get pelted by the needles.

"Chip, get off his arm!"

Chip's eyes snapped open and his grip and bite loosened completely on Sandshrew's arm, he then jumped away from Sandshrew and landed on his feet weakly, wincing from the poison "Crap... Chip's been poisoned... I need to end this soon or I'll loose" Cain smiled and Sandshrew ceased fire, closing his mouth "Now finish this battle with Scratch Sandshrew!" Cain pointed at Chip, who was panting and holding onto his side, which had gotten poisoned Sandshrew smiled viciously and charged at Chip "Dodge with Quick Attack Chip and then use Growl!"

Chip nodded and tried to dodge Sandshrew's claws, keyword tried, though Chip did manage to get away from Sandshrew's scratch, the mouse's claws grazed Chip's already poisoned torso, causing Chip to cry out in pain as he skidded to a halt and growled at Sandshrew, causing Sandshrew to freeze momentarily "Hurry Chip, use Quick attack!" Chip gritted his teeth and nodded, before he dashed at Sandshrew, hitting him in his vulnerable stomach, sending him tumbling and falling onto his back.

"Quick while he's down, use Bite Chip!" Cain just shook his head and sighed at Maxine's mistake "Tut, tut, tut Maxie, not only is you Pachirisu gonna most likely faint from the poison, but remember I have Defense Curl" just as that statement left his lips, Sandshrew curled into a ball right before Chip's teeth came down on its rock hard shell, Chip cried out in pain as tears formed at his eyes while he clutched his mouth after his teeth hit Sandshrew's hard shell.

"Chip! Are you okay!?" Chip sniffed but nodded weakly "Darn, I need to end this now, or Chip's done for" Maxine bit her lip and began to think about a way to beat Cain's Sandshrew "I think I got it" she snapped her fingers together “Chip, I want you to use Quick Attack!”

“Stop it with Sand Attack!”

Both Chip and Sandshrew leapt in to action, Sandshrew kicked sand at Chip, who dodged it with Quick Attack “Run around in him in a circle!” Chip nodded and began to run circles around Sandshrew, though he wasn’t running exactly at the normal QA speed, due to the poison. Cain smirked “Use Poison Sting and follow up with a powerful Scratch to end it!” Sandshrew nodded and watched Chip run around it for a few moments before firing a barrage of needles at the spot Chip would run into next, causing him to trip, fall and skid a few feet away from the ground mouse, who flexed his claws and stalked over Chip about to end the battle.

"C'mon Chip. Get up and use Bite" pushing past his limit, Chip shakily stood on all fours and lundged at Sandshrew's unprotected stomach, biting into the flesh and causing the mouse to to cry out in pain "Get him off of you Sandshrew, use Scratch!" Sandshrew grit his teeth and winced, using both hands to slash at Chip's head, while said squirrel continued to bite into Sandshrew's stomach "Don't give in Chip, just keep on biting!" Maxine commanded and Chip bit deeper into Sandshrew's stomach and Sandshrew responded with scratching furiously at Chip, trying to pry the EleSquirrel off its vulnerable flesh.

It was a battle of will and strength between the two, both of their health was diminishing at a quick rate, with Chip's health going down even faster than Sandshrew's due to the poison, how the EleSquirrel managed to not faint yet was a mystery to both trainers, but Chip refused to give in, he wouldn't lose, he'd win and show Maxine what he's capable of, they've been going back and forth like this for a few minutes now.

Bite. Scratch. Bite. Scratch

Seriously Chip should've fainted by now. "That's one stubborn Pachirisu you've got there Maxie, he should've been out like a light now" Cain murmured watching as Chip and Sandshrew continued to trade blows, Chip would bite Sandshrew with all his might and Sandshrew would reply by scratching the Squirrel in the head, although the blows were getting weaker with every second that passed, after the battle Chip would probably have enough scratches in his skull to make it look like he was trying to stuff his head through a paper shredder, while the bite on Sandshrew's stomach just seemed to swell and turn purple, that is one bruise that would take alot of time to heal and will most likely hurt like hell when it gets treated.

Eventually, will over powered strength and Sandshrew gave out, falling to the ground in a heap, breathing heavily with a half conscious Chip biting on his stomach. Maxine was silent and stared at her heavy breathing Electric Pokémon, before she walked over to her poisoned, battered and bruised companion "Haha! I won! Way ta go Chip! You we're awesome!" she told the Pachirisu, picking him up gently and he smiled up at her weakly and Cain just watched Maxine wit lazy eyes before adding his two cents in "Bah, you only won cause you got lucky" he said grinning at her cheekily and Maxine just glared "Nu-Uh! Your just jealous cause I beat you" Cain snorted and rolled his honey colored eyes, which held amusement "Whatever Maxie" he said before walking over to his Sandshrew and helping his fallen friend stand in an upright position, the ground mouse winced held his stomach gently, which exploded with pain when touched. Eww, that's gonna leave on nasty bruise. Cain thought as his gaze flickered over to Chip, who was sporting some scratches just as nasty as Sandshrew's bite.

"Hey! You can't call me that any more!" Maxine proclaimed poking him hard in the shoulder "I won the battle, so you have to stop!"

"But Maxie is shorter and easier to say, plus I think it's a cute nickname" Maxine frowned and glared at Cain, while shaking her head "No! I refuse to be called Maxie!" Cain pouted and began to whine childishly "But Maxieee!"


“Fine, how about Max then?”

“That’s worse then Maxie! You make me sound like a boy!”

“Which is why I like Maxie”


“Now, now Maxie, no need to sound like a Houndour”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be or something” Maxine snarled, glaring at him while Cain just waved his hands in a defensive manner “Calm down Maxie… I’m going, I’m going… no need to have a Miltank” Maxine sniffed in reply and Cain smirked “Later Maxie!”

“Whatever” she huffed, turning away from the brown haired boy who walked off with his Sandshrew

"Hey Maxie!"

Maxine just scowled and turned back to glare at Cain and give him a piece of her mind, if it weren't for the fact that a yellow bottle was tossed into her hand, she blinked and looked at the bottle of Antidote curiously before looking at Cain with confused eyes "What's this for?" Cain gave her a blank stare before chuckling lightly "Wow Maxie, you sure are a bit slow....." Maxine glowered at him in reply "Its for Chip" he told her, brushing off the glare and turning around to walk away again "I suggest you treat him soon, otherwise he might not make it... C'mon Sandshrew, lets go find that Starly from before!" Sandshrew nodded at his trainer and the two began to walk in the opposite direction of Route 201.

Maxine watched the weird brown haired boy go, almost disappearing beyond the trees, biting her lip nervously. Should I say it. Swallowing hard, Maxine took a few steps forward and called out to the boy "Hey Cain!" said boy and his Pokémon halted and he looked back at Maxine with curious eyes, she gulped again and took a deep breath "Thanks for the Antidote!" a small smile graced his features "And uhh... I hope...umm maybe we can have a rematch sometime!" Cain nodded his head slightly before he and Sandshrew vanished from the area, leaving just Maxine and a poisoned Chip alone.

Once he was gone, she quickly treated Chip with the Antidote, only when she had finished applying the spray did she just realized what she said “I can’t believe I said that” she mumbled bringing a hand to her forehead “Maxine… you’re an idiot" sighing, Maxine glanced up at the sky, the sun was beginning to fade into the horizon "Oh crap! We were supposed to be in Sandgem Town!" Maxine cried, glancing at Chip with wide eyes "C'mon... we gotta go!" with that said Maxine began to ran off, only to have her foot get caught on something sticking from the ground and Chip flew from her arms, the battered Pokémon tumbled and rolled a few feet away from her, to weak and recovering from the poison to do much of anything now.

"Chip!" Maxine cried out running towards the EleSquirrel and picking him up again, she glared at whatever it was she tripped over and was shocked to find large cream colored claw poking from underground... pocketing the item quickly Maxine opted to inspect it later, now she quickly rushed towards Sandgem Town, hoping to get to the Pokémon Center as soon as possible to heal Chip.

November 21st, 2008, 4:46 PM
(REPORTED --' Seriously, it's happened in another RP I'm in before, only the person wasn't negative, they were just spamming... Anyhoo...)

The yucky balls of light came out of the Wooper's mouth as fast as dodgeballs. All but one hit the poor Eevee directly; the one that was misfired landed on Gale's shoe. Immediately washing it off with a disgusted look, Gale couldn't help but gape at her fallen Eevee.

"LACE!!!" Gale shouted.

"It's over, babe," Pyr replied with a smile. "Good job, Perr." He petted his Wooper, who licked his hand with its long, slimy tongue. Just then, it seemed a beautiful yellow light crashed down from the sky onto Lace. Sparkles flew around Lace, and at once, she was back to normal.

"You do know how Wish works, right?" Gale mocked. Pyr snorted. "Anyways, Lace, use Tail Whip!!!" The Eevee got up close to the Wooper, who was off-guard, and batted his face back and forth again. And, as if by instinct, she slowly walked back, then charged at the Wooper, still surprised from the last attack. The Wooper fell into Pyr's arms, and it seemed to be over.

"Perr, Stockpile..." Pyr muttered. The Wooper began inhaling miscellaneous debris again, and Gale knew to prepare for the worst. "And now," Pyr continued. "Swallow." The Wooper seemed to gulp down the debris, and all its current injuries vanished. Pyr smiled. "Hey, babe, betcha didn't know about his Swallow technique. Stockpile is a very unique move, if you ask me." He gave a gleaming smile, and Gale shuddered.

"Lace, best be careful with this Wooper," she muttered. Lace nodded, as if understanding what she had said.

"Well, now, let's continue. Perr, Stockpile again!" This was Gale's chance.

"Lace, go behind the Wooper now! Then, you know what to do!" The Eevee dove behind Perr as if he were about to attack. But Perr couldn't turn around, as if it did, it would lose all it stockpiled. Lace charged at the Wooper with full power. This is it, Gale thought. We're gonna win! But by then, Perr was done stockpiling.

"Spit Up! Full power!!!" Perr whirled around, and launched the balls just as Lace made contact. An explosion of dust covered the two, and left Gale and Pyr with anticipation. After about ten seconds, the dust began clearing away. The two Pokemon were glaring at each other. Lace had her back arched like a cat would and her teeth bared like a dog's; Perr was whipping his tail around in a taunting sort of way and let out a menacing snarl. After a few more seconds, though, the Wooper finally fell on the ground, too exhausted to move anymore. Sighing, Pyr picked up his KO'd Wooper and looked at Gale.

"You're tough, sweetie," he said to her. "But believe me, next time we meet, we'll be MUCH stronger." And with the snap of his fingers, he ran off. Cocking her head with a confusing glance, Gale looked down at the somewhat tired Lace.

"Don't worry, you did a great job," she reassured the worn-out Eevee. "Sandgem's close by. I'm sure we'll get to heal you there." And while I'm at it, maybe I can check in with my master. I'm sure she'll be surprised... she added in her mind.