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Cool [email protected]
August 26th, 2004, 7:28 AM
Hey Guys Sorry for starting one more thread,but the spoiler I have in my sig My buddies is not workin'.Like When I click it the box does'nt come.Why is that.here's the code
spoiler="My buddies"]PIKA2,DarkAvengerCobra,amnesiahacker,Ampharos23,FreekaZoid,Satoshi-kun,Castrainer,Flygon_master,Tendo,Kira Yamato,JKaizer
Scyther,Shining Latias![/spoiler] | spoiler="Paired Up With"]Shining Latias[/spoiler] | spoiler="Nicknames you can call me"]CC,[email protected],Cool Cracker,Cool [email protected],Coolc,Cracky[/spoiler]One I've opened the spoiler codes so that the exact code can come.And one more thing why does T-Card Forum have so many mods.
Pls Help me.
--Cool [email protected]

August 26th, 2004, 7:32 AM
Maybe you should use the code function eh?

[spoilier=My Buddies]Insert your buddies list here[/spoiler]

I think that's how spoilers work...

August 26th, 2004, 7:37 AM
Its because Spoilers cant have a ' inside.
Look for someone's name that has it and remove!

August 26th, 2004, 7:38 AM
You have an enter space in the first tag, so that's why it's not working. ^_^; (It's between JKaizer and Scyther.)

Cool [email protected]
August 26th, 2004, 7:50 AM
Wow!This Forums is hot.XD!Anyway Thanks guys I'm tryin it.Lightning I'll go edit it.
And Casty theres no ' only - and _.LOL!And XXCrazy I am using spoiler codes only.Edit:I've got it.Thanks Lightning.XD>