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October 28th, 2003, 12:22 PM
Quick rules: Pick a character using this format:

Postition in RPG:
Pokemon: (no more than 6)

If you pick the postition of Trainer to Professor Time than don't pick any pokemon, you will be 1 of 3 particapes that get to pick 1 of the starting pokemon (fighting type, psychic type, and dark type).
If you pick a postition of pokemon trainer that isn't a Trainer to Professor Time than you need to state how you got to wherever you start when you make your first post in this role play.
If you pick gym member than pick a title. (Recommanded for all particapes that don't take on officer, nurse, trainer, professor, and gym leader character(s) as their character(s) to take a title.)
If you pick gym leader make sure to specify which gym, include a list of the titles of all gym members in your gym, which badge your gym gives to worthy trainers, and how to get the badge.
If a gym member's title matches 1 of the titles for a gym leader's gym than the gym member can state that he/she becomes to that gym taking that postition in the gym.
Only trainers can receive gym bagdes.
Professor Time only has 1 of each of the starting Pokemon due it is possible to find them in the wild. The Pokemon receive from Professor Time will have the same balance in moves including their 2 starting moves as a Pokemon gameboy game with the possible exception of Yellow. (not sure if the moves were balance for starting pokemon in Yellow)
Even if your character isn't a trainer, he/she doesn't have to stay in the same area all the time.

Special note: Professor Time can't be picked as your character or 1 of your characters if you choose to use multiples rather he can be used by everybody assuming he is at the correct spot for what using him for.

Here's Mine:
Name: Phillip
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Description/Clothing: 5'11", blond/brown mix hair, light gray eyes, and solid color clothes usually green
Personallity: Pretty Neutral temper but really hates aggravitation, terrorism, and torror.
History: Starting a pokemon gym that represents virtual pokemon like Porygon.
Postition in RPG: Gym Leader of Starran Gym
Pokemon: Favorite (Porygon), Upgraded (Porygon2), Connection (Di-al), Ride (Mobull), Virus (Kleez), and Robot (Robeaut)
Titles of the Gym members: an actor, a programmer, a hologram, a videogame player, a rpg player, and a web surfer as my gym members.
Gym badge: Virtual Badge
How to get the badge: First, find the gym on-line using the computer in the Starran's Pokemon center. A pokemon trainer would have to beat all the gym members than find the real Phillip to face Phillip in a pokemon match. Only when they beat Phillip in that match would a pokemon trainer get the virtual badge.

Opening story: Professor Time is worried about a crime ring that he fought in the past or was it the future? trying to undo all his hard work with Pokemon maybe even attempting to make sure everyone is enterially miserable. Professor Time was now waiting on the 3 trainers he had contacted to show up. He knew that they would take better care of Goldist (fighting type pokemon), Psyray (psychic type pokemon), and Junior (dark type pokemon) than the crime ring ever would. As he thought about the 3 pokemon, he realise he never nicknamed the pokemon so the names that are being used are the same as those for their kind in the wild.

November 15th, 2003, 12:14 PM
Name: Chandra
Age: 15 in Umbreon years
Gender: Female
Description/Clothing: Pokemon get to go naked ^-^
Personallity: Shy, kind, friendly, timid
History: No one knows, she just...appeared...
Postition in RPG: Shiny Pokemon
Pokemon: Me

November 16th, 2003, 3:47 PM
Name:Star. Age: Born in the beginning of time. Gender: Female. Description: A Mew. Personality: Afraid of trainers; spirited; wise; humorous; friendly. History: I came from the first star, hence my name. I was the first ever life. Pokemon: Me.

December 12th, 2003, 7:44 PM
Name: Blessey Blessings

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Sporty, and very friendly.

History: She started at Sapphire City, with her pokemon from Professor Maple, Chikorita. She gives advice to that who needs it , and her friends that gives her advice and she compares with the advice what is good and bad.

Description: Blessey has Long blonde hair with a bandanna, and green eyes with glasses. 5' 6" 119lbs. Wears purple shirt with her handwriting sideways on the shirt pocket , dark denim boot cut jeans with blue boots.

December 14th, 2003, 3:36 PM



Personality:Fun,Serious Person

Position in RPG:Gym Leader of Zytopolis City Gym

Pokemon:Alakazam,Starmie,Delcatty,Espeon,Vaporeon,and Tauros

Way to Zytopolis City:South of Starran City go straight to the Big Building Shaped like a Dome.