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November 27th, 2008, 1:10 PM
PG 13

Greetings and welcome to the wonderful and diverse world of Pokemon. This world is filled with creatures known as Pokemon. Some are wonderful and some are unpleasent. These creatures are tamed by humans known as Pokemon Trainers.

Alot has changed in 20 years in Pingland Region. The legendary pokemon of Sinnoh had come over to Pingland and had a huge battle, wiping out a bunch of towns and cities. The battle ended when a young man, called Maximillion, tried to stop them. He ended up dying, but the battle between the legendaries ended because they realized how recolous they had been.

The time has come once again, though. Many pokemon migrated from Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto into Pingland, because an evil organization originated in Kanto and spread quickly into Sinnoh and wiped out tons of pokemon. This organization was a mix of all organizations. Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and a new one... Team Chaos. They were all joined and eventually called themselves Team Darkness and followed the many pokemon into Pingland.

You have decided to become a pokemon trainer and this is your quest: Alongside your valued partner pokemon you must fill out the new Poke'gem and defeat Team Darkness. Poke'gems are like smalled Poke'dexes except they fit into a writswatch that you put on. They activate without question when a pokemon passes by it and a hologram pops up with an image of the pokemon and then holographic words describing it and much more!

Anyway, you will travel through Pingland Region collecting badges or ribbons to enter in the Pingland League or collecting ribbons to enter in the Pingland Grand Contest. Whichever path you choose I advise you to be careful. Good Luck...


I will NOT let you catch legendaries
No goddmodding
No bunnying
In every city that there is a gym there will be a contest
Keep all language and Romance at PG 13
I want you to be active, it's a very important part of a RPG, if you are going away for a while VM or PM me so I know why you aren't posting, otherwise I will kick you off because you didn't tell me why you weren't posting. Same goes if you need or wanna drop out of the RP.
I want you to become you charecter by describing your charecter's personality better into the posts.
Keep your posts descirptive and realistic
You will get 2 warnings. 1st is a warning and 2nd will result in you being kicked.
Follow all rules.
Have fun!
Somewhere in your sign up please put: Pikachu PWNS! this lets me know you actually read the rules in the firs place.
Sign Ups:

Age: 10 to 15
Gender: Take time to figure it out
Personality: Atleast one paragraph...this is where you explain what your charecter acts like.
Appearence: What does your charecter look like? I will need you to put in what you normally look like, what you wear when it's cold, and what you wear on formal occasions.
History: Atleast two paragraphs.
Preffered Starter: Explained below
RP Sample: Atleast 3 paragraphs but prefer 4 or more because this lets me know how you RP. It may be from another RP and I don't care if it is as long as you posted it.

Starting Pokemon:

Sandshrew- Taken by Gummy
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Scratch and Defense Curl
Ability: Sand Veil
Type: Ground

Mareep- Taken by Ghost Princess
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Tackle and Growl
Ability: Static
Type: Electric

Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Astonish and Growl
Ability: Swift Swim
Type: Water/Grass

Stunky- Taken by Candy Christina
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Scratch and Focus Energy
Type: Poisen/Dark

Magnemite- Taken by Kev XY
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Metal Sound and Tackle
Type: Steel/Electric

Gligar- Taken by ShadowYashi
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Poisen Sting and Sand Attack
Type: Ground/Flying

Wild Card(Swinub)- Taken by Symphony
Wild Card(Buizel)- Taken by wolfwhispers

You will be able to catch EVERY starter later on in the game. We will start the RP once 4 people havesigned up:)

November 29th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Hum could I possibly reserve hmm Mareep? I'll have my sign-up soon :D

November 29th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Hmm Could I reserve Gligar?

November 29th, 2008, 8:18 PM
Wildcard Pokémon= Magby

Name:Cornelius Pyre "Neil"
Personality:Arrogant, Rude, Judgemental, those are just a few of the words to describe how Cornelius acts. He is one quick to act, and rarely ever does think one thing through. You musn't get on his bad side, since he is no stranger to violence. He will judge a book by it's cover, and doesn't care what you have to say.

Appearance: What does your character look like? I will need you to put in what you normally look like, what you wear when it's cold, and what you wear on formal occasions.

History:Cornelius's life, has been all but uneventful. His dad and mom, were both heavy at contests, so his whole family was traveling a lot, meeting a lot of new friends, seeing old ones, and of course the occasional enemy. He loved it, it got to see a lot of different places, in a lot of different regions, his favorite region was Hoenn, it was just.. so "with nature." He also, had to go a lot of lessons at a pokéschools to learn about breeding, and pokémon feeding habits.

Preffered Starter:Magby

RP Sample:You have roleplayed with me.

That little furry rat.. yeah.. he PWNS!

November 29th, 2008, 8:43 PM
Name: Jordan Young
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Personality: Most people would describe Jordan as a bit odd and those people would be right. Jordan doesn't like acting like everyone else and is always a bit out there, he enjoys running, shuffling, telling jokes and acting like a complete fool. Although, he is also one of the most calm and collected people you'd ever meet.

Jordan is very smart and knows the answer to nearly every question, but even if he doesn't know... he'll pretend like he does and end up making a joke about it.

What makes Jordan a lot different to all the other adolescent teenage boys out there is the fact that he doesn't spend his time chasing girls. He'd much rather just be himself and let the girls come to him, which doesn't happen all that much seeing as how unusual he is.

When it comes to Pokemon, Jordan is the number one person to come to for all your Pokemon facts. He enjoys hanging out with his Pokemon and treats them more as friends then as pets. Jordan loves a good battle, but will only partake in one if his Pokemon want to... he doesn't like to make his friends do things they don't want to.

Appearance: Standing at 6’1, Jordan is a well built teenage boy. His semi-long, greasy, dark brown hair hangs over his head, showing no signs of life... while his deep blue eyes glow passionately and compliment his lightly tanned skin. Jordan's usual attire consists of a short sleeved black t-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans. On his feet he wears old white skate shoes with tattered pink laces over white ankle socks.

During colder weather Jordan has been seen wearing his usual clothing with a few changes and additions. He adds a white zip-up hoody with black markings imprinted on it and he swaps his old skate shoes for even older beige Ugg boots that look as though they've never been cleaned.

Formal occasions are something Jordan dreads, he hates being separated from his natural dingy look and old unclean clothes. His normal attire is replaced by a black jacket worn over a thick plain white t-shirt and black dress pants, he keeps his old white skate shoes and adds a black baseball cap worn backwards just to bring out his more rebellious side.

History: Jordan was born in Goldenrod City, where he lived for most of his life with his mother and older brother, Lukas. As a young boy, Jordan enjoyed exploring his surroundings and often wandered off into Ilex Forest... he'd never get lost though, Jordan was much too smart for that to happen.

Jordan's curiosity would usually get him into trouble and cause him to get confined to his room without supper. Lukas loved his little brother too much to let him starve, he would always sneak Jordan some food while their mother wasn't looking.

Jordan's mother wasn't like all the other mothers in Goldenrod City, she was a bit of an outcast and often spent her time alone... either getting drunk or crying in her room. Jordan and Lukas tried not to worry too much about it and would usually just take care of themselves.

Once Lukas was finally old enough he decided to go on his Pokemon Journey, which meant leaving Jordan with their unstable mother. Lukas didn't want his younger brother to get hurt, so he made a few calls and got their grandparents to take care of Jordan while their mother got the help she needed.

So, Lukas left to go on his Pokemon Journey and Jordan moved to Ecruteak City to live with his grandparents. He spent the rest of his young life there and finally got the care he needed and deserved.

Other: Jordan never goes anywhere without his white iPod Mini (RETRO!) chock full of different kinds of music, playing it as loud as he can to drown out the world around him. Jordan has a song for every occasion.

Preffered Starter: Magnemite

RP Sample: Taken from chi-zukasi's RP; Rawltz & Rawltz Co. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=4131940&postcount=12)

November 29th, 2008, 9:00 PM
I'd like to reserve the Lotad starter, unless wildcard Pokemon aren't allowed and Lostt gets it. xD

November 29th, 2008, 9:40 PM
May I please reserve Sandshrew?

Pikachu PWNS!, btw

Candy Christina
November 30th, 2008, 5:37 AM
Can I reserve Stunky since that seems to be the last one left anyways? :P I'll have my sign up posted later on, if that's okay with you.

November 30th, 2008, 9:28 AM
Name: Grey Christopher Rose
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Likes: Cats, work, Pokemon, Internet, technology
Dislikes: Siblings, dogs, cold days, warm days
Fears: Blood/guts, death, pain
Strengths: Schoolwork, work, typing
Dream: Grey's main goal would be one of the most well-known Pokemon technology inventor.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever something comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likely be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever something sad, devastating, happy, or joyous happens, he usually won’t show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, he’s good, but if the weather is gloomy, he’s gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usually the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkative, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysteries to make a good impression, but he usually fails.
Appearence: Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Green (Changes colors, or both at once)
Hair Style: No further than the collar, over the ears a bit.
Weight: 89
General Appearance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usually wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'.
Average Attire: Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Underneath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe.
Formal Wear: If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accommodated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'.
Cold out: On a chilly winter’s day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usually have his glasses on, so his contacts won’t dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.
History: Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth sadder, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became estranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finally turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After another two year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in Sangem Town, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a big shot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finally needed to go on his own Pokemon journey.
Preffered Starter: I'd like Mareep, but he's taken. So, Magnemite. Or if I can choose, Swinub.
RP Sample: Grey watched as night slowly turned to day in the small town of Sangem, Sinnoh. He yearned badly for all of his musical instruments left at home: his piano, both of his saxophones (his alto and tenor), his violin, and harp. All he had been able to take was his small pennywhistle. He quietly blew a few tones into the small recorder-like instrument. Soon the shadows of the buildings around him grew larger and larger untill it was almost too dark for Grey to see. He got off of the step he was sitting on and once again went to look in the music store before it closed. Sparkling saxophones and dazzling flutes lined the neatly tiered shelves in their small cardboard boxes. He was in the woodwind isle, with the many single and double reed instruments. He continued walking and made it to the string isle. It was divided into two sections: plucked and bowed. He could see the large box which held a harp, and also the small box holding violins. Grey skipped over most of the percussion instruments, only stopping once to look at the piano with its beautiful white and black keys. He played a small tune before being yelled at by the store owner.

"Can't you read?" he asked angrily, "Anyways it is time to close!" the man pushed Grey out of the door. There was a Chatot sitting on the mans shoulder, and a Loudred at his side.

Grey was once again back in the cold darkness left by the sun. He finaly decided that it was time to go to the Pokecenter to find a place to sleep. He walked in to the red building and was greeted by an always cheerful Nurse Joy.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the nurse said.

"I just need a place to stay for a night or so,"

"Okay, please just sign in right here," she pushed a small clipboard onto the desk. He signed his name, Grey C. Rose, befor leaving for a room.

He soon found one and went inside. He looked at the clock which read 11:00. It was late, and he was tired. He quickly fell asleep. Soon he found himself on the floor with the sun shining into his eyes. He was wide awake soon, and immediately looked at the clock. Now it read 7:00. It was a quick night for Grey. He quickly made the bed, and started to leave when he saw a small white envelope. Writted on the envelope was , R&R/TT. Grey noticed no return adress, but opened it anyways. It was clearly for him, as it read:

Dear Grey Christopher Rose,
You have been invited to the lab of Professor Hann. She lives in Slateport City, Hoenn. She has recently moved from Johto, and has built a new laboratory in Slateport. But the laboratory isn’t normal. It is located underwater. You will need to report the Oceanic Museum located in East Slateport. There will be no need to pay admission. We will immediately take you to your first destination. You must be there at strictly 7:00 PM. We do not appreciate or tolerate latecomers. Once there, we will all leave for the Laboratory of Professor Hann. There you will receive your first Pokemon, which has been carefully chosen by Hann. Then, Hann and I will explain to you everything that is happening and why. Then, just as quickly as you came, you will leave. You are not to tell anyone about your visit to Professor Hann and you are not to tell anyone about this letter. Leave every one of you Pokemon behind. You will receive your Pokemon once you come to Slateport.


Grey was unable to read the name which was signed, which was unfortunate.

Slateport, aye?, Grey thought, That is in Hoenn if I do believe... I must leave soon. Grey quickly gathered his things which wan't much: a backpack and a letter. He signed out of the PokeCenter, and went outside. Before he left for Slateport he went back to the music shop for one last look. He walked up to the old man and held up his pennywhistle.

"Is there anything that I can trade this for?" Grey asked.

The man put on his glasses and held it up about an inch from his nose. "Hmm..." he said, "Chatot, Loudred. How much would you say this is worth?" The Pokemon looked at the instrument.

"Chat, chat chat, tot!" said the musical bird.

"Loud, d drid!" the Loudred said.

The man cleaned off the mouthpiece and played a tune. Pikachu PWNS The Pokemon jupmed in happyness, clearly glad with the music the instrument produced. The man again said 'Hmm' and went into the back. He came back with an old, greatly-used alto saxophone.

"I can give you this," he said, gesturing to the saxophone, "and also eighty dollars."

Grey brightened up. He quickly traded, then asked how much the saxophone was worth.

"Umm, I'd say around one hundred dollars."

"Okay, thanks!" Grey said rushing out the door. He quickly opened the saxophone case. He put the reed in the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece on the neck, and finaly the neck on the body. He attached the neckstrap and played a small, happy tune. Then he quickly put it up and went off to find a way to Slateport City.

November 30th, 2008, 9:55 AM
GhostPrincess- Mareep is reserved for you
ShadowYashi- Gligar is reserved for you
Lostt- Oh yeah there will be two wildcards so the first is reserved for you:) By the way which do you want?
KevXY- Password please?(read rules:))
Rabbit- Lotad is reserved for you:)
Gummy- Sandshrew is reserved for you:)
Candy Christina- Stunky is reserved for you:)
~|symphony- Last wild card reserved for you and in your history portion it is supposed be about your characters past...not what they like and dislike(that would go in the personality section:))

November 30th, 2008, 9:57 AM
what is a wildcard? Does it mean you get to choose your pokémon?

November 30th, 2008, 10:00 AM
GhostPrincess- Mareep is reserved for you
ShadowYashi- Gligar is reserved for you
Lostt- Oh yeah there will be two wildcards so the first is reserved for you:) By the way which do you want?
KevXY- Password please?(read rules:))
Rabbit- Lotad is reserved for you:)
Gummy- Sandshrew is reserved for you:)
Candy Christina- Stunky is reserved for you:)
~|symphony- Last wild card reserved for you and in your history portion it is supposed be about your characters past...not what they like and dislike(that would go in the personality section:))

My bad.. let me edit that...

November 30th, 2008, 10:03 AM
Mira- Yeah but all the slots are reserved until the end of tueday so if they don't post their sus before then all the reserved slots that didn't post them will not be reserved anymore:)

November 30th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Okay, I've edited it. So we will start soon>?

November 30th, 2008, 10:07 AM
Symphony- password(read rules:)) and we'll start when like two or three of the reserved slots have finished their su's:)

November 30th, 2008, 10:08 AM
Its there. Check in the RP sample. (I don't know if you noticed... I'm chi-zukasi)

November 30th, 2008, 10:42 AM
okay, if I can find a Pokémon, I'll sign up (I already have a character profile ;) )

Name: Crystal Downy

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Personality: Crystal is not your typical 10-year-old girl. She is very high strung and does not take jokes very well if it is being played on her. She enjoys taking part in a verbal sparring match but does not stand for ill-mannered name-calling. She is a very strategic fighter and uses moves about the same amount of the time as she does using inventive tactics. Crystal's temper flares up quick and hot and it is usually only after saying a stream of shrewd insults that she calms down again. The most common phrase she can be caught saying is: "Please relay your primitive, trivial, immature plight to a child of your own stunted intelligence. You know, someone who actually cares." Needless to say, she is intelligent.

Appearence: Crystal is about 5 feet 2 inches. She has platinum-blonde hair that she allows to cascade in curls down her back. Her eyes are a cold and sharp blue that are very intimidating and judgmental. Her skin is very white, but her cheeks quickly blush if she is embarrassed or mad. She wears a short sleeveless black dress with dark blue-jeans underneath and tall dark-green boots. Her fingernails are constantly painted silver. Her arms are surprisingly muscular for a young girl, but she is by no means "buff" or "ripped".

History: Crystal has always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. Both of her parents were coordinators and wanted her to do the same, but when Crystal got her starter Pokemon she make it (pardon the horrible pun of death) crystal clear that she was going to be a Trainer. She wanted to explore different places, discover Pokemon and, most importantly, be free.
But when Crystal was 9, her older brother became obsessed with legendary Pokemon. After trying to steal Crystal's starter Pokemon, her brother finally ran off and joined Team Darkness. At that point Crystal decided that she would train her Pokemon so she could find her brother and try to bring him back and turn him into the brother he used to be...

Preffered Starter: no Pokemon available at this time (Pikachu PWNS!!!)

RP sample: coming!

November 30th, 2008, 11:30 AM
oh oops symphony- accepted!

November 30th, 2008, 3:27 PM
Oh, sorry Pika.
I did read the rules and I knew about the password, I just must have forgotten to write it.

Pikachu PWNS! =P

November 30th, 2008, 4:01 PM
I do verily suppose that there is no more room in this roleplay for me. Is this correct?

November 30th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Kev XY- Ok accepted!
Darkhaven3- not right now, but a bunch of people are on reserve until tuesday so keep your eys open until then....

November 30th, 2008, 7:17 PM
Name: James Ross
Age: 14
Gender: male

Appearance: Black wavy hair. Grey-blue eyes that are always in motion. Expressive eyebrows. Pointed features. Skinny and long-legged. Quick on his feet.

James usually wears jeans and a buttoned shirt. He has a straw hat to keep the sun out of his eyes and hiking boots for travelling by foot. For cold weather, he has a dark green toque, a white and green parka, a long, multicoloured scarf, and black gloves. His formal clothing is a white shirt and blue striped tie, he won't wear anything of the sort unless forced by a parent, so James doesn't have formal clothing with him on the quest.

History: James was born out on the prairie (if Pingland has such a thing) and spent most of his time outdoors, fishing and generally running around. He has a younger sister named Lucy who follows him around like a conscience, and an older sister named Louise who ceased to concern herself with her younger sisters upon moving out (she's 18 now). James' father is an airplane mechanic, and his mother takes odd jobs to help support the family.

James broke his arm two years ago. Aside from that incident, not much can be said about his history. See personality below.

News of turbulence in the region reached his town a while ago and stirred up the imaginations of everyone, especially the youths. Being an idealistic dreamer and old enough to set out by himself, James decided to embark on his own quest, like so many before him, and take part in the excitement at the same time.

Personality: As stated above, James likes the outdoors. His house has a large backyard and a neighbouring stream, and he considers all of that 'his' territory. Growing up in a small, safe town, he was allowed to wander around on his own and learned self-sufficiency at an early age.

James has a high opinion of himself and a lot of confidence. He has a smile like a fiend. He is very rarely shy with strangers, especially if he needs something from them. Experience has shown him that adults think he's cute, and he uses that to his advantage. In unfamiliar situations, James turns quiet and watchful. He can be unkind, making judgements early and brushing off people he doesn't like.

Starter: Lotad

Other: James has had some experience with farm Pokemon (and dog Pokemon), but not Pokemon battles.

RP Sample:

...behind the academy, in the fragrant, overgrown garden. Here the lawn sloped and provided space for gardenias and foxgloves, roses and hyacinths, and weeds too numerous to name. A hum filled the air from the bees working over the bushes.

The kitten had escaped up the tallest, most unkempt cherry tree and was gripping the trunk with all four paws half way up, staring down at the boy with big, frightened eyes. Sasha wasn't sure if it wanted to be rescued, but there was its owner to to think about, too.

He was standing beneath the tree, staring back at the kitten through the net of branches. As the charges of the academy went, he was just one of many: a boy of ten, wide-eyed and earnest, wearing the uniform navy blue blazer with the school's crest embroidered. His red-brown hair was damp and wavy, cut to the length the headmaster preferred it.

"Here, kitty, kitty!"

The kitten's tail twitched but otherwise it gave no sign.

Equally burdened by a sense of responsibility and the urge to do something improper, the boy made a decision to follow the kitten up. From its slope - it grew diagonal to the ground - the tree looked relatively easy for climbing, even at its top, and the kitten could only go so far. He shrugged off his blazer (to keep it in good condition - besides, he was sweating in it) and carefully laid it on the grass beside him. Under it he was wearing a white short sleeved shirt. Swinging one shoe over the first low branch with the ease of experience, he began to climb. The kitten had taken fright his first movements and, with a noise of claws on dry bark, climbed higher.

{Pikachu PWNS! But I prefer Raichu.

Yeah, in the anime. They follow their own rules. Try using a Pikachu in the games and you will despair.}

November 30th, 2008, 7:22 PM
Rabbit- Accepted! and Pikachu in the anime has beaten TWO Raichu so hah! Pikachu PWNS more then Raichu does...(jk!):P

November 30th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Name: Simon Blaine

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Simon is the absolute epitome of cockiness. Ever since he was a child he has thought of himself as very handsome and smart. Although the handsome part might not apply to everyone, Simon is smart for his age. He’s always had a knack for solving problems, whether they are life threatening problems of simple math problems. Still, his attitude can get annoying very easily, but most people learn to get used to it. When it comes to meeting new people, Simon is very outgoing. He’d talk (or at least try to talk) to a stranger for ours before even asking for his or her name. He is also very judgmental and says things before he thinks, so he isn’t afraid to tell someone he doesn’t like them if that’s what’s currently on his mind. When it comes to Pokemon, Simon does change much. He is very picky about the Pokemon he captures, but unlike other trainers he doesn’t judge them by power, but by looks. However, there is a good side to him, as he is loyal to all he befriends and treats his Pokemon with care.

Appearance: Standing at a little over six feet, two inches, Simon is a relatively tall young man. He has a very slender body structure, making him look a lot skinnier than he actually is. His skin complexion is a nice tan, due to him spending hours outside in the sun. His eyes are a magnificent blue, but very few people get to see them as they are usually hidden behind a pair of small sunglasses. The front of his hair is brushed and gelled upwards, unlike the back, which he keeps spiky. The last of his facial features is a stubble of a growing beard on his chin. As for his clothes, Simon’s usual attire consists of a dark gray vest over a short-sleeve white shirt. He always unbuttons the top two buttons on his shirt and vest even though he knows he doesn’t gave great pectorals. On his right wrist is a flashy, silver watch that he wears at all times, even when going to sleep. For his lower body, he wears jet black pants and dress shoes. On his belt is clicked a pokeball holder and a cell phone holder, which is where he keeps his red and black texting phone. On colder day, he throws on his new, black leather jacket and dons a white scarf. His formal attire is similar to his casual one, except that he completely buttons his vests, makes sure his shoes are extra shiny and changes his hair so that it lays flat against his head.

History: Simon was born in Saffron City, Kanto, but at the age of four moved to Lavender Town. The move was due to his father loses his job at the widely known corporation Silph Co. Almost over night, the CEO of the company just disappeared and as expected, people were let go. Unfortunately, Lavender Town wasn’t exactly the liveliest place to raise a growing boy. Simon, who always seemed to have too much energy, simply couldn’t satisfy his needs in the small town. At around the age of nine, the Blaine family finally settled their financial problems and no longer needed Simon to remain home to help with the household chores. Now with even more time on his hands, Simon became interested in the Pokemon that lived on the outskirts of town.

Before the boy knew it, he was spending more time with the creatures than he was with his human friends. He met many traveling Pokemon trainers and longed for the day that he could journey across the lands. Over the years his dream drifted farther and farther away, not only due to the fact that the family situation was getting no better, but that for some reason, the Pokemon seemed to be migrating to some other area. Then something happened that would forever change the boy’s life: his father ad received a huge promotion and was being transferred to the Pingland Region. Simon didn’t have many friends in Lavender so the move was rather easy, and he was even happier to discover that the Pingland region had developed a League and was encouraging new trainers to challenge their gyms. Life only got easier as Simon waited for his day to come. His father started making big bucks, which accounts for Simon’s stylish look. Then the moment of truth came when he parents allowed him to pursue his dream and become a Pokemon trainer. Little did he know that this single act would plunge him into something so much greater.

Preferred Starter: Sandshrew

RP Sample:

Lostt’s Clash of Time
The sun had only recently risen over the horizon, bathing the whole of Twinleaf Town in a spectacular gradient of tones of orange. One particularly large house, belonging to the family of the De La Cruz’s, was quite active despite the early hours. In fact, if you had your ear pressed against the eastern wall, you’d hear the thunderous footsteps of Mrs. De La Cruz as she stormed up the stairs. Quite loud footsteps for such a petit frame. Like her daughter, Mrs. De La Cruz had long, curly, brown hair that reached her shoulder blades. Her face was normally gorgeous, but at this point in time it was furled into a frown as she approached Camille’s door. Without a moment’s hesitation, she lifted his hand and smacked it repeatedly against the door.

“Camille De La Cruz, I hope you’re not sleeping in there!” She tried her best to sound threatening, but failed miserably. The women of the De La Cruz family have always had sweet, soft voices. The older woman waited patiently outside the door but no response came. With a sigh, Karen decided to violate her daughter’s privacy and enter the room anyway.

It wasn’t exactly what you’d expect to see when entering a teenager’s room. Unlike the stereotypical teen, Cammy was a bit of a neat freak and strived to keep her bedroom in tiptop shape. The bed was perfectly made, all the clothes with in the closet, and all the shoes were tucked neatly under the bed— not a single thing was out of place. Well one thing was— Cammy, who surprisingly wasn’t in the bedroom.

A brief wave of fear immediately swept over Karen. Was it possible that her daughter left before saying good bye? Or was the teen finally opposed to the idea of going on a Pokemon trainer and ran away? Karen found herself liking the latter proposal, as she completely disapproved of the dangerous journey. However, a noise from the door leading to Cammy’s bathroom brought the mother back down to Earth. The door swung open and her daughter, who was almost a spitting image of herself, gracefully stepped out.

Unlike her mother’s, Cammy chose to keep her hair tied up in a ponytail, and Karen saw that the girl was using her favorite pink clip. In fact, the girl was wearing a lot of her favorites, which included her black and pink top, her stylish black jeans, and her pink and white running shoes. As the girl passed by the opened window, something on her neck flashed and Karen knew at tat point that the girl was also wearing her sapphire necklace.

“Don’t have a fit mom, I’m ready,” the girl said in that calm, soft voice. It took a moment for Karen to respond as she took everything into perspective. Her beautiful, but helpless daughter of fifteen was about to be released onto the world and she wouldn’t be there to hold her hand.

Cammy noticed the look in her mother’s eyes, groaned, and walked past the woman. The last thing she needed was her mother begging her to stay home. Karen closely followed her daughter down the stairs, but knew better than to express her thoughts about the journey. At the hand of the stair rail hung both Cammy’s light, white jacket and red messenger bag, which she quickly scooped up and headed for the door.

“Wait, hun, won’t you wait for me to wake your father?” Unlike Karen, Bryan De La Cruz rigorously supported his daughter’s decision to go on a journey, mainly because he is a well known Pokemon Trainer. The man was happy enough knowing Cammy was going on a journey; there was no point in waking him up to tell him that she was finally leaving.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll just call later!” Cammy said as she opened the door, slipped out her house, and slammed t shut all in a matter of seconds. She really didn’t want to get into an argument with her mom about the decision to go on a journey.

With a deep sigh, Cammy quickly strode away from her home. For the first time in her life she was grateful that Twinleaf was such a small town, as she was already running late and couldn’t afford the time it took to walk through a large city. She estimated that the walk would take about half an hour, so to pass the time by Cammy retrieved the ominous letter from her bad. She reread it countless times, and a chill ran down her spine each time she passed the part about Team Time controlling the world. She purposefully hid the letter from her parents as even her father would have denied the journey if he knew its true dangers. But Cammy was content on proving to her parents that she wasn’t completely helpless, and what better way to do it other than saving the world?


Cammy desperately tried to avoid the dangerous tall grass that separated Twinleaf and Sandgem. Twice so far, her clumsy nature caused her to trip over a large branch and land on an unsuspecting Pokemon. Thank goodness it was a Bidoof both times because a Starly would have took bloody vengeance on the teenager. Cammy needed to find the Professor’s hideout and fast, or else she’d never get a Pokemon for protection.

She only had to search for a few more minutes before finding the base. Actually, she found it completely by accident. After tripping again, Cammy landed near a hatch door concealed in the tall grass. However, to her surprise, the door was open and she could hear voice coming from nearby.

“Get away from me!” cried a frantic voice. Cautiously, Cammy got on her knees and saw tall man in a lab coat being backed into a tree by a group of mysterious characters. Each of them wore similar uniforms and something deep in Cammy’s gut warned her that this might be the infamous Team Time.

Professor Birch’s gaze met with Cammy’s, and for a brief moment, he smiled. As a if a great wind had just struck him, Birch casually tossed his briefcase over in Cammy’s direction, exposing a set of pokeballs. One of the grunts was smart enough not to buy the act and he turned around just in time to see Cammy reach for one of the devices.

“So someone wants to play hero? Fine with me, as long as I get to be the villain,” said a male grunt who was now grinning. His teeth were a disgusting yellow color and Cammy could smell his nicotine packed breath from where she was kneeling. Something in the man’s eye told the young girl that he would not let her escape, so the only thing left to do was stand and fight. Cammy quickly snatched a random pokeball, stood proudly and tried to hide her fear.

“No Pokemon of your own? How sad, I was hoping this would be a challenge. Take care of her, Zigzagoon,” the man said, pointing his own pokeball at the floor. Suddenly, the sphere opened up in a flash of red light and before Cammy knew it, a new Pokemon had entered the scene. It looked very much like a raccoon, except for its spiky fur and intricate zigzag design. Cammy copied the grunt motion, released a Pokemon of her own. Her creature looked more like a canine, with its black fur and rib-like appendages on it back for protection. Both Pokemon snarled at the sight of each other.

“Zigzagoon, let’s make this quick. Use Tackle,” ordered the grunt. Without a second thought, the raccoon threw its body at Houndour at alarming speed. Cammy racked her mind for a good command, but for some reason, nothing came to mind and Houndour was forced to make an instinctive dodge. Unfortunately, even she miscalculated Zigzagoon’s speed and ended up getting hit anyway.

Seeing he only hope for safety slide against the gravel didn’t help their current situation and Cammy began to clam up even more. Her mother’s words ran throughout her head many times and for the first time the young girl regretting her decision. Then she looked down at the Pokemon fighting for her sake and realized that this was bigger than herself. Searching for the battling gene she knew ran though her blood, the rejuvenated girl got ready for round two.

“Zigzagoon, what are you waiting for!? Finish that beast!” the grunt cried harshly. Annoyed hat it didn’t get to toy with Houndour a little longer, Zigzagoon shook the bad vibes off and went for the finishing blow. Cammy strategically waited for the opposing Pokemon to get very close to its target before reacting.

“Quickly Houndour, use Ember!” The Pokemon eagerly followed the girl’s orders and unleashed a barrage of hot embers at Zigzagoon, who was only seconds from impact. The scorched pokemon was blasted across the grassed, leaving a trail of burnt fur in its wake.

“You little... You’ll pay for that! Zigzagoon, you worthless animal, get up and use your Tail Whip!” The charred Pokemon felt inclined to follow its trainer’s orders but still, it got to its feet. Such cruelty was unacceptable, especially in the presence of Cammy. It was so unfortunate that the Zigzagoon had to suffer more. The raccoon Pokemon made a rather sad attempt at shaking its tail and barely caught the Houndour attention.

“Use Leer,” Cammy said plainly. A battle like this deserved no great enthusiasm. The Houndour looked slyly at Zigzagoon, as if it knew its deepest, darkest secret, and the raccoon froze in terror. The aggressive grunt kept shouting at the Pokemon to do something, but it was too caught up in its opponent’s stare.

“Dang it! Zigzagoon, retreat! You’re obviously no use like this!” Cammy had to fight back a smile when she heard that.

“Now’s our chance! Use Pursuit!” The grunt’s face became expressionless when he heard that. In a burst of energy, the Houndour sped towards Zigzagoon and smacked it into a nearby tree. The Pokemon fell on its back and either didn’t feel like getting up, or was completely unable to. The grunt seemed to believe the latter as he recalled his Pokemon, shook a threatening fist at Cammy, and finally disappeared in the woods. The young trainer wiped the sweat off her forehead and beamed at the Houndour, who growled back affectionately. The young girl’s gaze moved to where the grunt had run off, and something told her that wasn’t the last time the two would meet.

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Name: Nina Chambers
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Nina is polite, soft spoken and quiet, she keeps to herself mostly, hardly ever talks and tries not to make herself known, she's the type of person to fade into the background, rather than be bright and loud and the life of the party, she has self-esteem issues and her moods are constantly shifting like a tide. It's not that she thinks she's better than others, its just... Nina has trouble expressing herself and her emotions, with words anyway. While physically Nina is strong, emotionally, she is weak, her resolves crumble easily and she falter's under pressure. As a past time Nina likes to take pictures and draw and sometimes when she can't express what she's feeling, she'll draw a picture.

Appearance: Nina has shoulder length fiery red-orange hair with a nice portion of hair, that falls to her chin and covers her left eye, which is green and her right is blue, she stands 5'5 and has a peach skin tone. Her daily outfit consists of a blue and white stripped shirt, spangled blue jeans, flared out at the legs and they cover her tan wedge sandals, around her neck she wears a simple black choker, along with the two black wristbands. Sometimes she alternates between outfits and wears plain white top and over it is a light blue jacket with long sleeves that cover her hands, a denim miniskirt with over-the-knee blue socks and blue and white sneakers, the choker and wristbands remain on her neck and arms.

When its cold out and she has to hike through snow, Nina will be decked out in a thick blue hooded winter coat, blue pants and blue boots. When dressed up for a contest, Nini wears a silky midnight blue Chinese styled top with long loose sleeves that cover her fingers and loose silky midnight blue pants and soft black shoes. Starting from her left hip bone and ending at her right shoulder is a shimmering blue, green and yellow scaled magestic looking dragon, stitched on the front of her shirt, her hair is pinned up elegantly with black, gold studded chopsticks and two black clips pin back stray strands of hair, except for the portion that covers her eye.

History: Nina, was a native to Sinnoh and grew up in Eterna City, an orphan, as far as she knows, since birth, Nina was taken in by a nice old couple who's child was off traveling the Pokémon world and hardly ever contacted them in years, they raised her as their own but while Nina was growing up, they came across a problem, up until she was 7, she never spoke to them or smiled, her eyes were lifeless and she was only nodding yes or no to questions, they became worried and thought the girl was a mute or emotionless. It wasn't until a few days after her seventh birthday, she had been wandering through Eterna Forest, taking pictures of the forest life with her camera and sketch book, which she never goes anywhere without, later that day, when she came back hope and her mother asked how her day went, Nina replied with a soft; "it was fine" her parent's rejoiced when the girl finally spoke and slowly she began to open up to the couple, answering their questions with soft responses and smiles.

As Nina grew older, she began to open up more to people, speaking softly but clearly. However, when she goes through one of her moods, she disappears for a while to get herself situated and more often than not Nina could be found in the Forest, in a secluded area, resting amongst the Pokémon and sketching or taking pictures of them, she has a sketchbook filled with her drawings and a scrap book for her photos, if it's one thing her parents figured out, is that when Nina is alone or around Pokémon, she opens up alot more, laughing, giggling and playing with the creatures. It was a tough decision, but they've decided to send Nina off on an adventure, allow her to see sights she's never seen before, experience new things and open up a bit more to the world, she was reluctant of the idea at first, but after a few persuasive argument from her folks, Nina's decided to go off, promising the two she'd write and call often and maybe make some friends and try to open up a bit more.

Preffered Starter:
Gligar [Grace]
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Lvl. 5
Moveset: Poison Sting and Sand Attack
Type: Ground/Flying

RP Sample: "Pikaachuu!" Sparx growled threateningly at the Ekans that tried to attack his trainer Ari sat on the ground in a daze with Sparx standing infront of her, on all fours with his fangs beared, tail erect and back arched "Ekannnsss" the snake Pokémon hissed and flicked its forked tongue out at Sparx, coiling itself up tightly and its tail shook rapidly "What's an Ekans doing all the way over here, I thought they stayed on Route 4" she murmured to herself while she stood and dusted her clothes off "Piikachuuu" Sparx fired off a Thundershock at the Ekans who was steadily inching its way over to the Spearow's unguarded nest.

"The Eggs! It's after the babies" she exclaimed quickly running over to the nest "Ekannsss!" Ekans sprung into action when he saw Ari make a dash for the eggs, he opened his mouth and lurched at her, intent on biting her Ari's eyes went wide and she froze as the Ekans grew closer "Pika! Pika!" Sparx to the rescue! He had quickly closed the gap between the two in a matter of seconds, with a trail of white following behind him and headbutted Ekans' open jaws, sending the snake skiding back a few feet "Sparx! You... You learned Quick Attack!" Ari grinned and Sparx turned to Ari and gave her a sheepish smile as he rubbed the back of his head bashfully "Pika...Pi".

"Ekans!" Ekans was back and very angry, he growled and opened his mouth firing off a barrage of tiny poison tipped needles "It's Poison Sting Sparx! Dodge with Quick Attack and use Thundershock" Sparx leapt to the right in a burst of speed due to the Quick Attack, he skidded to a halt and sent a bolt of electricity at the Ekans, who was thoroughly shocked but the snake didn't go down, he was still standing and hissing and within the blink of an eye, he had Sparx wrapped up to the neck in his coils.

"Sparx! Thundershock" Sparx nodded and his cheeks began to spark heavily

"Kannsss" Ekans seemed to understand what Sparx was trying to do and tightened the coils that were holding him, the Pikachu gasped and stopped his attack due to lost concentration "Ekkkaannnssss" Ekans opened his mouth at lurched at Sparx with a well placed Bite attack "Get out of there Sparx, Quick Attack" Sparx wriggled free from Ekans' coils and leapt away but Ekans had caught Pikachu's Tail in his mouth and flung the mouse a good few feet after dealing with one annoyance Ekans slithered his way over to Aria and hissed "Ekans! Ekannss" Ari stood in front of the Spearow's nest and glared at Ekans "No way, I'm not letting you get these eggs, now shoo!" she then made a shooing motion with her hands "Go away!"

"Ekans!" His head snapped inches away from her face before he abruptly pulled back Ekans's head snapped towards the sparking Pikachu that was biting his tail "Pikachuu" Ekans glared at Sparx and decided to activate it's Intimidate ability Sparx froze and was once again flung into the bushes somewhere by the snake Pokémon. Ekans turned around only to be dazed when something was tossed at his head, the snake hissed at the red and white ball that bounced off his head and fell onto the ground Ekans forked tongue flicked out of his mouth as he tilted his head to the side in confusion at the ball before snarling angrily at Ariana who was laughing nervously “Crap, I tossed the ball wrong.”

“Ekann—” Ekans had launched itself at Ari, but it was soon struck by a beam of red light and pulled into the Pokéball she had tossed. There stood Sparx, with his hand pressed on the button Ariana breathed a sigh of relief and grinned at Sparx “Thanks a lot Sparx” she gave a sheepish laugh “That was your first capture ha-ha” Sparx just shook his head and smiled at Ari, before handing her the Pokéball and hopping on her shoulder “We should head back now. Metapod and Pidgey are probably well rested and I now gotta heal this Ekans and I need to train you guys some more. How’d you like a rematch with Kenyth’s Nidoran?” Pikachu’s cheeks sparked excitedly “Pika…Pikachu!”

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Name: Hikari Kurai

Age: 14 [like me! :D!]

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy by nature she isn't the best at talking to people, she'd rather sit by herself then go into a party, she is constantly being a loner being to shy to introduce herself to anyone. Se has never been known to be open with anyone except her pokemon, she even kept to herself with her parents, and any people she made contact with thus she only talked to pokemon about her feelings and problems, she is constantly blushing when talking with anyone else but her pokemon. Hikari also has a mischevious side but it doesn't come out much due to the fact that she is so shy. Thus being said Hikari has always been a loner and always believes she will be. She isn't into being hopeful about having friends, well human friends. Another interesting fact is that she can be a cry baby at times when she is yelled at or scolded, and she can put on some good acting skills to get out of anything which does come in handy on alot of occasions, despite being shy she can come out of her shell sometimes at parties or formal occasions, and also on holidays. Despite being outwardly shy she can always have a sense of humour and can be a good leader, on rare occasion she can even put on a good battle against a trainer, but she is rather nervous about battling at all it is only until the very last second that she can begin to give off a true perform in a battle although she wouldn't like to battle at all. She also has a bit of a compassionate side and will go out of her way to help an injured pokemon or help a person in need. [Sorry its not very long but I can't really think of anything at the moment :P]

History: Born to a rich family and the first born she was chosen to be the heir to the family and since the family had been going through rough times, and sicne her mother was told she couldn't give birth Hikari was a miracle and in rough times they decided the name Hikari Kurai would work, her name literally means Light within the Dark, but since her mother was told she couldn't give birth Hikari had alot of health problems as a young infant, another thing that was ironic when she was a baby was that her mother had actually had another baby, yes Hikari had a twin but when her mother went into labour something happened to Hikari's twin, she was a stillbirth baby, so thus Hikari being the only baby that sruvived her mothers pregnancy she was spoiled to the very core, but things would not stay that way for long her mother had gotten pregnant once more when Hikari whemn Hikari was five years old and this baby had survived as well, they give it the name Nijii meaning "rainbow" since Nijii was born when a rainbow had appeared in the hospital, thus when Hikari was five she stopped being spoiled and the parents gave all their attention to Nijii although Hikari didn't mind this gave Hikari her the "loner and shy" personality since she never had any proper comapanionship and didn't know how to interact clearly since all her parents time went to Nijii, as time past the two grew up together Nijii always torturing Hikari by demanding her toys and since he was younger he always got his way, so basically Hikari had nothing while Nijii whined and cried for everything, so whilest Nijii played inside Hikari began playing outside in the families courtyard with the wild pokemon that would come by. She learned the many secrets of the wild pokemon that would come by. Years past and on Hikari's 11th birthday her parents had completely abandoned her and made Nijii the heir to the family fortune. Hikari didn't care either way whether they loved her or not and she didn't care about being the heir to a large fortune, less stress of her and had a cynical smile on her face whenever Nijii was stuck with tons of work and whined and complained tha he wanted to play, like Hikari and didn't wanna be stuck with work. Hikari was happy that Nijii's karma was getting back at him and she conitinued to learn the ways of pokemon, Learning how to make fires from fire pokemon, learning how to hold her breath for more than 5 minutes from water pokemon, learning how to garden from grass pokemon, electric pokemon taught her how to make natural means of electricity, along with many other techniques that were taught to her. The most notable is she learned how to turn common herbs into fatal poisens, although Hikari never actually used most of these skills she does know how to do them.
Hikari's life was peaceful and calm, she played outside in happiness while her brother Nijii was overwhelmed to going to parties and what not. Hikari would make her own food , clothing and various other neccessaties that she needed. She would forage for berries, have snowballs fights, help pokemon till the day she turned thirteen when Nijii's stress finally caught up to him and he grew to be in weak health, Hikari didn't give any thought to it though, she didn't care about her family as far as she was concerned the wild pokemon were her family, as docters tended to Nijii they had found out that the stress had caused him to develope ulcers in his stomache and that they could treat him, but it would be a very long process, since Nijii was the heir the arents happily agreed to this. However, Hikari couldn't care less about her parents or her stupid brother but this is where things turned sour between Hikari's family and the young girl. She began to argue about how they had always favored Nijii and that she was sick of it, the parents didn't listen to her angery rant instead they frcefully yeleld at her and told er to 'stay out of family affairs' thus, prooving that Hikari was no longer a part of the family, she decided to stay till she was fourteen and then left to get her own pokemon spiting her family and showing them that she will always be better then Nijii.

Appearance: Hikari as her name says means "light" so thus saying she wears a black short sleeved shirt that extends down to her hips. On the shirt it has the word "light within the dark" on the shirt, it was given to her by her grandmother, [ wasn't mentioned in her history sorry :P] Hikari's pants are pretty plain some average black jeans is all she wears in the pants department.Her attire does match her skintone, since she had played so much in the sun for many years she's got peach colored skin tone, unlike if she hadn't it would be a ghastly white, along wih theres lovely features she has blach hair with pik streaks, and she has piercing red eyes that some people think are looking through their souls.Formal attire its much more extravagant, having come form "blueblood" so to speak she has so pretty extrodinary use in finding dresses and since everyone knows her last name "Kurai" as being a very rich family she can get into a lot of places for free and buy on credit. (leaving the bill to go to her family xD) Anyway the most common type of formal wear she is scene wearing to partys is a thin dark blue gown with long gloves, she also ties he hair back in a long ponytail in formal occasions. Hikari's "winter wear" so to speak can range from anything to a common jacked to a jacket scar and mittens depending on the temperature, but if its mainly just cold [and not snowing] she wears a plain black jacket. However if its snowing, she wears a purple scarf, a blue wool coat and white mittens, [oh and blue snow pants with with nlack snow boots.]

ooc: Sorry its not very good I'm not being my best at description today x_x;

Rp Example:I've authored quite a few role-plays but, here you :P [taken from Pokemon: Goddss of Happiness. Page 3.]

"I'll take care of them master no need to worry." Arbor then turned her sight to the lion and a hiding Iris."Hehehahahah, look at that girl cowering in the corner, pathetic." Arbor cackled as her hand began to glow. and vines wrapped around the small Chikorita girl incappacitating her. "Tata tat now what to do that your little friends capacitated, ah I know lets do this..." Konans agonizing screams of agony carried out from her silk encasing. "Warrior of mine, warrior of mine come to my aid lest you be destroyed!" Arbor chanted and a small smirk came upon her face.

At this simple command the silk encasing began to crack and it shattered which revealed a dead-eyed Konan she held no weapon that was until she stepped to the center of the arena. Arbor had an obvious smirk on her face as she jumped up upon the highest branch of the arena and sat on it as she watched the inpending fight. "Now Konan be a dear and kill him for me now please." Arbor smirked, Konan nodded and a small sword appeared in her hand, vines streamed up and down it. "I must do must Mstress Arbor wants so you must die." Konan mumbled as she ran at Atton stabbing him in the abdomen and crimson blood fell out of his wounded abdomen Iris let out a shriek of terror. "No Atton! Damn it! Vine whip!" Iris yelled as vines emerged fromm her necklace and pulled the vines apart and she hopped uponst the arena. "Atton I'll take care of this fight you rest please.." Iris mumbled as she stepped uponst the arena and smirked. "I knew you were no good from the start.Prepare to die." Iris said coldy as the two vines she had earlier came to her aid.

"I must do what Mistress Arbor wants and she wants you killed..." Konan whispered as she dodged every impending Vine attack.

"I won't fall for another scarecrow attack!" Iris yelled as using vinewhip which grazed her on the cheek but instead of straw...blood came out. Arbor cackled evily.

"You think it was one of those scarecrows again, HAH! Right thats the real Konan deary! She isn't meare straw like that foolish puppet!" Arbor cackled as Iris looked in utter horror. "Kill her or be killed quite a predicament!" Arbor cackled and looked at the bleeding Atton.

"If I must kill her I will!" Iris yelled as razor leafs emerged from her necklace which cut Konan in several places. Konan now bleeding ran to Iris and stabbed her in the arm, Iris let out a screech in pain, but took the advantage to use her vine whip to throw Konan to the ground. "Razor leaf!" Iris yelled with this several razor leaves came out cutting Konan once more. "This will finish it! Frenzy Plant!" Iris yelled as several of the beads on her neck began to glow green and several vines came up and grabbed Konan the thorns piercing her body and crimson blood fell down from her body as the vines retreated and Konans bloody battered body fell to the ground, it was quite obvious that one of the thorns had pierced threw Konan and the leaves that held the arena turned blood red as Konan sat in the bloodied leaves. "Hmmph serves you right for harmig Atton!" Iris yelled, but this wasn't the end. Konans body began to move and she stood up once more, she coughed a bit of blood and got to her feet trying to wield the blade but she could barely stand let alone hold a blade.

"Hahahahahaha! This is to funny! That poor girl! She will continue to fight til lshe has no energy left! Hahaha" Arbor cackled once more.

Konan still having a piercing bleeding hole in her gut continued to try her best to fight with Iris. Iris faint from using the last sattack looked at the bloody mess Konan had become "How is she still able to stand?!" Iris yelped.

"I must do what Mi-" Konan caughed up blood before she managed to finish the sentence as she ran torward Iris blade in hand and stabbed Iris in the shoulder and slashed her chest.

"GAH!" Iris yelped in pain as the blade pierced her stomache and she fell down to her knees.

"She won't stop till your dead or she's dead." Arbor smirked as observed the fight eagerly, as if she was watching a t.v. show. Iris panted as she he;d her stomache. "If that frenzy vine didn't end it...SOLAR BEAM!" Iris yelled as her necklace released a large amount of light energy, Konan who had ran back to try and stab Iris once mroe was hit full force with the solor beam. Her body engulfed in light was now being knocked back. Konans body fell to the ground , her body singed and covered in deep cuts had had enough she there lifeless and deadlike. Arbor clapped her hands in admiration.

"That took alot of guts , I applaud you." Arbor smirked, and she floated down in front of the lifeless Konan who was in a pile of blood covered leaves."Well since thats done and through I guess you will fight me. Heh." Arbor smirked.

Stage 2: The girl dubbed "Arbor"

Arbor smirked and stood on the arena. "I'm not a measly cat girl like your friend here." Arbors hand glowed deep green and as she swung her hand Iris cheek got cut without even touching the Chikorita girl. "One must kill or be killed , that is your destiny." Arobr said stepping up near the girl. "Your already weak just give up now and I'll let you and your little boyfriend here live." At the mention of "boyfriend" Iris face turned red with embarrasment and she used vine whip to pull Arbor into a neighboring wall.

"Atton is NOT my boyfriend!" Iris protested as she ran to Arbor using razor leaf but Arbor didn't fall for that trick she quickly dodged them all and appeared behind Iris and had a sword to her throat. "Never underestimate your enemy you foolish girl." Arbor smiled and threw iris to the other side of the areana.

"You may have bested my puppet but you will not best me your too weak to even use any of your stronger attacks." Arbor smiled as she began smacking poor Iris around as Iris was on the floor she had her foot on Irises head. "You killed someone, congratulations that earns you a bit of respect from me." But as Arbor went to attack a green light engulfed Iris."What?! She couldn't be!"

"Thats right you know who I am, Arbor..." Irises voice had changed from happy and sweet to more cynical. Iris took Arbors hand and swung her around the arena with a powerful vine whip, after much swinging the vines slammed Arbor into the ground. Arbor let out a shriek of pain. After this she let out a series of frenzy plants wounding Arbor severly and as Arbor had several holes in her, she panted a bit and coughed up blood from her wounds. "I wil lfinish this once and for all. HYPER BEAM!" Iris yelled as her motuher open and an energy charged blast hit Arbot with great force, and after all was said and done Iris was left standing, a gravely wounded deadlike Konan and a severally wounded Arbor.

"Heh looks like I've been bested thats fine , heh, I had no idea who I was anyway..." Arbor mumbled as she coughed up a bit more blooded and smiled. "Heh my job is done here goodbye..." Arbor mumbled before her eyes closed and she had stopped moving, but her body began to glow with a green light and the human form dissappeared and a green light was left, it had revealed two brass knuckles that were covered in vines. All was said and done Konans lifeless body lay amoungst the leaves and Iris fell to her knees holding her bleeding wound and smirking.

"Arbor...the knuckles of the forest..." Iris whispered as she held the light within her hands and smiled happily, with this the light had miracusly healed her wounds.Unfprtunetly Konan was not to lucky...

"Atton lets go we have to find Gohma it looks like he escaped whilest we were fighting..." Iris whispered as she stared at the catgirls body. "Theres one finaly floor to the mother tree..its the very top of the tree.." Iris whispered as her gaze never left Konans body.

[to be continued.............]

PIKACHU PWNS ALL he's a bit overated though....

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Candy Christina
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Name: Willow Chambers
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Personality: Willow is a fairly abrupt and rushed type of person. She always seems to be busy with something, whether it’s studying her travelling book or tending to things in nature. Willow is often called a tree-hugger because of her active involvement in the environment but her obsession with nature sometimes goes rather over board and almost hypocritical with her unusual survival tactics, such as eating bug Pokemon and different kinds of plants. She has a tendency to be easily agitated because she doesn’t like to be disturbed at all when she’s busy doing whatever’s occupying her at the time but when she isn’t stuffing her head in books, she can be very competitive. She doesn’t like to lose at all, although losing is practically her specialty. Nature is her number one priority though, and anyone who attempts to harm anything that involves the natural order of things is Willow’s worst enemy.

Appearance: Willow stands at a fairly tall height for her age, being 5’7”. She has long, shiny black hair and light brown-ish eyes that almost take the appearance of a deep green in bright sunlight. Her radiant skin has a tan-ish peach complexion that she has inherited from her late father. Willow’s usual day-to-day attire consists of a long-sleeved forest green sweater with and black denim jeans, as well as a pair of black flats. She prefers to go with a simple style of clothing, although she has been known to go all out when going out for special occasions.

In chilly weather, Willow doesn’t really change much of her outfit. She will usually only resort to wearing a “not too small, yet not too big” white jacket, as she is already wearing a pretty warm sweater. Her black flats are replaced with white snow boots to help keep her somewhat small feet from getting too cold. On occasion, she will switch her green sweater out for a white one to match with her white jacket, although this only happens every-so-often.

For formal occasions, Willow tries to look her very best to impress. She can be seen wearing a long Japanese red dress with a large flower design imprinted upon it. Her black flats are also exchanged for red high heels; she may also put an ankle choker with a heart shaped buckle. She tends to put her long hair into a bun but leaves two small strands of hair flowing down both the sides. Her diamond earrings may or may not be worn, depending on how she may feel.

History: Willow was born in the Sinnoh region, particularly in Celestic Town. She has lived here with her mother ever since she was born; her father passed away sometime before her birth. Her mother had disliked speaking about Willow’s father, citing him as a “cheater,” and a “dishonest” man. The two got along fine on their own though, as her mother worked as a very successful entrepreneur and always seemed to get good business in the town. Although Willow did show some interest in her mother’s businesses, she always liked to venture out and explore nature, which she did a lot of. Her mother resented this behavior as she wanted her daughter to be more lady-like, unlike her late father’s other girlfriend whom he also had a child with, who was only a few months older than Willow.

Despite her mother’s disapproval, Willow’s obsession with nature grew and grew as she became older, and she began to volunteer in natural reserves as well as in the Great Marsh located in Pastoria City. Her mother’s side of the family felt that Willow’s behavior was a bit unusual, as they were filled with mostly wealthy, stuck-up people who had probably never even seen a forest before. Nature has always been one of Willow’s passions ever since she was very young and has vowed to study to become an environmental scientist when she got a bit older. One of her plans is to travel around the world and see all the different types of natural habitats as a way of gaining more knowledge of the environment and all the mysteries within it.

Preferred Starter: Stunky

RP Sample:

Sydney was still quite shaken and stirred from her long voyage to Slateport City in just a few hours. She was quite fit and in shape from all the running that she usually partakes in, but for some reason that particular workout wasn’t going in her favor at all. Other than her somewhat odd and irregular breathing patterns that she hoped no one else had noticed, she was also feeling uneasy about the whole situation that she was in. The letter still seemed rather suspicious to her and felt that maybe she should turn back and leave before she got herself into some deep trouble.

After the moment of hyperventilation was over, she ventured inside of the Oceanic Museum, which was surprisingly free of charge. As she walked inside, she was immediately met with something quite undesired by her. Instant darkness. A blindfold. She tried to break free of the stranger’s tough grasp, but her short stature wasn’t enough to let herself loose.

“Don’t worry,” The stranger divulged.

“Let me go right now or I’ll be forced to kick you where you wouldn’t like to be kicked!” Syd yelled rather loudly.

The two had reached a very small elevator with another group of people inside as well. As soon as they had made their way inside the tiny space, they began to descend downwards to Lord knows where. Syd tensed up and was nearly about to scream when they had came to a stop. The strange man removed Syd’s blindfold and revealed to her a short lady sporting a white lab coat, who seemed to be either her height or possibly even shorter.

“Hello, children!” the lady said with a big, booming voice which you wouldn’t match with her small, dainty body, “I’m Professor Hann!”

+ [I]Oh my god… + Sydney thought. She was a bit startled by the woman’s loud voice yet small body structure.

“I’m Logan,” said a tall man next to her, “I work for the government. I’m a spy. We will soon get to be knowing each other very well.”

It didn’t sit too well with Sydney, the way Logan had stressed the word “very.” It wasn’t that she didn’t want to get to know him, it was just the fact that this was all happening sort of quickly, and Sydney tended to go with the flow at a slow pace, at least most of the time. She decided to go along with it though and see how she faired. It would definitely spice up her life, she thought. One of her main goals was to defeat her brother and she figured maybe this “mission,” or whatever it was, would somehow aid her in reaching that goal.

“Now, time for your Pokemon!” said the booming voice of Professor Hann, “After careful consideration by both me and Logan, we finally decided on which Pokemon you will receive,” the Professor went to the back, and came back with eight Pokeballs. Then she said, “Grey, Logan and I have decided that you should have a Ralts. Both of your reclusive personalities shall mix greatly together,” she handed Grey an all white Pokeball.

“Gale, you will receive a Larvitar. Both of your stubbornness and ability of executing strategies will work together finely,” Logan said, handing Gale a specialized sapphire colored Pokeball.

“Dom, you will get a Rhyhorn. Your competitiveness, smarts, and simple traits will make you and Rhyhorn work together at your strongest,” it was Hann this time, handing Dom a blue and black Pokeball.

“Sydney, you get a Drifloon. Your carefree and loose personalities will mesh,” Sydney received a lavender colored Pokeball from Professor Hann.

"Wes, you will recieve a Growlite," Logan said, "You are both joyous, happy, outgoing and fun-loving," Logan handed Wes a bright fiery red and orange Pokemon.

“And finally, Kelly. You will get Buizel. Though you and Buizel have completely different personalities, we decided you would do best with Buizel. Have you ever heard the opposites attract?” Logan handed Kelly a deep purple and bright yellow Pokeball.

"On a sad note, news is that three of the people were unable to make it. Now,” said Professor Hann, “Time for you to get to know your Pokemon!”

Sydney then looked her nicely colored Pokeball and released the Drifloon that was inside. The white light that appeared from the ball materialized into a balloon-like figure that let out an odd yet cute sounding cry.

“Wooon~” Drifloon uttered as it had appeared.

“Whoa, cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pokemon like this before.” Syd exclaimed. She approached the Drifloon, who seemed to be a bit shy at first but then extended its heart-shaped expenditure to Sydney and the two shook hands. Professor Hann and Logan had definitely made quite a good choice, as Sydney could tell that the two would make a pretty good team.

“Ah, yes. I forgot. Here are your PokeTechs,” Professor Hann gave everyone a red colored PokeTech. “They are the newest type of PokeDex. With them, you will be able to do many things. The most important being that we, me and Logan, will be able to keep in touch with you.”

Sydney took a look at the PokeTech, observing its outstanding design and high-tech features. She decided to put it into her pocket for safe-keeping but so she still had easy access to it.

“We will be going through intensive training with you and your Pokemon with me and other spys. We will be training in Mahogany Town, Johto. Pryce will be there to help us. We will be traveling by plane, but you must be in Mauville City at 8:00 am sharp.” Logan said. As Logan was talking something beeped. He ran back to the computer with Professor Hann and came back with a stunned look on his face.

“There is some news,” he said, “But you will have to wait until we get to Mahogany Town.”

+ News? I hope this won’t be anything that involves jumping out of planes or anything… + Sydney thought with a disturbed look on her face. She looked around and saw the other trainers with their Pokemon; she noticed one guy who had brought a guitar along with him.

“Awesome guitar. I love rockin’ out with my friend’s guitar back in Petalburg City. What songs do you know how to play? Or are you a beginner.” Syd asked the boy.

[My RP Sample is kind of long so I put it in spoiler tags. :P]

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December 5th, 2008, 6:22 PM
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December 9th, 2008, 5:03 PM
Oops....Sorry everyone I totally foregot about my own RP....Anyway, here is chapter 1. oh and losst your reservation is now over.

Chapter 1: Vineage Town

Description: A quiet and peaceful town, usually, which is located in the Twilight Forest. All the buildings and homes are located in the tree tops.

Oh no. Please, someone help me. he thought as he ran for his life through the forest. He looked back and saw his pursuers again. He then tripped over a huge vine and fell to the ground, loosing his glasses. He scrounged across the forest floor to retrieve his glasses.

He put them up and looked up noticing his pursuers had caught up to him. There was 9 men. Three wore a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, red boots, red goggles, red gloves, and a red hat. Three wore a black long sleeved shirts, black pants, blue boots, blue goggles, blue gloves, and a blue hat. The last three wore a plain black suit....these three must be the officials of the group, and the hardest.

Professor Pine grabbed one of his pokeballs. He pressed the middle button and made the pokeball bigger, and out of the corner of his eye he saw the 8 trainers looking in the forest for him. They had spotted him and ran to his rescue. He looked up at branch in front of the 8 and there hung a brown knapsack.

"Quick! You 8 inside that bag are 8 pokeballs and each contain your starting poekmon! Pull it down from the branch, grab a pokeball and battle one of these Team Darkness goons. The ones wearing plain black suits are the hardest!" yelled professor Pine.

The 8 trainers grabbed their pokemon and began to battle the eight. After they had finished the goons left and Professor Pine handed them each 5 more pokeballs and a Pokegem. Without any explanation he left the area and went back to his lab for research.

!!Team Darkness!!

Regular goons: (each of these goons only has 1 pokemon but these are the choices you have....once one has been used please do not use that one. Thank you:))
Lvl. 5
Tackle and Withdraw
Chimchar- Defeated by Konekodemon!!
Lvl. 5
Scratch and Leer
Lvl. 5
Pound and Growl
Lvl. 5
Growl, Spite, and Psywave
Murkrow- Defeated by GhostPrincess!!
Lvl. 5
Peck, Astonish, and Pursuit
Houndour- Reserved for Shadow Yashi
Lvl. 5
Leer, Ember, and Howl

Officials: (These are harder and if ya want to describe the battle between the official and Professor Pine I will put it up too:))
Magmar- Reserved for Kev XY
Lvl. 9
Smog, Leer, and Ember
Sandslash- Reserved for Wolfwhispers.
Lvl. 9
Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, and Poisen Sting
Lvl. 9
Absorb, Tackle, and Stun Spore

!!Professor Pine vs. Team Darkness Official!!

Professor Pine's Team:
Lvl. 50
Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Poisen Jab, and Sludge Bomb
Lvl. 55
Iron Head, Giga Impact, Iron Tail, and Protect
Lvl. 60
Hydro Pump, Skull Bash, Focus Punch, and Hydro Cannon
Lvl. 60
Fire Blast, Flmaethrower, Solarbeam, and Sunny Day

Team Darkness Official's Team:
Lvl. 55
Blizzard, Giga Impact, Ice Beam, and Ice Beam
Lvl. 50
Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Take Down, and Mud Bomb
Lvl. 60
Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge, and Iron Tail
Lvl. 60
Hyper Beam, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Giga Impact

It is up to you and you don't have to follow what anybody else puts for the battle, but it is up to you wether Professor Vine wins...or loses. Either way have fun!!

December 9th, 2008, 8:56 PM
I'll edit this post later on, but I'd like to battle the Magmar if that's ok.

December 9th, 2008, 9:48 PM
Chapter 1: Enter Hikari! The beginning of a journey.

Hikari had ended up lost in the woods once more. "Great why can I never find my way around this place..." She whispered and sighed. She looked at the wet earth before getting up and beginning to travel once more when she saw a man trip on a large vine, Hikari ran to help hm. "H-Hey are you okay?" Hikari stuttered nervously, the man only looked at her and threw a pokeball at her and it had an electric sticker on it.

"Quick! You 8 inside that bag are 8 pokeballs and each contain your starting poekmon! Pull it down from the branch, grab a pokeball and battle one of these Team Darkness goons. The ones wearing plain black suits are the hardest!" That wasn't much information to on but knowing the many secrets of pokemon he decided to try her hardest.

"O-okay. Go Pokeball!" Hikari yelled throwing the pokeball and out came a mareep. "Mareep!" It yelled and got into a battle stance.

"I'll take her on. She seems easy enough." One of the reguler men smirked and stepped forward and threw a pokeball out which revealed a murkorw, it raised its wings in triumphent as it thought it was going to win already. Hikari knew any type weakness thrown at her and began calculating some strategies. " Murkrow use pursuit!" The grunt yelled and the Murkrow began flying torwards the mareep full speed.

"Just a little more..TACKLE!" Hikari yelled and at this command the mareep gave a battle cry and ran torwards the Murkrow head on. "Bury it in your wool!" Hikari yelled, the Mareep had questionable doubts but then turned once the murkrow had made contact, and sure enough her plan had worked. he murkrow was on the ground paralyzed.

"Mareeep!" The mareep yelled out and tackling it with great force, which sent the murkrow flying against a tree and causing it to faint.

"Gah Murkrow!" the goon yelled running torwards its fainted pokemon. The Mareep smiled happily and ran to Hikari and nuzzled her happily.

"Haha your so fuzzy!" Hikari gigled happily, she had one her first batle, luckily her strategy had worked but that wasn't always going to work..

ooc: sorry its short I'm not to great at making long first posts x.x

December 10th, 2008, 6:16 AM
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Pikachu PWNS

Please save me the last wild card I will post my sign up info tomorrow

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Name: Kairi Hill

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a huricane, so watch out. But she is very fateful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beatiful. She is very scared of Beedrill, Pokemon, or any Pokemon with Stingers for that matter. Kairi has a understanding of Pokemon. She almost understands what there trying to say. But at times Kairi can be a clusy, and a crybaby.

Appearence: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short. She weights 100 pounds. She has very long brown hair, going stright down her back. She wears a sleetless blue shirt, a red short skirt red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. She is very pale white shinned, and has light green eyes.
On formal she wears a light blue dress. And when it's cold, she wears blue sweat clothes.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store in Viridan City. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon trainers or coordinators, and getting there first pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master coordinator just like my mom." Kairi said getting excited. The next day Kairi got her Pokemon. A Pikachu. She was so happy. She then set out on her journey.

Kairi has never heard from her father. She doesn't even know who he is. Or if he's even still alive at all. Kairi hopes to find out about the mysterys of her past. She hopes to find her missing father and reunite with him.

Preffered Starter: Wild Card(Pikachu)

RP Sample:

"Oh, what a long day's work," Kairi said, rudding swat from her forehead as she finished working in her garden, for the day. Kairi put her tools away. She, went inside and got a bite to eat. Her mother was still at work. Kairi was eating some rice balls.

She turned on the TV to the news station,"Good evening Pallet. Today we have news from famus researcher Professor Oak. He is giving away pokemon to beginning trainers, tomorrow," said the news lady,"Don't be late, to get your first pokemon."

"What perfect timing. Then it's setled. Tomorrow I'm going to be one of those trainers, getting my first pokemon. Then I can finually become a Pokemon Coordinator like my mom once was."

There was a noise at the door,"Then you better be getting ready for bed then. Kairi turned around and saw her mother walking through the door.

"Oh, mom hi. How was work today?" Kairi asked the older woman.

"Oh, same old stuff," her mother answered,"Anyway you better be getting to bed now, if you want to be on time tomorrow."

"Oh, right," Kairi said. She turned off the TV. She then went and got her Pajamas, a blue set with pictures of Pokeballs on it, and went into her bathroom, and started taking a shower. The whole time while she was bathing she was thinking,'I can't wait.' Kairi giggled.


Kairi got out and got dressed. She then brushed her teeth, with her strawberry toothpaste. Her brush had a picture of a contest ribon on it.

She then blow dried her hair and brushed it. "Now time for bed," she said, as she got into bed with her Jigglypuff doll, cuddleing it. She set her Poke Clock for 8:00 AM, then went to sleep.


(The Next Morning)

Her clock started chiring, making the sound of a Pidgey. Kairi got up and got ready, and ran down to the lab. When she got there the Professor only had 1 Pokemon left,"Aww, I wonder what it could be?" Kairi wondered. "Why don't you see for yourself Kairi?" The Professor told her.

"Ok," Kairi said. She opened up the ball and out popped a female Pikachu,"Awww it's so cute." Kairi grinned down at it.

"Hi there. My name's Kairi. Would you like to be my first Pokemon?" Kairi asked it. Pikachu grinned,"Pika!" It said smiling.

"Ok Kairi here is your Pokedex. It is a device for gathering information about Pokemon you see or catch. It is also your ID so don't lose it. Also here is 5 Pokeballs used for catching Pokemon. You may carry up to 6 Pokemon with you at one time," The Professor explained. He then explained how to use the Pokedex and Pokeballs,"Ok got it," Kairi told him. Pikachu was so cute she decided to let it stay out of it's ball with her for awhile. "Well thanks for everything Professor."

"Wait," Professor Oak told Kairi how to get to Viridan City from here,"And when you get there make sure to buy a PokeGear and PokeNAV. They will help you out on your journey."

"Ok," Kairi repiled,"Come on Pikachu let's go." She walked out with Pikachu following behind her.


After leaving the lab, Kairi stopped by her house, to pick up a few things. "Mom, I'm back," Kairi called as she came inside. Her mother came around the corner,"Oh, what a cute Pokemon. Did you get it from Professor Oak?" Her mother asked.

"No, Professor Oak was away. I got Pikachu here from Professor Maple," Kairi explained.

"Oh I heard about her. She's the Professor that's just starting out," Kairi mother told her.

"Oh. Well anyway I'm going to be going now. I just stopped by to get my things," Kairi said. Pikachu followed Kairi upstairs. Kairi grabbed her backpack, and started packing things in it. She put in clothes, food, stuff she'll need to wash her clothes, with and some water,"Oh, I may need this stuff as well," Kairi said packing her camping gear, as she figured sometimes she'd have to sleep outside.

"There, now toothbrush, toothpaste, brush and comb, and I'm all set," She said zipping up her bag. She walked down stairs, with Pikachu on her shoulder,"Bye mom I'm leaving now," Kairi said hugging her mother. "Bye, good luck sweety," her mother said.

Kairi then went outside, to get her bike, but it wasn't there,"Darn it! Someone stole my bike!" Kairi conplained. Now she'd have to walk all the way to Viridan City,"Oh well can't be helped I suppose."

Kairi then left and headed out to Route 1 to begin her journey.

Other Info: Ok, I put a lot of effect into to this. I tried very hard to make it very good. Do you think that shows that I really want to be a part of this or what? Another thing is, I can post everyday, cause I'm at home all the time. I'm finished with School, as I'm 24, and I don't have any jobs to go to. So I can post at any time, of the day, everyday.

Pikachu PWNS! It's also my starter.

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Everyone: Please post your chapter 1 posts soon...after a full week of the chapter being up if someone didn't notify me or anything then they will be kicked(if they hadn't posted)

December 12th, 2008, 1:00 AM
Kairi was walking though the Woods, one day, collecting flowers, when she ran into this guy that looked like he was about to fall over. Kairi ran over to him,"Hey! Are you ok?" She asked him. He did not answer her just weakly pulled out a Pokeball from a bag, and handed it to her,"Use this Pokemon to battle Team Darkness," he told her.

"What's Team Darkness?" Kairi asked him. But the man passed out before it could be explained to her. Kairi sighed,"Oh well. Guess I'll find out on my own." She pushed the button on the Pokeball and out popped a Pikachu. "Wow! A Pikachu. Your cute," Kairi told it with a grin.

Just then someone came up and started attacking her for no reason what so ever.

"Who are you!? And what do you want?" Kairi asked in a rage.

"Don't you know, I'm one of the members of Team Darkness," He told her, as he threw a Pokeball to the ground releasing a Chimchar.

"What's that Pokemon?" Kairi asked him.

"Don't you know? It's called a Chimchar. It's a fire Pokemon. Ok, Chimchar use Scratch attack!" The man told it. "Chim char!" Chimchar screamed running at Kairi.

"Uh....uh..." Kairi didn't know what to do. She didn't know any of Pikachu's attacks. She quickly looked though the bag and she saw an ID that said,'Professor Pine.'

'So, that's who he is?' She thought, as she pulled out a Pokedex. She then looked up Pikachu in it. It told her Pikachu's attacks,"Ok, Pikachu Thundershock!"

Pikachu started charing up, and screamed,"Pikaaaachuuuuu!" Shocking the Chimchar. It still came at Pikachu though, and Scratched it. "Cha!" Pikachu screamed falling back.

"Hang in there Pikachu! Fight back with Tail Whip!" Kairi told it. Pikachu ran at Chimchar smached it with it's tail, lowing it's defense,"Now grab it and use Thundershock!"

"No!" The Team Darkness guy screamed. Pikachu Thundershocked Chimchar knocking it out and sending it flying against it's trainer.

"Now send them flying!" Kairi ordered. Pikachu used Thundershock again and sent the Team Darkness guy and his Chimchar flying though the air. Kairi cheered for Pikachu,"Yey! Wait ago Pikachu. You did it. Maybe that will teach him not to go around picking on people weaker then him."

December 12th, 2008, 6:21 AM
Konekodemon: Ok...You received a Pikachu! And just so you know, it's a Poke'gem and there is also a watch in the bag you get too and you stick the gem in the watch and put the watch on:/

December 12th, 2008, 1:43 PM
Hi, I wasn't sure if I was too late or not, but here's my character bio anyway. If I am too late, please message me.

Name:Jason Reed.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Jason is the cliche teenager and trainer. He is determined, but has a habit of overworking not only himself, but his pokemon. Some might find his hard methods cruel and unneeded, but he is simply determined and wants his pokemon to reach their fullest potential. Jason will still give encouragement to his pokemon during training. He is not cruel. He will most likely scoff at the sight of a Coordinator, thinking that that they aren't true pokemon trainers and will never make a worthy opponent in battle. Aside from all that, he does have a kind heart. He properly congragulates and makes sure his pokemon are in good and healthy condition. He would never abuse them in anyway, and whenever they are hurt, he gives them extra care and will not leave their side. Once he has made a true friend, one he knows he can trust, he would go through hell and back if his friend were in trouble. All in all, Jason is simply misunderstood since he has a habit of being impolite to people right off the bat.

Appearence: Messy teal colored hair and light green eyes. Normally wears ripped jeans and a plain black shirt and black converse shoes. When it gets cold he switches to a black and white striped long sleeve shirt and a simple black hoodie jacket. He is neither fancy nor untidy. He just feels that whatever he wears will get dirty eventually. He is only 5ft 6in, which leaves plenty of time to grow as he ages, though it is a bit annoying to only be an inch taller than most of the girls he knows. Jason has pale skin, despite being outside a lot, and is something that annoys him to no end. He prefers dark skin, which may seem girl minded but he doesn't care. He also wears a brown poke' belt that will someday hold his main team and a thick black leather bracelet on right wrist. A determined grin is usually lit upon his face, but when the going gets tough a harsh scowl replaces his grin and his green eyes darken with an almost malicious glint as he thinks about how to remedy this.
During special occasions, he will dress in nice black pants, a white button collar up shirt and a black vest, Thankfully, however, Jason is rarely ever invited to formal occasions, so he doesn't bother with such things. Though he did particularly like his pokemon trainer's school graduation party. A few kids had brought beer and his clothes didn't seem that bad anymore...

History: Surprisingly, it his mother, Elizabeth Reed, who left him and his father on Cinnabar Island, his birthplace, to pursue her dream of becoming a pokemon trainer. When she met Team Rocket and vanished, Jason and his father moved to Twinleaf, hoping to make a new beginning. As Jason had always had a problem making friendssince he was a bit rough and preffered to be alone, it didn't bother him that much. They feared she had either made enemies with them and they had killed her and may go after them, or, hopefully not, had joined Team Rocket. Tyler's father, Mathew Reed, has been hestitant about letting his son go on a journey, but knows that it would be harder for his son in the world when he is of age, knowing he would just go on a journey then. As it's easier when they are younger, he allows his son to go, and only with the promise he calls at every town. He is a true mother hen, but despite that, Jason never became cowed by his father's overbearing attitude. However, that isn't the only reason he is reluctant. When Jason had been younger, he had tried to capture a Rattata with his bare hands. Naturally, the Rattata attacked with a Hyper Fang attack. Its teeth cut all the way through Jason's bone on his left arm. The wound had been so bad that it was a miracle it wasn't amputated. Jason took three years of physical therapy just to get it back to its original strength, his father worrying along the whole time. It is because of that, that Jason's father fears for his sons life, afraid that his pokemon may turn on him or he meet something that he isn't ready for.

His grandfather and grandmother on his father's side are really uptight, old fashion type of people. They continually begrudge Jason and his behavior and clothing style. They personally believe that a few lashes with the belt will turn him into a fine, upsatnding young man. Unfortunately for them, such a thing has never happened, much to Jason's glee. He often mocks them for that with his eyes when his father isn't around, and he knows they can read him just fine. For his mother's side, they both died of cancer when he was eight, much to his distress. He had liked them, for they had brought him treats and real encouragement.

Preffered Starter: Gligar. While Jason would rather have a kickass Dragonite, he knows he has to be realistic. Gligar have a hard endurance, and he likes that in a pokemon, especially since he knows he's going to be training his into the ground. Also, ground/flying combo is just amazing in his mind.

EDIT: Pikachu PWNS!

RP Sample:

In the cool evening of a mid summer's day, a young boy of only seven swam leisurely through the ocean blue, being sure to be close enough to land in case he were to get tired. Giggling with delight as he used the water's momentum to jump over a wave, young Noel swam even farther out to sea towards the much larger waves. Spinning as he jumped over another wave, his eyes caught something blue dart under the ocean.

Forgetting his earlier goal to reach the larger waves, Noel darted toward the blue thing that had dove under, though now it was simply a dark shadow underwater. Grinning eagerly, Noel dove at the shadow, squeeling as he simply went through the water with a splash.

The shadow had moved away.

"Where are you?" Neol laughed, slapping his hands against the water to send water everywhere. His light blue eyes narrowed as he moved his blond hair out of his eyes to see better. Grinning exitedly as he saw the shadow move closer, Noel lunged, this time hitting the mysterious being head on.

"Spheal!" the circular blue water type squeaked in surprise as Noel tickled his sides ruthlessly.

Noel laughed in delight as he hugged his friend in a friendly hello. Leaning on Spheal as they swam over the waves, Noel blinked at his reflection in Spheal's eyes as they glanced at him in amusement.

"So how ya been?" he asked eagerly before spitting out salt water with a sour face from the wave that hit his face.

Spheal giggled at his expression, exclaiming, "Sph, eel!" With a sly look, Speal used his small flippers to fight against the water and shoot toward the sky, dislodging Noel at the same time and sending him flying; giggling the whole way.

"Spheal!" Noel scolded with a giggle. He looked around eagerly for his friend, thinking they were now playing hide and seek. Seeing a dark shadow move under the salty water, he called, "Spheal, I see you!" After a moment of no response, Noel swam tward the shadow. "Spheal?" he called softly, becoming unnerved by the silence. "Sph--ow!" he cried, grasping at his ankle as something brushed by. Noel whimpered as he floated in the water, feeling at his raw ankle. "Spheal, why did you do that?" he sobbed, feeling betrayed that his best friend would hurt him.

The dark shadow stopped moving, seemingly paused infront of Noel. Tentatively, Noel reached out, only to jerk back with a yelp as a monstrous fish with razor sharp teeth leapt out of the water, red eyes glaring and mouth snapping ferociously. The Carvanha snarled as it fully emerged, water already running through its cleanched teeth as it prepared its Hydro Pump attack on the trespasser.

Noel jerked backward, forcing the ocean water to splash everywhere, much to the Carvanha's annoyence as water droplets got in its eye. Kicking backwards, Noel cried out as his hurt ankle started to pound at the simple movement. Whimpering, Noel gazed at the monster fish fearfully, eyes wide and already brimming with tears.

"Carvvv," Carvanha growled, letting out a smirk as it unleashed a torrent of water from its mouth.

Noel screamed as he quickly covered his eyes, naively hoping that he would be unharmed from such a dangerous attack. After a moment of nothing happening, Noel cautiously lowered his arms and allowed an eye to open. Gasping, Noel clapped in delight.

"Spheal!" he called joyfully, seeing his blue friend floating in front of him with a livid expression.

"Spe," Spheal said dangerously, black eyes glittering with unhidden rage. How dare this beast hurt his friend? "Spheal!" he roared, immediately launching his own torrent of water at Carvanha.

Carvanha was pushed back and, before it could even gain back its bearings, Spheal had rushed at it, mouth already glowing as it powered up its Aurora Beam and fired, hitting Carvanha head on, causing it to roar in pain. Unwilling to allow its opponent the chance to recover, for fear of a counterattack, Spheal, launched Ice Ball attack after Ice Ball attack, each chip of ice hitting the same spot.

"Vanha!" Carvanha roared, returning fire with another Hydro Pump.

"Dodge it!" Noel cried fearfully, not wanting his friend to get hurt. He paddled off to the side, away from the crossfire but still wary of ankle.

"Spea," Spheal cried jubilantly at the calling of his friend. Determination rose within his small body and he dodged by barely a hair by diving into the ocean.

"Yay!" Noel cried with childish glee. "Get it, Spheal!"

Scoffing at the calls from the human, Carvanha dove into the water as well, but as soon as soon it was barely fin deep, Spheal Tackled it, recoiling as its skin was rubbed raw by Carvanha's rough skin. Even still, Carvanha backed off, face becoming weary and fearful. Giving one last glare, Carvanha swam away, body sinking underwater until it was no longer visible, nor a threat.

Panting, Spheal turned toward a cheering Noel and slowly swam over, allowing him to stroke him fondly. "You did good," he said, giving a large smile that showed a few missing teeth on his childish face. He sighed in contentment and patted Spheal on the head, looking toward land. "Let's go back," he said tiredly, expressing Spheal's own exhaustion.

"Spa," Spheal agreed, giving a small smile. His eyes sparkled as he carefully swam towards the beach, knowing that they expressed not only his happiness and pride, but Noel's as well.

December 12th, 2008, 2:21 PM
Nina clutched her sketchbook tightly against her as she wandered around the lower area of Vinage Town, Twilight Forest, the professor, was supposed to meet her here, so she could receive her first Pokémon “Where’ is he” she murmured to herself “I’m beginning to think I’m just wandering around aimlessly”

“Hey! Get back here old man!”

Nina jolted in her step with a start as her eyes widened and she looked around for the source of the shout “Wha—What?” Nina barely had time to register before an elderly man came bursting through the trees and tripped over a large root a few meters away from her, his glasses falling off his person.

That’s... That’s the professor! She thought with a shocked expression “Uh… umm s-sir” she called out to him softly, but he didn’t hear her, her voice was much too soft, swallowing hard, Nina ran over towards the professor and she noticed several others running towards him as well. She looked at the men who were chasing him, there were 9 men. Three wore a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, red boots, red goggles, red gloves, and a red hat. Three wore black long sleeved shirt, black pants, blue boots, blue goggles, blue gloves, and a blue hat.

The last three wore plain black suits "Quick! You 8 inside that bag are 8 Pokéballs and each contain your starting Pokémon! Pull it down from the branch, grab a Pokéball and battle one of these Team Darkness goons. The ones wearing plain black suits are the hardest!" she heard Professor Pine yell. Nina gripped her sketch book and ran over to the bag and picked up one of the Pokéballs, she pressed the button on the middle and it popped open with a musical snap.

The figure that emerged, was small, purple, bat-like Pokémon it had blue wings like a flying squirrel and scorpion claws and a tail with a stinger on the end, it was a lot smaller than normal, so she guessed it was a female and it had long, pointed ears and triangle-shaped eyes. It was the Flying Scorpion Pokémon Gligar. Gligar yawned slightly and rubbed its eyes. It must’ve been asleep. Nina thought to herself.

“Gah! You dumb kid, why can’t you mind your own business!” one of the men with a black long sleeved shirt and pants, with red boots, goggles, gloves and a hat growled at Nina and tossed a Pokéball on the field infront of Gligar. This figure that emerged had a menacing glare and appearance; it was a dog-like Pokémon with short, black fur, a red underbelly and snout and had short, pointed ears and tail and white bands were located on its ankles and back, it also appeared to have a skull on its forehead and ribs on its back. It was the Dark Pokémon Houndour.

“Start off with Leer Houndour!” a growl rumbled low in Houndour’s throat while he glared at Gligar, who looked startled briefly before shaking it off “Now, use Ember!” Houndour opened its mouth and fired off a barrage of red pellets “Dodge it by taking to the skies!” Gligar nodded and she flew into the air, hovering high in the sky above Houndour “Use Poison Sting!” Gligar nodded and she pointed her stinger at Houndour, a round of needles fired from her tail tip and nicked Houndour on its nose.

Houndour gave an annoyed growl and shook his nose, snorting a bit and glaring at Gligar “Howl!” Houndour barked in affirmation and howled loudly, causing Gligar to fall and clutch her ears “Ember, while its down” Nina gasped and responded “Sand-Attack!” Gligar quickly kicked up some sand, just as Houndour opened its mouth and the Dark Pokemon got a mouthful of sand, he began coughing and choking a bit as he tried to get the dusty taste from its mouth. “Now Poison Sting again!” Gligar nodded and fired off another round of needles at Houndour “Dodge and use Ember!” Houndour nodded and leapt out of the way and fired off a round of fire balls.

Gligar and Houndour kept meeting attack for attack, everytime Houndour would get stuck with Poison Sting, Gligar would respond with a baragge of needles, however, both sides were slowing and Houndour got hit on the snout again and he cried out “Poison Sting Gligar, and keep it up!” Gligar didn’t let up on the Poison Sting Attack, the needles coming out rapidly, hitting Houndour and exploding on contact Houndour cried out and glared at Gligar, seeing red “Ember Houndour!”

“End it with Poison Sting Gligar!”

Both sides fired off thei attacks, Houndour’s mouth glowed and he spat the balls of flames at Gligar, who shot needles at him, both attacks collided with the opposing sides, Ember hit Gligar and Poison Sting hit Houndour, there was a breif explosion and Gligar could be seen falling from the sky, after the smoke cleared, Gligar was standing up weakly on its feet, panting heavily and glaring at Houndour, who was down for the count.

“Damn kid” the grunt grumbled recalling his Houndour and running off, cursing Nina. Nina smiled softly at Gligar and picked it up, she cooed softly in Nina’s arms “There, there girl, everythings alright” she barely had enough time to register, Proffessor Pina stumbled over to her and Gligar

“That was an excellent battle. As a token of my appreciation, you can have the Gligar, here are 5 Pokéballs and a Pokégem” with that said, he stuffled the items in Nina’s already full hands and then disappeared beyond the forest “That was… weird” she mumbled softly, and Gligar nodded as well “Hey, I think I’m gonna call you Grace…. Cause it’s the only name I could think of that starts with a G” she told her Gligar, laughing sheepishly.

Gligar just looked at her with an amused expression, before nodding with a big grin, accepting her nickname “Gli Gligar!”

December 12th, 2008, 2:29 PM
sorry, i have writer's block can't think what to type next, cause i don't know where I'm supposed to be going

December 12th, 2008, 2:36 PM
We've gotta wait for him to post up what we do next X3 Its alright. Pika is the GameMaster... you could say

December 12th, 2008, 4:14 PM
Hey, I was wondering if that wild card was still open. Character is still the same. Hoping its not too late, tell me what to do if I'm allowed. Thanks!

Wild Card Pokemon: Buizel

December 12th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Wolfwhispers: I'm sorry the slots aren't closed, yet, but your SU is lacking tooooo much. Everything pretty much except the name, gender, age and which pokemon you wanted....So Declined!(for now...Edit and we can talk:))

ShadowYashi: Awesome battle! You received Grace the Gligar, 5 pokeballs, and a wristwatch with the Poke'gem!!

Konekodemon: I would prefer if you wouldn't post such things in this thread because I think it is considered spam....Just Vm or PM me that kind of stuff....

Everyone: Chapter 2 might be up this weekend most likely next so people can get their posts up....

December 13th, 2008, 4:43 PM
Hey, I changed some of my SU and added an RP sample. I hope this works. If not, can you please tell me what's wrong? I've never joined an RP before and would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks! ^_^

December 13th, 2008, 7:13 PM
@wolfwhispers: Your appearence, Personality, and History is lacking to much. You need to add more to all three and another paragraph to the history....

December 14th, 2008, 9:13 AM
found out why I'm having so much trouble keeping up with this, for 1 the storyline's to hard for me to figure out and 2 I'm in more then 1 rp I think I can only handle one at a time, so I'm going to have to give up this one, sorry

December 14th, 2008, 6:57 PM
@konekodemon: k....See ya.

December 14th, 2008, 9:09 PM
Ok, changed things around a bit, added some stuff, so hopefully this should be ok. If not... then ok.

December 15th, 2008, 6:14 AM
wolfwhispers: Very good! Much better! Accepted! With a Buizel right?

December 15th, 2008, 7:03 AM
Yes, that's right, I'd like a Buizel. Also, may I reserve the Sandslash in the battle? Also, I have a question. I know all pokemon are only level five, and the others only have 2 attacks, but Buizel has 4 before level 5, so may I ask for the attacks: Sonic Boom and Water Sport? That is if you lower it to merely 2 attacks?

December 15th, 2008, 5:34 PM
wolfwhispers: Maybe....I'll pnder it while I'm taking my taikwondo classes...I'll inform you tomorrow sometime and Sandslash is reserved for you:)

Alter Ego
December 17th, 2008, 10:02 AM
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