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December 13th, 2008, 5:23 AM
After World's End: Jirachi's Sacrifice

General History

Years ago, the end of the world began. Four legendary horses, each carrying a single rider, the harbingers of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence. Starting at the continent known as Greyland, these four beings and their steeds traveled the four corners of the continent, killing each and every person they came in contact with. The land was in turmoil, with everyone doing what they could to survive, hiding in bomb shelters and killing each other over small hiding places that might save them from the horrible fate that was coming there way. However, those who chose to hide had an even worse fate, thousands of year’s worth of pain shot into their very soul, leaving them chained to the core of the world itself without the luxury of death.

It was during this time of suffering that the world’s legends, large, small, winged, or cute all banded together to strike back at the four horses, leading armies of the Pokémon of the world. The site brought hope for the inhabitants, rising the human’s fighting spirits once again. Though having never before needed firearms such as guns or rifles because of their Pokémon partners, the various humans had studied martial weapons and arts, as well as trained their Pokémon specifically for wars and battles. It was at this time that the two sides, Pokémon and Human alike decided to ban together, whether it be by a Mew’s pleas or another human’s briberies. The various armies of the continent and the world itself all massed for one large strike, old enemies working together for the first time in ages.

Some of the most powerful armies were led not by the various governments, but instead by the groups that inhabited them. This was the most prominent in Greyland, where the different teams all fought for control of the land, each ruling a portion. Each different group sent out their own squads, most sending all they could to help the effort, but some keeping their best out of the fight, in case the attack failed.

The war took place on various spots of Greyland, though the largest and deciding battle was fought on Mount Salic. With the outcomes of the various battles already decided, and Famine and Death already defeated but with Famine’s stead surviving, and Pestilence’s stead dying while Pestilence himself lived, the survivors on both sides all gathered at the same point, all ready to make a final strike.

Though it took a full day, Pestilence was finally defeated, as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres launched a deadly tri attack at the Pokémon, draining their energy and killing themselves off in the process. However, War and the surviving stead of Famine proved to be too much as they wiped out all of the surviving legendary Pokémon before setting their sights on the leaders of the various groups themselves, murdering them all one by one.

It was at Jirachi’s death, sacrificing himself to save a surprised Mewtwo, that the battle finally swung in the favor of the humans. As the blood of the Wishmaker mixed with the cloned Pokémon’s tears, that the body of Jirachi glowed, reviving a dying Mew and Arceus as well as filling random humans with a strange energy. This energy gave the humans different powers, each with the power to match the various legendary Pokémon. Now, with newfound power, War and the two horses were suddenly on the defensive. As a last strike, War slammed his massive Warhammer into the ground, obliterating the mountain. Though many humans and Pokémon alike died, some still managed to escape. Inexplicably, a few hours after the battle was finished, the powers faded away as if they were never there.

Many years later, the land where the final battle once took place, and where Mount Salic once stood, was turned into a tourist attraction. Many from around the world traveled to the land to see where the great battle once took place. After a while, a city was built in the ruins of the mountain, called Vittoria.

After time, and the city grew, some of the citizens noted small powers. Though they were nothing like what was once used to defeat War, they were noticeable nonetheless. Some could change the color of their eyes by blinking, while others could take off the pants simply by jumping into the air, those this trick quickly became embarrassing as the user got older.

Over time the history of the land was forgotten, as the final documents blew into the wind, though the powers themselves were slowly growing in magnitude. Some chose to use these powers for good, saving small children and becoming super heroes, others chose to use them to become the heads of businesses, or well paid hitmen. Still others chose to use their power not for good or evil, but to keep the balance and protect the city. Some of the more down to earth types simply pretended they had none, not wanting to be treated any different, because there were those who despised the ones with powers. Inexplicably, if one traveled too far from the city the powers simply vanished. A powered hero even erected a wall around the and where the powers vanished to hint to others where the stopping point was.

As the powers became more evident, more groups rose up to spite them. Some did this simply out of jealousy, while others were simply afraid of those who were more powerful then them. It was this that caused the gifted men and women to join together, supporting each other or just going around doing good deeds together. It was a while after the individuals banned together that the groups came back.

Some groups had not survived the war, such as the tragic falls of Aqua and the Typhoon Alliance. However, after time some of the teams that had existed came back. No one seemed to know the leaders, but each powered individual seemed to have picked their own side. These six teams, NRSK, Syndicate, Alpha Guild, Rocket, Swarm, and Trainer soon grew as more joined, each taking a particular part of the city as their own. Now the lines have been drawn, and each member seems to have their own goals, while those of the leaders are still totally unknown.

The School: A path for both

Straight in the middle of town lies the college known as Marc University, named after the legendary Light of the town. The college is well known for teaching famous trainers such as Lance from the Elite Four, professors such as Professor Oak. Of course, regular majors and minors can be handed out, but the college is frequented by students hoping to learn from the various Pokemon experts.

This year, special scholarships were handed out to various new students (the roleplayers), but also forcing them to live in a brand new dorm, Jirachi Hall. This dorm is as advanced as can be, the living spaces generously large.

It was on the very first day that Fred Lodiab, the man who sponsors and heads the dorm, handed out a large document, which held the entire history of the great war of the past. The professor then went on to give them a speech …

”It was on a dig that I found an ancient manuscript. Though the language was not entirely as that which we use today, most of it was still readable, and I managed to type out that which you now read. Further studying led me to believe that the land where the battle once took place happened on the very land on which this city now takes place.

I moved here last year, studying the war itself. During my search I discovered clues to something that might change the world around us as we know it. I knew, however, that I could not get to it by myself, as one of the researchers with me was murdered in pursuit. I was forced to lay low, and in this time I started to study the powered individuals, just like those in the past. With the help of one I was able to create an object that helps me find these special citizens. I chose you all for a certain reason, I think that you will be able to help me out.

If my notes are correct, something very important might be found in this school, though I am not quite sure yet. However, I believe that some of the teachers were involved in the murder of my researcher. All of you should try to keep an ear out, but for those of you who are less pacifistic, stop them if you can.

Now I know that not all of you are on the best of terms, as I have heard about these apparent groups you have all started, but try to keep it civil, okay? Or at the very least, keep the pranks and fighting from me, or I will be forced to keep things civil.

For those of you who are more pacifistic, there is the new Pokémon habitat and training zone, where you can battle and bond with Pokémon. However, catching is prohibited unless given the ‘ok’ from a teacher.

Also, thanks to the miracles of modern Pokémon, a rift in the world was somehow opened in one of the college’s many rooms. This is a small land, with not even a single Pokémon inside. Professor Nagina’s Pokémon Mysteries class will be able to study and explore it, while Professor Cheftun’s Shop class will be building a small house the college will be able to later use, so make sure to sign up for one of those classes.”


-Only those whose sign-ups that have been accepted may roleplay.
-Only the Roleplay Judge, FinalFlare, may give official warnings or ban others from the RP.
-Three Warnings = You are out of the RP.
-NO excessive violence in the Violent portion (no mass murdering … be smart, killing will have consequences) and no murdering in the school portion.
-NO Grunt Complex (Meaning, one person cannot sit back and use grunts to do the dirty work. One person may only use up to 2 NPC’s to fight with, though *friendly* NPCs can be used at any time. BUT they have to strike WITH their NPCs).
-NO creation of mass-harm devices unless given the OK (i.e. to up the story, to give another side an edge if one side is too powerful).
-I may change/limit your powers to even them out if it seems that the power is being taken advantage of or seem too weak.
-Nothing past PG-13 ish. Keep it clean, people
-Your main characters alignment must align with your team. Therefore, Sent’s character must be evil. However, NPC’s may be of another alignment.
-When you are given a power, follow it, do not try to make it stronger
-Within the team pecking order, you are a simply a member. Not a leader, not a co-leader. In fact, the hierarchy of every team is hidden in a shroud of mystery, and the most known would be a lieutenant.
-There are no guns / missiles / etc., as they use Pokémon, but members WITHOUT an offensive power may use some weapons (Blunt weapons).
-Any team may not steal any other teams MAIN territory, though they may enter it and do whatever.
-A note on the School, classes are how they are because I want it so that RPers will more then likely end up in the same classes, though not as much in the pacifists. Also, pacifists have a seperate wing in the Jirachi Dorm just for them.