View Full Version : Shauna's Breeding Box Cleanout!

December 14th, 2008, 12:44 PM
As you can probably guess from the title, I have a bunch of pokemon that I bred that I don't want taking up space anymore. I could delete them, but I wanted to see if anyone else wanted them. If they all don't have good homes within a week, then they're gone. I'll take whatever for them, though if you guys have anything that you want to get rid of that I can use to breed that would be awesome. I'm trying to start breeding pokemon, so no, these aren't going to be the best out there, but like I said, give me anything. Bidoof will do.

All are untouched lv.1, I'm not sure what the IV's are but can probably find out. Some may have nicknames, they can be removed if you don't want them.

For Trade:

Eggs x23
I have no clue what is in any of them. Think of it as a wonderball, that candy that gives you a surprise inside. You don't have to give me anything decent, a bidoof will do, escpecially since I can't guarentee what's inside of them.

-Male x 9
Natures: Modest, Jolly, Brave, Quirky, Quiet, Hasty (x2), Docile, Bashful
-Female x 6
Natures: Naive (x2), Docile, Adamant, Naughty

-Male x4
Natures: Gentle, Jolly, Quirky, Calm

-Male x2
Nature: Lonely, Brave
-Female x 4
Nature: Quiet, Timid, Careful, Sassy

-Male x3
Natures: Lonely, Naughty, Mild (Lonely and Naughty have Leech Seed)

-Male x1
Nature: Naughty

-Male x1
Nature: Serious
-Female x1
Nature: Impish

-Male x3
Natures: Rash, Brave, Quiet

-Male x3
Natures: Bashful, Mild, Hardy

-Male x1
Nature: Naughty

-Male x1
Nature: Sassy

-Male x1
Nature: Rash

-Male x1
Nature: Hardy

This will probably be converted into a breeding thread once I get back into the game and start breeding my pokemon again, but until then, here it is.