View Full Version : Elitism?

Glitter Stain
December 15th, 2008, 7:39 PM
I thought elitism was abolished just about everywhere all over the internet in 2007 or so... until I started internetting again this year. Seriously, why is there an adequate number of staff members that just think they're hot stuff? Frankly, I'd say there are about 5 or 6 higher staff members who are as firm as they need to be but who aren't power abusers.

The inconsistency is just repulsive. I may get an infraction for something from Erica, or Aegis, but at the same time Deano or Went might just say "no u". (Although the problem doesn't directly lie with any of the names I mentioned, that's why I used them.) But where people think they can get off infracting people for things that aren't against the rules or that don't deserve an infraction... I'm lost.

The controversy on the staff is normal, to be expected, and honestly, pretty entertaining. But it wouldn't be so severe if there weren't staff members (no names, lol, but I think they know who they are) who pretended like anyone cares about how they gave x infraction points to innocent member y.

So, conclusion time: I know I can rant all I want, and none of the staff members have to listen to me. But if you're not listening, make sure it's your personal choice not to and it's not just because your head is too far up your ass for you to hear me.

December 15th, 2008, 7:47 PM
I thought you weren't going to cause trouble anymore, Tsk.

Everyone has different styles of modding - some are more strict, others are lenient. Some are a bit lighter, others are more stern. All of the staff members are where they are because they have displayed good judgment and leadership ability, and while the PC rules are universally agreed upon, sometimes the interpretations of the rules are subjective. What is infraction-worthy to one staff member may not be such a big deal to another, and some staff members may display leniency and not be so strict with the enforcement of the rules. There is a trust among the staff team, and everyone is pretty much allowed to mod as they choose as long as they don't really go off the deep end or make a totally wrong call.

So basically, everyone has their own style of modding - some use a lighter tone, some are strict, some are more lenient, some are snarky (like me). We respect everyone's different style of doing their jobs, and you'll stop trying to be a thorn in the side of the staff and cause trouble. Kay? Kay.