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December 21st, 2008, 6:23 AM
The following days could possibly be the last days you will ever live, so enjoy them, cherish them.

After an outbreak in a labratory in a town called, 'Pallet.' Professor Oak struggled to contain his deadly experiments. But he was killed in the process.

He told nobody about the situation, no authoritys were informed, it was so sudden, so horrible, Delia Ketchum, must have been so afraid, when she heard the banging upon her windows, the scratching at her doors, the roaring outside her house, Mr Mime did all he could to protect her, but they were killed.

The culprit, unknown, all that we know is that it was created by the Professor.

Now, an elite group of four have been sent to investigate Pallet Town, but will they be able to find out the culprit of the murders?

All will be revealed in:

Chapter One: That Old Town.

001: The Prologue - i44.tinypic.com/amfhgh.png

Joining The Comic: The world is in peril, and the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Heroes are looking for whoever can help them destroy this threat.

They could be from anywhere, they could be human, or Pokémon, as long as they have the ability to fight for what they believe, they will be accepted.

However, due to the tight security, they will have to fill out a form. We have specially trained Pokémon to translate if you cannot speak English, on this form we only wish for the following.

Name: Full name please.
Age: It will help us get an idea of where to send you.
Pokémon: You can not have rares, or any of the starters, not yet.
Requested Pokémon: Pokémon you wish to find, on the journey.
History: What has happened to you in your past?
Team: Have you worked for Rocket? Magma? Or another?
Family: Any important family need mentioned?
Sprites: You know why we need these.

December 28th, 2008, 7:54 PM
Name: Xander Imarri <- Lame
Age: 15
Pokémon: This character's partner is a small, yet aggresive Gible. When Xander was a boy, a vicious tsunami destroyed his home. He waited fearfully in the ruins for days. He then discovered this Gible, a survivor of the disaster, left behind, half dead under the rocks. He cared for it, and they became partners. He also owns a Gallade and an Eevee.
Requested Pokémon: I'd like Eevee to evolve into Umbreon sometime in the story. I wantz a Charmander.
History: As mentioned above, his hometown, somewhere near Kanto, was torn apart by a tsunami. The town lied on the coast of a peninsula. It is unkown what caused the tsunami, whether it happened naturally, or if it was caused by Water Pokemon. Xander was attacked by a Gyrados on the beach and barely survived. He notice many of them fighting out on the ocean. These Gyrados supposedly caused the destruction. He tried to warn his town about this, but nobody would listen to a six-year-old child. After the tsunami, he traveled and lived in the woods with his Pokemon. They lived on Oran Berries and ate Starlys (how cruel, poor little bird....) . One day, while training, he disrupted a group of Dustox and Beedrill. He ran away, but was badly hurt. He was injected with a poison that was supposedly fatal. He was certain to die. But, he was saved by Pokemon Hunters, trying to poach Skorupi around the area. He woke up in their camp. He was terrified at the criminals around him. He talked with the head of the group, a man named Ian. He told Xander that the hunters were good people who only wanted the best for Pokemon. Ian filled his mind with lies and empty promises. He decided to join them. He learned many skills at their training camp. He was a top student. Ian was like a father to him. Xander felt happy. Eventually, he became a hunter. He always completed his assignments. Although, one day, he was caught by the police. They explained everything to him. He was outraged. Later on that day, the hunters came to break him out. they killed the innocent officers and brought him onto their giant tank-like vehicle. He became beserk. He screamed and yelled, and out of anger, ended up blowing the whole ship into pieces. He resides and trains around MT. MOON.
Team: Reed teh stor-eh, and yoo weel noe.
Family: None, although he discovered that Ian was still alive.
Sprites: I'll send it later. I'm not that good at designing sprites >>

That is what happens when I get BORED. Best of luck with your comic. :)

January 2nd, 2009, 12:22 AM
Name: Kuiin Angel Asterix
Age: 16
Pokémon: Is a Ninetales possible? or maybe vulpix if you have to lower it down. Also, an Absol and Dragonair.
Requested Pokémon: Me wants to get a Skarmory somehow. No need to evolve dragonair.
History: Born In a far off island along the coast of Johto falls, Kuiin is a headstrong, independent person. She lived with her parents until the age of 4 years, when her parents went off to a nearby region to help the residents cope with an unknown ilness that was being spread around. Later, her parents also caught that illness, though they were expert doctors and eventually died. She was sent to her extremely wealthy grandmother whom was very generous and had wanted to give her elderly pension to her parents but they had refused. Her grandmother raised her carefully, taking her to a good school and teaching her the aspects of life. By the age of ten, Kuiin was intelligent, courageous and used her head carefully. then, her grandmother died and she was left an unexpendable amount of money and a large house. Growing up and learning to survive on her own, she took to journeying around the place, training the last present her grandmother had given her, a vulpix.
Team: Nope, Kuiin is an INDIVIDUAL, and always will be.
Family: One generous yet dead grandmother.
Sprites: Gimme some time, need to make some sprites. I am terrible at it.

wow, not many people have posted before. Wonder why i didn't spot this already?

January 2nd, 2009, 1:09 PM
Name: brian
Age: 15
Pokémon: ditto
Requested Pokémon: likitung
History: nothing
Team: no
Family: yah, when agatha dies it turns out i am her grandson

January 3rd, 2009, 6:27 PM
Your comic looks interesting. I have no interest at the moment at joining the comic. However I can post them.