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December 23rd, 2008, 11:26 AM
This was a concept worked on by both myself and Xanthine. It's really just a goofy little RP with a ridiculous plot line and concepts. It's all lulz, really. XD

Plot (?)
It had been a very poor Christmas, that much was positive in Santa's mind as he did what he did. With the recession, gifts for all the boys and girls of the world had become expensive to make, and what with having to pay for all of the elves that slaved away in his workshop, it became too much for his wallet to take. That's why he came to that decision. The decision to lay off some of his elves after Christmas 2008. It was a difficult call to make, but if Christmas were to continue in the future, it was something that needed to be done. Upon hearing this news, the elves began to step up to the plate of proving who was best suited to remain in the shop. Some tried very hard, and others, figuring they were a shoe-in to stay, didn't try at all.

Mig Elgnij was one of these elves. He had been an elf in the workshop as far back as he could remember, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, so he figured he would get special treatment. His magical abilities were also superior to those of the other elves, so he was quick to assume that he was a shoe-in. Even so, Mig had one fatal flaw, and that was his ability to get into mischief. More often than not was he playing dark tricks on the other elves using his magical prowess, and Santa eventually had to tell him enough. With that, Mig Elgnij was one of the first elves laid off, and he went into depression.

He wandered around, Christmas Day, and the few days following it, wondering what to do with his life. He was upset, and above all else, angry. He wanted revenge on that jolly old man. No, he needed revenge. Was there really a way to harm Santa Claus, though? When he was stripped of his position, he was also stripped of a majority of his magic powers. Was there a way to regain those? If he could, he could else destroy that old toy loving fart.

It was early in the day on New Year's Eve that he found his answer. He played a dangerous prank on a human, and found that his powers seemed to increase slightly. Was human suffering the answer? Could he accomplish his goal by inflicting misery upon those inferior beings? He needed to test his theory, and there was no better time than New Year's Eve.

Those foolish humans would be setting goals, he figured, New Year's Resolutions. Armed with his goal in mind, he arrived at a small New Year's Party between friends in secret, staying hidden in the shadows. When the clock struck midnight, and the New Year began, he paid close attention to the wishes deep within the hearts of the humans, and he granted them... in the most grotesque ways imaginable.

Wait, what's going on?
You picked a bad New Year's party to attend, my friend. It just happened to be the one Mig Elgnij decided to mess around with. After being knocked out by the elf, you find yourself awake the next morning, with the feeling that something is off. Yes, the elf took your resolution and used it against you as a test. If your resolution was to fly, perhaps in an airplane, maybe he made you a bird or something, who knows? It would probably be something wacky like that. But now what do you do? You obviously have no idea what's going on! That's when a fairy of all things appears and briefs you on your situation. Apparently, in order to return to normal, you need to get the elf, or something with higher magical power, to undo the spell. But... that can't be easy, can it?

Twisted Resolution: (What did that mean little elf do to you?)
Brief History:
Talents/ Abilities:

December 23rd, 2008, 12:02 PM
Name:Jon Blaque
Twisted Resolution:Jon's resolution was to fight his strongest for all his clients and make sure they get the justice that they deserve. Mig Elgnij made this go the complete wrong way. Now when in court, or when one is getting injustices done to them, he gets this insane urge that he is.. he is.. Justice Man. He rips off his suit to reveal a rather tacky super hero uniform. Then if that isn't enough, the judge is the evil villain Judgeman. He fades off into his on world of heroics and villainy.

Appearance: Jon's age and personality really show in his looks. He is young, healthy, and a number of females find him charming. He has his on little work out plan that keeps him slim, and fit. He leads the life of a busy man, and is often in a suit. His suit is a white under shirt with a light black tie. Over that he wears a light black to dark gray overcoat with matching bottoms. On his feet are two black socks, that he crams into two very uncomfortable leather shoes that are that of a brown color. Jon's face is slender and has many distincive features like his deep auburn eyes, or his very narrow nose. His medium-length dark brown hair is always kept neat and clean. Forever painted on his face is a happy smile.

New Years Resolution Suit
It is a...yellow spandex. He has two light blue half circles where his shoulder bones are, and then one long line running down his spine. A red cape swishes behind him. On his feet are two light blue boots with very pointy tips. There is also a blue faceplater. It runs a thin mask over his face, with three large "spikes" jutting out of it.

Personality:Jon is a serious, fun loving, goofball of a man. He loves to have "Guys" night out. On these nights he will get absolutely smashed and lose all manner of good judgment. In the office, he likes it neat and clean, that is because of his obsessive compulsive disorder. He can't help, but to clean around his house and make it all neat and tidy. If he any of his friends, or co-workers ties or anything are messed up, he will not hesitate to go over and fix it. As a boy, he was taught many card tricks and loves to perform them, it is something he enjoys and is good at to boot. If you need a shoulder to cry on, a person to talk all your troubles away with, Jon is the man. He listens to anyone no matter what they have to say.

Brief History: Jon grew up with an average family, in a little less than average neighborhood. It was a small group of people living in a gated community. Everyone knew everyone, and it drove him nuts. His mom worked as a nurse, and his dad a doctor. Jon,however, had a different passion than health. He wanted to be a lawyer, a lawyer who cares for his clients. This want to become a lawyer started when he got beat up by some neighborhood punks. They told everyone that Jon's father did it, and they framed him too. The cops believed them, and arrested him. He got a good lawyer who didn't stop until he found the truth, and set the innocent man free. Ever since then, Jon has had a strong passion for the law and justice. When Jon turned 25 he met the most beautiful girl of his life. Her name was Serena, and she absolutely dazzled him. They went for steady for about a year, and then Jon proposed her, and she agreed. As of now, they are fiance, fiancee.

Talents/Abilities:Jon, has a few talents. For one, he knows a ton of killer card, and magic tricks. He also knows a ton of tongue twisters, riddles, and puzzles. When drunk, he loves to sing, and thinks he is good at it, when he is drunk. People record him and he looks down in embarrassment. Also when drunk, he can dance, and boy does he dance. One of his other more grotesque "talents" is that he can burp his abcs and some peoples names.

Other: N/A

December 23rd, 2008, 12:03 PM
I'd like to reserve a spot to if I may.

December 23rd, 2008, 12:42 PM
heh.. looks interesting. I'm editing the signup a bit to make it a little clear-er, okay?

Name: Haru Takami
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Origional Resolution: Not to not burn himself again.
Twisted Resolution: Spontaniously combusts when startled, burning anything and everything else, while being fireproof himself. (he has no control over it for now, and unfortunatly for him his clothes are not fire-proof, aside from teh outfit he was wearing to begin with)

Appearance: Haru stands at an even 5', quite short for his age for a guy. He has long, dark-red hair that looks almost black, and golden eyes. He usually can be found wearing his only fire-proof clothes, that thankfully became as such while he was affected by the dark elf's magic. They consist of a black t-shirt over an orange long-sleeved shirt, a pair of baggy black and orange pants, a pair of pumpkin-themed shoes with zippers and straps in place of laces, and a pair of black fingerless gloves with orange patches on the backs of the hands. (he's a halloween fanatic) To complete the outfit he has a black ski-mask like hat, in the sense that he pulls it down over his face and there are goggles built in to protect him from the cold winter winds and snow.

altered appearance: When wearing his fireproof outfit, and startled, Haru takes on this appearance: You could quite easily describe him as a demon from the lowest pits of hell. Every opening on his outfit releases bright orange flames that can burn almost anything he touches. His fingers, and wrists erupt in flame, while his hair becomes a flaming mane. With his 'mask' pulled down it looks like his eyes glow bright orange, while the flames burst out from under his hat. Smoke billows from his pant legs, and small flames burst out around his collar.

Personality: Haru is, even now, a happy-go-lucky ball of absolute terror, meaning that he gets great enjoyment out of frights and shocks, exept when done to him. (he decorates his bedroom with cobwebs, tombstones, and fake-blood) He constantly says "If you're not scared, you're not livin'." When not scaring others though, his happy-go-lucky self is present, trying to cheer everyone up rather than scare them. Extremely jumpy at times, he sees life as one big horror movie, or soemthing close to it, someone jumping out from behind him would set him off, litteraly.

Brief History:Haru is your average kid. Japanese in heritage, he holds down a job at a fast-food place, the source for his dislike twords burns and blisters. His parents work at a small movie-prop production company, where they make props for monster movies, this being the source of Haru's love of horror movies. Having such a care-free attitude twords death, and more importantly, death in a horrible fasion, is what makes him so happy-go-lucky, saying that life's too short and could end too suddenly to worry. He still dosn't like getting burned though...

Talents/ Abilities: Haru has a completely scatterbrained knowlage of horror movies, and ways of torture. He is possibly the only one connected to this event with a darker mind than that elf, even if he'll never use his knowlage to hurt someone. Eventually he'll manage some control over his powers, but untill then will just have to deal with being a walking time-bomb.

Other: Secretly Haru has a passion for superheros and all those things, "Power Rangers", "Spiderman", it dosn't matter. If they fight evil he's probably a fan.... as long as they're not too childish like "Care Bears" or something. No, Seriously, he, ironicly, thinks they should all burn in the lowest pit of christian hell imaginable.

hope that's fine

December 28th, 2008, 9:31 AM
I need to wait for Xanthine to get back before I accept or decline anything.

Name: Maya Drew (previously went by the name of David Sellius)
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Twisted Resolution: To find a friend for his sickly sister. Ended up becoming that friend.
Brief History:
Talents/ Abilities: