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October 30th, 2003, 11:58 AM
Before I get on To the Story , Id just like to take the time to say that it includes Violence and Sexual Themes So be Advised. I even Made the Movie Poster ^_^

The Story ~

Long ago,in the Empire of Crystalia, there lived two Rival's , Hermano ( Urr Mano ) and Gustave ( Goos tav ). They were at War , Both perished fighting each other, Not giving into one another. When they died they left their sons their estates, money, and legacies. The Father of the Church spoke about them at a Funeral Service................................ Now to the Future, No longer shall Hermano and Gustave be frowned upon, Look to the Sky, They live, They breathe,They speak, Look to the Sky.................

1200 years later.........................
( This is Done in Dialouge So please enjoy this )

News Reporter : We bring you coverage live from the Heart of the Empire : Crystalia , where a two bands of Rioters : The Hermanitos and The Gustavos are Battling each other..... Please Stay With Us As we bring you.... * click *

[ Mysterious Character ] : We cannot have them Throw our name down like its nothing!

[ Female Voice ] : We have the news you want, Master Sierro.

[ Male Voice ] : This took forever and we almost risked our lives getting this.

Sierro : Please My Little Scouts , Help me out for once. Ill cut your pay and starve you if you dont.

[ Female ] : we can live on our own, Me and Iany have our own Estate on the Countryside.

[ Male--Iany ] : She's right , now pay up Boss.

Sierro : ok ... Here it is 5000 Crystalia's Like i promised.

[ Female--Liza ] - Gracias, Maestro.

Sierro - You are Dismissed Now........

Chapter One Completed

Srry if you didnt understand it, this is my story for my English Class. So once again sorry and Enjoy ^_^

November 1st, 2003, 12:16 PM
This sounds pretty cool! Please continue, Dizzy-boi. ^.^

*dies of paper cut*