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December 29th, 2008, 5:51 PM
The Crystal Quest

The Plot

Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

I am Professor Elm of New Bark Town; I am In charge of giving beginner trainer’s their first Pokémon and preparing them for their Pokémon Journey’s. I have a vast collection of Pokémon of different types, so... go ahead and choose one.


Ok! Now that you’ve chosen your Pokémon, it’s time for me to explain to you just what it is you’re getting yourself into. But first! Take these, a Pokédex and 5 Poké Ball’s. Now, follow me as I teach you the wonders of this great land known as Johto.

This place is inhabited by amazing creatures known as “Pokémon”, just like the ones you’ve already received. In total, there are 240 different kinds of Pokémon. There are 17 different types that these Pokémon could be; Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water. Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Dark... some Pokémon are even made up of two types!

Not only are there these “regular” Pokémon, but there are also 11 Pokémon known as “Legendaries”. This brings the total of known Pokémon to 251, with more yet to be discovered. Now, let me explain to you what types of roles there are that use Pokémon in different ways.

You fall into the category of “Pokémon Trainer”; your job is to travel the land in search of Pokémon, while challenging people known as Gym Leaders. Once you’ve defeated eight Gym Leaders in a particular region and obtained their specific badges, you will be eligible to take on the 4 greatest trainers in Johto, known as “The Elite 4”. After defeating all 4 of these great trainers in row, you must take on the Pokémon Champion.

There are also people who study Pokémon, like me. We are known as “Pokémon Researchers” and we try our best to unlock the secrets that these wonderful creatures hold. But! No world is perfect. There are some people that use Pokémon as weapons in crimes such as, robbery, kidnap, assault and even murder. I pray that none of you trainers come across anyone like this during your travels.

Anyways! I’ve rambled on for far too long and I do believe it’s time for you five trainers to set out on your Pokémon Journey’s. You will face tough times and fun challenges, but I know you will make it in the end!

The Rules

Only Pokémon found in the Generation 2 games will appeared in this RP, that means any Pokémon that evolves into a Pokémon from Generation 3 or 4 won’t be obtainable. Legendary Pokémon will not be able to be captured, but they will appear in the RP.

I will not be playing in this RP; I will act as the game master and will be controlling NPC’s such as Prof. Elm, the Gym Leaders/Elite 4 Members and Team Rocket Admins.

I will only be accepting 5 people and once those spots are filled, sign-ups will be closed. If someone drops out, I will reopen the sign-ups for that type only and allow someone to join.

You can only control your character and no-one else’s. That means no God Modding what so ever, not even if the other member gives you permission... which is highly unlikely.

Be active! That means, if you only come online once in a blue moon... don’t bother joining this RP. If you do have to go somewhere and won’t be online for a few days, at the least, tell me before hand. If you don’t, I’ll end up kicking you out and if we move too far ahead... there won’t be another chance for you to join.

Lastly, just have fun! I don’t want to seem like the big scary boss, who runs everything (even though I am XP) If I, or any other member in this RP is stopping you from having fun... let me know right away, that way we can find a way to help.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What’s your character’s name?
Gender: Is your character male or female?
Age: How old is your character?
Birth Date: When was your character born?
Appearance: What does your character look like? (At least one paragraph)
Personality: How does your character act around others? (At least one paragraph)
History: Where, when and how did your character grow up? (At least one paragraph)
Preferred Starter: Which of the starter Pokémon below do you want and is it male or female?
RP Sample: Write up an example of how you RP (No exceptions/At least two paragraphs)

Grass – Chikorita/Sunkern/Oddish/Hoppip
Fire – Cyndaquil/Slugma/Magby/Houndour
Water – Totodile/Marill/Remoraid/Slowpoke
Electric – Pichu/Mareep/Elekid/Chinchou
Normal – Eevee/Aipom/Snubbull/Teddiursa

The Slots
1. Will played by Pikalover10 (Aipom)
2. Bret played by Dark_Link12 (Totodile)
3. Silver Clone played by PlatniumPiano (Chikorita)
4. Grey Christopher Rose played by ~|symphony♪ (Slugma)
5. Augustus (Gus) played by Hippy! (Chinchou)

December 31st, 2008, 4:58 PM
The master123: The appearance and personality could use some work and the history needs a complete face lift. Stratagems?
I had a look at the Aether RP to see how you RP, I'm afraid your posts are far too short and lack a lot of detail.
So, until you've fixed all the stuff I've listed... I'm going to have to say, DENIED.

December 31st, 2008, 5:14 PM
Yeah, Bret again. I really loved rping with him though and I'm willing to give it another shot.

Name- Bret
Gender- Male
Age- 11
Birthdate- April 14, 1997

Appearance- Bret looks exactly how he acts: childish and immature. He is fairly tall for his age, making people think that he is older than he actually is. That changes, though, when they look at his face. He has large, brown eyes and a huge grin on his face that makes people laugh when they see him. He has scrappy brown hair that sticks out of the hat he usually wears which is always messy and untidy. He always wears travel clothes wherever he goes whether it is school, home, anywhere.

Personality- Bret has never transferred from a child to a preteen. People who have met him most of the time notice his immaturity first out of everything and only notice this trait of his. Bret acts childish all the time and is a fun person to be around young children and sometimes older kids, but annoying to adults. When somebody is down or upset, Bret is usually there to cheer them up- or annoy them some more. Bret can also be brave and rash and jump into dangerous situations without even thinking about it. Common sense and intelligence is in his head, he just doesn't use it. Somebody usually has to be around him to set him straight and keep him out of trouble.

History- Bret had lived a fairly normal in his hometown, Pewter City, by just going to school and then coming home, but he knew his life was missing something: pokemon. But because of his personality, and the fact that his parents were usually busy, he was never allowed to go capture a pokemon of his own
One day though, Bret actually got permission from his parents to go to the Viridian Woods. Because of his excitement and lack of sense though, he took off into the woods without a pokeball and was attacked by a mob of pokemon. Luckily, a young trainer saved him and lead him out of the woods safely. Bret soon grew attached to this trainer after watching his bravery in the Pewter gym and in his matches in the Viridian Woods. He ended up traveling with him and watched him slowly grow to be a successful trainer. It only made him want to travel more and be a success just like him.
With the trainer was finished with the Kanto region, Bret told him about his dream to start his own journey. He thought it was an amazing dream and handed him a small necklace to remember their friendship and made him vow that he was going to be an amazing trainer one day. With the trainer's charm, Bret knows he needs to prove himself and be an amazing trainer one day.

Preferred Starter: Totodile (It'll match his personality) Male

RP Sample: (From Zimvee's old rp)
Larvitar! The guy had his hands on Gold’s pokemon. He had also called it Pupitar. Was that really Mystery’s name? Gold didn’t care at the moment and only wished that he wasn’t tied so he strangle that guy and take back what was rightfully his. But he played cool. The longer this guy didn’t know that he was the trainer of Pupitar, the more surprised he would be when Gold snagged him back…somehow.

“The catch was the hardest yet, but I managed to do it. The kid I went against was powerful, but I took him out easily with my Venasaur’s hyper beam. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him anymore.”

Gold heard the words and shook with anger. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was the man that took him out in the middle of the route with the cold attack. Gold couldn’t control himself anymore.

“You were the one that attacked me in cold-blood! Give me back my pokemon, now!” Gold shouted in rage.

The man laughed high and coldly. The laugh just made Gold realize how scared he really was and turned him into a little frightened kid once more. His rage had pushed him over the limit but it had dimmed just enough to make him afraid. “Well, well, what a treat we have here. I caught the Pupitar trainer! This capture keeps getting better every second!”

Gold didn’t say anything. There wasn’t much more to say since he was tied to a chair. His mouth would only get him into more trouble than he already was. The only thing that was going to say him was his actions…if he could do any.

“Your specialness is going to get you the special treatment. Now-“

The door along the wall that Gold was leaned up against slammed open and a trainer bolted in with some pokemon pouring in the doors. He was wearing the uniform that Gold was wearing and had a gray mustache visible on his aging face.

“Zaron!” Gold shouted.

“Found you!” Zaron shouted at Gold. He quickly pointed in the air to order a Charmeleon standing next to him. “Slice through those ropes!” he ordered. The Charmeleon leaped forward and sliced through the ropes with its sharp claws causing them to just fall off Gold in little shavings. Gold quickly stood up and stumbled as he faced the mystery leader.

“You’ve pushed it over the edge now,” he growled. He pulled out a pokeball and held it up. “You will soon see the reason why you shouldn’t be on their side.” He threw the pokeball and a large pokemon appeared in front of him; Venusaur.

Oh, no, Gold thought. He reached around his belt and didn’t find any of his pokeballs. He had only just remembered that all his pokemon were gone with him having no idea where they could be.

“Gold!” Zaron shouted. Gold looked over to the side and had to react quickly as a pokeball was being beamed at him. He caught the ball and brought it over to the side to where he stretched out his whole right arm with the pokeball clutched in his hand.

“What pokemon is this?!” Gold shouted as he held the pokeball.

“It’s one of your pokemon! Just throw the ball so we can get out of here!” Zaron shouted.

Gold quickly nodded and looked at the Venusaur and its hooded trainer. He gulped, thinking about the last time this pokemon had attacked him. It wasn’t normal, mostly thanking the leader of the Collector’s for that. His Ivysaur was the complete opposite of this thing, and so were the rest of his pokemon. He had to show that now.

“Go, whoever!” Gold shouted. He threw the pokeball and a pokemon came out of the flashing red lights. From behind, Gold saw the bushy red and tan fur and the pokemon’s soft face and bushy tail. It was Flareon.

“This thing is a joke,” growled the leader behind his hood. “It is time I annihilate you once and for all and take back all the pokemon that are rightfully mine. Venasaur, use Hyper Beam!!”

The cold streak of fear hit Gold as he heard the words leave the man’s mouth. He felt completely frozen for a second before he realized that he had to do something before this attack destroyed him for good.

“Gold, move!!” Zaron shouted. Gold didn’t look at him, but instead took Zaron’s words and leapt to the side in a huge dive. Flareon leaped out of the way as well and rolled over a little. The golden beam shot across the room and went completely through the wall as if it was paper. Gold was on the ground at the side, covering his head and hoping the attack would end.

“Ha ha ha, just goes to show what you really are, a coward,” the man laughed.

Gold slammed his fist on the ground out of frustration and stood up. “Cheap moves don’t get you anywhere. Flareon, use quick attack on Venasaur!!”

Flareon sprinted forward and worked hard to collide into Venusaur as hard as she could, but as the fire pokemon made contact, she bounced off as if she were made of rubber and Venusaur stood as if nothing had ever happened.

“Those moves cannot hurt my pokemon! Venusaur, use Hyper Beam again!!” shouted the man in a proud, raging voice. Once again, fear hit Gold, a fear that he never felt before. It was a fear of wondering whether he was going to make it out okay, or lie crumpled in the room like he did last time, maybe worse this time.

Gold leapt out of the way again as the attack hit. It once again blew another hole in the wall and Gold just sat their, trying not to look at the attack as it passed by. He felt like what the man said, a coward, but how could he possibly face that attack?

Still on the ground, Gold pointed his finger in the air. “Flareon, use tackle attack again, just make it double the power this time!!” Gold sounded intense. He needed to make it out of this alive.

Flareon ran forward and slammed into Venusaur again, only to get bounced back once more. Gold cursed his luck and wondered how he was going to make it out as he pounded his fist on the ground.

“Now I have you,” the man mumbled under his breath. “Venasaur, use one more hyper beam and aim it straight for the boy.”

Gold watched in paralyzed fear as he watched Venusaur slowly prepare for the attack right before his eyes. It steadied itself and then boom, the attack came. Gold couldn’t move at all partly from the fear and partly because he was on the ground and didn’t have enough time to move. He knew this was it and prepared to get hit. He snapped his eyes shut, with the anticipation killing him.

But the attack never hit. Instead of Gold hearing the attack hit him, he heard a new noise like something was hitting up against it, like a different power source deflecting the hyper beam.

“Gold!” Gold heard Zaron shout.

Gold opened his eyes, turned around, and looked to see a furious blast of red and orange flames that was hitting up against the golden yellow attack. Flareon was right in front of Gold, standing strong on all fours and keeping up the attack as best as she could. She had leaped in front of Gold and was protecting him with an attack she had never used before.

“Keep going, Flareon!” Gold shouted.

“Don’t let this pest beat you!! Destroy them now!” the man shouted. Venusaur slammed one of its feet hard on the ground. Gold suddenly felt extremely uneasy about what Venusaur was going to do next and could only think, Please……come through this, Flareon.

Flareon pushed back her own body like a spring and suddenly punched herself forward, increasing her fire power. The fire blasted and went right through Venusaur and even the man. It was so powerful that it blasted both of them right out of the building, through a giant hole that the fire had made. Flareon collapsed on the ground, exhausted.

Gold ran past Flareon, patting her for a split second before running to the giant hole on the wall. The sides were charred and looked like it was going to fall apart any second.

Did he…, Gold thought. He looked down to where the man had fallen. Gold saw only what he needed to see. The man’s Venusaur was gone and replaced by a giant bird that the man was flying away on. He had survived the fall… But why had he run away from the battle? Gold didn’t really care at the moment why he had taken off because all that meant was that he had survived as well. He let out a breath of relief.

December 31st, 2008, 5:23 PM
May I reserve Water? A Totodile? The 2nd gen games were my favorite of all! ^_^

December 31st, 2008, 5:41 PM
May I reserve Water? A Totodile? The 2nd gen games were my favorite of all! ^_^

I already have a totodile :\

December 31st, 2008, 6:30 PM
In that case Chikorita or Eevee?

December 31st, 2008, 8:24 PM
Character Name: Grey Christopher Rose
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: When was your character born?
Appearance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usually wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'. Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Underneath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe. If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accommodated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'. On a chilly winter’s day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usually have his glasses on, so his contacts won’t dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever something comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likely be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever something sad, devastating, happy, or joyous happens, he usually won’t show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, he’s good, but if the weather is gloomy, he’s gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usually the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkative, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysteries to make a good impression, but he usually fails.
Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth sadder, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became estranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finally turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After another two year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in Sangem Town, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a big shot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finally needed to go on his own Pokemon journey.
Preferred Starter: Any Wildcards? If not I'll take a Male Slugma
RP Sample:

From my RP, Rawltz & Rawltz Co.

Grey watched as night slowly turned to day in the small town of Sangem, Sinnoh. He yearned badly for all of his musical instruments left at home: his piano, both of his saxophones (his alto and tenor), his violin, and harp. All he had been able to take was his small pennywhistle. He quietly blew a few tones into the small recorder-like instrument. Soon the shadows of the buildings around him grew larger and larger untill it was almost too dark for Grey to see. He got off of the step he was sitting on and once again went to look in the music store before it closed. Sparkling saxophones and dazzling flutes lined the neatly tiered shelves in their small cardboard boxes. He was in the woodwind isle, with the many single and double reed instruments. He continued walking and made it to the string isle. It was divided into two sections: plucked and bowed. He could see the large box which held a harp, and also the small box holding violins. Grey skipped over most of the percussion instruments, only stopping once to look at the piano with its beautiful white and black keys. He played a small tune before being yelled at by the store owner.

"Can't you read?" he asked angrily, "Anyways it is time to close!" the man pushed Grey out of the door. There was a Chatot sitting on the mans shoulder, and a Loudred at his side.

Grey was once again back in the cold darkness left by the sun. He finaly decided that it was time to go to the Pokecenter to find a place to sleep. He walked in to the red building and was greeted by an always cheerful Nurse Joy.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the nurse said.

"I just need a place to stay for a night or so,"

"Okay, please just sign in right here," she pushed a small clipboard onto the desk. He signed his name, Grey C. Rose, befor leaving for a room.

He soon found one and went inside. He looked at the clock which read 11:00. It was late, and he was tired. He quickly fell asleep. Soon he found himself on the floor with the sun shining into his eyes. He was wide awake soon, and immediately looked at the clock. Now it read 7:00. It was a quick night for Grey. He quickly made the bed, and started to leave when he saw a small white envelope. Writted on the envelope was , R&R/TT. Grey noticed no return adress, but opened it anyways. It was clearly for him, as it read:

Dear Grey Christopher Rose,
You have been invited to the lab of Professor Hann. She lives in Slateport City, Hoenn. She has recently moved from Johto, and has built a new laboratory in Slateport. But the laboratory isn’t normal. It is located underwater. You will need to report the Oceanic Museum located in East Slateport. There will be no need to pay admission. We will immediately take you to your first destination. You must be there at strictly 7:00 PM. We do not appreciate or tolerate latecomers. Once there, we will all leave for the Laboratory of Professor Hann. There you will receive your first Pokemon, which has been carefully chosen by Hann. Then, Hann and I will explain to you everything that is happening and why. Then, just as quickly as you came, you will leave. You are not to tell anyone about your visit to Professor Hann and you are not to tell anyone about this letter. Leave every one of you Pokemon behind. You will receive your Pokemon once you come to Slateport.


Grey was unable to read the name which was signed, which was unfortunate.

Slateport, aye?, Grey thought, That is in Hoenn if I do believe... I must leave soon. Grey quickly gathered his things which wan't much: a backpack and a letter. He signed out of the PokeCenter, and went outside. Before he left for Slateport he went back to the music shop for one last look. He walked up to the old man and held up his pennywhistle.

"Is there anything that I can trade this for?" Grey asked.

The man put on his glasses and held it up about an inch from his nose. "Hmm..." he said, "Chatot, Loudred. How much would you say this is worth?" The Pokemon looked at the instrument.

"Chat, chat chat, tot!" said the musical bird.

"Loud, d drid!" the Loudred said.

The man cleaned off the mouthpiece and played a tune. The Pokemon jupmed in happyness, clearly glad with the music the instrument produced. The man again said 'Hmm' and went into the back. He came back with an old, greatly-used alto saxophone.

"I can give you this," he said, gesturing to the saxophone, "and also eighty dollars."

Grey brightened up. He quickly traded, then asked how much the saxophone was worth.

"Umm, I'd say around one hundred dollars."

"Okay, thanks!" Grey said rushing out the door. He quickly opened the saxophone case. He put the reed in the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece on the neck, and finaly the neck on the body. He attached the neckstrap and played a small, happy tune. Then he quickly put it up and went off to find a way to Slateport City.

December 31st, 2008, 8:52 PM
Dark_Link12: ACCEPTED! No questions asked.

Callandor: I'm sorry, but between you and ~|symphony♪ it's an easy choice. DENIED...

Loopy Legend: Sorry, but I've had problems with you joining my RP's before... so, DENIED.

~|symphony♪: How can I say no to you? ACCEPTED.

Blue Screen of Death
January 1st, 2009, 1:26 AM
Character Name: Augustus (Gus for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Birth Date: March 15 1994

Appearance: Augustus tends to dress himself most often in a pair of carpenter jeans, and a shirt with some sort of joke or witty comment on it. His hair is black and rather untidy, and while he does take good care of his face, acne is still noticeable on it. He inherited his brown eyes from his father, and his black hair from his mother. Augustus also dyes his hair green or blue every now and then, which tends to leave a mess in whatever sink he used. He has the beginning traces of a beard and mustache, along with his hair on his head being rather long, the sideburns of which are always cut off. Thanks to his high teenage metabolism, and lots of exercise, he is quite fit. He is usually quite dirty at home, because of the farm work he has to do, but he does like to be clean anywhere else. He is nearly 5'8'' and is still growing, usually in small bursts, causing joint pain. Augustus however does seem to have trouble tanning, and as a result is oddly pale. Not that many people notice.

Personality: Augustus is really an urban boy in a farm boys body. Not that he doesn't enjoy his life, he simply has a nature that is most commonly seen in children who were raised in urban settings. He hates mornings, but that is mostly because he is insomniac. This usually does not go well with his daily farm work, but he manages it. He lives with his uncle and cousin as well, which has massively increased his tolerance for pain and his ability to go places unnoticed. Some people might associate him with a cat or some other feline animal, mostly because he tends to do rather cat like things with string or a golf ball. Augustus rarely keeps his money in his room, because he has trouble saving it. Aside from mornings or when he is angry, he is quite a likable person

History: Augustus was born on the Orange islands, and lived there for five years with his mother. He moved to Kanto when he was five years old to live with his uncle and cousin. He lost his father at the age of three due to a plane crash when his father was going to Celadon city.

His cousin Jake immensely enjoyed being around Augustus, although he showed this by bullying him. But Augustus didn't mind. His Uncle ran the farm he lived on, mostly only growing wheat and corn, he did have a few Miltanks and Tauros's. He lived near a small lake, which housed many pokemon. He would always go there to fish whenever he had the time, and he caught many pokemon. Chinchou, Remoraid, Magikarp, and Tentacool where his only catches he kept because he could not keep many pokemon in the house. His grandmother was the only other relative he ever got to see because she lived in the small town near the farm Augutus lived on.

He got in trouble more than once for messing around with the farm equipment, mostly just trying to hotwire it to get it out of the shed. He was also in debt for almost a year to his uncle when he made a large crop circle in the wheat, which he claims was his cousin Jake's idea.

When he found out that he was going to go to Johto for a special opportunity, he was filled with curiosity and excitement. However, he did not take a plane to Johto, instead he rode with his uncle to Saffron city, where he boarded the magnet train alone. He was supposed to meet a man in Goldenrod who who take him to New Bark town where his special offer was waiting. This turned out to be a hoax however, and he had to spend most of the money he brought with him, which was his life savings, leaving him with only about twenty seven dollars and some odd cents, on a taxi ride to New Bark town. He only got to Cherrygrove however, where he did walked the rest of the way, which caused an encounter with an angry colony of sentrets.

Preferred Starter: Chinchou Female (Although, if at all possible, could I have a sentret?)

RP Sample: Example from the days of ol' (Really, its from an old RP o' mine)
Jared looked down upon Ilex forest from his post. He loved working third shift on the watch tower. He could see the whole forest from his spot, and it was illuminated beautifully by the moon-light.

Along with those facts, he also enjoyed the solitude of his post. He would like privacy, but with all of the flying type sentinels patrolling the perimeter, his every move could be seen from five different angles. He had once heard of a particularly stupid Gallade who had committed some questionable acts; the news of which quickly spread throughout the base, and the guard was demoted to clean-up duty.

Jared knew he could have practically any position he wanted, considering his family, but he preferred the solitude of his post.

But that was beside the point. Jared had to make sure nothing could approach without clearance. So when he saw an unknown Flygon approaching, with an Ampharos on the ground not far from it, he sprung into action and warned the captain of the guard.

They immediately sent an Exploud to the post with Jared who shouted to the two pokemon "Identify yourselves!" In a deep, baritone voice.

January 1st, 2009, 1:41 AM
Hippy!: That's a great sign-up, ACCEPTED!

January 1st, 2009, 11:24 AM
Character Name: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: Aust 12th
Appearance: Will is shorter then most people. He stands at exactly 5 feet and weighs about 95 lbs. His hair is black and it is always messy. He wears a dark green T-shirt, black pants that are a little too long for him, brown running shoes, dark green fingerless gloves, and a silver necklace with a silver Pokeball at the end of it. He also carries around a dark green knapsack that is slung over his shoulder which carries multiple items. One of these items is a cloak of different shades of green and when put on and used the right way he is virtually invisable. He also wears a silver leaf pendant when his cloak is on to keep the cloak closed.
Personality: Will is usually very timid and serious at the same time. It is a weird coombination and most people aren't his friends because of it. Will has been alone his whole life except for his brother and everyone avoids and shuns him out of everything. When there is a problem and nobody is willing to take charge, Will is ready to jump in and take charge. Although, most people will just ignore him unless their own lives or their friend's life they are willing to take action.
History: Will was born and grew up in none other then New Bark Town. His father died at the hands of some rober. Will was then forced to live with his mother who babied him. Will was always shuned out of everything until he met Horace. Horace and Will become best friends. They soon discovered that they were exactly alike except in appearence. Their birthdays were even on the same day!

Will's mother never let Horace come home with Will for fear that they might discover her secret. A few years passed and Will's mother finally snapped when she had taken the two best friends to the park. She confessed that Will and Horace were both ferturnal twins out of a set of ferturnal triplets. Will was frozen with shock when she told them, but Horace was as happy as could be. Horace had grown up until he was 9 in an orphanage in New Bark Town. He had gotten adopted and stayed here, while their other brother/sister was taken somewhere else in the region.

Will and Horace now have dreams of becoming a Pokemon master and have decided to leave their homes and start on their journey. While on their journey, they have decided to also search for their other brother/sister. Will wonders if they have a brother, or a sister. And he also wonders why his mom didn't tell him and Horace sooner?

Preferred Starter: Let's try something different, shall we? How about a Male Aipom.
RP Sample:

Saphire took in a deep breath of air as he walked along Route 1. To his right was a huge cliff and to his left was a forest. He sighed and then he looked at Ingo. Ingo was watching something in the forest next to them for some reason.

"You ok Ingo?" Saphire asked.

"Ab." Ingo said reassuringly.

Saphire nodded and looked foreward. Then he noticed something walking across the route road trying to get over to the forest. It was a dog that on its upper body was blue and its lower body was black. Saphire scanned it with his pokedex.

Shinx, the flash pokemon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blind.

Saphire smirked and looked at Ingo. Ingo nodded knowing what to do and climbed from his shoulder to the ground. Abra stood there and looked blankly at the Shinx. The Shinx noticed Ingo doing this and got into a battle position.

"Ingo Teleport!" Saphire said.

Then Ingo disappeared and momentarily confused the Shinx as he reappeared behind it. Then the Shinx ran at him.

"Teleport!' Saphire said.

Then Ingo disappeared again behind the Shinx and then it ran back trying to touch Ingo. Then it got to Ingo and tackled him to the ground. Ingo looked like this was nothing and just sat there.

"Teleport." Saphire said boredly.

Then Ingo disappeared again and the Shinx fell flat on its face. Then Ingo appeared above the Shinx and fell onto its body. The Shinx struggled to get Ingo off of it and then finally managed to. Ingo stood there in front of a very sturdy tree while the Shinx was preparing to try to tackle him again. It ran at him while Abra still stood there.

"Teleport." Saphire said very bored.

Ingo disappeared and then reappeared at the top of the tree. Shinx couldn't stop and hit the tree dead on knocking its head. Then Ingo jumped from the tree branch and landed on the Shinx pinning it to the ground.

Saphire was bored and decided to get this thing over with and picked out one of his pokeballs.

"Go, pokeball!" Saphire said.

The pokeball hit Shinx and Shinx was engulfed in a red light and then disappeared into the pokeball. Ingo stood next to the pokeball watching it wriggle back and forth for what seemed like hours until finally....

January 1st, 2009, 3:13 PM
Name: Silver Clone

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: 1/19/93


Tall and lanky, Silver towers above the crowd at six feet two inches. He is very proud of his height- the taller the better for Silver. As for the clothing department, Silver doesn't dress up. A jacket, tee shirt and jeans are all Silver wants and needs. If you're going to be running around all the time, why dress up? Aside from that, he is always sporting his old, black skate shoes. Not the best for travel, but they work for him. And they compliment his long, dark brown hair which flows to the end of his neck, and halfway over his eyes.


To sum it up, lazy. Silver is always bribing his friends into doing his responsibilities for him. And even though he may appear like a sarcastic guy who doesn't care for his future in the slightest, he is a natural- born genius. He always has a new question for everyone to ponder and is a huge fan of paradoxes and riddles. He is witty, and thinks on his feet, which makes some people see him as a smart- alec. Silver is very close to his friends, as he is the sociable type... sometimes. Silver has very odd behavior patterns, which even he cannot understand. Sometimes he will wake up daring, fun, and ready for anything, while on some days you could find him in solitude gazing at the clouds, in a very deppressed manner. But overall, Silver is a joy to be around, and can usually brighten up your day with one of his sarcastic remarks.


Silver was raised in Pallet Town, like most aspiring young trainers, but not because he wanted to be one. In fact, Silver despised Pokemon. He thought they were utterly useless, and couldn't understand why anyone bothered with them. All of his friends tried to get him into it- they even gave him a Pokemon for his birthday- but failed, as Silver is not one to jump on the bandwagon. So, one day on one of his walks, a man with a black and red uniform attacked him, and almost killed Silver with his Pokemon. He came close, until the champion of the Kanto region, Ash, defeated the menace with his Pikachu. This event lighted a fire within Silver's heart that made him want to pursue Pokemon training. So when he heard about the Johto region, his mind was made up. Silver was going to travel to Johto to become a Pokemon master.

Preffered Starter: The male Chikorita, please ^_^

RP Sample:

The bitter air of the night seemed too freeze Silver once he stepped outside. He knew what he was to do, but was unsure how to go about it. He left his grandmother a note saying that he was spending the night at Rick's house.
That, of course, was not his plan.
Clutching a ticket to a private charter, Silver dashed along the empty alley. Few people were out that night, as the temperatures had hit a record low. That, and the new curfew set into place by the police.
It was supposed to "keep crime on thin ice", but Silver just saw it as another insipid attempt to tighten the city's grasp on the people. After all, nobody wanted Team Rocket in the city again. The last encounter left half of the city ablaze from the inferno set off by their pokemon. But what was the use? If you block the roads, they will come from the sky, if you seal off the sky they will come from beneath your feet. And if you sealed off the oceans, the trains, the cars, the planes, they would come from the inside out.
But Silver did not care. All he knew was that he had to get to the other side of the city before six- thirty A.M. It seemed like an easy task. After all, how hard could it be to follow the road? Just run on Midnight Road before and take a left a the Pokemart!. So he decided to keep going. The police weren't going to catch him. He was as deft as a cat! As swift as an eagle! As silent as a spider!
Before he ran into the trash can. Silver bellowed a loud curse, which caught the attention of some unwanted friends.
"Who's there? I demand you show yourself!" came a voice.
Silver crawled out of the wreckage, brushing some debris off of his shoulder.
"This is the Goldenrod Police!"
"Of course," Silver whispered to himself.
"Come out or we will be forced to become-"
"Why, hello officer!"
The officer seemed a bit startled at Silver's sudden appearance.
"What are you doing out this late? Don't you know the curfew is in effect? Every citizen locked in their houses at ten!"
"Oh, my mistake sir," said Silver. He kicked his shoes on the ground lazily, looking as innocent as possible. Dumb curfew, he thought. "I was under the impression that the curfew started next week, the fourteenth."
"There were notices all over the city, sir, and I have a hard time believing you were unaware of such changes," replied the officer tartly.
"Hmm... Pity," said Silver. "Well, officer, I am sorry if I had bothered you today. I'll just be headed off to my house now-"
"Yes, yes, of course, but could I ask you a question?"
"Anything for a noble serviceman like yourself," replied Silver sweetly.
"What is your name?"
"I don't know."
"Austin, sir. Austin..." Silver thought rapidly. He did not want to use his previous last name nor his current. Or the one he used the previous night too escape curfew. He was glad the officer was not the same.
"Austin Brooks?" said the skeptical officer.
"Uh... yeah that's me!"
The officer gave Silver a long, scrutinizing look.
"Hmm... Well that's curious."
"What is it, your lawfulness?"
"You fit the description of the man my friend busted last night."
"Big city, there is bound to be some look-alikes," Silver responded, trying not too look nervous.
A third voice interrupted, "Or maybe just one good liar."
The voice stepped out of the shadows. Silver's euphoric attitude just dropped to one of despair in realization of the obvious cliché. The officer from last night emerged, face red hot with anger.
"This is him?!" exclaimed the first.
"Bet your Bellsprout it is," seethed the second. "So mister 'Wilson'... How would you like the rest of your night in county?"
"No, it's okay."
"But you lied to an officer. You're coming with me."
"Umm, no I'd rather not," Silver replied. And then he bolted.
"Stop, crook!!"
Silver was already on his way by the time the cops gave chase.
"All units, scramble! We have a rouge on Midnight Road! I repeat, all units scramble!" Roared the officer into his mike.
Silver chuckled too himself as he sprinted along the alley. Nothing like a run at night, right? He continued on his way, dodging trash cans and the occasional Grimer. In the distance far behind, he heard the barks of Growlithe the police had sent. Silver was fast, but Growlithe were faster. Thinking quick, Silver decided the best move here would be to swerve. In and out of backyards and roads, Silver's erratic path dumbfounded the hounds, and soon they were all over the city, desperately searching for the renegade on the loose.
"Aha!" Silver panted, "the Pokemart!" It was quite a ways off in the distance, but he could arrive in time.
With no time spared, he stepped on the gas, ripping through the city even quicker than before. When the Mart 's aromas of potions and cleaning supplies reached Silver's nose, he knew he had to make his turn. But the dogs were in hot pursuit. Even if he made it to the pier, by the time he found a hiding place, he would have become kibbles. Oh well, he thought, no harm trying.
Silver slammed hard left at the mart and, almost loosing his footing, sprinted with all of his might. The dog's howls were getting louder by the second, and with the pier in view, Silver just kept pouring it on. His heart was punding with the almighty force of fear and exceitment. All that was keeping him upright was his adrenaline. He could see the sea, the docked boats and the lighthouse, now. He was about there, but now he could hear the Growlithe's snapping of teeth and snarls of hunger.
There it was! His feet stepped on the wooden dock, and Silver made an almightly, last- ditch leap- straight into the icy water. The dogs screeched to a halt, and all collided to produce a heap of fur, fangs, and fire. Silver's jump into the water had nearly stopped his heart, but he still managed to smile. A smile for his achievement, and narrow luck. He turned and swam across the water, and collapsed onto a small sailboat. All with the serenade of yelling dogs, and confused citizens back on the solid, arid earth.

January 1st, 2009, 4:24 PM
Now i member you Kev your the bum of a Mod that no matter what happened or how much i edited my profile or tried to help out it just wasnt good enough for you. Now according to you i finally do ti right and now i cant join cuase you had bad exp with me in the past funny how that works out.

Guy dont rp with him worst mod ever he always will change things then blame you for it

Hey, there's no need to post stuff like that here. I'v never had any trouble with Kev in the past, and frankly, after checking out your sign-up in his old Kanto rp, I would've done the same thing. It's too much trouble. I've said enough about that

Kev, don't worry about him and I can't wait until the rp starts :)

January 1st, 2009, 4:26 PM
Pikalover10: I was hoping someone would choose Aipom. ACCEPTED!

PlatniumPiano: Yay! It's great that this RP filled up so quickly. ACCEPTED...

Alter Ego
January 2nd, 2009, 12:15 AM
Now i member you Kev your the bum of a Mod that no matter what happened or how much i edited my profile or tried to help out it just wasnt good enough for you. Now according to you i finally do ti right and now i cant join cuase you had bad exp with me in the past funny how that works out.

Guy dont rp with him worst mod ever he always will change things then blame you for it

Good sir, you seem unable to tell the difference between an RP master and a moderator. Allow me to make that distinction perfectly clear for you.

An RP Master is the host and person in charge of an RP. As long as things are handled in accordance with rules, they are the highest authority within said RP. As such, the RP master is - as Kev XY pointed out - at full liberty to choose who does and does not get to participate in the RP and can make this decision however unfairly they wish. If he does not want you in the RP you will not get into the RP. Period. It is advisable for RP masters to make their decisions as fairly and objectively as they can, but it is not a requirement.

An RP moderator, mod for short, is the person in charge of the RP section and also the one who's at liberty to punish rulebreakers for their misbehavior, which is what I am going to do right about now.

Loopy Legend, your last post was not only flaming but also complete spam. If the RP master has made it clear that he does not want you in the RP then you have no right to post in it unless he says otherwise. Tracking your personal drama about the section is also not okay, regardless of whether the complaint is justified or not. Kindly take any further arguing over this to your PMs/VMs.

Kev XY, don't feed the flame. If you have said your piece and the other person keeps going on about it, just report them and let the staff handle it so the in-thread drama doesn't drag on unnecessarily.