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February 5th, 2009, 9:38 PM
This one I wrote for Crystal, personally I like it.

Forsaken One

Shattered spirit.

These were all words that you felt the world defined you as.

Forsaken one…
Your pain was hard to bear; its weight crushed your shoulders and your spirit to dust; yet you continued to stand by yourself.
Stand by yourself in a lonely and pained existence.

Through the pain, the dread, the horror of being alone, you have been blessed with some light from what you believed slipped from your grasp, and your heart.
You have been blessed with love.

The love of someone who loves you for you.

A gentle undying love… That is what I can offer you.
A love that will never be second to another.
A love that shines brightly in the night and the darkness as a beacon.
A love… for you.

I do not promise an easy life.
I do not promise you a glamorous life either.
What I do promise you is far richer and more valuable a life.

I promise you a life with me, the one who love you and will always be by your side, offering my warmth, offering my opinions, and most importantly… my love.

Forsaken one…
I swear that you’ll never have cause to bear the title ‘Forsaken one’ or feel the pain or the crushing loneliness or even the terror again.
So I’ll ask you…
Will you pledge to me your heart, life and soul?

Your love