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He Trembles on Your Breath
February 21st, 2009, 10:03 AM
Most of my writing projects (all two of them) on these forums seem to fail and I let the thread wither and die. Hopefully not this time.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated (because I know know I'm not that perfect).

Four Dragons, The Bard
I called him once,
A man so young,
His heart was pure yet unrelenting.
Follow him a story of bold and courage,
He travels the land.

A skip and a jump he passes through the field, a smile on his lips,
He hums an old tune his mother sang to him at birth.
He watches the sky and whistles at the birds.
He watches the ground and follows what he heard.

And there doth it stand so gracefully callow,
The earth drake a-scratching the ground.
Claws of hard stone
Body of weathered metal
Wings of finest slate.

He speaks in a tone ever so soft,
“Earth drake follow me your wings aloft.”
The man does turn and skips away,
Compelled by wonder,
Bound by not worded spell,
Earth drake follows.

I called him once,
A man so young,
Of looks so fair,
Blesséd by tender the care.

Our man doth catch many an eye,
As earth drake follows him through the sky.
“Hoy there, what’s that?”
Scream they do following aft.
Our man only smiles,
And continues along,
Wing beats and feet,
Drumming out a song.

He reaches a cave,
The goal lies now.
“Earth Drake,”
Our man doth call
“It is of you I require,
One single breath of your
Belly’s great fire.
Alight this branch,
I pick from the ground.”

I called him once,
A man so young,
The one I tell you of,
In this ballad,
Which is to be read, danced or sung.

Alighted branch ahead,
Into cave doth he go,
Earth drake a-following,
Which by now, you know.
Inside it gleams,
A sparkling horde,
Earth drake’s eyes,
Widen and shine.
It is true dragon treasure,
Sadly not his own.

“Fire drake I arrive,
Your scaled cousin in tow,
Now with us I implore,
That you do follow.”
Limbs appear,
From a darkened corner,
Virulent red is its jagged claw.
In full light the beast our man sees,
Like hardened magma
It’s hulking body.


More to come (hopefully).

February 21st, 2009, 6:59 PM
uhhh peotry sucks....................... not yours........................