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R a i n n s a n雨
February 28th, 2009, 2:07 PM
Welcome to the Giratina Fanclub!

What do we do?

Hunt the Giratina in our game, (I.E. Platinum, Pearl or Diamond)
Give tips about catching Giratinas.

How to obtain Giratina in Diamond or Pearl
After completing the Pokemon League and Obtaining the National Dex, a new lake will appear. Check your map and look at Lake Valor, the body of water centered between Pastoria, Veilstone, and Sunyshore City. Near there you will see another body of water. Go there. Bring two escape ropes, (one to get out after catching it and another as an extra), and lots of repel. Bring (a) pokemon that knows Rock Climb, Surf, Rock Smash and Defog (Rock Smash and Defog Optional). Use rock climb to get onto the bluff. Get across to the other side. parallel to the bridge. When you enter the cave, a pillar tells you that You must pass three pillars before awakening Giratina. So (use your repel now) run or bike until you hit three pillars. Look at all of them. Then your next room will be Giratina. He is Lv. 70 so be ready. After defeating him or catching him. (Or running or dying for that matter.) Use your escape rope to get out. And, WaLa! You are out! And done!

How to obtain Giratina in Platinum
(no info)

There are scheduled battles coming soon.

Currency: GiraPoints (GPs)
GiraPoints are our currency.
To obtain them is easy.

Catching Giratina (D/P) = 100
Catching Giratina (Plt) = 150
Trading a Giratina = 50
Beating an opponent with Giratina and Giratina only = 200

Free Lvl 100 Giratina when you get 2009+ GPs!


Surfiken/300 GPs

Please fill out form if you want to join.

Have you caught Giratina?:
If so, in what game?:
Anything else?:

March 23rd, 2009, 4:46 AM
im sorry i really am sorry

March 24th, 2009, 12:13 PM
Gunner Narron
Yes i have Giratina in Diamond im about to catch it in Platinum