View Full Version : Need some lv.X!

March 10th, 2009, 3:40 AM
Please can I get some tips on deck building because I'm new to this. I've tried to be as balanced as possible, but I would be grateful if a little advice was thrown my way.
This is a psy-fighting deck so, again, I've tried to keep the balance.

Energy x25
Psychic energy x16
Fighting energy x9

Pokemon x23
Giratina x1
Ralts x3
Kirlia x2
Gardevoir x1
Misdreavus x3
Mismagius x2
Unown (K) x1
Shuppet x2
Roselia x1
Spinda x1
Diglett x3
Dugtrio x1
Riolu x2

Trainers x12
Potion x2
Life Herb x2
Energy search x2
Bebe's search x2
Pokedex x2
Quick ball x1
Root fossil x1

Please rate in mind that I don't have any lv.X cards I can use in this deck, but I would like to get my hands on some, so a bit of advice on the best way to get them would also come in handy. Cheers!

March 10th, 2009, 10:21 AM
-2 Riolu
-1 Spinda
-2 Fighting Energy
-4 Psychic Energy
-1 Energy Search
-1 Shuppet
-1 Root Fossil

+1 Bebe's Search
+2 Roseanne's Research
+1 Roselia
+1 Roserade
+3 Proffessor Oak's Visit
+1-2 Claydol
+2 Baltoy

You need as many Pokemon Getting Trainers as possible, and Giratina LV.X and Gardivoir LV.X are the LV.X's to get. I have 2 Giratina, too bad we can't trade :P.