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March 10th, 2009, 10:30 AM
Pokemon (24):
1x Shaymin LV.X (DP39)
1x Shaymin (PL14)
1x Dustox (PL25)
1x Beautifly (PL21)
1x Silcoon (PL63)
1x Cascoon (PL44)
2x Wurmple (PL103)
1x Wurmple (DP104)
1x Roserade (SW17)
1x Roselia (SW62)
1x Roselia (DP96)
2x Sceptile (SF10)
3x Grovyle (SF39)
3x Treecko (SF79)
1x Carnivine (PL43)
1x Claydol (GE15)
2x Baltoy (GE60)
Energy (15):
15x Grass Energy (Basic)
Trainers (21):
1x Team Galactic Mars (SW126)
1x Quick Ball (MD86)
3x Bebe’s Search (SW119)
1x Night Maintenance (SW120)
1x Professor Oak’s Visit (SW122)
1x Pokemon Rescue (PL115)
2x Premier Ball (GE101)
1x Level Max (PL)
1x Broken Time-Space (PL104)
1x Warp Point (DP116)
3x Poke Healer + (SF90)
1x Mom’s Kindness (MD83)
1x Life Herb
1x Dusk Ball (MD80)
1x Snowpoint Temple (LA134)
1x Miasma Valley (PL111)

I built this deck based on Special Conditions. Carnivine and Roserade can give the Special Conditions out, along with Beautifly, and Dustox and Shaymin (Skymin X just gives it a boost) can do a lot if the Defending Pokemon has Special Conditions on them. Claydol is used for setup, and Sceptile can be a good attacker, and it’s Poke-Body helps.
Broken Time-Space can help get the big evolutions out quick, while Snowpoint helps Shaymin and Carnivine…

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