View Full Version : Kariike Town Pok'emon Adventure.

Sookie The Mew
November 1st, 2003, 8:59 PM
You've moved from Hoenn.
There is only 10 people allowed now,if the amount is passed...I will raise it to 16!:) Form:

Starter Pokemon:(From Bulbasaur,Pichu,Squirtle,And Magby.)
Team(Normal,Neutral,No ones,Rocket,Magma,Aqua,and Theives Guild.):

Descripition:Blue eyes,brown hair in long pigtails,tall,wears yellow shorts with rainbow colored bands around her shoulders to the back keeping it up,a white shirt with my avatar as a patch sewn on it and a belt across her stomach holding 10 pokeballs.(10 is the limit.)
Starter Pokemon:Pichu.
Team:No ones.

Thunder Pichu
November 6th, 2003, 3:49 PM
This sound cool... wonder why no one joined... Hm. I will!

Name: Sara Neferti
Age: 13
Description: Grey eyes, short brown hair with bangs swept aside, short black hoodie with a golden circle pattern on the chest, tight black low-cut jeans. Her stomch shows below the hoodie, and the above-mentioned clothing has a low neck. Her jean belt has 9 pokeballs, and one, a special amber/lapis lazuli stone one, is kept on a thin gold chain about her neck.
Starter Pokemon: [there aren't 10 starters, so I think we can have the same starter] Pichu
Team: Heroine [may I be one?]

November 6th, 2003, 6:16 PM
Name: Hunter

Age: 15

Descripition: Hunter is tall, about 6'1", with pale skin, grey eyes, and is thin. He has shoulder-length shaggy deep purple hair, an eyebrow piercing, a lip peircing in the center of hiw lower lip and piercings all over his ears. He wears lots of black eye makeup and lipstick and likes to glare at people. He's very intimidating and likes to be by himself.

Attire: long, baggy black pants with bondage chains (yes, that is what they are called :D) and multiple pockets, a black shirt that says "Which one of my personalities offends you?", and a long black hoodie that has Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"'s face on it. He has his steel-toed combat boots on his feet. Hunter has on about 40 or those black rubbery bracelets, a spike bracelet, one blood-red ruby in his left ear, a spike choker, assorted rings on his fingers, and various other leather bracelets with studs and things. There are 10 Pokeballs in various pockets of his pants.

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle
Team: No Ones