View Full Version : Favorite winter-oriented episode discussion

Kevin Keene
November 2nd, 2003, 3:33 PM
This is a topic for people to talk about which winter-oriented episodes are their favorites, so if you'd like to mention which winter-oriented episodes are your favorite and/or discuss why they're your favorite, feel free to do so here.

My favorite winter-oriented episodes are:

Holiday Hi-Jynx: The plot is rather kiddish, but it's a good Christmas episode and it was well-written with some great humor and I also liked the fact that a Pokemon Christmas episode was made. I like seeing Christmas episodes of TV shows.

Snow Way Out: I really liked the plot to this episode and I thought it was one of the most emotional Pokemon episodes and it was well-written and very moving and it had some good humor as well.

Navel Maneuvers: I liked the way this episode was written. Especially the parts where Ash was doing all of those challenges to get the badge and there was some good humor as well.

Freeze Frame: I wish the previous two episodes with Todd were as good as this episode. It was really cool seeing Todd again and I liked Todd's goal. I also really liked the way the episode was written and the episode was very entertaining.

Don't forget. If anyone else would like to discuss what their favorite winte-oriented episodes are and what they like about those episodes, feel free to do so.