View Full Version : Discussing favorite episodes where characters are in swim clothes

Kevin Keene
November 2nd, 2003, 3:50 PM
This is a topic for discussing your favorite episodes where main characters from the show are seen in swim clothes, so if you'd like to discuss what your favorite episodes are and/or would like to discuss why they're your favorite episodes, feel free to do so here.

My favorite episodes where main characters wear swim clothes are:

Beauty and the Beach: This is one of the best episodes of the series. It has a great script, great humor and a good plot and all the characters are used very well in this episode. Plus, we get to see Misty and Jessie at their hottest and I wouldn't mind seeing them wearing what they wear in that episode more often.

A Hot Water Battle: I really liked the plot to this episode. I've always been a fan of episodes that focus on the Pokemon and I really liked the way this episode was written. They need to make more episodes like this one.

Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up: I love this episode. This was one of the funniest and most well-written episodes of the series. One of the best TR episodes of the series as well.

Hoenn Alone: This was a good way to end Master Quest. As much as I respect Misty and Brock, I thought it was cool seeing Ash by himself. It was a different appraoch in the series and I thought that was cool. I also liked the rivalry between the Pokemon in the episode and I also liked how at the end, they showed various Hoenn Pokemon and I liked the message at the end of the episode as well.

The Sharpedo episode: I really like the plot to this episode. I also like how there are AG episodes that are even about minor events in the game, like this episode. The episode also had some really cool background music that I hadn't heard before (I downloaded the episode yesterday) and I really like the way Brock was used in the episode. It's great seeing Brock used that way. I really like how he cared for the Sharpedo as much as he did and I thought it was really cool how Ash and co. became friends with the Sharpedo group.

Don't forget. If anyone else has any favorite episodes where main characters are in swim clothes and would like to discuss the episodes and what they like about the episodes, feel free to do so here.