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September 20th, 2004, 9:40 AM
This is going to be the Best RP I've started so far, because it's going to have an extensie story and a few importeant details... I'm only going to have a story, and not a plot, because having a plot to follow if boring!!!
There are a few rules!
Only 4 trainers will be accepted and invited to the Lab, the rest of the people who join will have to sneak in...
NOONE IS ALLOWED TO OWN ONE OF THE NEWEST LEGENDARIES!!! YOu may only have the ones that exist, not the three dragons.
Remember, you can only have ONE Legendary, and having it is a privelige, not a right. SO if you abuse that privelige by godmodding, then your Legendary will be annhiliated.
It's the year 2025, and you just passed the Orange Leauge as one of the best Trainers there were, and because of your rank, the four of you have been invited to visit the New Opportunity Cloning Lab, the place where they clone the newest Pokemon.
Since you're in a new era, there are hundreds of new Pokemon, but no Legendarys have shown up.
ONe of the scientists at the Cloning Lab made a motion to create new Legendaries, the Legendary Dragons. There were alot of complaints, most of them regarding the Mewtwo issue from many years before.
Eventually, the idea was confirmed, and the new Legendaries were made.
Mewtwo however, who was living at the top of MOunt SIlver, did not like the idea either. He knew, that with the superior cloning abilities they have today, that the new Legendaries would be too powerful to control, and they would do as they pleased... which in some cases would not be good...
And he was right too, now that the Legendaries were released, they did as they pleased, sometimes causing mischief, while other times saving lives...
These are the Legendaries...
Entrizo: Flame Heart Pokemon

Sevinex: Snow Scale Pokemon

Cyberal: Stone Skin Pokemon

These are the Legendary Dragons... and just as you arrive, you look at the postcard...


Posting your Biography:
Just use mine as an example, and yes, this is my character...

Name: Raven
Age: 16 (Between 14 and 18)
Gender (M or F): Female
Description or Picture (what you look like): Tall, about 5'7", she has flowing black hair, and green eyes. Her blue skirt and black vest is usually hidden by a Cape and Cloak with elongated shoulders and underarmor....
Personality (what you act like): She's very confident, but very shy. She sometimes acts very hotheaded, with an awful temper, but usually it takes alot to activate her temper. She's very protective of her Pokemon, because she has a very close bond with them. Especially Entai...
History (Your life's story): Noone really knows where she comes from, but when she pops up, you know your gonna battle!
Pokemon (nicknames in parenthesis): Entai (Entai), Pidgeot (Thermal), Ghastly (Surround), Houndoom (Wildfire), Absol (Undertoe), Machamp (THunder)
Other (anything else we should know): Undertoe is the famous Absol, known for it's killing spree back in 2005, it destroyed many Pokemon and humans long ago, until Mewtwo and Entai put a stop to it. Yes, she is insane, but luckily, she's on medicine, or else she'd rip your head off rather than look at you, and the only ones she obeys and respects are Raven and Entai...