View Full Version : Do any of you guys look like Pokemon characters? If so, which character?

May 16th, 2009, 6:29 PM
I look a lot like Ash... which would be neat to brag about if looking like a ten-to-twelve year old boy was ever something to be proud of.

Both of my parents have Native American roots so my skin's dark enough to pass as Italian so I'm the right shade. My hair and eyes are the perfect colour and my hair stands up on the sides and smooths down on top which leaves me with these neko-ear like spikes on either side of my head which look like what stick out from under Ash's hat... I have a scar on my cheek so as far as strange unexplained markings on your cheeks, I'm in that field too. I'm skinny, and short. And I can mimic Ash's original English voice, as well as his Japanese voice. So, my sister bought me an Ash Ketchum hat. I tend to wear a black tee-shirt and pants that bag up around my feet. I wear white and blue sneakers.

I look like Ash. oO.. And when my hat gets here, I'll post pictures. Hoping you guys will too! So, who do you look like? I'm hoping I'm not the only Pokélookalike out there.