View Full Version : Rawr.

May 26th, 2009, 6:30 PM
It means "I love you" in dinosaur. *nods*

I've lurked for a few days, figured I'd come introduce mahself. Khadhar, hapless dreamer of better things but never having the energy to do something about it!

I also draw things.

Waaa-buh! *salute*

May 26th, 2009, 6:50 PM
Well, if you draw things, you may submit and share them in the Creative Sections!

Welcome to the PC!

I say "Rawr!" too!

May 27th, 2009, 4:01 AM
Welcome to PC.

have fun and read the rules

May 27th, 2009, 4:02 AM
Welcome to the Poke Community :D

May 27th, 2009, 4:11 AM
Read the rules to stay out of trouble,
and have fun!
If you draw things, submit them in the Art Gallery!

Sweet Jasmine
May 27th, 2009, 5:30 AM
Welcome to PokeCommunity~
Have fun and Stay Calm.... Keep supporting PokeCommunity
Read the Rules
That's all. Enjoy~