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November 3rd, 2003, 3:46 PM
I like Ash's character.

1 He's sweet
2 He loves his Pokemon
3 He is cute for a cartoon
4 He's a good friend to his friends

I could go on and on.

November 3rd, 2003, 4:38 PM
though he is a little...erm...sloow, he is still a cool role model for little kids.

I love the seemingly spontaneous strategies he comes up with in the midst of battle...

Sayuri no Hoshi
November 3rd, 2003, 5:57 PM
I like Ash's character.

1 He's sweet
2 He loves his Pokemon
3 He is cute for a cartoon
4 He's a good friend to his friends

I could go on and on.

*Drool* Yeah I agree with all of the above. Call me crazy, but Ash was pretty much the first cartoon character I had a crush on (and still do ^_^). I think he's one of the best anime characters out there. He just has this unique personality which just makes you have to like him. It's cool. I should shut up now because I feel like I'm on an episode of The Bachelorette. O_o;

November 3rd, 2003, 6:02 PM
Whenever something kind of slow happens in Pokemon or Ash is just a little slow I make up reasons in my head as to something much more complex he was actually thinking about.

November 3rd, 2003, 6:03 PM
Not that I make up *new stuff* like I do for some stupid stuff like time travel and such but I just take it that he was saying more than it seems.

Lady Dragonrider
November 5th, 2003, 2:19 PM
I once wrote a short bio of Ash that turned into a rediculously long rant. Anyway *clears throat*:

Many people complain about how stupid Ash is, but I think hes smarter that everyone gives him credit for. He is as gutsy and stubborn as all get-out, he tends to act without thinking first, hes so focused on pokmon that his knowledge of other things (such as girls) is somewhat limited, and hes often naively cheerful and optimistic; but none of these things make him stupid. If he doesnt win an important battle, he usually comes close with either a boatload of determination and trust in his pokmon or tactics that are much more creative and effective than anything I could come up with.

Probably the most important trait about Ash is that hes really close to his pokmon, especially Pikachu (the first one hes ever had). Sometimes his faith is what gives him the edge in a match. Many people in the show have commented on how its almost like he has a telepathic connection with them. On his first day traveling, he saw the legendary phoenix-like Ho-oh, a pokmon that left humans hundreds of years ago and vowed not to return until the hearts of pokmon and humans meet again as one. Ash seems to be the only one Ho-oh will appear to, as he is always alone save for Pikachu whenever he sees it. He also has almost given his life for Pikachu several times and one time did die to save it and the rest of the pokmon. A pokmon named Mewtwo was convinced that humans only wanted to enslave pokmon for their own selfish interests and decides to destroy the human race. After seeing Ash sacrifice his own life to stop a match that would cost Pikachu and several other pokmons lives, Mewtwo decided to forgive the human race. The pokmon somehow gave some of their energy through their tears to bring him back to life. The movie ends with Ash seeing Mew, a pokmon who only appears to pure-hearted people, but none of his companions can. A year later, we learn that Mewtwo has gone to an island on a harsh mountain lake because he feels that he doesnt deserve to be with the rest of the world. Giovanni came after him and Ash basically came to protect him and convince him that he isnt just a freak of nature and he needs to stop punishing himself. At the end of the movie, Mewtwo tells Ash, If one day you hear my voice, know that it is my spirit, calling across time and space to yours. Ash can hear his voice in the next scene, but once again none of his traveling companions are able to. In one of the more dramatic, action packed episodes, there was a special stadium set up by the main villains of the show that caused trainers to feel all the pain that their pokmon feel during the battle. It was meant to dampen Ashs enthusiasm for battling, but it instead has the opposite effect and make him want to work harder for his pokmon. There was an episode when Ash had to lend Bulbasaur to Professor Oak to help with some problems. It turned out that solving them more difficult than originally thought, so Ash had to give his ownership of Bulbasaur to Professor Oak. At one point, it looked like Bulbasaur was about to be killed by a huge boulder. There where a bunch of flashbacks of Ash and Bulbasaur. Ash wakes up from his nap and looks a little puzzled as if he senses something, but cant identify what. He looks up at the sky, smiles, and says Bulbasaurs name. It goes back to the scene with Bulbasaur and it turns out that it learned an ability, called dig, which bulbasaurs arent even supposed to know to avoid being crushed at the last minute. In one episode, a really strong pokmon trainer froze Charizard, nearly costing its life. Ash painstakingly nursed it back to health, finally convincing Charizard that he really does want the best for his pokmon. One could argue that Ash and Charizard became even closer that Ash and Pikachu. In one tearjerker episode they came upon Charicific Valley, which is sort of a prestigious training camp for charizards. Charizard dreamed of entering the camp and Ash decided that it would be wrong to keep it from accomplishing its dreams and decided to let it stay. At the end of the episode he had a difficult time saying goodbye to Charizard and at one point says something to the effect of, I dont want a weak charizard, anyway. Charizard is surprised, but not really mad, as he knows what his friend really means. Ash tries to say goodbye to it, but gets too choked up and has to run off before he can change his mind. The episode ends with Ash running away from Charizard and crying, silently begging Charizard not to forget him. Occasionally Charizard comes to help Ash out of a tight spot. In yet another episode, there was an egg that hatched into a larvitar, but there was a problem this one was sick. Ash tried his best to nurse it back to help, but with no luck. He fell asleep holding it and had a dream where he was inside the egg, being kicked around by people and nearly getting run over by a truck. When he woke up he somehow knew that it was Larvitars nightmare that he was experiencing. He figured out that Larvitar wasnt sick, but simply scared. He eventually befriended it and helped it get used to the world. I think those things are a pretty good indication that he and his pokmon are really close.

One thing that he does have trouble with is when one of his pokmon doesnt return the loyalty. When one of them disobeys, he usually ends up either begging or yelling, which as you can imagine gets absolutely nowhere. Hes gotten them all (Charizard, Primeape, Pikachu, and Bayleef) to trust him eventually, but its usually taken more than one episode. It took a whole two seasons before Charizard finally befriended and respected Ash.

One of his other bad traits is his ego, especially after a certain number of victories. Usually when he loses an important match, its because he gets overconfident. Sometimes he can even get ****y and a bit obnoxious. Usually when he has this attitude, something happens to humble him down before long. Hes gotten much less egotistical as the series goes on, but he is still in no way humble.

The fifth, but in no way the least, important trait is that hes really passionate about pokmon. He dreams of becoming the greatest pokmon master of all time, a dream that most people would consider so great that it is folly to even try. He gets angry with anyone who in any way abuses pokmon and usually kicks his or her butt. In one episode, Team Rocket tried to steal the flame that represented the virtues and honor of the Kanto League. Ash gave sort of a speech on how they where trying to ruin the honor of trainers everywhere. They use the flame to try to kill him, but the fire doesnt affect him at all. It instead forms a legendary firebird pokmon that protects the honor of the Kanto League, Moltres, who defeats Team Rocket.

EDIT: Eh? Why was "****y" censored?

Sayuri no Hoshi
November 7th, 2003, 11:39 AM
*Stares up at Lady Dragonrider in awe and utter wide-eyed amazement* O_o AMEN TO THAT! lol! *claps*

November 7th, 2003, 4:20 PM
Ash is one of my favourite character!
In my opinion, Ash is intellegent,
can sometimes be very untalkative. Ash can be pretty funny sometimes. Ash has a belief to his pokemon
and the love with them. It's impressive.

November 8th, 2003, 3:43 PM
Nicely put, Lady Dragonrider! That's exactly how I feel about Ash. Yes, he may be a bit boastful at times, but he's actually very sweet and the greatest hero I can ever ask for. ^_^

Baby Cynda
June 12th, 2009, 2:30 PM
Can I reserve Charmander and my SU will be up over the weekend hopefully

June 12th, 2009, 7:06 PM
Ash loves his pokemon. I quite agree with that. But sometimes that mutual connection seemed limiting him on his training skills. I think Paul is cooler. Cruel but a real... 091y2591y5h!

June 12th, 2009, 10:55 PM
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